Personal Best Season

Personal best season is definitely upon us. Spring has been cast aside by an early peak of summer, making the Downs rather delightful under foot. My trail shoes were not necessary it would appear, which could not be more of a contrast to my midweek trail run at Wimbledon. On Wednesday, I was knee deep in swamp...The great British weather just likes to keep us guessing...scarves or sun-cream?

Apologies for the delay in the news this week. On occasion my writing is like my running. I have every intention of making good time but the reality can vary somewhat. With conditions as favourable as they were, we did indeed have a plethora of PBs. They were: Chibuzor Madhu (in 1st position), Akila Weerakkody, Christopher Finch, William Higgs, Andrew Pickering, Matthew Foster, Anthony Ferriroli, Daniel Guest, Alan Martin, Megan Thomas, Grace Charley, Sayantan Biswas, Paul Brady, Gabriella Parris, Louise Franklin, Ellie Fisher, Kathrine Hand, Anne-Marie Lan, Emily Summers, Rahul Menon, Lesley Down and Edward Hopkins. A massive well done to you all.

An extra special congratulations go to Johanna Vickers, the fastest lady this week and to Lesley Down, who both broke the course record in their age category. Lesley, my wonderful mother-in-law, has broken the record three times this year! Her determination and effort is really quite remarkable. It has become increasingly more apparent, where my husband gets his sporting talent from!

A warm welcome goes out to all our first timers. Alex Hill, Jake Griscti and Thomas Hopkins were shiny brand new to parkrun completely. A big thank you to Gareth Ambler, Johanna Vickers, Paul Doubleday, Matthew Radford, Bartose Plat, Cameron Duffy, Thomas Finch, Amanda Yorke-Smith and Sarah Radford for joining us at Roundshaw. The last big shout out and thanks goes to the wonderful volunteers, who make parkrun possible. If you fancy joining in, please follow the link on the website, as any help is always gratefully received. Our volunteers this week were: Anne Harris, Annette Helliwell, Jenny MacDonnell. Martin Lloyd, NIcholas Tanner, Patricia Warton, Ric Adams, Rupert Quested, Sally O’Regan, Samantha Purser, Toby Shearlock, Tony Gallagher and myself Tamsyn Down.

Here’s to more sunshine and PBs in the coming week. Happy running.

Roundshaw Downs parkrun
Event number 475
5th May 2018

This week 149 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 12 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Roundshaw Downs parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:41 on 13th August 2011 (event number 110).
The female record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded a time of 18:28 on 18th April 2015 (event number 310).
The Age Grade course record is held by Zechariah JOHNSON who recorded 94.07% (21:05) on 7th October 2017 (event number 443).

Roundshaw Downs parkrun started on 18th July 2009. Since then 5,180 participants have completed 46,457 parkruns covering a total distance of 232,285 km, including 7,003 new Personal Bests.