Christmas & New Year 2018

This year, as per last year there will be NO Rugby parkrun on Christmas Day, but we will be staging a special New Years Day event on 1st January at 09:00

Therefore we will have the following events over the Christmas period:

  •  Saturday 8th December: 09:00 Rugby parkrun's 2nd Birthday
  • Saturday 15th December: 09:00 Normal parkrun
  • Saturday 22nd December: 09:00 Christmas Special
  • Tuesday 25th December: 09:00 NO Rugby parkrun
  • Saturday 29th December: 09:00 Normal parkrun
  • Tuesday 1st January: 09:00 New Years Day Special Event

For a full list of UK parkruns staging special events or not over Christmas, please consult the Christmas Compendium here:


Event No 62 – Rugby Deaf and Hard of Hearing Take Over

The local deaf and hard of hearing community have very much been an integral part of Rugby parkrun since we started last year.   When serial volunteer, a deaf runner and all round nice guy Jamie started talk about a take-over we all knew we were in for a fab morning.

Winfield Rec was bathed I sunlight and blue sky (albeit it was so cold even hardy photographer Nick had his “big coat” on).     It’s worth mentioning that although the majority of our team were hard of hearing or deaf (a whopping 16 in total and 3 sign language support), this weeks’ briefing followed exactly the same protocol as usual with some very minor amendments.   Jamie was assisted by Paul and with Jen translating into speech for the non-signing volunteers – everyone was briefed and ready for action.

Saturday’s magic doesn’t happen without high viz heros, so thanks to everyone today if it was your first time or 100th volunteering stint please take a bow



Jamie led the briefing welcoming tourists from Edinburgh, Sheffield and various events from around the Midlands, again assisted by Jen who translated into speech.   Was good to hear total silence from everyone but Jen during the talk which allowed all our runners to understand the briefing correctly, would be great if you all could consider refraining from talking like this every week please.

Big Cheers went out for Andrea WOLSTENHOLME and LISA JAY (me lol) who reached 50 separate volunteering stints!  I still say volunteering is easier that running if you don’t believe me put your name down

The dynamic duo Jamie and Jen also gave us some extra guidance to support our community – we all learnt to sign “Rugby parkrun”, “thank you” and to “cheer”…… which I think were well used by our runner throughout the course.

Onto the run, less mucky due to the frost this morning lead to easier conditions and cleaner trainers.

Top 3 Males all familiar to Rugby parkrun and a 1-2-3 for the R&NAC

1)   Adam Wright – 17:17

2)   Allistair McDonnell – 18:20

3)   Daniel Williams – 18:25


For Ladies

1)   Lorna Latimer – 20:49 R&NAC

2)   Elizabeth O’Connor – 22:41

3)   Emma Wreford-Bush – 23:16 Kenilworth Runners




There were 25 First Timers to Rugby parkrun and 37 of you got a shiny new PB – Well Done all!


We were also treated to cake and protein balls by our lovely takeover hosts to round off a fantastic morning …….

Once again today showed us all what an inclusive, supportive, just totally awesome our parkrun in Rugby is.


Lisa Jay – Core Team Member












Rugby parkrun event #57 – a Massey tourist’s report

For the first time since writing my first ever run report I am nervous... I shouldn't be as since the start of the year I have written the run report for each of the parkruns I have been to. So I should be experienced! In fact I could even reuse an earlier report and with ctrl + h to just change a few details it would be done in no time. As my last parkruns have been all over the East Midlands regions I could get away with it... But not this week. One of the Rugby RDs (Not today's) had read a few of my reports before and is looking forward to reading this week's missives from my keyboard.

Over the last two years when I go on my parkrun tours, I have no idea where to go and blindly follow the postcode from the website to a new park. Adding a new venue to add to my total of different events. However today was a little different – I still followed the postcode (any tourists reading this the postcode is spot on for the carpark as it is right by the finish and only 2mins at a really leisurely stroll to the start which you can see) - but to a parkrun that I have run before. In fact, since the inaugural it has become my family's most visited parkrun – so is this now our home run?

What really made today different (and some more observant runners may have noticed – well the wearing of red and white quarters really sticks out) is that Rugby parkrun was chosen to be a handicap races for Massey Ferguson RC. One of the joys of parkrun is that parkrun can be so many things to any runner; a way into fitness, a slow recovery run, a speed session or a chance to try and chase down a club mate or fellow runner that you try and beat each week, all this whilst following the parkrun code and showing respect to other park users.

So I, along with 25 other runners from my club made our way over to Rugby however no one else from my club arrived at the carpark before 8am, before any of the superb volunteer team turned up. Tourism habits die hard – who wants to play find the start and chase the tail runner if you arrive late!

So to fill the time I tried to help with the set up – well I was allowed to put up one side of the finish funnel – whilst my daughter decided to stay in the car until nearer the start time and sow!

As I was chatting to the marshals and getting a team snap in my home made parkrun frame the news came out from My Running Club App that Coventry parkrun was cancelled – the wintery weather over night and the low morning temperatures meant that black ice was on course. I felt a little nervous that Rugby could be called off – safety of runners is always a priority – but the team had checked the course identified a slippery patch of tarmac – and positioned a marshal before it to warn runners. In fact if you listen to the run briefing carefully – or watched the signing you would have known all about it in advance. Which is why showing respect for the RD and your fellow runners during the prerun briefing is so important.

The new runners to Rugby parkun briefing was very busy – well 13 of my club were Rugby first timers and were joined by 13 others and 8 people who had never run another parkrun before! I always feel that those who turn up to their first parkrun in cold damp drizzly conditions are very keen and hopefully will return very soon to do that tricky 2nd parkrun. So welcome Sarah HAYWARD-BRADLEY, Roy HEALEY, Mark MACLEOD, Sophie BERRY, Irma Romina GALINDO LOZADA, Monika STANKIEWICZ, Rebecca IZZARD & Matthew KIRK I hope that parkrun becomes part of your regular Saturday morning routine.

Rugby parkrun was chosen for our handicap race as it offered some great trail running opportunities – before descending en masse we did ask permission as we wouldn't ever want to swamp a parkrun and risk it's future. We all love parkrun far too much for that. We came for the mud! I might not have mentioned the slight hill but I did warn them to bring good trail shoes!

Over the last year I have no previous time to beat so I just turn up and run. Each week I try and fit parkrun into my training plan – but more often than not it all goes out the window with the loud beep of GPS watches that signals the start of a parkrun especially if there are pacers wearing vests. Today, I needed to go hard to validate my handicap timings for the other Massey Ferguson Runners.

By the first turn onto the path the runners had started to spread out and my heart rate started to rise having run the course before I knew what to expect. After the wide start followed tarmac paths around the first field, through the gates and down the path (listening to the marshals warnings) and into the sapling woodland – downhill before switching back in the muddy corner to tackle the hill. With heart racing and gasping breath you enter into the next field to circumnavigate the football pitches and head back round to the start.

The course looks confusing on the map and my description makes it sound even more complicated but great use of cones and helpful marshals on route make it dead easy.

These on course marshals are the main reasons I started writing my run reports. I found that in writing them I sharing my enjoyment of the parkruns I visit (If anyone actually read them but far more importantly, it gives me a proper chance to thank those Hi Viz Heroes on course. As by lap two my gasped thanks have turned into a signed thank you gesture – but as I am tired and gasping it might look like I am blowing them a kiss as I pass! So I offer a huge THANK YOU to Samantha BERRY, Sophie BERRY, Morgan BRADSHAW, Marianne BUTT, Sarah BUTT, Amy CHASE, Lee CHASE, Tom CRAIG, Lisa CRAIG, Dinesh FERNANDO, Chris IDLE, Lisa JAY, Aidan JAY, Leo JAY, Helen JONES, Anna KIRK, Helen KIRK, Joel LEWIS, Oscar MASON, Mike PAYNE, Barbara PEARSON, Jasper RANSFORD, Paul SAUNDERS, Lawrence SAUNDERS for making this run possible today.

On lap two I glanced at my watch... and surprised myself with the time and distance it showed. Seeing club mates a few runners ahead of me all the way round the first lap had forced me to work a little harder. Forced me to try and keep them in touch. In fact, I even managed to run pass one on the downhill section - They should have heeded my advice on trail shoes ;-)

I was on for a decent time maybe even a PB. But what was my PB for Rugby?

School boy error – I had no idea. Normally this doesn't figure on my radar as a new events time is always set as your PB. So I just kept going, trying to catch the runner ahead and not be overtaken.

As I crossed the line, I pressed my Garmin button to stop my watch. I felt pleased with my morning's efforts and was feeling strong.

I wonder if that is how Rugby & Northampton AC's Dean OLDFIELD (VM40-44) felt as he crossed the line in 19:14 as the first finisher today? Or Maree Blossom JESSON (VW45-49) felt as she crossed in 24th place in 23:12 as first female?

Post run is where the really enjoyable side of parkrun kicks in. Well, it is once you have regained your breath, and are able to speak to others in sentences made up of more than three words. The chatting, sharing of experiences and cheering in your fellow runners.

The last time I came to Rugby the post-run drink and breakfast was at Butlers Leap, however no more. The venue had changed to Home From Home Café – again a little drive away from the park but so worth it. As I sat in the café enjoying a bacon roll and a latte – I am sure that this is just as an important part of my training plan as the hill reps I ran last week! – I waited for that text. Would I experience that joy 5 letters can bring? NEW PB!

Alas for me it wasn't to be... On my daughter Elizabeth's 9th run at Rugby she saw those words on her text just like Olly CATFORD, Sophie SHAW, Amber MERRICK-POTTER, Sarah PATRICK, John ELLIOTT, Paul GRACE, Steve WILKINS, Lisa UNWIN & Shyam LAMA. So a huge WELL DONE to you.

I was 3 seconds off! I should have tried just a little bit harder. Maybe used my arms more to drive up the hill? Maybe be I need to work on slinking through the gates better. Or maybe not indulge in so many lovely post parkrun breakfasts! Well, there is always next time!

Thank you to everyone at Rugby for being so welcoming to us all.

Happy parkrunning.
Daniel Connolly
parkrun tourist (or maybe not?)

As with parkruns around the world, Rugby needs volunteers each week to make it happen. If you want to put something back into parkrun or you have a Cross Country Race in the afternoon and you know that really running parkrun isn't sensible, or you just fancy giving scanning a go, or want to be in charge of the stopwatch as timekeeper, please look on the roster and e-mail - There really is a role for everyone and you will be shown what to do.


Local Event: New Year Pace Race 2017

A 2 lap course on paths around the War Memorial Park in Coventry.

Start will be at the North Pavilion. Fun and friendly 3.55 mile run round the War Memorial Park. Two laps with NO mile markers, runners have to predict their finish times, no watches or GPS allowed. Nearest runners to their estimated finish time are the winners !

Hosted by Massey Ferguson Running Club

£4.00 Affiliated Runners / £5.00 Non-affiliated Runners

Enter at


Happy 1st Birthday to Us

12 months, 52 events, 2346 runners covering 52,460km between them – and over 250 high viz heros!

With a light dusting of snow across the Midlands it nearly was  going to be our first cancellation, however a 7:45am from RD Paul confirmed it was GO GO GO (in stereo due to our new PA system).

Pre-race briefing welcomed tourists from Market Harborough, Rushmere, Stratford as well as Regional Ambassadors Mark and Julie from Braunstone.   They were probably shocked at the vast array of fancy dress on display – of particular note were batman, a speedy robot, a pink flamingo, a onesie wearing turtle, princess Leila and Darth Veda and vast array of Santas and Eves.

The briefing also recognised a few of the special people that make Rugby parkrun amazing every Saturday morning:-

  • First up, “the parkrun family” – award to the Carroll family for all 5 embracing running / volunteering most weeks and having 3 first finishers!
  • Also Ellis Danby for volunteering over last 6 months to complete his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Then “Top Volunteer” – although we have many amazing helpers, Anna Kirk and her teddies Sandie and Stardust  passionately cheer on runners each week to help us all get around.
  • Finally “parkrunner of the Year” – 10 year old Poppy Moore has run the most events at Rugby (37) and taken an amazing 10 minutes off her time in the process.

Well Done to you All !!!

Now onto the run, 138 braved the zero degrees temperatures – including 4 people running their first ever parkrun.  As we had a great band of pacers doing slots from 20 to 36 minutes so it was great to see 21 of you getting at PB.


Top 3 Male Finishers

1)      Daniel Williams   18:24 (73,64%)

2)      Anluan Hennigan 18:26 (69.98%)

3)      Richard Brittain 19:53 (66.72%)


Top 3 Female Finishers

1)      Sue S Leonard 22:58 (69.81%)

2)      Andrea Sloan 23:59 (62.75%)

3)      Trudi Pike 24:10 (67.03%)


Highest Age Grading:  Smail Khennas  23:10 (73.74%)

Winner of the Token of Shame:  Lisa Jay 34:09 (better luck next time Nina Mold!)


Today’s parkrun wouldn’t have happened without our amazing volunteers – many thanks to:

Alison AUTHERSON, John BENNETT, Morgan BRADSHAW, Matt CARROLL, Caroline CARROLL, Lee CHASE, Lewis CHERRY, Ayesha CHERRY, James COULTER, Lisa CRAIG, Brian DAINTY, Ellis DANBY, Aimear ELSON, Silviu ENACHE, Jamie FULLER, Paul FURNESS, Anluan HENNIGAN, Sophia HILL, Tim HILL, Chris IDLE, Lisa JAY, Aidan JAY, Leo JAY, Helen JONES, Gaveeta KENT, Smail KHENNAS, Samia KHENNAS, David KIRK, Ben KIRK, Anna KIRK, Helen KIRK, Ann-Marie MCINTYRE, Claire NEWMAN, Brian Thomas PETERS, Joanne RAINE, Jasper RANSFORD, Lawrence SAUNDERS, Paul SAUNDERS, Graham SMITH, Clare TECTOR, Antony WEBB, Nick WOLSTENHOLME, Andrea WOLSTENHOLME, James WORMALL

Post parkrun, some of the volunteers were joined by the Mayor to unveil the AED device which is our collective gift to Winfield Recreation Ground, made possible by your donations.  We never hope to use it but feel safe in the knowledge that we can really make a different to someone in the event of an emergency.

Finally on behalf of the Core Team, a massive thank you to each and every one of you for making the last 12 months of Rugby parkrun truly fantastic.  Our free and inclusive 5km has had a positive impact on the local community and long may it continue.

Same time next week everyone????

Lisa Jay

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