Rutland Water Parkrun Event 132 Report – 30.06.18

This weeks run report kindly written for us by Lyndsay Jordan


Another Saturday morning parkrun in the sun! Summer is definitely delivering some beautiful Saturdays for us, after the long, harsh winter. This week 329 people arrived at Rutland Water to run, jog, walk, buggy push and dog-jog their way along the out and back parkrun course. As we all gathered at the start, one of the downsides of summer was quickly noticed by a few people wearing green and yellow tops – they were getting covered in bugs! Luckily when the wind picked up the bugs dispersed. The run director gave us our weekly milestone and tourist announcements.

Tourists had visited us this week from Chester, Birmingham and Gainsborough, to name but a few. We had five people celebrating their 50th milestones! Mark TOMS, Wesley DURSTON, Richard VINEY, Sian POWELL and Morag ROBERTS, so very well done ladies and gents.

The course itself is a nice flat(ish) out and back that takes you out to the dam wall before you hit the turning point and had back, all along the edge of the beautiful setting of Rutland Water, with lots of smiley hi-viz heroes along the way who offer encouragement. I managed to play cat and mouse with the 27 minute pacer during the run which I was so pleased about given the heat, so I gave the happy bell a ring when I’d crossed the finish.

So, now for the results.

The top three men were Owen WILKINSON, in a time of 17.26, Joel THOMPSON and Joseph MONK. The top three women were Catherine CHORLTON with a time of 21.03, Matilda MANNING and Kirsty KOTHAKOTA. There were over 55 first timers to Rutland parkrun, 12 of whom it was their first parkrun. I hope you enjoyed it and it is the start of a fulfilling parkrun journey for you all. We can’t always guarantee warm weather but we can always guarantee a very warm welcome. 20 people also showed as unknown on the results – remember DFYB!

Parkruns can’t take place without the help of the wonderful volunteer and this week’s parkrun was brought to you by:

Christine WISE  •  Craig TILLEY  •  Darren BARRATT  •  Dylan YOUNGS  •  Emma HERD  •  Harry ROCKLIFF  •  Ian POWELL  •  Ian SHARP  •  Joe MARTIN  •  John MACKINNON  •  Karen GRACE  •  Lawrence FRANCIS  •  Liliane COOGAN  •  Liz MAKIN  •  Lyndsay JORDAN  •  Maria DAVIES  •  Maria SOWERBY  •  Neil ROCKLIFF  •  Neil SPENCER  •  Neve HATTEE  •  Richard John CHALLIS  •  Robin BURDELL  •  Scott MATHIE  •  Simon WALLS  •  Sonia KENDAL  •  Stuart HILL  •  Trevor WISE  •  Vanessa WINTERS  •  Yvonne SPENCER

If you would like to get involved I can highly recommend volunteering.
It is great fun and you learn new skills, whilst giving back to your parkrun community. With the holiday season around the corner, we are always in need of more volunteers so if you would like to help, take a look at the future roster and pop your name down. The roster can be found at

Happy parkrunning!!




Thanks for that Lyndsay. :)

Also, we thought you should all know we had a minor celebrity visitor at Rutland Water on parkrunday. The parkrun Tourist Stone.


Every week, the stone is passed on parkrunner to parkrunner, on the proviso that it's taken to a different parkrun, and passed on. It'd come to us from one of the Leicester parkruns and passed on the one of our Tourists from Hertfordshire.  Bon Voyage, Tourist Stone :D


Rutland Water parkrun – Event 131 – 23rd June 2018

Rutland Water parkrun had TWO special events going on today. Not only did we have the Inspire2tri Rehab group attempting their challenge of completing the course for the first time, but we also welcomed Emma Palmer and her bridal party to Rutland Water parkrun to complete the course in tutus then head off to get married to Shane Sharkey (Event Director of Melton Mowbray parkrun)!!! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Sharkey, we hope you had a fantastic day!


Mary Hardwick brought along her rehab group to have a go at completing our parkrun. They had been working towards it for a while, and although some were nervous that they wouldn't be able to complete it, everyone did it, and in a good time too! We can’t wait to welcome them back again to parkrun! We hope to see you all again soon.



Lots more Congratulations are in order!

Welcome to the 25 new parkrunners who came along to take part in parkrun for the first time ever, we hope to see you regularly from now on! Congratulations to Beth who achieved her 50 parkrun milestone, and congratulations to the 58 participants who achieved Personal Bests this week. Christine WISE shaved a couple of seconds of her PB, and Helen POPPLE achieved a time of 28:41!


The event was made possible by 24 volunteers: Felicity CROTTY • Sean MCAULIFFE • Fergus BARRATT • Simon James FISHER • John MACKINNON • Susan D FISHER • Debbi ROACH • Emma HERD • Julia MORRIS WEBSTER • Graham WINSTONE • Liliane COOGAN • Sarah WELLS • Gary KIRK • Margaret KEANY • Andrew KENDAL • Neil LAKIN • Peter RAMSEY • Ian POWELL • Stani VAN DER WESTHUIZEN • Tessa GROOM • Dylan YOUNGS • Elizabeth DIXON • Joe MARTIN • Carmen VAN DER WESTHUIZEN We always need volunteers to make parkrun happen each week, please look at our roster to see the gaps that need filling over the next 6 weeks at No training or special skills are required, please do get in touch on email at if you are interested in helping us in the future – WE NEED YOU!

Male placings are as follows:

Owen WILKINSON came in first this week in a time of 16:55, closely followed by Christopher PEARSON in a time of 17:35. Marcus FRANCIS was third over the line in 17:53

Female placings are as follows:

Matilda MANNING was our first female across the finish line in 19th position overall, achieving a PB of 21:17. Tallulah SPURDENS was second over the line in 21:54, 23rd position overall. Karen BROOKS was third (28th overall) over the line in 22:11

The three highest age grades were recorded by:

Karen BROOKS (VW55-59) – 85.05% for the time 22:11 (23rd overall) Owen WILKINSON (JM15-17) – 82.27% for the time 16:55 (1st overall). Christopher PEARSON (VM40-44) – 79.43% for the time 17:35 (2nd overall) Rutland Water parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 5,761 participants have completed 23,488 parkruns covering a total distance of 117,440 km, including 4,768 new Personal Bests

Emma Herd (Run Director on the day)


Rutland Water Parkrun – event 130 – 9th of June 2018

AAAARGGGGHHHH! - I forgot to mention that there is NO PARKRUN NEXT WEEK 16 of June 2018. If you’ve not been a tourist before, now’s your opportunity. A few of us are thinking of going to Belton House Parkrun.

Saturday’s conditions were cool with a mild breeze, so its no surprise that this week was another great event, with almost one third of runners hitting a new PB. We also had 48 first-timers, so I suppose their times may well count as PBs too.

None of that good work could have happened without the support from this week’s volunteers:-

Sonia KENDAL • Suzy LISHMAN • Darren BARRATT • Mike FREEMAN • Liz MAKIN • Joanne MCALLISTER • Iona MCALLISTER • John MACKINNON • Julia MORRIS WEBSTER • Alice HANNAN • Eleanor BLAND • Graham WINSTONE • Liliane COOGAN • Tony NEWHAM • Gary KIRK • Charlie NOBLE • Morag ROBERTS • Andrew KENDAL • John TURNER • Karen GRACE • Graham TYERS • Ian SHARP • Sarah BOWREY • Dylan YOUNGS • Alan DIXON • Elizabeth DIXON • Shelly DIXON • Joe MARTIN • Hannah RUSHTON • Georgie DICK

Parkrun can only survive with everyone chipping-in on the volunteer roster, so do please make some time to do your bit. The pay isn’t great (free parking) but the sense of self-righteousness can’t be bought.

I don’t think we had a report covering the amazing run by Anna Garnier (Thames Hare & Hounds) in event 127 where she hit an age-graded course record of 92.94% It’s only a ready reckoner sort of measure, but this puts her in the bracket of “world-class” athletes.
Another incredible record run was by Aaron Scott (Notts AC) the following week in event 128 where he set a new course record of 15:23.

This week we also celebrated 70 years of the NHS which was officially launched on the 5th of July 1948 by Bevan who was the health secretary at that time. Look out for photos of doctors, nurses, physios, health visitors etc on the facebook page.


Charlie Noble, Run director of the day.


Rutland Water parkrun – event 126

What a great day for a parkrun. Ideal conditions drew 271 of you to join us at Rutland Water. Hopefully we've actually shaken off that winter now. The near ideal running conditions saw over 1 in 5 of you setting new personal best times! Well done everyone.

Thanks to our volunteers today:-

Sonia KENDAL • Darren BARRATT • Ed FANCOURT • David AUST • Liz MAKIN • John GILLIGAN • Sam GILLIGAN • John MACKINNON • Alice HANNAN • Nikki HEYWORTH • Eleanor BLAND • Graham WINSTONE • Tony NEWHAM • Caroline NEWHAM • Ruth REHO • Robin BALL • Andrew KENDAL • Ian SHARP • Joanna CADMAN JOYCE • Geoff JONES • Tessa GROOM • Amy CASSELDEN • Ella BENNETT • Dylan YOUNGS • Christine WISE • Trevor WISE • Robin BURDELL • Joe MARTIN • Georgie DICK, and a special well done to run director of the week,  Alice Hannan, who overcame natural nerves marvelously to do the parkrun briefing.


(nagging section coming up....) Don't forget, we can't do the parkrun without your help. We're seeing 300ish people at Rutland Water over the past few weeks, but last week we had to run without a 1km Marshal, as nobody had stepped up. Please think about helping out once in a while. If everyone did one a year, we'd never have to put out the appeal for volunteers, and your parkrun core team would sleep better on a Friday :D

Now, on a different, slightly non-official note, we've found a Google Chrome Extension, called Running Challenges. If you install it on Google Chrome it gives you all sorts of extra information on your parkrun and parkrun volunteering history. Well worth checking out if you keep track of your parkrunning on a computer.
This isn't an official parkrun production but it does use data from your parkrun account, and is especially useful to keep track of different parkruns you have visited. Anyway, if you know how to do chrome extensions, it's worth checking it out. (example screen shown below)


This weeks parkrun, we're helping to celebrate National Deaf Awareness week. We're always trying to make our parkrun accessible to all and we're lucky to have our expert local signer, Amy who usually signs the run briefing for us.
If you or someone you know has a hearing impairment, come and visit us on Saturday, and see how accessible parkrun is! If you have any concerns or questions about parkrun, get in touch at

Signing off now, See you soon,



Rutland water parkrun – event 124 – SUPERHERO SPECIAL!


Superheroes laugh in the face of iffy weather, and the potential rain did nothing to deter 318 parkrunners, walking, jogging and running the course. These included many Batmans (Batmen?), Catwomen, Supermen, Spidermen and even The Flash, and a Deadpool :D

48 heroic personal bests and and 66 first timers (who hopefully weren't to surprised by some of the outfits), and we hope to see them again soon.

Adding to the numbers on the day were 42 runners from local running club, Eye Community Runners (wearing green) and 31 from Stamford Striders (blue and yellow quarters). Many also took part in the "Run for Matt", running 3.7 miles in memory of Matt Campbell who sadly died during the previous weeks London Marathon. Donations were made to the charity that Matt was raising money for, the Brathay Trust

Thank-you for the help from our volunteers this week - Gordon PEARSON • Sonia KENDAL • Darren BARRATT • Andrew WADE • Stuart HILL • Sam GILLIGAN • Debbi ROACH • Thomas MARTIN • Fiona PARKER • Alice HANNAN • Lawrence FRANCIS • Eleanor BLAND • Liliane COOGAN • Gary KIRK • Andrew KENDAL • Emma O'BRIEN • Karen GRACE • Ian SHARP • Tessa GROOM • Philippa BALL • Amy CASSELDEN • Stacey UNDERWOOD • S PAGE • Dylan YOUNGS • Georgie DICK • Ray MARTIN

We can't put the event on without your help, and there's nothing we do that can't be picked up in a couple of minutes. If you take a look at the future roster, you can see any of the roles that we need filling in future weeks.

Hope to see you soon

Darren (Batman), run director of the day.

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