Rutland Water Park Run – Event 159 – 5th Jan – New Year Resolutions

What a great turn out! Clearly lot of you have resolved to try the parkrun in 2019, as that was our highest turnout, barring the incredible New Years Day run on Tuesday!
374 of you on a chilly Saturday morning, including at least 38 of you doing your first ever parkrun, and 15 of you on your second one (lots of "unknown" finishers this week. No bar-code, no time I'm afraid).

Hope you enjoyed yourself, and you'll come back soon.

Because of the way the parkrun scanners work, bar-codes can't be scanned off of phone screens, or other devices. They must be printed, either on paper, or on a wristband or card available here.

If you don't have access to a printer, for this week only, we're offering a bar-code printing service if you don't have access to a printer.

If you login with your parkrun details here, and click the link highlighted below


You should get a PDF file. If you email this to,, with your name, I'll bring them along to the next parkrun :).

Thanks to our volunteer team for making this week run so smoothly. We couldn't do it without you, Thanks go to:-

Sean MCAULIFFE • Josh DUNNE • Mark POPPLE • Samantha BAINES • Darren BARRATT • Caroline ROBERTSON • Liz MAKIN • Andrea GORDON-KERR • Chloe ARTIS • Emma HERD • Nick HERD • Cameron HARRIS • Rufus DAVIES • Grace DORE • Gary KIRK • Sam JEFFRIES • Laina DUPONT • Neil LAKIN • Karen GRACE • Elizabeth MEYNELL • Amy CASSELDEN • Joseph MARTIN • Susan HENLEY • Charles HENLEY • Christine WISE • Trevor WISE • Robin BURDELL • Sarah BABBS • Hannah RUSHTON • Nick TONGE • Tobias MOTE

Don't forget, parkrun is volunteer led, so if you're a regular, please think about joining us once in a while. If everyone volunteered twice in a year, we'd fill the roster, and not nag anymore in the run report :)

Finally, dog runners. We love seeing you running but please remember, we're not a canicross event.
You may think that your dog is well controlled, but if you are using a long lead, chances are you are getting in the way of another parkrunner. We would like to see leads limited 2 metres maximum.
When you are approaching the finish funnel, please reel your dog in (we had the funnel knocked over twice this week), and please, please take on board that there is a one dog per runner maximum.

It's a public area, so if you turn up with 10 dogs, all on 20 meter leads, we can't do anything to stop you, but failing to abide by the rules of parkrun will mean you don't get a result logged. Lets keep it fun for everyone.

Hope to see you all again on Saturday

Darren, Run Director of the day


ps, thanks to Rob Persani of Rutland Radio for reporting on our record turnout on the 1st.


Rutland Water Park Run – Event 158 – 1st January 2019 – the BIG ONE

Our new year parkrun report by Run Director of the day, Calli Robertson.

It was a whopper of a new year run at Rutland Water, with a record breaking 624 parkrunners bright and (fairly) early on the first day of the year.

Some might have been sporting a bit of a hangover but they didn’t show it. Many were of tired leg having already done one parkrun already.

With so many parkrunners the first problem we had was getting everyone to the start. We are lucky to have ample parking at Rutland Water but you still have to get through the barriers and we had queues snaking back into the road. We delayed the start by 7 mins to make sure we got everyone to the start line.

Gosh, I thought, quite a few more than the 100 or so I thought would brave the morning, great news. In the usual guessing game around the funnel I guessed around 400 and was pleased our last-minute volunteers were there and we could offer a 3rd barcode scanner, something we have been needing as we regularly now reach 350 runners.
However, anyone who knows me, also knows that I am the worst guesser ever at this game, and true to form I had staggeringly underestimated it.


As the hundreds reached the funnel, thanks to everyone who helped when it just wasn’t long enough, the tokens just ran out and we resorted to writing down runners and their positions manually.
The human funnel was quite ingenious, and I think everyone was still smiling at the end.

keep calm[5010]

Results processing was interesting to say the least, a sterling job by the team, when you consider manually inputting 200 runners! So, it’s a particularly big shout out to the volunteers and the impromptu volunteers who made the event happen and gave up their bank holiday lie-in.

Thanks to our runners as well, who were so understanding and supportive when we were a bit overwhelmed and for all turning up because although it was a bit chaotic, we were absolutely delighted to see so many. And yes I’ll mention it again, a few of us remember one of the first runs attracting a mere 27!

By the way we have got it sorted so we’re confident we can cope with these numbers again so do come back as many as you like!

A couple of stats for those stats lovers
Previous record for attendance was 364 in April 18, now it’s 626 on 1/1/19
153 did the double (two parkruns in one day, possible only once a year and due to different start times)
227 first timers

Looking forward to seeing many of you again in the coming weeks as we attempt to walk and run off any festive excess. Every Saturday come rain or shine, see you there.


Thanks for a great report of an incredible day Calli.

I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who pitched in to help on the day, from core team members, to regular Rutland Water parkrunners and volunteers, and even the visiting runners and first timers. Special thanks too to the far too modest Peter Ramsey and Charlie Noble, who gave up a big bite of their day and were still typing in names at 3pm! Thank-you all.

Some of you may have seen that we're raising funds at the moment to replace the finishing tokens. Our current set were looking quite worn and ratty anyway, and Tuesdays massive turnout really showed that we needed more.  We've already had a huge response, so thanks go to :-

Clare Stevenson, Daisy Overton, David Babbs, Gaynor Morris, Ian Powell, Morag Roberts, Nicholas Sale, Sarah Babbs, Sarah Bowrey and Simon Fisher.

We'll have some shiny new finish tokens very soon :D

See you Saturday!
Darren, co-event director.



Rutland Water parkrun – Event 157- Last one of the year – 29th December 2018

Despite the strong bitter wind, 261 of you turned up to take part in our parkrun today, well done to you all! We saw 57 first timers, and 22 of you achieved a Personal Best time, well done to you all.

We have a special congratulations to give to Margaret KEANY, as she achieved her 100 parkrun milestone today, well done Mags!!


I had the pleasure of meeting 2 of our first timers, Lois and Jonathan NEWPORT.


Both achieved Personal Bests of course, being their first time, and really enjoyed the event.
They are planning to come back regularly which is great to hear. They heard of parkrun via a friend who participates. It’s great to hear how parkrunners are spreading the word of parkrun, and getting more people involved.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Mark POPPLE • Vanessa WINTERS • Ed FANCOURT • Mike FREEMAN • John GILLIGAN • Chloe ARTIS • Debbi ROACH • Emma HERD • Lawrence FRANCIS • Rufus DAVIES • Liliane COOGAN • Gary KIRK • Margaret LISHMAN • Margaret KEANY • Peter RAMSEY • Toby EVANS • Christine WISE • Trevor WISE • Robin BURDELL • Sarah BABBS • Mick COOGAN • Ella DELARGY • Nick TONGE • Sue TONGE


We always need volunteers to make parkrun happen each week, please look at our roster to see the gaps that need filling over the next 6 weeks at No training or special skills are required. Please do get in touch on email at if you are interested in helping us in the future – WE NEED YOU!

We often have a bit of a sweepstake on at the finish funnel, when you guys all set off, we have a guess as to how many participants we have on the course. My guess was 249, and Sue TONGE one of our barcode scanners was close with her guess of 254, however, one of our timekeepers, Mike FREEMAN unbelievably had the exact correct guess at 261, as displayed here on his stopwatch!

He would do great in one of those “guess the number of sweets in the sweetie jar” games!



Male placings are as follows:
Billy HICKS came in first this week in a time of 18:44, closely followed by Joel THOMPSON in a time of 19:07. Third place is a mystery unknown runner!
Female placings are as follows:
Jessica Zara KEENE was our first female across the finish line in 14th position overall, achieving a time of 20:37. Ruth PETTIT was second over the line in 21:44, 28th position overall. Rosie BAMBER was third (56th overall) over the line in 23:58

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
David BABBS (VM60-64) – 75.08% for the time 21:44 (27th overall)
Tim HICKS (VM50-59) – 74.66% for the time 21:07 (17th overall).
Bob WEBSTER (VM70-74) – 74.04% for the time 25:10 (71st overall)


Do not miss our NEW YEARS DAY event on (yes you guessed it), 1st January 2019 at the later than usual start time of 10:30am.
The café will be open, but we also ask you to take extra special care on this parkrun, as there are likely to be many more other park users as we are starting later than usual. Expect dog walkers, cyclists and many of the general public visiting Rutland Water, many of which won’t know about parkrun.

New Years Day is the only day of the year, you can complete TWO parkruns, Melton Mowbray is the nearest to us, starting at 9am, you can then get yourself over to Rutland Water and complete your second parkrun of the day!! #DFYB (DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE)


Rutland Water parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 7,063 participants have completed 30,638 parkruns covering a total distance of 153,190 km, including 5,907 new Personal Bests. A total of 561 individuals have volunteered 3,923 times.

Emma Herd (Run Director on the day)


Rutland Water Park Run – Event 156 – 22nd December 2018

This weeks run report by Run directory of the day, Nigel Broadbent.


This week’s event was the pre-Christmas park run with a great turn out of runners and marshalls in all types of fancy dress.

Following very heavy rain the day before, off track was very boggy; the Weather conditions were clear, cool with a stiff south westerly breeze that made the return leg rather difficult. There was a good turn out with 310 runners, 39 of which were first timers.


During a festive run brief, a warm welcome was given to the first timers and hardened park runners which included visitors from Malden in Essex along with several visitors from neighbouring Melton, one of the Melton runners was Veronica Pearson who only started running this summer and completed her first park run in 28.10.

A key milestone and celebrated his 50th park run was Joe Jones. The Christmas running calendar was discussed as there is no planned run on Christmas day at Rutland but runs at neighbouring Melton, Corby and Market Harborough were briefed;
Normal run on Saturday 29th at 09.00 and on New year’s day at 10.30.

The run itself broke no course records and with only 28 PB’s demonstrated how difficult the stiff breeze made it. First over the line was Aston Perrin from Long Eaton with a superb time of 16.33. Not a PB, but Aston fed back that he was caught out at the turn with the head wind; “next time” he said and the course record could be his for the taking!!
Philippa Taylor was the first lady with a great time of 19.11 and the first fancy dress “Elf” was Neil Lakin with a respectable time of 21.07. One of the best finishes I have witnessed was the family duo of Dad Angus Mackinnon and his 6 year old son Bruce who sprinted across the line to a dead heat and an unbelievable time of 24.48.

There were no major incidents however, a report was made that a runner had 2 dogs with her during the run but left before guidance could be given. This will be stipulated in future briefs.



Thanks Nigel, and Merry Christmas everyone from the whole parkrun team!



Rutland Water parkrun # 155 – 15th December 2018

Weather conditions were cold, dry and breezy. There were 184 enthusiastic, runners, joggers and walkers from as far afield as Sheffield, London, Bingingham and Dereham who took part in the Rutland Water parkrun.

A warm welcome was given to the visiting tourists and the 18 first-timers who all went on to complete the course. In total, some 27 runners achieved a personal best time.

A round of applause was given to milestone achievers Charlie Noble who was completing his 100th parkrun and Chloe Artis who was completing her 50th parkrun.

Claim your free Milestone T Shirts!

Noticeable achievements on the day were from: -

Mark Popple from Stamford was the first athlete to cross the finish line in a time of 17:22.

The first registered female athlete to cross the finish was Fiona Martin who completed the course in a time of 22:54.

Jim Grant a Stamford Strider had a strong finish coming home in a time of 20:47.

Johnathan Richards
from Stamford put in a fast finish completing the course in a time of 21:20.

Fourteen-year-old Oliver Crocker from Uppingham had a sprint finish coming home in a time of 23:54. Duncan Brock from Witham-on-the-hill completed the course with his dog Poppy in a time of 24:17.

Ten-year-old Archie Ingram from North Luffenham finished fast coming home in a time of 31:23. Louise Boddy a First Timer from Kibworth was in full flow as she crossed the finish line in a time of 34:53.

Sophie Cornish from Stamford completed the course in a time of 35:00 pushing her daughter Beatrix in her buggy.

A big thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers who pulled together on the day to make things happen and without whom our parkrun event would not be possible. A special thank you to Ed Fancourt for processing the results on the day.

And a very big thank you to all the parkrunners who kindly donated to the Christmas food bank appeal.

Happy park-running!
Lawrence Francis (Run Director on the day

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