Rutland Water parkrun – Event 123 – 14th April 2018

Finally a bit of sunshine!
Together with the absence of the legendary wind means that we hit yet again huge numbers with 354 parkrunners.
Not quite as many as last week but surrounding parkruns had been cancelled then, so very satisfying to see the event attracting such large amounts of keen runners. Shout out in particular to all first timers and tourists.


I remember back to December 2015 week 8  when we had 27 brave souls running with us and I never would have imagined that we would welcome over 350 two weeks in a row.

We don’t do any advertising so it’s almost all due to word of mouth. Hopefully size does not mean it can’t be personable and we love hearing about your adventures with us.


The still weather means fast times and we saw many PBs today. We have to menjtion our own Emma Herd , co-event director who smashed her own PB. Well done Emma!

Don’t forget that next week the event is cancelled due to big cycling event happening at Rutland Water so no Rutland Water parkrun on 21st April. But we are back 28th with the Super Hero event, including a visit from Oakham Fire Service (emergencies permitting)


Final massive thanks to all the volunteers, who could finally shed hats and gloves!

Calli, Run director of the day.


Rutland Water NEW RECORD parkrun – Event 122 – 7th April 2018

Rutland Water parkrun hit an all time high with a massive 364 people taking part in the event this weekend! Our previous record of 305 was smashed! Thanks to every one of you for coming along, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Lots more Congratulations are in order!

A HUGE Congratulations to Eleanor BLAND who achieved her 25 Volunteer milestone this week, Eleanor is a regular volunteer at our parkrun, and is currently working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Gold award! Eve MATTHEWS, and David FERGUSON achieved their 50th parkrun this weekend and also Alex PARKER achieved his 100th parkrun with us, well done to you all!!!!


The event was made possible by 25 volunteers, of which many volunteered as a family. It really is a great activity to do with the family to start your weekend. SIX family names listed below several times, thank you!

Felicity CROTTY • Darren BARRATT • Ed FANCOURT • David AUST • Simon James FISHER • John GILLIGAN • Sam GILLIGAN • John MACKINNON • Vanessa MACKINNON • Susan D FISHER • Emma HERD • Mary HARDWICK • Lawrence FRANCIS • Sarah SHARP • Eleanor BLAND • Liliane COOGAN • Elizabeth MEYNELL • Ian SHARP • Dylan YOUNGS • Christine WISE • Trevor WISE • Joe MARTIN • Jason MARTIN • Georgie DICK • Ray MARTIN


We always need volunteers to make parkrun happen each week, please take a look at our future roster to see the gaps that need filling over the next 6 weeks. No training or special skills are required, please do get in touch on email at if you are interested in helping us in the future


Don’t miss our special parkrun event on 28th April in recognition of National Superhero Day!!!! For one week only, we're clearing all the Kryptonite off the dam, stocking up on radioactive spiders, and making sure there's room for the Bat Submarine in the Reservoir... It's our Superhero Special.

You're encouraged to come along dressed in your best superhero outfits. Even if it's just a cape and a mask, why not hide your secret identities for a week*

*barcodes of actual identities required....

Male placings are as follows

Iain BAILEY came in first this week in a time of 16:44, closely followed by Mark POPPLE achieving a PB, in a time of 16:52. Nathan WARREN was third over the line in 17:22
Female placings are as follows:
Melissa NEAL was our first female across the finish line in 23rd position overall, achieving a PB of 20:07. Maria JOVANI was second over the line in 21:08, 30th position overall. Sue ROBERTS was third (38th overall) over the line in 21:48

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Greg SOUTHERN (VM45-49) – 82.29% for the time 17:47 (8th overall)
Iain BAILEY (VM35-39) – 80.98% for the time 16:44 (1st overall).
Steve WELLS (VM55-59) – 80.87% for the time 19:10 (15th overall)



Rutland Water parkrun started on 24th October 2015. Since then 5,220 participants have completed 20,635 parkruns covering a total distance of 103,175 km, including 4,159 new Personal Bests

Emma Herd (Run Director on the day)


Will run for cake….:)

Lastly this week we'd like to say thank-you to the amazing Tessa Groom, who supplies all the cake and biscuits you enjoyed at the end of Saturdays run. Thank you so much Tessa. ♥♥♥♥



Run Report Number 121 – 31st March 2018

Weather conditions were cool, damp and still. There were 270 enthusiastic, runners, joggers and walkers from as far afield as Switzerland, Birmingham, Enfield, Yorkshire and Great Yarmouth who took part in the Rutland Water parkrun.

A warm welcome was given to the visiting tourists and the 48 first-timers who all went on to complete the course. In total, some 61 runners achieved a personal best time.
A round of applause was given to Darren Jenner who went on to complete his 50th parkrun. Also achieving their 50 this week was Steph Turner


Noticeable achievements on the day were from:

Mathew Fox from Cambridge had a perfect run and was the first athlete to cross the finish line in a New Personal Best time of 16:30. In second place was Stamford Strider Mark Popple who crossed the line in a time of 17:07 just outside of his personal best. (The Sub 17-minute time is fast approaching)
In third place was Owen Wilkinson from Stamford who had an outstanding run coming home in a New Personal Best time of 17:45 taking some 29 seconds off his previous best time. The first female athlete to cross the finish line was Katherine March from Enfield who completed the course in a time of 20:08.
Mary Hardwick from Manton had a good run coming home in a New Personal Best time of 24:17. Hannah Wheatley from Stamford completed the course pushing son Rupert in his buggy and came home in a time of 26:47.
John Harvey from Tinwell worked hard and finished strong coming home in a New Personal Best time of 29:20. Suzanne Hardy a first timer from Grantham put in a fast finish completing the course in a time of 30:42.
Christine Sharp and Marion Conner were in full flow as they sprinted to the finish line with both runners sharing the same time of 40:24 Christine was a nose in front. Jo Holton and Heather Clark found that bit extra and were able to sprint to the finish completing the course in a time of 52:22 and 52:23 with Jo just taking victory on the line.

A big thank-you to our wonderful team of volunteers who pulled together on the day to make things happen and without whom our parkrun event would not be possible.
A special thank-you to Peter Ramsey for processing the results on the day and to Maddy Bowery for her excellent event photography.


Happy park-running!

Lawrence Francis (Run Director on the day)


Polite notice to parkrunners:
• Not to talk during the briefing as this prevents first timers and tourists from hearing the formalities and results in the Run Director having to shout to be heard.

• Children under eleven must be accompanied on the course at all times by an adult for safety and insurance purposes. Noncompliance will result in participants being pulled from the run. We have seen some children coming across the line alone, and will be enforcing this from now on.

• Dogs must be kept on a short lead, and an even shorter lead when going through the funnel, one dog per person. Noncompliance will result in participants being pulled from the run.
We have had runners with long dog leads inconveniencing other runners, and clattering into the finish funnel. We love seeing your dogs have a good run, but we are not a canicross event.

We don't want to spoil anyone's run, but these rules are important to protect our event.

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