Run Report #40

In the midst of a heatwave 165 runners took to the paths of Sale Water
Park for event number 40. Some were first timers, many ran personal
bests, a few had strayed from their home runs to join us, and all were
cheered on by a friendly bunch of volunteers.

A number of first timers had a spectacular morning with
the men’s top three finishers all making their parkrun debut. First to
cross the line was John Dearnley-Lane of Rochdale Harriers, who stormed
home in 17:24, followed by Andrew Whittingham and Chris Bannister. For
the ladies, Helen Armitage moved one better from her last finish at Sale
Water Park, this time taking first, with Melanie Barber in second and
Sarah Phillips in third.

We also saw numerous runners who have travelled around
return to Sale Water Park run, many of them taking huge chunks of their
last time running this course (notably Phil Corker, Callum Burrell,
Patrick Leigh, and Sarah Phillips.) Matt Foley ran a massive PB, over a
minute faster than his last run, as did many others, and Scott Stevenson
deserves credit for adding to his PB streak, making it 8 consecutive

From my stance at the finish line I saw some incredible
running – a sprint to the line saw Henry Leech edge ahead of Jason
Leech, whilst the McIvor family finished in style with Maisy McIvor
pipping her parents to the post. I also must commend the funnel
etiquette - besides our two rogue runners who weren’t doing parkrun
but enjoyed the finish anyway, everyone kept moving smoothly making the
job easy for our volunteers.

Congratulations to everybody who ran – it was my first
time at Sale Water Parkrun and it was wonderful to watch! Hannah


Run Report #36 & #37

The run report for event #36 is a week late (I've been spending as much time outside away from laptop as possible) however it's one not to be missed so we've made sure to include it in a combined event #36 and #37 report.

#36 Manchester Triathlon take over 

We love to shout out about our incredible volunteers and event #36 is no different.  Manchester Triathlon Club came down and did a parkrun takeover which gave our volunteer coordinators a week to relax a bit.  Not only did they come down and help us on the day they also wrote this for our run report:

166 Runners completed Sale Water Parkrun this Saturday 30th June in the
glorious Mancunian summer sun. There were an incredible 43 first timers
and 30 New PBs!

First across the line was Kieran Cooper in a scorching
17:20, with Richard Cooper and Richard Yates completing the top 3.

First female across the line was Frances Jackson in 22:50, followed by
Michelle Mortimer and Tara Ferguson.


Awesome work by first time Run Director Alice Doherty and thank you to all the volunteers who made the event possible. A large number of the volunteers this weekend were provided by Manchester Triathlon Club (Man Tri), if you’d like to
learn more about the wonderful sport of triathlon then check them out
online and on social media


Finally, a shameless plug for their triathlon event,
Boundary Breeze which will take place on Sunday 22nd July, SIGN UP at Happy parkrunning


It was another warm morning down at the water park. This week 164 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests.  We had tourists visit us from Germany and from the cancelled Heaton Park parkrun.

A shout out goes to James Kelly this week who was our tail walker and was celebrating his 25th volunteering stint.  Thanks for all your help and commitment to parkrun.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Rachel MCCURRIE • Kevin MAHON • Val BRENNAN • Letitia COOPER • Andy LAND • Orla RAFTERY • Richard DANIEL • Paulette STOREY • Karen FORREST • Andrew COLLEY • Kaylea HAYNES • Nicolas WHEELER • James KELLY • Cat HANSEN • Angus MCCURRIE • Paul WILSON • Niamh MACFARLANE • Andrew CAMPBELL


No volunteers, no parkrun! To get in touch you can email our Volunteer Coordinators, Emma and Val, on, comment on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or tweet us over on Twitter.


Run Report #35 – Winston Runners takeover

It was a bright sunny morning, at Sale Water today,
runners from near and far, and they had a great day.

Tourists from Marple, Caerphilly and from Cornwall, who run the Tamar trails,
visit Sale Water you may see a boat with sails.

Winston Runners were the volunteers at Sale Water,
bring your friends along, family too with your son or daughter.


Running along the banks of the river Mersey, it's a good place to be,
the views around the course are amazing, come along and see.

Then around the shore of Sale Water park,
turn around at the top, this is your landmark.

199 runners today, Richard Yates was in first place,
one second off his PB, Richard set a great pace.

All the runners finished well under an hour,
go at your own pace, just have the willpower.

Congratulations to you all, 68 new personal bests,
some running with friends, club runners too in their vests.

46 runners at Sale Water, for their first time,
we hope you come back soon, and you're feeling sublime.

Runners getting up early, as the day was dawning,
21 clubs represented, what a lovely morning.

It's good to volunteer, and give something back,
there's nothing to fear, you'll get the inside track.

Sale Water parkrun, get yourself on the volunteer roster,
help us grow, now it's time to foster.

Join us in Tree Tops café, for a coffee or tea,
it's where lots of us meet, and it's a good place to be

Time to catch up with family and friends, and we'll have a good chat,
parkrun and conversation, now you can't beat that.


Thank you volunteers, we appreciate your time, each and every one of you, worth including in this rhyme. Nikki REED • Paul Thomas MULDOON • Val BRENNAN • Margaret CARLETON • Peter WALTERS • Steve BURGESS • Philomena HESKETH • Edyta BURGESS • Alexander BALDWIN • Sarah HOOKS • Ann CARNEY • Colm MULHERN • Sinead FERGUSON • Gaynor TEMPLETON • Aisla JONES • Victoria THOMPSON • Jana JULINKOVA • James KELLY • Francesca MILLER • Mark JONES • Kirsty HATTON • Victoria BIRRANE.

Sale Water started in October 2017, this was event thirty five,
you can help us grow, you just have to arrive.

We hope to see you next week, with a smile on your face, run or volunteer,
just do it with grace.


Run Report #33 – The NHS is 70!

sale run report #33We were celebrating a very special parkrun this week, along with over 300 parkruns up and down the country, to wish the NHS a very happy 70th birthday.  We had 319 athletes (our second biggest number ever!) including 97 first timers. Many came dressed in NHS work outfits or wearing blue, and all were in fine voice for our rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

There was also lots of cheering with the 66 personal bests on the day: Joseph CONNOR • John BAXTER • Holly HILL • Sarah HOLMES • Miran APRAHAMIAN • Julie RANSON • Sarah CLARKE • Pete DYER • Vince ASHTON • Michael GALLON • Kate WARNER • Bode ORUNGBEMI • Emily Jane HUGHES • James FLETCHER • Nick TELFORD • Carol CLARKE • Colm WYNNE • Ashlee VIBERT • Paul ALEXANDER • Dave John WILLIAMSON • Thomas ALEXANDER • Sally DANBY • Ava MINTO • Linda BLACKBURN • Stephen APPLEBY • Gavin FISK • Manus WYNNE • Sarah WILLS • Catherine JONES • Sarah HEALEY • Tibor MARKI • Amelie LATHAM • Andy C SAXTON •Luke KELLY • Madeleine HOLMES • Mark VESEY • Emma SIMMS • Josie JOURES • Phil RICHARDSON • George BENNETT • Sarah WILKS • Steven GUEST • Jane GRIMSHAW • Sarah SHEA • Emma CORBETT • Ian TRAFFORD • Parveen EARL • Rachel MELLOR • Tom READE • Paul COX • Ethan COX • Mark BARBER • Paul HAYWARD • Andrew MASON.

Also a huge well done to Josie Joures who completed six months of parkrun for her bronze Duke of Edinburgh award which included breaking her target time of sub-30 minutes.

Dr Yvonne Burke, a Trafford GP and Clinical Advisor to NHS Trafford CCG, welcomed our runners, saying: “When I think about the global phenomenon of parkrun I see so many positive aspects to the organisation. The willingness and commitment of the volunteers to make these events happen each week is so impressive and exciting to see. However, I think it simply reflects the fantastic community that we are part of here in Trafford and bodes well for all our future.

We all know physical activity is a great medicine! The fact is that people who are active have a 30% lower risk of premature death than those who are inactive. Enabling people to self-care better is critical to the health and wellbeing of our nation and the health and survival of the NHS.”

Along with NHS-themed bunting at the start of the course, runners were also provided with bibs to write on their own reasons for loving the NHS. Many of our volunteers were NHS staff and despite the high-viz jackets could still show their birthday support thanks to some great blue ribbons courtesy of Julia, one of our barcode scanners.

Sale collage

As always our runs wouldn't go ahead without our amazing volunteers, a huge thanks to:


No volunteers, no parkrun! To get in touch you can email our Volunteer Coordinators, Emma and Val, on, comment on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or tweet us over on Twitter.


Run Report #32 – the #MileShyClub takeover

sale run report #32

This week #MileShyClub took over and did a fantastic job of running our parkrun.  Thanks a lot and thanks to Jane for being a fab Run Director and Report Writer.  If your group would like to come and do a take over then please get in touch, we'd love to have you. 

I am sure most people who wake up planning to go run a parkrun get out their cars (or pram):


…feel epic at the beginning:


But halfway, feel like:


Today was my first parkrun as a volunteer and all of the above applied.  It was suggested that I might like to give the role of Race Director a try and I thought “Why not?” That, together with the #MileShyClub coming for a volunteer take over meant it was going to be a great morning. With the fantastic help of Vicky (who was also Race Director as let’s face it, none of you would have got your results if it had been left to me alone), we waved off the cheery #MileShy marshals who went off to take their posts in and around the Water Park.


Then it was time for the first timers briefing! I yelled out for the first timers, not really expecting many, but there were a few from the masses who surfaced! I told them to take it easy, enjoy the view and the usual mantra of “this is a run, not a race!” Then alighting a rather wobbly picnic table, it was time to do the welcome briefing (gulp).




I realised from the photos that wearing shorts was probably not the best idea, but it all worked out ok in the end as everyone was more interested in listening to the health and safety advice.


I introduced everyone to Ella, who was attending the ParkRun with a whole bunch of friends who are raising money for Ella who needs surgery abroad.  Huge well done to Ella and her race buddies, and for matching me in my shorts.


After establishing that our under-11’s had a half responsible adult with them, it was time to take everyone down to the start line! Squeezing ahead, I saw the timekeepers and gave them a cheery wave… glad that they knew which speedbump signalled the run start.   Making sure everyone was down at the start line, the timekeepers confirmed they were ready and with a “1,2,3 off you go!” everyone swished past! Apart from one lady who was a little late and started yelling, “WAAAAAIT FOOOOR MEEEEE!” (there’s always one).

Usually at this point in parkrun race reviews, I think it is customary to give shout outs to those who have excelled in the race.  So, in no particular order, shout out for:


Best camera posing:




Most impressive pram pusher (HOW DO YOU DO THIS ON THE ROCKY COURSE?!!!):


Best film extra:   (pink lady from Grease – also a first timer!)


Coolest looking parkrunner (it’s the headphones that finish the look):

IMG-20180602-WA0041And…   Best wearer of the colour orange (with a smile): IMG-20180602-WA0026

Everyone completed the course and thanks to some great teamwork we managed to log everyone’s barcode and put the tab thingy’s back in the right order.


stayed to watch the amazing Vicky work her magic on the parkrun laptop and whizz through the results so they appear like magic on the parkrun website. Thanks to everyone who made it out today.  Kudos to everyone that got personal bests, we definitely had a bit of cooler weather to help us all round! Will we be back? Most definitely! We’re already planning our next parkrun takeover…


Jane x



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