Sale Water parkrun report 1st January 2019.

Happy new year from Sale Water, this was parkrun number 64.

A record attendance at Sale Water on New Year’s Day with an amazing 775 runners attending the 10:30 event. This was made possible by the 32 wonderful volunteers who gave their time and encouraged everyone.

Sale Water was the largest parkrun in the North West today, and we were the 8th largest parkrun in the UK. Thank you all for making this possible, and we hope to see you all again during the year.

The first runner to cross the finishing line was Matthew Shaw, who was visiting for the first time representing Chorlton Runners and completed the run in 16:21.

The first female to finish was Vicky Wright, who was visiting for the first-time representing Hyde Village Striders and finished in 32nd place in 19:25.


A whopping 74 running clubs were represented at the run today, both locally and further afield.

Congratulations to the 81 runners who now have new personal best times, what a great way to start the new year.

Some of the tourists running today were Event Director Suzanne McMahon from Claisebrook Cove, Perth, Western Australia, David Naylor from Wollongong and Steven Naylor North Wollongong park run and Sandon Point Park run. Some of the UK tourists were Paul Keating from Abingdon in Oxford who spent the weekend visiting the area and ran at South Manchester first. Paul chose Sale Water to achieve running in every county in England and ran at 147 different locations. Also visiting were John and Helen Kilcoyne from Lincoln who originally lived in North Manchester. Lots of runners today had also ran at South Manchester or Wilmslow at 9am and were completing a New Year Day double. It was an early start for many runners, and we admire your parkrun enthusiasm.


The line of runners went from the start line nearly to the steps at the café, it was a very long queue. The running conditions were perfect, and the run started after the announcements. Those visiting for the first time were treated to some amazing views of the river Mersey and of Sale Water Park. As this is an out and back course, runners had the opportunity to see the views twice and enjoy the atmosphere created today.


Many of the runners took the opportunity to get to know other tourists, and many of you enjoyed a drink, food and a chat in the café afterwards.

Sale Water would be grateful if you could volunteer occasionally, if you are interested please have a look at the future roster and sign up to the emails.

We hope you enjoy the first week of the new year, and we would love to Welcome you back in the future.

Special thanks to Stretford parkrun for loaning us tokens and timers, this helped us make this a successful morning for everybody.


Written by Mark Jones



Sale Water Parkrun (ParkRUN, not RACE) 17th November 2018

Under a pale blue, sunlit sky, with neither rain nor puddles in sight, 206 happy men, women, children and dogs gathered together to take part in the 56th Sale Water Parkrun. That’s r-u-n RUN, not RACE, as we were told at the briefing. Most of us were relieved, but the dogs just wagged a tail and ignored it. With a Mile Shy takeover of volunteering posts, a positive army of high viz jackets and runners made their way down to the starting point ready for off.

The course:

For those who are not familiar with the course, this run is a good ‘un. One lap and scenic. It begins on a track through the woods, leading out along the river Mersey - where the still water produced amazing reflections of runners in their lycra today. Next up comes the weir, a neat little warning to the pack of dogs bathing further down stream: ‘Do not pass the warning signs, trespassers will be surprised’. Following this, the route returns to the Water Park for a spell - today bathed in golden sunshine illuminating the autumn colours on the trees. In true guided-tour style, if anyone looked to their right whilst passing the water park itself, they could see a water skier, doing his bit to splash passing runners – possibly someone trying for that course PB?? Cheating though, of course. The route then goes back on itself along the river to the finish just by a little cafe – open and serving a range of refreshments.

And now for the results:

Male placings:
Callum Rowlinson from Sale Harriers came in first in an astounding 15mins 41, followed by Scott Wilson a first timer from Macclesfield Harriers in 17mins 47 and George Safranauskas from Sale Harriers with a new PB of 17mins 57.
Female placings:
Debbie Heap was the first woman back with a new PB of 23mins 9, closely followed by Elizabeth Selby who also gained a new PB of 23mins 12, and in third place came Nadia Dahabiyeh from Chorlton Runners in a time of 23mins 40.


Tony Beck ran his 50th park run today. There were also numerous first timers – well done, you all got a Personal Best (PB) time today. And well done to anyone else who gained a PB today. The full run results can be seen on the website at:

Well done all of you!

And lastly a big vote of thanks to all the volunteers! Parkrun would not take place without you. If you have never volunteered at parkrun, then why not get in touch and see what is available. There are a range of roles from marshalling and cheering people on, through checking bar codes at the end and lots of other options.
Volunteers today included: Alisha & Samina AHMAD, Iram BANDAY, Lisa BRADLEY, Jo CLARKE, Parveen EARL, George EVANS-MURRIE, Kath FLYNN, Carmel FRIEND, Dianna HINDLE, Jill HUDSON, Adam JENKINS, Charlotte LYDDON, Trish MORGAN, Sally MORRIS, Tara MOSS, Claire PARSONS, Dawn PATTERSON, Dave & Liz PIPER, Michael & Catherine RIMMER, Sasha RUDD, Emma SCHNEIDER, Adam SHEPPHARD & Emma WILLERT
Why not come along and join us next week: 09:00 at Sale Water Park. Everyone is welcome and you will find a warm welcome awaiting you as we run the 57th Sale Water Park run!


Run report #55

November 10th parkrun report

163 runner's took part, of which were 27 first timers.
Congratulations to the 32 runners who achieved new PB's.
16 running clubs were represented during this run.
Congratulations to Nick who finished in first place in a time of 18:04.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this run possible. Please consider volunteering and give something back to Sale Water. The future roster is available now, please click on the link to see how to participate.

There were a few tourists today including Martin and Kim from the Isle of Wight who were visiting friends for a 40th birthday. Also touring wearing the Cow Cowl was Peter from Worcester.

The sun was out, at parkrun today, runners from near and far, running along the waterway.
Running along the path, and looking at the river Mersey, individuals running, and some representing clubs in their jersey.
Dog walkers watching, and a cyclist or two, chasing the runner ahead, some were trying to pursue.
The marshal's were clapping, and saying well done, some runners taking it seriously, and other's for fun.
There were swans in the river, graceful and white, it's a scenic run here, and there are views to delight.
It's a lovely course, an out and back, call into the café afterwards, and have a drink and a snack.
There was a dog in the Mersey, following his stick, it's a PB course, if you want to be quick.
Come and visit us, on any Saturday, it's just off the M60, an expressway.
Runner's who were visiting, and lots who are local, friends and family cheering them on, and were really vocal.
From Sale and Stretford, to Worcester and the Isle of Wight, a beautiful morning, just sunny and bright.
Thanks for visiting, please come back soon, have a walk around the park, and have a great afternoon.
Please consider, being a volunteer, there's nothing to worry about, and nothing to fear.
Check our website, and click on the link, it's so easy to volunteer, and is easier than you think.
See you next time, we look forward to that day, you'll love our parkrun, nine am on a Saturday.



New Year’s Day 2019

Jump for joy!

We're pleased to announce that Sale Water parkrun will be hosting an event on New Year's Day 2019, at 10:30am.

This will give you the chance to "do the double" on the only day of the year where parkrun allows that sort of thing.

To find other parkruns nearby where you could run before coming to us, take a look at the parkrun Christmas Compendium, listing all parkruns in the UK and who is on and off on Christmas and New Year's Days.

Like with any parkrun event this is of course subject to us getting enough volunteers to be able to put the event on safely. If you can help please get in touch at Simply put, if we don't get enough offers of help, we will have to cancel our NYD run.



So today I visited Sale Water on my parkrun tourist travels, number 40
in my list of different venues and just down the road from Bury where I
grew up.

  A small hardcore group of Volunteers greeted me at 8:30am on a brisk,
fresh and bright Saturday morning, Run Director Becky apologising for
not having a dedicated orange vest for Tail Walker, tut tut!! :-) We
briefly discussed the recent sponsorship announcement by parkrun and the
interesting eggsamples of views that were discussed on Social Media!

  Today I volunteered to be the Tail Walker and Run Report Writer, Tail
Walking allowed me to take in this lovely course and take a few pictures
along the way. There was a first for me Tail Walking, with the Run
Director thanking the Tail Walker personally, unexpected but

  As I went along the route, I was greeted by a small waterfall, a lovely
view across the lake and a water-skiing man, a first for me on my
travels with parkrun! As the photos show.

  Whilst Tail Walking, the lady in position 198, Mary, looked like
she’d timed her acceleration perfectly at around the 4.5km mark, but
unfortunately couldn’t quite catch the lady in 197.

  Sale Water is a great course, with lovely views and has a close-knit,
but friendly core volunteer group, as the majority, if not all parkruns
have, with a friendly, Northern charm!

  In the future I hope to revisit Sale Water and Run at the course, but
for now, good luck with the rest of 2018 Sale Water!

Lee Barnard

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