Salisbury parkrun Event#141 – 13th January 2018


So it’s still the start of the New Year, and another very busy parkrun this morning with 522 parkrunners and lots of pacers to help the new parkrunners along. Although some of you may have already discarded some 2018 New Year resolutions hopefully you are all carrying on with the resolution that resulted in you coming to parkrun for the first time. Whether that was to get fit, improve fitness, lose weight, drop a dress size or any other reason – hopefully you have enjoyed it so far despite the effort of getting up early on a Saturday morning to walk, jog or run 5k. And hopefully some of the “walk2run” parkrun newcomers are enjoying the experience and will continue with this wonderful Saturday morning activity.

Salisbury parkrun no141 113

It was good to see so many people at this morning’s parkrun and so many new visitors engaging in the “Walk2Run” initiative – I could tell by how busy the car park was when I arrived that there were going to be lots at parkrun this morning.

Having read last weeks run report from Liz Roberts, which was full of really useful advice for runners, new and old, I thought I would write about how I have just about managed to keep on with my parkrunning. I started parkrun to try to get fitter as I approach retirement. Apart from walking my two whippets; most of my work time is spent sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen and at home not a lot more active. So I thought it would be good to get up and start doing some exercise.

Anne Norman 2

A number of my work colleagues and friends have been talking about parkrun for a couple of years – and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about nor any interest in finding out. When I found out that it involved getting up early on a Saturday morning to run round for 5k I thought that that would be something I would absolutely never consider. Ever! But following some friends ill health issues caused by lack of exercise and staring at dumpy old me in the mirror and feeling my clothes gradually shrinking, decided maybe, just maybe – I would give it a go! Also meeting up with a long standing friend – Vasen that would be you – and being encouraged by him to come to Salisbury parkrun to give it a go provided some more inspiration to turn up.

So one Saturday morning last July, I set off for parkrun – making it a day when I knew some of my friends were off somewhere else and couldn’t see me panting round – or tell me off for not turning up! So got up really early for a Saturday to walk the whippets before setting off, feeling very unsure of exactly what I was getting myself into. But I thought that I could always walk past everyone and head back to the car park if I really, really didn’t like the look of this. But I got there and then had the first timers briefing by a lovely and very friendly lady (I think it was Lisa) who said “Three times round” several times, so I got that! Then we did a bit of stretching exercises and some chat and cheering for the various milestones that people had achieved from the Run Director and we were about ready for the off.

Salisbury parkrun no141 447

I made my way to about the back of the pack (definitely the place for me) and off we went. As I hadn’t done any preparation at all for this except to worry and think of excuses not to do it, I managed to jog a bit (about 100 yards) and then walk and jog and walk jog – repeat, repeat, etc. etc. till I got to the bit where I realised I had been round once – only 2 more to go. But after really struggling round the second and third laps, thinking I was never going to make it, I finally managed to get to the funnel, gasping, and managed to keep hold of my token, get to the token sorter with my bar code and get scanned for the first time. And several hours later, I received my first email congratulating me, letting me know that my time was 41.24 and my first Personal Best and a great sense of achievement too, that I had actually been and done this parkrun thing! Didn’t make me a runner but did make me a parkrunner!

Salisbury parkrun no141 483

However, I did chat to a lady who mentioned couch to 5k – so later that same first ever parkrun day, I downloaded the app to my phone and thought – I can do this. So over the next few weeks I gradually worked my way through the running events on the app. Carried on going to parkrun and managed to run a bit further every time until I actually managed to run round one lap without having to walk once. That was a great sense of achievement! I kept up with the Couch to 5k work which was quite daunting when I realised I had to run 20 minutes without stopping but again – felt great when I had managed it. But each parkrun I would always come to a point where I thought that I would have to stop, and it was a struggle to keep on going. As someone said to me, “parkrun never gets easier, it just gets faster”. But as you run towards the funnel and get your token, it does feel so good to have completed the run.

Salisbury parkrun no141 551

As I have a reputation for doing no exercise whatsoever, at work my boss offered me some encouragement by promising me a bottle of wine if I achieved a sub 30 minute parkrun. At that time I think I was doing parkruns in about 35 minutes, so that gave me further inspiration to get fitter and faster. So towards the end of September I joined a local running group – Sarum Sisters – which was and is great fun. I never thought I would ever join a running group, and shocked myself by actually turning up at Salisbury Five Rivers Leisure Centre at 6:20 on a Monday evening to take part in my first session. But thanks to all the lovely Sarum Sisters, Linda, Lou, Liz, Denise, Elly, Ali, Petra, Christine and everyone else there for such fun, support and encouragement. So I kept on parkrunning and Sarum Sisters sessions and my parkrun times started to come down until I had a fantastic time on the last parkrun of 2017 with some help from the marvellous runner and pacer – Terry Brown – and managed a time of 29.59!! Thank you very much – that wine was now mine.

So a wonderful end to the year and none of it would have been possible without parkrun. I cannot believe what an inspirational movement parkrun is. From one simple timed run 13 or so years ago in Bushy Park, to what it is today – it is truly awesome and has helped so many people achieve their goals. I wish I had started several years ago when I first heard about it.

Parkrun volunteering

Parkruns also wouldn’t be possible without all the efforts of the volunteers. So after a few parkruns I volunteered for some token sorting at Salisbury, which takes place at Starbucks on the Southampton Road, next to Next, sorted out by Denise who keeps us all on track.

Salisbury parkrun no141 517

There are quite a few volunteer roles – pre event set up and post event take down, time keeping, barcode scanning, token sorting and marshalling. Plus volunteer organising, first timers briefing and some others. I have so far volunteered for token sorting, marshalling, post event take down, tailwalking (and on Christmas day had fun tailwalking with my little whippet Ellie who dressed up as a whipelf for the occasion) and this is my first attempt at run report writing. They also have some wonderful pacers, Terry Brown being one of them but so many others – especially this morning with power walkers, and many different timed walk and jog pacers. Plus a 22 minute pacer who lapped me of course!

Anne Norman 1

Salisbury seems to be very lucky with volunteers and we are also fortunate that we have Vasen as our volunteer Social Secretary who organises our social calendar which has so far included the Christmas meal, several Christmas drinks socials, and some social runs. With much more planned for 2018. This morning there was discussion over post parkrun tea and coffee of a visit to the new wine bar in Salisbury – Maul’s – so already looking forward to that. So if you are interested – visit the Salisbury volunteer page and volunteer.

So – this is my first run report effort – next time I may talk about what my whippets get up to when I go off to parkrun or the various tourist parkruns I have been to and compare the relevant parkrun cafes!


This week 522 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers and 58 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 41 beneficent volunteers:

James MILLS • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Elly MILLS • Jef HUTCHBY • Linda ROBSON • Jeanette HARDIMAN • Alison HOLLOWAY • Freya SAUNBY • John SOWRAY • Mark COLE • Lisa MILNER • Lizzie GUASCH • Vasen MOODLEY • Kathryn DREYER • Tim FRIEDLANDER • James BALLARD • Ali THEOBALD • Clare CLIFFORD • Terry BROWN • Lu YARWOOD • Lee SYRETT • Guy MITCHELL • Steven MITCHELL • Michael WINTER • Karen CRADDOCK • Maryke HILL • Edward MCPHERSON • Fiona KLEIN • Craig BURROWS • John DUFFY • Denise VON RORETZ • Christine ROMANO • Molly MAKIN • Madeleine QUIN • Veronica BOWMAN • Iris CHISHOLM • Alexander CHISHOLM • Alice DAVIES • Graham ROGERS • Valerie ROGERS • Anne NORMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 6,583 participants have completed 47,398 parkruns covering a total distance of 236,990 km, including 10,091 new Personal Bests.

Salisbury parkrun no141 559


Salisbury parkrun Event#140 – 6th January 2018

By Elizabeth ROBERTS

Despite the potential inclement weather, early January is always the time for people to kick-start their fitness and get into a good habit for the New Year. Yesterday was no exception and the first Saturday parkrun of 2018 saw 530 people complete the 5K course and cross the finish line! This time last year, the number of people registered with Salisbury parkrun was 4,200, twelve months later this has risen to nearly 6,500. Don't forget that the Walk2Run / Walk Yourself Fit Initiative continues throughout January, so please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to attend – new starters, please assemble in the finish area at Churchill Gardens at around 8:45am for the First Timers' Briefing.

Salisbury parkrun #140-9165

WALKERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME at all parkrun events across the country and beyond. We had nine walk/jog pacers on Saturday which were really appreciated by first timers - a varying number of minutes jogging and alternating between this and one minute walking. We also had a power walker pacer. Regular walking is a good habit to get into; power walking especially, as it raises the heart rate and improves stamina. Thank you to those who volunteered for this, it is great motivation for those new to fitness and those who want to introduce running sections to improve their fitness levels. This type of pacing proved really popular with the volunteers last year and this support for the back of the field continued well beyond the Saturdays in January.

Salisbury parkrun #140-9179

IF YOU ARE NEW TO FITNESS AND NEW TO RUNNING, it can sometimes be difficult to judge what your pace should be. For new starters, the pace should feel relatively easy especially in the first month or two. If this means extended walking breaks, this is perfectly normal as it takes weeks and months to gradually build stamina. It is much better to build your fitness slowly, to enjoy what you are doing, then in time you will see the benefits. If you push yourself too hard, you will find the pace unsustainable; as well as increasing your chances of injuring yourself, you could become disheartened and want to stop running altogether. It is better to build stamina and distance first, before building speed. Your heart, lungs, muscles and joints have to adapt to the changes you are placing upon them on a cellular level and you may not see how you are improving until, in three or four months time, you look back on how you did at your first Salisbury parkrun. The difference will be striking.

Another common mistake for beginners is to compare yourself to others, then start to think that you're really no good at this running lark, get disheartened and give up. This is where we can help you out at Salisbury parkrun. We've built a great community since we started on 6th June 2015 and it's this social interaction which, I believe, becomes just as important as the fitness element and keeps participants coming back every week. You just need to remind yourself that everyone is different – some are running easily at a 6:30 minute/mile pace, others are working hard at a 12:30 minute/mile pace and it could be argued that the slower runners are working significantly harder than the leaders as they are out on the course for much longer!

Salisbury parkrun #140-9537

IF YOU REGULARLY TAKE PART IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE, but are new to running, don't stop doing your other activities in favour of running. Activities such as gym and resistance work with weights, spin classes, Pilates, Yoga, swimming and cycling are all vital cross training. These will support your running, make you stronger and help to protect you against running's repetitive nature which can lead to injury if you do too much and run too hard, too soon. Get fit to run, rather than run to get fit.

For beginners, if you want to see improvement, run or walk twice more during the week (not on consecutive days). Just half an hour for each session – fifteen minutes out, then fifteen minutes back. Treat this as you would a doctor's appointment and try to keep it. Keep an online or written record of what you do. This will be interesting to look back on at a later date and will help to keep you motivated.

Salisbury parkrun #140-9549

STATIC STRETCHES It is important to return worked muscles back to their correct length after exercise. Otherwise, over time they can shorten slightly and this could make you more vulnerable to injury. The way to do this is through static stretches. Fifteen seconds per stretch should suffice if you are flexible, if you are inflexible then spend at least thirty seconds on each stretch. You should be able to feel the stretch, but it shouldn't be a sharp pain.
Calf Stretch
Place your hands on a wall, step back the leg to be stretched, keep it straight and bend the forward leg at the knee. You should feel the stretch towards the top of the calf muscle.
Achilles Stretch
Version 1: The same as the calf stretch, above, but bend the stretching leg at the knee. You should feel the stretch at the bottom of the calf muscle. Version 2: Place the forefoot of the leg to be stretched on a kerb, bend the leg at the knee and push down your heel. You should get a stronger stretch than Version 1.
Quadriceps Stretch
Grasp a foot behind you, keep your knees together and pull your foot back towards you as far as possible. You should feel the stretch on the front of your thigh. If you can, and to get more of a stretch on your ITB, reach the other hand around (now you must balance on one leg!), grab your foot with both hands and pull around slightly. You should feel the stretch a bit more on the outside of your thigh.
Hamstring Stretch
Step forward with the leg to be stretched, fold at the hips and place your hands on your knee. You should feel the stretch on the back of your thigh. Alternatively, lift the leg to be stretched and place on a bench, bend at the hip to feel the stretch.
Adductor Stretch
Take a big step out sideways, keep your feet parallel then shift your weight over to one side by bending one knee and keeping the other straight. You should feel the stretch on the inner thigh of your straight leg.
Hip Flexor Stretch*
Kneel down and lunge forward with one leg. Your front leg should be bent at the knee with your thigh parallel to the ground and your lower leg vertical to the ground. Shift your weight forward, over your front leg and you should feel the stretch at the front of your hip.
Plantar Fascia Stretch
Combine this stretch with the hip flexor stretch, above. Lift your toes up on your front leg against a skirting board, this will stretch out the bottom of your foot. Two stretches in one!

Salisbury parkrun #140-9062

VOLUNTEERING is just as beneficial to the individual as taking exercise at the parkrun. Since we started in June 2015, over 500 individuals have volunteered at Salisbury, fulfilling over 4,400 volunteer tasks in that time. New skills are learnt and new friends made in the process … and, it looks good on your CV! If you would like to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer tab on our website to look at the current volunteer roster and send us an email at You can ask to be added to any task for weeks in advance, so if you fancy a go at timekeeping for example just send us an email requesting a particular Saturday. There are a number of different tasks from setting up, token sorting, timekeeping (not as scary as it sounds, we always have two timekeepers in case one goes wrong), marshalling, giving out finish tokens to runners, barcode scanning, writing the run report, pacer, tail runner or photographer. We are very lucky at Salisbury, getting an average of 30 volunteers every week and lots of marshals around the course give our events a friendly feel. We're always looking for someone to write the Run Report. It doesn't have to be about that week's parkrun, it could be about how you got into running and fitness, about Salisbury or even about your holidays! What's your running story? If you would like to share your running history with us, we would love to hear from you – just send an email to and offer to write the run report for any future week.

Salisbury parkrun #140-0550Salisbury parkrun #140-0189Salisbury parkrun #140-0186

WE'D LOVE TO SEE YOU AT OUR POST-RUN CAFE, Starbucks next door to Next on the Southampton Road, where we do the results processing and sort the finish tokens ready for the following week. We get there by between 10:15am and 10:30pm, after we've packed away all the course equipment. Don't forget that the manager has kindly agreed a 10% discount on a drink and an item of food on production of your parkrun barcode, between 9:30am and 12:00pm on Saturdays.

Hope to see you all again next week!

Salisbury parkrun no138 450


This week 530 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 38 irrepressible volunteers:

Jon GREENHALGH • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Andy ROBBINS • Jef HUTCHBY • Jeanette HARDIMAN • Freya SAUNBY • John SOWRAY • Joanna BOTT • Lisa MILNER • Liza INGLETON • Chris COLLETT • James BALLARD • Ali THEOBALD • Helen CARTER • Clare CLIFFORD • Richard DAVIDSON • Lu YARWOOD • Chris INGRAM • Laurie DEWSNAP • Michael WINTER • Karen CRADDOCK • Peter SYRETT • Alison WATSON • Linda WILLIAMS • Eric COLLINSON • Fiona KLEIN • Henry KLEIN • Edward KLEIN • Denise VON RORETZ • Christine ROMANO • Madeleine QUIN • Alissa CHISHOLM • Alice DAVIES • Colin MARTIN • Alexandra RICHARDS • Lorna WILSON • Anna IBACH • Ludo MACAULAY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 6,525 participants have completed 46,876 parkruns covering a total distance of 234,380 km, including 10,033 new Personal Bests.


Salisbury parkrun New Year’s Day Event#139 – 1st January 2018


Salisbury parkrun #139-7920

New Year's Day is often the time of looking back on the previous year, and looking forward & making resolutions. To all the first-timers at parkrun today, welcome, you made the probably the hardest step; turning out to test yourself on a not particularly pleasant winter morning. Don't feel too sorry for the volunteers, we are nearly all runners & actually gained pleasure in encouraging you to cross the finish line, be you the first finisher or the second to last (the tail walker always has the honour of being last over the line).

Looking back over only the last ten days; on the 22nd December, I led three others, starting at 6am from Salisbury along the trails to Stonehenge for the Solstice. It was a tough 22 miles altogether, and we didn't even see the sun. The biggest reward wasn't really being interviewed for TV, but simply turning around a few miles in, to see a row of three head-torches in the pitch black safely following behind, having just heard a Tawny owl calling in the trees above.

On Sunday, I led a group of twenty runners (a number of whom were volunteering or running at parkrun today) thirteen miles on Salisbury Plain to the village of Imber. We did get a bit muddy and had some quite deep puddles to cross, but that didn't stop us having fun. Nobody gave up or went missing, and there was just one case of cramp within the last mile (kindly sorted with a trail-side massage). Like at parkrun it's encouraging and looking after those stretching their capabilities that makes organising most worthwhile.

Salisbury parkrun #139-7864

If you are just starting out, 5km can be a long way, but if you can return just a few times, you'll be surprised what you can achieve, as you'll never know if you don't try. Some naturally find running easier, but then they are probably the ones testing themselves by running even faster or going further (and are not so in need of encouragement).

Best wishes for 2018.

Salisbury parkrun #139-8626Salisbury parkrun #139-8481Salisbury parkrun #139-9055


This week 382 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 40 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 ebullient volunteers:

Jon GREENHALGH • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Andy ROBBINS • Jef HUTCHBY • Holly GREENHALGH • Jeanette HARDIMAN • John SOWRAY • Lisa MILNER • Lizzie GUASCH • Vasen MOODLEY • James BALLARD • Terry BROWN • Sue SHEPPARD • Heather HITCHINS • Michael WINTER • Jane BUTLER • Fiona KLEIN • Henry KLEIN • Edward KLEIN • Denise TURNER • Christopher HITCHINS • Denise VON RORETZ • Christine ROMANO • Colin MARTIN • Jessica RICHARDS • Anne NORMAN • Lorna WILSON • Vicky ROBINSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 6,483 participants have completed 46,346 parkruns covering a total distance of 231,730 km, including 9,990 new Personal Bests.


Salisbury parkrun Event#138 – 30th December 2017


Salisbury parkrun no138 166

The last parkrun of 2017 saw 370 finishers cross the line. Another successful Salisbury parkrun with 13 new parkrunners and one not so new who has completed an amazing 369 parkruns – very well done to all who participated in today’s event.

Since Salisbury parkrun began in 2015, some 80,000+ photos have been taken by our keen volunteer photographers. Lots of happy snaps to look back on of the parkrun that has become such a successful and enjoyable event for the community of Salisbury, as well as for the many parkrun tourists that have visited from further afield!! Thank you for capturing these memories and encouraging others to join the parkrun family when they see what fun it is. Here is to some more fantastic memories to be made in 2018, starting with the New Year’s Day event.

Salisbury parkrun no138 295

December was pretty packed for parkruns and in particular parkrun milestones. In particular, the Christmas costumes were quite a spectacular sight, seeing lots of Santas and Elves running the 4 lap course and it was also nice to be able to congratulate a few friends on completing their milestones of 50, 60 and 100 just before and during the festive period.

Salisbury parkrun #136-4661

Returning for the new year are the popular Walk2Run events. If you are new to fitness or returning to it after some time out, this could be for you. If you are a regular parkrunner, why not bring a friend who might like to join us? It begins on Saturday 06 January and is integrated into the regular timed event with the addition of some smiley volunteers who will support you around the course. The aim is to walk the course, building confidence along the way to walk/run and then to completely running the course. It is a fun and safe way to progress with some top tips along the way to kick start your fitness regime in 2018. Do get involved if you feel this could be something you might benefit from – the more the merrier. Just register for parkrun in the normal way at and turn up at Churchill Gardens for 0845 and the pre-event briefing on 06 Jan will cover how to get involved with this. Don’t forget your barcode!

Salisbury parkrun no138 430


This week 370 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 18 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 blithesome volunteers:

Ali THEOBALD • Alison HOLLOWAY • Anne NORMAN • Christine ROMANO • Colin MARTIN • Craig WEATHERBURN • Dave MURTAGH • Denise VON RORETZ • Edward KLEIN • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Fiona KLEIN • Graham WICKHAM • Henry KLEIN • James BALLARD • Jeanette HARDIMAN • Jef HUTCHBY • Joanna BOTT • John SOWRAY • Katie MILNER • Linda ROBSON • Lisa MILNER • Lizzie GUASCH • Lorna WILSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 6,432 participants have completed 45,964 parkruns covering a total distance of 229,820 km, including 9,935 new Personal Bests.


Walk2Run / Walk Yourself Fit Returns In 2018 !

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get more active and gain fitness, then Salisbury parkrun's Walk2Run / Walk Yourself Fit Initiative at Churchill Gardens could be just what you are looking for! Starting on Saturday 6th January 2018, this initiative is aimed at those who have done very little or no previous regular exercise. Walkers are also encouraged to attend. Salisbury parkrun is a 5K, four-lap course around Churchill Gardens (opposite Wiltshire College on Southampton Road). As it is organised entirely by volunteers, it is provided free to participants and the parkrun happens every Saturday, starting at 9:00am. There are no time constraints; you can choose to walk/run or walk the entire course. No one is under pressure to complete the entire 5K either, you can do one or two laps instead of all four. There will be several volunteers acting as tail walker, walk/jog pacers and a power-walker pacer who can provide information and encouragement should you require it. Children are also welcome to participate with those under eleven years to be accompanied by an adult.

Salisbury parkrun #87-2186

Nearly 500 5K parkruns are held all over the UK, always on Saturday mornings and it is a good way to socialise and make new friends. Please register with parkrun at print off your barcode and bring with you on Saturday 6th January. Please get to the start/finish area in the middle of Churchill Gardens at 8:45am for the Introduction Briefing in suitable clothing and comfortable trainers. There will be a designated volunteer to welcome you. If you can't make 6th January, don't worry as we will continue the Walk2Run Initiative every Saturday throughout January. For more information on Salisbury parkrun, please go to our website at and Facebook page at

Salisbury parkrun #87-2156

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