Salisbury parkrun Event#156 – 19th May 2018


Salisbury parkrun no156  493

It is difficult to imagine that just a few short weeks ago, Salisbury parkrun was cancelled twice in the space of a few weeks amid flooding and snow. Today was a deceptively warm late spring Saturday morning that saw what will hopefully be the last outing of the 4-lap ‘winter’ course until the nights start to draw in several long and hazy months’ time. Those used to running the 4-lap winter course may experience the psychological feeling that the 3-lap course is ‘shorter’ when it makes its anticipated return next week - or perhaps that’s just me? All the same, 5K is 5K and today saw a commendable 359 finishers breezing through the fabled ‘funnel’ each and every one with a story to tell. This run report does not have to be all about the parkrun event on the day, it can be about anything and it is especially enlightening to hear other runners’ stories. They don’t have to be edited by a novelist – just tell your story un-abridged and it will be warmly received.

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Why is the sport so addictive once we get started? That is a question many in our sport struggle to answer; I believe that we get hooked on the ‘runners high’ (which is widely accepted as the release of feel good endorphins), which makes us spend more time and money (by purchase of enticing apparel) all in a never ending concentric circle. Put commitment of time, money and personal effort together and you get emotional attachment – hence the addiction. That’s my ‘short-ish’ answer to the question. Would love to hear your answer and story.

Salisbury parkrun no156  063

Running stories all have one constant theme….we all started somewhere either for a specific reason or just ‘fell into’ running. parkrun features heavily in a lot of people’s running stories; a lot of people commenting on the ‘community feel’ and ‘non-judgmental’ nature of the sport. Every time you cover any sort of distance or clock a PB, it is a personal milestone in some way and your joy is celebrated in equal measure by your fellow peers in the sport, as well as the jovial volunteers that make parkrun happen every week. Salisbury has a very active and growing community in the sport. Indeed, a lot of the organisation and volunteers at parkrun come via the local City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club….affectionately known as CoSARC. They are arguably Salisbury's friendliest running and athletics group catering for absolute beginners to elite athletes aged 9 to 99. If you feel ‘part of something’ at Salisbury parkrun, you’re guaranteed the same feeling at CoSARC, as they’re largely the same people whom you see and talk to each week at parkrun.

Salisbury parkrun no156  051

So if you’re relatively new to fitness and want to start running regularly… why not join them next Weds 30th May, when the ten week Beginners' Group starts - from 6:15pm at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre. The course is for 10 weeks and is suitable for complete beginners.

Go online to sign up:   (£20 for the ten week course).

Walk / run & about two miles (that’s less than parkrun) taking between 30 & 40 minutes; building up to three miles by the end of the course (a non-stop parkrun). The course group is led by qualified Run Leaders. It is fun, friendly and sociable! Get fit and make new friends. As mentioned, they’re largely the same crowd from parkrun so there will be no need for non-familiar “first-timer nerves”. They’re a friendly bunch and will look forward to welcoming you into what is fast becoming an extension of the Salisbury parkrun ‘community feel’.

Salisbury parkrun no156  068


This week 359 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 69 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 indomitable volunteers:

Charlie PEILL • Heather PEILL • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Elly MILLS • Jef HUTCHBY • Graham WICKHAM • Jeanette HARDIMAN • Abi TANSLEY • John SOWRAY • Lisa MILNER • Vasen MOODLEY • James BALLARD • Carol EATON • Sam LAWRENCE • Katie MILNER • Judy BURNS • Michael WINTER • Janine KEMM • Craig WEATHERBURN • Derek WOOD • Mary PELTON • Alex COLE • Anne NORMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 7,141 participants have completed 53,813 parkruns covering a total distance of 269,065 km, including 11,094 new Personal Bests.


Salisbury parkrun Event#154 – 5th May 2018

Slow down, I need to knit!



This weekend we are celebrating 10 years of Sarum Sisters. Not bad going for a group that was originally set up for just ten weeks in order to train and support ladies, new to running, to complete the local Race For Life. Over the past ten years the group has steadily grown to such an extent that we now get an average of 55-60 ladies a week running – and chatting – with us on a Monday evening. Sarum Sisters are now an established and familiar part of Salisbury’s running scene. We truly have infiltrated every aspect of running in Salisbury and the surrounding area. We run, we volunteer, we have donated to setting up Salisbury parkrun and there are ‘Sisters’ involved in organising and running the local parkrun, City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club and the various running events that take place in and around Salisbury throughout the year. Our distinctive t-shirts with the strap line “slow down I need to chat” draw comment from near and far.


Sarum Sisters Yarn Bombers after setting up.

So, how to celebrate and mark our first decade?

As is so often the case with great ideas the yarn bombing was conceived after a glass or two of wine! In October 2017 a small group of ‘crafty’ Sisters got together to create poppies for last year’s Guildhall Remembrance Day display. As the needles clacked, the wine flowed, the laughter and chat turned to the upcoming anniversary and someone uttered the fateful words “we should yarn bomb parkrun” and the rest, as they say, is history.


Tea service by Wendy Lucas.

The Sarum Sisters Secret Yarn Bombing Society was formed and we started knitting, crocheting and pom-pom making in earnest: seven months of whispered conversations around trees, wool in brown paper bags being surreptitiously distributed on a Saturday morning and secreted inside clothing, clandestine visits to Churchill Gardens to measure tree trunks and check the fit of bollard covers and regular get-togethers to plan, create, eat cake and drink a bit more wine!
2018-02-02 Clare's meeting

Yarn Bombers meeting February 2018.

Ideas became increasingly ambitious (“let’s knit the pacer’s bibs” “let’s get an actual toilet for Bog Bend”), new members were recruited and sworn to secrecy; the pupils of a certain textiles teacher were tasked with pom-pom making.

2018-03-04 Yarn bombers on train
A trip to the Knitting & Stitching Show in March 2018.
2018-04-03 Station knitting

Waiting for a connecting train at Basingstoke; no opportunity missed to knit!!

The yarn bombing was brought to you by; myself, Liz Roberts, Kathryn Dreyer, Wendy Lucas, Sam Lawrence, Denise Von Roretz, Lizzie Guasch, Clare King, Clare Clifford, Christine Tyler, Ali Theobald, Sara Fraser, Helen Carlton, Sue Sheppard and Louise Pitman with contributions from; Louise Webber, Ellen Singleton, Linda’s Mum, Helen’s Mum and kids, Bethany King, Alison Watson, Lizzie’s pupils and her best friend Helen. Not forgetting our bewildered men folk who have put up with clacking needles, nattering women taking over the house for ‘meetings’, ever growing mountains of woollen projects taking up space around the home, acting as look outs whilst creations were fitted for size, acting as models for knitted hats and beards and getting up at an ungodly hour this morning to help us set up the Gardens! We really hope that everyone has enjoyed the spectacle of Churchill Gardens being turned into a pink and blue yarn-fest as much as we have enjoyed planning and creating it.

Salisbury parkrun #154-9631Salisbury parkrun #154-96352018-05-05 Bog Bend

Thank you also to the weather gods for the amazing sunshine after weeks of rain, all of the Sarum Sisters who contributed to our celebrations by volunteering, pacing, cake making and running, today. And, on a personal note, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Sarum Sisters over the past 10 years. When Lou Webber and I set up our 10 week programme all those years ago we never dreamed it would grow into something so special and something that I am so proud to be a part of. Here’s to the next 10 years ...


Finally, many of the projects on show today were created from recycled wool and all will be recycled for other events, donated to charity or pulled out to be turned into a new woollen creation ... nothing will be wasted.

Salisbury parkrun no154  08


This week 470 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 68 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by a record-breaking 60 yarn-tastic volunteers:

James MILLS • Jon GREENHALGH • Elizabeth ROBERTS • Elly MILLS • Andy ROBBINS • Edwina WATSON • Linda ROBSON • Sara FRASER • Jeanette HARDIMAN • Rebecca STORY • Jacky CHLEBOWSKI • John SOWRAY • Lisa MILNER • Lizzie GUASCH • Sarah WIDGINGTON • Carol CHLEBOWSKI • Kathryn DREYER • Emily WELLS • James BALLARD • Ali THEOBALD • Esther HORWOOD • Alison MORRIS • Sally BRADLEY • Clare CLIFFORD • Wendy LUCAS • Ellen. SINGLETON • Sue SHEPPARD • Carol EATON • Christine TYLER • Clare KING • Sam LAWRENCE • Lu YARWOOD • Heather HITCHINS • Laurie DEWSNAP • Michael WINTER • Karen CRADDOCK • Louise PITMAN • Monica EDMONDS • Louise SHEPHERD • Janine KEMM • Denise VON RORETZ • Christine ROMANO • Vicki CROSSLAND • Christine WEBB • Suzanne RAWLE • Harriet CLIFFORD • Alex COLE • Gillian PARKIN • Lily SHAW • Petra OYSTON • Natasha ELLIS • Helen CARLTON • Jessica RICHARDS • Carole WILTSHIRE • Anne NORMAN • Lorna WILSON • Jodie FARMER • Julie HORNE • Vicky ROBINSON • Louise WEBBER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 7,057 participants have completed 52,981 parkruns covering a total distance of 264,905 km, including 10,932 new Personal Bests.


Salisbury parkrun Event#153 – 28th April 2018


Salisbury parkrun #153-6308

Blimey! There was still a winter chill in the air for Salisbury parkrun Event#153. No matter, 338 still made it across the finish line, and that doesn't count the couple who went AWOL on the last lap leaving our intrepid tail runner in a spin, at least for a moment whilst he chased his tail, the last walker that is. Got there in the end though.

It really is an incredible phenomenon that something so simple and free has captured the imagination of so many around the world. Free yes, but how much and how many has it saved? Saturday 28th April was the official 'Pay it Forward' day, a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world. Well, doesn't that just sum up parkrun? Especially the 25 volunteers who made it possible for us all today.
Salisbury parkrun #153-7092
.....And here's another thought; what if doctors started writing parkrun prescriptions for many preventable conditions instead of increasingly expensive treatments. You get a reluctant person to one parkrun and there is a very high chance they'll get hooked and the benefits are 'paid on' again. A little context; diabetes and its complications cost over £6 Billion every year to treat, and one in six patients in hospital has diabetes. Around nine out of ten people with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes which is closely linked to obesity and there is strong evidence that it is preventable. A lack of exercise, poor diet and being overweight are all risk factors for developing the Type 2 disease over time (Source NHS England 14/03/2018). Our parkrun community can play a small part to stop or delay onset through encouraging even more people to get involved. We can all help education a little, sign post healthier lifestyle choices etc., and we are all then continuing, especially today, to 'Pay it Forward'.
Salisbury parkrun #153-6383
One final observation, we are so lucky at Salisbury to have a range of abilities, ages, runners, walkers and we want to keep it that way. Getting the kids and youth into good healthy habits is really important. To those faster runners (some include me in that category although I always think I'm way off the 'Fast' runners) we must remember it is our responsibility to take care over taking others. They can't see people coming up behind them. Yelling and startling young children will not make anybody's passage easier, and that elusive PB is not worth upsetting other runners or worse still, driving youngsters away. There is no divine rights at our parkrun, keep it fun, friendly and remember to Pay it Forward. #Respect. - - - - - END - - - - -
Salisbury parkrun #153-6888


This week 338 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 vivacious volunteers:

James MILLS • Andy ROBBINS • Jef HUTCHBY • John SOWRAY • Joanna BOTT • Matthew WHICHER • Lisa MILNER • Lizzie GUASCH • Vasen MOODLEY • Wendy LUCAS • Ben SMITH • Andrew BROWN • Janine KEMM • Christine ROMANO • Alexander CHISHOLM • Colin MARTIN • Jessica RICHARDS • Jo MCCULLAM • David HOPKINSON • Anne NORMAN • Vicky ROBINSON • Jasper ROBINSON • Martha DAVIES • Fiona RICHARDS
Salisbury parkrun #153-7075

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Salisbury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:23 on 8th August 2015 (event number 10).
The female record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded a time of 17:21 on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).
The Age Grade course record is held by Beatrice WOOD who recorded 92.03% (17:21) on 2nd September 2017 (event number 120).

Salisbury parkrun started on 6th June 2015. Since then 7,016 participants have completed 52,511 parkruns covering a total distance of 262,555 km, including 10,864 new Personal Bests.



We are really sorry but Salisbury parkrun is cancelled this week end due to the river encroaching on the course.



Winston & Clementine’s Salisbury Freedom Run Report – 2nd March 2018


With Salisbury's parkrun being cancelled this week, the official mascots decided to complete their first parkrun. They forgot to take their barcodes with them, but for once it didn't matter, as it was a freedom run.

Freedom 02

However, they missed the all-important first timers' & race briefings (because there weren't any) and just lined up at the start. They waited patiently for the starting bells to ring, before bounding off across the snow. Even though they expected to be quite slow, they didn't need to worry about being in front of faster runners, as it was just them.

Freedom 03

At possibly the trickiest corner (Lizzie's) it was marked like no other, so Winston & Clementine had no difficulty, and didn't slide off into the river!

Feeling rather too confident and/or being distracted, Winston tumbled into the parapet of Bollard Bridge.
Freedom 04
Freedom 05
Clementine helped Winston up, and then they both collided with the actual bollard! How they missed the usual warnings from Lisa! Luckily, there were no injuries and certainly neither needed defibrillating, so they carried on up the little slope.

Freedom 06

At Bog Bend, the corner was completely deserted, so there was no motivational music or high-fives from Mike :(

Freedom 07

Along the short straight to College Corner, Winston & Clementine remembered to keep running on the hexagons, even though they were invisible, being covered with snow.

Freedom 08

At the small playpark, the two dinosaurs found it easier to climb onto the railings, as their short legs found the going tough through the snow.

Freedom 09

Just around the corner with the shelter, they took time to look at the National Cycle Network milestone, carved in stone. Normally they would have missed it, concentrating more on parkrun than the scenery.

Freedom 10

At the final corner, Clementine had to remind Winston that cutting the corner was not in the spirit of parkrun, but she wouldn't report it, as the paths weren't clear or marked (!).

Freedom 11

With a final sprint for the line, a dead heat was called.

Freedom 12

As there were no volunteers present to time, scan barcodes etc., Winston & Clementine headed off to Starbucks on the Southampton Road. Luckily it was opening, so despite the weather, they could warm up & discuss what activities they could take part in, and if they would be free to volunteer - just like on a regular Saturday.

Winston parkrunosaurus       Joint First Finisher
Clementine parkrunosaurus   Joint First Finisher

Run Director – James BALLARD
Run Report Writer – James BALLARD
Photographer – James BALLARD


Freedom 01