6th Anniversary

Regular runners will know that the points competition which has taken place each year was cancelled in February by parkrun. So this year there  will be no prizes given out.

However, East Riding Council still wanted to recognise the anniversary of Sewerby parkrun which began on the 5th November 2011.

Therefore there will be a celebration after the run this Saturday in the Orangery. ERYC will be providing free tea/coffee and cake. Due to the size of the Orangery etc this will be for 120 runners maximum. It is hoped to show the "Active Coast" video from the summer and the video of the 300th parkrun taken earlier this year.

Hopefully it will a time to say thanks to everybody who makes parkrun Serwerby possible, including all the runners who give their 3 volunteer duties each year.


Event 295 22nd July 2015


Sewerby Run Report

201 parkrunners lined up outside Sewerby Hall and I was one of them, I hope you’d like to know my thoughts.

It was a rather muggy morning and we had some early rain but fortunately the rain had stopped before 9am so a dry run was on the cards. This was my first time at Sewerby parkrun, having made the 130 mile drive from my home and wow was it worth it! Off we set and after a busy 1st corner we headed down to the coastal path. It was then that I experienced the fantastic views looking down towards Bridlington town, a great 1st mile heading gently downhill this is an awesome start to the run. Turning the corner at the life guard building it was nice to see all the runners on their way around the course. Heading back up along the coastal path the views were equally impressive, the cliffs of the east coast and the sound of the North Sea waves crashing against them took my mind off the fact that I was now going steadily uphill. As I headed around the Hall and into the woods it was nice to have the cushioned bark paths under my feet, now in the shade of the trees and following the guys in front it’s like another place entirely compared to the first 2 miles. I’d been told of some steps in the woods, and I then arrived at them, not too steep and then I was wondering how much more to go? A bit further along and a welcome 400m to go sign signalling to me that I was nearly at the finish. A few more corners and I crossed the line, what a great course I thought.

This was my 110th different parkrun event and like your favourite songs it’s hard to pick the best. What I can do is pick a top 10 and Sewerby is most definitely in it. For other potential visitors reading this I’d recommend this parkrun as a must visit. For the regulars and locals, what a great parkrun you have. This is definitely NOT fake news, I’ll leave that to Mr Trump!

Here’s some interesting statistics from today’s event:

This week we welcomed 32 first timers, of which 10 were new to parkrun. It’s great to have so many people joining the parkrun family and we hope to see you all again soon.

20 runners recorded new pb’s this week, well done to all.

3 runners joined a parkrun milestone club this week. Linda HINCHLIFFE joined the 100 club, Liz JONES joined the 50 club and Alfie BRERETON joined the 10 club. We hope to see you in your shiny new Tribe Sports 100, 50 and 10 Club T Shirts soon.

Everyone was supported by the following 24 awesome volunteers who gave up their free time to enable today’s event to happen:

Simon MATSON • Robert Leigh Maurice FULTON • Martin STACK • Pete COLLINS • Andrew GODFREY • Pete ROYAL • Kevin SISSONS • Jayne SISSONS • Karen FALCUS • James Stewart ABEL • Christina ROYAL • Jason MERRICK • Ray ROBINSON • Paul CHAPMAN • Catherine THORNTON • Luke SISSONS • Justin Adam CHOAT • Louise FOSTER • Darren WALKINGTON • Elizabeth CREMER • Stephen EBLET • Andrew VAUGHAN • Tim WELBOURN • Daniel WARD

Parkrun cannot happen without a team of volunteers – details of how to volunteer are available on the Sewerby parkrun website, and all runners are encouraged to volunteer three times throughout the year although you’re more than welcome to do more and maybe you can earn the coveted Tribe Sports 25 Volunteer Club T-Shirt. There are roles to suit everybody and it is very rewarding – there are also roles such as run report writing, token sorting and pre event set up that can be done and you can still run!

The first 3 men back today were:

Andrew ROBERTSON (SM25-29) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:32 - first appearance.
Oliver BROWN (SM18-19) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:44 - has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.
Joshua TAYLOR (SM20-24) of Bridlington Road Runners, was third over the line in 19:10 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

The first 3 ladies back today were:

Amy MCFARLANE (SW30-34) (Unattached) was first (19th overall) over the line in 21:42 - first appearance.
Emily SPENCER-JONES (JW15-17) of Bracknell AC, was second (20
th overall) over the line in 21:44.
Deborah CHURCH (VW40-44) of Driffield Striders, was third (21
st overall) over the line in 21:48 - has been first to finish on 75 previous occasions.

Well done to everyone who ran today!

Sewerby parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am. It is a fun event for all ages and standards. It is free to enter but it is a barcode only event, so all runners need to bring along a barcode to avoid being one of the 7 runners this week coming through on the results page as unknown.

Any runners new to parkrun should register beforehand at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ and print off and bring along the reusable bar code. We also meet in the Caféafterwards for a coffee and a chin wag!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Paul Chapman



Volunteer Marshal Jobs

The recent success at Sewerby in attracting many new runners culminated in a magnificent field of 347 on Easter weekend. However, this has only highlighted how important particular volunteers roles are. For example two scanners does speed up the queues but volunteers willing to learn and operate them are needed. While it appears there are many volunteers each week the roles which are absolutely necessary for Sewerby parkrun to take place are only taken on by a few and this would cause problems if only 2 or 3 were absent on one Saturday.

The problems are two fold. Key roles during the event, and roles taken mainly after the event:-

With the new distance and extra directional signs there should be no need to stand next to a sign and direct runners, but during the run there are crucial marshal jobs which need to be allocated and these will have to be done on a needs basis as follows.

(Tail Runner, Place token marshal, Scanner marshal 1) The absolute minimum which would result in place results but no times.

(Timekeeper marshal 1, Backup timekeeper marshal, Funnel manager marshal, Scanner marshal 2, Funnel marshal 1) The essential jobs to get efficient results out.

(Funnel marshal 2, Red flag marshal, Woodland entry marshal, Woodland exit marshal, Ship Inn to Land Train station marshal, Woodland walk marshal, Double cross marshal or timekeepers aid, Funnel marshal 3) The extra jobs beneficial to the success of the run in terms of safety and for help in collecting and returning the signage etc.

Therefore we have 16 marshal jobs which need to be allocated and with the above list everybody knows the roles.

The second problem is after the event when most runners have been retiring to the cafe to leave a very few to prepare and put away the equipment for the following week. The above, only, applies to roles during the actual run, there is still room for more people to learn how to input the results onto the website and to learn where the signage etc goes which has been gained over 5 years experience.

Sewerby parkrun is great and the athletic health and social benefits are there to be seen in the increased size of the fields, but it is free and belongs to everybody collectively. It only works with everybody helping to some extent. As parkrun UK says 3 volunteer jobs per year should be done by all runners and over a year it could be when injured or just not feeling right.




Orangery Wedding.

On Saturday 15th April at 11.30am Luke Duffil is marrying Teeran in the Orangery at Sewerby Hall. This will be after the usual parkrun. Everyone is welcome to stay and be part of the celebrations. No doubt as it is Easter there will be many visitors but there are many regular runners who have taken part with Luke in the 70 runs he has completed at Sewerby.

Here's hoping for great weather and a good turnout.

Happy Running and Marrying.


Safety with dogs and runners.

Regular runners are aware that the Sewerby course begins in the park with a sharp left hand bend and then a run to the entrance gate before the wide expanse of the cliff top. In the last few weeks this has caused a safety issue to arise.

The runners with dogs have started on the grass below the start line and the intention was that they would join the field at the back before leaving the park and possibly passing other runners on the cliff top where there is plenty of room. The problem is that several runners with dogs have rushed to cut the corner out and head directly for the park entrance arriving at the same time as the faster runners and bulk of the field. This was never the intention.

After consultation with parkrun they are quite happy to back any rule which we make in order to ensure safety for our particular Sewerby course circumstances. From this week (25th March) we are asking all runners with dogs to start behind the field with the tail runner, and to follow the field to the park gate entrance. After that point there is plenty of room to safely pass other runners on the grass. After 2 miles and re-entry to the park the field is spread enough for there to be no safety issues. This will also make sure that the pre-run notices can be heard by all as there may be a particular safety notice on the day.

The instruction from parkrun regarding breaking this new rule is to give a warning that in future they will not be given a time.

We thank all runners for their support in this and everybody's safety. There are many children now taking part and they tend to think all dogs are friendly so if you are unsure about a dogs behavior in crowds perhaps parkrun is not the best place.

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