Sewerby parkrun has had to be cancelled this week due the adverse weather forecast.

While the runners/walkers all know their own abilities, talent and fitness levels and can make a reasoned decision to take part accordingly it is not fair to expect the volunteers to set the course up and freeze for another hour while the event takes place.

The toilets and cafe at Sewerby are open but the car park has been closed since Tuesday and this might represent another problem.

Hopefully better conditions will prevail by the time next week's event comes around and a decision will again be made by Friday morning.

This should in no way reflect on the cross country league race at Sewerby on Sunday as they will take their own decisions.


New Year 2018

Thanks to everybody who ran or supported and made it a very sociable start to 2018.

The Results


1 Phil Taylor 17' 05” 44 Dean Hickingbottom 27' 42”
2 Hywell Jones 17' 24” 45 David Turner 27' 43”
3 Josh Taylor 17' 28” 46 Tracy Holehouse 27' 46”
4 Oliver Brown 18' 09” 47 Amy Fowler 28' 01”
5 Nick Jordan 18' 59” 48 N. Kitching 28' 33”
6 Christian Mummert 19' 22” 49 Stuart Gent 28' 56”
7 James Briggs 19' 31” 50 Samantha Spencer 29' 45”
8 Adam Anderson 20' 09” 51 Lyn Gent 29' 48”
9 Paul Carey 20' 28” 52 ? Morrison 29' 50”
10 Michael Dowson 20' 52” 53 T. J. Choat 29' 57”
11 Simon Ellerker 21' 39” 54 Justin Choat 29' 57”
12 Anthony Hughes 21' 59” 55 Edward Rands 30' 01”
13 Steve Barnett 22' 08” 56 Ruth Abel 30' 07”
14 Matt Pilling 22' 25” 57 Paul Knaggs 30' 16”
15 Mollie Holehouse 22' 29” 58 Kevin Sissons 30' 44”
16 Jon Purdy 22' 30” 59 Linda Hinchliffe 31' 07”
17 Ian Warton-Woods 22' 35” 60 Sandra Orlando 31' 20”
18 Martin Stack 22' 36” 61 Shirley Field 31' 25”
19 Joseph Leggatt 22' 37” 62 Martin Gillespie 32' 00”
20 William Leggatt 22' 37” 63 Philip Green 32' 10”
21 Steven Shara 22' 57” 64 Janet Downes 33' 11”
22 Tom Cooper 23' 15” 65 Steve Wardley 33' 21”
23 David Field 23' 30” 66 Libby Spencer Coggin 33' 33”
24 Grant Sayer 24' 09” 67 Lisa Spencer 33' 35”
25 Jeremy Harrison 24' 13” 68 Ashleigh Strauther 34' 05”
26 Liz Sellers 24' 17” 69 Paul Georghiou 34' 16”
27 Oliver Gibson 24' 20” 70 Linda Hall 34' 24”
28 Jim Abel 24' 25” 71 Debbie Duffill 35' 10”
29 Rich Seabrook 24' 28” 72 Elizabeth Ingle 35' 54”
30 Diane Palmer 24' 29” 73 Wendy Pattison 37' 00”
31 Alistair Sayer 24' 30” 74 Melanie Day 37' 01”
32 Ian Midgley 24' 37” 75 Emma Choat 37' 22”
33 Jennifer Peacock 24' 52” 76 David Duffill 37' 38”
34 Andrea Sayer 25' 12” 77 Robert Calthorpe 37' 45”
35 Andrew Bielby 25' 16” 78 Tina Calthorpe 37' 45”
36 Heidi Baker 25' 20” 79 Elaine Spencer 38' 28”
37 Rebecca Gaines 25' 37” 80 Lizzy Abel 39' 26”
38 Luke Duffill 25' 39” 81 Sam Adams 39' 36”
39 Craig bennett 26' 13 82 Paul Spencer 40' 31
40 Pete Royal 26' 28” 83 Caroline Strathearn 40' 41”
41 Zoe Ellis 26' 49” 84 Dian Crone 40' 42”
42 Hiede Coates 27' 19” 85 Tim Welbourne 40' 44”
43 Nik Rowntree 27' 37”




Christmas and New Year

I think everybody is aware that there is a normal parkrun event at Sewerby on Saturday 23rd December.

Some parkruns occur on Christmas Day and New Year's Day but Sewerby Park facilities are closed on those days so no parkrun.

There will be the usual Saturday parkrun on 30th December at Sewerby Park.

As in the last few years there will be a measured 5km run on New Year's Day starting at the usual 9am parkrun time but from the Esplanade  in front of the amusement arcades. The route follows the sea front onto the cliff tops and heads to the shelter at the top of Sewerby steps before then returning to the Esplanade finish.

We shall time the event and although not included in the parkrun results we normally publish the results on this page.

It is a great way to start the New Year (even just to blow away a hangover!!) Afterwards Wetherspoons, just around the corner is open for refreshments and breakfast. Last year there were close to 50 runners and it was a great informal occasion, so give it a try.


Orangery Wedding.

On Saturday 15th April at 11.30am Luke Duffil is marrying Teeran in the Orangery at Sewerby Hall. This will be after the usual parkrun. Everyone is welcome to stay and be part of the celebrations. No doubt as it is Easter there will be many visitors but there are many regular runners who have taken part with Luke in the 70 runs he has completed at Sewerby.

Here's hoping for great weather and a good turnout.

Happy Running and Marrying.


Sewerby parkrun Anniversary

Sewerby parkrun began on 5th November 2011, so this date, this year 2016, marks five years of runs. As in previous years it also is the end of the yearly points competition to reward those who have consistently run well.

Directly after the run on 5th November there will be a celebration of another year completed and presentation of some awards. This will take place in the Orangery near the start line. Hopefully as many athletes and friends will be able to manage and stay for this event. There will be free tea and coffee available in the Orangery with also the usual bacon or sausage baps to purchase.

In addition there is to be a raffle with any proceeds going to the continuation of Sewerby parkrun and the replacement and or purchase of new equipment to continue enjoying Sewerby parkrun for the next 5 years. Very generous parkrunners have already donated several prizes and there are tickets available to purchase during the next two Saturday mornings. So please support Sewerby parkrun either with prizes or tickets in what is a possible free 52 events during the year.


Event 255 15th October 2016

This week's event is always difficult to judge in regards to the number of competitors and the level to which runners are pushing their performances. This is entirely due to the fact that the next day is the Bridlington half marathon. From this point of view it was nice to see several visitors from further afield who were here for that run and took part in our event as a warm up. This is what probably pushed the statistic of over 400 different athletic clubs taking part at Sewerby parkrun in very nearly 5 years and also puts us at just about 100 short of 4,000 different runners having taken part.

This also threw up a couple of strange coincidences in that 143 runners completed the course which was exactly the same number as the comparable week last year. In another twist Rachel Nealon a JW11-14 athlete in only her third run at Sewerby came home as second woman this week but in the same week last year was the the leading woman. This year Amy Hammersley a JW15-17 was the leading woman in her first parkrun anywhere. She completed the course in 10th position and a great time of 20' 13". Rachel followed in 15th position and an equally great time of 20' 34". For the first time in a few weeks this put the young ones at the top of the tree in regard to quality of performance based on the age and gender graded scores. Due to a younger age Rachel came out on top with 77.63%, closely followed by Amy with 75.68%.

The event overall was taken by Scott Hargreaves when after 48 parkruns he came home in 18' 47" for his first leading role.

Due to the nature of the particular circumstances this week there were only 16 PBs. Three of these flagged up after a number of Sewerby runs. James Briggs has 26 Sewerby runs and a new PB of 20' 52" for finishing in 16th position. That is nearly a 5' improvement in 2 years. Charlie Leighton JM11-14 has had a few PBs recently and this week after 58 Sewerby events pushed that PB out to 22' 18" finishing in 26th position and just as importantly raising his age graded score over 65%. There was also Simon Ellerker who since starting at Sewerby parkrun in April 2012 with 25'42" has now achieved a PB of 19' 18" after 64 Sewerby events.

Finally well done to Simon who then went on to complete the half marathon the next day and also Josh Taylor who completed the Sewerby event in third place and only 4" adrift of his PB, but who then finished the half marathon very strongly. It goes without saying well done to all those in the half marathon but especially to those who took the challenge after having started out with just being able to do the parkrun on Saturday morning. However you all felt at the finish  it is the inspiration that you may have given to many other locals to give running a try and what better way than at a social event like parkrun each Saturday morning.

Well done everybody

Happy running


New year’s Day Run 2016


New years Day Run 2016
Name Time
1 Phill taylor 17' 57”
2 Nick Jordan 18' 46”
3 Simon Ellerker 19' 41”
4 Josh Taylor 20' 10”
5 Mark Woodley 20' 24”
6 Justin Choat 21' 25”
7 Elish De-Alker 21' 31”
8 Martin Stack 21' 59”
9 Jon Purdy 23' 37”
10 Ben Marsh 24' 01”
11 Jason Pointez 24' 07”
12 Justine Sutcliffe 24' 10”
13 Kevin Sissons 24' 46”
14 Pete Royal 24' 59”
15 Chris Phelps 25' 07”
16 Dave Pudsey 25' 22”
17 Liz Sellers 25' 47”
18 Josh Purdy 26' 09”
19 Dave Pring 26' 13”
20 Craig Duffill 27' 21”
21 Dom Webster 28' 12”
22 Bob Eyre 28' 12”
23 David Field 28' 12”
24 Linda Hinchliffe 28' 35”
25 Wendy Marsh 28' 36”
26 Helen Rutter 28' 40”
27 Emma Choat 28' 42”
28 Leslie Bayes 28' 47”
29 Claire Scanlon 29' 17”
30 Lindsey Fleming 29' 36”
31 Shirley Field 29' 40”
32 Ruth Abel 29' 40”
33 Lyn Gent 29' 48”
34 Lisa Baker 29' 50”
35 Darren Walkington 30' 12”
36 Heidi Baker 30' 40”
37 Kay Walker 32' 26”
38 Tina Calthorpe 33' 15”
39 Robert Calthorpe 33' 17”
40 Selma Iqbal 33' 19”
41 Dave Duffill 33' 57”
42 Debbie Duffill 34' 29”
43 Linda Hall 34' 30”
44 Lisa Leck 36' 05”
45 Ros Purdy 37' 11”

Well done everybody and hopefully see you in the morning back at Sewerby Park

Happy Running



Christmas Update

For those who did not read the notice on Saturday this is just to clarify the parkrun timetable for Christmas an the New year.

There will be no runs this weekend ie. Friday (Christmas Day) or Saturday (Boxing Day). While access to the park may be possible there are no facilities open and therefore no safety measures available.

On the following Friday (New Years Day) there will be a timed 5k run from the Esplanade (outside Jerome's) starting at 9am. It is a straight course along the sea front and cliff top before rounding the shelter at the top of the Sewerby steps and returning by the same route. The route is visible all the way for spectators especially if you have binoculars! For after run coffee or breakfast 'Wetherspoons' just round the corner is open. Last year 49 braved a cold morning.......this year at the moment it looks like being unseasonably warm!

The following day, Saturday (January 2nd) there will be a parkrun at Sewerby Hall and Gardens as usual, and on the normal course.

Happy Christmas and Happy running to all.


Event 206 24th October 2015

"I keep on going because of the passion of the track. It is addictive. It's not for money, it's simply the thrill of racing."

Haile Gebrselassie (Olympic gold medalist, ex world marathon record holder......and much more!)

More Youngsters Shine.

Saturday proved a reasonable morning for running as the promised rain did not arrive until later in the day. With only one event left to complete the fourth year of Sewerby parkrun the numbers of starters remained quite high. 140 completed the course but the most encouraging aspect was the recent trend of younger runners putting in some very good performances.. Not so long ago we seemed to be commenting on the dearth of younger runners. However, as the parkrun year draws to a close it is worth noting that there are 11 runners with four or more events to their credit this year who will not reach their 12th birthday before our anniversary. They are Ciara Harper (11 runs), Declan Tindall (9 runs ), Nicholas Brown (8 runs ), Dylan Lamb (7 runs ), Ashton Dowson (6 runs ), Elliot Macauley (5  runs), Freya Pearson (5 runs ), Jack Shephard (5 runs ), Alistair Sayer (4 runs ), Daniel Marr (4  runs), and Nico Masucci (4 runs ).

The female result on Saturday was again one for the younger generation. First was Gemma Walker a JW 11-14 on her first Sewerby run. She completed the course in 20' 21" and was only 19" outside the age record that is the third longest held at Sewerby. Ruby Firth in the same age bracket followed her in the quick time of 20' 49". Ruby must be even younger than Gemma as her run proved to be the third best performance in the whole field by getting an age graded score of 78.22% compared to Gemma's 77.23%. They were only beaten on performance by the Potters once more with John this time proving the better with 81.32% and Janet with 79.89%. Third lady home was Deborah Church in 21' 44".

The men's event had last Sunday's Bridlington half marathon winner in Matty Adcock taking part. One could say he strolled home in the lead with a time of 18' 29", well within his parkrun PB of 15' 29". Second was Tyler Evans in his 5th Sewerby run and equaling his best place having never been lower than 8th. His time of 19' 02" was only 2" outside his PB. He was closely followed by Ben Cunningham in his 7th Sewerby run and only 1" outside his PB.

Experience was in the field in the form of Anita Flack. Not only has she 213 parkruns to her credit but she has performed 26 volunteer roles in that time. It shows the balance of how parkrun relies on volunteer duties. The three volunteer duties requested per year per runner still means there are 49 other possibilities to run each year!

In addition Dave Pudsey completed his 100th run on Saturday. 84 have been at Sewerby and he has a PB of 25' 29" so scoring over 60%.

In a week where there were 22 recorded PBs most were taken by runners relatively new to the parkrun experience. However, with 22 Sewerby runs Mandy Miller came through with a time of 38' 50". She started in September 2014 and was for the first time under 40', taking a massive 1' 19" from her previous PB.

End of Year

Just a reminder that this Saturday marks the end of the 4th year of Sewerby parkrun. With this run the points competition will close. If you want to record your points for this year make a note of them soon as the computer will return everybody to zero for the 5th year starting. It is a good way to check consistency and compare year on year.


After the run on the 7th November there will be presentations taking place in the Orangery. It would be nice if as many as possible could attend. For those who normally stop for a drink in the cafe it will just mean a change of venue as the refreshments will be available in the Orangery.

Finally thanks to all those who took part or helped at the Kilham 10k.

Happy running


Event 205 17th October 2015

"We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves. The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say "You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that." The human spirit is indomitable."

Sir Roger Bannister (First person to run a mile in under 4 minutes.)

Ladies Day

What initially looked like a smaller field, during the last few minutes turned into 143 runners which was the 13th highest field in 4 years and 40% up on the same week last year.

Both the men's and women's events were led home by the youngest athletes for quite a few weeks. Top honours though had to go to the ladies who were brought home in 15th place by Rachel Nealon a JW11-14 athlete in a PB time of 20' 25", only to be followed by an even younger athlete in Isobel Nicholls running for the youngest age category JW10. She was rewarded with the excellent time of 21' 43". Janet Potter, I am sure for this week will not have minded coming third with 23' 15" and finishing behind athletes two generations younger! Significantly these three ladies were also the best runners in the whole field. However, the order was different. Janet was best with 81.15% as an age and gender corrected score. Next came Rachel with 79.76% to be followed by Isobel with 78.59%. Finally, even though, the run of Isobel was only the third best performance it was the only age record of the day. Perhaps, more importantly, to show the quality of her run her JW10 record is now 28 seconds faster than the equivalent boy's record. This is the only age record where a (girl, lady, woman, you choose!!) has run faster than her male counterpart. Isobel ran with Ian Nicholls, possibly her dad (?) and on each visit to Sewerby they have both run PBs so who is keeping up with whom? I think youth will eventually prevail!

There was a men's event! For some runners the Bridlington half marathon on the following day may have had an effect. First home was Joshua Smith, a first timer at Sewerby with a time of 18' 25". Second place went to Richard Smith in 18' 31", a previous leader on his only other visit to us. Third was Tyler Evans in his fourth run which have resulted in an 8th, 5th, 2nd and now 3rd places. He was also rewarded with another PB of 19 minutes exactly.

There were 31 PBs on a good morning for fast running. The two noteworthy performances were Duncan Smart who after 26 Sewerby runs managed to chip 2" from his PB with 22' 03". A 21' time looks on the horizon. Charlie Leighton with 35 runs under his belt since August 2013 has now set a PB in each of his last three Sewerby runs and now has a time of 25' 48".


Andy Godfrey form Bridlington Road runners has asked me to kindly thank all those parkrunners who either took part in the half marathon on Sunday or equally helped in some way by marshaling etc. I know this will include many athletes from all the local clubs and reinforces the inclusive nature of parkrun while retaining the personal element of competitiveness.

4th Year Anniversary

There are now only two runs left for points to be awarded in this years competition for consistency. At the moment the results look settled but it is still mathematically possible for the results to change. More importantly the results will be declared and the presentations made this year in the Orangery at Sewerby Hall after the parkrun on  7th November. It would be nice if as many athletes as possible can stay after the event to celebrate for a short while the completion of 4 years of parkrun events at Sewerby Hall.

Kilham 10k

Finally just a reminder once more that there is a free 10k run at Kilham next Sunday. Details were posted last week and there are details on the table at the start of parkrun. The event will be marshaled and times taken and reported. Come along and treat it as training or run as quickly as you feel.......nice village pub afterwards!!

Happy running

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