Event 295 22nd July 2015


Sewerby Run Report

201 parkrunners lined up outside Sewerby Hall and I was one of them, I hope you’d like to know my thoughts.

It was a rather muggy morning and we had some early rain but fortunately the rain had stopped before 9am so a dry run was on the cards. This was my first time at Sewerby parkrun, having made the 130 mile drive from my home and wow was it worth it! Off we set and after a busy 1st corner we headed down to the coastal path. It was then that I experienced the fantastic views looking down towards Bridlington town, a great 1st mile heading gently downhill this is an awesome start to the run. Turning the corner at the life guard building it was nice to see all the runners on their way around the course. Heading back up along the coastal path the views were equally impressive, the cliffs of the east coast and the sound of the North Sea waves crashing against them took my mind off the fact that I was now going steadily uphill. As I headed around the Hall and into the woods it was nice to have the cushioned bark paths under my feet, now in the shade of the trees and following the guys in front it’s like another place entirely compared to the first 2 miles. I’d been told of some steps in the woods, and I then arrived at them, not too steep and then I was wondering how much more to go? A bit further along and a welcome 400m to go sign signalling to me that I was nearly at the finish. A few more corners and I crossed the line, what a great course I thought.

This was my 110th different parkrun event and like your favourite songs it’s hard to pick the best. What I can do is pick a top 10 and Sewerby is most definitely in it. For other potential visitors reading this I’d recommend this parkrun as a must visit. For the regulars and locals, what a great parkrun you have. This is definitely NOT fake news, I’ll leave that to Mr Trump!

Here’s some interesting statistics from today’s event:

This week we welcomed 32 first timers, of which 10 were new to parkrun. It’s great to have so many people joining the parkrun family and we hope to see you all again soon.

20 runners recorded new pb’s this week, well done to all.

3 runners joined a parkrun milestone club this week. Linda HINCHLIFFE joined the 100 club, Liz JONES joined the 50 club and Alfie BRERETON joined the 10 club. We hope to see you in your shiny new Tribe Sports 100, 50 and 10 Club T Shirts soon.

Everyone was supported by the following 24 awesome volunteers who gave up their free time to enable today’s event to happen:

Simon MATSON • Robert Leigh Maurice FULTON • Martin STACK • Pete COLLINS • Andrew GODFREY • Pete ROYAL • Kevin SISSONS • Jayne SISSONS • Karen FALCUS • James Stewart ABEL • Christina ROYAL • Jason MERRICK • Ray ROBINSON • Paul CHAPMAN • Catherine THORNTON • Luke SISSONS • Justin Adam CHOAT • Louise FOSTER • Darren WALKINGTON • Elizabeth CREMER • Stephen EBLET • Andrew VAUGHAN • Tim WELBOURN • Daniel WARD

Parkrun cannot happen without a team of volunteers – details of how to volunteer are available on the Sewerby parkrun website, and all runners are encouraged to volunteer three times throughout the year although you’re more than welcome to do more and maybe you can earn the coveted Tribe Sports 25 Volunteer Club T-Shirt. There are roles to suit everybody and it is very rewarding – there are also roles such as run report writing, token sorting and pre event set up that can be done and you can still run!

The first 3 men back today were:

Andrew ROBERTSON (SM25-29) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:32 - first appearance.
Oliver BROWN (SM18-19) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:44 - has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.
Joshua TAYLOR (SM20-24) of Bridlington Road Runners, was third over the line in 19:10 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

The first 3 ladies back today were:

Amy MCFARLANE (SW30-34) (Unattached) was first (19th overall) over the line in 21:42 - first appearance.
Emily SPENCER-JONES (JW15-17) of Bracknell AC, was second (20
th overall) over the line in 21:44.
Deborah CHURCH (VW40-44) of Driffield Striders, was third (21
st overall) over the line in 21:48 - has been first to finish on 75 previous occasions.

Well done to everyone who ran today!

Sewerby parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am. It is a fun event for all ages and standards. It is free to enter but it is a barcode only event, so all runners need to bring along a barcode to avoid being one of the 7 runners this week coming through on the results page as unknown.

Any runners new to parkrun should register beforehand at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ and print off and bring along the reusable bar code. We also meet in the Caféafterwards for a coffee and a chin wag!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Paul Chapman



Event 260 19th November 2016

Taking the previous week into consideration the weather was much better for running, while being a tad chilly for those kind volunteers who did their duty. Numbers were, once more up at 115 runners and again there showed a slight increase in numbers from last year.

James Kraft returned and took the lead to finish about 2 minutes ahead of the rest of the field. His time of 16' 59" was only 10" outside his very good PB. Unsurprisingly James is one of only 8 athletes to run the Sewerby course in under 17'. In this instance James ' run was also the best in the field recording 75.96% on the age grading score.

Deborah Church in 13th position was the leading woman for the 63rd time in 21' 52".

The fastest juniors this week also produced good results. Joe Harper JM15-17 was 14th finisher in 21' 58" and Amy Mason JM15-17 was 37th with a time of 25' 20".

Matthew Rutt chose Sewerby for his 100th run. Three of the runs have been at Sewerby but his impressive collection of events shows 27 different locations. Today he completed our course in 19th position with 22' 34". Lesley Bayes completed her 50th run in 55th position. Again as an example of the diversity of parkrun Lesley's performance was the next best after leader James. She ran a time of 28' 02" but this gave her an age graded score of 73.42%. Well done to both.

PBs were at a premium this week with only 9 recorded. Three of these stand out as performances achieved after perseverance at the Sewerby course. Sophie Vaughan has appeared 29 times and is now half a minute better than her previous best in July this year. A time of 29' 09" was gained in 65th place. Jennifer Peacock, closing in on 50 runs, now has a PB in her 48th run. Finishing in 44th place and a time of 26' 39" gave her a PB which is 2 to 3 minutes better than she started at a year ago. Finally to demonstrate that consistency pays off Adam Palmer in his 110th run finished in third place and sneaked another few seconds to produce a PB of 18' 55". Adam is very nearly up to 100 consecutive Sewerby runs having last missed one before event 164 in January 2015. In that period his time has never been below 24' 43" and that may have been due to other runs ....or races near the time! Well done all.

Finally thanks to all the volunteers because for safety reasons parkrun depends on there being enough and at this time of the year it is often a challenge equal to or worse than running with the weather as it has been in the last two weeks.

Happy running




Event 259 12th November 2016

The weather was certainly the winner on Saturday. Foul wind and rain understandably left many with a Saturday morning lie in. However, 68 brave souls and one tail runner completed the very wet, windy and cold course. This was the lowest attendance for nearly 2 years going back to the weekend of 10th January 2015.

One interesting and possibly so far unique fact was noticed in the finish area. There seemed to be many women! The results show that 37 of the field were women and only 31 were men.  Without going back through each set of results I cannot remember this ever being the case. Now with the weather as it was, does this say anything about men's versus women's strength, character, fortitude etc. I think it best to leave that up to you athletes to decide!

The run itself was led in by Josh Taylor for the very first time after 119 attempts. It is reward for his growing talent and progression through the age groups. He finished in 19' 24" which was a great time on an horrible day. The women also produced a first time leader in Katy Cawthorn but in contrast this was only her 4th attempt. Katy finished in 8th place a with a time of 22' 38".

Many runners got their highest position due to the small field, and the best juniors were Charlie Leighton JM11-14 in 15th place and 24' 20" and Kirsten Porter JW15-17 in 41st place and 29' 43".

Quite amazingly 8 runners did get PBs. Again as the results show both significant ones were by women. Jennifer Peacock a recent convert to the senior ranks has all her 47 runs at Sewerby and this week beat her best set last April. She finished in 29th place in 26' 50". Sarah White returned for her 50th Sewerby run in her total of 77 parkruns with a 40th position and time of 29' 30". Again her best since March this year. Considering the conditions very well done.

Following on from her presentation as last year's points competition leader Diane Palmer completed her 100th parkrun and all at Sewerby. It also highlights the popularity of parkrun in that in a small field there were as many as 6 runners with over 200 parkruns to their credit. They were topped by Scott McMillan in his first Sewerby run from a total of 263 runs in 7 different locations.

Well done to all who braved the conditions and hopefully the 'softie' runners (men!) will get out of bed next week and take us back to 150+ athletes.

Happy running


Event 258 5th November 2016

The first event of the 6th year of Sewerby parkrun dawned with the first really nasty weather of the Autumn. However, it did not deter 137 runners from braving the course. While this is less than the previous few weeks it is still about 40 more than the same week last year. We also crept ever closer to the 4,000th different runner which will probably happen this week!

It was a case of back to the normal for the result. Jason Merrick came home first for the 11th time in 158 runs in 18' 48" to record a return to form. The case for the women was similar with Deborah Church in 16th place taking her 62nd first place in 178 runs.

What was especially pleasing was the quality of the junior runners this week. Too often for a multitude of reasons juniors give up on the talent they have in their teenage years. Hopefully the weekly parkrun will provide enough incentive to carry on some running.

The junior boys, whether they knew it or not were closely grouped  in the top part of the field. Joe Harper JM15-17 finished in 14th place and after 26 Sewerby runs knocked 2" from his PB with 21' 29". He shows what can be achieved with age progression as he ran 27' back in June 2013. Not far behind in 17th place was Harvey Roberts JM11-14 and a time of 21' 42". Equally close in 22nd place was Charlie Leighton JM11-14 and a time of 22' 37".Next up in 27th place was Leo Duck JM15-17 and 22' 55". They in turn were pushed by Sam Young JM11-14 in 33rd place and exactly 24' which stands as his new PB in only his 8th run.

Not to be outdone the first junior girl was in 55th place. However, Matilda Stringer JW10 was probably not only one of the youngest in the event but was also taking part in her very first parkrun anywhere. Her time of 26' 18" shows tremendous potential and compares favourably to some of the boys above and their early attempts. Let us hope they all continue to better things and stand as an inspiration to show other young people what fun and achievement can be had in a short while on Saturday morning.

Well done to everybody on a day when PB's were as rare as hen's teeth!

Happy running


Event 257 29th October 2016

With the school holidays it was nice to see several young families taking part this week. The weather was also very kind and calm for the many non local runners in the field of 175 athletes.

A visitor in the form of Richard Smith was first home for the second time in 3 attempts at Sewerby in exactly 18 minutes. He was followed by two runners who both started as Juniors at Sewerby parkrun and have flourished into ever faster seniors. Oliver Brown SM18-19 had a fast woodland section to finish in 18' 23" while he in turn was followed by Josh Taylor SM20-24 in 18' 43". Both of their times were significant PBs. Oliver has 82 Sewerby runs credited and there are still faster times to come because although he improved his PB by 3" a better age percentage is shown by his previous PB. Josh after 117 Sewerby runs gained his second PB in two weeks and went under 19' for the first time. If he needs a challenge with his current great form then his age graded score of 69.63% should be that challenge. It will only take a few more seconds to crack the 70% barrier.

The women were led in by Mel Halstead in 19th position and her time of 21' 39" was only 10" shy of her best.

The best junior man this week was a visitor in the shape of Daniel Kershaw JM 11-14. He has 5 previous Sewerby runs and this week finished in 23rd position and a time of 22' 00". The best female junior was a previous womens leader Georgina Bingham JW15-17. She completed the course in 41st position with 23' 43".

The best runner again probably finished unnoticed a third of the way down the field in 55th position. Once more Pat Bielby VW60-64 ran a time of 25' 16" to cross the magic 80% mark with 80.21% in age graded scores.

Happy running


Event 256 22nd October 2016

A field of 180 athletes took to the Sewerby parkrun course on Saturday. This was about 40 more than the same week last year. So with the half term school holidays starting it was encouraging to see that from a total of 34 first timers at Sewerby, there were 12 taking a first go at any parkrun, and of these, 3 were JW10 runners. The progress and growth in the numbers of runners at Sewerby has been gradual and sustained. It is now getting closer to a year (12/12/2015) ago when there was a field of fewer than 100 runners.

The event was led home by Henry Wright for the third time in his 6 appearances at Sewerby. He completed the course in 18' 22". Deborah Church was the women's lead runner home in 18th place for the 61st occasion. Her time this week was 21' 41"

The best junior male was Ashley Porter JM15-17 who this week just pipped Charlie Leighton JM 11-14 by one position. Ashley was 27th and timed at 22' 29". The best junior woman was Amy Mason JW15-17 who in 58th position and with a time of 25' 10" completed her 10th parkrun ,so qualifying for her junior tee shirt and also beating her PB by 1"!

Elsewhere in the field the best run returned to the more mature athletes. In 42nd position Janet Potter returned to the 80%+ performance with 81.07%. Any result over 80% is always hard to beat.

Finally two PBs stand out. James Briggs with 27 Sewerby runs under his belt gained his best finish position of 13th and a time of 20' 36". This marked his second consecutive PB. The other mark went to Josh Taylor who seems to be in a purple patch of running. After his 116th Sewerby run he gained his second PB of the year and equalled his best third position of last week. His new PB of 19'9" creeps ever closer to the 19' barrier/hurdle! Given that Josh started in 2013 with times over 30' and his recent excellent performance in the Bridlington half marathon, he should be inspiration to all those junior runners as they move into the senior ranks of runners.

Happy running


Event 255 15th October 2016

This week's event is always difficult to judge in regards to the number of competitors and the level to which runners are pushing their performances. This is entirely due to the fact that the next day is the Bridlington half marathon. From this point of view it was nice to see several visitors from further afield who were here for that run and took part in our event as a warm up. This is what probably pushed the statistic of over 400 different athletic clubs taking part at Sewerby parkrun in very nearly 5 years and also puts us at just about 100 short of 4,000 different runners having taken part.

This also threw up a couple of strange coincidences in that 143 runners completed the course which was exactly the same number as the comparable week last year. In another twist Rachel Nealon a JW11-14 athlete in only her third run at Sewerby came home as second woman this week but in the same week last year was the the leading woman. This year Amy Hammersley a JW15-17 was the leading woman in her first parkrun anywhere. She completed the course in 10th position and a great time of 20' 13". Rachel followed in 15th position and an equally great time of 20' 34". For the first time in a few weeks this put the young ones at the top of the tree in regard to quality of performance based on the age and gender graded scores. Due to a younger age Rachel came out on top with 77.63%, closely followed by Amy with 75.68%.

The event overall was taken by Scott Hargreaves when after 48 parkruns he came home in 18' 47" for his first leading role.

Due to the nature of the particular circumstances this week there were only 16 PBs. Three of these flagged up after a number of Sewerby runs. James Briggs has 26 Sewerby runs and a new PB of 20' 52" for finishing in 16th position. That is nearly a 5' improvement in 2 years. Charlie Leighton JM11-14 has had a few PBs recently and this week after 58 Sewerby events pushed that PB out to 22' 18" finishing in 26th position and just as importantly raising his age graded score over 65%. There was also Simon Ellerker who since starting at Sewerby parkrun in April 2012 with 25'42" has now achieved a PB of 19' 18" after 64 Sewerby events.

Finally well done to Simon who then went on to complete the half marathon the next day and also Josh Taylor who completed the Sewerby event in third place and only 4" adrift of his PB, but who then finished the half marathon very strongly. It goes without saying well done to all those in the half marathon but especially to those who took the challenge after having started out with just being able to do the parkrun on Saturday morning. However you all felt at the finish  it is the inspiration that you may have given to many other locals to give running a try and what better way than at a social event like parkrun each Saturday morning.

Well done everybody

Happy running


Event 252 24th September 2016

While being a nice autumnal day the windy conditions proved to be a leveler in performance on Saturday. 170 runners took to the course and there has now not been a field of fewer than 100 runners since last December. Conditions probably meant that there were no 80% runners this week with the best being Neil Scruton in 24th position and a time of 22' 12". This was rewarded with an age graded score of 78.53%.

There was a fresh event leader in the shape of Colin Reilly who came home first in 18' 00" exactly. In context there have in the last 5 years only been 41 runners complete the course in under 18'. Colin appears to have completed most of his 35 parkruns in Glasgow so quite a journey. The women's event by contrast  had Deborah Church finish in 22nd position for a 59th occasion and time of 21' 51" leading the women.

The very best juniors were in 15th position, Harvey Roberts JM11-14, who lowered his PB by 5" to 20' 38". For the women previous leader Georgina Bingham JW15-17 came home in 43rd position and a time of 23' 38".

Two PB performances from a total of 27 recorded stand out. They have both hit a purple patch in the very recent weeks. Luke Duffill set his PB only two weeks ago but this week after 55 Sewerby runs bettered it by a whopping 42", finishing in 34th position with the time of 22' 50". This means that he has gone over 55% in age related performance for the first time. Dian Crone only improved her best last week and has now completed 77 Sewerby runs This week she has taken another 1' 3" from that time with a new best of 35' 27". All her running has come in the last two years and this performance was 5' better than her average time over that period and 10' better than her weakest time. Well done to both athletes.


With only about one month left to go the points competition for this year looks to be fairly settled and it should baring accidents etc be a victory for the Palmers! Adam leads the men with 4112 points and Diane leads the women with 4062 points. With 5 runs still to go it is possible mathematically that things could change but at the moment Adam is followed by James Wilson 3881 points and Duncan Smart 3749 points, while Diane is followed by Zoe Ruston 3659 points and Liz Sellers 3418 points.

Happy running


Event 251 17th September 2016

Saturday felt like the start of Autumn with a stiff wind for the runners to contend with on the cliff top. This in itself kept the times down for most of the field.

The highlight turned out to be the first athlete home. Although in only his second appearance at Sewerby Howard Thompson crossed the line in 16' 39" and while not being over the 80% mark still managed to be the best run in the field with 77.48% which has been a unusual in the five years of Sewerby parkrun. Added to this fact the run was also an age record for SM20-24  having equaled the time of Jack Robertson who holds three age records one of which is the outright course record. This highlights the quality of the run in that it was the 4th equal fastest run ever on the Sewerby course.

The women's event also had a memorable result for a different reason. Diane Palmer has led the points competition for consistency for most of the season but after 92 Sewerby appearances she came home as first woman for the first time, finishing in 32nd in 24' 44".

Two runners completed their 50th parkruns and they show the inclusiveness of parkrun  in terms of gender, age and ability. Sophie Wiles ran the very important volunteer role of tail runner this week to complete her target run. 48 of her 50 runs have been at Sewerby and her best of 30' 52" was gained back in March, earlier this year. In contrast Hywel Jones also managed his best in March this year with a time of 16' 57". Of his 50 runs 47 have been at Sewerby and a very high proportion of 28 have been accomplished as the first runner home.

The best junior male was once again Ashley Porter who is still in the JM15-17 age category but seems ancient as he has been an evergreen over the years of Sewerby parkrun. This week he finished in 26th position and 23' 44". The junior women were led by Ciara Harper JW11-14. She was the 9th woman to finish in 56th position. However her time of 27' 08" gained her a PB and she is in striking distance of going under 27'. Well done all.

There was one other significant PB this week which went to Diane Crone. Diane has survived 76 parkruns, all at Sewerby. From the early days of nearly collapsing on the line (!)  she, this week, managed to improve her PB by over half a minute and come home with a time of 36' 30".

Well run everybody and thanks to the very many volunteers who helped this week.

Happy running


Event 250 10th September2016

This week marked the 250th Sewerby parkrun or in another context it will be 5 years old in November. In that time Sewerby parkrun has progressed from fields of 30 or less with a simple finish line to today's field of 156  and now the regular sight of more than 100 touching the start line at 9am each Saturday morning.

Over that time there has never been a week when results were not able to be produced and usually on the Saturday morning. That is not to say there haven't been some awkward times. For instance no watch and using a phone with shouted times! Easy with a field less than 30! Or the occasion when 2 watches did not start for the first few seconds! Thanks to Jon Purdy and the digital clock the extra few seconds could be added to the times in the results.

More normally problems have arisen with athletes not carrying barcodes or refusing to take a place token and or trying to duck out from the scanning process which effects everybody's result behind them. This week we managed to top all this by not having any place tokens available! So a great thanks goes to all 156 athletes that they did as requested and remained in line order at the finish until their own barcode was scanned. As both watches matched on times it was then possible to manually match the times to each athlete. There was even one athlete who ran with his son and was going to be recorded as "unknown" to save his average speed record. He did what all runners must do and that is correctly take a token and have it scanned. However, no tokens so he was recorded correctly but he has now been edited out so once more is "unknown"......except to me! So thanks for everybody's patience and hopefully the next 250 events will have sets of results uploaded with only minor hitches.

It is also a good point to mention the volunteers each week as problems like that described above can only have a chance of being resolved by experience gained over the several years of Sewerby parkrun. While being a marshal is a very necessary role it will help the future of Sewerby parkrun if as many volunteers as possible know how to set the course up, deal with the finish area issues, and upload a correct as possible set of results.

The event this week was headed by Phill Taylor for the 38th time in 17' 12". Phil's first participation was to lead event 2 home back in 2011. Deborah Church led the women for a massive 58th time in 21' 27".

The best juniors were Christian Mummert for the boys and Georgia Bingham for the girls. Christian was particularly impressive by finishing in 4th position and advancing his own JM11-14 age record by another 21" to finish in 18' 18". Georgia JW15-17 finished as 6th woman in 47th place and a time of 24' 30".

Two athletes who are both in the top ten of the age graded league recorded the best runs this week and were over the magic 80% target. Martin Booth came out on top with 11th place in 20' 03" and 81.38%. Close behind was Pat Bielby in 55th place with 25' 09" and a score of 80.58%.

Six PBs stand out from the 29 recorded. Simon Knowles after 51 Sewerby runs finished in 35th place with 23' 02". His best since February 2014, so never give up is the motto. Scott Hargreaves has completed 47 Sewerby runs and finished in 5th place in 18' 23" to improve his best by 4". Amanda Wright has finished in 75 Sewerby runs and this week was in 60th place and a time of 25' 34" for a PB that dates back to May, earlier this year. Diane Palmer, who leads this year's women's points competition completed her 91st Sewrby parkrun in 45th place and broke a barrier with 23' 59". Luke Duffill with 54 runs at Sewerby came home in 40th position for a time of 23' 32" and improved his best by 19". Finally Gillian Halliwell in her 101st run ,of which 92 have been at Sewerby completed the run this week in 27' 45" and 78th position. Gilliam after starting with event 3 back in 2011 has completed some runs in each of the following years and more importantly has improved her times in each of those years. Not many can have such a record. Gillian has also helped with many volunteer roles over the 250 weeks and several of her runs have included the very necessary role of "tail runner". Well done to all.

Finally there were two athletes completing 100 parkruns. Adam Palmer with all his runs at Sewerby has an incredible record having started in September 2014 with event 149 and has gone on from there to miss only one week with event 163. What happened? Do some people never get ill or injured?! Well done. Justin Choat started a little earlier in February 2014 but has completed 91 of his 100 at Sewerby. Again well done.

Happy running

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