Shepton Mallet parkrun report #38

Just when we thought our parkrunner and walkers numbers were settling around the 170 mark in the run up to Christmas, we saw 315 runners and walkers join us in Collett Park for the 38th Shepton Mallet parkrun. Whether this is due to New Year's resolutions or if it was due to the parkrun featuring in the Shepton Mallet journal is difficult to say. It is amazing that so many people are turning up and giving it a go, especially after hearing on the bush telegraph that Shepton Mallet parkrun is a friendly and supportive event and hearing that some participants are walking the whole course without being pressurised.

With 315 people taking part it does make the out and back section of the course on the cycle path up to say hello to Joan the cone very congested. We cleared the mud to enable everyone to be able to use the full width of the path and we put down soft cones to mark the centre of the path. We must at this point kindly remind everyone that the general public have priority in the park and on the cycle path, so can we please encourage all to keep in single file along this section so that overtaking is an option to the whole field.

On a positive note the duck caller used by our Stalwart volunteer Gill King at Duck drop is entertaining all the runners and walkers as much as it seems to be entertaining Gill.

We had Robert Adams a first timer at Shepton Mallet and a parkrunner from Yeovil reached his 50th event with us. Junior parkrunners Isabel Lavender and Thomas Manship reached their 10th event. A huge well done to them.

This week we had 48 Personal bests, 65 first timers and 14 different clubs.

Hat of the week – Warm woolly hat

Song of the week – Can the Can(ard) – Suzi Quatro


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #37

Run Report 6th January 2018

Once again it was time to wrap up warm on Saturday as a large gathering of intrepid parkrunners congregated in Collett Park for the 37th Shepton Mallet event. It was wonderful to see so many new faces along side the regulars with possibly the largest first timer’s briefing since the first couple of weeks and after the usual announcements had been delivered we were ready for the off at 9am sharp.

After setting a blistering pace for the first two laps, Tom Thick led the field home. First female finisher was December’s park runner of the month, 8 year old Gertie Blewitt. Throughout the field there were personal best times being set and personal milestones being achieved, with smiles all-round as the runners went through the finish funnel.

An impressive 267 people passed over the finish line having been encouraged all the way by our incredible team of volunteers who, once again, gave up their time to enable so many people to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Adam SAVERY • Allison PERKINS • Andrew CHANDLER • Andy HOOK • Barry WEEKS • Ben GAIT • Beth MERRICK • Caroline HOBBS • Claire HOUSE • Colin ADAMS • Dan BLEWITT • Darren WEEKS • Edric HOBBS • Finn ADAMS • Gaby LITTLE • Gary HODGES • Gemma SMITH • Gill KING • Ian HOSEGOOD • James PICKMAN • Jane ANDREWS • Jo MERRICK • Joe ADAMS • Kelly VINEY • Lesley ROWAN • Lucas VINEY • Lynda HOOK • Nicola TAYLOR • Nigel FILLIS • Samantha HOOK • Sharon BOWLES • Sue NASH

A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you, without your efforts there would be no parkrun.

If you would like to help at a future event please get in touch next time you see us, via Facebook (search for ‘Shepton Mallet parkrun’) or via e-mail

Once everyone finished, the highviz hero’s dismantled the course and by 10:30 it was like we had never been there, leaving our beautiful park in a state of tranquility as we headed indoors to warm up, calculate the results and sort the tokens ready for next week.

Hat of the week – Anything warm and fleecy that covers the ears.
Song of the week – Cold Sweat by Thin Lizzy


Shepton Mallet parkun report #36

Shepton Mallet parkrun report #36

The first parkrun of the year was rather special as New Year's day is the only day in the year where parkrunners are allowed to bag two runs in one day. Shepton Mallett's parkrun was arranged for 10.30am rather than the usual 9am start. This was to enable anyone who wanted to bag two to get back from another nearby 9am parkrun. Our esteemed Event Director was a participant at the Southwick Country Park parkrun and then hotfooted it back in time to be Run Director at Shepton. We were joined by several Southwick parkrunners and other tourists from Basingstoke, Plym Valley, Pendle, Sheffield Hallam and Walsall amongst others.

I think the New Years Day event seemed our coldest to date as the heavens opened and caught many out who had turned up to marshal. We are very grateful to our Marshals, many of whom turn out very regularly. Please don't assume that as we have such a fantastic group who are there week in and week out that we wouldn't love to see some new faces, so please pop us an email or contact us through the facebook page. You will be received very gratefully, we don't bite, you will have great fun and you will be engaging fully with the whole ethos of parkrun.

Hat of the day – Chavvy baseball cap

Song of the week. Let it rain – East 17


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #35

The last parkrun of the year, the announceent was made that Gertie Blewitt had been chosen for the parkrunner of the month award for December. Gertie is an amazing runner and has been first female once and has a Shepton Mallet parkrun personal best of 22.25. What is particularly gobsmacking is that Gertie is 8 years old. She was given and has already redeemed her reward of a free drink and cake, kindly donated by Jo Murray at the Collett Park Cafe. Another achievement was that our own Hi five Queen Megan Goodwin reached her 25th parkrun volunteer. Megan is only 6. The regular runners and walkers seemed to enjoy getting outside for some fresh air and after their Christmas excesses.

Hat of the day – Peruvian wooly hat

Song of the week. Galloping Gertie by Sam Fonteyn


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #34

The last minute madness of Christmas shopping didn't keep people away for this week's parkrun. We had 188 runners and walkers, wearing their dreadful Christmas jumpers and Santa hats, probably enjoying some fresh air and exercise before they are holed up at home to eat roast dinners and christmas pud.
Ironically since being given some salt for the paths as well as a salt spreader, the weather has not been cold enough for us to have to use them, but we are very grateful to the kind people who donated and I am sure that at some point before the Spring, they will get some use.
A little reminder that there is a Shepton Mallet parkrun on New Year's Day. The time of the run is 1030, so there is time if you are not feeling “under the weather” and if you can bag two runs in one day by getting over to Southwick for their 9am run and getting back to Shepton for ours. If you can run a 5k in under 40 minutes as that gives you 50 minutes to drive back.
Hat of the week worn by Edric - A silly Sombrero
Song of the week - Fairy Tale of New York – The Pogues (Best Christmas song) Voted by Edric who along with Mrs Hobbs does not do christmas, but like this song.

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