Shepton Mallet parkrun report #49

What a busy week, hence the lateness of this run report.
Last Saturday's parkrun saw us say Goodbye to one of the Original Run Directors Elaine Sage. I am sure we will still see Elaine at parkrun in the future but she has had to step away as she has other commitments. Thank you Elaine for everything you did for Shepton Mallet parkrun prior to it starting too.
We had a visit from Alzheimers Research UK who are an associated charity with parkrun and who were advertising their “Running down dementia” campaign. This is an event which anyone can sign up to, in order to raise sponsorship whilst they run over the summer. The idea is to run 100k and raise a £100 each. The 100k does not have to be run all at one stint you will be pleased to know.
We also had a visit from parkrun Headquarters. Clare Fowler and Glen Turner came to see us and enjoyed the run. Glen was our first finisher last week too. Clare is Head of Safeguarding for parkrun and Glen is Head of communications.

Hat of the week - Cap
Song of the week – Hello I must be going – Phil Collins


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #48

When we started Shepton Mallet parkrun back in April 2017, we were very conscious that there may be people who had been using the park at 9 am on a Saturday morning for years and that these people might be a little unhappy at having to share the lovely Collett Park with a load of gaudily dressed lycra clad bods. However this didn't happen and the people of Shepton Mallet have very much taken the event to their hearts. We are always greeted with interest and chit chat as we set up the course and prepare for parkrunners to arrive.

At every run brief, the Run Director of the day always goes through the do's and don'ts. There are after all not many rules of parkrun. So along with the “Don't forget your bar code” and “Under 11's must be with their adult at all times” we always stress that parkrunners should please respect other park users and to please give them priority.

After the event, the Core Team were very sad to read on the Shepton Mallet Community FB Group that a gentleman walking with his young child and dog in the park was told to get out of the way and sworn at by one of our parkrunners. He was able to describe the runner and if we are able to identify them we will remove their time. It is a shame that this Run report needs to have a negative vibe when it is usually so upbeat.

Shepton Mallet parkrun is constantly told that we have a sociable, encouraging event. Can we please implore everybody to remember that we are sharing the park with others who are not taking part in the run and that runners and walkers do NOT have the right to a PB. If the circumstances don't allow it due to a busy event then please hang back and go around people when it is safe to do so.

Hat of the day – Waterproof beanie
Song of the week – Wooly Bully – Bad Manners


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #47

We welcomed a new Run Director to the Shepton Mallet parkrun fold this week. Mel Steele took her place on the rock for the first time. She coped splendidly and managed to continue the trend of starting bang on 9am. This is a Shepton Mallet parkrun tradition and none of the Run Directors want to be the first to get it wrong by being late, nor early.

What would be an improvement for the Shepton Mallet parkrun would be to have a reprieve from the rain. As we are just entering April, I think we may have to wait a little while longer. The scanning machines don't like the cold and the wet, so we encourage the volunteers to shelter on the band stand. Everybodies favourite Duck lady now has a Duck design umbrella to shelter her as she does get rather soggy sitting there near the pond, whilst she blows her duck caller. However Gill won't be there this Saturday. She will be missed.

As we say “Welcome” to Mel we sadly say “Goodbye” to Allison Perkins. Alli has been a Run Director and our Social Media/Communications person right from the outset of Shepton Mallet parkrun. She has promised that we will still see her from time to time.

So looking towards the coming week. Let's hope for a dry parkrun.

Hat of the week – Knitted Panda Hat
Song of the week – Say hello, wave goodbye – Soft Cell


Shepton Mallet parkrun event 46

Shepton Mallet parkrun event 46
From Lancashire, Aylesbury and Trowbridge (and any other places I may have missed out), they came from far and wide to run at Shepton. Without snow, high winds, biting cold or rain, it seemed an ideal day to run and so it was a pleasure to see over 200 smiling faces take part.
What always impresses me isn’t so much the speedy finishers or even the stoic participants who are towards the end (and my strange Irish hat goes off to you), but the folks who can’t finish because of injury but say ‘I’ll be back next week!’ I spoke to a couple of people who could not complete our lovely three lap tour of the duck pond and said ‘this was a minor blip’. Such is the spirit of parkrun.
That too is the spirit of the volunteers who cheer everyone on, applaud efforts and keep you all going. We are getting ever closer to our first birthday and it has been great to see the Saturday morning run become part of the community. So, if you haven’t yet donned the high viz jacket, then think of it as a ‘new year’s resolution’ to do it during our second year.
Hat of the week – Irish number with instant beard (a losing bet)
Song of the week – Fields of Athenry (trad)


Event 45 run report

Well that was a cold one !Those who turned up in PJs for sleep in day must have been glad of the extra layers.Elaine our Run director was so keen to get us away that she had us ready on the start line at 8.55 ready for an as always at Shepton Mallet prompt start .Despite the cold over 220 brave souls started the event and there certainly were many differently attired people to be seen ,onsies and PJs galore .Some of us wearing shorts probably wished for our jammie bottoms to keep out the cold .Big thanks to all those who marshaled on a cool day as it can't have been fun to stand around for over an hour in such a chill wind .Let's hope the Beast from the East goes home to Putin soon (he had a nerve sending it in the first place)

Hat of the week a warm woolly number

Song of the week Ice ice baby (Vanilla Ice)

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