Shepton Mallet parkrun report #75

Today's parkrun team were feeling a little tense. We had an incident on Friday night with one of the watches as we were resetting them, ready for this morning. It seems that parkrun watches don't like being dropped on a hard kitchen floor. So this morning we used the other stopwatch to time the run and used a couple of mobile phones as back up using the virtual volunteer app. All went well with the stopwatch and the timekeeper kept her cool and did a great job, so the crisis was averted.

There were tourists from “that” London who had started out very early as they wanted to get their “Y” run in at Yeovil. However they were completely scuppered in their plan as Yeovil had to cancel due to the weather so we enjoyed their company instead. This running parkrun with every letter of the alphabet has become a “thing” along with parkrun bingo where you have to get every second of a minute ticked off which is suprisingly difficult. Event Director has completed 212 parkruns but is still to get No 11. There is also Pirate parkrun where 7 x C's and an R are required.

On a different subject, next week 20th, anyone wishing to join us at the parkrun Christmas party on Friday the 7th December can pick up a Menu. The “Do” will be at The Tavola D'ora in Shepton Mallet and will start at 7pm. Please take a menu home and make your selections. You can then return it with your name on it and a £5 deposit per person. These deposits AND your food options must be with Emma by the 25th November please or you we won't be able to count you in the numbers. Last year's party was great fun and any of our parkrunners are welcome to join us. Our regular parkrunner Emma Chandler is collecting deposits and so that you know who she is she will wear a christmas hat.

Hat of the week – Bobble hat as was too windy for the cowboy hat
Song of the week – Blowin' in the wind – Bob Dylan
Alternative song of the week – Time – Pink Floyd


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #74

Could the dry weather that we woke up to, at around 7am hold off until after 10am keeping the runners and (more importantly) us marshalling folk dry?
Observing the weather forecast during the previous week, you couldn’t fail to notice the swathe of blue that promised to move in from the south west from early Saturday morning and true to form just before 8am the rain arrived.
Literally soaked through by the time our expert 9 year old delivered her regular first timers briefing from a more than usually slippery park bench but a decent number of first timers considering the conditions!
Drizzle probably an understatement, the main run briefing drowned out by the patter of trainers stomping on the spot in attempt to keep some warmth as well as splattering of the rain on the leaves; some with nothing more than a soggy beret to keep the ever worsening weather out. Tourists were welcomed from as far afield as both Midsomer Norton and Radstock (to the uninitiated these towns are not one and the same!) I later discovered we also had a lady from Australia but she couldn’t make herself heard during the briefing – G’Day and apologies! She did somehow also get lost at the end of lap two?? It’s a three lapper folks as per line two of the briefing!!!!!
With the runners safely across the start line and the tail walker wondering if she had chosen the right week to volunteer, the remaining marshals took the usual weekly sweepstake on how many participants they estimated were out on the course. Timekeeper Lynne won that one and in a Ken Bruce style was ‘one runner out’. She still maintains that she was bang on but the timekeepers managed to lose one runner at the finish line – that however is a whole other run report for another time! There were 131 by the way.
Extra special mention to Sandra for her 25th volunteer efforts, great work Sandra who together with Marilyn have made marshal point ‘Joan the cone’ their own recently and also Run Director/reporter Dan who hit his (my) 50th volunteer.
Trickling precipitation could be taken no longer so a quick pack away with the tail once across the line and down to the café to result process, dry out, warm up and steam the windows. Hat of the day – limp, wet beret; two songs of the week mixed very badly – Charles Aznavor (RIP) – She & Rihanna – Umbrella (obviously). Breakfast of the week – Large pot of Earl Grey and a chocolate granola (Should have had the full English!) Lesson of the week – Parkrun is spelt with a small p. You can’t educate Pork. x


New years day parkrun

As last year we will have an extra event at 10.30 am on New years day.This will allow you to run two parkruns if you can get back from Southwick country park parkrun  in time as they run at 9 am


Shepton Mallet parkrun Report #71

It was a bit of a gloomy start today and after the last couple of day's blusterinous (I don't know if that is a real word) there were a lot of leaves on the paths and our pretty Collett park is beginning to look more Autumnal.

Shepton Mallet parkrun received some news today from our regular Photographer, Nigel Fillis that he would be taking his last parkrun photograph today as he has made other plans for his Saturday mornings. Shepton Mallet parkrun core team would like to thank Nigel for firstly appearing out of nowhere at the very outset of our event and for coming week after week taking some absolutely fantastic pictures. (Apart from mine as I always look dreadful when running)

The volunteer positions this week, were mainly covered by Collett Park Dark Runners who meet on a wednesday evening for sociable running. Collett Park Dark runners have completed the biggest number of runs at this event with 885 runs being completed by 36 runners. A big thank you also to everyone who volunteered this week. Please feel free to volunteer in the future as it is a great way to make friends whilst giving something back to the event.

Gertie Blewitt ran her 50th parkrun in an understated Gold Cape. Well done Gertie and thank you for once again giving the First Timers brief.

Many PB's were achieved today, so please feel free to ring the PB bell on the bin, even if you only think” you have achieved it.

We had a very disappointed runner this week who had travelled a good way to be with us but who had forgotten his barcode. We unfortunately cannot make any exceptions to the “No barcode, no time” rule. We aren't being difficult on purpose, we promise. Writing down your number on your hand and barcodes on mobile phones are also not acceptable.

Hat of the week.......... Oops (Run Director error as I forgot)
parkrun faux pas of the week – RD called parkrun a race in the Run brief
Song of the week - Stereophonics - Local boy in the photograph


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #70

Shepton Mallet parkrun – Run no #70 – WooHoo!

Another glorious Saturday morning dawned over Collett Park, not even the untimely closure of the North-bound A37 could dampen spirits; it did however make a few people late! This confused tail walker Ann but that’s not difficult. (We love you Ann).
Whilst the usual throng of hi viz heroes gathered and caught up on the weeks gossip, the man in the Fez passed out radios and instruction cards to willing volunteers like they were going out of fashion. First timers briefing flawlessly delivered by Gertie once again and over to the rock for the main briefing. (Welcome back Ginny by the way following your recent exploding appendix scare – apologies I didn’t know about that at the time!) Heckling abound from the Dark Runners who all seemed to think I would forget to mention Brendan Rendall and his epic African coast to coast run raising over £30k for orphans in Malawi; little did they know about the previous day’s messaging prompts from the event directors who wouldn’t be there on the day. Not too late to search for Brendan and make your donation BTW.

Barry has now volunteered 50 times – great work Barry!
Clive hit his 50 runs – Amazing Clive!
Marie also hit 50 and wore a big banner – this confused everybody because she looks really good on it! (Only joking Marie, well done on your 50 runs!)
Team of the week were the stag do lads who all finished in the top five! It is a pity that they didn’t all have their bar codes and despite their pleas we stuck firmly to the “no bar code no time” rule as we always do – sorry guys but great effort!
A sub 17 minute first over the line (one of the stags) and 218 happy runners in total over the line = another successful morning by the duck pond.
Hat of the week – A Fez
Song of the week – Night boat to Cairo
Vest of the week – Hello Kitty (Stag runner)
Breakfast of the week – Eggs benedict
Charity of the week – Malawi orphans c/o Brendan Rendall

See you all next Saturday for the Dark Runners takeover!

RD x

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