Shepton Mallet parkrun report #61

Parkrun from Megan - Age 7
This morning I saw 167 people running and walking some done both, all were working hard.
The sun was out again.
I had lots of high fives, so many I lost count after 50 something.
I hope my power ups helped those that needed it.
It was nice to see new faces and lots of people got pb's.
Make sure you ring the bell if you know of even think you've got a pb.
Hope to see you all same place, same time next week.
Thanks , see you later

Hat of the week - Battered Donkey hat with flowers

Song of the week -  Dominic the Donkey - Lou Monty


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #59

If I was a headline writer it would have to somehow include a glorious day, a brave 10k charity run, 16 first timers, 44 PBs and a squirrel!
It was, as mentioned another glorious day at Collett Park and ideal for running as 44 personal best times were registered, including first finisher Ryan Wheeler. But the best run by far was by young Ethan Andrews who, having completed his 5k, then ran out of the other side of the funnel and started on another five. He was running for Time is Precious, supported by a few others wearing bright shirts sporting the TIP logo and accompanied by a number of runners (who had also completed their 5k), to keep him company. More later.
One hundred and sixty-five runners took to the start with visitors coming from London, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Preston and Suffolk to name a few. With our Event Director enjoying a musical break in the north, he needn’t have worried as once again the run started bang on nine o clock. Marshals applauded and encouraged but no one could predict drama at the finish as Tufty Squirrel (for those with memories long enough), forgot his green cross code and decided to cut across the path in front of one of the lead runners. When interviewed later he said ‘I was only looking for my nuts’! However, that was the only drama of the day.
But, to return to Ethan and his run, Supported and encouraged by quite a few fellow athletes, he completed his 10k under an arch of marshals and supporters and to loud applause. It all went to show the spirit and ‘friendship’ that parkrun in general and more locally, Shepton (parkrun) can foster and once again makes me proud to be a part of.
Hat of the week – Straw panama
Song of the week – Three Lions by Baddiel and Skinner (I had to get a reference in somewhere and nobody reads this anyway)!


Shepton Mallet parkrun report # 57

It was good to be back to normal (Whatever that is) this week. Many of the team dispersed to attend other parkrun events in the area. Mr and Mrs Hobbs went to Melksham parkrun to join some old friends who are now Run Directors there. Others went to the newly started Street parkrun and others to Burnham on Sea and Yeovil Montacute. It is very interesting to see what other events do to make their parkruns special.
This week saw the Circus pitch up in the middle of the park but it was decided that the event could still go ahead. The only inconvenience was having to deploy an emergency volunteer to be a “Don't trip over the hose” Marshal. Lesley Rowan did an amazing job and managed to get the warning across to the parkrunners through the medium of interpretive dance.
We were joined by two RD's from Cwmbran who were visiting their Welsh friend Jayne. They refer to themselves as the Taffia and came bearing gifts of delicious Welsh cakes. Catherine was our Tailwalker

I would like to mention two events.  Ethan Andrews 10k run on the 30th is for the Charity "Time is precious" Ethan is 13 and he will run parkrun on the 30th June and then carry on and run another 5k. His event is called Ethan's 10k and he has a "Just giving page"
Another worthwhile race is The Hilly Helmet Challenge. This race takes place in Westbury Wiltshire on a the evening of Wednesday 15th August. Please google it to find out all the details. The Charity is for Brain Tumour Support a Charity very close to Robin, the organisers heart as he has survived a Brain tumour and had to endure wearing a helmet for a long while to protect his head whilst he had some skull made from titanium. The dress code is “Run with a helmet”

Hat of the week - Sorry I forgot (First RD not to wear one)
Song of the week – On Ilkley Moor bah t'hat


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #56

A warm and humid morning greeted the gathering masses in Collett Park on Saturday as Kelly Viney delivered her debut first timers briefing to our 16 new runners. This was closely followed by the Sermon on the Mount, otherwise known as the briefing from the rock! As the gathered masses stood enthralled by every word, our RD was able to remind everyone (after a prompt from the floor) that there is no Shepton Mallet parkrun next week 9th June 2018 due to the festival. We hope some of you will take the opportunity to partake in some parkrun tourism during our fallow week.
As always the event was made possible by a lovely group of volunteers.
Adam SAVERY • Alicia WARMAN • Andrew CHANDLER • Anna GUROWICH • Barry WEEKS • Caroline HOBBS • Dan BLEWITT • Edric HOBBS • Emma CHANDLER • Jean GIBBS • Joe ADAMS • Kelly VINEY • Lesley ROWAN • Lynda HOOK • Lynne ELSTOB • Mandie BYGRAVE • Marilyn LAINTON • Mark BYGRAVE • Maureen BROWN • Megan GOODWIN • Millie WARMAN • Nichola EDWARDS • Nigel FILLIS • Sandra BLAKEMORE • Sue NASH • Toby FRY • Tony JOANNOU • Tracy HARRIS
I know everyone enjoys and appreciates the warm and noisy encouragement you provide on the way round, thank you.
There were some significant volunteer milestones celebrated this week as both Sue Nash and Nigel Fillis have now volunteered on 50 separate occasions at Shepton Mallet. When you consider this is parkrun number 56 it highlights the level of support they give to the event.
Also amongst our volunteer ranks is 6 year old Megan who is gradually working her way through every volunteer available. This week she was in charge of one of the stopwatches, possibly the most important role off all. She did a fantastic job too!
If you would like to volunteer in the future, please get in touch through our Facebook page, via e-mail, or come and see one of us at the next event. It is great fun.
On to the run itself, first finisher was Andrew Inglis from Cambridge Harriers whose time of 16:34, whilst not a course record, was the best recorded time for his age group and he was followed by a field of nearly 200 which achieved a further 36 PBs on the day. Well done to everyone who took part on the day, see you all on the 16th June!

Song of the Week – It keeps you running – Doobie Brothers
Hat of the week – Akubra Gymkhana


Shepton Mallet parkrun report #54

Collett Park woke on another warm and sunny spring morning with the tree blossom in full bloom. During the Run Brief the Run Director thanked all the runners for their understanding during the medical emergency during last weeks events. It’s always reassuring to test the emergency procedures prior to them being needed. We also welcomed a runner from New Zealand visiting our parkrun, maybe Shepton parkrun needs to visit New Zealand and take over one of their events.
The run saw another week with over 200 athletes finishing, 211 to be precise. 1st overall was Bristol and West’s Dave Eagon on a time of 17:53, with the first lady finishing in 18th place, Jo Merrick from Somer AC. The event saw another amazing number of junior boys and girls who are consistently producing PB’s and having big smiles on their faces.
We are constantly receiving comments of how friendly and welcoming the event is, this is down to the constant high level of enthusiasm shown by our Hi Viz army who once again did a magnificent job. Ok the sunshine helps. Thank you all for volunteering and making Shepton Mallet parkrun a continuing success. If you have ever though of volunteering you will be more than welcome just speak to one of the Hi-viz heroes who make this event happen.

Song of the Day – White Wedding – Billy Idol
Hat of the Day – West Indies Cricket Cap

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