Event #93- The Record Breaker!!

Well what a corker it was- On the first day of 2019, hundreds of folk descended on Shipley Country Park resulting in a new record for our event. 

To kick start the year in style I decided to try an alternative pre run brief.....

"Welcome to Shipley Country parkrun, event number 93
and here today we approach 2019 with glee
If you come every week, you'll soon be much fitter
well, you certainly won't be any...... worse!

This next bit is where we all get to cheer
as we thank you team of ace volunteers
Thanks for our volunteers for making today possible
if you thank them when you pass them, you will find them quite hospitable

Visit our website to find out how
to get involved...but dont do it now
there's a run to do first, but maybe later
you could have a chat with Nicola, our volunteer co-ordinator

You'll spot our volunteers in their bright hi-viz vests
other Parkrun's have marshals, but Shipley's are the best
We've got timekeepers, scanners and a fab token Queen (Lisa K blushes)
We've got sorters and tailwalkers who dont earn a bean

So join us next week, you won't regret it
I'd tell you the email address but you'd only forget it
[here it is folks shipleycountryhelpers@parkrun.com, or contact us through our Shipley Country parkrun Volunteers Facebook Group]

Are here any Tourists with us today?
[Visitors from Leamington, Kettering, Manchester, Basingstoke,Mansfield to name but a few]

Thank you for coming, we're glad you could make it,
Dont forget your barcode to show you didn't fake it

Any birthdays or milestones today to report?
[We suitably embarrassed Michelle Broughton who was celebrating her 50th parkrun event!Congratulations also to Gail Sudbury. Carrie Broughton was celebrating her 100th run!!]

Are there any under 11's today that have shown up?
Remember to stay at all times with your grown up
That might mean running slower with mum or with dad
'Cos going solo invalidates our insurance and that would be bad

Are there any dogs here? You're all so cool
You're welcome here, but we have just one rule
Please keep your owner on a very short lead
and that way you and your human are sure to succeed

Please be courteous to other park users
our access isn't exclusive, so don't be abusers
keep left on the paths and it will work out fine
with luck you might even get a personal best time

Remember our course is an unintentional 'p'
And twice up that hill that is renowned at Shipley
Its slippery up the hill, so careful as you go
there are some pinch points so take them quite slow

After your run or walk join us in Ramblers Cafe
I know it will seem quite strange being a weekday
But I can assure you of a parkrun treat
A hot drink, a scone and a comfy seat

If you are off to o the parkrun double
please do take it steady to avoid any trouble
so join me in one last cheer
as we launch this parkrun on this new year

Timekeepers are you ready?
We're all set to go!
Do you have your GPS signal?
Too late, you're too slow

3, 2, 1.....gooooooooooo!"

So a prompt 9:00am start, saw 376 runners, joggers, shufflers and walkers jolly around Shipley Country Park with the assistance of 24 volunteers.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers: Jo RHODES • Jessica DOBSON • Rebecca DICKINSON • Lisa KIRKLEY • Hannah PETRIE • Tim SIMPSON • Ian MORLEY • Lisa SIMPSON • Tara LEACEY • Harrison MORLEY • Michael ANDREW • Claire COOMBES • Julian BLOOR • Colin NORTHEDGE • Nicola CARTER • Jacqueline SAUNDERS • Isobel MORLEY • Priya AGHEDA • Janet LAWN • Aaron INCE • Paul HEAPPEY • Vanessa DOBSON • Dawn LITCHFIELD • Kevin BOTTO


We had a staggering 123 first timers to Shipley, with 32 of you setting new personal bests. What a cracking start to 2019!!


Event #92 29/12/18 That awkward time between Christmas and New Year but you know it’s parkrun day!

Stuffed with Christmas Dinner and a haze of not knowing what day it is didn't stop 196 of you taking part in Shipley Country parkrun's 92nd event.

The day saw 17 PBs, 40 First Timers, 27 Volunteers and 30 clubs represented.

Following on from those stats take a look at what happened in 2018!!!

38,540km covered this year over 7708 runs/walks of Shipley Country parkrun by 2203 participants. Supported by 1233 volunteer positions covered by 261 individual volunteers.

934 people have registered with Shipley Country parkrun as their Home event this year.

Back to Saturday and we had tourists from Bradford and Dulwich.

Tim Gore from Bradford completed his 100th parkrun! Well done Tim and thanks for choosing Shipley Country to complete it at, we hope you and your family had a lovely day. Helen Clough Jones also completed her 100th parkrun, amazing achievement and was with a family member who completed her very first parkrun, proud moment.

Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18Shipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18

Thank you to this week's volunteers, we couldn't do it without you, Jessica DOBSON • Rebecca DICKINSON • Ros JOHNSON • Lisa KIRKLEY • Ross POYZER • Amanda STRICKSON • Tim SIMPSON • Ian MORLEY • Carole MITCHELL • Claire DUROSE • Lisa SIMPSON • Tara LEACEY • Harrison MORLEY • Michael ANDREW • Suzanne PANCISI • Nicola CARTER • Isobel MORLEY • Priya AGHEDA • Jason HUGHES • Jane RODGERS • Janet LAWN • Libby HARPER • Aaron INCE • Chris CHAMBERS • Vanessa DOBSON • Helen SUTHERLAND • Nigel SMITH
UntitledShipley Country parkrun event #92 29/12/18

On behalf of the Event and Run Director team we'd like to thank you all for your support throughout 2018 and making Shipley Country parkrun the place to be on a Saturday morning. Whether you run, walk or volunteer you all make it happen. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year.

Don't forget, New Years Day brings the opportunity to complete 2 parkruns on one day!! What better way to start than with us at 9am prompt.Hope to see lots of you there.

Shipley Country parkrun Run Director Team x


Event 91 Shipley Country parkrun


An amazing attendance for the 91st Shipley country parkrun with 228 participants. Coming from this were 33 first time runners/ walkers/ joggers at Shipley, 25 achieving personal best times and there were 27 affiliated run clubs represented. All marshalled, coaxed, encouraged and co-hersed around by our stuperbulous volunteers.



I don`t think I have ever had so many volunteers, amazing peoples thankyou very much for your patience. Muchly appreciated.

Going that extra mile for our volunteers and runners/walkers/joggers were the Gerring`s who laid on a fantastic festive spread. The pork and leek sausage rolls were really, really nice. Thank guys....!!



There were also some amazing efforts by participants to get into the festive spirit with some fandabby-dooozy costumes......

Untitled    Untitled



Santa and his elf finding time out of their busy schedule...!!


A big welcome and hello to one of our tourists ( managing to dodge the drones at Gatwick) was Helen Van-der-mays from New  Zealand and her family. Hope you enjoyed your stay...??




First back was Jethro McGraw in a super quick time of 16:56;  2nd back was Hannah Viner in an amazing time of 17:59 and becomes our female course record holder. Well done Hannah, ( sorry, didn`t catch you for a photo...!!). 3rd in was Darren Potter in a time of 18:01...Awesome. Great efforts there lovelies........



1st runner back, Jethro. Top job fella

We also had three new members to the over fifty club. ( and that`s not age...!!!)

An awesomely  mahoooosive well done to Richard Bell, Emma Leeming and Alan Sandford. Keep it going guys......

It was a great parkrun with a great atmosphere, as usual. But I would like to thank one and all for the appreciation and respect before, during and after shown to two of our most dedicated volunteers.

Losing family members or loved ones at any time is hard, but at this time of year, it is especially challenging. Just echoing what Nicola said before the run brief. Shipley Country parkrun will support them know and through the coming days, months, years, however long it takes. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with Jacqui, Chloe and all the Saunders family...XXXXXXXX





Humungous respect to all who helped Jacqui and Chloe tailwalking, especially Smalley Road Runners. It was completely heartwarming and great to see.......Top notch bunch....!!!!!


Many thank you's to one and all. Merry Christmas.....



Event #90 – 15/12/18

Well, last Saturday's parkrun was certainly one of the coldest I've volunteered at for a while and we even saw a few very tiny snowflakes (about 3 to be precise!) But snow is still snow, right?! Anyway, as always, a great big thank you to our fabulous volunteers that make parkrun possible.

Shipley Country parkrun 15/12/18

Despite the cold and the distinct lack of orange vests, thanks to the Smalley Road Runners Christmas party the night before, we still saw 131 of you over the finish line. We had a group visit from South Derbyshire Running Club, who normally frequent Conkers parkrun, which was fab and they all seemed to enjoy it - even our famous hill! We also had Mark, whose home parkrun is Clumber Park, achieving his 50th parkrun with us - well done Mark and welcome to the red t-shirt club!

Shipley Country parkrun 15/12/18 Shipley Country parkrun 15/12/18

There were also a good number of junior parkrunners today - which is always great to see. With Emma, in the JW10 category, taking part in her first ever parkrun and finishing with her mum Louise (and the dog) in an impressive 39:20! Also Lily, also a JW10, bagged herself a new PB in 38:31! Well done girls, hope to se you back at Shipley soon :D

Shipley Country parkrun 15/12/18 Shipley Country parkrun 15/12/18

Our first male finisher today was Shipley regular Bruce Raeside, from Kimberley & District Striders, in an impressive 17:27. Our second chap was not too far behind, and almost definitely got a PB but had no barcode so we can't be sure. Third was Luke Beresford, from Ripley RC and also a Shipley regular, in 18:23. For the ladies it was Jenny Laing who came in first and also fourth overall, one of Conkers tourists who runs for South Derbyshire Road Runners AC, in a cracking time of 20:10. Second was my lovely friend Melanie Wright who was paced by hubby Jay to a PB in 24:15. Mel was closely followed by Megan Bacon from Belper Ten Twenty Triathlon Club, and also bagged herself a PB of 24:24. Massive well done to all of you!


With only a few more sleeps to go, this Saturday is our Christmas special so embrace the festive fun and feel free to wear as many Christmassy clothes as you can manage to run in! So dig out your Christmas jumpers, hats, antlers, Santa/elf/reindeer/grinch outfits and hope to see you all Saturday :D


Event 89 – With regular volunteer Diane Neville’s interesting stories

A very cold morning and a splash of rain didn't deter 124 hardy parkrunners and 21 largely elf-hatted volunteers from venturing out for their weekly Saturday parkrun fix.

Firstly a special mention to Sally Savage doing Shipley for the first time – her normal run is Clumber Park but she has now done 48 of her 159 parkruns in different locations – we’re dying to know where the 50th new place will be! Sally together with friend Linda Smith (101 parkruns) and her husband Marcus (118 parkruns), all the way from Long Eaton(!) recommended Shipley saying that she would love the hill, the atmosphere - especially the high 5’s, and the scones. Linda ran a very creditable 37:00, finishing alongside Marcus, and Sally recorded a slightly nippier 36:31. Big thank you’s are also due to Linda and Marcus because both are very regular volunteers to keep the parkrun show on the road. And yet more interesting facts about Linda and Marcus – both of them were sporting snazzy tourist cowls for visiting more than 20 separate parkrun locations!

marcus sally linda

Picture left to right: Marcus, Salley and Linda

Shipley also welcomed Melton Mowbray’s top moustache owner Glyn Parry for his 4th parkrun with an excellent time of 33:33 – after staying locally in Marlpool. Glyn said that he enjoyed the run and found the hill “not too bad”. Thank you Glyn – we wholeheartedly agree with you!

Glyn Parry

So all the above was brought to you by a particularly amazing crew of volunteers!



Event 89 had 14 first timers, and a mighty 13 personal best times and the first runners to finish were Skye Kelton (F) and Dan Cation (M) - big congratulations to you both!

female winner

male winner

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