Southport parkrun – Event number 87 – 13th January 2018

Well, where do we start with this week's run?
First of all, as Simon talked about in the Pre Run Briefing we had a little celebration for one of our well known runners, Kelly, who completed her 50th parkrun this week. Simon and I went on our VI Guiding course in November '16 and within weeks Simon had spoken to Kelly and suggested she could come along and experience a guided run. She agreed and by pure coincidence on the same day Donna also joined us for her first run. That cold December morning she completed in 43:31, returning the next week for a 39:06 then 38:08 the week later... The PBs continued every week until early March saw 28:01. She hasn't stopped there though, the PBs have been coming again and last week Kelly managed a 25:06.

It's not just her PBs. Kelly also inspired James and Karen to come along and run with us and is one of a handful of Outreach Ambassadors (Visual Impairment) representing the whole of the UK's runs as well as sharing her story on the parkrun blog to help inspire more people to take part. Well done to Kelly, who before parkrun had never ran a step.

Kelly wasn't the only runner earning a club t-shirt. Lewis Morgan and Faith Howard also ran their 10th parkruns with us and earned their junior 10-club t-shirts, but I didn't know about these before the run.

Lots of new runners...
The huge attendance was helped by the 46 people who recorded their first Southport parkrun today including 33 who took part in their first ever parkrun. There were 52 48 'unknown' runners too (12.3% 11.3%) which is about double the national average. Many of these unknowns were also doing their first parkrun. Do sign up at parkrun if you are one of them and I really do recommend the wristbands for everyone as you can carry ICE details on any run (

Sorry, but if you are showing as "Unknown" because you weren't scanned then I can't add you after the run, but you can start to accumulate runs next week.

Record attendance
You have probably also noticed that we broke the course attendance record too today. It was previously 386 (on 15/4/17 and 7/10/17) but today we saw 424 finishing with almost half of you (198) between 27:00 and 33:59 - that's one person every 2.1 seconds. Princes parkrun and Birkenhead parkrun also broke 400 for the first time today - a lot of people in the area getting fitter for the new year? And this was on a day when a lot of club runners were off to Burnley for a Cross Country fixture!

Speaking of the Cross Country, well done to Southport parkrun regulars Oliver Logan who won the >15 girls race and Sammy Pickerill who was third in the >11 boys race. Loads more of our regulars took part, especially in the senior (adult) categories, but I'm bound to miss people if I try to list them all. The Cross Country races are free events to club members for anyone interested in running some different courses in a team event. Great fun (says me who stayed at home nursing a cold).

Timekeeping almost wasn't there...
Also a huge well done and thank you to Simon and Aoife who handled the timekeeping issue today when the watch Adrian was using froze on about the 6th finisher. This meant that timekeeping was all down to Aoife and she carried it out perfectly. If she'd missed or added a click we'd have had a tricky job of results, but she was a star. The pressure was a bit too much for her (only her 2nd time timekeeping) so she did hand over to Katie towards the end. Interesting to note that this is the 2nd time that as RD Simon has had a stopwatch fail and had to depend on a DofE volunteer to do the job perfectly.

Result issues
We did have a few Funnel Duckers to sort out. Please, if you cross the finish line, even if by mistake, please take a token and drop it straight into the bucket. If you have crossed the line the timekeepers (or timekeeper) has clicked for you and we need to match this up with the token numbers. There were 3 of these today, which is why results were out at 11:00 instead of before 10:30 (the extra time being spent by Simon and myself trying to piece together the jigsaw).

We also had a very interesting 2 sets of duplicate finish tokens. It looks like a father and son finished together and then had the same token scanned, which may have been a manual error by the scanner given there was an unknown runner before them). However, token 80 had 2 people recorded against it. What was very strange was that token 80 didn't make it back last week so we think someone has taken it away and used it this week, possibly taking away another token? If you are one of the 2 people affected please email so I can sort it out. You were scanned so I can add you back in!

Speaking of which we lost a record 5 tokens this week. If you have accidentally taken home a token could you drop it back into the bucket next week or even get it passed back before then? We need to reuse the tokens next week and if we lose loads we have to buy a new set, which isn't cheap.

Dogs going splash
I did also hear a story today about a dog ending up in the lake. I think it was a runner's dog and not a general park user and it was on the lead, but a good opportunity to say please remember that parkrun rules state that dogs must be on a short lead (1.2m or 4 feet long) and Hesketh Park's rules also state that dogs must be on leads around the lake. I wouldn't allow a dog to go near the water anyway - no idea what could be caught from that water (that's another story...).

Right, thanks to Simon and the team for today's run and over to Anna for next Saturday's event. Will it be another record breaker or is cold weather going to make it a quieter one?

This week 424 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 46 were first timers and 72 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Keith LUNT • Katie MAWDSLEY • Sarah LUNT • Jayne FINCH • Doug MCNAIR • Robert WILLIAMS • Robert SMALLWOOD • Adrian SHANDLEY • Mari DYSON • Simon TOBIN • Matthew TOBIN • Paula TOBIN • Emma COOPER • Luke PRENDERGAST • Margaret WALMSLEY • Patricia TABRON • Ed UNWIN • Marc TAYLOR • Owen BARNES • Louise JAMES • Alex SMITH • Aoife LEWIS • Rachel INTONAZZO • Katriona BEVERIDGE • John HARRILD • Malcolm TEALE • Bob FAIRHURST

Southport parkrun started on 11th June 2016. Since then 3,805 participants have completed 22,803 parkruns covering a total distance of 114,015 km, including 5,027 new Personal Bests.


Southport parkrun – Event number 86 – 6th January 2018

Just a quick run report this week. Helen and the team looked after the event and did a magnificent job, dealing with a slight finish line issue (one that's new to us) yet still getting the results out quickly.

We had a magnificent 42 people join us for their first Southport parkrun and 39 of these were doing their first ever parkrun! A lot of New Year's Resolutions there I suspect.

Ella Darby ran her 10th Southport parkrun and earned herself her white junior 10-club t-shirt. That was it as far as club t-shirts were concerned.

Right, over to Simon for tomorrow's run and I'll see you all there!

This week 344 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 6 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:


Southport parkrun started on 11th June 2016. Since then 3,759 participants have completed 22,379 parkruns covering a total distance of 111,895 km, including 4,955 new Personal Bests.


Southport parkrun – Event number 85 – 1st January 2018

WOW! What happened today?

A huge thanks to everyone that made this morning's events so great. For many of us it was off to Ormskirk parkrun to run there at 09:00 to witness the rare event of RD Paul being ready ahead of schedule then being treated to some poetry to fill a gap. He certainly demonstrated a Pre Run Briefing level that I wasn't attempting to follow.

As I mentioned in our briefing it was Denise McDougall's 50th parkrun. What I didn't mention was that her husband was marshalling on the course, taking part in his first parkrun as a volunteer to surprise her.

I also managed to give a mention to Sam Coupland also running his 50th parkrun, but even though Katie reminded me that it was father / son double I forgot to give a shout to Lee Coupland for his 50th parkrun.

13 people ran their first ever parkrun with us today at Southport and a few have left messages on Facebook so I hope to see them all again soon. However, the huge crowd at my New Runners' Briefing showed how many tourists we had with a massive 87 first time tourists from other parkruns. I've never had to explain the course in a loud voice before - that's usually saved for the main briefing.

Quite a few people did wander off to the start before the main briefing and it is a safety briefing, so I did have to wait whilst we got them back. Please don't go and bag a start line position instead of the safety briefing - we did have a lot of water on the course again and we need to know the message is getting to everyone if we are aware of an issue.

And yes, as with last Saturday the puddle was back at Manx Corner. Not quite so deep today, but it makes a great landmark when describing the course but some of the tourists were surprised whenI said they'd be running through it 5 times in 3 different directions. It's known as Manx for a reason...

Over to Helen and a strong representation from the Core Team for next week, although we could do with a couple more marshals for Saturday and a scattering of most roles the rest of the month.

This week 346 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 100 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Keith LUNT • Alison MOORE • Mike LEATHERBARROW • Carole WILLIAMS • Sarah LUNT • Jessica DEAN • Mark FOSTER • Annie MCCAFFREY • Chris ATHERTON • Brian DAVEY • Robert WILLIAMS • James DEAN • Robert MOUNT • Martin CARR • Margaret WALMSLEY • Paul HILL • Marc TAYLOR • Connor JAMES • Aoife LEWIS • Zana LADIPO • Juliette WELLS • John HARRILD • Bob FAIRHURST • Bruce MCDOUGALL

Southport parkrun started on 11th June 2016. Since then 3,717 participants have completed 22,035 parkruns covering a total distance of 110,175 km, including 4,903 new Personal Bests.


Southport parkrun – Event number 84 – 30th December 2017

84 runs in and the park decided to throw something at us out of left field. A huge puddle!

The conditions certainly make the run interesting and regularly different. This month we've had the normal course, slight ice patches, revert to the B course, our own santa event and then a huge puddle today.

We have see the puddle a few times, but only mid week and never on this scale so it was quite a surprise for Anna (today's Run Director), Sarah and myself when on setup we turned the corner and saw a lake ahead of us! It was obvious that there were no escapes, so setting the way we wandered through it with our final signs (actually, I took a few wanders through it to find a good photo for our social media).

One briefing later and loads of runners obviously didn't believe us as there were gasps approaching the water and many people stopping. But there really was no getting around it - the water was cold and wet but made some great photo opportunities. I did feel guilty that Alice along with her children Alfie and Lottie were marshalling in the puddle on their first ever volunteer stint, but I think the children enjoyed it.

Club T-Shirts
On Christmas Day I did a shout out for Annabel Riding, who I thought might be there earning her 10-club t-shirt. She wasn't there but came back today to earn it. Well done to her. Earlier this year she did a great job as one of our DofE volunteers for 3 months so good to see her back and running.

Owen Barnes also earned his 10-club t-shirt with a run through the puddle. Not a name I am familiar with, but all 10 runs have been with us, but the other 9 took place earlier this year so hopefully the start of a return to running.

Also earning a club t-shirt today Anthony Hepple got his 50-club. Just back from injury having volunteered over Christmas whilst he rested.

New Year's Day
And once more we're back doing it all again on Monday (although at least 1 person spoke to me thinking the double was today). The details are:

- 09:00 Ormskirk
- 10:30 Southport

Please remember that Ormskirk will be trying to start on time, so allow time to park and get to the briefing area. We will hold off a few minutes if we think people are still travelling from Ormskirk to Southport so please take care and don't rush, but be ready for a few minutes of hold up before we get going.

If you aren't up for running we would love to see you marshalling the course - we'll spread any extra marshals out around the course to make sure park users know that we're there later than normal on a strange day.

The Cut & Paste Bit
This week 314 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Susan Ann STEWART • Keith LUNT • Susan COOPER • Mike LEATHERBARROW • Carole WILLIAMS • Ben SMITHERS • Sarah LUNT • Rebecca BURNS • Robert WILLIAMS • Garry VAN • Molly RIDING • Sarah YOUNG • Adrian SHANDLEY • Robert MOUNT • Martin CARR • Patricia TABRON • Eileen COCKWILL • Marc TAYLOR • Gordon MCKINNON • Anna HEYES • Alice LUNT • Alfie LUNT • Kevin DAY • Rachel INTONAZZO • Vernon YULE • Bob FAIRHURST • Lottie LUNT

Southport parkrun started on 11th June 2016. Since then 3,617 participants have completed 21,689 parkruns covering a total distance of 108,445 km, including 4,880 new Personal Bests.


Christmas Day 2017 – Event #83

Our second event of the festive weekend saw a fantastic 263 participants, 21 volunteers and I've no idea how many spectators taking part in Hesketh Park.

When we walked over to the meeting area for the briefings I was amazed at how many people were assembling. Usually when we shout for the New Runners Briefing it is a bit quiet with most regular runners arriving during the NRB, to see so many people there on Christmas morning was amazing. Thanks to you all for coming along and celebrating the start of Christmas Day with us. To see so many people involved and have so many people passing compliments and thanks was great. That's what parkrun is all about!

37 of our runners were unknowns for this run, around 14.8%. Even for us this was a high percentage so I'm guessing we had a lot of first timers who hadn't got around to registering. Hopefully many of these people will be back in future weeks now that they have discovered parkrun.

And maybe like the following they will soon be earning club t-shirts! This week we had more 50-clubs earned than we've had in the whole of the rest of the month:
• Tom Parry
• Steve Owens
• Martin Bailey
• Chris Hewitt
• Garry Rimmer
• Sarah Young (I wasn't told about Sarah reading this milestone so missed out announcing it)

And as many 100-clubs as I don't know how long:
• Stephen Wareing
• `Vicki Hudson

Many of the above I know through training with them at Southport Waterloo AC so it's great to see lots of people celebrating their achievements.

We also mustn't forget that 10 people ran their first ever parkrun with us on Christmas Day and another 10 touristed with us for the first ever time. Huge welcome to them all.

Next weekend we again repeat the double events, plus there's time also to run at Ormskirk parkrun if you want to run more or you want to volunteer once and run once. Just to make sure it's clear (I keep getting questions):

Saturday 30th - 09:00
Monday 1st - 09:00 @ Ormskirk parkrun
Monday 1st - 10:30 @ Southport parkrun

As we've previously said we will make sure that if you are taking part in Ormskirk you have time to get over to Southport after you finish. If you are running / walking at Ormskirk and then volunteering at Southport don't worry if you aren't going to be with us until closer to 10:30 - we'll sort it out!

This week 263 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 20 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Keith LUNT • Laura HARRILD • Trace ALLAN • Sarah LUNT • Kate BLACK • David RICHARDSON • Rebecca BURNS • Sarah DAVIDSON • Jayne FINCH • Janey LUNT • Anthony HEPPLE • Lola JIMENEZ • Donna GRIMSHAW • Alex SMITH • Connor JAMES • Zana LADIPO • Mark HOLMES • John HARRILD • Pablo HOLMES JIMENEZ • Vernon YULE • Bob FAIRHURST

Southport parkrun started on 11th June 2016. Since then 3,585 participants have completed 21,375 parkruns covering a total distance of 106,875 km, including 4,856 new Personal Bests.

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