Southwark parkrun’s course change: April 2018


From 21st April 2018 Southwark parkrun will be changing its route to accommodate the construction of a new pavilion in the park.

Please note that around 750 metres of the new route takes place on grass. This means we are now a mixed terrain course and not exclusively tarmac. You may wish to consider what footwear you choose when attending as the course may feature mud if it’s been raining.

The recommended meeting area for parkrunners is near to the finish area, where you’ll be able to leave a bag (at your own risk) if you so wish. After the briefs we will head round the lake to the start line. Volunteers should head to the finish funnel for check-in.


The course consists of 3.5 laps. Each 1,400 metre lap follows the same route, except that the 4th lap features a turn off for the finish line after 800m, hence it’s only half a lap.





Our expectation is that this new route will remain in place until the construction works are complete, provisionally scheduled for November 2018.




Is it still 5km?

Yes, all Saturday parkrun events are 5km so that’s not changing.


Will it still be 3 laps?

No, it will now be 3.5 laps: 3 longer laps of 1,400 metres followed by a shorter lap of 800 metres. The maps at the top of this page should help illustrate these.


How much of the route is on grass?

A 250 m section which you run 3 times will be on grass. The finish area will also be on grass. We are a mixed-terrain course.


Do we still meet at the same place?

No, as the start and finish lines are both moving. The meeting point for parkrunners will be near to the finish (see above image). Please arrive in time for the pre-run brief at 8:55, or for the New Runner Brief at 8:50 if you have not visited us since April 2018. There'll be opportunities to leave a bag near to the finish line but be aware that this is at your own risk so we recommend not to bring anything valuable.


What does this mean for volunteering?

Most of the volunteer roles will be unchanged although we will be re-positioning where the marshals stand. As always full training will be provided before the run.

We expect to require more volunteers each week to help us manage the changes. We’re always incredibly grateful for all volunteer contributions so if you’re able to join us one week we’d love to hear from you (


What else is changing?

That’s about it really. Same old timed 5k run/jog/walk. Same old lovely community.


We’ll still go to the Surrey Docks afterwards though, right?

Of course, and we’d love you to join us!


Is the route suitable for …

… dogs? Yes, although the ‘one dog per person and only on a short lead’ rule still applies. ("Can I run with my dog?")

… wheelchairs? From a safety perspective we consider it to be safe but please bear in mind that 750 metres will be on grass which could be muddy after rain. Ultimately it is at the discretion of each wheelchair user to decide whether they feel the terrain will be suitable. If you're unsure please drop us a line at and we'd be happy to advise (also see "Can I parkrun in a wheelchair?")

… running buggies? See the above advice regarding wheelchairs (also "Can children take part?").


If you have any general questions about parkrun events you can try searching on the main support area: You can also contact our event team at


Course change


We will shortly be saying goodbye to our beloved ‘Twitter bird’ course that has served us well since 2013. Later this year Southwark Park will be host to an exciting new pavilion, including café and toilets, but whilst it’s being built we will need to adjust our 5k route. We therefore expect to debut a brand new course on Saturday 21st April which will remain in place until the café development is completed.

We’re just putting the finishing touches to the layout of our new course but we’ll unveil it as soon as we can. The start and finish line will be moving a little so please plan your visit accordingly and allow enough time to join us.

Keep an eye out for more news from us within the next few days.


Southwark Park 10k Race – 12th May 2018


The Southwark Park 10k race will return for its 5th year on 12th May 2018.


As this is a Saturday it means there will be no parkrun on this day. However, the organisers have once again offered a discount to all Southwark parkrunners who wish to enter; the entrance fee will be £15 instead of £18.
Southwark Park 10k entry form
As with previous years there will be a big contingent from Southwark parkrun regulars who'll be racing so if you're interested in giving 10k a try this is the perfect opportunity. Of course, if you can't do without your parkrun fix then this is a good week for some tourism.


Southwark parkrunners 2014



Southwark parkrunners 2015


Southwark park 10k team Southwark parkrun 14-05-16Southwark parkrunners 2016


The discount is open to anybody who has attended Southwark parkrun at least once.


Here's how to take part:

  • Pick up an entry form at Southwark parkrun – we'll have some paper copies each week which you can ask the volunteers for.
    Alternatively you can download the form here: Southwark Park 10k entry form (2018)
  • Pay by attaching a cheque or by online transfer (details on form).
  • Hand in your completed form to the Run Director at parkrun and we will deliver it to the organisers to get you registered. You can also mail the form instead if you refer.


We've also been offered free places for anybody who'd like to be pacer for the 10k. If you're interested then drop an email to to arrange.


Hope to see you there!


Big Half 2018: The Southwark parkrun ballot


You may have heard that the London Marathon organisers are launching a brand new half marathon next March called The Big Half ( It'll be a busy, exciting London event with a route that follows much of London Marathon route, including the loop around Southwark Park.


As a local community group, we have been granted 3 community entry places for the race and as a gesture of gratitude have decide to award these to our regular volunteers. All Southwark parkrunners who have volunteered 3 times or more within the past 12 months will be eligible to enter our ballot and we will hold a live draw at our Christmas-themed run (our 'Tinsel Run' - more news on this to come) on Saturday 9th December to select the winners.


How it works:


  • If you have volunteered at Southwark parkrun on 3 or more occasions between November 2016 and October 2017 then you are eligible to enter. We've counted 84 parkrunners who meet these criteria.
  • Eligible parkrunners will NOT be entered into the ballot automatically. You MUST tell us if you would like a place.
  • To enter just drop us an email at We will reply and confirm your ballot entry.
  • If you aren’t sure whether you qualify, you could check how many times you received a pre-run reminder email or post-run thank you email. If in doubt drop us a line and we’ll happily check our records.
  • If you already have a place for the Big Half then please do not enter the ballot – you can’t run it twice!
  • If you enter the ballot and later change your mind (or receive a place elsewhere) please let us know so we can withdraw your entry.
  • The deadline for entering the ballot is Friday 1st December with the live draw occuring at parkrun the following week (9th December).


We're hoping for lots of ballot entries so that our live draw on 9th December is extra exciting!


Best of luck :)




We are grateful to London Square for their offer to subsidise our race entries.


Trick or Treat Runs at Southwark Park


It’s typical of Halloween-themed runs through Southwark Park. You wait all year for one and then three come along at once.


You may have already heard about our own Pumpkin Run on Saturday 28th October (more on that here). We’re excited to introduce you to two more events occurring later that day – the Trick or Treat Runs in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

There will be two races: a 1.30pm family-friendly 'Spooky Run' (2.5k or 5k) and a 5.30pm 'Scare Run' (5k) in the dark.

Both will feature

  • themed Halloween Zones around the course
  • Thriller warm-up routines
  • glow-in-the-dark medals
  • fancy dress competitions

There are also opportunities to volunteer as a zombie / skeleton / mummy / pumpkin at one of the race’s themed zones! Volunteers can help entertain the runners during one race and then enter the other for free.

You can find out more about the event here:
or email to sign up as a volunteer.

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