Southwick parkrun Event 313

This weeks parkrun was again a very special event with tourists coming from far and wide. We welcomed visitors from New Zealand Norfolk Kent Swindon and Chippenham and it is a sure thing that others were there too. Trowbridge Town Under 13's sent their football team to Southwick to raise money to buy a new strip, we wish them well with this and any one wishing to donate can do so through their Just Giving page. The Run/Walkers were on their penultimate appearance and were helped on their way by Jerry and the the rest of his Pacemakers, a big thank you to them for all their help. Milestone runs were made by Ed Knudsen and Gemma Lawton who were both running their 50th parkrun. Amazing age grade scores were recorded by Carol Freeman 84.72% and Frank Lamerton 81.27%. First across the line was Charles Stockley who recorded a new PB to finish in 17.40 with Matt Kitching of Queens Park Harriers second in 17.48 a PB for him too. A special mention for junior Lawrence Martindale who also produced a new PB finishing third in 19.01 a fine performanace by him . First lady went to Carly Hodgson of Avon Valley Runners who finished in 22.02 for her 5th first in 64 appearances second lady to cross was club mate Gemma Lawton in 22.45 a new PB for her on her 50th run. Laura Hoskins of Avon Valley Runners also ran a new PB to finish in 23.07.


Southwick parkrun Event 312

This week’s parkrun saw both Matt Evans and Gill Perry complete their 250th parkrun. On the 3rd September 2011, Matt and Gill ran the very first Southwick Country parkrun. As far as we are aware, they are the first original Southwick parkrunners to reach their 250th milestone. At every 50th parkrun, they have run together. Congratulations to them both.

First over the finish line this week in 17:05 was Avon Valley Runner Mike Rose. This was Mike’s 13th time as first finisher.   Second was an unknown runner, with Avon Valley’s Dan Miles coming in third at 17:43. This was Dan’s milestone 150th parkrun and he has been in the top three on 15 of his 18 appearances at Southwick. First three ladies over the line in quick succession and all representing Avon Valley Runners were Katie Miles in a new PB of 21:05, Veryan Cranston in 21:20 (achieving a new PB for her 6th consecutive outing) and Carly Hodgson in 21:49.

The top two age-graded runs this week were by Southwick perennials Frank Lamerton (80.96%) and Rosemary Barber (78.48%) in gender positions of 17th and 21st respectively.

36 runners achieved new PBs this week and there were 20 first time appearances at Southwick, 13 of whom were running their first ever parkrun. Runners from 16 different clubs were represented among the 267 finishers, brought home by Tail Runner Elizabeth Morris one of 33 volunteers.

We are very grateful to all 33 of the volunteers who made this event happen: Dudley BROWN, Liz BUNDY, Jerry CLARK, Claire DONOVAN, Matthew EVANS, Janice FLIGIEL, Laura GREGSON, David GRIFFITHS, Richard HARDING, Alexis HARRIS, Ian HARRYMAN, David HYDE, Andrew JEFFERIES, Paul MANUEL, Jasmine MARTIN, Elizabeth MORRIS, Eloise NICE, Laura OATLEY, Logan OATLEY, Anezka Mae OATLEY, Martin PEARCE, Fiona PRICE, Sean PRICE, Alexander PYPER, Ashleigh SALTER, Dominic TAYLOR, Helen Sarah TIPPLE, Ian TUNKS, Sarah WAUGH, James WAUGH, Olivia WELLS, Jake WELLS, Myra WILBY


Southwick parkrun Event 311

The 311th Southwick parkrun was overseen by Run Director Ken Price, volunteering for his 237th time, a Southwick record. First finisher from a field of 271 was a delighted Richard Harding of Avon Valley Runners in a time of 18:57 - a first for Richard in his 105th appearance. Second was Stewart Avery in 19:08 and third over the line was an unknown runner.
First Female this week was Avon Valley Runner Cerys Powell in 21:18 (up from 3rd last week), closely followed home by Carly Hodgson in 21:39 (also of AVR), with Sally Somers in third position with a new PB of 22:50.
There were 29 runners entitled to hit the gong achieving new Personal Best performances.
There were 40 Southwick First Timers of which 27 were running in their first ever parkrun.
This week's event was also graced by a bride-to-be and her hen party and saw the continued development of the run-walk group.
This week's honours for highest age gradings go to Southwick legend Frank Lamerton for the men with 79.06% and first-timer Jennifer Field with 76.91% leading the women.
This week's sole milestone run was junior George Russam making his tenth appearance. Southwick social media guru Matthew Evans was this this week's most frequent runner with 249 to his name - look out next week for Matt and also Gill Perry completing their joint 250th run.
Many thanks to the 30 volunteers without whom parkrun would not happen.


Southwick parkrun Event 310

The 310th Southwick parkrun saw 286 runners competing in the Shoeperman parkrun. First finisher for the second successive week was Ed Knudsen with a time of 17:06. Second male was Chris Roxburgh not far behind in 17:31 and third was Daniel Miles in 17:49. All are members of Avon Valley Runners as were the next three over the line. First Lady was Katherine Uphill from Frome RC finishing in 20:38, second was Kiersty Rose from Calne RC in 21:09 closely followed in third position by Avon Valley's Cerys Powell crossing the line with a time of 21:14. Highest Age Gradings this week went to Gary Eagle with 80.52% for the men and Southwick favourite Rosemary Barber 77.39% for the women. This week saw 26 Southwick First Timers, 12 appearing in their first ever parkrun and 37 runners recorded PBs. One first timer was Susan Esslemont of Fetcham and Leatherhead Dashers who is this week's most prolific parkrunner with 353 outings. There were milestone runs for Ian McKee & Michelle Gibbs both running for the 50th time. Steve Miller made his 150th appearance.
Inspired by Southwick photographer, Shoeperman Martin Pearce we were joined by plethora Superheroes including Dr Who, Bat Girl, Charity Morphman, Supergirl, Hulk, Batgirl and a full roster of Power Rangers.
Many thanks go to the 31 volunteers without whom parkrun would not happen.


Southwick parkrun Event 309

This week, the 309th run at Southwick saw a visitor from Surrey Paul Carter of Epsom Oddballs RC become a tourist here. He is a member of Non Such parkrun which started in September 2011 just after our own so will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary around the same time as us. Paul said he picked up a few ideas from Southwick including our Run/Walk initiative which has received a good reception from other parkruns across the World and was introduced to Southwick by one of our Run Directors Fiona. Paul also mentioned that Non Such had a twinning arrangement with one of the Australian parkruns which leaves room for thought. We also had Roisin Field running for the first time here and celebrating her hen do with us and ran wearing bridal head wear. An amazing run by our very own Frank Lamerton saw him he achieve 80.90% age grade score it is believed that this is his first time to reach 80% after many weeks of coming very close. Congratulations go to our milestone people this week including Hannah Eaton who not only ran her 50th she also reached the 25 volunteer goal. Keith Avery ran for the 100th time and Sarah Waugh 150th amazing achievements. A strong performance by Ed Knudson of Avon Valley Runners saw him first across the line recording a time of 16.26. Second to cross and running a new PB for a 16.56 finish was local favorite Mike Rose also of Avon Valley Runners with club mate Dominic Beddis finishing third in 17.26. Junior runner Nial Thorne also deserves a mention as he was 4th to cross the line and recorded a new PB after 53 parkruns. Ceyrs Powell of Avon Valley Runners was first lady to cross the line finishing in 21.17 continuing her improvement at the park by producing a new PB. Anna Marie Watson crossed second in 22.37 with Zoe Yeomans of Avon Valley runners third in 23.04.

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