Christmas at Southwick Country parkrun

We will not be running on Christmas Day.

We will be running at 9am on New Years day, this gives an opportunity to run at 10.30am at another local parkrun as well - TBC


Southwick parkrun Event 349

An International flavour came to Southwick Country Park this week with visitors from Holland and Scotland among others .Milestone runs by Fay Barnes (100) and Shruti Moraes (50) proved very popular with the onlookers who created a party like atmospere when they both finished. Another fantastic milestone occurred when our very own Fiona Price volunteered for the 250th time, she did this in style as she was duty Run Director on the day 202 runners walkers and joggers took part with 19 visiting Southwick for the first time and 29 of the 202 recorded new personal best times. First man to cross the line was Adam Bradburn who finished in 18.24 after leading throughout. Nick Cranston was second to cross with a time of 19.02 (third overall) closely followed by James Drake just 19 seconds behind. Another great day for the ladies saw an amazing run by Laura Taylor who finished second overall with a time of 18.46. Beth Good was the second lady to cross the line finishing in 23.64 with first timer Sue Cranch third in 24.18.


Southwick parkrun Event 348

On the eve of the London Marathon it was good to welcome Anna Marie Watson back to Southwick after running multiple Marathons in the Sahara Dessert, huge her. A big well done to Les Unsworth who after 163 runs ran a new PB. Les is also a regular volunteer often taking the Bibs home to wash. The accolades do not stop there with Simon Hart,Katie Camina, Andrew Nicholson all completing their 50th parkrun with David Bennett running his 100th a huge well done to all of them. Among the runners walkers and Joggers were tourists from Nottingham Huntingdon Scotland Worthing and Weymouth. Twenty of the participants were running Southwick for the first time and seventeen achieved new personal best times. Once again a huge thank you to the 25 volunteers without them we could not run the Event. A fine run by Jim Kay saw him first to cross the line with a time of 17.43 a new PB for him. Second was Adam Bradburn who finished in 18.37 with Robert Burn third in 19.16. First Lady to cross the line was the Amazing Lydia Louw who recorded a time of 21.43. Caroline Watson finished second in 22.20 closely followed by Lottie brown who crossed the line third in 22.23 a new PB for her.


Southwick parkrun Event 347

Spring came to Southwick this week and it was apparent by the way the participants seemed to have an extra spring in their step. Kate Moody was presented with the parkrunner of the month for March, this proved very popular with the rest of the Southwick parkrun family. Her parkrun history includes D of E volunteering and eventually progressing to running and has shown continued improvement. It was big day for milestone parkrunners with Helen Davies Matt Slee Ian Tunks Paul Manuel and Kit Claxton all completed their 50th parkrun. Fiona Newman completed her 100th parkrun a fantastic achievement , our congratulations to all of them. 278 runners walkers and joggers took part with25 first timers and 21 achieving new personal best times.. A huge thank you to the 30 volunteers who attended because with out them we could not of run the event .A very good run by Guy Wood saw him first to cross the line in 17.16 in his first run at Southwick and recorded an amazing age grade score of 89%. Second to finish was Adam Bradburn who had a time of 18.44 with Ian McKee close behind to finish third in 18.58 You could throw a blanket over the first three ladies to cross the line with Anita Mellodew first with a time of 20.31 and Katherine Carey second in 20.44 a new PB for her with the amazing Lydia Louw third in 20.56.


Southwick parkrun Event 345

Southwick parkrunner and local boxer Ryan Wheeler brought his recently won Super Featherweight British Challenge Belt with him when he was guest starter at this weeks parkrun. It was clock change weekend and this was celebrated as usual with the run being reversed and the 251 participants which included 22 first timers achieved 44 new personal best times. An amazing number of 42 volunteers braved the mud at Southwick to ensure that the event took place, a massive thank you to all of them. Congratulations to milestone runners which included Cathy Greenland 150 Mick Marchant 100 Tim Burrell 50 and Alison Kjaer who also ran her 50th parkrun. First across the line was junior John Howorth who finished in 17.32 closely followed by Dominic Beddis who recorded 17.33. Matthew Tune produced a new PB with a time of 18.00 it can only be a matter of time before he breaks the 18 minute barrier. First lady to cross the line was junior runner Katie Brown who was very impressive finishing in 22.26 a new PB for her. Anniezka Louw was second in 23.40 with Helen Davies third in 24.56.

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