Exodus Travels

Taking the parkrun family around the world

For over 40 years Exodus Travels have been connecting like-minded people to different cultures around the world, supporting local communities and helping travellers to grow from their experience. parkrun is a central hub for the local community and we are proud to partner up with such an inclusive movement that fosters and continuously grows its community roots. One of the best things about parkrun is the community that it creates and the togetherness that brings people of all backgrounds together every week. Our adventure holidays create a similar bond between people where you quickly become like family and experience the joys of discovery while immersing in local culture by trekking through valleys or mountains, cycling across deserts or walking on historical coastal roads.

Responsible Travel

We are committed to responsible travel and believe that our brand of positive impact tourism can benefit local communities by engaging with them directly, buying local and leaving nothing but footprints. These types of positive social exchanges can stabilise communities and encourage you to spread these ideas of goodwill when you return home.

Celebrate our partnership

To celebrate our new partnership, if you quote your parkrun barcode number when booking a trip you will receive a free official parkrun apricot top! Read more about this offer here.