PruHealth and parkrun

Running - a fantastic way to get healthier

Running is one of the most accessible and simple ways to improve your health. That's because almost anyone, anywhere can put on a pair of trainers and start. Plus, the benefits of regular running to your health and wellbeing are far-reaching.

There are many ways that regular running can help keep your body healthy such as being good for your heart and bones, helping to manage your weight and boosting your immune system. It can also help keep your mind healthy by helping you sleep, easing anxiety and making you happier.

The fact that parkrun is free and encourages people to get active makes parkrun and PruHealth ideal partners. That's because PruHealth want you to live life well, and we're here to help you do it by making it cheaper and easier for you to get healthy, and rewarding you when you do.


We'll help you get healthier

As soon as you join PruHealth, you'll get discounts just for living well through Vitality - our health and wellbeing programme. Every time you do healthy things through our partners - like participating in a parkrun - you can earn points with Vitality.

You'll get 10 points for taking part in a parkrun, and 5 for helping out as a volunteer. As you earn points, your Vitality status increases, which means we can give you bigger rewards*.

If you're already a PruHealth member visit to find out how to link your Vitality account with parkrun (or see below).

Rewards to keep you motivated

We know that getting healthy takes a bit of time and effort. So, to keep you motivated, we give you rewards for doing it. We've chosen rewards that will help you rest, relax and live life well. So once you’ve completed your run you can reward yourself with free weekly cinema tickets, a discount on healthy breaks at Champneys, savings on standard annual passes to theme parks and even holidays*.

* Vitality Plus may be required to access these rewards

How to link your Vitality account to parkrun

To link your Vitality account to parkrun so your participation can be rewarded with Vitality points, please click "my links" on any results, newsletter or initial registration parkrun email you have ever received.

Alternatively, if you can't find one of these emails, you can request your link here by simply entering the email address you gave when you registered with parkrun. We'll then send you a mail with the link.

Once at your links page, click the PruHealth button and submit the simple form.

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running shoe discount

We make it cheaper for you to buy your running shoes

We give our members discounts through our partners to make it cheaper to live a healthier lifestyle, and this includes a 50% discount** off running shoes through fellow parkrun sponsors Sweatshop to help you get kitted out for your run.

** Discount correct as of 1st January 2014. Terms and conditions apply.

PruHealth and adidas partnership

Earn more Vitality points during your training with adidas miCoach

We also have a partnership with adidas, that means members can earn even more Vitality points when using miCoach as part of their training. With a range of devices that include a calorie measurement device, heart rate device and a free mobile phone app, you can earn points depending on how hard you exercise. The harder you exercise the more Vitality points you'll earn, up to a maximum of 40 points per week.

You can now also download our free Vitality Active app to earn Vitality points for your workouts and to share your activities with friends. The app turns your smartphone into a device to record your workouts whether you’re walking, running or cycling.

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