Event #85 Run Report

Saturday was grey, overcast and not a shred of blue sky anywhere. However, it wasn't too cold, raining or icy, so a reasonable winter's day greeted our runners. A combination of New Years resolutions, parkrun tourism from Wimpole and a determination to get fit, saw 372 runners & walkers complete the parkrun, which is our 2nd highest total ever!

All the runners & walkers were encouraged and guided safely around the course by our fantastic band of volunteers. This week our special thank you goes to:

Catherine CRAIG • Michael FLETCHER • Roger BIGGS • Daniel SUTTON • Jason ROOT • Kris WESTCOTT • Mark BEASLEY • Ian ALEXANDER • Tracy NORRIS • Tony RANDFIELD • Molly-Rose FISHER • Carolyn LINSELL • Joe COLGAN • Richard GLAISTER • Scott BILLINGS • Matthew PATTMAN • Nathan HADFIELD • Sarah FRITH • Rosemary BIGGS • Alan FORD • Johnny SENDALL

If you are interested in volunteering for future runs, then please email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com

Congratulations to Russ Andrews and Lizzie Sarno who both completed their 50th parkruns on Saturday and Noah Hart who completed his 10th parkrun as a junior.

We had 49 PB's on Saturday, which is excellent, considering the section through the trees is quite muddy underfoot, so congratulations if you were one of them! Welcome to the 70 first timers, who we hope enjoyed their first run with us and we would love to see you at future Stevenage parkruns!

Congratulations to Dan McAlpine who was the first male finisher with a time of 17.06 and Madeleine Pritchard the first female finisher with a time of 22.28.

We passed another significant milestone on Saturday which illustrates the influence of parkrun. After event number 85 we have passed 100,000 km run in total. After 20,304 runs we have amassed 101,520 km, which is the equivalent of running two and a half times around the world! Amazing stats, which are testament to everybody who has joined us since the 28th May 2016!


Event #84 Run Report

Happy New Year!

The first Saturday of 2018 saw a fantastic 299 people running, jogging and walking Stevenage parkrun on a frosty and chilly morning. A few extra precautionary cones and marshals were positioned on the course where it was a little icy. There were 61 first timers and 22 who recorded new personal bests. The first three men across line all recorded PBs with first finisher Paul STANYON in 19:27, Paul MARTIN in 19:50 and Richard POULTER in 20.16.

First female over the line was Lindsay PORTER in 20:44, then Maria SWIFT running with her dog Mylo in a new PB of 24:53, then Caroline GODFREY in 25:05.

37 people, perhaps with New Year resolutions in mind, participated in their first ever parkrun. Well done to you all and we hope today's event will be the first of many.

Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

Big congratulations go to Jill Griffifths who ran her 50th parkrun and also to Hywel Evans (a junior) who ran his 10th.

Nathan Hadfield reached his 50th volunteer milestone whilst also celebrating his birthday with some barcode scanning. Thank you Nathan. Another regular volunteer Carolyn Linsell was also celebrating her birthday by running today. Happy birthday to you both!

9 year old Riley Wood ran his first ever parkrun for the charity 'Tiegan's Star' which raises money for children and families on the Paediatric Haematology and Oncology unit at Addenbrookes Hospital. Great work Riley! He even got to be Honorary Run Director for a few minutes (see photo above.)

Thank you to the 26 fabulous volunteers for making the event today possible:
Vicky BERRY • Paul DIXON • Michael FLETCHER • Jason ROOT • Louise SMITH • Karen PALMER • Holly FINNIGAN • Brian FINNIGAN • Jon DALEY • Karen BROOM • Ian ALEXANDER • Oliver KNIGHT • Mark EDWARDS • Robin WOODROW • Jo FISHER • Callie CHAPMAN • Tracy NORRIS • Tony RANDFIELD • Molly-Rose FISHER • Joe COLGAN • Tim BARTON • Matthew PATTMAN • Nathan HADFIELD • Sarah FRITH • Alan FORD • Alan GOODWIN

See you all again next week.

Karen Palmer

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Stevenage parkrun Results Page HERE.


Event #83 Run Report

Stevenage parkrun's first ever event on New Years day attracted a whopping turnout of 315 runners. Many of whom had earlier been to Panshanger parkrun, which set off at 9am, and as Stevenage's started at 10-30am this gave runners their only opportunity of the year to "do the double".
The weather was kind and aside from sticky underfoot in the wooded section the course was in good condition.

Many running clubs were represented with Stevenage's own Fairlands Valley Spartans represented by 35 runners, Stevenage Striders by 16, Royston Runners by 9, Stevenage NHAC by 2, NHRR by 3, GCR by 2 and Freedom Tri by 2 also.
A huge figure of 91 first timers attended with 20 runners achieving PB's.

4 regular Stevenage runners passed or reached the 50 runs mark today, James South, Thomas Suka, Darren Emmerson and Alex Pritchard. Very well done all. Red shirts all round.

Linda Bateman was running her first ever parkrun too. I doubt you heard me mention it at the start of the race so here's a mention on the run report.

Time to name check our band of beautiful and enthusiastic volunteers: Ian ALEXANDER, Roger BIGGS, Jo BOWDERY, Trevor BROOM, Esperanza CASTRO, Martin DUDLEY, Chloe EMMERSON, Claire EMMERSON, Alan FORD, Richard GLAISTER, Nathan HADFIELD, Richard HENRY, Jackie HOLLYWELL, Danielle LEWIS, Tracy NORRIS, Matthew PATTMAN, Tony RANDFIELD, David SCOTT, Stephen SMITHSON, Monica SMITHSON.

Happy New Year to all. Here are the stats from Stevenage parkrun since it started in May 2016.

Number of events: 83

Number of runners: 4,134

Number of runs: 19,633
Number of first finishers: 90

Number of clubs: 271

Number of PBs: 4,547
Average number of runners per week: 236.5

Average number of runs per runner: 4.7

Biggest Attendance: 426
Average run time: 00:29:30

Total hours run: 1Years 37Days 7Hrs 44Min 2Secs

Total distance run: 98,165km
Female record holder: Natalie LAWRENCE - 18:47 - Event 1 (28/05/16)
Male record holder: Ian KIMPTON - 15:07 - Event 15 (03/09/16)
Age graded record holder: Yuko GORDON - 92.48 % - 22:36 - Event 38 (25/02/17)


Event #82 Run Report

Cobwebs blown away at Stevenage parkrun

An impressive 193 people braved the blustery wind to run, jog or walk the last parkrun of 2017 in Stevenage.

11 people recorded PBs with 29 taking part in Stevenage parkrun for the first time. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

First man across the line was Keelan HENRY in a new PB of 18:54. David HAYLETT followed him in with a time of 19:41. Third man was Richard POULTER on 20:34.

First female across the line was junior Amy SINCLAIR. Her first run at Stevenage crossing the line in a impressive 22:50. Charlotte GIBSON was second female clocking a time of 22:57. Eva MCCABE, also a junior, was third in 23:10.

Congratulations to Martin DUDLEY who completed his 50th parkrun today. All at Stevenage! Well done Martin.

As ever huge thanks go to all the fantastic volunteers without whom parkrun just wouldn’t be possible. Thank you all.

Roger BIGGS • Karen PALMER • Carole SHELDRICK • Jackie HOLLYWELL • Thomas SAUKA • Gordon COWAN • Karen BROOM • Ian ALEXANDER • Yuko GORDON • Kevin BROWNE • Tracy NORRIS • Tony RANDFIELD • Joe COLGAN • Trevor BROOM • Julie TAYLOR • Nathan HADFIELD • Paul MURRAY • Richard HAMILTON • Alan FORD • Dzenana TOPIC

Don’t forget that there’s an opportunity to “do the double” and notch up not just 1 but 2 parkruns on New Year’s Day. First head over to Panshanger for 9.00 am and then back to Stevenage for another parkrun starting at 10.30 am.

Happy New Year!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Stevenage parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Natalie LAWRENCE who recorded a time of 18:47 on 28th May 2016 (event number 1).
The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:07 on 3rd September 2016 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yuko GORDON who recorded 92.48% (22:36) on 25th February 2017 (event number 38).

Stevenage parkrun started on 28th May 2016. Since then 4,045 participants have completed 19,318 parkruns covering a total distance of 96,590 km, including 4,527 new Personal Bests.


Event #81 Run Report

Santa was true to his word and turned up on a rainy day.

Oh no he didn’t.
Oh yes he did.

There were reindeer, Santa’s Elves and a few more Santa’s running. When Santa got there Ian Alexander was nowhere to be found so he had to stand in for him. Thank you Father Christmas. Ian is on Santa’s naughty list for next year. Everyone got into the Christmas spirit and thanks have to go to all the runners and our amazing volunteers who week in, week out turn up, do an amazing job and don’t take enough credit for what they do. It was an amazing turnout for the runners and volunteers again and it was Christmas morning. There’s no stopping our award winning volunteers so thank you from me and the rest of the Core Team for all your help throughout the year. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Thank you volunteers.

And Santa did a great job. Congratulations to Ian Alexander (when he was found) as he said he helped he has now completed 50 Parkruns as a Volunteer at Stevenage alone and has helped at a few more Parkruns besides.

For the second time this month we’ve had a family all the way from Melbourne, Australia running at Stevenage. We were very honoured to have our Parkrun friends from Australia and they did say that they would be back either on the 30th or New Years Day. We look forward to them visiting us again.

The run went well apart from issues with the Barcode Scanners as 174 men, women and children came out and ran off their breakfast and made room for their Christmas dinner. At the end there were Mince Pies drinks .

A couple of runners that reached milestones on Christmas Day were Phil TURNER who completed his 50th Parkrun and Edward HOWTING who completed his 10th Parkrun. Congratulations to both Phil and Edward.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who made this event possible. The amazing volunteers are:-


Don't forget that Stevenage Parkrun is going ahead on New Years Day at 1030. You can complete two Parkruns that day and we hope you choose Stevenage as your second Parkrun of the day.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Stevenage parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Natalie LAWRENCE who recorded a time of 18:47 on 28th May 2016 (event number 1).

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:07 on 3rd September 2016 (event number 15).

The Age Grade course record is held by Yuko GORDON who recorded 92.48% (22:36) on 25th February 2017 (event number 38).

Stevenage parkrun started on 28th May 2016. Since then 4,016 participants have completed 19,125 parkruns covering a total distance of 95,625 km and there have been 4,516 Personal Beats.

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