Event #97 Run Report

Well, that was rather nice weather we had this week, wasn't it? For the first time in what felt like eleventy-thirteen months we were greeted by a sunny and warm day in Fairlands Valley Park. 252 people completed the course, of which 18 were first-timers and a whopping 61 hard-working bunnies achieve a new PB (that's almost 25% of the athletes!) In fact, 7 of the first 10 finishers recorded new PBs - so the weather seemed to make all the difference. Full results for this week are available HERE

Whilst we had no attendees recording milestone runs or volunteering, we did congratulate Emma Kent on her marriage later that day. Here's hoping the sun kept shining and you missed the showers in the afternoon!

A big bucket of thanks to all of our volunteers this week: Chris HOLLAND • Jason ROOT • Steve WELLS • Gordon COWAN • Esperanza CASTRO • Niki PLUMB • Robert WHITTEN • Tracy NORRIS • Tony RANDFIELD • Molly-Rose FISHER • Helen HARRIS • Trevor BROOM • Matthew PATTMAN • Nathan HADFIELD • Alan FORD • Jack LUNNON • Shelbe MOONBEAM • Alan GOODWIN • Juliette MULLEN. These guys'n'gals ensured you could take part and sweat your little hearts out on Saturday. If you'd like to volunteer at some point (remember, no volunteers = no Stevenage parkrun!) then email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com.

The next few weeks include a whole bunch of special events at Stevenage parkrun:

  • April 28th: Pacing Day - yes, our popular pacing day returns with a group of volunteers attempting to help you break your PB. These event are always enjoyable and give everyone a sense of achievement, so why not come along - you may be spurred on to a fantastic time
  • May 12th: 100th Stevenage parkrun - if it were a wedding, this would be a double-gold anniversary
  • May 26th: 2 year Anniversary of Stevenage parkrun - well, that came round quick, didn't it? Expect all sorts of shenanigans and stuff. Not an event to be missed!

Best of luck to any of our parkrun family taking part in Sunday's 2018 London Marathon. In the words of someone wise: 'May your time and blisters be like the bite of a toothless mouse - small and pain-free!'



Event #96 Run Report

No snow, wind or rain! It was warmer today:
And not swimming in mud (on the tree-lined runway)
It was bright and warm and springy and sunny
And on the 26th May we want you dressed as a bunny*
(*or other non-rhyming fancy dress of your choice – it's our 2nd birthday celebration run)

Hello and welcome to this week's run report!

Firstly, big congratulations to this week's milestoners: David Carter (100) and Darren Isted (50). A fantastic achievement! (I hope you're not waiting too long for your t-shirts!)

This week 318 runners (and some dogs) ran, jogged, walked and trotted the course: a mahoosive 57 peeps ran personal bests (well done!) and 20 were very-first-timers (welcome to the parkrun family) and for another 19 their first at Stevenage: the hill at the end will seem less steep next week! Thanks for choosing our parkrun; we look forward to seeing you again next week if you're local and please visit us again next time you're nearby if you're a tourist.

Top three gents were: Kris Westcott (18:32), Mr Unknown-no-barcode and Craig Wilson (18:44) and top three ladies: Tina Randall (23:41), Louise Martin (24:10) and Claire Emmerson (24:18). Our fastest junior members were: William Morley (23:36), Joseph Tarr (24:53) and Stanley Gammans (25:57). Fastest junior female was Adele Janusyte (31:30). Full results are available HERE

Our sunsoakedcheerysmileyclappyamazingtastic volunteers were expertly led by run directors Tracy Norris and Tony Randfield: thank you to them and to all our volunteers who set up, briefed, marshalled, guided, timed, tokened and tail-walked: Esperanza Castro, Alan Ford, Joe Colgan, Michael Fletcher, Matthew Pattman, Nathan Hadfield, Karen Broom, Roger Biggs, Rosemary Biggs, Michael O'Keefe, Hazel Jones, Jack Lunnon, Elizabeth Jordan, Dan Smith and Emma Southerington (who also composed this rather fine report - RD).

We are always looking for volunteers and would be very, very pleased and grateful to hear from you if you'd like to help, please email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com

We are on also on Twitter as '@stvengeparkrun' - nearly 350 followers (!) and Facebook at 'Stevenage parkrun'

See you at the park next Saturday and thank you all for your support!


Pacing Event – 28th April 2018

We've decided to hold another of our popular Pacing Events on Saturday 28th April 2018.

We're looking for volunteers to act as pacers. Ideally, you'll be able to cover the distance at a consistent, comfortable pace for you in an agreed time (or as close to it as is reasonably possible.) So, if you'd like to wear a tasteful hi-viz jacket in fluorescent orange with your time emblazoned on the back whilst being chased by a group of strangers around a park on a Saturday morning, just email us at stevenagehelpers@parkrun.com giving us a rough idea of what time window you wish to pace for. Pacing events always get great feedback and are incredibly beneficial to other participants, so why not give it a go?

For our runners it is a great opportunity to test yourself and go for a new PB! Email us at the above address stating what time you would like to achieve and we will try to find a pacer to help.

We hope to see you all on April 28th!


Event #95 Run Report

Stevenage parkrun

Event number 95

7th April 2018

Today’s Stevenage parkrun saw the first properly spring like weather of the year. The promise of milder conditions tempted 229 people out of their beds to run, jog and walk the 5k circuit at Fairlands Valley Park. 33 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part. 16 people ran their first ever parkrun. Well done to all of you and we hope you’ll be back next week.

There were PBs for Jonathan PARR who was first over line in a new PB of 18:22. 20 secs later Kris WHITMORE finished with a PB of 18:42.

For the ladies Kayla JOHNSON was first female to receive a watch click of 22:24 on her first run at Stevenage in her third parkrun. Helen HOYLE was second lady in 22:54 and Jo BOWDERY next in 23:23.

Not quite earning their milestone tshirts (but nearly there) were Darren ISTED and Martin PERRY who both ran their 49th parkruns. Meanwhile David CARTER ran his 99th parkrun and Damian MACENHILL notched up his 268th parkrun.

The event was made possible by 21 super volunteers. Thank you all!

Phil DEAVES • Michael FLETCHER • Roger BIGGS • Ken JUDE • Emma KENT • Karen PALMER • Esperanza CASTRO • Tony RANDFIELD • Helen HARRIS • Joe COLGAN • Trevor BROOM • Matthew PATTMAN • Nathan HADFIELD • Hedley HADFIELD • Victoria HADFIELD • Rosemary BIGGS • Paul HOWARD • Alan FORD • Toni MENEELY • Alan GOODWIN • Hazel JONES

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Stevenage parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Natalie LAWRENCE who recorded a time of 18:47 on 28th May 2016 (event number 1).

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:07 on 3rd September 2016 (event number 15).

The Age Grade course record is held by Yuko GORDON who recorded 92.48% (22:36) on 25th February 2017 (event number 38).

Stevenage parkrun started on 28th May 2016. Since then 4,599 participants have completed 22,788 parkruns covering a total distance of 113,940 km, including 5,082 new Personal Bests

Karen Palmer

Thanks to Karen Palmer for this week's run report above.

I just wanted to add a quick note now to say we had some issues with one of the scanner files today. If you are missing from the results and know your finishing position, approximate time, or both!, please drop an email to the office address with those details and your name and parkrun ID and we'll do our best to get you added in to the results. Thanks to those whoe already emailed in earlier today.



Event #93 Run Report

Event #93 Run Report- (Thank you to Sarah Frith for volunteering to write our run report this week)

Another Saturday another glorious park run, with thanks to our sponsors for making this happen for free. The spirit of park run was epitomised by the participation of the runners and volunteers who provided enthusiastic participation, encouragement and brightly coloured clothing. Otherwise the weather was resolutely grey and overcast and slippy underfoot.

The weather didn’t deter the 276 park runners who attacked the course with determination including many first timers. There were 58 personal bests a fine achievement in such tricky conditions.

First place was Jonathan Parr with a PB of 18.24s, second place was Darren Purchase in a time of 18.43s and third place was Kris Whitmore with a PB of 18.44s.

Steve Wells got the best male age graded score of 79.69% with a time of 19.27s.

First place for women was Claire Emmerson in a time of 22.53s, second place Helen Elizabeth Hoyle in a time of 23.22s and third place Jan Valenzuela in a time of 24.19s.

Frances Levy got the best female age graded score of 75.73% with a time of 25.37s.

Special mentions to Megan McGrotty who beat her last PB by nearly 5 minutes and Manny Adolph for her 50th park run! Justin Hill clocked his 115th run, Daniel Burczyk his 117th, Terry Sargent his 121st, Ellie Scott her 165th and Verity Fisher her 205th. Well done all, that's dedication for you!

As I ran this 5K run, which I found tough after some time away, even with the help of my dogged companion (quite literally a collie called Teddy) I reflected that whatever has or hasn’t happened that week, whatever you hope or dream for, park running will be there with a warm welcome and help you process those thoughts and bring your body and mind closer to nature, a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Thank you to our volunteers Alan FORD • Chloe MARSHALL • David SCOTT • Esperanza CASTRO • Garry WALLACE • Hazel JONES • Helen HARRIS • Jack LUNNON • James MARSHALL • Louise CHANCELLOR • Matt RINGER • Matthew PATTMAN • Molly-Rose FISHER • Nathan HADFIELD • Sarah FRITH • Tony RANDFIELD • Tracy NORRIS

Wishing all park runners and volunteers near and far a promise of spring and summer hope and joy.

Remember, being alive can be glorious you just have to find those key moments and breathe them in deeply to hold you through the dark times.

Directors note- Please please all remember not to take away the finish tokens with you, we found our tokens are diminishing so please ensure you do not take them home with you :)

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