Run Report #110

This week was Claire Emmerson's 50th run

So round the course her friends had lots of fun:

With pretty chalk produced

"Mind the Bollards!", "Turbo boost",

It was fab and took our minds off that hot sun!

Hello and welcome to this week's run report!

Another glorious day of sun welcomed 331 runners (including 19 first timers and 14 firsts-at-Stevenagers) to Stevenage Parkrun for another of our popular pacer events resulting in an amazing 52 PBs! A big thank you goes to our pacers for enabling these: Kris Westcott, Kris Whitmore, John Stott, Vicky Berry, Danielle Lewis, David Morley, Nick Gill and Christopher Boar.

King of the PBs this week were Jenny Curtis (4 PBs in a row), Kerry Ferguson (4), Eva Ramsey (4), Kevyn Hopkins (3), Sandra Richardson (3), William Morley (3), Chris Mann (3), Teni Olasupo (3) and Marie Colucci (3) – well done!

In addition to notching up a 3rd PB in a row, junior runner William Morley & Finlay Morley also notched up their first milestone (10); congratulations go to him and to Claire Emmerson, Ruan Mare & Jennie Mare on their 50th milestone parkrun. You should all receive an email soon on how to claim your commemorative t-shirts.

Our top threes and fastest runners this week were:

Gents: Jon Williams (17:59 - PB), Simon Poole (18:58), Matthew Jackson (19:01), highest age grade: Charles Arnold (74.79%)

Ladies: Bluebell Cooke (20:00 – also highest age grade 77.50% - PB), Charlotte Gibson (21:57 - PB), Marie Colucci (21:59 - PB)

Junior men: William Morley (20:57 - PB), Isaac Whitten (21:03 – also highest age grade 70.63%), Gabriel Oldham (22:34)

Junior ladies: Bluebell Cooke (20:00 – our fastest female, highest age grade (see above) and also a PB – wow!), Amélie Hobbs (25:42), Charlotte Oakley Deville (26:36 – first parkrun)

The event was made possible by 27 hi-vis-tastic volunteers:

Vicky BERRY • Phil DEAVES • Ems SOUTHERINGTON • Anne MILLER • Jackie HOLLYWELL • Kris WESTCOTT • John STOTT • Gordon COWAN • Kris WHITMORE • Suzanne TYDEMAN • Esperanza CASTRO • Nicola HATHERLY • Oliver KENNEDY • Richard HENRY • Nick GILL • Tony RANDFIELD • Danielle LEWIS • Joe COLGAN • Richard GLAISTER • Matthew PATTMAN • Christopher BOAR • Nathan HADFIELD • Rosemary BIGGS • Richard HAMILTON • James ASTLEY • Alan FORD • David MORLEY

Thank you to all who paced and marshalled and set up and took down and tokened and timed and beeped and directed and briefed and processed and tail-walked and funnelled and sorted and wrote and photographed. Parkrun doesn't happen without volunteers: if you'd like to join in, please contact us via email at:

Finally, could the James Bond fan who left with token 007 please return it: the token's aren't souvenirs – if you've inadvertently popped a token in your pocket by mistake, please pass it to anyone in a hi-vis-vest next week!

See you all at the start line next Saturday! Don't forget your barcode!

Written by volunteer Ems Southerington.


Event #109 Run Report

Parkrun #109 Volunteers
Another glorious sunny day greeted the 299 people who completed the Stevenage parkrun course, of whom 37 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests - very impressive given the scorching temperatures!

In order to allow this event to take place, 19 wonderful people gave up their Saturday morning to stand in the heat and set up, time, scan, marshal or hand out little plastic tokens. Big thanks to these sunburned heroes: Jason ROOT • Chloe MARSHALL • James MARSHALL • Magda MEIER • Gordon COWAN • Sophocles GEORGIOU • Suzanne TYDEMAN • Oliver KENNEDY • Robert WHITTEN • Tracy NORRIS • Helen HARRIS • Joe COLGAN • David SCOTT • Nathan HADFIELD • Rosemary BIGGS • Chloe CHAPMAN • Alan FORD • Alan GOODWIN • Rachel HALL. If you'd like to volunteer in future to help us keep the events going, simply email us at

We had a couple of landmark participants this week:

  • Paul Murray completed his 50th event
  • Isabelle White completed her 10th event as a junior

Both of you should be getting emails soon on how to claim your commemorative t-shirts.

Finally, next week (July 21st) we have another of our popular Pacing events. With pacers ranging from 19 to 32 minutes, there should be one to suit a broad range of attendees. We could always do with more pacers, particularly 30+ minutes, so contact us if you'd like to volunteer as one.

Enjoy the sun - and remember to stay hydrated!



Event #108 Run Report

Thank goodness for the Fairlands trees,

They shaded the sun and funnelled the breeze.

Thank goodness for the mafia geese,

Whose pathway pooing has finally ceased.

Hello and welcome to this week's run report!

This week 219 people and 3 pushchairs ran, jogged, walked and rolled around Fairlands: it was so hot this morning that two hobbits turned up and tried to dispose of a ring.

In fast running news, and despite the heat, a fantastic 25 runners set new PBs!  Special mentions go Gill Hughes who has notched up her 4th PB in a row, and to Nick Kleanthous, Mark Smith and Michael O'Keefe who have all PB'd on their last 3 parkruns.  Congratulations all!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found here:

An especially warm welcome this week goes to the 15 runners who completed parkrun for the very first time, and 9 others who ran Stevenage for the first time too.  Welcome to the parkrun family here at Stevenage – we hope to see you again soon!

Our fastest runners this week were:

Gents: James Warner Smith (18:02), Jonathan Parr (18:03) and Kris Westcott (18:18); highest age grade was Steve Wells with 80.45%

Ladies: Caroline Barter (23:05), Helen Hoyle (24:06) and Marta Sierpek (24:11) Caroline Barter (23:02), Cassie Pratley (23:03); highest age grade was Carolyn Linsell with 72.67%

Young men: Ollie Ford (23:22), Cameron Wood (24:34) and William Reyolds (24:53); highest age grade was Joshua Ferguson with 64.58%

Young ladies: Amélie Hobbs (25:15 – also highest age grade with 64.49%) and Isabelle White (38:17)

Congratulations to all!

A big thank you goes to our hi-vis-tastic-heroes this week: Laura Kimpton, Alan Ford, Amy Downs, Eleanor Doswora, Emma Southerington, Rosemary Biggs, Stella Garrett, Tony Randfield, Tracy Norris, Ian Kimpton, Jackie Hollywell, James Astley, Ken Jude, Marleen van Zweiten, Michael Fletcher and Sally McBride.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us via email at: : we will look after you!   Take a look at the roster page and if you have any questions about what the role entails, please email, or ask anyone in a hi-vis-jacket at the finish line!

See you at the start line next Saturday – don't forget your barcode!


Event #107 Run Report

Well this morning began with a bit of a drama as your RD realised just before 8:30 that we had an "electronic kit not where it should be" situation. And the bag containing the stopwatches and scanners wasn't anywhere between the car boot and the finish area! They were located at home, so a quick dash back to Panshanger ensued and the timers were on site 5 minutes or so after 9am.

So a massive thank you to fellow RDs for getting the rest of the team sorted while I was retrieving the kit, and apologies to the runners for the ten minutes or so delay to the start today. Fortunately it's June not January and a gorgeous morning so hopefully it wasn't too much of an inconvenience! And well done to the runner who caught me with a well-delivered "have you got the time?" and had me looking at my watch as he neared the end of the first lap. Excellent timing sir, and got the bite it deserved!

Big thanks to the whole team of volunteers who did a tremendous job as always. Eleanor and Stella were first timers on scanning today and produced a perfect set of scanning files so well done to them first time on that role.

A special mention and congratulations to Jude Barton, Carolina Lopez and Alastair Moye who all ran their 50th parkruns this morning. Well done also to the 13 people attending their first ever parkrun this morning. We hope you really enjoyed it and this is the first of many.

We had one issue with the results file where runner number A4384903 owned by Helen Holden was scanned in both 40th and 182nd positions across two different scanners. I've removed the 40th position result in order to be able to save and progress the results, but can Helen or the person she was with please drop us an email with the correct other runner number and confirm the correct order please and we'll get those tidied up for you.

On to the summary:

This week 277 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 51 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Stevenage parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:07 on 3rd September 2016 (event number 15).
The female record is held by Jessica EARP who recorded a time of 18:46 on 5th May 2018 (event number 99).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yuko GORDON who recorded 92.48% (22:36) on 25th February 2017 (event number 38).

Stevenage parkrun started on 28th May 2016. Since then 4,963 participants have completed 26,325 parkruns covering a total distance of 131,625 km, including 5,930 new Personal Bests.


Pacers Event – 21st July 2018

Our next pacers event will be taking place on Saturday 21st July 2018.  It is always very popular and much anticipated by our runners.  To make it a success, we require volunteers to run as pacers.  You don't need any special skills, just an ability to run at an even tempo to an allotted time.  We encourage volunteers to run a pacing time that is slightly slower than their usual pace, so they feel comfortable and can encourage runners around them.  So if you fancy being a volunteer pacer, enjoy being chased around by a park by a group of runners, whilst wearing an orange fluorescent high-viz vest, then please email us at   We guarantee you will get immense satisfaction from being a volunteer pacer and lots of thank you's from runners achieving new PB's!

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