Parking – Saturday 10 June 2017

Our friends at Trafford AC will be hosting Greater Manchester Schools athletics event this coming Saturday, 10 June. This will start straight after parkrun. Trafford AC has worked very hard to ensure that we didn't have to cancel parkrun this coming Saturday but they need our help.

Because this is a Greater Manchester event, car parking will be very limited.

We'd ask that you support your Stretford parkrun by:

using public transport, walking, cycling and running
 if you have to come by car, please car share
please consider another parkrun nearer your home if must use your car
remember to park with consideration

If you are a tourist and you plan to visit us this week, you are very welcome but it might not be the best week to attend our lovely parkrun due to the parking.

#walk2parkrun #lovestretfordparkrun


✮✮✮✮✮ Course change – 27 May 2017 ✮✮✮✮✮

The boffins here at Stretford parkrun Towers have come up with an idea. They want us to run our course backward. What a great idea! Something about keeping things interesting and to help balance out the number of runners we have.

Anyhow, we thought running backward for 5km with 500+ other people might be daft but they told us to think about it. Here’s what they want us to do:

✮✮The start:
✮ we'll start as usual, do a lap of the track before exiting the stadium

✮✮Lap 1:
✮ here's the important bit, after the bollards don't take a right as usual up the back of the stadium. Instead, go straight and take a slight left along the path towards the Avenue
✮ go down to the switchback, turn and then go back down the Avenue towards Pet's corner, past the allotments and the Scout hut
✮ past the residents' car park and following the big loop around Disc Golf
✮ we'll run down the back of the stadium
✮ look out for the sign, keep right and take the right to start lap 2

Lap 2
✮ run lap 2 as above
✮ at the end of your second lap, look for the sign, keep left, then take a left
✮ into the stadium to complete another lap and finish

We’ve tried this and want to see what you think. We’re looking to spread our runners out more and we’ll be interested to hear what you think once you’ve finished on Saturday. #runbackward #lovestretfordparkrun


★☆★☆ No Stretford parkrun – 13 May 2017 ★☆★☆

Don't forget there is no Stretford parkrun on Saturday, 13 May 2017. We encourage our runners to give something back to the local parkrun running community by volunteering at other parkruns such as South Manchester parkrun and Wythenshawe parkrun.#volunteer #nostretfordparkun


We need to talk about your barcode.

For a while now, we've seen more and more barcodes that won't scan. This means we have to write them down and add them into the results manually.
Many of these are wet, ripped and tatty. For some, the printing quality is not good enough to scan. Your barcode is your responsibility so please bring one we can scan. And, just to remind you, we can't scan from a picture on your mobile either.

Also, the volunteer that writes down the barcodes that will not scan is only there for that purpose. They are not there so you can jump the queue so please don't abuse the system.

Finally, we ask that you update your 'In Case of Emergency' details on your parkrun profile and ensure you bring a barcode containing this information. If something bad does happen then it's not fair for your family, the volunteers or the Emergency services if we can't contact the right people.

And remember, no barcode, no time, no exceptions.

Thank you


Announcement about parking

Last week, we asked you to listen to the run briefing and you did. This week we need to ask for your help again. We need something to help our running community and to help make things easier for everyone especially those that work hard to ensure you get a parkrun each week.

This week, please leave your car at home. With the numbers we're getting each week, the car park fills quickly and we have had reports of cars being parked in an inconsiderate way within the car park and on the surrounding roads. 

This could impact the future of our parkrun so If you want to do your bit for Stretford parkrun, then ride your bike, walk or run to the park. Maybe park a little bit further away and above all, please consider the impact of your journey on our neighbours.

We'll be keeping an eye on the parking, working with the Council, but we ask our running community to take responsibility and the steps to ensure that we do not cause issues or impact our neighbours and other park users.

Thank you. #loveparkrun #lovestretfordparkrun

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