Telford’s 250 milestone parkrun

A damp, wet morning greeted all the volunteers involved with set-up, which thankfully started to dry up as the morning progressed.

It was always going to be special as Telford was hitting that '250 milestone', and unfortunately the event itself is not eligible for a t-shirt!  No Telford parkrunner is yet to achieve their 250 milestone, so parkrunner's were invited to wear whatever milestone t-shirt they had, or a green top in the absence of a milestone top.

We were lucky enough to have a couple of '250 milestone' tshirts  on display from tourists that had made the trip to Telford.  One of the most fitting was perhaps Doug Richards, who be default was very much involved in the creation of Telford parkrun some 5 years ago. His son Chris Richards started the event off, and was Event Director for a long time.  He is still involved with the core team, but for Telford's 250, he actually got a run in!

Well done Chris!

We also had to C25k graduations with us from Whitchurch Whippets and Broseley Joggers, congratulations to all who completed their first Telford parkrun, we hope it will be the first of many!

A special mention has to be made to the dinosaur, and no not the one's that feature on the course each week, but the young lad that completed the course dressed in a dinosaur suit!

Well done to everyone, we hit a new attendance record of 680 parkrunners and 27 volunteers.



Telford 5th Anniversary parkrun: Event 235

On the 16th February 2013, 178 runners attended an event that had never before been held in the town – the inaugural Telford parkrun. Back then, parkruns in the West Midlands were in short supply; Wolverhampton had only just started two weeks before, Shrewsbury still hadn't quite come into being, Cannon Hill, Hanley and Walsall weren't exactly a short drive away, and the likes of Cannock Chase, Wyre Forest, Dudley and Sandwell Valley hadn't even been thought up yet.

Over the last 5 years, Telford parkrun has grown and gone from strength to strength. Attendances have grown as a general trend, and only once in 235 runs has the attendance dropped below 100 (and that was 99!) – a significant achievement if you look at other parkrun attendance lists. A number of changes have occurred, including the relocation of the finish line to its current position when a housing estate was built on the old car park, a change which also included reversing the order in which we ran the big and small loops. The start line has also seen changes (who else remembers having to start in the arena to stop people from trampling the flower beds..?).

This week's parkrun, on 17th February 2018, saw Telford parkrun celebrate its 5th birthday, and there was a party atmosphere as we all arrived to hear music pumping out of the sound system. We were also informed that we had a new start system to try out for the first time – a birthday present?! Attendance seemed a little lower than may have been expected for a birthday run, but the fact that it was the start of half term (so people may have headed off on holidays), and the fact that it rained until about 15 minutes before that start may have put a few people off, as well as the fact that Crewe parkrun had its inaugural on the same day, which may have tempted a few people away.

Of the 486 runners present, Jonny Morris of Wolves and Bilston AC was first back, in a time of 15:57, his first time running at Telford parkrun. He was followed back by the Telford AC pairing of Dylan Gillett (16:18) and Matt Costello (16:19), who rounded out the podium in a close finish. First lady back was Deborah Millington of Wrekin Road Runners, setting a new PB of 20:39 on her way to 34th place overall. 2nd lady was Jolanta Staneviciene (21:54), and 3rd was Sarah Hicks (22:15).

As well as the parkrun hitting its 5th year, a number of runners hit personal milestones, with Iain Price of Wrekin Road Runners running his 100th parkrun, 57 of which have been at Telford. Emmeline Cureton of Run Mummy Run ran her 50th (whilst, we are told, pregnant!). Also running their 50th parkruns were Hamish John Eccles of Wrekin Road Runners, and James Vardill. Well done to all of you!

A number of PBs were also set, so many I cannot list them all! Amongst them were Julia Harris (30:15), Rob Green (20:34), Emma Hall (27:49), Paul Roberts (27:26), Melanie Weatherer (25:46), Phil Shieber (25:51), Olivia Chapman (30:16), Elliot Das-Gupta (18:57), Olive Critchell (39:07) and Aaron McDermott (22:48). Well done to everyone who got a PB this week!

It was great to see a few tourists in amongst the regular Telford parkrunners – some from further afield than others! Amongst the parkruns we welcomed tourists from for our 5th birthday were: Linford Wood, Cannock Chase, Pymmes, Cardiff (missing their 10th birthday parkrun!), Shrewsbury, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Wyre Forest and Rushcliffe. Thanks for visiting, please come back soon!

A final note is just to say a huge thank you to everyone – especially the core team, and everyone who has ever volunteered at Telford parkrun, but also to everyone who has ever run it. The volunteers and runners at Telford make it a great parkrun (and I've been to 31 other parkruns, I can report that Telford really do it right, and we have a great reputation) with a great atmosphere. The last 5 years have given everyone some great memories. Mine include: doing my first ever parkrun here in 2014, setting a PB the morning after spending the night in a tent, running the New Year's Day soak-fest this year with my glasses fully steamed up and having to use my sister's bright pink top as a guide, and doing my 100th parkrun on my birthday (with Telford 10K the day after) just a few weeks ago.

Here's to the next 5 years!


New Years Day: Telford parkrun 228

Today saw the rare opportunity allowing parkrunner's to complete two parkruns in one day. Many took advantage of this opportunity, choosing to take the trip over to Shrewsbury for a 8:30am start, then travelling to Telford for a 10:30am start.

The Run Director's and Timekeeper also chose to do this, and we can confirm that Shrewsbury certainly had the better end of the deal with the weather. Although cold, it was dry.
On arrival at the park, cue some strange looks from dog walkers, who were greeted with runner's changing out of running kit, into several layers, followed by a high-viz top. Cue: Rain :(

The rain started just after set up and never relented until almost the end. This sent our scanning devices into meltdown, with almost all of them choosing to pack up periodically, and most certainly at the busiest time. We apologise for the queues!

562 brave parkrunners completed the course, which is still pretty messy following the snow and over 30 trees coming down in the town park. Well done to everyone that completed the double, but a huge thank you to all the high viz volunteers that endured some of the worst weather conditions we have had in some time.

The event ended on another positive a couple of our regular Telford parkrunner's got engaged. Jim Vidler popped the question at the finish, and Natalie Dimmock, said "yes"! Fantastic guys.


Happy New Year to you all!


New Years Day Telford parkrun Update

Further to our earlier post, we are having a parkrun on New Years Day!
We have adjusted the time to 10:30am, from 10am. This is due to Shrewsbury parkrun also taking place on New Years Day at 8:30am. We want to give you the opportunity to complete two parkruns if you so wish.

There is no better way to start your New Year!


Telford parkrun: Event 222

Last week parkrun globally celebrated passing the 4 millionth register parkrunner worldwide which is a phenomenal achievement considering how it started just over 13 years ago with only 13 runners congregating in Bushy park. Last week Jim also celebrated his 80th birthday with a special appearance on the local news and the celebrations continued again this week, with a fantastic array of cakes waiting for everyone at the finish line, which went down a treat! Thank you!

456 parkrunners lined up on the paths of Telford Town Park to take part in event number 222!
All runners were supported by the following 31 volunteers who gave up their free time to enable today’s event to happen:
Katie COTTON • Kim FAWKE • Andrew CROZIER • Jennifer HARROWER • Jennifer ROBINSON • Mike SPRASON • Gary ANNETT • Kevin CAIN • Mark HALSTEAD • Amanda ASHLEY • Richard SMITH • Melvin LILLEY • Warren NUTTALL • Johnathon SMART • Lee SUTTON • Helen MADDEN • Stacey PASKIN • Julia LACEY • Paula JOHNSTON • Ann SOUTH • Jayne POWELL • Susie BROWN • Andy PIGG • Gillian PUTMAN • Rebecca DAVIES • Rachel ANNETT • Robin CHEBSEY • Dean ASTON • Alfie-Lee SUTTON • Rosalind DERICI • Claire WARDEN
William KAY of Telford AC was first over the line securing a new pb in the process of 17:17, Andy MCQUE of Liverpool Harriers & AC was second over the line, securing a new pb of 17:20. Paul O'BRIEN of Telford Harriers was the third male over the line also securing a new pb of 17:41.

Katie COTTON of Long Eaton Running Club was the first female to cross the line in 21:37, Dawn CHURM of Lawley Running Club was second female over the line in 22:25, Rachel FLANNIGAN of Phoenix Striders was third female over the line in 22:43.

We welcomed 60 first timers, of which 34 were new to parkrun. We welcome the following people to the parkrun family and hope to see you again soon:
Courtney DE GRASSE-GRANT • Sue TANDY • Simon COLE • Diane BERRY • Graham LEWIS • Manuela BOETTGER-YOUNG • Rob CONROY • Ray CLEWS • Lorraine BAKER • Kelly UNDERWOOD • Tony BAKER • Stuart TAYLOR • Alistair WAITE • Jayne FORD • Karl BENTING • Jacqueline GUY • Jo BENNETT • Mark CRUTCHLEY • Taine ASKEW • Michelle CRUTCHLEY • Steven WARD • Claire TOPPER • Tamara CROUCH •Josh MUSGRAVE • Thom PRICE-TATTERSALL • Aiden LEWIS • Linda CLEWS • Stewart MCCLAY • Howard JONES • Linda HARDMAN • Dean WOOD • Aidan MCGRATH • Allan PITCHFORD • Sian LOWE
Of the remaining first timers we welcomed tourist from Long Eaton, Rosliston, Basingstoke, Hanley and Hockley Woods to name a few.
Twenty four runners completed the difficult second parkrun of which nineteen recorded new pbs. We are glad to see you are now hooked on parkrun and won’t be getting a Saturday morning lie in for a while!
78 runners recorded new pbs including, Conal SMITH in 18:17, Sarah COLLINS in​ 23:01, Avril PARKER-JONES in 29:10, Alfie PIGG in 34:09 and Vicki PRICE-TATTERSALL in 47:35.

Congratulations to junior Madeleine HARTLAND who ran her 10th parkrun in 23:32 and Rebecca OWEN-JONES ran her 100th parkrun in 46:31, well done on your milestones! Paul SPRIGGS ran an ‘unofficial milestone’ and completed his 150th parkrun in 25:42.
Well done to everyone who ran, walked or jogged today!
Today’s full results can be found on the Telford parkrun results page of the website:

Parkrun cannot happen without a team of volunteers – details of how to volunteer are available on the Telford parkrun website. There are roles to support everybody with full training and support being given. There are also roles such as pre event set up, first timers briefing and run report writing which can be done and you can still run! The volunteer roster can be found here:

Telford parkrun takes place every Saturday at 9am, with a briefing for tourists and first timers taking place just outside the visitor centre at 8:50am.
Parkrun is a fun event for all abilities and for those over 4 years old, it is free to enter but it is a barcode only event so all runners need to bring along a barcode to avoid being one of the 27 runners this week coming through on the results page as unknown.
Anyone new to parkrun should register beforehand at and print off and bring along the reusable barcode.
Look forward to seeing you all next week!

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