Old Father Time(keepers)

Interestingly this week our two timekeepers (who did a splendid job of course), MELVYM BURTON and TIM SEDDON discovered that between them they had clocked up a massive 753 parkruns!

Only 1 milestone to report this week, with JUDITH HUNT achieving her 50th run, however there were 17 first time visitors to our parkrun this week and 19 personal bests to report. Special mention to a couple of regulars. ANDY DARBY ended a 3 year wait for a best time, fresh from his first marathon last week. Clearly the training has paid dividends. Also, STEVEN FOSTER knocked a cool 41 seconds off his best time after a 15 month wait. Finally, LISA HESSEY continued on her roll with a sixth successive pb and a 29 second improvement.

First home today was DARYL HIBBERD, his 10th top finish at Temple Newsam, followed by SHANE GRACE and STEVE FOWLER with a new pb.

First lady home was JANE DALE on her first attempt, with ALISON HUNTER second with a personal best, followed by another first timer JEN DANKS.

Also, a special mention to BRIAN HUTTON who recorded a very impressive age-grade score of >82%, coming home in 21:28 in the 70-74 age category.

Nice to see a lot of parkrunners and volunteers cheering on the Mo Runners adjacent, particularly the first batch of juniors.

A further shout out for volunteers please so it doesn’t have to be the same dedicated body of folk that keep stepping in. I recently came across an enthusiastic parkrunner at another event who had done over 200 runs without ever volunteering. Frankly I was horrified. If everyone helps out 3 times a year then we wouldn’t need to keep chasing for helpers every week. Thanks.

Thanks again to this week's enthusiastic 31 volunteers Andrew ELLIS • Andy DARBY • Cath ANDREWS • Christopher GILL • Clare COOPER • David MORLEY • Dominic THOMAS • Georgie COOPER • Gillian LAMBERT • Hannah DENT • Joanne LOFTUS • Jonathan RUSSELL • Judy LANKESTER • Julie SEDDON • Kate CRONSHAW • Kyle HARBOURNE • Luke THOMAS • Melvyn BURTON • Michael HIGGINS • Mr Sam CUSSEN • Paul BAVILL • Paul DURKIN • Richard WHITEHOUSE • Rob HARBOURNE • Ronnie BRAY • Sarah SCAHILL • Sharon BUTTERFIELD • Shaun LOFTUS • Suzanne HARBOURNE • Tillie CLARK • Tim SEDDON Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Temple Newsam results page. See you next time.

Rob and Team TN


International Parkrun Day!

International parkrun Day Every parkrun is special. Some are ever so slightly more special than others. This weekend saw International parkrun Day, the 14th anniversary of the first event held in Bushy Park in 2004. Many of those taking part at Temple Newsam came to celebrate this birthday. Many came to celebrate personal milestones or achievements in their own parkrun journey.

21 runners made it up the hill for the first time, received a token and had it scanned to record a finish in front of the stunning Temple Newsam house. 7 of those runners had never completed a parkrun before! Well done to James Byrne, Sue Craggs, Shelly James, Kimberley Mason, Liz McGrath, Emma Pennells and Daniel Wager. You can now have 6th October 2018 as your parkrun birthday! Congratulations on your first run, I do hope you’ll come back for a second go soon.

Visitors from elsewhere in Leeds and West Yorkshire were joined by ‘international’ parkrunners from outposts like Brighton, Bromley, Newcastle and Twickenham, as well as Helen Segebarth and myself joining you from Lincoln for the morning. Having seen the soggy photos of Lincoln parkrun from this weekend, I think our choice was particularly well made. Although we didn’t see much of the sun at Temple Newsam, the rain disappeared before 9am to allow for good running conditions.

23 pbs this morning; the puddles left behind didn’t impede runners looking to improve their times too much. Andy Newiss and Paula Allaway received their own rounds of applause before the start for their own milestones - 50 and 100 runs respectively. Well done to both. Joanne O’Hara and Stephen Foster also completed their 100th runs, so deserve the same congratulations from those reading this report.

Rob Harbourne came in slightly ahead of his 29 minute pacing target, and Sue Crabtree and Janet Mujtaba wore hi-viz as ‘running buddies’. This is a role new to us; when we asked what the job involved, Sue told us that she would run the course ‘wittering to anyone who wanted it’. I’ll have to recommend this position when I return to my home parkrun. I think we have a few runners who have been practising this aspect of the event without realising it was a designated job!

The marshals around the course provided a suitable background of encouragement, and the finish team dealt efficiently with the 135 runners. No finish funnel tapes? Clearly TN parkrunners show customary Leeds politeness. It would never occur to them to step out of line between the timer and the token! Thanks go to all the volunteers for their assistance across the course, and to the friendly welcome from all the regular and visiting parkrunners. Definitely an event to recommend.

This week 135 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:Ronnie BRAY • Moira LENAGHAN • Richard WHITEHOUSE • Gillian LAMBERT • Kate CRONSHAW • Bradley CLARKE • Louise CLARKE • Luke THOMAS • Lynne FALLON • Chris MEADLEY • Katy PAGE • Andy DARBY • Clare COOPER • Katherine FENTON • Sharon BUTTERFIELD • Loz DARBY • John KILCOYNE • Mr Sam CUSSEN • Michelle COSTELLO • Claire MALTAS • Rob HARBOURNE • Suzanne HARBOURNE • Sue CRABTREE • Sarah WHITEHOUSE • Georgie COOPER • Kate HOLDEN • Janet MUJTABA • Adam WELBOURNE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Temple Newsam parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Daniel JENKIN who recorded a time of 16:11 on 16th August 2014 (event number 80). The female record is held by Sarah GARBUTT who recorded a time of 18:35 on 13th August 2016 (event number 183). The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 89.41% (22:40) on 5th November 2016 (event number 194).

Temple Newsam parkrun started on 2nd February 2013. Since then 7,336 participants have completed 45,477 parkruns covering a total distance of 227,385 km, including 7,462 new Personal Bests.


Glorious 250′s! Run Report 29th September 2018

This week we didn’t just have 1 or 2 runners completing milestones, but 3 completing their 250th parkrun. Lynn FALLON has done 211 of her 250 at Temple Newsam, but has also crammed in 17 other parkruns from Inverness to Bournemouth and Cork. Michael HIGGINS has done all his 250 runs at Temple Newsam, and last missed a run 38 months ago! Michael is also a stalwart volunteer, who has helped out at parkrun and junior parkrun an amazing 188 times. We do bang on about volunteers, but they are essential to the running of the event and some, like Michael, do more than their share to help us run this every week. Last, but usually first, local legend Terry MIDGLEY, clocked up his 60th first place at Temple Newsam, adding to his 1st places at 5 other local parkruns.  He is also another of our regular volunteers too.

Seven people did their first ever parkrun and a further 31 did their first parkrun at Temple Newsam, four of them in the 15 – 17 age category.

We had a massive 23 personal bests: with Andrew SMITH recording his fourth in a row, Honor BALDRY shaving off 37 seconds to chalk up first lady home, and Rowena SKELHORN, Claire MALTAS, Victoria FOX, and Cathryn ATKINSON all knocking over 40 seconds off their best. Also impressive was Marina DOBBS who had to wait 19 months to improve her best. Well done all.

Best age grade scores this week go to Terry MIDGLEY, Anthony ROBINSON, Greville JENSEN, Cirilio PALENZUELA, Julie and Tim SEDDON with all getting above a 70% score.

However, parkrun is a broad church and isn’t just about milestones and pb’s. We had an age range from 10 to over 75, with times ranging from under 19 minutes to almost 48. What is certainly true is that parkrun is for anyone and everyone, whatever their reasons for participating.

A total of 173 folk enjoyed a bright autumn morning to complete the 286th parkrun at Temple Newsam made possible by 18 volunteers. Representatives of 21 clubs took part with the furthest coming all the way from Plymouth. It was lovely to see another 14 visitors from Farsley Flyers again.

Thanks to this week's 18 volunteers

Andrew BURNS • Andy DARBY • Clare COOPER • David I'ANSON • Gillian LAMBERT • Ian MAUDSLEY • Janet MUJTABA • Kate HOLDEN • Linda DURKIN • Loz DARBY • Lynn FLETCHER • Moira LENAGHAN • Richard WHITEHOUSE • Rob HARBOURNE • Ronnie BRAY • Stephen FLANAGAN • Tracey PARSONS • Wendy HIGGINS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Temple Newsam results page.

See you next time.

Rob and Team TN


Personal Bests Galore! Run Report 15th September 2018

Temple Newsam parkrun
Event number 286 - 15th September 2018


The Temple Newsam weather fairy was on her best behaviour on Saturday, ensuring that the 198 runners, joggers and walkers had a dry, if slightly overcast morning to enjoy the park. Malcolm Lavery was photographer for the day, popping up everywhere with his camera and if you haven’t checked out the fine photos from the day you can see them on the Temple Newsam parkrun Facebook page.

We welcomed a total of 39 first timers, 12 of you new parkrunners and 27 tourists visiting for the first time. Great to see 7 returnees, back for their 2nd go at the hills! There were 29 clubs represented, including 11 visitors from Farsley Flyers.

There were two milestone runners this week, Marina Dobbs and Stuart Gall did their 100th parkruns earning themselves entry to the 100 club and the much coveted black running shirt.

Although the sky was slightly overcast it must have been ideal PB weather as an amazing 32 of you got PBs this week! Well done to all of you. Special mentions go to Roslyn Birch who knocked over 2 minutes off (02:21), and to Melinda Whong and Alex Marrington who improved by just under minutes (01:57 and 01:50 respectively). Also to Lisa Cundall, James Copley and Philip Cundall who all got their fourth PBs in a row.

First place went to Terry Midgley, followed by Adam Hustwit and Robert Vincent. First lady across the line was Julie Masterman.

Best age graded runners were Terry Midgely, Robert Vincent, Paul Adamson, Stephen Plummer, Julie Masterman, Grenville Jensen, Julie Seddon and Jane Dawson, who all cracked the 70% score.

Thanks to the 23 volunteers who helped make today’s event happen - Ronnie BRAY, Andrew BURNS, Clare COOPER, Georgie COOPER, Mr Sam CUSSEN, Loz DARBY, Andy DARBY, Emie DARBY, Reece DICKENS, Stephen FLANAGAN, Shane GRACE, Gillian HALL, Suzanne HARBOURNE, Kyle HARBOURNE, Gillian LAMBERT, Lesley LAVERY, Malcolm LAVERY, Janet MUJTABA, Katy PAGE, Amy RUSSELL, Sarah SCAHILL, Adam WELBOURNE, Richard WHITEHOUSE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Temple Newsam results page.

See you next time

Andy and Team TN

Don't forget we are cancelled 22nd September, a chance for some parkrun tourism.

The female record holder is Sarah Garbutt - 18:35 - Event 183 (13/08/16) and the male record holder is Daniel Jenkin - 16:11 - Event 80 (16/08/14). The age graded record holder is Angela Oldham - 89.41 % - 22:40 - Event 194 (05/11/16).

Temple Newsam parkrun started on 2nd February 2013. Since then 7,277 participants have completed 45,169 parkruns covering a total distance of 225,845km, including 7,416 new Personal Bests.



Run Report Temple Newsam parkrun Event number 285 8th September 2018

A total of 171 participants braved a rare rainy morning to complete Temple Newsam's 285th parkrun aided by 25 volunteers. Representatives of 17 clubs took part with the furthest coming all the way from Bexhill.
Seven folk did their first parkrun and a further four tackled their tricky second run. Remarkably this week no-one achieved a milestone, but Michael Higgins and Terry Midgley are only a couple away from the big 250, whilst Stuart Gall and John James are about to hit a century of runs, with Helen Maposa closing in on her 50th.
Twenty-two runners achieved pb's this week. Well done one and all, particularly James Copely who improved by 54 seconds, Serena Mujtaba who knocked off a minute, Paul Bavill (1:04) and Kyle Harbourne who shaved a massive 1:29 off his previous best. Mark Proctor is on a roll with three consecutive pb's, surely a sub 29 minute run is coming next week!
Well done Shane Grace for coming in first for the 4th time in only 6 runs, and to Joe Butler for his third time finishing second - only a matter of time until you get the coveted No. 1 token! Katy Sharp was first lady home on her Temple Newsam debut, following previous wins at Woodhouse and in Malaysia.
Best age grade scores this week go to Shane Grace, Cirilio Palenzuela and Robert Vincent, all getting above a 70% score. Just behind were husband and wife team Tim & Julie Seddon.
Good luck to all running in Vale of York and Great North Run half marathons, and hope to see you all back in the sunshine next week.
Thanks to this week's 25 volunteers
Adam WELBOURNE • Andy DARBY • Clare COOPER • Georgie COOPER • Gillian HALL • Gillian LAMBERT • Kate CRONSHAW • Katy PAGE • Loz DARBY • Luke THOMAS • Marina DOBBS • Moira LENAGHAN • Mr Sam CUSSEN • Paul DURKIN • Paul MCGREEVY • Paula WATSON • Reece DICKENS • Richard WHITEHOUSE • Ronnie BRAY • Ronnie Sam BRAY • Samantha TINSDALE • Sarah WHITEHOUSE • Sharon BUTTERFIELD • Suzanne HARBOURNE • Terry MIDGLEY

See you next time

Rob and Team TN

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