It all turned out alright in the end….RR#310

This week’s parkrun for me started last Sunday Morning… Whilst waiting in the start corrals at the Brighton 10K. I heard that Paul Sinton-Hewitt was starting the run, for the past couple of years I have really loved and appreciated his vision of parkrun.

As I shuffled my way across the start line I was really chuffed as I managed to get a High five from Paul himself, this was rather special to me as it would probably not be possible for me to be doing the 10k if it hadn’t been for my own personal parkrun journey.

Saturday’s parkrun number 310 began with our summer lawn start for the first time this year, the sun was shining and it was already getting warm. The run started without any problems and all was looking good. It was so nice to not do a split start this week and watching everyone get a fast start this week I was jealous. Our first finisher was Thomas Thayre in 17.08 followed by Tim Lunnon in 18.44. Our first female finisher was Nicole Airey in 21.06.

Then I tempted fate, I touched the RD phone again and thought it’s all too quiet… I turned around and thought I would check on all the other volunteers to see if everyone was ok. Just as I turned to walk away we had an incident just 10 metres from the finish line. Firstly I would like to mention that the runner concerned was checked out and reported back to us on Saturday evening that he was Ok.

I would like to say a massive thank you to the runners with medical training for their support and help on Saturday, Sarah, Betty and Mark, and all our other parkrun core team for stepping in and helping out with the situation. Thank you.

Rachel Lee was tail walking this week in memory of Richard Wallage whose birthday was on Sunday. Richard was a regular at Tilgate park until he passed away just a few months ago. Our thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

Congratulations to all our milestone runners this week Franklin Scott, Amie Dixon, Steven Ives & Jeff Hillier on their 50th and to juniors Lucy Hunt & Ryan Clark for their 10th runs.

Congratulations to everyone who have completed the Brighton, London, Paris, Boston & Rome Marathons and various 10K’s over the past two weeks. Please bring your  Marathon T-shirts and medals for a photoshoot to take place on Saturday 28th April at approximately 8.45 am.

I would like to reiterate that staying hydrated is really important now that the weather is warming up again.

We had a few minor issues with the results so a polite reminder to stay in your finishing order through the funnel and take and return a finish token whether you have your barcode or not.

I am really pleased to say that all our runners made it across the finish line this week, earning 70 PB and we welcomed an incredible 43 First timers.

I look forward to joining you all for a run again soon.

Our attendance on Saturday was our 5th largest and the 9th time we have had over 600 finishers, stato (Alnur) has provided updates on our attendance records and participation records below.



Tilgate parkrun Participation records

VLM 2018 weekend comes in just ahead of VLM 2017 weekend

Event Date Theme Runs Volunteers Participation
300 03/02/2018 Event 300 665 58 699
297 13/01/2018 653 42 684
296 06/01/2018 630 50 664
257 15/04/2017 Easter 621 44 648
310 21/04/2018   620 49 644
258 22/04/2017 608 48 638
221 13/08/2016 608 49 637
265 10/06/2017 Birthday 596 49 631
260 06/05/2017 Pacer Wk 598 47 627
266 17/06/2017 601 41 626

We all know parkrunning is not just about the running, we have volunteers each week too. So to recognise the full engagement of parkrun at Tilgate, the participation stats include those that volunteer too, but those that run and volunteer are only counted once.

To volunteer at Tilgate parkrun, contact our VC by email with your athlete ID, date(s) you are available and role(s) that you would like to volunteer for.

Check out Tilgate parkrun Volunteer Bingo

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Tilgate parkrun Attendance records

Out came the sun and we were back on to the lawn start and back in the Top 10!

Date Runners Theme Route
1 03 Feb-18 665 300th Run Boathouse
2 13 Jan-18 653 Boathouse
3 06 Jan-18 630 Boathouse
4 15 Apr-17 621 Easter Lawn Start
5 21 Apr-18 620     Lawn Start
6 13 Aug-16 608 Lawn Start
7 22 Apr-17 608 Lawn Start
8 07 Jan-17 605 Boathouse
9 17 Jun-17 601 Lawn Start
10 06 May-17 598 Lawn Start
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Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer - Enjoy!


Sunshine, Course Records and Streaking to 250 RR#309

The sun was shining on Tilgate park as I arrived on Saturday morning, a rare sight recently, but as it was Brighton Marathon weekend the good weather was traditionally guaranteed to arrive. Mike Brice had already set up the finish funnel at the boathouse, as despite the sun the summer finish area remained waterlogged and unusable. The volunteer roster was well supplied thanks to the Brighton Marathon and 10k taking place the next day, and this meant that there were also a significant number of tourists at the run, including a contingent from Flyers Southend making their traditional pre-Brighton annual pilgrimage to Tilgate.

Tilgate parkrunner of the month for March was Richard Gurd, congratulations.

A number of milestones were reached at event #309, congratulations to junior Euan Ashmore (10 runs), Carl Potgeiter and Sarah Bennett (50 runs), John Walton (100 runs), and Darren Hunt, who was running his 250th parkrun. Remarkable as it is to gain the 250 shirt, Darren was doing it in style as this took his current parkrun streak at Tilgate to 190 consecutive weeks. In other words, Darren hasn't missed a Tilgate parkrun since 27th September 2014! Congratulations also to Gabrielle Presland who volunteered at Tilgate for the 100th time.

There were a number of pacers running this week, Darren Hunt and Claire Page ran 25 minutes, Chris Johnstone 26 minutes, Jack Chivers 28 minutes, Carole Mills 29 minutes, Justin Mitchell 30 minutes, James Dunn 31 minutes and David Eaton 35 minutes all of which helped 92 runners to new PBs. Kudos to Darren who kept to schedule despite losing a shoe at the bottom of Chevron Hill requiring a personal best time race up the hill from him having rescued his shoe to keep to pace.

Talking of PBs, first finisher in a time of 15:13 with a new PB and course record was James Westlake of Crawley AC. James has now been first finisher at Tilgate parkrun on 100 occasions and also ran the third fastest parkrun time in the UK on Saturday. In second was Tim Lunnon of Crawley AC in 18:38 closely followed by Dan Oppe of Lingfield RC in 18:42. First lady was Susan McDonald of South London Harriers in 20:26, second lady was Laelia Bantin of Saints and Sinners in 22:03 with fellow Saints and Sinners club member Sarah Stanbridge third lady in 22:33. First junior finisher was Alexandra Sproston from Crawley AC in 22:16. It was wonderful to see Andrew Middleton back out on his own two feet at Tilgate also for which he received a well deserved standing ovation as he finished.

Congratulations to all 559 parkrunners who took part at event 309 and thanks to those that volunteered and we hope to see you all again soon.



Tilgate parkrunner of the month Mar-18

Our parkrunner of the month for March 2018 is

Richard Gurd

Lanzarote 2

Richard pictured here after completing Lanzarote marathon is an experienced runner and race walker who has re-discovered his love of running whilst also bumping into a few old friends at Tilgate parkrun. Richard was flattered to be chosen our parkrunner of the month stating he just turns up to have a good time.

1) Runs completed / PB's earned / Number of times volunteered

25 runs completed - 24 at tilgate
6 PB’s
5 Volunteered - I volunteered as a Marshal on New Year's Day, more recently after a post run cool down lap I have been helping put the gear away

2) When did you start coming to Tilgate parkrun?

August 2017

3) How did you hear about Tilgate parkrun?

A colleague at work who went to another parkrun kept telling me how great parkrunning was, so I looked up my closest parkrun, which happened to be Tilgate

4) What did you do on a Saturday morning at 9am before Tilgate parkrun?

I started work on the weekend project; House modernisation; parkrunning is far more fun.

5) Your Barcode - is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

Paper, but do intend to go permanent. Take it permanent meaning plastic credit type and not tattooed or branded on the person.

(Editor - Yes Richard, permanent means the plastic credit card type available from, our barcode scanners wouldn't read a tattoo)

6) Which volunteering role do you like best and why?

No best volunteering role as yet. Marshalling is great as you get to see all the participants and cheer them on. Clearing up afterwards as you get to meet the team and volunteers, put something back and get to do the parkrun

7) Do you have any parkrun goals?

No specific parkrun goals, other than enjoy and meet like minded people. PB beating is always nice mind you ! I have two PB's to beat; one for when I run the parkrun
and another for when I race walk it.

8) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

I have Two.

First, the humbling experience of meeting Chevron hill for the first time and finding out at the top I still had half the run left to do.

Second, meeting two Steyning A.C race walkers who I had not seen for years since moving away. Never knew they live so close to Tilgate Park.
Meeting back up with them got me race walking again, although I think if it was a judged race walk I would be disqualified.

9) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Yes. It has and is giving good focus for keeping active and meeting like minded people. Also what a great place to run? the lake and seeing the changing seasons.

10) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Do. I am trying to get a friend to come along at the moment

11) Chevron or middle path which hill do you prefer?

Think I need to treat this question as you should treat your offspring, the same, no preference or favouritism. When running, "all hills are your friends" up or down.

12) Have you joined us for a post parkrun Tea/coffee at the Golf club?

No yet. Do intend to. I have no excuse as I run past the Golf club after the parkrun

13) Have you got a story you'd like to share about your running?

Athletics has been in my blood since a young age. I was Introduced to it by my parents when they entered me into the Steyning Easter Monday boys race walk in 1972.

I did quite well and the following year, better still. John Henderson's (Mr Race Walking) perseverance with keep asking me to join Steyning AC eventually paid off. I Still have the letter John wrote to me when I joined, wishing me many happy years with the club. This wish came true.

Times change and I moved away for work by which time I was more into running than walking and joined a local club, Windle Valley Runners - that was six years ago

Times changed again and I move to the Crawley area. My running Mo Jo had ran off four years previous to this move and I had packed up running altogether. Last year though I thought I would give this parkrunning thing a go and I love it and got back into running.

Through parkrunning I have managed to find my running Mo Jo again. It was on the finish line at the Lanzarote Marathon last December !! Don't know how it got there, never been there before. Parkrunning definitely played a big part in finding it. The weekly run with loads of people enjoying the same interest in such a lovely setting provided motivation. As has making new friends and finding ones from years gone past. I never realised two Steyning AC race walkers who I knew in the 80's lived so close to Tilgate Park until I found them at the parkrun.

Please join us in congratulating Richard as he joins our Hall of fame of previous winners

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