A hot day where Tilgate volunteers are compared to a World Cup football team- Tilgate parkrun 321-July 14th, 2018


It has been a mixed week this week in terms of news and results throughout the world. A lot of news has been about the World Cup and as I write this, the final is just about to start (being an Arsenal girl I have to say I am supporting France!)

Did you know parkrun volunteers work like a country's football team? The team meet together for the first time on the Saturday morning at 0815 similar to the way footballers do when they start training as a country team.  They do not necessarily know the other volunteers who are marshalling, barcode scanning or time keeping with however they all have one aim which is to work together to ensure a safe, happy parkrun and great results for everyone. In that process they get to know each other. That is one of the joys I find in volunteering is the getting to know new people.

However as each country manager has to at the World Cup, after each match they start planning for the next match. The same applies for parkrun, no sooner is one parkrun packed away and the results known then the plan for the following Saturday starts to be put into operation by the amazing Volunteer Coordinators. They brilliantly coordinate a group of people who come together to help create the event that occurs on a Saturday morning that we know and love. Unlike country football managers most our VC's have busy day jobs and do an incredibly important role, behind the scenes for which as RD's we are very grateful.

Today I was thinking about some of the amazing volunteers we are fortunate to have who help on a regular basis and despite wheelchairs, crutches, broken bones etc nothing stops them and they are there smiling and helping to make parkrun the great event it is. It was lovely to have some extra help yesterday also from some very small helpers at the barcode scanning tables who were so patient and well behaved allowing their mums to volunteer!

I was also privileged to watch the first few runners come across the line as I was standing by the token supporters. They for once also seemed hot and a tad tired so it must have been hot out there! We are very lucky to have such amazingly fast young men and women that do such incredible times and are now beginning to be recognised elsewhere in the UK for their amazing speed. The first 9 across the line today had times between 15:35 and 19:37. All were over 25 years old except for the incredibly fast JM11-14 Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge (19:08). Well done all!

Of note, two had new PB's-Ian Black and Chris Iddles-well done to them! One other deserves a special mention and that is Chris Tyson. Chris Tyson represented in the UK in the World Championships Aquathon in Denmark on 12th July, 2018. He finished an amazing 12th in the World, yes you did read that right-12th in the World! Well done Chris! Particularly well done to Chris and Lauren for not only being in Denmark yesterday, arriving in the UK at 0200 on Saturday morning but volunteering and running at parkrun a few hours later!

Well done also to the first lady across the line, Frances Johnston in 20:59-a new PB for her too! 17 runners out of the first 100 had a PB this morning too, so well done to all of them!

Congratulations to Nigel Field on being the Park Runner of the Month for June. Thank you Nigel for all you do and well done on all your amazing runs in recent months.

We are looking forward to Tilgate being painted Sapphire Blue next Saturday as the Horley Harriers take over Tilgate!

I hope you have a good week and if any of you have France or Croatia in the sweepstake at work, I hope your team wins!


Katherine Martin, RD.


Event 320-NHS 70th Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was a real honour and privilege to be RD at the parkrun celebrating the 70th Birthday of the NHS. Both the NHS and parkrun are such an important part of my life now and I cannot imagine life without them. Admittedly the number of years I have given to each are poles apart. I have worked constantly as a nurse in the NHS for 35 years but only been a member of parkrun and ‘runner’ for 4 years. Weirdly i think being in both groups has similarities:-

1-For both the NHS and parkrun, there are bad and good days -some days when you wish you hadn’t got out of bed, you question your sanity, find it a slog, your body aches and you wished you had taken up another career/hobby but equally days when everything goes well, the reward and satisfaction at the end is irreplaceable and the feeling of joy is something money cannot buy.

2-The feeling of belonging to a family that pervades both areas of life. In the NHS there is a deep bond between colleagues, as you work as a team facing trauma, life, death and so many other problems that you do not necessarily have with other people in your life because of the work you do together. Similarly at parkrun the feeling of family when you get the encouragement you need to step up from 5k to 10k or triathlon whatever it may be and the feeling of togetherness you feel with others who have earnt the same blisters, portaloos and chafing areas! Not conversations my lot at home are bothered about!

3-The rewards of giving are immense. All staff that work in the NHS, particularly in the front line are constant givers of care, time and compassion. Despite all the giving, there is an immense satisfaction in seeing a very sick patient make progress, leave the hospital, recover from surgery, or have their baby. Parkrun through the nature of being inclusive of all walkers and runners and all speeds, offers the opportunity as part of the family to gain immense satisfaction from seeing new runners/walkers start to achieve their goals, move out of their comfort zone or from encouraging someone round so that they get a PB.

Yesterday was incredible in that it was amazing to see so many NHS uniforms and to see runners from all sorts of disciplines in their uniform. I think the highlight of the day for us all was not only the Mayor of Crawley who kindly spent time with us, but the team of Worth Way Runners led by Paramedic Mark Lucas who pushed a stretcher all the way round the 5k course, in uniform and on the hottest day of the year. Just amazing and I think just reiterated to us all just how awesome the Ambulance service are and how they always go the extra sweaty mile! Thank you for the team of runners that took turns to help get the stretcher round!



Despite the very hot weather, the first runner across the line was Ian Black in an amazing 18:04, not a PB by a whole 15 seconds! Brings me out in a hot sweat thinking about running that fast. Well done Ian! The first two females across the line were the amazing Charlotte Wormley and Lauren Wormley, both J11-14 in an incredible 20:11 and 20:12 respectively-they just shot over the line looking like the heat had barely troubled them. Awesome girls!

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday and took part and made the celebration so successful. Let’s hope next week it is slightly cooler!!

Katherine Martin,
Run Director


Tilgate parkrunner of the month May-18

Our parkrunner of the month for May 2018 is

Barbara Dunning!


Barbara pictured here was surprised and honoured to be our parkrunner of the month and just loves the atmosphere at Tilgate parkrun.......... read on for more details.

1) Runs completed / PB's earned / Number of times volunteered

72 runs completed - all at Tilgate
14 PB’s
0 Volunteering yet

2) When did you start coming to Tilgate parkrun?

June 2016

3) How did you hear about Tilgate parkrun?

Word of mouth

4) What did you do on a Saturday morning at 9am before Tilgate parkrun?

I just took it easy

5) Have you got a secret to explain your recent improved performances?

I've been doing extra jogs and walks when I can

6) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

It's so well organised and has a positive friendly atmosphere.

7) Your Barcode - is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

Mine is laminated

8) Have you considered volunteering at Tilgate parkrun, if so, what role would interest you the most and why?

Yes - I'd be a Marshall cheering people on.

9) Do you have any parkrun goals?

Just to keep on going and improving as much as I can.

10) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

Hearing a Marshall say that the 34 minute pacer has just gone by and I somehow was able to sprint to the end

11) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Yes definitely - I feel bad if I miss it.

12) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Don't worry about your time. Enjoy the run and you'll soon get hooked.

13) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why? 

Well it has to be Middle path - though I do like the top of chevron!

Please join us in congratulating Barbara as she joins our Hall of fame of previous winners


Tilgate parkrunner of the month – Hall of fame

Our full Hall of fame

2018 2019  2020
January Alison Sturge
February Charlotte Dodd
March Richard Gurd
April James Woodman 
May Barbara Dunning
2015 2016  2017
January Wayne Kingsnorth - Sophie Hunt
February Joanne Nicholson - Miyuki Stephenson
March Gary Viles - Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge
April Amy Mills (J) - Alison Tulley
May Alnur Hassam Chris Tyson Justin Mitchell
June Louise Bevan Claire Page Henrietta Newell
July Mike Brice Jason Harrold James Westlake
August Susan Swetman Rob Copper Freddie Matthews
September Tony Airey Richard Daniells Katie Johnson
October Brian Purnell Ryan Williams Chris Johnston 
November - Katherine Martin Ingrid Hollan-Ellidge
December - Janice Phelan Nura Karpowitsch
2012 2013 2014
January - Nicole Airey Nina Williams
February - Brian Pemberton Kirk Bradley
March - Somangouda Malipatil Danielle McComb
April - Douglas McComb Loraine Mosley
May - Rod Harrison James Tombs
June Harry Armstrong (J) Sophie Airey Lorraine Hunter
July Anthony Milborrow Len Golding Sundeep Kalsi
August Karen Chenery Anne Thomas Vanessa Windust
September Mary Freestone Lynn Laverty Andrew Middleton
October Linda Robson Marc Sydes Gabrielle Presland
November Stuart Adesilu Darren Hunt Martin Presland
December Hugh Etherton Raff Vitale Ben Stock


Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer -  Enjoy!



ICE & Overalls – RR #318

If you missed your Tilgate parkrun fix this week - have a read of our RD's run report from last Saturday 16th June.

I wasn’t originally scheduled to be performing the RD duty this morning, but I stepped in at the relatively last moment on a swap.

I’d been in a stabilisation boot and on crutches for the last few weeks and it was great to be able to “walk” up to the park unaided again for parkrun today.

As I arrived at 08:10, I passed Rob Copper who was talking to two very keen first timers and was explaining the course to them. I thought I recognised one of them but absolutely couldn’t place the face after my full-English recovery breakfast following last night’s hugely entertaining Spain v Portugal tie in what for me - marked the *real* opening of the 2018 World Cup.

Mike Brice had already completed the finish funnel and I was tempted to suggest we move it 6” to the right - just to see what his reaction would be!

As I started the run brief, there were some drops of rain in the air and I wondered if we’d get some rain despite the forecast being clear.

Today saw Horley Harriers on their 4th of 10 events for their summer tour at Tilgate and it is lovely that they very much see us as their “home” event.

Thank you to Horley Harriers for providing the pastries and croissants which were clearly appreciated as there were none left when I wandered over just before we packed up.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ben Short and Sophia who will be walking down the aisle in 3 minutes time as I type this ... on their Wedding today. Having seen Ben in a wedding dress over recent weeks, I’m highly confident that Sophia will be rocking it far better than Ben!!

We did have an incident this morning where one of our runners felt unwell and required some attention. On this occasion as we reached resolution, it was fantastic to see her make a drastic improvement and whilst we still don’t know the final outcome, all the signs point towards a good recovery. (post pr edit: individual reported that she is well after spending most of the day having tests at East Surrey hospital, please join us in wishing her a speedy recovery).

It was beneficial that this runner had included her “ICE” contact details on her barcode and this meant that I was able to contact her family quickly. If you haven’t already done so, please, please do consider adding this to your parkrun profile and barcode print; it really could make a difference in the event of something more serious.

My thanks then this morning to Cathy Holroyd, Julie Kalsi and Tom McLeish who were outstandingly fantastic in their dealings with this.

Now - onto the results. First over the line was the chap I thought I’d recognised at 08:10 and who was none other than Scott Overall. Scott was officially named part of the 2012 GB Olympic team on 5 December 2011 after achieving "A-Standard" at the Berlin marathon.

Despite his impressive 15:34 finish time, Scott still has some way to go to beat James Westlake’s course record of 15:13 :-) but still makes our Top 10.

590 of you crossed the line today - well done to all of you!!

Don’t forget - THERE IS NO PARKRUN NEXT WEEK ON 23rd JUNE as we make way for the Race for Life - but we will be back on 30th - just 2 days after England bow out of the World Cup at the hands of Belgium following freak wins by Panama in earlier games!

The last part is purely conjecture but as I managed to pick Panama in the work sweepstake, I have to at least think I’m in with a chance of winning my stake back.

So to finish - whether you’re a football fan or a football widow, enjoy the next two weeks and we will see you back on Saturday 30th June.


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