Run report no. 334

It’s good to be back (again)

As the saying goes, you wait for ages for a bus to arrive and then two come along at once ! Well for me, having not been at parkrun since June, here I am twice in 4 weeks ! And it is nice to be back enjoying a bit of banter with old friends.

Arriving at 8.15, I found Mike had already got the signs and finishing area sorted (as he always does !).  I had wondered what condition the grass would be in, thinking it may be getting damp as it normally is in October. In fact, it was bone hard and looked more like July than October ! I reckon we have quite a few more weeks using our summer start - I do hope I haven’t jinxed it now !

The run itself went with its normal efficiency, aided by our superb volunteers.
Leading home the 441 runners was Max Dumbrell not far off his PB in a time of 16:17, a time which earnt him the 10th fastest parkrun in the country on Saturday (incidentally James Westlake ran the fastest parkrun in the UK on Saturday running at Horsham in a time of 15:38 !)
Max was followed home by David Bull and Adrian Haines (another interesting fact was that Adrian has recently finished 2nd in the World Masters 800m race).
The Ladies were lead home by Michelle Nixon in a time of 21:51 followed by Kathy Peters and Claire Page.
Well done to you all and to all our runners.
Some special mention needs to go to the following :
September parkrunner of the month : Pete Meloy. Congratulations Pete, richly deserved.
Juniors 10th parkrun : Issac Dyball, Holly Stanger
50th parkrun : Caz Alliston, Catherine Bradshaw, Julie Saunders
200th parkrun as a Junior : Ryan Williams

Special Announcement : Don’t forget we have our Halloween Run on Saturday 27th October where they’ll be Fancy Dress, CAKES and a surprise. How spooky !

Right I must go – I have a bus to catch 
Cheers for now.



RR333 – A flood of Yellow

Saturday was international parkrun day celebrating 14 years of parkrun. parkrun events now take place in 20 countries and over 1500 parks. There are now 5,000,000 participants registered. Average run time has dropped since it began as it includes and encourages people of all abilities. Andrew Baddeley holds the record for the fastest ever parkrun time which he achieved at Bushy Park in an incredible 13:48.

The day started overcast and foggy and this week was takeover week by Crawley Saints and Sinners running club so parkrun was flooded by yellow. It was also pacer week and we had 15 pacers ranging from sub 20 to 40 minutes. There were 33 first timers this week and 72 pbs. 479 runners crossed the finish line.

Milestones celebrated this week were Samuel White junior 10th run, Tom Nutt 50th run, Alex Harrison 100th run and Chris Tyson and Katherine Martin 100th volunteer.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and to everyone who brought cake. It was great to see Nigel “pom pom” Field back at his post after last week’s miss-hap (and on the correct side of the path away from tree roots).

On behalf of all at Saints & Sinners have a fun week and we hope to see you again soon.

Uncle Ken!



Where great first aid happens – RR#332

Tilgate parkrun: where great first aid happens!

It was fairly cold and misty early on Saturday morning. Mike Brice was there as always, setting up the finishing funnel. Thanks to all the volunteers and especially Andrew Middleton who was doing his 50th. There were also 50th runs for Kayleigh Oldfield, Paulo Costa and Vincent King. Chris Tyson was first finisher in another best time. That is two weeks in a row when Chris has run a PB which is amazing given that he is a parkrun stalwart with 209 runs in total and 130 of those at Tilgate. First lady finisher was Alicia Smith also in a new PB.

Everything seemed to be going so well. 432 finishers and no issues, until we hear that someone had fallen over on the course. That someone was Nigel Field, one of our most enthusiastic volunteers, parkrun supporter and well known to many. What had happened? Well it seems Nigel was offering typically enthusiastic support when he tripped over a tree root and fell backwards. The result was clearly acute pain and a man in need of some serious medical attention.

I suppose if you are going to fall over and dislocate an elbow, Tilgate parkrun is probably as good a place as anywhere to do it. Quickly on the scene was Cathy Holroyd, an emergency nurse. Simon Elphick, who was doing his first ever Tilgate parkrun, also provided expert care, as might be expected from someone who teaches first aid. His partner Jennie Collinson was marshalling nearby and was rapidly with Nigel and made the initial 999 call. And to top off this impromptu medical team, along came Dr Maryam Ahmed an orthopaedic surgeon. So Nigel ended up having some excellent first aid treatment. As Run Director all I could do was watch this team of experts take control of the situation. Everyone involved in Nigel’s care and everyone else who helped with the situation performed brilliantly. It was quite amazing to watch.

We all of course hope Nigel makes a speedy recovery and as his is wont he will be back on parkrun duty at his usual spot on Saturday, maybe with a little less enthusiasm than normal.

Keep on training, but watch out for those tree roots!

Chris Cheeseman


Bridegrooms, beginners and brilliance!

Despite the rather gloomy start to Saturday, as I set off for parkrun I knew it was going to be a fantastic morning and was going to continue to demonstrate the ethos what parkrun is all about.

During the week I had received a message from Karen Davis asking if we could do a shout out to her fiance, Joe Welch, who was running his 40th parkrun but also running on the morning of their wedding. Joe's three friends arrived holding a bag and requesting a pair of scissors (thank goodness for well stocked First Aid kits!). Joe then appeared in a great pink t-shirt!


We hope Karen and Joe had a great day on Saturday with their family and friends and send our congratulations to them and wish them all the best in their future lives together.

It is always great as RD having the pleasure of meeting so many people as part of that role. Yesterday we had quite a few tourists and also First Timers. It was great to welcome a group of runners from Virgin Atlantic for the first time who joined us as part of improving health and wellness at work. We hope they had a great morning and look forward to seeing them again soon. Two friends of mine also came for the first time as part of their goal to get fit. They were still grinning as they finished and best of all are planning on coming back next week 'to better their time'. They have already realised that parkrun is about improving yourself against yourself and is not about comparing yourself with others. One of my favourite quotes that so applies to parkrun is below.


Someone else who is always keen to compete against himself and also to encourage others is Chris Tyson, who not only was first across the line but with a 10 second PB as well. As a very slow runner myself, I look at the times of those who are regularly in the top 20 and I am thrilled for them and in awe. Chris also earlier this year competed for Team GB.

Another person whose brilliance at her distance is Laura Nower who unfortunately was unable to attend parkrun on Saturday. She had just come back from competing for Team GB in the triathlon distance in the World Championships in Australia. Just an incredible achievement and honour and we have both her and Chris running at Tilgate. James Westlake is also off soon to Canada running for Team England. We are very fortunate to have such brilliance that we can see first hand and also to learn from. So a very big well done to Laura  and also her husband Robin Nower who is a great runner too who ran the Sydney Marathon whilst they were there for the World Championships. We look forward to seeing Laura soon and seeing her medal.



I hope you have all dried out from runs especially today. Talking of heavy weather, I am writing this watching Arsenal make heavy weather (just for a change!) of playing Everton!

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday at 0900.


Katherine Martin,

Run Director for 22/09/2018






It’s good to be back !

Making my first visit back to Tilgate parkrun since June, having pretty much attended every Saturday for the past 6 years, I was pretty apprehensive.

Had things changed much, will I forget what to say or do, will I be remembered. Well I needn’t have worried as it was as if I’d never left. Which meant that I fumbled my way through things as per usual – some things will never change !

I shouldn’t have worried really as one of the strengths of parkrun, especially our parkrun, is that it is based on solid principles – simplicity, consistency and Team spirit. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it”.

The run itself went with its normal efficiency, aided by our superb volunteers.
Leading home the 464 runners was Ben Short with his usual bounding energy. He was followed home by Nathan Buckeridge and the first lady to finish Julie Briggs. The 2nd and 3rd lady finishing were Lisa Hale and Claire Page.

Claire gets another mention as not only was she running but it was her 100th volunteering session – well down Claire ! Also deserving of a mention are Andrew Keith, Nicholas Gant and John Shearing whose 50th run it was. And to Matt Heasman and Danny Wootton whose 100th run it was – fantastic, well done one and all!

Right I must dash and don’t worry, it won’t be long before I’m back again – just a few weeks hopefully!
Cheers for now.


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