Tilgate parkrun #349 – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Funnel!!!

After last weeks bumper turn out at Tilgate (our 3rd highest attendance to date), and with the weather being good, it was clear that today we could potentially beat our attendance record of 665 from event #300 last year. When I got to Tilgate Mike Brice had set up the finish area as normal with a double funnel, extending the length from last week in anticipation of higher attendances. Volunteers appeared thick and fast from 08:30 but there were little in the way of runners on site at this point. I should have known when John Haynes announced that cars were queuing to get into the car parks that we were going to have a very big turn out, But would it beat the record?

After slight technical issues with the PA, the pre run brief was done and the runners were off, using the split start to try and ease congestion. First home in 17:36 was Ian Black, closely followed by Leigh Packer in 17:38 and Sean Truett in 17:43 with a PB to boot. First lady was Laelia Marris in 20:38 with Monica Freitas second lady in 22:54 and Tracey Sargent third lady in 23:05. As the finishers started to appear thick and fast, even with the excellent encouragement of our funnel management team for finishers to keep moving in the funnel, then starting to use the double funnel, the back of the line was edging closer to the finish. Thanks to the quick thinking of Martin Presland the double funnel was quickly converted into a triple, averting the RD nightmare of finishers queuing to cross the finish line.

Well, we not only beat our highest attendance number, we smashed it. 686 of you crossed the line today, increasing the previous attendance record by 21. Other landmarks reached today were as follows
Junior 10 Club
Juliet Saunders
Samantha Newell

50 Club
Carol Brown
Jane Jones
Joe Welch

100 Club
Mark Warnes
Lorraine Wilson (tourist from South Africa)

350 Runs
Brian Purnell.
Congratulations to our Tilgate parkrunner of the month for December, Colin Winfield and to Craig Jenkins, 50th volunteer today.

Next week Tilgate parkrun hosts it’s 350th event. Super Heroes fancy dress theme, please bring cakes. Participants can also download, print and complete a ‘run number’ for the event which can be found at


Facebook event page https://facebook.com/events/732098890507321/

Thank you to all who made todays record breaking Tilgate parkrun memorable for all the right reasons. See you all next week. #DFYB, and forget Dry January, when it comes to finish funnels, make mine a triple!!!
Cathy Holroyd (A343808)


Tilgate parkrun Attendance records


2x New Year Saturday runs, 2 x New Top 10 attendances

Date Runners Theme Route
1 12 Jan-19 686   Boathouse
2 03 Feb-18 665 300th Run Boathouse
3 13 Jan-18 653 Boathouse
4 05 Jan-19 642     Boathouse
5 06 Jan-18 630 Boathouse
6 15 Apr-17 621 Easter Lawn Start
7 21 Apr-18 620 Lawn Start
8 13 Aug-16 608 Lawn Start
9 22 Apr-17 608 Lawn Start
10 07 Jan-17 605 Boathouse
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Tilgate parkrunner of the month for December 2018


Our December 2018

Tilgate parkrunner of the month is

Colin Winfield


Colin Winfield POM

Congratulations Colin on being awarded our final parkrunner of the month in 2018! Colin is a regular at Tilgate, so in time honoured fashion we decided to ask him a few questions:-


1) What are your parkrun numbers Runs completed / PB's earned / PB Time / Number of times volunteered?

In the 5 years since I started parkrun, I've completed 225 runs total (204 at Tilgate), earned 31 PB's and my time has gone from 41:46 down to 22:23

I've volunteered at Tilgate 12 times (13th one this week!)

2) You started your parkrun journey in January 2014, can you recall how you heard about Tilgate parkrun and what did you used to do at 9am on a Saturday morning?

I remember very well, it was Clare Hall who encouraged me to come along to Tilgate and try it out 5 years ago, around a very muddy course - I was hooked on parkrun from that very first run - before that, I just slept in.

3) Do you have any particular routines that you follow during the week or on the morning of parkrun?

I walk to parkrun with my wife from home (3km away) as a warm up, and I do a longer run most Sundays.

4) Do you participate in any other sports to aid your running or recuperation?

I took up ultra-marathon running and have completed 3 runs of 100km+ in the last year and a half, each one taking between 16 and 18 hours, all thanks to parkrun!

5) What do you most enjoy about your Tilgate parkrun experience?

The beautiful surroundings, the amazing welcoming atmosphere, the friendliness of everyone there, and the ability to really push myself - and knowing I've done something I can be truly proud of each week.

6) Your Barcode, how do you remember yours and is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

It's a wristband, and I have a mental checklist before I leave the house - "water bottle and wristband", and happy to say I've never forgotten my barcode.

7) Which volunteering role do you like best and why, are there any other roles you would like to try?

Marshalling is fun as you get to encourage all the runners as they pass, and you get to see some wonderful people - whether they are striding out at front or trying hard to manage to walk around with the tail walker, everyone is a star in their own right.

8) Do you have any particular parkrun goals or ambitions?

Not sure I'll ever do it, but to get my PB down to 20:53 (90 seconds faster than it is currently) so I will have run it in half my original time, and also to complete my 250 runs this year.

9) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

So many - first time I managed to run up Chevron, first time running round the whole course, first time finishing in under 30 minutes, then under 25 minutes, getting a PB after 33 months since my last PB, getting the highest number of lifetime PB's at Tilgate.

10) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

Absolutely! Going from doing no exercise, losing well over 2 stones, seeing my course time come down and then all because of parkrun, trying out and finishing 3 ultra-marathons.

11) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

Please try it just once, even if you walk the whole way round, it could change your life like it has changed mine.

12) Chevron or Middle path which hill do you prefer and why?

I think Chevron, it is a love-hate relationship, but when I managed to run all the way up there the first time I felt awesome!


Congratulations Colin, and welcome into the Tilgate parkrun Hall of Fame





Tilgate parkrunner of the month – Hall of fame

Our full Hall of fame

2018 2019  2020
January Alison Sturge
February Charlotte Dodd
March Richard Gurd
April James Woodman 
May Barbara Dunning
June Nigel Field
July Ian Black
August Chris Lobodzinski
September Peter Meloy
October Jackie Hastings
November  Pamela Field
December  Colin Winfield
2015 2016  2017
January Wayne Kingsnorth - Sophie Hunt
February Joanne Nicholson - Miyuki Stephenson
March Gary Viles - Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge
April Amy Mills (J) - Alison Tulley
May Alnur Hassam Chris Tyson Justin Mitchell
June Louise Bevan Claire Page Henrietta Newell
July Mike Brice Jason Harrold James Westlake
August Susan Swetman Rob Copper Freddie Matthews
September Tony Airey Richard Daniells Katie Johnson
October Brian Purnell Ryan Williams Chris Johnston 
November - Katherine Martin Ingrid Hollan-Ellidge
December - Janice Phelan Nura Karpowitsch
2012 2013 2014
January - Nicole Airey Nina Williams
February - Brian Pemberton Kirk Bradley
March - Somangouda Malipatil Danielle McComb
April - Douglas McComb Loraine Mosley
May - Rod Harrison James Tombs
June Harry Armstrong (J) Sophie Airey Lorraine Hunter
July Anthony Milborrow Len Golding Sundeep Kalsi
August Karen Chenery Anne Thomas Vanessa Windust
September Mary Freestone Lynn Laverty Andrew Middleton
October Linda Robson Marc Sydes Gabrielle Presland
November Stuart Adesilu Darren Hunt Martin Presland
December Hugh Etherton Raff Vitale Ben Stock


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Boom – New Year off to a Bang #RR348

I was expecting a cold one this morning, so having wrapped myself up in a few layers I went for an exploratory run around our course to check for any slippery conditions and found that our route was actually in tip-top condition, which was a good thing as it was clear after seeing the number of parkrunners assemble in front of me for the run brief that we had a large and significant turnout this morning – as it happens it was our 3rd largest run attendance and the first time we have been over 600 since Apr-18.

As RD one of the concerns is something will go wrong with the finish area or the equipment and your only option is to record a finish time of 59:59 to all runners and when we have large numbers it puts a lot of more pressure on our finish area team of volunteers. This is made more tricky as parkrunners have a habit of finishing quite close together – of our 642 finishers, 313 (nearly half our finishers) finished in a 9 minute interval (between 24-32 minutes), peaking at 48 finishers with a time of 28 minutes. If you look at the results deeper within the 28th minute 30 of the seconds (e.g. 28:04, 28:09, 28;11) were not taken, which means we had the equivalent of 48 people finish in 30 seconds, nearly 2 people crossing the line per second – busy!

#548 Finish distribution

Fortunately after reviewing previous year attendances, I was expecting a large turnout today, and we had taken precautions. We elongated our finish funnel and briefed our funnel managers on the double funnel – for those that have not seen the double funnel in operation, it is a thing of beauty and our funnel managers today who hadn’t experienced the role before worked the funnel magnificently; we were also thankful to our finish token team who worked expertly dishing out the finish tokens in rapid and diligent fashion and our timekeepers were faultless too, the number checkers also did an excellent job.

Overall given the gap since our last 600+ attendance, we coped remarkably well with the additional numbers and I believe we’re well set if we need to go into new territory on runner attendance – last year our 3rd run of 2018 attracted 653, with our 300th run in February attracting our record attendance of 665.

As a heads up the 19th January (subject to weather) will be our 350th run and to celebrate we are planning a Superhero themed run, encouraging fancy dress & cake baking and we will also provide a number template for you to complete showing in a number what parkrun has meant to you (Number of runs, Volunteer slots, PB’s earned, friends made, best time, tourist visits) – whatever we’ll leave it to you to decide, stay tuned to our social media platforms for updates on the upcoming event.

Today also marked the anniversary of our split start – we put it into practice last year on the 2nd run of 2018 after hearing about Horsham cancelling their run, I was RD that day too. As an additional first, we encouraged 32 minute+ runners to join the normal 21-27 minute group at the option start. We’d love to hear feedback on how you think this affected your ability to get going and reduce the squeeze down at the Boathouse.

Unfortunately we had to report 3x incidents today – a funnel ducker who was frankly quite rude, a faller by the 3rd bridge on the far side of the lake and a complaint from a member of the public saying their child couldn’t access the play park – we do say it every week that we have a simple set of rules at parkrun, follow the marshals instructions, be aware of other park users and run safely and carefully as well as remembering your barcode – hey Julie!

Have a good week and we hope to see many of you continue to parkrun next week and if you’d like to volunteer to make it all happen email in to tilgatehelpers@parkrun.com or even better opt in on your parkrun profile to receive our weekly volunteer email request.


Link to song played this morning


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