Tilgate parkrun Milestone volunteering

We all know parkrun wouldn't happen without our volunteers - this post helps celebrate those that have given their time so that many more can run.

Over 1,100 people have now volunteered their time at Tilgate parkrun, it is difficult to distinguish which volunteer achieved our exact volunteer milestone, so all those that achieved their first volunteer on that date the milestone was achieved are listed.

1,100th  Chris Irving/Sue Lee 13-Jan-18 Event 297
1,000th x16 ^^ 22-Jul-17 Event 270
900th Jo Haynes 26-Nov-16 Event 236
800th x15 ^ 23-Jul-16 Event 218
700th Gemma Burridge/Hannah Mornement/Chas O'Neil 26-Dec-15 Event 187
600th Beck Howard/Sarah Bennett/Trevor Madel 09-May-15 Event 153
500th Peter Lyle/Bob Trice 04-Oct-14 Event 121
400th x7 **** 14-Dec-13 Event 78
300th x9 *** 27-Jul-13 Event 58
200th x6 ** 01-Jan-13 Event 31
100th x6 * 11-Aug-12 Event 10

^^ 22 Jul-17 - Linda Heinsen, Rachel Watts, Sheena Stannard, Jennifer Veal, Emma Booysen, Nikki Mclaughlin, Theresa Wright, Simone Beazley, Joanne Mackintosh, Phil Sproston, Lauren Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Matthew Prescott, Dawn Shepard & Paul Luttman

^ 23 Jul-16 - Andrea Stark, Martyn Langton, Emily-Jane Segens, Jack Segens, Lee-Ann Thompson, Tracey Stocker, Giles Kolter, Gina Perrin, Rosie Reeves, Andrew Segens, Susan Swetman, Amelia Brown, Richard Bryant, Tracey Sargent, Andrew Vine

**** 22 Mar-14 - Faye Buche, Jonathan Catlow, Jack Chivers, Chris Griffiths, Tom Mcleish, Julia Thomas, Barry Tucker

*** 27 Jul-13 - Rich Airey, Harry Armstrong, Joanna Boxall, Ella Cavedaschi, Rose Cavedaschi, Camron Kingsnorth, Kennagh Marsh, Craig Simpson, Megan Worsell

** 01 Jan-13 - Asha Kalsi, Nik Kalsi, Richard Murphy, Tony Smalley, Ben Stock, Barry Worrall

* 11 Aug-12 - Nick Baker, John Haynes, Lynda Moore, David Mycock, Karen Mycock, Alan Viles



Tilgate parkrun Milestone attendees

With all the attention drawn to our record attendance, another milestone was achieved that deserves mention - We have now had over 11,000 people take part and present their barcodes at Tilgate parkrun, some of those are lucky enough to be recorded here as significant milestones are reached.

I had predicted we'd get to 11,000 by event 295, but we got there 2 events later; I'll stick my next out and suggest that we'll be welcoming our 12,000th around our 6th birthday (9 Jun-18).

11,000th attendee Jake King 13-Jan-18 Event 297
10,000th attendee Rebecca Mist 29-Jul-17 Event 272
9,000th attendee Tim Weekes 18-Feb-17 Event 249
8,000th attendee Becki Clarke 10-Sep-16 Event 225
7,000th attendee Neil Robinson 16-Apr-16 Event 204
6,000th attendee Josephine Lynch 03-Oct-15 Event 174
5,000th attendee Antonia Hill 11-Apr-15 Event 149
4,000th attendee Kiomars Vejdani 23-Aug-14 Event 115
3,000th attendee Claire Slade 01-Mar-14 Event 90
2,000th attendee Nigel Duffey 06-Jul-13 Event 55
1,000th attendee Craig Simpson 20-Oct-12 Event 20

Tilgate parkrun stat of the day

Hi all parkrun stat lovers - Tilgate parkrun stats are back, well sort of.

I will provide an update on an adhoc basis as time allows, so maybe subscribe to the RSS feeds (somewhere over there ==>>) to get these updates as they happen.  I am also open to receiving Tilgate specific stat requests, if you have any please email these in to tilgateoffice@parkrun.com.

See below for some lovely stats

17 Jan-18

Following our record breaking start to 2018, I had a look at how our parkrun compared to others in the UK and further afield.  It seems that the UK has indeed gone parkrun mad, but the records set in the UK are meek compared with the astounding attendances in South Africa - First, high-level view of last weekend's UK attendances.

13-14 Jan-18 Saturday Juniors Total
UK Events 488 198 686
Attendances 132,621 15,393 148,014
Average 272 78 216
Max 1,380 249 1,380
Min 11 12 11
PB's 16,681 2,642 19,323
First Timers 18,654 2,362 21,016
Volunteers 10,458 3,896 14,354
Tilgate events
Attendance 653 113 766
PB's 103 6 109
First Timers 42 8 50
Volunteers 42 39 81
Rank 15 37
Rank UK 15 433

The UK's attendance was a new record beating the previous best set 6-7 May-17 by 8,428, it was also the highest Saturday attendance, beating the previous best from the same May weekend by 9,017. Tilgate had 598 that day and we were ranked 23rd.

57 of the 686 events had record attendances this weekend, of which we were 1. This weekend Tilgate was ranked 15th out of the 488 events on Saturday and 15th out of the 686 events including the 2k junior runs.  The highest UK attendance was 1,380 at Bushy with the lowest 11 attending Rostrevor parkrun in N. Ireland.

I also did some analysis on some specific metrics to see how our event compares to others

13-14 Jan-18 Tilgate Larger Saturday UK inc Juniors Tilgate Juniors
Barcode compliance 94.5% 91.0% 93.1% 93.3% 87.6%
PB Strike rate 17.9% 14.1% 15.9% 16.5% 6.6%
Volunteer Numbers 42 43 21 21 39
Volunteer/100 runners 6.4 5.1 7.9 9.7 34.5

When comparing Tilgate to larger and other Saturday events, we performed extremely well on barcode compliance, PB conversion and our volunteer numbers - awesome well done Tilgate.

Now to those quite unbelievable South Africa numbers.  South Africa set a new week attendance record of 61,136, their previous high was 49,671 set the week before - a 23% increase.  From their 124 events, 35 set new attendance records, 12 had a higher attendance than Bushy with 3 events having over 2,000 - The highest North Beach had a whopping 2,452 - imagine the challenge issuing and sorting all those tokens!

Other country records were set in Australia (39,250), New Zealand (2,444) & Germany (327).

22 Nov-17

Paul Atherton wrote in after finishing in 75th position on his 75th run last Saturday and asked how often that happened. I accepted the challenge and crunched the numbers whilst also looking at runners who have also matched their Tilgate run count too.  This one certainly got my stat juices running – I hope you enjoy the findings.

So far at Tilgate parkrun we have recorded 101,155 finishes and we have matched the finish position on 279 parkrun runs and 307 Tilgate runs, in total we have had 478 incidences of either Tilgate or parkrun run count matching the finish position earned. So whilst more common than Paul first thought it is still quite a rare occurrence less than 1 in 200 runs match either their parkrun or Tilgate run count.

You do have to be a fairly quick runner to achieve this as the table below illustrates, with the 20-25 bracket being the happiest hunting ground.

Finish Time























Even though it is quite rare, we have a few people that have achieved this feat on a number of occasions.

parkrun run matches     Tilgate run matches     Distinct matches  
Hugh ETHERTON 4 James MASON 5 Peter AIREY 7
Paul ADDIE 4 Hugh ETHERTON 5 James MASON 6
Tom DEE 4 Peter AIREY 4 Hugh ETHERTON 6
Jeremy RIDLEY 4 Paul NORCROSS 4 Paul ADDIE 5
Paul MCKAY 4 x16 runners 3 Paul ADAMS 5
Warwick BILHAM 4 Paul MCKAY 5

As for events, of our 288 events 171 have had an incidence of parkrun run count and finish position matching whilst there have been 192 events when the Tilgate run count matched, in all 232 (81%) of our events have had at least a parkrun or Tilgate run match.

The first time we had a match was at our very first event when our first finisher Ben Golding was a newbie parkrunner, so we achieved both a parkrun match and a Tilgate match and we were 100% for 15 seconds.

parkrun run match     Tilgate run match     Distinct matches  
28-Dec-13 4 15-Apr-17 5 27-Oct-12 7
15-Sep-12 4 21-Nov-15 5 15-Apr-17 6
17-Aug-13 4 24-Oct-15 5 24-Oct-15 6
28-Jul-12 4 27-Jul-13 4 03-Nov-12 6
01-Jan-14 4 27-Apr-13 4 27-Jul-13 5
21-Mar-15 4 19-Nov-16 4 21-Nov-15 5
27-Oct-12 4 28-Jul-12 5

As time goes on the frequency of run count and finish position matches is diminishing, I guess this is more to do with our field increasing, we have only recorded a parkrun run count of 400 or more twice, yet we have had 118 events with attendances over 400 totalling 10,883 runs.

































But which is the best finish position to aim for to get your match – well over the life of our event you would need to be a Top 10 performer

parkrun run match     Tilgate run match     Distinct matches  
Position 10 12 Position 1 35 Position 1 35
Position 5 11 Position 2 17 Position 10 17
Position 1 10 Position 5 13 Position 2 17
Position 6 10 Position 11 12 Position 5 16
Position 4 12 Position 11 14
Position 3 11 Position 6 14

These results however are biased towards the earlier runs, our current year favourites and finish ranges are

Distinct matches        
Position 31 3 Top 10 8
Position 34 3 Top 25 9
Position 58 3 Top 50 29
Position 99 3 Top 100 21
100+ 9

So to maximise your opportunity to match your finish position – be a 20-25 runner and have a run count (Tilgate or parkrun) somewhere between 25 & 100 - Good luck!


On Saturday 30 Sep, Richard Daniells was unable to take part in parkrun, this is not unusual for most of us but for Richard this marked an end to his streak of 169 consecutive Tilgate parkruns stretching back to 26 July 2014.

Richard is a very early parkrun adopter, with new registrations now in the 3.9 million range, Richard's barcode is A4785, his first run being at Bushy Park on 19 May-2007 - over 10 years ago. It would however take Richard over 6 years to get to Tilgate on 24 Aug-13 for his 22nd parkrun. Since that day Richard must have fallen in love with Tilgate and parkun as he has missed just 4 runs including last Saturday and is now just 12 runs short of achieving his 250th run.

To mark this phenomenal achievement I have looked at Richard's Tilgate parkrunning over his streak period which has seen our event attendances grow from 376 up to 621 and there have been a number of new parkruns starting up, including those locally at Horsham and East Grinstead that still didn't draw him away from Tilgate.

Richard's streak of 169 runs has included 7 volunteer roles, pacing, tail running and results processing. He has earned 17 PB's breaking the 27 minute barrier on 2 further occasions. His average finish time over this period was 30:50, 30:43 adjusted for his volunteer roles.

Richard's best finish position was 130, achieved twice on 27 Feb-16 and 11 Nov-16, his best proportionate finish was on 24 Sep-16 when he finished 171st from 552 runners.

Richard almost completed parkrun seconds bingo during his streak, just missing out on the 10th and 22nd second - his most frequent finishing second was 0, achieving that 6 times.

Richard ran up chevron 140 times, missing out 26 due to our re-route in 2015, 3 reverse routes and 2 sheeppen loop runs, yes that adds up to 171, but Richard ran 2x Big loop/little loop runs which involved 2 climbs up chevron each time.

So as they sort of say the streak king is dead long live the streak king - the current streak record is held jointly by Darren Hunt and Cliff Potter who completed their 161st consecutive run on Saturday.  Richard can console himself that he still has the longest streak, but will that be beaten in 9 weeks time?


On Saturday 9th September, East Grinstead joined parkrun and to mark that occasion, I have looked back at the attendances for the 'local' runs, to show how parkrunning has grown over the last few years - amazing story #loveparkrun

Local parkrunning Average attendances
Event Start date Sep-10 Sep-11 Sep-12 Sep-13 Sep-14 Sep-15 Sep-16 09-Sep-17
Banstead Woods 16-Jun-07 157 143 152 182 159 190 179 203
Brighton & Hove 03-Nov-07 229 354 443 389 445 453 380 423
Eastbourne 28-Jan-12 79 113 146 168 202 326
Tilgate 09-Jun-12 171 234 303 368 553 457
Preston Park 20-Apr-13 178 290 305 362 436
Clair 20-Jul-13 54 117 127 130 148
Reigate Priory 22-Mar-14 120 160 232 354
Royal Tunbridge Wells 26-Apr-14 86 120 192 239
Bognor Regis 24-May-14 96 147 185 Canx
Chichester 02-Aug-14 108 146 164 194
Folkestone 16-Aug-14 63 96 134 197
Horsham 06-Sep-14 261 282 389 459
Cranleigh 04-Oct-14 52 76 100
Hastings 18-Apr-15 112 144 249
Hove Promenade 11-Jul-15 157 226 267
Bevendean Down 06-Feb-16 46 29
Worthing 11-Jun-16 215 325
Peacehaven 20-May-17 94
East Grinstead 09-Sep-17 361
Totals 386 497 846 1,149 2,193 2,881 3,807 4,861
Annual increase 29.0% 70.1% 35.9% 90.8% 31.3% 32.1% 27.7%

Bognor Regis have been averaging around 270 each week, if they had run, it could have meant over 5,000 individuals running in the parkruns listed above, representing a 34.8% increase on Sep-16's average. That's a big change, let alone, the increase from the 386 on average in 2010.


Tilgate parkrun seconds bingo.  Following a post I made last December (link), I thought I'd have a quick revisit to see how people are progressing on achieving every second in their Tilgate parkrun finish times.

Under probability theory it would take someone 281 parkruns to achieve each of the 60 seconds on their finish time, but as we are don't run to a random pattern, we could achieve bingo much sooner than 281 runs.  Our Top 10 bingo achievers are as follows and we have 2 complete bingo cards and significantly before 281 runs.

Name Runs Seconds Missing
Vanessa HARROLD 239 60
Alan LITCHFIELD 214 60
Bill FREESTONE 228 59 [52]
Mary FREESTONE 222 59 [07]
Alan VILES 216 59 [05]
Brian PURNELL 213 59 [31]
Joanna Kathryn FIVEASH 200 59 [02]
Anne THOMAS 173 59 [10]
Colin WINFIELD 156 59 [20]
Danielle MCCOMB 134 59 [14]

The most problematic second to achieve appears to be 40 with only 10.2% of runners attaining that finish, the most commonly achieved is 51 with 11.2% of runners achieving that finish.

40 is also the least common finish time, at 1,408 is 101 incidences down on the average with the most frequent being 50, which is 91 incidences above the average.

By far the most impressive seconds bingo seeker in the Top 10 seeker is Danielle McComb achieving 59 seconds from just 134 runs, she's a real master at seconds bingo, probably without realising it, and has only repeated 37 of her 59 seconds finish times.

Special mentions also to Ray Ko with 53 from 95, Mark Lavender 52 from 92, Liz Berry & Simon Freeman 51 from 87 and John Haynes 51 from 90.

For me, I've run 104 times and achieved a mere 46 seconds, tied lowest in my banding and 3 behind the average - work to do, particularly in the middle range, as I am missing 22, 26, 27, 28, 30, 34 & 36m - but I do have a 40!

If you'd like to know where you are on seconds bingo, let me know by emailing tilgateoffice@parkrun.com


In honour of Julie's 250th Volunteer week, the subject is Tilgate volunteering

We have had 1009 individuals volunteer, our 1000th was one of 16 first time volunteers on the Saints & Sinners take-over

Of these 1009 individuals, 530 are female and 479 men, however the men volunteer more often 5659 v 4045

Julie is the first to achieve 250

4 have achieved 200

11 have achieved 150

20 have achieved 100

41 have achieved 50

402 have volunteered once, but that is once more than the 9,124 that have run but not yet volunteered - 3,914 of those however have only run once, 7,799 of them have run less than 10 times.

A better measure is, of the 1,864 that have run 10 times or more, 668 have volunteered - which is a 36% volunteer conversion rate amongst regular runners.

3 people have completed our Volunteer Bingo, 2 now parkrun elsewhere - the other, Sophie, is going for parkrun Bingo within this anniversary year

Julie is yet to complete/record a marshal duty her only outstanding item from completing her very own parkrun Bingo card

Julie has volunteered most on Event setup x165 with the next highest being Number Checker x40, comfortably ahead of 'Mr Number Checker' Paul Chandler who is next best on 29, just ahead of Nick on 28 - For the record Keith has Number Checked 7 times but not since 31 Oct-15


Saturday 5th August will be the 100th time we will have started on the lawn

- 36.5% of our events have been from the lawn start

- 39,353 (42.0%) of our 93,606 runs completed have been from our Lawn start

- 6,355 (63.4%) of our 10,025 runners have run from our Lawn start

- 7,895 (44.3%) of all PB's have been achieved from our Lawn start

Alan Litchfield is our number 1 Lawn starter having run 91 of the 99 runs so far, Vanessa is on 86, Peter Airey on 85

Andrew Middleton is our No 1 Lawn start PB maker with 17, Lucinda Goddard is on 16, Claire Hooper & Jackie Hastings on 15

Core Team member Lawn start performance

Lawn start Runs PB's
Julie 42 1
Martin 53 8
Keith 4 3
Nick 1 0
Alnur 35 0


We know parkrun isn't just about the running, however our attendance records are just that.  I have updated my data to now also show participation, adjusted for those that both run & volunteer on the same day.

So on Saturday 22nd July we had 94x volunteer and 547 runners with overall participation of 607, this number did not make our Top 10 participation, just falling short, coming in at 11

I have posted a new news item with our Top 10 participation stats - feel free to share


Event No.
































Pacer Wk






























Club take-over





Stuart Adesilu contacted me and asked me to confirm if he will likely be the first to record 100 sub-20 times at Tilgate parkrun.  The Top 5 sub-20 runners as at 22nd July

Name Runs Sub-20
Stuart Adesilu 137 97
Andrew Summers 99 92
Jason Harrold 138 92
Ben Stock 151 88
James Westlake 88 86

So Stuart is on course, but is being chased hard by Jason


Following our 5th birthday I had a look to see if there are any 100% attendees of our inaugural and each of the birthday events.

Excluding the unknown runners, 1,768 people have either run or volunteered on these occasions totalling 2,333 runs and 231 volunteer occasions.

9 people have either run or volunteered at each of these events, with 2 running every time and 4 volunteering every time.  The other 3 all volunteered at the inaugural and have run each birthday run.

Older stat of the week reports can be found here 2014, 2015_issue 1, 2015_issue 2, issue 3 & issue 4


Tilgate parkrunner of the month Dec-17

Our parkrunner of the month for Dec-17 is

Nura Karpowitsch.

Nura (pictured on the right) was thrilled to be chosen and has given her answers to her parkrun likes, loves and ambitions.

1) Runs completed / PB's earned / Number of times volunteered

42 runs completed
10 PB’s 29:12 on Christmas Day
Volunteered 27 times

2) How did you hear about Tilgate parkrun?

I heard about Tilgate parkrun through my running club, Worth Way Runners.

3) What did you do on a Saturday morning at 9am before Tilgate parkrun?

Before coming to parkrun I used to lie in or do housework, much prefer being at parkrun!

4) Your Barcode - is it paper, laminated, permanent or other?

My barcode is a wristband & I have a laminated one in my car as a back up.

5) Which volunteering role do you like best and why?

My favourite volunteering role has been timekeeper. I was nervous when I first did it during the Worth Way Runners take over week in 2016, but it’s great to see Runners coming through and what times they achieve.

6) Do you have any parkrun goals?

6) I would like to achieve 20 tourist parkruns so I can get my cow cowl, & tying in with that complete a parkrun that starts with each letter of the alphabet (if possible).

7) Do you have a favourite parkrun moment?

There have been many parkrun moments, including my sub 30 on Christmas Day, but I think my favourite has to be Worth Way Runners take over day in Oct 2016. It was such a great day and atmosphere.

8) Has parkrun changed your attitude to running, fitness and general wellbeing?

parkrun has definitely changed my attitude to running, fitness & general well-being. Everyone at parkrun inspires me down to the simple fact that they are there, taking part and giving it a go.

9) What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun?

My advice to someone considering coming to Tilgate parkrun would be to just do it! Come along, see how friendly everyone is, see the different attendees we get and just give it a go.

10) Chevron or middle path which hill do you prefer?

Aargh! I hate hills! Both are equally challenging but I think it has to be Chevron as I’ve recently managed to run it without walking.

Nura joins our Hall of fame of previous winners


Tilgate parkrunner of the month – Hall of fame

Our full Hall of fame

2015 2016  2017
January Wayne Kingsnorth - Sophie Hunt
February Joanne Nicholson - Miyuki Stephenson
March Gary Viles - Nicholas Hollan-Ellidge
April Amy Mills (J) - Alison Tulley
May Alnur Hassam Chris Tyson Justin Mitchell
June Louise Bevan Claire Page Henrietta Newell
July Mike Brice Jason Harrold James Westlake
August Susan Swetman Rob Copper Freddie Matthews
September Tony Airey Richard Daniells Katie Johnson
October Brian Purnell Ryan Williams Chris Johnston 
November - Katherine Martin Ingrid Hollan-Ellidge
December - Janice Phelan Nura Karpowitsch
2012 2013 2014
January - Nicole Airey Nina Williams
February - Brian Pemberton Kirk Bradley
March - Somangouda Malipatil Danielle McComb
April - Douglas McComb Loraine Mosley
May - Rod Harrison James Tombs
June Harry Armstrong (J) Sophie Airey Lorraine Hunter
July Anthony Milborrow Len Golding Sundeep Kalsi
August Karen Chenery Anne Thomas Vanessa Windust
September Mary Freestone Lynn Laverty Andrew Middleton
October Linda Robson Marc Sydes Gabrielle Presland
November Stuart Adesilu Darren Hunt Martin Presland
December Hugh Etherton Raff Vitale Ben Stock


Tilgate parkrun - Every Saturday - 9am start by the lake - Run, Walk, Jog, Volunteer -  Enjoy!


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