Tollcross parkrun will not take place on Christmas Day


New Year

A special Tollcross parkrun will take place on New Year's Day at 11 a.m.


The sun always shines at Tollcross!

We all know the East End of Glasgow is the sunniest part of the City and for our third birthday celebrations in a row the weather in our beautiful park was spectacular. It was the perfect conditions to put on your trainers, tackle some hills, run in the sun, and then eat some delicious cake!

The cakes at Tollcross have tempted many a runner in the past to take on our ten hills but the amount of sweet and savoury treats on offer for our birthday was plentiful.. Lots of cakes, biscuits, sausages, sandwiches plus tea and coffee nearly buckled the table. One volunteer, who will remain unnamed, may have nabbed some tablet prior to the start…..

An attempt at a singsong to celebrate our birthday at the start went spectacularly wrong as Stuart Rennie played an exotic version of the classic, ‘Happy birthday to you’ through the boom box we had for the occasion. It led to some interesting renditions and a lot of confused faces!!

A total of 136 happy runners completed the course. It must have been hard on their final jaunt up the Rose Garden hill not to have dived over to the picnic table early. We admired your determination to ignore it and to go on and get that PB!

Our pacers returned again and we hope that it spurred you on to get a good time. It was nice to see Justin Carter saunter to victory. Justin and his family have been a great supporter of our event. We love seeing runners/joggers/walkers of all abilities at Tollcross. We even had a group nicknamed ‘Loose Women’ by one of our longer standing regulars!

After everyone had finished their run, Ken Eccleson, a wonderful Run Director, but an even better statistician, gave a lovely speech to the picnickers. Ken informed us that nearly 3000 runners have covered 80 million kilometres in our four years.. Apparently that equals the same distance as Arthur Duggan runs in a week…

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the birthday such a success. It takes a fair bit of organisation to ensure a regular parkrun goes ahead so a special thanks should be given to our lovely Co-Event Director, Emma Craig for organising and coordinating. It was great to see a few volunteer sign ups on our new volunteer board. We couldn't have a run without our volunteers.

So, the last four years have been a blast. A few have been with us since the start, a few have come and went, some run with us now and again, others found out about us by accident, many only come for a sweet treat, a fair few come because they love a hill, a couple say ‘never again!’, but one thing can be assured, we'll be here for you all for as long as we are wanted.

Thank you for making Tollcross parkrun what it is.


Tollcross parkrun’s 4th birthday – 6th May 2017


We are 4 years young! Come dressed up for the party run!

Come and help us celebrate our 4th birthday and dress up for the occasion!

Dress up as though you’re going to your favorite kind of party!

Dust down your glad rags and come to the parkrun party!

Prizes for the best dressed adult and child.

Usual picnic afterwards - please bring along a cake/savory bite and a flask.


Core Team Changes

Gone but not forgotten

After a number of years of sterling service as Run Director and Event Director, David Stirling recently decided to step down from the core team. We thank David very much for his hard work in helping to make Tollcross what it is today. David will not be a stranger and we look forward to seeing him now and then at Tollcross parkrun as both a runner and volunteer.

Katy Smith has also decided to step down from the core team and we would like to thank Katy for her brilliant contribution and look forward to running with her regularly for years to come.

Team Changes

Emma Craig and Hugh McAloon have taken over as Co-Event Directors.

We are delighted to announce that Fiona Greig and Helen Wilkinson have agreed to become Run Directors, with Stuart Rennie, Ross Crawford and Ken Eccleson continuing in their roles. Both Fiona and Helen are scheduled to make their debut in the spring.

We are also very pleased to announce that Beth Maguire, Lorraine Mullen, Ross Greig and Shaz Hakeem have also agreed to join the core team as Run Director support.

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