Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #148 29 December 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by John Linington

What a year it’s been!

2018 has seen 51 parkrun events at Tooting Common, with 27,007 finishers racking up over 135,000 km. That many spins around the Trioundabout would take you three times around the world! Oo er, I’m a bit dizzy just thinking about that…


Unsurprisingly, the highest turnouts came in January when 817 people upheld their New Year’s resolutions at event number 100, beating the previous record (set only a week before) by 5 people! Let’s see if we can do better in 2019 ;)

Nick Bester from Herne Hill Harriers took the highest number of first finishers for the men – an impressive 9 altogether – while Clapham Chaser Lucie Custance edged it for the ladies with a total of 6 in 2018, including the fastest ladies’ run of the year in 17:40 at event 115. The fastest men’s time of the year however goes to Jack Hallas of Wakefield and District, when his only appearance at Tooting three weeks ago finished in a blistering 15:50!

2018 also saw a number of age category records tumble: notable among those are Mavis Orban taking the fastest time for the VW75-79 category in 33:43 (AG 71.92%) and Joseph Aspinall the fastest VM80-84 in 28:50 (AG 72.89%). The juniors have also put on an amazing show this year, as Johanna Nicholson ran the fastest time for the JW11-14 category in – wait for it – 19:54 (!) bagging an 83.58% age grading score in the process. And speaking of age-grading – if my maths is on the ball – Austin Soane achieved the highest score of 2018 with 86.25%.

So once we’d reflected on all those amazing achievements, we had just one more thing to do – the final parkrun of the year! :) And looking at some of the stats, it seems as though perseverance was the key to many of our successes - a very appropriate sentiment for the New Year!


Event number 148 saw 319 finishers, of whom 17 were tackling Tooting for the first time and a further 6 brave souls were completing their first ever parkrun. Watford Joggers’ Nana Agyei, who has never finished outside the top ten, turned his consistently fast performances into a first place finish today, finishing 1 second ahead of Aaron Wilson in 18:20. It would be a full minute before Liverpool University’s Ryan Willmott took the third place finish, 7 seconds clear of the rest of the pack. Nana’s efforts also earned him the top AG score for the day with 75.07% - what a brilliant effort for the end of the year.


Meanwhile Kathryn Evans was the first lady home for what looks like her first time at Tooting, in a time of 22:30 – after 66 runs here what a fantastic payoff for the Roadhogg from Leicester! Linda Wain came in second in 23:04 and Gateshead Harriers’ Caroline Hudson took third place just 17 seconds later on her first time at Tooting. And representing the JM11-14 category another visitor, Alfie Reynolds, took the fastest time for the under-20s with an incredible time of 19:53 and eighth place overall – a result that also nabbed him the second highest age graded score of the day.


The juniors led the charge for personal bests today, with Ruby Abbasian, Marla Babiker and Matilda Cockburn from the JW10 category and Jacob Dilley from JM11-14 all recording their fastest times at Tooting. Also among Team PB was Trioundabout regular and visually impaired runner Velma Williams, who took a whole minute off her previous best time – go Velma! And finally, a special shout out goes to April Marretta Lord, who coolly clocked a PB of 27:39 and still had time to turn in a volunteering stint. Not all heroes wear capes, people.


First lady and multitasker supreme Kathryn Evans also took the accolade of most parkruns today on her 227th outing overall – getting pretty close to that 250 shirt – while picking up a volunteering credit as well! David Brown meanwhile celebrated his 50th parkrun today, while Abigail Hermon is just one away from a 100 – a target she’ll hit on New Year’s Day. For those of you that are struggling to run that elusive fastest time, it’s worth remembering that it’s not all about speed – the important thing is getting out there week after week, rain or shine.


And finally, my favourite bit – the geeky stats…

There were runners from 25 different clubs, with the highest representation coming from Clapham Chasers. Even with a relatively small field (30% fewer runners than the weekly average) the first and last finishers were still separated by 30 minutes and 12 seconds, which goes to show the range of parkrunners that come to Tooting every week! 181 parkrunners (or 56.7% of the total) snuck inside the average finish time of 27:09, while Anna Hunscott came in exactly halfway through the field, clocking 26:30 in the median position (160th). The average time for the day however was 33:25, which would have landed you in 285th place.

Of course, you know the most important stat of all – the volunteers. 31 people gave their time up today – as you can see some of them were able to run as well! – and as parkrun simply doesn’t happen without them I’d like to give a MASSIVE shoutout to our parkrun angels. We wouldn’t be 148 events in if not for the support we get every week, so if you’d like to get involved please contact or speak to one of the marshals at the next event.

Happy parkrunning everyone and Happy New Year!

Love and cake

Jaz x


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #140 3 November 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by Dickon Thompson

The parkrunners of South West London really were setting the ground on fire this weekend! With the Crystal Palace and Brockwell events cancelled for fireworks displays, Tooting saw an epic 643 attendees – still a way off our record attendance of 817 but a fantastic turnout nonetheless. Let’s hope that trend continues up to Christmas – after all, more miles = more mince pies! ;)


As I started writing I thought “I’m sure I’ve mentioned Nick Bester before…” and it turns out I have, quite a few times! The prolific Herne Hill Harrier has picked up 8 first place finishes at Tooting already in 2018 alone and notched up a 9th today, sneaking under the 17 minute mark by a single second. Ealing Eagles’ Matt Kaufman followed him in in a PB time of 17:20, with Edmund Crowther marking his first outing around the Trioundabout by nabbing third place 9 seconds later.

Meanwhile Louise Bell from Clapham Chasers took a whopping 17 seconds off her previous PB to be first lady home in 20:22 – I’m sure she’s thrilled with the result after all her hard work these last few months. She even had time for a breather before watching the battle for second and third, with just six seconds and three places separating Iona Mumby in 21:11 and Fulham RC’s Sophie McKeeman (74th overall).

Sophie joined the pantheon of parkrunners celebrating a PB today; 22.6% of the field beat their best time for the course, including 8 of our 22 junior runners! Georgina Waight was first home for the under 18s (representing the JW11-14 category) with a time of 23:41, and Joey Kielty took the accolade for first male under 18 with a personal best time of 24:35. Congratulations to everyone who pushed themselves that much further today – toffee apples all round! :)


Of the 643 finishers – a little more than 41% higher than our weekly average! – we actually had surprisingly few tourists. There were just 85 first timers to Tooting, or 13% of the field, compared with this time last year where that figure was double. 36 of those marvellous people were actually running their first ever parkrun (welcome to the family!), representing all ages groups from 10 to 60. On the other end of the scale Durham City Harriers’ Simon Gardner (who I believe was our furthest travelled tourist) ran away with the title for most runs on his 311th outing.

We wished happy 150th and 100th parkruns to Ken Willis and Brian Jacobsen today and a happy 50th to Tim Keast and Benjamin Southall. Imogen Swales, Amelia Silvester and Rob Woodward are waiting in the wings for the chance to get their 100 T-shirt, while Robin Lovegrove, Stuart Court and David Sampson are looking forward to earning their red 50s.

20181103-195-42 20181103-195-118

Last but by no means least, a MASSIVE thank you to our 31 devoted volunteers who gave up their time to make parkrun happen – I don’t think it can be understated how crucial you all are to making parkrun as successful, as safe and as fun as it is. If you’d like to lend a hand one week please contact or speak to one of the marshals at the next event.

Happy parkrunning everyone!

Love and leaves



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #130 25 August 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by John Linington

Ah, that’s more like it. No more getting sunburn on the way to the shops for a pint of milk, no more sweating just by sitting still, and we can all legitimately complain about the weather again. The heatwave has been thoroughly lovely, in a lot of ways, but it’s good to see some more runner-friendly temperatures at the Tooting triangle!

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

Of our 502 finishers on Saturday, a fifth of those recorded their best time around the Trioundabout, including our junior stars of the week Bella Howard and Amelia Thomas. In fact Bella’s 23:25 for the under-10s was also in the top-10 age grading scores – definitely earned a post-run cake Bella! Meanwhile Emma Wadham continued her improvement by beating the time she set last month by 45 seconds to get 47:09, and Holly West, running with us for the first time since April, beat her previous Tooting PB by 15 seconds to get 24:09. Welcome back, Holly!

Among the personal bests were also first and third finishers Danny Russell of Highgate Harriers and Joshua Pewter of Herne Hill, with times of 16:05 and 16:53 respectively, and from what I saw Danny had a real fight on his hands from the unknown second place finisher – they were hip to hip on the third leg of the triangle with less than a minute to go. Blink and you’d miss it!

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

Meanwhile Overton Harriers’ Hannah Bliss brought it home for the ladies in 19:36 and 30th place overall, comfortably ahead of Pewter’s clubmate Lara Langston in 20:10 and Clapham Pioneer Ruth Dervan 15 seconds behind her. Herne Hill Harriers put on a great show with 5 of their 12 runners finishing in the top 50, including Langston and Pewter, while Clapham Chasers brought 17 people to the parkrun party for the highest club attendance.

Congratulations – for a different reason – go to Manchester United fan Ben Southall who kicked off his stag do with his 42nd parkrun, aptly dressed head to toe in the bright red Liverpool FC strip! Let’s hope the day didn’t end red-faced as well! :)

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

And in an impressive display of multitasking, Tom Baker, Howard Coan and Paul Dodounou made it a volunteer and PB double, delivering the marshal briefing and sorting tokens whilst recording 25:21, 30:07 and 20:58 respectively. It just goes to show volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on a run!

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

Of the recorded finishers a whopping 103 people were tackling Tooting for the first time, with 46 of those completing their first ever parkrun – welcome all you intrepid explorers. A special welcome goes to the Howarth family; Freddie and Bertie for the under-10s and Emma in the V49 category all finished together in under 34 minutes, and what a great way to combine family time with exercise and fresh air! Well done to all our junior runners; we had 13 in total, with Amelia Thomas and Thomas Valverde Kosinski close to picking up their 10 runs t-shirts. In the senior categories, Jack Leafe completed run number 99 and I’m sure will be hoping to get his black 100 shirt next week. Approaching an even more impressive milestone today was Norman Urquia, marking his 297th parkrun by running his best ever time – can’t wait to see what you do for run number 300!

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

Finally, the geeky bit. Currently the Tooting Common average run time is calculated at 27:07; interestingly, Saturday’s average finishing time (excluding tail walker) was 31:37, clocked in by Jenny Barnard, but the median position (i.e. halfway through the pack) was much closer to the average time with Marie Tracey Fall’s 26:04 in position number 251. In fact a time of 27:07 would have put you neck and neck with Sam Dalton and Marian Kelly in positions 300 and 301 respectively. Our fastest time of 16:05, while impressive, was slightly over a minute and about 8% slower than Paul Martelletti’s course record of 14:57 set in February 2017. Setting aside the 73 unknown runners, there were 197 women compared with 232 men in the results, making a 46%/54% split.

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

It was my first run at Tooting for a while, as I’m recovering from both a broken foot and now a vicious bout of flu, so on a personal note I wanted to say how lovely it is to be back running with such a wonderfully supportive and friendly group of people. Whether or not you’re part of a club you’re always part of the parkrun family, especially those who also give up their Saturdays to volunteer, and it’s a family I’m very proud to be part of. A massive thank you to the 33 people who helped make Saturday’s run happen; if you’d like to take part too please contact or ask one of us next Saturday.

Love and sunshine

Jaz x

Tooting Common Parkrun 130

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #125 14 July 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by Dickon Thompson

The weather this Saturday could only be described, in the immortal words of Caroline Aherne, as “scorchio”.


10 degrees hotter than this time last year it was great for sunseekers, less so for PB seekers! On July 15th 2017 at parkrun number 77, there were 123 PBs among the 516 finishers (or 24%); today we saw 59 PBs registered from 483 finishers, just over 12% of the field.


That said, it didn’t stop two of Herne Hill Harriers’ finest recording their fastest time on the course – Nick Bester had the edge with a 16:36 finish for first man, and Matthew Robertson came in 40 seconds behind. Nick actually ran the event a year ago and today his result improved by three places and almost a whole minute – great work Nick! Special mention also goes to the fourth place finisher Richard McDowell from Hercules Wimbledon who clocked in at 17 minutes and 42 seconds… while pushing a buggy. A Herculean effort indeed, especially the sprint finish. I couldn’t find out if this was officially our fastest buggy run at Tooting but it’s got to be up there!

20180714-186-263 20180714-186-289

Meanwhile there was an equally strong show from the ladies, with Hannah Lord finishing first in 19:49, chased home by Shannon Sinclair in 20:04 and Clapham Chasers’ Bridie MacDonald in 21:03, who also bagged herself a PB. A great effort also from Natalie Warren in the 11-14 category who was not only the fastest of the under-15s with her PB time of 22:54, but also 8th lady! Despite the weather we saw a great breadth of results across all age categories, but especially in the juniors where 43% recorded a personal best, compared with 16% of seniors (20-34) and 12% of veterans (35 and above).


Next up – permit me to go a bit stat crazy here, or just jump to the next paragraph! – my favourite roundup: the averages… :) Ben Parker finishing 242nd was our median position finisher (i.e. halfway through the field) in 27:10. The closest median time on the other hand was 36:47, beating 7% of the field, compared with this time last year where the median time of 32:48 was faster than 12%. Meanwhile the range of times today between first and last finisher was 16% larger than last year. What all this suggests is that the results are more bunched up than they used to be, and slightly more competitive, but we also saw a wider range of times today than we saw a year ago. Of course that could all be down to the heat and the fact the World Cup is on!


While we’re talking about impressive numbers, our most experienced parkrunner today was Gary Slater, completing run number 402. Also representing the 250 club were Norman Urquia, David R Mason and Sarah Vaughan. Mike Hayden picked up his 100 shirt and Kevin Pickering is one run away from joining him – maybe next week? A special mention goes to our very own Cal Jones who marked her 50th parkrun with a fastest time around the Trioundabout, and who will be Run Director for next week’s takeover by the Clapham Chasers. She and 15 other parkrunners finished today having already banked 25 or more volunteering credits –if you’d like to work up to a snazzy purple shirt please contact A massive thank you also goes to the 36 who volunteered today, without whom nobody’s getting any shirts!


To the 65 plucky runners who joined us for the first time – welcome to tropical Tooting! I promise it’s not always this brutal but at least we have the Lido to cool off in afterwards! :) And to the 71 runners who were too shy to make themselves known – or perhaps forgot their tag – I really do encourage you to bring your barcode and get your result. Even looking back a year from today it’s fascinating to see the leaps and bounds Tooting’s parkrunners have made and I’m so proud to see our little event grow and grow. I can’t run at the moment due to a broken foot (I’m dying of jealousy) but seeing everyone out there today reminded me what a strong community of parkrunners we have. Well done to everyone to made it, to all those fabulous smiles I saw on the way round, and hope you’re having a lovely summer.

Jaz x

20180714-186-94 20180714-186-585

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #112 14 April 2018

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by Sandhya Drew

Guys, what’s that bright light? Is it… can it be… sunshine?


Britain’s longest winter since the Ice Age – or at the very least Ice Age 2 – was finally punctuated by the first rays of spring a good two months INTO spring, making marathon prep that much more challenging than it usually is. Good luck to all of you racing in April and May who will have to risk running either in long johns because that’s all you could train in, or in an optimistic pair of short shorts still in their wrapping.

The inclement weather hasn’t deterred the hardy parkrunners of South West London however, and joining the roundabout regulars today were 51 fearless first timers! Making up nearly a tenth of the field, it was fantastic to see so many newcomers testing themselves against one of the most easily underestimated courses inside the M25. Another 16 runners were visiting Tooting for the first time, including junior parkrunner Herbie Clark, and we hope to see them all again soon.


Of the 566 finishers 107 recorded a new personal best, including second lady Hannah Lord with a time of 19:03. Clapham Chasers’ Lucie Custance was an agonising 2 seconds away from her own PB of 17:44, but she will no doubt take comfort from the fact that as well as first lady she was also second overall – what an absolutely stunning performance from a consistently brilliant runner! She came in 27 seconds behind Team Dillon’s Timothy Wood who led the field in 17 minutes and 19 seconds after the gun, and 10 seconds ahead of fellow Chaser Rob Sherwood.


Izzie and Thea Warren and Sid Steedman from the under 10s categories all recorded PBs today as well – fantastic work everyone! – and Izzie actually recorded her third PB in a row, which is incredible progress for someone on only her eighth parkrun. Testament to the inclusiveness of the event, the field included 20 parkrunners under eighteen, and 11 more over sixty. Among the victorious PB chasers were Victoria Spooner who snuck under 24 minutes for the first time, and Victoria Whittaker who whittled a whopping 44 seconds off her previous best from three weeks ago!

Emma Rogers recorded the only official milestone today, earning a red-shirt for her 50th parkrun! We’ll keep an eye out in future weeks for Christian Fielder, currently on 49 runs, and Joanna Ward who is two away from 100. Meanwhile Tunde Adeyemo of Sutton Runners takes the gong for most parkruns (today was number 322) as well as being one of only 7 runners who also have volunteered 25 times or more!


If you’d like to get your hands on one of those natty purple t-shirts please contact to find out how you can join the ranks of the priceless parkrun volunteers, and help us all keep this brilliant event going week after week. And for the 94 runners without a barcode today – you’ll kick yourself when you’re a run away from a milestone... :-)

Love and sunshine,

Jaz x


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #96 23 December 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by Rizwan Hafiz

With the prospect of all those roast dinners, mince pies and glasses of sherry, you could forgive the good people of Tooting to allow themselves a little indulgence this week. Nevertheless, 290 of South West London’s most intrepid parkrunners defied the chill to tackle the Trioundabout this Saturday (and earn themselves an extra mince pie).


It’s got to be said that Mike Brewer earned himself more than just one extra mince pie as he completed his 300th parkrun in a fantastic time just 18 seconds off his PB, with only Paul Cook (320) and Louise Ayling (326) ahead of him! Louise gets an extra mention for doing the run in festive PJs – I mean, when you’ve done that many parkruns perhaps they’re not worth getting out of bed for – and Paul for being one of the 48 runners to score a PB. Joining him in the PB club were first lady finisher Sarah Grover, who came in 12th overall with a cracking time of 19:16, and third finisher Patrick McDougall in 17:46. A special mention goes to Catherine Law too as she completed her 50th parkrun today - well done, Catherine!


We were also proud to welcome a total of 28 official first timers to Tooting this weekend, not least of which were first and second finishers Tony Payne and Ben Wickham, and second lady Rachel Allen. Tony ran a blistering time of 16:12 – so blistering in fact that it took 1 minute and 14 seconds for Ben to join him at the finish funnel! In fact today’s parkrun counted as Tony’s first ever parkrun, making an impressive debut for the Serpentine RC runner. A massive welcome to the parkrun family goes to him and the 12 other runners completing their first parkrun today!

Tony set a great example and hot on his heels was our fastest runner under eighteen, Tobias Allen, who finished in 18:19 and 6th overall. There was even more great running from the juniors, including a close fought battle between under-15s Mohan Stansfield and Finley Allen who finished in 21:21 and 21:23 respectively, and a speedy 22:35 from Thomas Burghes in the under 10 category.


Now for my Christmas present to myself - the geeky bit! :)

Of our 290 finishers, the fastest and slowest times respectively were 16:12 and 44:45, both relatively speedy times for Tooting. This means that our mean finishing time was 30:28 (closest result Tracey Eastabrook in 205th place) and our median finishing position was Mat Chambers in 145th, in a time of 26:10. Compared with this time last year we’ve got 79 more runners, a 12% increase in the range of finishing times and twice as many runners inspired to do their first ever parkrun at Christmas.


A HUGE thank you goes out to our 31 tireless volunteers without whom parkrun simply doesn’t happen, especially tail walker Mark Shotton whose encouragement and festive spirits helped bring everyone home safe and sound. And a reminder to the 43 unknown runners who left their barcode in their other running tights to print a spare – you’ll kick yourself when you’re a run short of a milestone!

Merry Christmas one and all and a Happy New Year – and if you want to kick off 2018 in style why don’t you join us at Tooting for a special edition New Year’s Day parkrun at the hangover-friendly time of 10:30? It’s worth AT LEAST another mince pie…

Click here for full results, and if you’d like to volunteer (especially during January) please email – the more the merrier!

Love and laces,
Jaz x


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #89 28 October 2017

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by Andrew Warden

The fog settled in, spirits were high, everyone was exorcising – time for the Halloween edition of Tooting Common spookrun!

Tooting Common parkrun_-2.jpg

There were some excellent fancy dress efforts on show today, not least from our new co-Event Director Mark Shotton who haunted everyone as tail walker in his Dracula cape and makeup. A massive thanks goes to outgoing EDs “Queen Witch” Gemma Brierley-Rutter and Simon Lewis, who have been instrumental in making Tooting one of the biggest parkruns in London on one of the smallest sites and ensuring what should be a logistical nightmare runs like a dream every Saturday morning. Mark and his co-ED Liam O’Hare will be taking over as of next week and will no doubt carry on the tradition of Tooting parkrun legends.

Tooting Common parkrun_-21.jpg

Of the 516 finishers today 52 hardy souls were running their first ever parkrun, obviously hoping to outrun the skeletons (it’s harder than it sounds) and 88 more were tackling the terrifying Tooting Trioundabout for the first time. The front of the pack was led home by… well, I’m not sure actually – two finishers simply marked as “unknown”. Maybe we’ve got ghosts on the course? We’ll have to check with Martin Rutter who chased them home to finish third in a time of 16:44, picking up a huge personal best in the process and nabbing the highest age graded score for the day as well.

Tooting Common parkrun_.jpg

Meanwhile Sarah Grover of Dacorum and Tring AC brought the ladies home in the fang-tastic time of 19:24, one which earned her the third highest age graded score, in position 31 overall. Not far behind her were Alexandra McClelland of Warwick University and Rosie Clarke, with just three places and 18 seconds between them. There was also a spook-tacular contest on among the under-10s category, as Theodore Arvanitakis, Mason Squires and Lucy Hufton all finished under 28 minutes within seconds of each other; 27:10, 27 24 and 27:29 respectively, all of them PBs!

As well as fastest mortal (sort of) and highest age graded score, Martin Rutter also took the gong for most total runs today, finishing run number 259, while Ben Davies, Tamara Davies, Sophia Hamilton and Catriona Shearer all picked up their red 50 shirt – congratulations! Hopefully we’ll see Sebastian Ceglowski join the 100 club soon as he’s only three runs away from the black shirt milestone. Sophia joined Martin, Theodore, Mason, Lucy and 126 other runners recording a personal best today, which makes a quarter of the field making the most of the Halloween spirit. The fastest and slowest recorded times today were 16:44 and 48:55 respectively, which means that our median time was Nicola Bradley in 32:49 and 462nd position; the median position (or the halfway point in the finishers’ field) on the other hand was Aled Evans, finishing 258th in 26:06.

And last but not least, a huge hand (still attached to a body, hopefully) goes to our 34 un-boo-lievable volunteers who keep parkrunners parkrunning – if you’d like to join us, please e-mail

Jaz x

Tooting Common parkrun_-22.jpg

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #79 29 July 2017

By Jasmine Sandalli
Photos by David Hepworth

We’ve had a bit of a mixed bag of weather recently, so it must have been with some relief that Tooting’s parkrunners woke up to find sunshine and clear skies this morning. Not quite perfect temperature for the sub-16 minute finishes we’ve seen recently, but nonetheless great conditions to go out for a run in the park!


At least, they were good enough conditions for Nick Bester of Boksburg AC to nab a first place finish for the third time, chased all the way to the line by Alex Mills who finished only two seconds behind him in 17:25. Clapham Chasers’ Lucie Custance went one better, taking first lady for the eighth time (!) and finishing in a blistering 18:06 to boot, a time that placed her sixth overall. She had company in the form of fellow Chaser Rosy Harvey finishing ten places and thirty-two seconds behind her, and with Megan Taylor taking third in 20:17 it sounds like the ladies had a storming day. Among the 72 runners recording personal bests for Tooting were Lucie and Alex Mills and third placed Simon Messenger of Herne Hill Harriers, as well as Charles Calzia, Brandan Morrell and David Moyse from the junior categories – congratulations to everyone who raised the bar for themselves this week. Special mention also goes to Brandan for his incredible time of 19:30 which earned him the third highest age-grading score as well!


This bit is for the stat geeks… 35 runners made it in under 20 minutes, which represents only 7% of the field. There was a huge spread of time between our first finisher in 17:23 and our last in 56:07, giving us a mean time of 36:45 (between positions 462 and 463), and our median finisher was first timer Alexandra Overton in position 238, with a time of 26:06. 64 runners, or 13% of the field, were doing their first ever parkrun; Andrew Mason completed parkrun number 470!

P7250618 P7250623

Unsurprisingly, the two clubs with the most runners were locals Clapham Chasers and Herne Hill Harriers; however we also welcomed visitors from as far afield as South Africa – obviously drawn to our little pocket of South West London by the café’s amazing cakes…

And as usual, a massive thanks goes to our volunteer team without whom parkrun simply doesn’t happen. If you’d like to give your legs a rest one week but don’t want to miss out on all the fun, come and join the team by emailing It’s a laugh, it’s a great way to support the community and you can shout at people without getting in trouble.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Results Page. And photos of the event can be found on the Tooting Common parkrun Flickr site.


Tooting Common parkrun Weekly Report: Event #76 8 July 2017

Hear the Lions roar

On my first stint volunteering at the Trioundabout for a few weeks, I looked around at the eager faces limbering up and firing up their Garmins. Not as many as I’d expected to see – had the parkrun bubble in South West London burst while I was away? Had everybody defected to the military bootcamp at the other end of the common? What was going on? As the last few runners sprinted up to the start line just in time for kickoff I remembered – of course, the rugby was on… Looking to snatch the series in New Zealand, the British and Irish Lions were almost half an hour into the game already, and no doubt many of the regulars were saving their laces for the last possible moment so as not to miss a potential historic victory. Ahem.

As far as parkrun was concerned though we had our very own set of ferocious Cubs tackling the Tooting Triangle, in the shape of the Ravenstone Runners team. All six runners, representing the under 10s category, finished comfortably within the 30 minute mark with Freddie Hake clinching the fastest time for his club in a blistering 21:53. Think on that for a minute. Twenty one. Fifty three. This is a seriously exciting bunch of young runners with drive, discipline and courage, and every single one of them gave a hearty, gut-busting sprint finish; I’m sure their coach and families are incredibly proud of them. Please can we have a massive round of applause for Freddie, Tomaz, Gethin, Eliza, Bertie and Ben.


The lionhearted courage of Ravenstone doubtlessly inspired the strong performances of the rest of the field, especially considering the muggy weather – although some way short of Paul Martelletti’s incredible sub-15 course record, Chris Busaileh of Herne Hill Harriers registered a respectable 16:39 on his first appearance at Tooting to become first finisher. First lady Jennifer Telford of the Scottish Prison Service AAC also marked her debut with a cool 19:48 coming in 19th overall, a result which also earned her the first place for age-grading as well (81.82%). She beat two previous first lady finishers, second placed Heidi Marks in 19:55 just two positions behind her, and Cherry Newsam in 20:03 (25th overall). Another close race from the lionesses.

Meanwhile, although our second place finisher was too shy to feature on the results list Dan Francis was proud to take third place in 17:57, almost a clear half minute in front of the rest of the field. Behind him however was a real war of attrition between Andrew Muir, Russell Price and Andrew Theedom, finishing in 18:24, 18:28 and 18:30 respectively - I love a close finish… Special congrats to Russell and Dan for being two of our seventy-six official personal bests; they really weren’t the easiest conditions for speedy running so well done all those who toughed it out!

Tooting Common parkrun Event #69 20 MAY 17-29

Despite the lure of the rugby we saw 396 finishers and all within the 40 minute mark – a massive achievement that all involved should be proud of. For those stat geeks among us the median finishing position was Serpentine’s Josephine Wildridge in 26:17, and the mean time (hold on, let me do the sums) was shared by Peter Greaney and Peter Wyborn, both crossing the line in 27:19. Seventy people turned up for the new runners briefing and in doing started their parkrun journey in style – congratulations you lionhearts, and long may it continue!

Tooting Common parkrun Event #69 20 MAY 17-52

I don’t get to come to Tooting all that often now since I live in Mordor, but to those 398 finishers I say a HUGE well done (and to the fifty among them with no barcodes I say hopefully everyone will remember them next time J). I’m sure everyone will join me in thanking our twenty-nine volunteers, without whom this simply doesn’t happen, and in particular our tenacious RD Mark Shotton for his rousing race briefing that even Braveheart would be proud of. Next time you come, please please please give our volunteers a smile, a wave, a thank you – and if you feel like doing a turn yourself email and join the family. Last but not least, I’d like to say thank you to the residents of Tooting Common (especially the café and their AMAZING coffee) for allowing us to share their beautiful space – and see you all next week.

Love and cake

Jaz x

Run Report: Jasmine Sandalli
Photographer: Simon Ottner


Tooting Common parkrun weekly report: Event #60 18 March 2017

It’s nice to belong

By Jasmine Sandalli

A quick look at my parkrun profile reminds me I was there for Tooting Common’s first parkrun on token support, and more than half of the first four months’ run either as a volunteer or a runner or both. I planned my Saturdays around Tooting parkrun (when work permitted) but even when I hadn’t planned it I knew I could turn up and find a handful of friends there to run with. It’s like the Cheers of running, parkrun. Where everybody knows your name.


I made regular appearances then pretty much through to the end of September. When we first started out we didn’t even expect to see September, having originally only been granted a 6 month trial. But there we were, before the leaves had left the trees, as regular a fixture at the Common as Norm on his stool at the bar. Then I went and moved house to the wilds of Surrey (well, hibernated) and didn’t return to the Trioundabout until spring. Would it still be the same?

There’s ED Gemma Brierley’s beaming smile, the buzz of the starting line, the chill in the air, the hugs from the volunteers – yeah, there’s the parkrun I remember. All I had to do now was remember the way round and hope the course hadn’t changed.


Of course, some things don’t change. Clapham Chasers took the first finisher and first lady positions, with Lorraine Smyth a full 1 minute 46 seconds ahead of Lijana Baublyte – Lorraine’s fourth first lady finish in as many starts – and Martin Rutter crossing the line more than half a minute in front of second place Mohammed Ismail’s 17:33, in a time which also got him the second highest age-grading score for the day. And, interestingly, both Rutter and Smyth finished on a round minute, 22:00 and 17:00 respectively. I don’t know why that pleased me but it did.

Meanwhile Ismail and Baublyte both found themselves with a chase for the finish, as Phil Oddy from Dacorum and Tring AC finished just five seconds behind the Herne Hill Harrier to bag himself a PB. Sara Bahadori fought for a strong third lady finish in 22:04, continuing an amazing streak of regular appearances for her 22nd finish at Tooting. Despite the wind, the day saw 68 personal bests smashed, and that’s just the people that brought their barcodes.

One of my favourite things about this parkrun, as regular readers will know, is the range of participants we see at Tooting; it’s not all about the speedy people. Between the first finisher at 17:00 and Imogen our tail runner at 52:46 there were 406 other parkrunners of all shapes and sizes, of which Elena Grineva came in at the median time of 34:55 (i.e. halfway between first and last) and Amy Chadwick took the median position, number 204, in 27:21. Also very much in the mix was regular runner Haren Thillainathan with his best time of the year so far, made even more impressive by the fact that Haren is visually impaired. I met Haren at the tube station on the way in and discovered how tough it is to guide a blind runner, let alone be one, just in getting from the platform to the entrance. Congratulations to everyone who ran, jogged, walked or crawled to the end – when the café reopens there’s gonna be a lot of cake owed…


As usual a massive thanks goes to our 28 volunteers (especially Dillon, the little dude at the Bedford Hill corner giving it large all morning – you rocked). parkrun simply doesn’t happen without you, so if you’ve never done your turn counting barcodes or waving arrows around please sign up at and make somebody’s day that little bit brighter.

Love and doughnuts,
Jaz x

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