Tring parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 23 February 20192 March 20199 March 201916 March 201923 March 201930 March 2019
Run DirectorRichard MURPHYKatie HAINESKatie HAINESRichard MURPHYRichard MURPHYWes BALL
Pre-event SetupDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECERERichard ALCOCKDominic CECERE
Pre-event SetupRichard ALCOCKRobert ALCOCK
Pre-event SetupRobert ALCOCKDominic CECERE
Pre-event SetupPatrick MCLOUGHLIN
Car Park MarshalDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECERE
Car Park MarshalRoberto CECERERoberto CECERERoberto CECERERoberto CECERERoberto CECERERoberto CECERE
First Timers BriefingKatie HAINESRichard ALCOCKKatie HAINES
First Timers BriefingRobert ALCOCKRobert ALCOCK
TimekeeperIsobel MONKSIsobel MONKSMarcus BIRCHIsobel MONKSOliver WESTThomas PAGE
TimekeeperOliver WESTEdward CRANERebecca BOJARSKIRebecca BOJARSKITom FOLEYMarcus BIRCH
Finish TokensSamuel FRYERRebecca BOJARSKIHowie BECKMarcus BIRCHThomas PAGETom FOLEY
Finish Token SupportDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECEREDominic CECERE
Barcode ScanningThomas PAGEOliver WESTIsobel MONKSThomas PAGEIsobel MONKSIsobel MONKS
Barcode ScanningTom FOLEYSamuel FRYEROliver WESTOliver WESTMarcus BIRCHRebecca BOJARSKI
Barcode ScanningMarcus BIRCHThomas PAGEEdward CRANEEdward CRANERebecca BOJARSKIEdward CRANE
MarshalJulian CRANEStuart PAGE
MarshalEdward CRANECarole PAGE
MarshalGreg MITCHELL
MarshalJuliet MITCHELL
MarshalMatty SINFIELD
Tail WalkerJanice LORIMERLouise BLADENMatty SINFIELD
PhotographerGary EVANSGary EVANS
Post-event Close DownSarah FOSKETT
Post-event Close DownJames FOSKETT
Token SortingClare MURPHY
Run Report Writer