#parkrun 184 – Plenty of mud to keep them smiling

On a cool and grey morning on Saturday, we welcomed 199 participants to the 184th running of parkrun here in Tring.

Apart from a handful of slightly late arrivals and a sneaky dog who had managed to slip his collar and evaded his owner for some distance (he was finally collared again heading for the exit), the whole crowd managed to successfully negotiate the course, even with enough mud in the usual places to steal the shoes of any unsuspecting runner.

Jumping Mud

Cathy Bishop

Marcus and Cathy showing us how to avoid the mud

As has already been shown in the weeks' pictures, most managed the course in a pretty positive mood which is always great to see, though the chill in the air ensured that only a few lingered long enough to see Dennis Raffety complete the course as tail runner.

Congratulations to Dave Cary on reaching his 50th parkrun this week.

Dave Carey

Dave Carey completing his 50th

As usual, our esteemed event director proves that even on a middling, grey parkrun, in the middle of March there are enough statistical oddities in the numbers to last at least the length of a cup of tea - so here we go:

Nobody finished in the 21st minute – last time that happened was in February 2016

We saw the name Alison for the 200th time

For the 1st time we saw the names Tiana and Karina

200th time we have seen the surname Lambert

50th time we have seen the surnames Lee and Knox

19 PBs with most of these being for new runners. Philip Pugh (0:19) and Joshua Whitton (0:42) were the only 2 runners who have run at least 5 time at Tring and also recorded a PB this week

Well done to Tony Peacock who ran his 1st parkrun in March 2016 and set a PB this week at his 2nd parkrun. And similarly, Alarik and Emma Knox who ran their 1st in October 2016 and knocked off over 7 minutes from their PB at this week’s parkrun which was also their 2nd parkrun.

Chris Felden recorded his 3rd PB in his last 3 Tring parkruns and 2 PBs in 2 for Thomas Felden, Anna Dalgas, Jane Gaherty, Dilan Baraus, Joshua Whitton and Molly Light

We saw the following clubs for the 1st time; Enfield & Haringey AC and Portishead Running Club

See you all next week
Run Director