Tring parkrun Event number 190

What another fabulous Tring parkrun and frankly a great weekend for running all round. I sit here writing this having just got back for a Sunday evening double freedom run around Tring park (37:45 and 42:20 if you must know) and a personal record as it’s my first 10km in over a year and thus automatically my fastest of the year.

Tring Park looking Spring like in the sun
Tring Park was looking glorious in the Spring sunshine

Just as Mo Farah didn’t win the marathon but took a British record most of our parkrunners were not first but took personal records and indeed course records all the way through the pack and this is what is great about parkrun. Without further ado lets get onto some of those records:

  • Well done to Lisa Barton on running her 100th parkrun
  • Well done to brothers Jake & Charlie Summerson on both running their 50th parkrun – the 1st time we have had 2 brothers achieve their 50th on the same day
  • Well done to Eddie Bojarski and Huxley Bowles on both running their junior 10th parkrun
  • Adrienne G ran the 2nd fastest ever VW70-74 time with a time of 35:00 and Katie Ferguson ran the 5th fastest time for the SW25-29 group with a time of 21:43
  • Zoe Chappell leads the table of most PBs in our Year 4 achieving her 7th today
  • Kath Pither just missed out on the lottery size prize winnings by being the 66th person to run 65 times at Tring. Luckily for her, husband Jon was also running and claimed the award of the 65th person to run 65 times. Get it on the CV Jon – fame and fortune are bound to follow.
  • 27 runs into the year and both Lorraine Hurford and James Foskett continue their membership of the Year 4 100% club 100th time we have seen the surname Edwards (the 56th surname to achieve this feat) and the 50th time for the surname Wilson


volunteers on the sunny finish line
It's been a while since even volunteers were in shorts - and very welcome the unseasonable warmth was too.

  • With a royal wedding coming up, we had a slight historical recreation as it was the 1st time we had seen 3 Charlies and 2 Dianes.
  • 21 finishers under 23 minutes – the highest this total has been since Christmas
  • We saw these clubs for the 1st time - Bexhill Runners & Triathletes and Beeston AC
  • Chris Nicholls has recorded 4 PBs in the last 4 parkruns and Nathan Cook and Sarah Cook have
    3 in 3
  • In addition, Yogi Powell has recorded 4 PBs in the last 4 appearances and Ben Woodhams and Kayleigh Gray 3 in 3
  • 57 PBs today is the 15th highest total. The highest since early May last year. The top 15 weeks for PBs are unsurprisingly nearly all around this time of year - in March (2), April (8), May (4) and September (1)
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Ayla India Bowles (4:48), Diane Le Pargneux (2:50), David Taylor (2:43), Lauren Dover (1:58) and Yogi Powell (1:57) Whilst on PBs a couple of mentions for regulars getting a PB after a gap. Well done to Gavin Wild who has run 89 times at Tring since his last PB and to Jenny Gribbin who has waited 64 runs at Tring and over 3 years to get a PB - well done to you both and indeed all today’s PBs.

  • This week the sun shone brightly again and 253 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and there were representatives of 20 different clubs.


Our volunteers brighten lives
Volunteering at Tring parkrun is always rewarding, fun and appreciated.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers so thanks to: Evan Billings, Heather Billings, Catherine Bishop, Colin Chapman, Cathy Court, Elizabeth Daniel, Ken Douglas, Andy Evans, Graham Hollands, Edward Hopper, Nick Johns, Frances Leff, Greg Leff, Dan Lilley, Sian Lilley, James Maple, Chris Millar, Chris Nicholls, Chris Parker, Heather Painter, Helen Porter, Christina Stevens, Katie Van De Linde & Len Van De Linde.

parkrun is only possible due to volunteers and we would ask all of our runners to consider volunteering from time to time. There are always spaces on our roster here and if anything catches your eye please just email us at

Listen up!
Listen up!

Just 3 final notes as I prepare to take a little bit of a Tring run directors record (second longest stint as RD after our ED Andy) but sadly I can’t promise the sun and heat for my third week running:

  1. Thanks to everyone who has parked nicely or chosen to walk, cycle or run to the park of recent weeks, your efforts are appreciated by us and the local residents. For anyone planning on visiting us we would really appreciate if you’d park in one of the car parks in town while the museum car park is being repaired.

  3. Dogs need to be on a short lead, running through the funnel in front of several volunteers and a load of other runners is hardly being subtle about breaking the rules either.

  5. No Barcode, No Time, NO EXCEPTIONS – After the results processing taking twice as long as it should have wading through over a page of additions can I please remind people that only printed barcodes will be accepted (either wristbands, cards, paper or similar) but not mobile phones. If your paper one is looking a bit tatty can I please suggest printing a new one if possible.
    On the subject of barcodes, massive props to Lucy Clutton who after running our course ran all the way home to pick up her forgotten barcode and then back again in time to get it scanned.

Thank you

Chris Millar