Small change….

Following a survey by the Ancient Tree Forum, they have requested, to avoid root damage, that for both the Woodland Trust events and our parkruns, people don’t gather near the trees of the Lime Avenue. We have therefore agreed to move both our start and finish with a couple of small changes to our route.

Don’t worry, we have kept closely to the previous route as we know you’d hate to lose running up those hills.

revised route

So, we’ll be gathering near the old 4km post. Starting just after that we will run down and along the valley. Don’t worry we’re not turning right up Heartbreak yet. Nor are we heading straight uphill, but instead we swing right and follow the valley to where it joins with the dip that we used to run through. Then it’s up the hill and for the next 3 km the usual route. Halfway along the A41, by the hidden pond, rather than heading up the climb towards the curly bridge, we will turn left and take a shortcut along the valley. Then it’s the usual right up Heartbreak (well we just couldn’t leave it out!) – then all the way through the avenue, with a right turn at the end, for a short sprint to the finish.

If you’re a very fast runner, please reread the above paragraph very carefully. Anyone else – simply follow the person in front of you!

We have also bought a couple of tarpaulins to put your jackets/bags on. These will be near the finish line – please use these rather than the traditional “under the trees” location.