Tring parkrun – Week 194 – The Second Running

I tried hard to think of a witty way of opening this run report that related to the Royal Wedding but since I didn’t actually watch it that’s proven quite difficult. Instead I shall start by saying thank you once again to all the volunteers that helped everything run so smoothly this weekend. Our heroes in hi-vis jackets this week were:

Andrew Hill • Andy Evans • Anna Lambert • Catherine Bishop • Charlotte Severs • Chris Nicholls • Clare Bryant • David Severs • Dominic Evans • Edward Hopper • Frances Leff • George Bryant • Heather Painter • Helen Tullie • James Foskett • Jon Reynolds • Ken Douglas • Martin Bishop • Richard Long • Ross Lambert • Sam Evans • Sarah Foskett • Victoria Wilson

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at

With one or two exceptions everything seemed to go well this weekend (phew again); thank you for your patience once again with the barcode scanning queue – we’re still working out why it seems to be taking a little longer at the moment! We also had a few gremlins creep into our results so thanks to those of you who e-mailed in with corrections.

Our new downhill start

It was a beautiful day to be out in Tring park and our numbers remained very high, in fact it’s the first time we’ve had at least 234 runners in 3 successive weeks. Since then we’ve been able to crunch some serious numbers to bring you these one of a kind statistics:
• Chris Blackwell and Danny Wizard ran their 50th parkruns. We have seen 167 “50” runs at Tring that range in age from under-10 to over-70. 5 “50s” is the most that we have seen on one day, which has happened twice, but not, I should point out, this day.

Danny, pictured here passing 4km, was one of our "50 parkrun" runners. Well done Danny and Chris for earning your red shirts

• Iain Middleton, Colin Hamnett, Callum Hunter-Whitehouse recorded their 3rd PBs in 3 weeks. It was also 2 in 2 weeks for Andrew Clark, Matthew Skelding, Emma Young, Evan Billings, Matthew Riggs, Michael Hart, Karina Wells and Darcey Hudghton.
• Spare a thought for Chris Nicholls - it would have been his 8th PB in 8 weeks – if only he had been 2 seconds faster!
• In addition, Michael Hart has recorded 4 PBs in his last 4 appearances, and Christian Thomas, Richard Pugh, Matthew Riggs all recorded their 3rd PB in their last 3 appearances
• Richard Long (28:56) set the 5th fastest time ever for VM70-74 and Michael Creasor (42:09) set the 2nd fastest time ever for VM80-84
• Fellow Run Director Ross Lambert became the 66th person to run 66 times at Tring
• Lorraine Hurford managed the tricky feat of finishing 163rd on her 163rd parkrun
• Minute 44 set a new attendance record with 6 runners finishing in that minute
• Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, those who improved by over a minute included Gus Evans (1:22), Eddie Sartin (1:14), Noah Roger (1:03). Maria Kerr (1:02)

Freya, Holly and Julia with a fast finish as they help minute 44 to it's new attendance record

Gus ringing the PB bell after a great run

But wait, there’s more! You thought we’d forgotten “Name News”, but no, just teasing:
• We saw the surnames Lilley and Hill for the 50th time
• Williams, Evans and Parker were the most numerous with 4 of each
• We saw the name Angela for the 100th time
• We saw our 1st Laith (welcome!)
• Chris (6) was the most seen male name and Holly (4) the most for the females

After last week’s drought I was positively spoilt for choice when it came to aesthetically pleasing times this week. Matthew Robins set a time of 22:22 that will clearly take some beating whilst Blazej Ziembaczewski set a time of 25:25 which also has a nice ring to it. Maura Patterson was just a second off another outstanding time, completing her run in 33:32 but actually I didn’t have to scroll far to this week’s winner; second place runner Michael Hart not only set a new PB but also completed the run in 20:18 which was very nice indeed.

Well done on a great run everyone – see you soon!