Tring parkrun #203. Cake, land-speed records and the art of being prepared

Wow. Where do i start?
The school holidays have arrived and the weather is still fantastic! When has that ever happened before?
It was already almost 20 degrees when we arrived to set up and over 25 by the time we left. Scorchio!
We were joined this fine, golden morning by 223 parkrunners, a score of spectators and a treasure trove of lovely volunteers.

The Woodland Trust
Tring Park is looking quite sun dried. It's never looked quite so "golden" at this time of the year.

We were also joined by the entire herd of our bovine friends. They've ignored us for the last few weeks but arrival of the Woodland Trust's new mobile visitor centre was more than their curiosity could bear. I have to say that I really quite like them being in the park, although last week they had "fun" running through our post and tape markers (shredding them) and this week they just generally got in the way! As a result, setting up the course was a bit of a last minute affair and we had a little, slight delay before the off.

The Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust brought their fantastic new mobile visitor centre. It was great to see so many people take an active interest in beautiful Tring Park and the work the Woodland Trust do to maintain it.


When I talk with people new to parkrun they are often surprised to hear me say that running is only part of what it's about. parkrun wants to make the world a "happier and healthier place" - and I like to think that Tring parkrun is doing pretty well on that front.

As an example, it was really uplifting to see the thoughtful gesture of bringing cakes along for everyone to share and celebrate regular Tring parkrunner Lynda Hembury's birthday. Special thanks to her daughter Hannah for the baking ....they were really delicious!

Cakes!! In a way THIS is what parkrun is all about.
Thank you Hannah for the most beautiful baking and congratulations to Lynda Hembury on her birthday


And while we're on the topic of "uplifting".... a huge thank you to all of our volunteers, many stepping into roles for the very first time this week and doing a fantastic job too.

A special mention and thanks to Jess Heywood, visiting from Newcastle. She provided sign language support for us today and helped us spread the word about parkrun inclusivity.

First Timers briefing
Jess from Newcastle helps Chris and Bill, providing BSL support, for the First Timers Briefing.

We love our volunteers We love our volunteers
We love our volunteers We love our volunteers
Many thanks to all of our volunteers this week.
These are just a few of them who helped make Saturday happen.
email us at to join us any Saturday morning.


As usual we had many people join us for the first time. Some had never tried parkrun before and others were adding Tring to their "parkrun tourism" list and/or proving they were up for tackling our hills.

In all we were joined by 17 brand new parkrunners. They were: Stephen WEIR, Joseph & Jake SARGENT, Daniel KING, Sophie and Steve TURNER, Joyce MILLER, Andy & William FAIRHURST, Holly HAYNES, Peter, Jack, Grace and Suzanne AMBROSE, Calum WEST, Cameron SAYWELL and Cameron GILLAN - welcome, all, to the parkrun familiy.

We also welcomed 18 other first time visitors to Tring: Sally, David, & Sam PUDDEPHATT, Terry ROONEY, Jackie FORD, Steve BARKER, Jess HEYWORTH, David THOMPSON, Celia WALKER, Julie, Edward, Arthur and Darren PERRY, Ellen KRETSCHMER, Jonathan GLEDHILL, Rosa RIVERA, Yuna TOUDIC and Carole PITTS - we hope that you enjoyed our scenic course.

We love visitors
The Perry family visiting from Worcester

Be prepared
Our local scouts had a "scouts versus leaders" parkrun and were well prepared for an epic athletic battle.
We told them it wasn't a race..... that made no difference at all!


I asked at the start whether we had any milestones to celebrate and was met with uncharacteristic, stoney silence. As it happens we had two notable achievments.

First, congratulations to Johnjo MCDERMOTT who completed his 50th parkrun (all of them at Tring) and who was joined on the morning by a new, aspiring parkrunner!

Congratulations also to Anne GOLDING from Dunstable Running Club on completing her 100th parkrun. Anne joined us on our very first Tring parkrun and a third of her outings have been with us.

...and they're off
The start of a very hot Tring parkrun 203...


July 21st happens, historically, to be a date of several significant speedy achievements. In 1904 Louis Rigolly became the first person to break the 100 mph (161 km/h) barrier on land in Ostend, Belgium.
In 1925 Malcolm Campbell became the first to exceed 150 mph (241 km/h) on land, on Pendine Sands in Wales. On the 21st of July 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first person to step on the Moon - returning home, he and his Apollo crew, reached 39,897km/h....but I digress!

On July 21st 2018, at Tring parkrun, 45 speedy individuals clocked new Personal Bests (PBs) - their own, personal, parkrun, land-speed records! A heroic achievement on a day warm enough to fry an egg on one of our "Caution Runners" signs!

Notable amongst these were Matthew WRIGHT (who was also our most experienced parkrunner on the morning, completing a very impressive 378!) he has ran at Tring 9 times, including our inaugural run, and has clocked a PB twice in a row.

In terms of outright pace Tom SAWYER also had a PB and was our first finisher (as he has been for his last three appearances at Tring) in a blistering time of 18:34.

However the speediest of the speediest are all females, when taking age/sex percentage into account these were: Lynda HEMBURY 86.58% (I still find this amazing!!), Sheila TURNER on 75.52% and Olivia Clarke on 71.29% (Sheila and Olivia both ran PB times too)

Everyone else was absolutely brilliant too!

And to finish off, here are this week's stats

- 4 PBs in 4 consecutive weeks for Lucy Brittain, and it would be 5 in 5 for Chris Parker if he hadn't managed to only equal (and not beat) his PB 2 weeks ago. Meanwhile Darren Hogg, Nickey Berry, Sam Burnell, James Worrall, Tom Sawyer and Carline Less all recorded 2 PBs in 2 weeks
- In addition, 4 PBs in his last 4 appearances for Euan Hudghton and 3 in 3 for Colin Hamnett and Roseanne Coles
- Sam Burnell ran the 4th fastest ever JM11-14, Olivia Clarke the 3rd fastest ever JW10, Holly Ashall the 5th fastest ever JW18-19 and Sheila Turner the 3rd fastest VW55-60.
- Johnjo McDermott becomes the 107th person to run 50 times at Tring
- Not content to be the 66th to run 66 times at Tring, nor the fact that he was the 67th person to run 67 times, now Ross Lambert will be able to update his CV with the fact that he is now the 70th to run 70 times at Tring!
- Walker was the most seen surname with 5, Paul and David the most seen male name (6 each) and for the females Holly was the most seen with 3
- We saw the name Mike for the 100th time and Alexander and Johnjo for the 50th times
- 1st time that we have seen 2 Camerons
- We welcomed the names Rosa, Yuna and Joyce for the 1st time
- Minute 27 was the most seen minute with 20 runners
- 3 clubs that we haven’t seen before this week – Tees Rowing Club, Transport for London parkrun Club and Saltwell Harriers
- Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Roseanne Coles (3:05), Nicole Giraldo (2:18), Darcey Hudghton (2:04), Euan Hudghton (2:02) and Samantha Hollier (1:48)

See you all next week

Oh - and remember that we still need a couple of lovely, amazing, terrific, wonderful volunteers.


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