tring parkrun #204: Fake Moos!


They called it "cowmagedon"

We laboured long and hard under last week's tropical sun making lovely new marker posts. The tape was perfect, each set the exact same length......they were things of beauty. They lasted 5 minutes!!!

Turn your back on those bloomin' bovines for barely a second and course markings are fair game. We've had munched markers, chomped arrows and we've had Pole & Tape cow-limbo-dancing before.....but not quite on this scale!

It's a good job we love them being in the park, however they're on their last warning and I have McDonalds HQ programmed into my cell phone.

The cows proclaimed their innocence. "Honest guv, it was the wind" blurted one brazen bovine. "Moles" said another. Luckily emergency repairs were effected and Tring parkrun was saved from certain cancellation.


The Heartbreak Hill Rustlers

It was time to deploy the good ol' Cow Marshals. We were delighted to welcome Lucy the youngest and cutest cow marshal ever. Yes Sireee. Only things may be not quite what they seemed! She was strangely reticent to have her photo taken - resorted to sticking out her tongue and brandishing her six-shooter. Yep - I'm thinkin' she's none other than Wild "Cutey Pie" Bunn and her accomplice Ben "Bad boy" Bunion! Dem are rustlers - scoping out their next heist, no doubt! And we ain't none too convinced about their side kick Chris "Steer Wrestler" Parker! But at least they kept the cows in order for the whole got to thank them for that!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 20.11.18
Brazen rustler scoping - dressed up as Cow Marshals!


Mighty Milestones

We celebrated two centurions on Saturday: the lovely Rachel WRAY and James FOSKETT (OK, he's lovely too). They brought cake. We love cake.
Reaching 100 parkruns is a big deal - so I'm not quite sure why that qualifies you for a black T-shirt....I'm thinking the colour should be bright and cheerful and maybe even Hawaiian.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of parkrun - it's what makes it happen and what makes people feel good. So it was great to see Paul McCormack qualify for his purple "25 volunteering" T-shirt. (I'm good with purple).

DSC_8449-2 DSC_8495-2
Our 100-club milestone runners: Rachel and James. Congratulations.


First timers at Tring

It's really great to see the same faces at Tring Park each Saturday morning and get to know people. It's equally great to meet newcomers, either doing their first parkrun ever (which - we should remember - can be daunting) or visiting from other parkruns.

This week we welcomed six new people to the growing, international parkrun family: Julie LEYLAND, Megan SAYWELL, Graham NICHOLSON, Graham BARLOW, Ethan COBBOLD and Robyn HASTINGS.

It was also - as always - great fun to meet and talk with new visitors (one was apparently from New Zealand...but I couldn't find that person in the results. No barcode?? :-( ).

We welcomed seventeen this week and they were: Benjamin SMITH, Catherine JONES, Elisabeth CHARTERS, Samuel CHARTERS, Neil SHORT, Alastair ROEDER, Terri MCMAHON, Bryony TRAFFORD-SMITH, Andrew HOOD, Martin BALL, Chris 'Chunky' KELL, Kerry HOOD, David STAINTHORPE, David ARMITAGE-BRAIN, Mark LAYZELL, Flo HARRISON and Laura HAWKINS.

We've had some great messages back from a few of these already - which we always appreciate.

Bryony and Laura were visiting from Black Park and have completed 637 parkruns between them!
We're a bit in awe!!

We also welcomed Mark Layzell - read all about his epic parkrun tourism adventure on his great website:


Making it happen

Our Cow Marshals (our world famous Cow Marshals!) have had a mention already. They were part of a great volunteering team, including several first time volunteers (one of whom, Gill, had never run/walked a parkrun before and yet immediately signed up for more). It was also great to see three different family volunteering efforts. Love it. That is what it's all about.
Message us or email us at to do your bit and have fun.

This week Tring parkrun was brought to you by: Keith and Ryan STONESTREET, Andy EVANS, Dan WIZARD, Richard MURPHY, Jim MAPLE, Paul MCCORMACK(25th time!), Moira DOUGLAS, Vicki Katie & Robert WILLIAMS, Sam EVANS, Sarah and James FOSKETT, Ron YAXLEY, William CRANE, Benjamin & Lucy BUNN, Chris PARKER, Richard LONG, Frances LEFF, Charlotte SEVERS, Grace FENSOME and Gill HANSON.

We all really appreciate all of the help.

Our finish line featuring our brilliant DofE volunteers, Gill (a first timer who has never done a parkrun before) and also Kate who volunteered as photographer and borrowed an SLR camera with no prior experience - and did a great job (like everyone else). Thank you


Mirror mirror on the wall...

I am pretty certain this has never happened before. Then again I'm equally certain no one really cares (except for the lovely Harry Bryant, perhaps). I was looking for who would win "aesthetically pleasing time of the week"...and found an amazing synchronised effort!!! So this week's prize is shared between Ben THORN, who finished with a very symmetric 23:32, and Phoebe GOSS who finished with a "matching" time of 32:23. Pretty damn impressive! Stats-geeks of parkrun-land rejoice!

Paul BEADLE would have been the outright winner if he'd been just been ONE second prizes for 23:46 though! :-)

It's been a long time since we've had a "classic" Tring parkrun Lime Tree avenue photo. I never tire of this sight.


Lets hear it for the girls...

The girls shamed the guys on every front this week.

Our most experienced parkrunners were Bryony and Laura (see above).

Our first finisher was the amazing Kate RENNIE. (She clearly had a very clear vision of this happening, with a time of 20:20 - geddit??? :-) ) This was only the 3rd time that we have seen a female as overall 1st finisher - the other occasions were Claire Hallissey at parkrun #17 and Kate herself at #36 – both back in 2015. Wow!

Our 4 top age/sex adjusted times were all women this week. In order they were: Lynda HEMBURY, Kate RENNIE, Alison Caroline HARDING and Mary WARD.

Congratulations to all.


And now, the end is near...

This is the bit I know you all wait for - the output of the amazing Tring parkrun stat-o-matic:

  • Sean McKENNA finished 11th on his 11th parkrun and Adam WOODHAMS 15th on his 15th
  • We saw 32 PBs recorded this week
  • Martin O'NEILL, Gary STROUD, Joanne LYNCH, Andrew PENNELL and Dylan BARLOW all recorded their 2nd PB in 2 weeks
  • Mary WARD set the 2nd fastest ever time for the VW50-54 age cat.
  • For the 2nd week in a row, Holly ASHALL set the 5th fastest ever JW18-19 time
  • Graham HOLLANDS becomes the 30th person to run 100 times at Tring
  • We welcomed the name Flo for the 1st time
  • For the 2nd week in a row Minute 27 was the most seen minute, this time with 21 runners
  • There were 3 clubs that we haven’t seen before this week – Mustard Ultimate Frisbee, North Shields Polytechnic AC and Wadhurst Runners. (I'm Googling that Frisbee one!!)
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Alfred HALL (1:22), Richard HARDY (0:49), Alice FISHER (0:43), Martha GOSS (0:40) and Ann-Marie EVANS (0:35)

And so there you have another week at wonderful Tring parkrun.
Thank you to everyone for making it a great morning.

Remember, its a Pacer week next week.




I am hoping that those who joined us in the Akeman for a "coffee" are appreciative of the fact that I didn't "spill the beans!" :-)

trippy cow by naomian
Apparently the cows have been eating grass contaminated by magic mushrooms.