Two for the price of one!!


Double the report - double the fun!

The observant noticed that there was (shock!) no run report last week! There is a reason for this - we forgot.

So this week you are treated to two rollicking, run-reports rolled up into one lovely package.

Tring parkrun #211 is recounted by Anna (one half of "team Lambert" who were joint RDs that week) and Vicki Williams stepped boldly up as this week's guest report writer and gives us her thoughts on #212 below.
Thank you to both.



Sep 15th - Tring parkrun #211

Tring parkrun number 211 consisted of everything that makes Tring parkrun so great... celebratory cake and lots of happy runners and volunteers. We suspect the two are not a coincidence!!

Huge congratulations to Finn Anderson who earned his “10” shirt. Another huge congratulations to Sue Frewin, Joshua Frewin, Edward Foxwell-Moss and Raphael Briand who earned their “50” shirts. And an extra special congratulations to Louisa Hopper for her “100” shirt. Thank you for all you star baking.

Huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers. We really appreciate your efforts and it was great to see so many U18s out there.

The start of tring parkrun 211
A spirited start to the 211th Tring parkrun

Of course it could not be a Tring parkrun report without a stats low down:

  • 3 PBs in 3 weeks for Luciana Walker
  • Katrina Beckwith recorded her 2nd PB in 2 weeks
  • Dylan Barlow has set 6 PBs in his last 6 appearances
  • Steve Turner, Claire Butcher and Joe Mortlock have set 4 PBs in 4 appearances
  • James Bell, Peter Ambrose and Graham Barlow have set 3 PBs in 3 appearances
  • Of those who have run the most parkruns, by chance 5 of the highest 6 had the surname Evans. This included 2 * Richard Evans, the 1st time we have seen 2 runners with the same name in the fastest 10. And to top it off one of the Richard Evans’ recorded the 3rd fastest ever time in the VM55-59 age group
  • We saw the surname Bunn for the 200th time and Lipscombe and Wright for the 50th.
  • For Christian names we saw Jonathan for the 200th time, we welcomed the name Nancie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Maries at the same time also for the 1st time
  • Richard was the most seen name (with 7) and Sarah the most seen female name (with 4)
  • For the 2nd week in a row, minute 30 was the most popular, with 22 finishers
  • Clubs we saw for the 1st time included Altrincham and District AC and Bedford Run Club
  • Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Steve Turner (2:16), Adam Beatty (1:23), Clare Butcher (1:03), Joe Mortlock (0:59) and Alison Ashall (0:56).
  • A special mention to Holly Bunn who recorded a PB this week, 66 Tring parkruns since her last and also Alison Ashall who has ended a wait of 42 Tring parkruns.



Sep 22nd - Tring parkrun #212

Event number 212 held at Tring Park was a cold, windy day… A day full of spirit, community love, cake, the number 100 and baby cows.

Saturday 22nd September marked 100 days until we reach 2019; that’s 14 amazing Saturday park runs and volunteer opportunities left of 2018 for those of you counting.

Tring 212
216 parrkunners, minus a few late arrivals, ready for the off.
Unfortunately this is the only pic we managed for Anna Fryer that wasn't speed blurred - then again she did get a PB!

100 was a special number for Lynda Hembury who completed her 100th run. Lynda is part of a local well known running club and if you are lucky enough to have a chance to run with her – do. Her laugh is lyrical and pace / routes of the local area a real pleasure. Lynda holds the age graded score of 88.07% completing Tring Park run in just 22:21 on 4th August 2018.

Hannahs wonderful cakes
Lynda's daughter, Hannah, baked the most wonderful cakes for everyone to celebrate

50 was also a special number for Jim Maple who completed his 50th park run. Jim is best known for his musical delights at gate number 1 on the course and his sociability in the Akeman after. His milestone was all the more impressive when you know that he had heart surgery earlier in the year too.

Congratulations to Anna Fryer on her 50th too. Anna started her parkrunning at nearby Aylesbury but has now run 30 or her 50 runs with us at Tring, she also marked the occasion with a PB!

Junior visitor Josh Perrottet earned his “10” shirt, we're really pleased he chose Tring to do that.

More stats for the reader include: 216 runners taking part, 19 clubs represented, 28 outstanding volunteers, 18 first timers and 45 new personal bests.

Ken Douglas, often found in Moose attire, was our fabulous Park Run Director this week and took charge of the 28 volunteers in their duties.

parkrun depends on volunteers and vacancies to be filled in the weeks ahead can be found at

Our fantastic Finish Line team

As usual there were a few other notable facts and figures this week, including:

  • With a JM15-17 male fastest finisher and a JW11-14 for our fastest female finisher, it was one of our youngest fastest finisher pairings since May 2017
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Ian Shenton, Clare Butcher, Steve Turner, Peter Lilley and Katie Young
  • In addition, Steve Turner, Claire Butcher, and Sara Jones have set 5 PBs in their last 5 appearances, Mark Tikaram and Allan Maccormack 4 in 4, and Catherine Turner 3 in 3
  • Alex Bousfield set the 4th fastest ever time for the JW15-17 age category with her time of 23:21
  • Adam Swann becomes the 71st runner to have run 71 times at Tring
  • We saw the surname Brown for the 200th time
  • For Christian names we saw William for the 200th time, we welcomed the names Maya, Glyn, Zach, Luna and Cristie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Claudias at the same event also for the 1st time
  • Paul was the most seen name (with 5) and Louise the most seen female name (with 4)
  • Minute 29 was the most popular, with 18 finishers
  • Helen Page picks up the baton for longest current attendance streak with 9 Tring parkruns in a row
  • We saw Getfit Athletics Club for the 1st time and it was the 1st time that we have seen 3 from local Team Jules
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Sara Jones (3:46), Katie Young (1:56), Emily Scott (1:46), Hortense Seed (1:39) and Peter Lilley (1:37)

Lynda Jim
Lynda and Jim - two of this week's wonderful milestone runners