Tring parkrun #229 in numbers

Despite the cold weather, it was great to see so many of you this weekend!


We’ve been putting together a bumper “2018 round up” which will be out soon – so here in the meantime is a quick 1-2-3 of what happened at Tring parkrun #229. Well to be honest there were so many of you today we needed a few more numbers, and these reports just tend to grow, but you get the idea……

1 – Welcome to Abbie - the 1st time we’ve seen this name at Tring

2 – Paul Christie was 1 second too fast for this line with 22:21

3 – Ann Brewer was 1 second too fast for this line with 33:32

4 – It’s 4 PBs in 4 weeks for Moira Douglas – powering around the course with her Nordic poles. 3 in 3 for Claire Ashwell, 2 in 2 for David Barnett, Rachel Barnett, Benjamin Smith and Rob Firth.


4PBs in 4 weeks - well done Moira!

5 – Thanks to the 5 marshals out on course

Unfortunately the 1st 5 Marshals of the Soviet Union didn't volunteer this week - but luckily Heather, Frances, Robert, Alison and Jim did - thanks all

6 - Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the 6 biggest improvers were Mollie Rees (3:02), Barney Hooks (2:43), Mille Weller (1:44), Rachael Macrea (1:34), Keith & Nuala Farquharson (1:17)

Mollie on her way to the day's biggest PB improvement

6 - A mention for Sarah Hooper who has recorded 6 PBs in her last 6 appearances, Bobby Donnelly and Eddy Haddock recorded 4 in 4, Martin Donnelly and John Aitchison 3 in 3

7 – 7 Tring RC runners managed to finish in a sequence in our results - one after the other

By a strange coincidence the American army in Korea predicted this stat by naming their radio the "TRC-7"

10 – Junior 10 - William Ireson earns his white shirt

Well done William on earning your "10" shirt

14 – Well done to the 14 running their 1st ever parkrun

25 - Minute 25 was the busiest minute with 25 runners. Minute 27 also had 25 runners but that doesn’t match as nicely

26 – Of today’s runners, Helen Page has the longest continuous streak of Tring parkruns with 26 – which puts her 10th on the list of longest continuous streaks.

50 – Louise Quinn managed to run her 50th parkrun on her 50th birthday! Happy birthday Louise! We were so impressed with this stat that parkrun HQ have agreed that she can have a red shirt with her age printed on it! The next time Louise will be able to repeat a similar feat is  in 2030 if she only does 11 parkruns in the next 11 years!

Well done Louise on running your 50th and Happy Birthday too!

76 PBs —A stunning number of PBs – our joint 2nd highest haul – we have had to search the record books to the heady season of April 2017 as our mud dried out and we saw 76 and then 107 PBs in successive weeks. This alternative winter course is proving to be as fast as our summer course – so are you up for 107 PBs next week?

76 PBs! - a great total - in fact so impressive that this Dutchman has bought a new numberplate to celebrate!

100 - Well done to Trevor Lark for running his 100th . We would just like to point out Trevor is much younger than the shirt that parkrun HQ will issue him. It was also the 200th time we have seen the name Trevor!

Trevor (in white top) on way to his 100th - well done Trevor!

100% - Our year 5 100% club is getting down to the hard core 7 – after 12 runs since our birthday it’s 12 out of 12 for Helen Page, Holly Bunn, Isobel Bladen, Louise Bladen, Luciana Walker, Peter Leigh and Steve Bladen but it’s Emma Young who is so far the PB Princess with 6 PBs in those 12 weeks!

100 - We saw the name Leybourne for the 100th time at Tring and Williams was the most common name on the day with a count of 6. And another mention for Mrs Leybourne, it was the 50th time we have seen the name Tamsin, as well as the 300th time for the name Adam and also the 50th for Iain.

1-2-3 - Had Ken Douglas finished 1-2-3rd on his 1-2-3rd parkrun that would have fitted in really nicely with this numeric run report but as he finished 124th it’s probably not worth mentioning, although well done Ken on your fastest run for a couple of years

312 - Another big turnout - Our joint 4th highest attendance, following our 3rd highest on Tuesday.

312 tokens to sort back in order

Join 50+ of your parkrun family for a post run coffee and natter

See you all again next week,
Andy E


Tring 226 – Christmas Day


Merry Christmas

What a fantastic, festive turn-out for Christmas morning, it was great to see so many Santas, Elfs and smiling faces.

We even got a mention in the Boxing Day edition of the Guardian. Event Director Andy Evans was interviewed and you can see that in the article called "On the first day of Twixtmas my true love said to me...". Enjoy.

christmas costumes
What a brilliant festive atmosphere in Tring Park on Christmas morning.


Before we get onto the report, here are a few words from Chris Millar who was out fantastic RD on the day:
"I'd been looking forward to being RD this year as I usually have to work on Christmas Day and it was definitely worth it to see so many smiling happy faces in the park. I'd like to pass my special congratulations not just to those with PBs and milestones but to Oliver GREENSTEIN on his first time 'winning' a parkrun (I know, it's not a race) and in doing so he becomes the 72nd fastest person to ever run at Tring. A special mention goes to Stuart MIDDLETON who turned up at 0919, 15 mins after the pack had sent off and as well as having to run an extra 300m to get from the finish where he met us to the start line he then managed to chase down and overtake the tail walkers to get into the results and finish in 41:32 (an aggregate time of under 25 minutes taking in the extra distance)".

Now onto the run write-up, brought to us this week by our very own Chris Nicholls. Chris celebrated his 100th parkrun at Tring on Christmas Day and below he also reflects on what parkrun means to him. Well said Chris and thank you.


Run write-up by Chris Nicholls

Father Christmas gave us the gift of an extra Tring Parkrun this year.
310 people decided to earn the right to their Christmas feast by running, jogging and walking around the 5K winter course. That's our 4th ever largest attendance, highest in the period September to December and the highest for our temporary winter route.

christmas stats
The growth in Christmas Day parkrun attendance at Tring.

Santa helpers this week were
Robin ATTFIELD, Louise BLADEN, Steve BLADEN, Isobel BLADEN, Elizabeth DANIEL, Ken DOUGLAS, Sophie EVANS, Sam EVANS, Andy EVANS, Ann-Marie EVANS, Hannah EVANS, George FLETCHER, James FOSKETT, Matthew FOSKETT, Paul HEMBURY, Trevor LARK, Chris MILLAR, Richard MURPHY, Chris NICHOLLS, Tom NORTH, Helen PAGE, Thomas PAGE, James PAGE, Matty SINFIELD, Ella VAN DE LINDE and Allison WILLIMENT.

A big thank you to you all.

Just some of santas/parkruns little helpers this week.

If you have not tried it yet then have a go at volunteering. There are lots of roles available with some (like the pre-event setup or doing the run report) allowing you to still run.

[Ed: As a side note Chris has volunteered 52 times including an amazing 46 times for pre-event setup. Brilliant!]

Also, if you volunteer 25 times you get a smart purple T-shirt.


We were joined by 23 very welcome visitors from other parkruns and also 9 first time ever parkrunners. To them I would say remember a parkrun is for life not just for Christmas (i.e. keep coming down).

Oliver GREENSTEIN was the quickest back with a PB time of 18.58. Looking at his previous two runs at Tring (25/12/17 and 01/01/18) he may have another crack at a PB on the 01/01/19.

I am assuming that Samuel GREENSTEIN is Oliver's brother who was the fastest junior back with a PB time of 19.53 (and also the 4th fastest ever time for the JM11-14 age category).

Oliver GREENSTEIN was our festive first finisher!

Fastest lady back was Jenny MADDOCKS with a PB time of 22.40. Jenny has completed an impressive 297 Parkruns mainly in the Cathedral City of St. Albans.

In total there were 29 PBs set on Christmas day, including 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Amelie BUNN and Charlotte BAILEY. Well done to you all.

Jenny MADDOCKS was our female, festive, first finisher! Fantastic!

We also had more T-shirt milestones than in any week so far at Tring - a total of 12!

Congratulations to Daniel NEWMAN, Robert WILLIAMS, Debbie BOWEN, Sue FERGUSON, Abigail MULLEN, Lee ROBINSON, Samantha HOLLIER and Lucy WADE for joining the 50 club.

Congratulations also to Holly and Elaine BUNN, Harriett (Claire) HARMAN and also to me Chris NICHOLLS (not sure if black is my colour) for joining the 100 club.

Harriett also brought the biggest 100 cake ever - thank you.

To the 27 people who perhaps forgot their bar codes can I suggest a late Christmas present of a barcode wrist strap, plastic card or plastic tag? (See link here). Remember all profits go to support parkrun and it is better than having to plead with Andy Evans in the Akeman to include you in the results.

A small note from me...

It was my 100th Park Run which I semi-deliberately made sure fell on the 25th December. Carol (long suffering wife) and the kids are non-runners (despite my coaxing) so they do not understand the joy of running in the fresh air of Tring Park.

It has been a long journey since the first one I did. Since I started, I have knocked nearly six minutes from my PB in 2016 to my PB in 2018 and lost two and half stone in weight.

chris from 223
Chris Nicholls: 100 parkruns complete (99 at Tring), volunteered 52 times, achieved 27 PBS!
Brilliant stuff, well done Chris and thank you.

Why have I mainly run in Tring?? To be honest I do not like change plus I can run down and back to the event so there is no hassle with parking. (Also I can get back home before anyone notices I am missing)
Also, I love Tring Park area. 2017 was a very bad year for me and one of the things that kept my mind off things was to run around the local wood lands and parks that we have the privilege to have on our doorstep.

I cannot recommend parkrun enough. For a lot of people (I am one of them) once I started, I have found it hard to even miss one and it has led to the dreaded 10ks, Marathons and Ultras!!!! (Do not get me started on Strava)

My one tip for parkrun is just finish. How ever bad you feel during it, not finishing will just make you feel worse. Even if you have to walk the final 1km to get the job done.

See you on Saturday!!

Chris Nicholls

And finally....

A last few stats from Andy Evans wonderful contraption:

  • After 8 weeks we still have 12 members (4 males and 8 females (including 3 junior females)) of our Year 5 100% club left.
  • 13 runners have run at all 5 Tring Xmas parkruns however most Christmassy runner goes to George Humphries who has run 4 parkruns in total and each one has been a Tring Christmas parkrun.
  • 100th time we have seen the surname Wood and 50th for Leff.
  • Richard and Chris were the most seen names with 6 each. Katie was the most popular female name with 5..
  • Minutes 28 and 32 both broke their attendance records with 34 and 22 respectively. In fact the 34 in minute 28 is the busiest of any minute we have ever seen – smashing the previous record of 29 runners.

Happy Christmas

Hopefully see you on the 29th.

Tring parkrun


Tring parkrun 221 – Black Friday offer!!!


It's that time of the year

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (who makes these names up by the way??) was wonderful Tring parkrun number 221. No need for enticing discounts of 50% or more - the best things in life are free, and we even throw in the odd T-shirt now and again too! Maybe the best gift to give this holiday/Christmas season is an invitation to someone who hasn't yet discovered parkrun?

The other thing about this time of year is that the weather is starting to turn. It may have been a grey morning but it was was illuminated brightly by the warm glow of 227 shiny participants and 23 hi-viz volunteers. The rain stayed away but we were prepared in any case as you can see in the pic below.

Sitting alongside our trusty blue tarp is yet another trusty blue tarp and if it rains our volunteers spring into action and use it to cover up everyone's stuff. Genius!


Why do just 5km when you can do 6?

We welcomed 18 "first timers" to Tring this weekend, 4 of whom (Charlie Coutts-Wood, David Andrews, Caroline Lunt, and Alan Walker) tackled their very first parkrun and we hope to see them all back again soon.

A special mention needs to go to Ron Trotman, who we really enjoyed meeting. Ron has bagged a few parkruns in his time, including every single parkrun in greater London (53 of them) which earned him the coveted status of "Regionaire". He's also completed the "Stayin' Alive" and Compass Club" challenges and has the "Pirates" challenge in his sights. Ron was to be especially challenged by Tring however, starting with unexpected travel problems that caused him to arrive just over 16 minutes late.

Undeterred, he heroically set off to catch up. Unfortunately....he wasn't quite late enough to meet the Gate 1 marshal at Hearthbreak Hill and so (understandably) followed the "last lap" arrow up it! He was well on his way down the Lime Tree Avenue when the Cow Marshals pointed him back up! Now (of course!!!) the Gate 1 Marshal had moved to Heartbreak Hill and so missed Ron again and the Tail Walkers had picked up all of the other markers! Things quickly went from bad to worse for poor Ron as you can see in his GPS track! I shouldn't laugh. In the end he (miraculously) found his way back on track at the Rond Point and, in total, covered 6km. Come back and see us again Ron - we'll run as a team!

Ron Tring parkrun like it's not been run before
It was really great to meet the heroic Ron Trotwood. He almost literally "went the extra mile" to complete Tring parkrun.

Milestones and PBs

We celebrated three milestone runs this week. Well done to William Brookman who completed his 50th, 33 of which have been at Tring. Juniors Jack Ambrose and Jack Hardcastle both reached their 10th parkruns and qualify for a free 10-Club T-shirt. Not only that but they both marked the occasion by running Personal Best times. For jack A that was his second in a row at Tring for for Jack H his sixth in a row at Tring. I'm impressed!

Jack attack!

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting quite so many PBs this week as it's starting to get muddy. I was way wrong and, in fact, 35 earned the right to ring the famous PB Bell.

In addition to the two Jacks other notable speedsters included:

  • Paul Collins - 5th PB in 5 runs,
  • Emma Young made it 4 in 4,
  • Andrew Lee 3 in 3 (which has the added bonus of rhyming!),
  • And 2 in 2 for James Applebee, Megan Francis and Joe Rizzo-Naudi,
  • Hortense Seed, on her 90th parkrun, moved up to 4th best ever time for the JW11-14 group with a time of 22:09,
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Duncan Melsome (2:03), Noah Wild (1:16), Aidan Roberts (1:01), Kate Burn (1:00) and James Herbert (0:56)


Well done Andy
Event Director, Andy Evans, set his best parkrun time for four and half years last week at parkrun's home in Bushy. This week he set a a Tring parkrun PB too. Congratulations.


Thank you

This week's parkrun was made possible by 23 very fine volunteers. Thank you to Keith Stonestreet, Claire Hallissey, Tom North, Edward Hopper, Anna Fryer, Samuel Fryer, Annemarie De Boom, Patrick McLoughlin, Helen Page, Angela Hollands, Chris Nicholls, Dennis Raffety, Oliver West, Sarah Foskett, James Foskett, Thomas Page, Nika Jackson-Moore, Isobel Monks, Eloise Clark, Keith Hendersen, Andrew Booth, and Howie Beck.

I especially appreciate that several were able to change from the roles they were expecting to meet the needs of the morning (e.g an extra cow marshal, as they tried to outflank Keith; change in the Finish Funnel to let some get away early etc.).

And a special thank you to Ed Hopper and Claire Hallissey who both reached the milestone of volunteering 25 times. The famous purple T-shirts will be on their way soon. Claire will be taking a wee break from parkrun to bring little baby Hallissey into the world and we wish her all the best with that and look forward to seeing a new buggy pusher next year!

A rough rule of thumb is to volunteer once every 9-10 runs. Let us know when you're able to help by emailing

You can see the roster of future volunteering opportunities at:

Finish Line Teamo
Brilliant Finish Line team this week...just a few of the 23 volunteers who helped out this week. Thank you.


Happy, happy

Many other things made us happy this weekend.

  • Ben Miller set a new record gap between 2 Tring parkruns of 217 weeks – welcome back Ben,
  • After 4 weeks we have 37 (including 5 juniors) members of our Year 5 100% club left – the club lost 20 members this week,
  • 50th time we have seen the surname Hart and the name Jasmine,
  • Andrew was the most seen name (with 9) and Helen, Ros and Sarah, the most seen females (with 3 each),
  • 1st time we have seen 9 Andrews, 3 Ros's, 2 Garrys and 2 Rons,
  • Minute 26 was the most popular with 20 finishers,
  • We saw 4 new clubs this week including Maltby RC, Running Dads OZ, Tickhill Running & AC and the Chew Valley Snails,


Happiness is...
Happiness is Tring parkrun!

One thing that is making me especially happy is that there are not many sleeps until next week's "Kilted parkrun". Tring parkrun's very own celebration of St Andrews Day. Anyone not wearing a kilt or something tartan or anything else Scottish at Tring parkrun on Dec 1st will automatically be given a time of 59 minutes, 59 seconds and made to do the whole parkrun twice!! [Ed: can't do that!!! :-)]

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 13.09.09
Och - bring out your inner Jock (or Morag!). You know that you want to.


Did someone say Christmas?

We'll let you know as soon as we can whether we'll have a parkrun on Christmas Day. We need to resolve potential car parking issues first. It's also our intention to hold a run on New Year's Day, again we have a bit more work to do and will confirm details (e..g whether 9am start or later) as soon as we can.

In the meantime I will look forward to seeing everyone in their Scottish kit next Saturday.




Tring parkrun 220 – Complete with Special Guests

Tring parkrun – Week 220 – Complete with Special Guests

Another week, another lovely morning in Tring Park. This time out 257 of you joined us for your weekly dose of parkrun fun, including 34 first time visitors to Tring.

This week we also saw a pretty hefty number of personal bests – forty in total! Some of our big improvers were Darcey and Euan Hudghton who both knocked 56s off their previous best, whilst Rosie Hill and Emma Young were both over a minute and a half faster. This was Emma's third in a row whilst Paul de Hoest made it a double. Next week I want what Toby Knight had for breakfast as he improved by what I technically call "a whopping" two minutes and fifty-two seconds! Sarah Hooper and Jack Hardcastle clearly enjoy running here at Tring as they've both notched up five PBs in their last five appearances too. Great work everyone!

Another misty start

It was a quick week for Nicholas Hammett who set our joint second fastest ever time in the Junior Male 11-14 year old category with a time of 19:52! Not to be outdone, and at the other end of the spectrum, Richard Long moved up to fourth position in the all time Veteran Male 70-74 year old category with 28:12.

On to milestone news and it's a big congratulations to Katie Young who celebrated her tenth run with a PB and can now claim her white Junior 10 t-shirt!

We had a couple of 'special guests' visiting this week, including co-host of the official parkrun podcast (Free, Weekly Timed) and uber-uber-tourist, Louise Ayling. Alongside Louise we had Katherine Goulder running with us. You may not have heard of Katherine but she is one of parkrun's volunteer Outreach Ambassadors for Multiple Sclerosis. Katherine is also involved in the parkrun PROVE project (parkrun; Running or Volunteering for Everyone) which has been set up to make parkrun more welcoming and accessible for people with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

You can read more about Katherine's parkrun story and how she finds running with MS by reading her blog here: Trust me it's well worth five minutes of your time! If you'd like to join Katherine and her fellow MS Ambassador Mark Taylor they're staging a 'take-over' of Letchworth parkrun on Saturday 8th December and are looking to welcome lots of visitors. If you fancy a bit of touring then why not join them – I'm reliably informed there will almost certainly be cake!

Love this pic from Andrew last week.

As always, thank you very much to all our volunteers this week – we're always on the lookout for new volunteers so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at We've had 550 different individuals volunteer with us since starting – could you be the 551st?

On a side note, well done to regular Tring parkrunners and members of Tring Athletics Club who went on a pilgrimage to the home of parkrun at Bushy park and met 'the man' himself, founder Paul Sinton Hewitt. If you think 27 finishers in minute 28 is busy, you should try a visit to Bushy where they regularly get way over 1,000 runners in total through their double finish funnel!

Meeting "the man himself"! :-)

A few stats and name news to finish off our report this week:

  • After three weeks there are still 57 runners who've completed every run since our anniversary, though we lost 47 members from this very exclusive club in one week alone!
  • The 28th minute of the run was just a tad hectic, with 27 finishers crossing the line. This was also the busiest minute of last week's run too.
  • Saturday marked the 200th time we have seen the surname 'Lindars' and the 50th appearance for 'Cuthbert'.
  • Richard was the most seen name with 6 in the results, whilst for the females there were 5 Helens
  • It was also the 200th time we saw the names Martin, Jim and Lucy but the first ever appearance for the names Arlo, Mariano, Francis and Sammy-Jo
  • Steve Gould and Andrew Clark set a pair of aesthetically pleasing times, both recording 30:30

We'll end with the biggest statistics of all. Since starting on the 1st November 2014, 6,542 participants have completed 38,398 parkruns at Tring covering a total distance of 191,990km. Did you know, 191,990km is equivalent to running around the Earth's circumference 4.79 times? You did? Never mind then.



Tring parkrun – Week 219 – Joining the ‘Bladen Club’

Tring parkrun – Week 219 – Joining the 'Bladen Club'

You've probably all heard of the 10, 50, 100, 250 and even 500 club. Some of you might have heard of the 'Cowell Club' (100 different parkrun events) or perhaps the 'Freyne Club' (a staggering 250 different parkrun events). Maybe you've heard the term 'parkrun passionista', 'uber-tourist' or 'parkrun pilgrimage' but today we (by which I clearly just mean I) add a new term to the parkrun lexicon: completing a 'Bladen'. The reason for this? Well on Saturday we saw the 500th result for someone with the surname 'Bladen' and I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that most if not all of those have come from Tring regulars (to put it lightly) Steve, Louise and Isobel. I'm not entirely sure that the term will catch on, but it's a great achievement either way so well done Bladens!

The youngest member of "Team Bladen" with grandfather Ron Yaxley who completed his 100th on the same day they reached 500!

Aside from one or two issues with the results (namely a minor hiccough where positions 60-69 were given out before 50-59) all went smoothly this weekend. However, just a reminder that if you go through the finish funnel you must take a finish token, even if you haven't brought your barcode with you - doing anything else will result in death by staring at the results screen in the Akeman all morning for myself and the rest of the team!


Once again, thank you to all of the fantastic volunteers who make the run possible. A special thanks to Alex Capps who stepped in at the last minute, having forgotten his barcode, and scanned all of yours in instead! Likewise thank you to Dennis Raffety who I managed to coerce into being one of our cow marshals this week! Our other 'hi-vis heroes' this week were:

Allison Williment • Andrew Booth • Chris Nicholls • Claire Hallissey • Edward Hopper • Elaine West • Frances Leff • George Fletcher • Helen Page • Howie Beck • Isobel Monks • Katie Haines • Keith Stonestreet • Ken Douglas • Nika Jackson-Moore • Oliver West • Richard Alcock • Robert Alcock • Sarah Watson • Thomas Page

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at

Another double - Sarah earned her purple T-shirt for volunteering 25 times and Barry his red for running 50 times. Congrats to both.

Special mention to Sarah Watson and Keith Stonestreet who each completed their twenty-fifth volunteering stint earning the right to claim a coveted purple t-shirt!

Also achieving significant milestones this week were junior Leo Tabram who completed his tenth; Barry Watson, Samantha Allen, Carole Page and Jamie Lea who made it to 50 and Ron Yaxley who has entered the three-digit club, more commonly known as 100 parkruns! Well done everyone - great achievement!

Conditions underfoot are definitely becoming a little slippier as we had less PBs than recently. A few notable improvements from our regular runners included Edward Margetts who improved by 3s, Daniel Beatty by 18s, Thomas Hanson by 26s, Noah Roger by 36, Trish Hudghton by 41s and Emma Young by a whopping 1minute 25s! Great work everyone

Just two weeks into our new Tring parkrun year we have 104 members of our 'Year 5 100% club', the club you can leave but never rejoin, which sounds a bit more sinister than perhaps intended! And if you like stats like that then get a load of these babies:

  • Saturday marked three PBs in a row for Chris McGinnity whilst Dominic Cecere and Emma Young ticked off their double
  • Minute 28 was our busiest of the afternoon, with twenty of you crossing the finish line in just under fifty seconds
  • James Page recorded the 5,000th Tring parkrun by a member of Tring RC

Name news!

  • Saturday marked the 200th run for the surname 'Mitchell', 100th for 'Turner' and 'Walker' and the 50th appearance of 'Young', 'White' and 'Mills'
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum Saturday was the first time we saw the names 'Leo', 'Liv' or 'Philipp'
  • On the first names front, we had our 200th finish by a 'Stuart' and 100th by a 'Ken', 'Alex' or 'Nicola'
  • 'James' was our most common name, appearing eight times this week, with 'Sarah' topping the leaderboard for the females at just three appearances

Yet again Tring Park was looking glorious, with our pregnant cows softly munching on the hillside.

And finally... After a quick scroll through the results I quite liked the look of Albert Foxwell-Moss' time of 30:03 and so he is duly awarded the prize for having the most aesthetically pleasing time of the week. Nice job.

Well done on a great run everyone – see you on Saturday for another round!


For news and photos don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at and you can also follow us on Twitter at


#218 – Happy 4th Birthday dear Tring parkrun

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy 4th Birthday dear Tring parkrun,
Happy Birthday to you.


Congratulations to Andy Evans and his team of organisers for Tring parkrun reaching its 4th Anniversary.

Cake by Katie Haines

On record for the 6th highest ever turnout at Tring with 286 runners enjoying the morning sunshine.

Congratulations continue for runners presented with awards for those who have attended Tring parkrun the most in the last year, as well as those who have recorded the most PBs and our Star volunteers, these were:

Junior Males
1st – Jim Patterson
2nd – Tom Patterson
3rd – Noah Roger
4th – Jamie Lea
5th – Edward Foxwell-Moss

Well done to our junior male winners

Junior Females
1st – Isobel Bladen
2nd – Holly Bunn
3rd – Isobel Roberts
4th – Jasmine Margetts
Joint 5th – Bethany Hanson
Joint 5th – Enid Fleetwood

Adult Males
1st – Andrew Booth
Joint 2nd – Paul Myatt
Joint 2nd – James Foskett
4th – Steve Bladen
Joint 5th – Dan Storr
Joint 5th – Chris Nicholls

Adult Females
Joint 1st – Louise Bladen
Joint 1st – Elaine Bunn
3rd – Helen Page
4th – Philippa Storr
5th – Amanda Russell

Well done to our female winners

Star Volunteers
• Jim Maple
• Frances Leff

Most PBs – Adult
• Chris Nicholls
• Iain Middleton

Most PBs – Junior
• Zoe Chappell
• Darcey Hudghton

Tring parkrun was delighted to welcome Tom Sawyer to present the awards. Tom won the UK Trail Running Championships (Ultra Distance) 2018 and came first in the 86 miles Ridgeway Challenge 25/26th August with a time of 13 hours, 22 minutes. Equivalent to 28 consecutive park runs with an average time under 29 minutes.

Tom Sawyer with award winner Helen Page (who also, with 15 Tring parkruns, has the longest current live Tring parkrun streak)

On hearing this impressive statistic during the awards presentation my 10-year-old son turned to me and asked if that was the recent Ridgeway run I had completed. Sadly, my efforts were just for Tring Running Club’s Ridgeway run of 9.6 miles. Whilst I wanted to tell my son that I too was a ‘running god’ I found myself whispering that man is an amazing endurance runner, he doesn’t have a beard when he starts his races!

Onto other incredible statistics.
• 28 volunteers made event number 218 possible with Frances Leff clocking up her 25th volunteer duty, thank you Frances.
• 40 out of 286 runners recorded personal bests.
• Phillipa Storr and Dick Highton achieved a whopping 150 parkruns.
• Clive Cohen, Matthew Kingston, Nick Johns and Alison Ashall achieved 50 parkruns this week.
• Dylan Barlow completed his 10th parkrun.
• And… 25 runners finished in the minute 27 creating amusement for those observing the finishing token volunteer.
Well done to all of our 286 runners this week and thank you to the 28 volunteers under the directorship of Chris Millar.

Clive Cohen (far right) from Shires Tri-ers attending Tring parkrun for his 50th run


We look forward to seeing you next Saturday, 10th November, at event number 219 for another gorgeous run up and down those hills.

Vic Williams


Tring parkrun 217 – The Halloween Special

Round about the cauldron go:

In the poisoned entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Sweated venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and owlet's wing.
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witch's mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg'd i’ the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew;
Gall of goat; and slips of yew

Sliver'd in the moon's eclipse;
Nose of Turk, and Tartar's lips;
Finger of birth-strangled babe
Ditch-deliver'd by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger's chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron.
Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,

Then the charm is firm and good.

(an extract from Macbeth Act 4, Scene 1 by Bill Shakespeare 1623)

Struggling for inspiration for a Halloween run report I had looked to the poets for help, Scottish favourite Burns’ first published poem was Halloween but it’s bloody long winded and a little difficult to read so plumped for Shakespeare for you instead.


We had a fantastic turn out of runners and volunteers in brilliant costumes for Halloween and sweets and cakes to celebrate too.




Congratulations to our first timers Dominic CECERE, John AITCHISON, Edie HAWTIN, Charlotte WATKINS,    Nadege PRESTON, Tilly WALL, William WALL, Kelly WALL, Talia CADD, Heidi WALL, Tobias WALL, Roy MITROPOULOS, Cassius WILD, Lee MOUNTER and Denise CADD.

Also a huge congratulations to Sue Cox and Michael Wooton both running their 50th parkruns, Michael even managed a PB!

Most Experienced runner of the day was David Graham of Poole Runners who has 217 parkruns under his belt.

Our First placed male was Tom Smith in 19:45, first female was Lisa Jay in 23:23 setting herself a new PB too, first Junior was Dominic Cecere in 23:30 and the highest age graded runner was Mary Ward scoring 71.64%


Spooky coincidences for Halloween were our 19nd place runner had exactly the same name as me including the peculiar spelling of the surname and the token sorters found that token 66 had multiplied and we now have 2 of them and somewhere between 66 and 6666 is the number of the beast.

The stat-o-matic is currently lost at sea so no interesting statistics but normal service will be resumed next week hopefully.

Things to look forward to next week;

IT’S OUR 4TH BIRTHDAY! Please arrive for 0835 for awards. There will be cake :)

The cows have potentially morphed into sheep (that’s gonna make it interesting)


Claire Hallissey is tail walking so everyone has a chance to claim they beat an Olympian

See you next week

Chris Millar


Tring parkrun #216 – the dance video

[Oops - we just noticed that we didn't publish this a month ago. Better late than never. And a brilliant effort by Wes]

It was a beautiful autumn morning in the park on Saturday; mist was hanging gently in the valley and the sun shone through the dappled leaves. Heavenly.

Following last week's album-fest, Ken challenged me to do this week's run report as a video of interpretative dance...and so I rose to the challenge.

Click on the image below to go to the video on Facebook

Video run report

Wes "just call me Nureyev" Ball


What’s the story (Tring parkrun 215 glory)?

It was National Album day on Saturday when we also celebrated Tring parkrun 215. I knew it was going to be a good day. On Friday the weatherman had promised it would shine too. The evening before parkrun day is always filled with hopes and fears for a run director. But as I finished packing the Dookie and charging the radios for the morning, my night thoughts turned to leisure and I poured myself a glass of red red wine: pure hedonism. In the flat above, upstairs at Eric’s, I could hear him play a record - Best of the Beatles, I think – his favourite album.

Saturday morning began with a drive through the home counties. Radio 4 on the car radio was saying that Modern Life is Rubbish. But I have to say, I think that is one step beyond - complete madness. As I walked into the park with the pre-run set up crowd and my daughter, there was no other place I’d want to be. I wanted to be here now. This was my parklife.

The crowd filled up. Full of boys and girls. Dog. Man. Stars – all of them. Wives and Husbands in his n hers running gear. We had tourists from London, conversations from Welwyn Garden City.

And then it started to rain. And at the same time the cows started to move as if they had given to the wild. And in my head I sang an urban hymn to take me to the safety of a covered, indoor track. But there were no parachutes. We had to get on with the run. 3…2…1… go! (no revolver to start the race, just a megaphone)

Those that ran to the top of the hill through the wild wood saw the woodface and entrance to the natural park. If the altitude didn’t give you the bends the views of the big iron world below certainly could have done. Don’t forget that the thing about Tring parkrun is that this is hardcore

But if it sounds like this week’s run was all about me - that I had the masterplan - that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being a run director is about standing on the shoulders’ of giants. Those giants were the high vis heroes, the volunteers, the people who stood out in the rain. And this week they did it with rampaging cows, faulty stopwatches and terrible weather. They had gallons of good humour and were a different class.

Thank you, all of them: Luke ATKINS, Violet ATKINS, Wes BALL, Howie BECK, Steve BLADEN, Clive COHEN, Annemarie DE BOOM, Rosa DRATH, Andy EVANS, Claire HALLISSEY, Edward HOPPER, Nika JACKSON-MOORE, Frances LEFF, Chris NICHOLLS, Helen PAGE, Thomas PAGE, Dennis RAFFETY, Amanda RUSSELL, Claudia SELINA, Dan STORR, Philippa STORR, Len VAN DE LINDE, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Kaja ZIEMBACZEWSKA, Blazej ZIEMBACZEWSKI

I know what you’re thinking though. “Is this it?” And I shout back: Definitely, Maybe, a little more. What about the records? We’re not going to whitewash achievement, here – no bleach in my run report. On that Yellow Brick Road to glory and a milestone t-shirt this week were:
Tom Patterson – our youngest “100” so far, what a kid a?
Garry Brown and Isobel Roberts who both ran their 50th parkrun
Emma Young and Finlay Searle who both ran their 10th parkrun as a junior.
The future is yours!

And finally… and finally. The Tring Supercomputer – New Gold Dream, as we’ve lately christened him – has come up with a few more stats for you:

  • It was the first time the attendance dipped under 200 since April – perhaps the weather or start of XC season
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Eddy Guinness, Tony Hart, Neil Gould and Richard Pennant-Jones
  • In addition, Richard Pennant-Jones has recorded 6 PBs in his last 6 appearances and 3 in 3 for Tom Harris, Emily Harris and Toby Wastling
  • David Severs finished 63rd on his 63rd parkrun
  • Alex Bousfield set the 4th fastest ever JW15-17 time
  • We saw the surname Roger for the 300th time and Lea for the 100th
  • Mark and Tom were the most seen names (with 5 each) and Isobel the most seen female name (with 3)
  • We saw the name Peter for the 300th time, Tim for the 100th and Carole for the 50th
  • Minute 31 was the most popular, with 24 finishers
  • Nobody finished in minute 36 – the last time that happened was March 2016
  • The name “Brian” beat its attendance records with 3 runners.
  • We welcomed the names Fred and Lana for the 1st time
  • We saw the clubs Mablethorpe RC, Northampton Road Runners and Deestriders RC all for the first time - welcome all
  • Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Enid Fleetwood (2:49), Peter Young (1:27), Beatrice Herbert (0:50), Darren Hogg (0:38) and Richard Pennant-Jones (0:30)

Signing off for now. But if you want to listen the Tring parkrun National Album Day playlist, you can listen to all 47 albums, 799 songs and 54 hours here.  And if you want a different, more intelligible, run report next week you can always volunteer by emailing

See you on Saturday.

Wes Ball
Run Director


Two for the price of one!!


Double the report - double the fun!

The observant noticed that there was (shock!) no run report last week! There is a reason for this - we forgot.

So this week you are treated to two rollicking, run-reports rolled up into one lovely package.

Tring parkrun #211 is recounted by Anna (one half of "team Lambert" who were joint RDs that week) and Vicki Williams stepped boldly up as this week's guest report writer and gives us her thoughts on #212 below.
Thank you to both.



Sep 15th - Tring parkrun #211

Tring parkrun number 211 consisted of everything that makes Tring parkrun so great... celebratory cake and lots of happy runners and volunteers. We suspect the two are not a coincidence!!

Huge congratulations to Finn Anderson who earned his “10” shirt. Another huge congratulations to Sue Frewin, Joshua Frewin, Edward Foxwell-Moss and Raphael Briand who earned their “50” shirts. And an extra special congratulations to Louisa Hopper for her “100” shirt. Thank you for all you star baking.

Huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers. We really appreciate your efforts and it was great to see so many U18s out there.

The start of tring parkrun 211
A spirited start to the 211th Tring parkrun

Of course it could not be a Tring parkrun report without a stats low down:

  • 3 PBs in 3 weeks for Luciana Walker
  • Katrina Beckwith recorded her 2nd PB in 2 weeks
  • Dylan Barlow has set 6 PBs in his last 6 appearances
  • Steve Turner, Claire Butcher and Joe Mortlock have set 4 PBs in 4 appearances
  • James Bell, Peter Ambrose and Graham Barlow have set 3 PBs in 3 appearances
  • Of those who have run the most parkruns, by chance 5 of the highest 6 had the surname Evans. This included 2 * Richard Evans, the 1st time we have seen 2 runners with the same name in the fastest 10. And to top it off one of the Richard Evans’ recorded the 3rd fastest ever time in the VM55-59 age group
  • We saw the surname Bunn for the 200th time and Lipscombe and Wright for the 50th.
  • For Christian names we saw Jonathan for the 200th time, we welcomed the name Nancie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Maries at the same time also for the 1st time
  • Richard was the most seen name (with 7) and Sarah the most seen female name (with 4)
  • For the 2nd week in a row, minute 30 was the most popular, with 22 finishers
  • Clubs we saw for the 1st time included Altrincham and District AC and Bedford Run Club
  • Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Steve Turner (2:16), Adam Beatty (1:23), Clare Butcher (1:03), Joe Mortlock (0:59) and Alison Ashall (0:56).
  • A special mention to Holly Bunn who recorded a PB this week, 66 Tring parkruns since her last and also Alison Ashall who has ended a wait of 42 Tring parkruns.



Sep 22nd - Tring parkrun #212

Event number 212 held at Tring Park was a cold, windy day… A day full of spirit, community love, cake, the number 100 and baby cows.

Saturday 22nd September marked 100 days until we reach 2019; that’s 14 amazing Saturday park runs and volunteer opportunities left of 2018 for those of you counting.

Tring 212
216 parrkunners, minus a few late arrivals, ready for the off.
Unfortunately this is the only pic we managed for Anna Fryer that wasn't speed blurred - then again she did get a PB!

100 was a special number for Lynda Hembury who completed her 100th run. Lynda is part of a local well known running club and if you are lucky enough to have a chance to run with her – do. Her laugh is lyrical and pace / routes of the local area a real pleasure. Lynda holds the age graded score of 88.07% completing Tring Park run in just 22:21 on 4th August 2018.

Hannahs wonderful cakes
Lynda's daughter, Hannah, baked the most wonderful cakes for everyone to celebrate

50 was also a special number for Jim Maple who completed his 50th park run. Jim is best known for his musical delights at gate number 1 on the course and his sociability in the Akeman after. His milestone was all the more impressive when you know that he had heart surgery earlier in the year too.

Congratulations to Anna Fryer on her 50th too. Anna started her parkrunning at nearby Aylesbury but has now run 30 or her 50 runs with us at Tring, she also marked the occasion with a PB!

Junior visitor Josh Perrottet earned his “10” shirt, we're really pleased he chose Tring to do that.

More stats for the reader include: 216 runners taking part, 19 clubs represented, 28 outstanding volunteers, 18 first timers and 45 new personal bests.

Ken Douglas, often found in Moose attire, was our fabulous Park Run Director this week and took charge of the 28 volunteers in their duties.

parkrun depends on volunteers and vacancies to be filled in the weeks ahead can be found at

Our fantastic Finish Line team

As usual there were a few other notable facts and figures this week, including:

  • With a JM15-17 male fastest finisher and a JW11-14 for our fastest female finisher, it was one of our youngest fastest finisher pairings since May 2017
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Ian Shenton, Clare Butcher, Steve Turner, Peter Lilley and Katie Young
  • In addition, Steve Turner, Claire Butcher, and Sara Jones have set 5 PBs in their last 5 appearances, Mark Tikaram and Allan Maccormack 4 in 4, and Catherine Turner 3 in 3
  • Alex Bousfield set the 4th fastest ever time for the JW15-17 age category with her time of 23:21
  • Adam Swann becomes the 71st runner to have run 71 times at Tring
  • We saw the surname Brown for the 200th time
  • For Christian names we saw William for the 200th time, we welcomed the names Maya, Glyn, Zach, Luna and Cristie for the 1st time and we saw 2 Claudias at the same event also for the 1st time
  • Paul was the most seen name (with 5) and Louise the most seen female name (with 4)
  • Minute 29 was the most popular, with 18 finishers
  • Helen Page picks up the baton for longest current attendance streak with 9 Tring parkruns in a row
  • We saw Getfit Athletics Club for the 1st time and it was the 1st time that we have seen 3 from local Team Jules
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Sara Jones (3:46), Katie Young (1:56), Emily Scott (1:46), Hortense Seed (1:39) and Peter Lilley (1:37)

Lynda Jim
Lynda and Jim - two of this week's wonderful milestone runners


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