What’s the story (Tring parkrun 215 glory)?

It was National Album day on Saturday when we also celebrated Tring parkrun 215. I knew it was going to be a good day. On Friday the weatherman had promised it would shine too. The evening before parkrun day is always filled with hopes and fears for a run director. But as I finished packing the Dookie and charging the radios for the morning, my night thoughts turned to leisure and I poured myself a glass of red red wine: pure hedonism. In the flat above, upstairs at Eric’s, I could hear him play a record - Best of the Beatles, I think – his favourite album.

Saturday morning began with a drive through the home counties. Radio 4 on the car radio was saying that Modern Life is Rubbish. But I have to say, I think that is one step beyond - complete madness. As I walked into the park with the pre-run set up crowd and my daughter, there was no other place I’d want to be. I wanted to be here now. This was my parklife.

The crowd filled up. Full of boys and girls. Dog. Man. Stars – all of them. Wives and Husbands in his n hers running gear. We had tourists from London, conversations from Welwyn Garden City.

And then it started to rain. And at the same time the cows started to move as if they had given to the wild. And in my head I sang an urban hymn to take me to the safety of a covered, indoor track. But there were no parachutes. We had to get on with the run. 3…2…1… go! (no revolver to start the race, just a megaphone)

Those that ran to the top of the hill through the wild wood saw the woodface and entrance to the natural park. If the altitude didn’t give you the bends the views of the big iron world below certainly could have done. Don’t forget that the thing about Tring parkrun is that this is hardcore

But if it sounds like this week’s run was all about me - that I had the masterplan - that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being a run director is about standing on the shoulders’ of giants. Those giants were the high vis heroes, the volunteers, the people who stood out in the rain. And this week they did it with rampaging cows, faulty stopwatches and terrible weather. They had gallons of good humour and were a different class.

Thank you, all of them: Luke ATKINS, Violet ATKINS, Wes BALL, Howie BECK, Steve BLADEN, Clive COHEN, Annemarie DE BOOM, Rosa DRATH, Andy EVANS, Claire HALLISSEY, Edward HOPPER, Nika JACKSON-MOORE, Frances LEFF, Chris NICHOLLS, Helen PAGE, Thomas PAGE, Dennis RAFFETY, Amanda RUSSELL, Claudia SELINA, Dan STORR, Philippa STORR, Len VAN DE LINDE, Ella VAN DE LINDE, Kaja ZIEMBACZEWSKA, Blazej ZIEMBACZEWSKI

I know what you’re thinking though. “Is this it?” And I shout back: Definitely, Maybe, a little more. What about the records? We’re not going to whitewash achievement, here – no bleach in my run report. On that Yellow Brick Road to glory and a milestone t-shirt this week were:
Tom Patterson – our youngest “100” so far, what a kid a?
Garry Brown and Isobel Roberts who both ran their 50th parkrun
Emma Young and Finlay Searle who both ran their 10th parkrun as a junior.
The future is yours!

And finally… and finally. The Tring Supercomputer – New Gold Dream, as we’ve lately christened him – has come up with a few more stats for you:

  • It was the first time the attendance dipped under 200 since April – perhaps the weather or start of XC season
  • 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Eddy Guinness, Tony Hart, Neil Gould and Richard Pennant-Jones
  • In addition, Richard Pennant-Jones has recorded 6 PBs in his last 6 appearances and 3 in 3 for Tom Harris, Emily Harris and Toby Wastling
  • David Severs finished 63rd on his 63rd parkrun
  • Alex Bousfield set the 4th fastest ever JW15-17 time
  • We saw the surname Roger for the 300th time and Lea for the 100th
  • Mark and Tom were the most seen names (with 5 each) and Isobel the most seen female name (with 3)
  • We saw the name Peter for the 300th time, Tim for the 100th and Carole for the 50th
  • Minute 31 was the most popular, with 24 finishers
  • Nobody finished in minute 36 – the last time that happened was March 2016
  • The name “Brian” beat its attendance records with 3 runners.
  • We welcomed the names Fred and Lana for the 1st time
  • We saw the clubs Mablethorpe RC, Northampton Road Runners and Deestriders RC all for the first time - welcome all
  • Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Enid Fleetwood (2:49), Peter Young (1:27), Beatrice Herbert (0:50), Darren Hogg (0:38) and Richard Pennant-Jones (0:30)

Signing off for now. But if you want to listen the Tring parkrun National Album Day playlist, you can listen to all 47 albums, 799 songs and 54 hours here.  And if you want a different, more intelligible, run report next week you can always volunteer by emailing tringhelpers@parkrun.com

See you on Saturday.

Wes Ball
Run Director


#214 International parkrun day

This week we celebrated International parkrun day, as 14 years ago the first ever parkrun was started in Bushy park.

The Bushy Parkrun was originally known as the Bushy Park Time Trial, and its results were timed with a stop watch, recorded on paper while washers stamped with a finish number were used as finishing tokens. It grew into a network of similar events called the UK Time Trials, before adopting the name Parkrun in 2008 and expanding into other countries. Now parkrun has over 5 million registered runners.

On a drizzly Saturday morning we welcomed 245 runners of which we had 15 first timers including some new clubs Truro RC and Blackburn GroupRun. The slightly damp conditions did not put off 36 runners getting a new PB of which Ann-Marie Evans, Iain Middleton and Gavin Spencer got a PB for the 2nd week in a row.

We also had a number of milestones this week with Jonathan Smith completing his 100th, David Leybourne completing his 50th and congratulations to Jacob O’Neill and Beatrice Herbert for completing 10 parkruns.


Jonathan Smith


David Leybourne


Jacob O'Neill


Beatrice Herbert

parkrun could not run without our wonderful volunteers and this week we had pacers to help our runners hopefully achieve a new PB. The best pacing award this week has to go to Steve Bladen who forgot to start his watch at the start and after checking the time from other pacer finished in 34.58.


Andy showing them how its done when you get the finish early!!

Other fun facts

In addition, Richard Pennant-Jones has recorded 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances and Stuart Gregory 3 in 3
Michael Hart finished 7th on his 7th parkrun
We saw the surnames Ball, Chapman and Thorn for the 100th time
We saw the name Jon for the 200th time and Howard for the 50th
Minute 30 was the most popular, with 23 finishers
The names Michael and Tim both beat their respective attendance records with 5 runners.
We welcomed the names Irene and Alli for the 1st time
Paul was the again the most seen name (with 7) and Lucy the most seen female name (with 4)
Of those who have run 5+ times at Tring, the biggest PB improvements belonged to Ann-Marie Evans (0:52), Javid Khan (0:35), Neil Coburn (0:34), Steve Allen (0:33) and Tony Hart (0:29)

See you tomorrow


What a week for breaking record # parkrun 213

So let’s see…When you look out the window on a Saturday morning and think about getting down to parkrun, do you think “I’m just happy to get round today”, or do you think “I’m going to try and get myself a new PB? Well for 48 excellent runners this is exactly what happened…and for one amazing runner he broke our course record!

Yes you did just read that right; Kristian Jones set a new course record with a fantastic time of 16:21.

New Record

And that’s not all, Nick Wake, Allan Maccormack, Stephen Barnsdale, Julie Wake, Noah Roger, Sara Jones, Kayleigh Gray and Matther Rizzo-Naudi all achieved 2 PB’s in two weeks.

Kristian was also amongst the 42 first timers and we welcome some new clubs including Havering Tri, Hungerford Hares, Swansea Harriers AC and Langport Runners.

We had some milestone achievements this week with Edward Foxwell-Moss and Bev Jones completing 50 parkruns. Our RD couple Anna and Ross Lambert achieved their 100th parkrun this week with a little help from Jonah.


Anna & Ross


Here are some other fun facts:

In addition Mika Sau Ortega and Annie Gilchrest have recorded 3 PBs in their last 3 appearances
Roxanne Pratt set their 3rd fastest ever time for VW50-54 and Phoebe Cutter recorded the 4thbest ever time for SW20-24
We had 3 people in a row whose name began with "Luc". How Luc - ky was that?
We saw the surnames Maple and Parker for the 200th time
We saw the name Pauline for the 100th time (Pauline Brown becoming the 36th person to run 100 times at Tring) and the name Albert for the 50th time (Albert Foxwell-Moss becoming the 117th person to run 50 times at Tring)
Paul was the most seen name (with 7) and Lucy the most seen female name (with 6)
The names Lucy and Edward both beat their respective attendance records with 6 and 5 runners.
We welcomed the names Piers, Neelam, Ziggy, Sammi, Roxane and Chitra for the 1st time
Minute 26 was the most popular, with 22 finishers
1st time we have seen 10 runners in minute 20
We saw the clubs Havering Tri, Hungerford Hares, Swansea Harriers AC and Langport Runners all for the 1st time - welcome all
Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Adrian Summerson (1:39), Phillip Rance (1:14), Adam Beatty (1:07), Sidney Mead (1:07), Ben Foskett (1:05) and Luciana Walker (1:00)

See you all again on Saturday to do it all again!



Tring parkrun #209 – The A to Z of Tring parkrun

##209 - The A to Z of Tring parkrun

A is for Anne Ramsden – who set the 2nd fastest ever time for VW65-69 with a time of 28:08

B is for Bovines – They were very well behaved this week and waited patiently for us to start before walking across to their water trough

Thanks to the cows for politely waiting for us to start

C is for Christian names that we hadn’t seen before – so welcome to Soraya, Nicolette and Carlton

D is for Dylan Barlow – who has recorded 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances at Tring. Also recording their 3rd PB from 3 appearances were Claire Butcher, Steve Turner, Sean Hampson and Julia Norman

E is for Excellent D of E volunteers – We are very lucky as at the moment we have a group of 6 doing their bronze and silver level volunteering. After watching you all set off on your 5k I was having a catch-up with Tom Sawyer who the previous week had won the Ridgeway 85 mile Ultra. It was just as well that D of E regulars Charlotte and Grace were concentrating as they spotted I had forgotten to set up the finish funnel!! Luckily we managed to get it set up about 30 secs before our 1st finisher

Grace & Charlotte remember the poles and tape

Luckily no one will ever know that I had forgotten!

F is for Facebook followers - did you know we have 2,946 followers. Who will be our 3,000th?

G is for Great Turnout – Our longest sequence of 200+ runner parkruns, with our 18th this week and with Gadebridge and Milton Keynes cancelled net week, we should soon move onto 19 in a row

H is for Huntington Woods, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) – whose population in the 2010 census was 6,238 – by complete chance, can you guess the number of different people who have run at Tring? If you have run at Tring this stat wouldn’t have been possible without you!

I is for Improving PBs –Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest improvers were Millie Weller (3:31), Richard Martin (2:27), Matthew Pagani (1:04), Colin Chapple (0:59) and Dylan Barlow (0:47)

It's a great feeling when you get a PB! Over 3mins improvement for Millie just ahead of proud mum

J is for John Butcher - who became out oldest parkrunner at Tring and also became our first and fastest in the VM85-89 age category

Well done John - fastest in the VM85-89 category

J is also for Julia Norman - who recorded her 3rd PB in 3 weeks. 2 PBs in 2 weeks for Caroline Legg, Steve Turner and Graham & Dylan Barlow

K is for Kelly Dickson – The only person to get all numbers the same on her time with her 33:33

L is also for Longest streak – Dennis Raffety holds the longest unbroken attendance with an impressive 54 parkrun streak. Up till last week he was building another long streak with 23 in a row but unfortunately, he had to retire injured this week so our new longest current streakers are James Whitaker (15), Alice Fisher (8), Chris Simmons, Vicky Williams and Helen Page (all 6)

M is for Minute 28 – This week’s busiest minute

N is for Nicola Hume – whose gap of 192 Tring parkruns is the 4th longest gap between 2 Tring parkruns – welcome back!

O is for Obelisk – Half way round our course you pass the obelisk. Did you know that the 15m high tapering obelisk is made of red brick and limestone ashlar which rests on a square pedestal and towers up to a pierced ball finial. Legend has it that it was built to commemorate the visits to the mansion of Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwyn.

P is for Paul Cocklin - from Ware Joggers who ran his 200th this week

P is also for Paul Reddaway –who set the 2nd fastest ever time for VM55-59 with a time of 20:05

Q is for Quentin Harding – who back in June became the only person to have ever run at Tring with a name beginning with Q!

R is for RunFit Essex – the 1st time that we had seen this club – also the 1st time that we had seen Tuesday Tracks, Stainland Lions RC and K-Way VOB

S is for Steven Hall – one of 6 1st timers this week – welcome to you and to David Smith, Dylan Richards, David Gafford, Holly Smith and Mark Evans

Welcome to Steven - one of 6 running their 1st ever parkrun

T is for Talia Williams - who earned her “10” T-shirt this week

U is for Unknown – 8 no-barcode results this week – which conveniently, given the year brought our all-time total to 2018

V is for our super Volunteers – thanks to Andy EVANS • Hilary NEEDLEMAN • Emma WELLER • Ann-Marie EVANS • James MAPLE • Kevin LAWLEY • Katrina BOND • Stuart PAGE • Allison WILLIMENT • Graham HOLLANDS • Katie WILLIAMS • Dominic VEAL • Martin WELLER • Angela HOLLANDS • Beth WELLER • Millie WELLER • Chris NICHOLLS • Alison LYON • William CRANE • Andrew BOOTH • Richard LONG • Charlotte SEVERS • Grace FENSOME • Howie BECK

W is for Williams – which with 6 runners was the most seen surname this week

X is for Yan Xu – who back in August became the only person to have ever run at Tring with a surname beginning with X!

Y is for Yellow hi-viz – We are always grateful if you can help us fill our volunteer roster – take a look at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/futureroster/ and simply write to tringhelpers@parkrun.com

Z is for Zoe Skells – because if she hadn’t run this week you’d have had to hear all about my trip to Poland to visit Zielona Gora parkrun to collect my "Z"!

Z is for Zoe


See you all again on Saturday to do it all again!


Andy Evans


Tring Park parkrun #206 – A beautiful morning!

The weather this Saturday was beautiful and sunny with just a slight chill in the air, which was very refreshing after the recent heatwave. We’d also had a little rain during the previous week which had softened Tring Park up, just a bit!

Its days like this that makes you appreciate just how lucky we are to be able to host Tring parkrun in Tring Park. We also had the added bonus of no cows as they have gone to pastures new. Shame the Wallabies weren’t around though, would have been fun trying to marshal them!

The new Tring Park signage by the new gates.

We had 206 runners attend this week with 39 first time parkrunners or tourists. We hope you enjoyed the course, and hills, and come back again for a PB soon.

With such good running conditions we also had 36 PB’s. Congratulations to Chris MOLLOY, Seb BRUMMELL, Tom MORETON, Sean MCKENNA, William BROOKMAN, Stuart CLARKE, Amy FARNFIELD, Angelo LUCATELLO, Anthony FOSTER, Terry ROONEY, Ben THORN, Michael LAMB, Tim MILLER, Phil MARRIOTT, Philip PUGH, Gary STROUD, Ian DOUGHTY, Tam QUINN, Michael DONOVAN, Robert BLYTHE, Richard BADDON, Allan MACCORMACK, Robin FISHER, Victoria WILLIAMS, Chris PARKER, Poppy WAGER-LEIGH, Samantha HOLLIER, Kirsty GRUBER, Luca WEBSTER, Jeremy WEBSTER, David BLISS, Phillip RANCE, Freya KENT, Jack FISHER, Melanie BROOKMAN and Holly KENT on your PB’s this week. Very well done!

A great view of the first corner, without runners.

….. and with!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up the course, man the marshalling points and manage the finish line. Many thanks to Jane Martin, Claire Hallissey, Tom North, Edward Hopper, Richard Murphy, Ken Douglas, James Maple, Chris Nicholls, Sam Evans, Dawn Figg, Alison Bill, Chris Bill, Steve F Cliffe, Heather Painter, Lucy Brittain, Richard Long, Frances Leff, Eleanor Mckeown, Finlay McKeown, Grace Fensome and Gillian Hanson.

Thanks to Frances and Jeff the dog for marshalling Gate 2.

We had three Milestones this week with Chris Molloy and Ian Cooper achieving the coveted Red Shirt for their 50th parkruns and John Howard picking up the Black shirt for his 100th. Very well done to all of you.

Well done to Chris Molloy, 1st finisher, a new PB and his 50th parkrun. A busy morning!

The run up to the ‘run around me’ sign looking amazing!

The Lime Avenue straight, just before the new last turn, beautiful!

First across the line this week for the ladies was Kate Rennie in 19:40, just 5 seconds outside the course record followed by Amy Farmfield in a new PB time of 22:36 and Claire Hallissey in 23:03.

For the men Chris Molloy was fastest with a new PB of 18:45 followed by Chris Booth in 19:09 and Jhon Cosgrove in 19:13.

Lovely view of the finish line from the trees, lovely spot for a post run chat!

Looking forward to parkrun #207 we are expecting a very special guest from Hertfordshire YOPA (Year of Physical Activity), look for someone special in the start/finish area.

Well done to all those that ran this week, for a full list of all this weeks’ results please go to http://www.parkrun.org.uk/tring/results/latestresults/.

For news , photos, videos and updates don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can now follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun .

If you would like to volunteer please email tringhelpers@parkrun.com with a preferred role or any offer of assistance and we will add you to future rosters.

Thank you and see you on Saturday.

Richard Murphy
Run Director


Tring parkrun #205: It’s a mystery

On Saturday a parkrun happened in Tring Park as it has every Saturday for almost 4 years, but nobody cares about that, the big question on everyone’s lips was ‘where are the cows?’

We've experienced sudden cow disappearances before and there have been many theories, but no answers....perhaps until now!

Was it really the Bunion Gang that did it?
(Last week's theory)

The truth is out there
Are 'they' really out there capturing our cows?
(The theory from the first disappearance three years ago)


Keen to finally crack this case we made the mistake of sending our specialist bovine reporter Chris MILLAR to find out once and for all...

Read to discover his shocking conclusions...

Cow on Lomand
A cow on Ben Lomond just because it’s a pretty picture

A nice view ruined
The same pretty picture ruined by Chris Millar

I’m Chris Millar, Tring’s specialist bovine investigative reporter and I’ve been out in parkrunland interviewing parkrunners to try and find our cows, below is a synopsis of my findings.

Sam WATHEN (A1030134) said “You’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle right? But have you heard of the Tring Park Cow Rhombus? It’s between the gun emplacement and the copper beeches, that’s why nobody runs on that path because of the risk of getting swallowed by the rhombus, the cows probably ran through the rhombus and are still in the park but in another dimension".

Mel YOUNG (A1784728) and Darren McMAHON (A914117) claimed to have stolen the cows with attached photographic evidence saying “we’ll give your cows back when you pay the ransom”.

ransom note
Not sure if this is a real ransom note or the Proclaimers new album.

Caroline VOWLES (A998752) suggested that the cows had simply popped to the beach to cool down.

James MOORE (A187159) suggested the cows had made a day trip to the North Downs Way to scare the runners racing through the night.

Andy EVANS (A157497) simply said “Mmmmm these burgers are tasty”

Ken DOUGLAS (A1252507) exclaimed “Hoots mon they’re off chasing the haggis!” (If any of our readers know what he’s on about please let us know)

Whatever happened I can guarantee that it definitely wasn’t aliens. I was driving through the park one night on the A41 on the way home from work and stopped to investigate something shiny on the hard shoulder. I tripped over a bloke who I think said his name was simply A1674 who told me that there was no such thing as cows and what I’d seen and thought was cows was simply an illusion caused by cloud of swamp gas refracting the light of the moon off a weather balloon.

So that settles it.

Tring never had any cows.


Either that or the Farmer and/or Woodland Trust have something to do with this.
In any case I'm sure normal service will be resumed soon enough!

[Ed: On reviewing last week's photos I'm not quite so sure!]



parkrun 199 #thisgirlcan

Tring parkrun is world famous. Whenever you see a photo from parkrun HQ of parkrunners on a grassy hill, the odds are it's Tring. That's what ensured it's place on our parkrun bucket list, and when a friend moved to the area last year we finally had the perfect excuse to make the journey. The trouble is, it was December and covered in snow and ice which made it a somewhat slippery affair.

Fast forward a few months and we were lucky enough to have another opportunity, and this time the weather could not have been more different. The photos don't do it justice; glorious meadows, beautiful trees, and a perfect blue sky greeted us.


This weeks RD Katie giving the runners their briefing

Whilst I was volunteering this time, my wife and nine year old son ran. Tring couldn't be more different from our home parkrun of York, which is all on smooth tarmac and is one of the flattest courses anywhere in the world. They both agree that the first and last kilometres at Tring are the hardest due to the hills so took plenty of walking breaks to catch their breath and enjoy the views. The best bit for them was running downhill through the woods towards the monument, and the marshals ringing cowbells (we absolutely adore that Tring has cow marshals). It was a hot one this week, particularly the last stretch on the bumpy grass, so their time was a bit slower than December, but no matter.

I was on finish token duty and had a great time. The other volunteers were a super friendly bunch who were so enthusiastic about all things parkrun and they made me feel right at home.

I also got to witness some excellent sprint finishes, and a tremendous number of runners in fancy dress for This Girl Can.


Redbourn Runners getting into the #thisgirlcan spirit

I also really liked that there were special bibs for parkrunners to wear on their milestone runs. Timothy Fryer, Keith Henderson and Colin Baker all did their 50th runs, and Evan Billings and Hattie Corntwaite both joined the exclusive juniors 10 club.




Keith, Colin and Timothy completing their 50th parkrun

Equally as great is the fact that 29 people were doing Tring parkrun for the first time, and for 9 of those it was their first parkrun anywhere ever. Welcome to the group, I hope you get as much out of parkrun as everyone else does.

Undoubtedly we'll be back to Tring at some point, possibly for another icy one in December. We can't wait!

Many thanks to everyone!

Ruth and Ste Robson,
York parkrun


Tring parkrun – Week 193 – Phew!

Well that all seemed to go pretty well! Aside from one or two teething problems we hope to have ironed out over the next few weeks it seems like the move to our new route has worked out alright!

Before we get on to the rest of the report I want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on the day. Essentially if everything goes well I don’t really have to do anything as Run Director, and on a day when we had a new herd of cows, a new route plus our fifth highest attendance ever it’s a testament to how great our volunteers are that I was able to wander around and chat to runners whilst everything seemed to tick over nicely. So, THANK YOU!

I also want to single out our fantastic team of Run Directors who helped set out the new course (or designed it in the case of Andy Evans), marshalled and stepped in to record those pesky barcodes that didn’t scan. On that note we have a new scanner on order which should hopefully cut down the queue – at least it wasn’t raining!

Stepping up to volunteer this week were: Andy Evans • Angela Hollands • Anna Lambert • Ben Patterson • Charlotte Severs • Clive Cohen • Frances Leff • Gary Evans • Graham Hollands • Helen Tullie • James Maple • Jim Patterson • Jonathan Sartin • Karen Hennel • Katie Haines • Keith Stonestreet • Ken Douglas • Maura Patterson • Patrick McLoughlin • Richard Murphy • Ross Lambert • Thomas Patterson • Victoria Wilson

Finishline crew in action

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you think you could help with any of our roles on a Saturday morning, just drop us an e-mail at tringoffice@parkrun.com.

As expected we’ll be making a few tweaks and adjustments ahead of the run this Saturday, but nothing major. One thing we would ask is that you are mindful of how you leave the park after finishing the run, trying not to walk across the ‘racing’ line as other runners are finishing. We’ll do our best to keep the scanning queue to a minimum but if it does build up please keep to one side and cheer the other runners in whilst you’re waiting.

Thank you to everyone for sticking to the guidance on under-11s – just like the ‘no barcode, no result’ rule this is one that we have to enforce. We don’t mind a sprint finish where your little one can leave you for dust but during the rest of the run they should be within arm’s reach. Likewise all dogs need to be kept on a short lead and with the narrower start you may want to start to one side or at the back, making your way through as the field thins out.

Emerging from the valley

A slightly different shape in the far distance as runners exit the valley and climb the hill

As for the new course the general consensus seems to be that it was either:
a) A bit harder
b) Much harder
c) A bit easier

It certainly looked a bit harder and I know from buggy running through the valley that it’s not flat! We’re glad you seemed to enjoy it though and welcome any other feedback you have.

Competitive finishline action

And some more

Whilst we’ve publicly explained that the course change is due to a request from the ‘Ancient Tree Forum’ to avoid root damage around the old start/finish, I can actually reveal that it was due to possible damage to the Tring supercomputer which is stored directly beneath the original start line – as we grow ever popular the added footfall was simply causing havoc with our algorithms.

Thankfully, with catastrophic stats failure avoided I can reveal that last Saturday:
• Nobody reached any of the main parkrun milestones – the last time this happened was in early October last year.
• Chris Nicholls has recorded 7 PBs in the last 7 parkruns, Tia Kerr-Miller has recorded 4 in 4 and Kelly Lane, Iain Middleton, Alice Fisher, Adrienne Garner, Anna Taylor, Simon Cowie, Rob Billings, Colin Hamnett, David Taylor, Gavin Morden and Callum Hunter-Whitehouse have all had 2 PBs in the last 2.
• In addition, Nathan Cook has recorded 5 PBs in his last 5 appearances, Chris Fielden and Simon Cowie 4 in 4 and Tim Shepherd-Smith, Michael Hart, Fergus Green and Luke Parker all 3 in 3.
• Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Rob Billings (3:53), David Taylor (2:43), Ella Kingston (2:00), Chris Fielden (1:59), Robyn Neill (1:46), Thomas Fielden (1:44), Evan Billings (1:39), Holly Williams (1:36), Sara Jones (1:36) and Mark Ashley (1:35)
• Simon Beedell recorded the 2nd fastest ever time in the VM35-39 with his 18:11, Jenny Morgan ran the 3rd fastest ever VW60-64 in 26:11. Simon’s time was also the fastest we have seen in 2018.
• Adrienne Garner chipped off some more time off her own 2nd best at VW70-74 and Betty Stracey recorded our 2nd best ever VW75-79.
• We welcomed back Maria Russell - 182 Tring parkruns since her last Tring parkrun – the 2nd highest ever gap.
• Of the surnames that we have seen before, the following set their own personal attendance records with 5 Greens, 5 Parkers, 4 Kents and 3 Hudghtons. In fact with 5, Green & Parker were the most numerous surnames.

60% of our 5 Greens of the day

• We saw the surname Foskett for the 200th time and Brookmann reached 50. Good to see Weller reach 50 too after a bit of a gap.
• With 8, Chris was this week’s most numerous name. We saw David for the 500th time and Luke for the 100th. Surprisingly we saw the name Siobhan for the 1st time.
• Matthew Riggs finished 6th on his 6th parkrun

If that doesn’t get your heart racing then nothing will!

Colin Hamnett’s new PB of 22:21 was just a second too fast to claim this week’s “Aesthetically pleasing time of the week” award and likewise Peter Young’s second run in a time of 44:42 showed a complete disregard for symmetry. Gregg Leff you must try harder next time as 33:34 just doesn’t cut it! I’ll be honest, this week’s set of times weren’t really that aesthetically pleasing but after a quick look through I think Lee Robinson’s time of 31:31 will do! “Well done” everyone!

Now apparently there’s some big event happening next Saturday and all the media have been going on about it, the streets will be thronged with people, the bunting will be out and there will be cucumber sandwiches for all*. Ah yes, it’s Tring parkrun #194! See you there!


* Cucumber sandwiches and bunting not guaranteed.

For news and photos don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tringparkrun and you can now follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tringparkrun.


Small change….

Following a survey by the Ancient Tree Forum, they have requested, to avoid root damage, that for both the Woodland Trust events and our parkruns, people don’t gather near the trees of the Lime Avenue. We have therefore agreed to move both our start and finish with a couple of small changes to our route.

Don’t worry, we have kept closely to the previous route as we know you’d hate to lose running up those hills.

revised route

So, we’ll be gathering near the old 4km post. Starting just after that we will run down and along the valley. Don’t worry we’re not turning right up Heartbreak yet. Nor are we heading straight uphill, but instead we swing right and follow the valley to where it joins with the dip that we used to run through. Then it’s up the hill and for the next 3 km the usual route. Halfway along the A41, by the hidden pond, rather than heading up the climb towards the curly bridge, we will turn left and take a shortcut along the valley. Then it’s the usual right up Heartbreak (well we just couldn’t leave it out!) – then all the way through the avenue, with a right turn at the end, for a short sprint to the finish.

If you’re a very fast runner, please reread the above paragraph very carefully. Anyone else – simply follow the person in front of you!

We have also bought a couple of tarpaulins to put your jackets/bags on. These will be near the finish line – please use these rather than the traditional “under the trees” location.


Tring parkrun 192 – Scorchio!

It was a beautiful morning for what might well have been the last time we run our "classic" Tring parkrun route; starting and finishing at the foot of the Lime Tree Avenue.

We had beautiful sunny morning for our 192nd parkrun at Tring

But before I get onto that, you may be wondering where last week's run report is? There isn't one. Glad we cleared that up!!

However from that week we'd like to acknowledge Kim Escritt who ran her 50th parkrun as a visitor to Tring (she's normally at Peter Pan parkrun - what a great name!!); David Taylor also ran his 50th (he normally runs at Aylesbury and has visited Tring 6 times) and our very own Stuart Page who joined the 100-club (97 of those being at Tring).

Our brilliant Finish Line Team - just some of the 21 volunteers who helped make the day possible/


We had a great turnout of 237 runners, of whom 17 were running their first ever parkrun and 12 were visiting Tring for the first time from other parkruns.

10 people either did not have or forgot their barcodes and 2 people were tail walkers. A quick whizzz on my pocket calculator shows that 196 people therefore had the chance of a PB. 61 people managed this (the highest total since the same week - 1st week of May - last year and the 9th highest ever). That's almost 1 in 3! Well I did say at the start it felt like a "PB sort of a day"! :-)

31946793_2514505172108228_2986827073475051520_o 31913723_2514506008774811_3724348382118936576_o
31947422_2514504932108252_7845113887652315136_o 31958867_2514505572108188_816365097038381056_o
Over a quarter of Saturday's runners qualified to ring our famous PB Bell

Still on the theme of PBs:

  • That makes an amazing 6 in 6 weeks for Chris Nicholls.
  • 4 in 4 weeks for Eddy Guinness, 3 in 3 weeks for Isobel Roberts and Tia Kerr-Miller, 2 in 2 weeks for Samantha Hollier, Steven Boyd, Vicky Smith and Paul Beadle.
  • In addition, in his last 4 appearances, Ben Woodhams has recorded 4 PBs. Also 3 in 3 for Simon Cowie, Steven Boyd, Damien Fortune and Dave Stevens.
  • Chris Nicholls now heads the “most PBs in a Tring year” for the 2nd year in a row and moves into the 2nd highest ever total with his total of 22 PBs


Adrienne Garner was the week's most senior runner; in the 71-74 age category.
She ran a very impressive 34:40, placing her among the highest age adjusted times of the day.

Other notable stuff includes:

  • Well done to Ben Thorn on running his 100th parkrun
  • Adrienne Garner improves her own 2nd fastest ever for the VW70-74 category
  • 50th time we have seen the surnames Valentine and Burbidge
  • 200th time we have seen the name Mark
  • 1st time we have seen 4 Harrys
  • 18 runners in the 24th minute equals the record for that minute
  • Of the runners who have run at least 5 times, the biggest PB improvements were Kevin Lynch (2:37), Samantha Hollier (2:00), Isobel Roberts (1:21), James Doyle-Tanner (1:14), Joanna Penn (1:12), Tom Brookes (1:11)
  • Jasmine Margetts managed to finish 55th on her 55th parkrun
  • A special mention goes to Lynda Hembury for running a very aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22!!
  • And let's hear it for the symmetrical Weeeeeeeees Baaaaaaall who crossed the line with a wonderfully balanced time of 43:34 (and had a close call the week before on 32:33!!)


31948734_2514831022075643_4602543317249425408_o (1)
Congrats to Ben Thorn who ran his 100th parkrun


So, that's it for another week.

Next week will be very different. First of all our cows will be back (always interesting to meet them for the first time!!) and secondly we're changing the route!!!

Watch this space!!!!



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