Upton House parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email uptonhousehelpers@parkrun.com. To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 22 September 201829 September 20186 October 201813 October 201820 October 201827 October 2018
Volunteer Co-ordinatorKirsty WESTONMichele WHITEHURST
Volunteer Co-ordinatorKate HUGHES
Volunteer Co-ordinatorBarry MILLER
Volunteer Co-ordinatorHelen RICHARDS
Pre-event SetupAileen BARROWSamuel BULLER
Pre-event SetupPhilip WHITEHURST
Pre-event SetupGlyn DAVIES
Pre-event SetupJennifer DAVIES
Pre-event SetupScott WINTHROP
Pre-event SetupSophie GANDERTON
First Timers BriefingPhilip BENHAMPhilip BENHAM
TimekeeperPhilip WHITEHURSTSamuel BULLERJack LEACH
TimekeeperJeff HINSLEY
Funnel ManagerBettina F CHURCHSamuel BULLER
Number CheckerSarah HARDINGSamuel BULLER
Number CheckerSusie PALMER
Finish TokensMichele SHIELD
Finish TokensSue HUTCHINSON
Barcode ScanningJennifer DAVIESJack LEACH
Barcode ScanningLynnette PAYNE
Finish Token SupportSuzanne SPICERJack LEACHSamuel BULLER
MarshalDebbie DYMONDSamuel BULLER
MarshalGlyn DAVIES
MarshalJessica SHIELD
MarshalEmma HEARNE
MarshalHelen KIMBER
MarshalFiona DERRICK
MarshalElise HARRIS
MarshalSarah SWEETLAND
MarshalChrissie MILLENER
Tail WalkerAileen BARROWJack LEACHJacqui DEVEREUX
Tail WalkerSamuel BULLER
PhotographerRobert CAINES
Token SortingCaz PRICE
Post-event Close DownPhilip WHITEHURSTSamuel BULLERJack LEACH
Post-event Close DownBarry MILLER
Results ProcessorMichele WHITEHURSTDenise DAYKate HUGHESMichele WHITEHURSTMichael WESTONAlex BARRETT
Results ProcessorJack LEACH
Run Report WriterGlyn DAVIES
Communications PersonJack LEACHMichele WHITEHURST