EVENT #75 – 17th November 2018

Many thanks to the Lonely Goat Running Club for taking over this week's parkrun. A special thank you goes to Emily Greenwood for rallying such a great team of volunteer goats and for writing this week's run report.


This week the goats took over Upton house park run!   The Lonely Goat Running Club is free and online running club for those who can't commit to running at certain times each week.   The focus of Lonely Goat RC is not to win team events and trophies. It's about representing the club's values that are ingrained within everything we do. To support and inspire others and to achieve personal goals.   Lonely Goat RC is an affiliated club with England Athletics. It is not mandatory for Lonely Goat members to become affiliated. Lonely Goat RC will always be open to any age, any ability of like minded runners.   We had an amazing 48 volunteers in total with our youngest marshal being 4 months old! I believe this may be the most volunteers we have ever had at Upton!


This week 366 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 64 were first timers and 75 recorded new Personal Bests! We also were joined by lots of dogs and buggies! As a fellow buggy runner I know how tough this course can be pushing a buggy up those hills!!!


This week we had pacers for 20min, 25, 30 and 35 so runners were able to try and get their PB's. Thanks to Stu Greenwood for being a pacer despite doing a night shift before the run!

Chris Marsden of the Lonely Goat Club was first over the line with an awesome time of 17:48! Followed by John Ingleson of the Lonely Goat Running Club in second and Martin Yelling in third.


Our tail walker this week, Erin Davies traveled 3 hours in order to volunteer today (sporting goat ears and tail may I add) Thank you Erin!

Many thanks to our photographer Nicholas Guppy for getting some great action shots this week!



Event#73 – 3rd November

Congratulations to our Duke of Edinburgh candidate Jack , who stepped up to the challenge of being Run Director this week. He's our first candidate to take it on, and he did brilliantly.    Well done Jack!

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Photos by Stephanie Galpin


A big thank you to Michelle Rashbrook for this weeks Run Report, a first time visitor to Upton House parkrun.

….What better way is there to start a glorious sunny but chilly Saturday morning, than a Parkrun.

Making the most of my Saturday off I headed over to Upton for my first Parkrun there and Upton House’s 73rd, normally I go to Poole Park but this time I fancied trying a trail route. With over 320 people taking part and a mix of people from all over the country including South London and Wells we set off The temperature rose a little, and the sun stayed out. The course consists of 3 laps, big, small then big again with the beautiful scenery of Poole Harbour thrown in for good measure.

It isn’t a flat course and there are some inclines and a hill, but it does help to get you warmed up! Parkrun is where my love for running really started, I never realised it was such a friendly community. People who you have never met before cheering you on, is pretty amazing.

I love the fact that Parkrun is open to everyone adults, children, dogs and all abilities, whether you are just starting out or you are part of the furniture, you are always made to feel welcome. 

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First male over the line this week was Dave Hicks in 18:14 VM45-49 Poole AC and first female was Johanna Vickers in 19:21 VW40-44 South London Harrier. Making Johanna our fourth fastest ever female finisher and only the eighth to finish in under 20 minutes.

Milestone runners were: Michael FLECK who completed his 100 and Marco GALANTI and Mark GALPIN both completed their 50th. 

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Mike Fleck

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Mark Galpin

New age category records were set by : VW55-59 Philippa IRVINE 22:47 VW40-44 Johanna VICKERS 19:21 Highest age grading was: VM55-59 Stephen HOGARTH 19:48 (80.30%)

Our most experienced parkrunner this week was David BRYLEWSKI (304). Most represented club was Poole Runners with 19 participants.

We had some first time volunteers at Upton House: Susan JONES and Trevor WILKIN and had 60 first timers at Upton House this week, including 15 making their parkrun debut.

Congratulations Everyone! 

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen, as without you all Parkrun’s would not happen :Alex BARRETT, Aileen BARROW, Brooke BENNETTON, Alan BLANCHFLOWER, Georgia BULL, Kevin DAY, Tesni DILLON-WHITE, Keith FRANCIS, Stephanie GALPIN, Mark GALPIN, Robert GRAHAM, Peter HOWLETT, Julia HOWLETT, Susan JONES, Sarah LANHAM, Jack LEACH, Andrew LEACH, Barry MILLER, Heather NETHERCOTT, Tom RAWLINGS, Helen RICHARDS, Phillipa ROLLE, Jenny WALKER-LEACH, Andy WELLINGTON, Kirsty WESTON, Danika WESTWOOD, Michele WHITEHURST, Philip WHITEHURST, Trevor WILKINS, Scott WINTHROP


Event #72 – 27th October 2018

Many thanks to regular Michelle Ryall for this week's spooktacular run report.
Photos by Danika Westwood and Stephanie Wiseman Galpin

Twas a spooktacularly sunny but chilly Autumn morning for our Halloween run, number 72 at Upton House. 323 Witches, ghouls and ghosts apparated from out of the woods in all directions. We attracted several visitors from as far afield as London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, North Norfolk, a Green team of Kesgrave Kruisers and Northern Ireland to name a few. This was the end of half term for some and the beginning for others which could account for the increase in numbers. I bet there were a fair few teachers amongst the runners.

44909846_1088209761338317_8316238106005078016_nThe sun shone brilliantly but in the shade the temperature dropped dramatically, aided and abetted by his fiendish friend the wind. The marshalls in the shaded areas would certainly have felt the chill factor today. Autumn is definitely upon us. Living nearby, I am very privileged to have Upton Country House and Park on my doorstep. We have many tourists who greatly admire the venue.....even after they have experienced ' the hill '. It is also one of the few runs starting with U for anyone trying to complete the alphabet challenge. The mix of woodland and well defined gravel paths makes for a very pleasant run, suitable for young, old, buggies, canines and walkers alike. 44920397_1088207918005168_8398596895634620416_n

Whilst there are many regular runners at Upton, I particularly enjoy meeting new people and finding out where they are from and how they started on their running journeys.

As a previous 'non runner' who swore blind she would NEVER run, I am totally immersed in the world of running. After 18 months and nearly 46 parkruns ( SW50-54 and soon to move up an age bracket) I can honestly say that I have found parkrun to be such a friendly and supportive community. We are all runners, whether sub 16 or sub 60, we are all covering 5 kilometres.


The encouragement from all quarters is fantastic and it extends way beyond the park. I have had the pleasure of touristing in France where I was welcomed as warmly as at Upton. The core teams and volunteers all put in maximum effort to put on the weekly free runs. I thank you Paul Sinton Hewitt CBE.

Milestones this week: 

50 runs for:

  • Gavin WAYMAN
  • Jon BROOKE
  • Melanie DINNIVAN

Special mention to:

  • Liz Robson, 349th run and a PB of 22.44 (I won't put her age...we are in the same category)
  • Highest age grading: VM45-49 Jason Robbins 18.24 (79.53%).  New PB

First over the line this week were

  • Andrew Clarke 16.27 SM25-29. Touristing from Herne Hill Harriers
  • Sarah Grover 19.45 SW20-24. Touristing from Dacorum and Tring AC

This weeks volunteers, huge thanks as always.

Aileen BARROW  •  Alex BARRETT  •  Andy WELLINGTON  •  Brooke BENNETTON  •  Chris ELFES  •  Danika WESTWOOD  •  Denise DAY  •  Georgia BULL  •  Grace MORRISON  •  Helen RICHARDS  •  Jack LEACH  •  James CRICKMORE  •  Janette WITHERS  •  John RYALL  •  Kevin DAY  •  Laura ELFES  •  Laura HORSWILL  •  Mark GALPIN  •  Pete SAGE  •  Philip BENHAM  •  Roger CRICKMORE  •  Samantha SPARKES  •  Samuel BULLER  •  Scott WINTHROP  •  Stephanie GALPIN  •  Tesni DILLON-WHITE

The female record is held by Emily HUTCHINSON who recorded a time of 18:57 on 25th August 2018 (event number 63).

The male record is held by James BAKER who recorded a time of 15.56 on 20th October 2018 (event number 71).

The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 92.14% (22:41) on 13th January 2018 (event number 32).


Event #70 – 13 October 2018

Many thanks to regular Matt Brown for this week's run report.

Just after 08:30, people started emerging from all corners of the park. All heading for the regular meeting point at the top of the hill, sat in the shadow of the former stately home.

As the clock ticked ever closer, more and more came, neither of whom were put off by the somewhat dramatic weather. When the clock finally did strike 09:00, we ran, and the multi-coloured crowd moved swiftly down into the trees, kicking up dust as they went.

This is Upton House and it's my home parkrun.


I've been running at parkrun now for about 4 years, but only actually registered as a New Year's Resolution to myself after constant nagging from a friend. When the Run Director calls out for those doing a noteworthy run, I often wonder just how many I've done. I've been lucky to run a few different courses and when I moved here from the capital, I used to run at Poole. In time I got increasingly frustrated by the sheer size of the field and soon after parkruns started at Upton House, I found myself drawn to this undulating picturesque park, set in the grounds of a former stately home.

I love the course here. It's the mix of hills, trees and open spaces that make it a thoroughly good course to run. Its layout allows runners of all abilities to gain victories, no matter how big or small for themselves at each event. In my eyes, it's the perfect place to run.

Today's run (Sat 13 October) was nicely nestled in between two strong storm fronts and apart from some wispy rain at around 08:40, the run itself was dry, albeit a fraction windy.

Early on I spotted Mark. An avid volunteer, he was proudly wearing his new eggplant coloured volunteer shirt and it's often his wife who acts as part of our regular photography team. I'm unsure how, but no matter who is the run photographer, they always seem to capture me at my most 'unphotogenic'. Surely it can't be me, can it?

Mark is many things to me; my target, my competition but above all, my friend. For me, our friendship is what parkrun is about. Friends, challenges and accomplishments all crammed into 30-odd minutes of running on a Saturday morning.

After 2 weeks volunteering, recovering from an ankle injury gained on the afternoon after I matched my PB, I knew I wasn't going to set the world on fire and I just wanted to be there, doing what I could.

I started at the back and took it very steady, settling in to a steady rhythm. All the volunteer marshals were there, cheering us on and if I came up upon a runner who was struggling, I'd do my best to join in the chorus of support as sometimes it's all you need to spur yourself on to achieving new heights and setting that new PB.

As expected, with about a KM to go, the protests from my ankle were too loud to ignore and I had to walk. Walking up that final hill at Upton is normally quite a brutal experience and the culmination of pushing both body and mind to your personal limits. But today, it was literally a walk in the park.


The people sat on the benches still clapped me, the volunteers and my fellow runners still cheered me. I crossed the line and did my best Roger Bannister impression with a huge smile on my face just because. I collected my token, scanned my barcode and thanked the volunteers.

This is Upton House and it's my home Parkrun for a reason.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Andy WELLINGTON • Michele WHITEHURST • Philip WHITEHURST • Mike BARRON • Denise DAY • Leila WHITTLE • Kevin DAY • Rose CLARKE • Elliot CLARKE • Julie GOSLING • Kate HUGHES • Morag DAY • Liahm YARD • Helen RICHARDS • Karila FAULKNER • Laura ELFES • Philip BENHAM • Graham FORD • Rick BOVILL • Alex BARRETT • Scott WINTHROP • Aileen BARROW • Kyrstie WALTERS • Mark GALPIN • Sarah LANHAM • Robert GRAHAM • Matthew BROWN • Grace MORRISON • Les BONIFACE • Georgia BULL • Tesni DILLON-WHITE • Helen BULL • Chris ELFES • Tom RAWLINGS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Upton House parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily HUTCHINSON who recorded a time of 18:57 on 25th August 2018 (event number 63).

The male record is held by Jacek CIELUSZECKI who recorded a time of 16:01 on 29th September 2018 (event number 68).

The Age Grade course record is held by Caroline HORDER who recorded 92.14% (22:41) on 13th January 2018 (event number 32).

Milestones this week: (100) Karen SMITH, (50) Nicky SADLER (new PB), (50) Ian ARLINGE, (10) Ethan FRANCIS.

Highest age grading: VM65-69 David CARTWRIGHT 21:21 (81.65%).

First home this week was Dominic MURRAY, a regular at Shrewsbury parkrun and close to completing his parkrun alphabet.

Upton House parkrun started on 3rd June 2017. Since then 4,611 participants have completed 17,189 parkruns covering a total distance of 85,945 km, including 3,616 new Personal Bests.


event #69 – 6th October 2018

This week's run report flows from the pen of regular Upton House runner and volunteer Hugh Gurney...

Run Director Kate Hughes welcomed us to Upton House parkrun number 69. Momentarily that gave me a flashback to watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and I thought to myself "Totally awesome dude". And I have to say it turned out to be a most bodacious parkrun!

Some years ago, I wrote run reports for Poole Parkrun and after a while I realised that I invariably began with one of two opening themes. Either I commented on the weather or I commented on the attendance figure.


In keeping with that precedent, today was one of the few parkruns I've attended at Upton House where the weather was inclement. Or to be more precise - it rained. I have to say we've been really lucky to have had such good weather this year. The conditions are almost always decent but then this is something I've noticed at parkrun - somehow we get good weather at 9am on a Saturday morning. But today we got some rain and that's okay too. What's a bit of a water when you're going to go home and shower after your run?

On the attendance front, 269 of us bounded out of bed and rolled down to Upton House. Some of us probably did that with more joy than others as the autumn days are beginning to kick in and the sun rises later. With the Bournemouth Marathon Festival taking place this weekend I expected there to be lots of visitors and my expectations were met. I didn't manage to hear where they all came from, other than the loud and noisy bunch from Havering '90 Joggers, but to all our visitors today - I say "Welcome" - you know who you are.

In terms of milestones Kate highlighted that Jerry Shield was volunteering for his 25th time as was a young lad who got in and nabbed the 25 cape before Jerry could have it. Again I didn't catch the lad's name but perhaps my editor can insert it here [Jack Leach - concentrate on the speech next week Hugh, there will be  a test...].

In total 33 people volunteered one way or another and we salute you all for your efforts. I won't go through who you are individually - but you know who you are. Volunteering is a lot of fun and much, much easier than the effort required to run 5K. I heartily recommend it to you all if only for that reason ;-)


In other milestone news we had Katharine Gough, Sarah Lanham and Nick Willis all completing their 50th parkruns. Debbie Arnold and Hannah Mary Gray completed unofficial milestones of 150 and 300 parkruns respectively. That's almost six years of getting up every Saturday morning for Hannah - she must love it!

But perhaps the most important milestone is the people coming to their first ever parkrun. Today we welcomed George Atkins, Peter Boxall, Benjamin East, Shirley Hibberd, Michelle Kent, Rob Lockyer, Joanne Petersen, Elise Pope, Albin Radley, Petra Radley, Vanessa Sherwood, Rab Spurway, Jonathan Stiby, Duncan Thomson, Susan Thomson, Mark Unsworth and Yasmin Unsworth into the joys of getting up early on Saturday mornings. Hope to see you all again next week.

As for the run itself, today's First Finisher was Phil Martin in 17min34 visiting from Peterborough AC - it seems he came on his own as I don't see any clubmates mentioned in the results. 2nd male was local runner Gareth Alan-Williams (17min48) and 3rd male was Phil Jarvis (18min53). Mr Jarvis was also our most-capped parkrunner with 333 completed runs and he was visiting with Kerry Jarvis. Both of them run for North York Moors AC and have done the majority of their parkruns up in the Middlesborough area.

For the ladies, First Finisher was Lytchett Manor Striders' Judith Vlaarkamp (22min26); 2nd was Claire Cadzow in 23min49 who has visited six times and is a member of Tri Sport Epping; and 3rd was Kate Allam from Westbourne Runners in 25min04.


Of course we can't all be as speedy as Phil or Judith but we all try our best. Well ... almost all of us. I quite often just come for a jog and to chat to people. But most people put in a big effort in the hope of a PB and today 37 of you were successful in that mission - you know who you are.

I give special mention to the following runners who managed to PB having now completed at least 10 runs at Upton House. They are Michelle Elise Linz with a 22-sec improvement, Neil Bichard (4-secs), James Taylor (29-secs), the lovely Kate Rabjohns (4 secs) and Mark Galpin (1 second). I bet he had some nervous moments waiting for that result to come through!

So that was the one with a bit of a rain. In the words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other".

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