Run report for 13th January 2018 (#365)

Our secret agent in the field has sent us their run report for this weekend's parkrun!

Good day to all the wonderful parkrunners and spectators and dogs, not to mention a few squirrels, ducks, geese, swans plus all the other wonderful wildlife that joined us all this morning at Valentines.

What a great morning it was; quite brisk in the air, but again it was dry, which is always a positive (but personally when it does rain it can be really nice too).
This week 241 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests, so well done to everyone, a great effort all round. More mentions on these super feats later in the report!

Great turn out of volunteers today: 17 in total! Massive applause goes to all listed below. Having volunteered myself at times, it really is a nice experience getting to see the runners, walkers, joggers, and sometimes seeing grimaces turn to amazing smiles at the realisation of personal achievements. I'm sure I have seen the odd dog smile too. :-)
Vicki GROVES + Sadie (the dog) • Richard ASH • Andrew GWILLIAM • Charlotte NIELSEN • Simon THOMAS • Alison SCOTT • Qasim SHEIKH • Gaynor WHITE • Tony WHITE • Ed HOOKE • Suzie KNAPTON • Michael STEVENS • Mark DURRANT • Emil C. • Alex PATEL • Dowel AHMED • Uzayer MAQSOOD

Just an extra special mention for Emil who took the reins today as Run Director, and a top job was done, great stuff, and massive thank you from everyone!!!!!!

Fastest 3 females
Claire Louise SPENCER 18:40
Zena PHILLIPS 21:25
Sameena AHMED 22:39

It was Claire's and Zena's first time at Valentines, even though both have over 100 parkrun entries, and wow very fast indeed! Claire came in first overall with her wonderful canine (which I can only apologise for not knowing the name) but very well done. Having a little browse at Zena's stats, I can see she's another great runner, and it looks like she loves a bit of tourism too, which is always great. Sameena is always near the front end, another great run, very consistent, and always very close to her personal best (only 9 seconds from it this week).

Fastest 3 males
Aaron BROWNE 19:28
Simon THOMAS 19:29
Stuart KELLY 19:53

Aaron, Simon, and Stuart take the spoils for the fast men this week. Great work, all 3! Sadly these guys were miles from me, so hard to say if it was a charge to the line being that only 1 second separated the first 2, but great running by all 3. The 4th fastest runner was only 1 second behind Stuart. The fastest 6 men were all from East London Runners.

First-time ever parkrunners!
Okay yes I know I bleat on about this, but for me the people who turn up first time and take the plunge into the world of parkrun are all heroes in my eyes. It takes some courage to turn up to something you have maybe never done before with 200 or more other souls who you probably do not know; the thought must cross your mind "Am I quick enough to be here?" although the simple answer to that is you are always quick enough! No-one is ever too slow, that’s the beauty of parkrun, it’s all for one and one for all. If you see your name listed below well done, please come again, and most of all everyone hopes you enjoyed it.
Laura CANN, Sabina KHAN, Manoj SUDRA, Navjot BANSEL, Priya WAROO, Ying HU, Nadia AINLEY, Ria SUDRA, Jason FREEMAN, Alice HORNEY, Hamza ISLAM

Maybe you are a regular who has brought one of the above along to have a go, well done to you too, please make sure they get to read this report and see their name in lights so to speak.

First-time "tourists" at Valentines
The team at Valentines and all the regulars always like to see some tourists coming to visit. For me personally it adds to the enjoyment of parkrun, and is always nice to hear things like I heard today "love your course" (comment from a guy who went past me like I was going backwards). So with that said, please can we have a round of applause for the following bunch that came to have a tour for the first time at Valentines. I would love to list every tourist, but it is impossible to do once you have visited Valentines more than once, due to the way the results pages are organised, but please comment on our Facebook page and tell us what you liked or disliked... although we hope nothing on the later! :-)
Claire Louise SPENCER, Nick KTORI, Zena PHILLIPS, Melanie SHEEHAN, Nicole SHEEHAN, Sabbir ESAT, Matthew William John BENNETT, Leslie CHU, Geoff BROWN, Paul W H MILLER, Mark DEWDNEY, Kevin BARKER, Kim MAN, Richard SMITH, Katie MAN, Michele SULLIVAN, Andy CLEGG, Joan BARKER, Ryan LOWE, Ella OWEN, Karla WILLIAMS, Chris CANN, Kathy BROWN.

Only two official milestones this week, but a little bit special as both runners have done all 50 of their runs at Valentines. Huge congratulations go to:
Baljinder MATHARU joins the 50 club
Sweta MANAPURAM Joins the 50 club
If you know Bajinder or Sweta make sure you shake their hand, as it is a great achievement!

Personal Bests at Valentines
Yet again so many people have run, walked, and jogged around Valentines quicker than they ever have before! What an epic achievement. :-)
If you see below your name or that of someone you know personally, pat them on the back, as going quicker than you ever have before at a course is and always should be a great motivation to you and many others who maybe this week did not quite make it. Seeing others do so well can only spur everyone on to greatness!
Mark WELLING 40:21
Duncan MCLAREN 40:08
Noorjahan BEGUM 38:16
Imran MIRZA 37:03
Carly LEZER 36:12
Frances WELLING 35:48
Junaid CAMPWALA 35:33
George MASON 33:27
Carla VILJOEN 33:34
Gemma SLADE 33:35
Melanie EADON 32:58
Haddi BROWNE 32:20
Anna MAN 31:47
Manuela ROSSMAR 30:52
Rajani KanthMACHARLA29:56
Quresh HASHMI 30:02
Natalie ALDHAM 28:58
Julia SHMOTKINA 28:09
Gillian CARTER 27:33
Cathy OWEN 27:08
Elisabeth RICKARD 26:26
Bilkis ACHHA 26:07
Daniel PEREIRA 25:30
Simon WAN 25:22
Zen SINGH 25:11
Hardeep KAUR 24:44
Jacob JOSEPH 22:38
Mark GILBERT 21:15
Very well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Report is a little shorter today, as I have been invited to a fellow parkrunner's house for a party to celebrate their birthday (you know who you are), so with that I will bid everyone farewell, and hope to see you all and more at next week’s Valentines parkrun for more fun, frolics, and shenanigans.

The Valentines Reporter


Run report for 6th January 2018 (#364)

Here's this week's run report from our anonymous reporter in the field!

Good afternoon Valentines parkrunners.
Did you enjoy yourself this Saturday? Did you manage to knock a few seconds off your Personal Best? Was it your first time at Valentines? However you did, give yourself a huge pat on the back, as getting out and running, walking, jogging 5km is an awesome achievement.

Yes it was a little chilly, but it was dry, which is always a positive. An amazing 242 wonderful people arrived at Valentines and huffed and puffed their way round our two-lap course. I would like to add though the park look really nice this time; of course it always does, but for some reason which I cannot put my finger on, I thought it did (maybe I woke up early enough to have my eyes fully open for once).

Hi-viz hero time!!!! We had 16 lovely volunteers scanning your barcodes, sorting the tokens, organising the funnel, or marshalling your route, so please a round of applause for the following people:

parkrun first-timers
As this was the second parkrun at Valentines this year, and the first on its regular Saturday, I would maybe in some way class this as the first of 2018, as the holiday season is now well and truly over. With this in mind, I thought it would be nice to highlight the following people for turning up for the first time ever to take part at a parkrun. Hope you enjoyed it, and really hope to see you again next week.
Pradipta DATTA
Conor LOVE

Fastest three females
As I write these reports it becomes a little bit of a "I know you but don’t know you" scenario. Which is quite amusing to me when I say I know you, I am writing in the context of I see a person’s time or their position or how close they were to their personal best (or not as they case may be).
This week's results made me think of that as Carol Broome is a regular from the stats that I see, she is always near the front of the ladies. This time, she was first female home! I hope that was pleasing for her, and I think deserved a little mention. Well done Carol.
Carol BROOME 23:33
Gemma THOMPSON 23:46
Becci LEDDY 24:00
Well done to Gemma and Becci for pushing hard. All 3 of the fastest ladies finished in less than 30 seconds of each other.

Fastest three males
Paul GAIMSTER 17:26
Simon THOMAS 18:44
Joe WATTS 18:51
A great time from Paul today, well done. Simon and Joe were only 7 seconds apart, with Joe setting a new personal best at Valentines. Top work all 3.

Personal Bests at Valentines
Javaid RASHID 41:17 ---- 306 seconds improvement
Mai AN 40:15 ---- 124 seconds improvement**
Imran MIRZA 39:23 ----- 736 seconds improvement
Noorjahan BEGUM 38:31 ----- 111 seconds improvement
Imrana SIDDIQUI 37:46 ----- 50 seconds improvement**
Mark ELIAS 36:41 ----- 16 seconds improvement*
Helen MACKENZIE-CARDY 35:58 ----- 18 seconds improvement**
Rajesh PATEL 34:14 ----- 9 seconds improvement
Ava BAILEY 34:24 ---- 182 seconds improvement
Carla VILJOEN 33:45 ----- 14 seconds improvement
Zahra YOUNIS 33:20 ------ 9 seconds improvement
Anna MAN 33:01 ------ 46 seconds improvement
Nina GOHIL 33:03 ------ 61 seconds improvement
Karen VARNEY 32:21 ------206 seconds improvement
Joanne PERRY-SPINKS 32:15 ------ 35 seconds improvement
Soukayna OUHAMMOU 31:29 ------ 12 seconds improvement
Said OUHAMMOU 31:33 ------ 9 seconds improvement
Tony PARKER 30:47 ------ 12 seconds improvement
Ashish RAI 29:47 ------ 60 seconds improvement
Hannah GRIFFITHS 29:31 ------- 67 seconds improvement
Dawid VILJOEN 28:08 ------- 20 seconds improvement
Antoinette DAVIS 27:37 ------- 590 seconds improvement
Simon WAN 25:48 -------- 31 seconds improvement
Zen SINGH 25:35 -------- 19 seconds improvement
Nayim RAHMAN 25:26 -------- 123 seconds improvement
Aidan BUTLER 25:06 -------- 4 seconds improvement
Hardeep KAUR 24:52 -------- 14 seconds improvement
John FLYNN 24:23 -------- 25 seconds improvement
David WELLS 23:24 -------- 88 seconds improvement
John EVETTS 23:03 --------- 180 seconds improvement
Craig PARRETT 22:36 ---------- 23 seconds improvement
Paul STARES 22:24 --------- 17 seconds improvement
Greg TURTLE 22:03 ---------- 28 seconds improvement
Stephan ANTOINE 21:44 ---------- 96 seconds improvement
Joe WATTS 18:51 ------------ 31 seconds improvement

First-time "tourists" at Valentines
Once again I would like to thank the wonderful people listed below for coming to Valentines for a bit of parkrun tourism. Hope you liked the course.
Helen PLANT, Gemma SLADE, George MASON, Kerry MCDILL, Judi LEDDY, Mark PINNEY, Kate WARNER, Carmel PRAGNELL, Nathan WHITE, Helen MAN, Tamsin BRIGGS, Darren WARD, Michael SUTTON, Becci LEDDY, Rob MONK, Michael BURT, Mark THOMPSON.

We don't have space here to give a mention to each one of our other superb runners, but you're not forgotten: we hope you also enjoyed your run, jog, or walk with us!

To close off the report just a small reminder (make a note in your diary) that 17th February 2018 will be Valentines official anniversary... that's 7 years of parkrun fun!

See you all on the 13th for more fun, frolics, and mayhem.

Kind regards

The Valentines Reporter


Mini London Marathon

The London Borough of Redbridge will be using parkrun times to select a team of young athletes for the Mini London Marathon, which takes place in central London on the morning of the London Marathon, on 22nd April 2018.

The Mini London Marathon is the official British Athletics three-mile road championships for young athletes aged between 11 and 17. The event is open to entrants from across the UK. Past winners include Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah.

If your child lives in Redbridge, or goes to a school in the borough, and is interested in taking part, you will need to register them with Vision Redbridge (by e-mail to with their name and parkrun time, no later than 31st March.

For more information about the Mini London, please see their website:


Run report for 1st January 2018 (#363)

Here's the run report written by our mysterious secret agent for our New Year's Day parkrun!

Hello there Valentines parkrunners, plus of course anyone else who is reading this run report. Well knock me down with a feather, how many lovely people turned up today?! Oh yes, I hear you say, please tell: well, an amazing and I mean amazing 337 (three hundred and thirty-seven) hardy souls arrived at Valentines today, smashing the record attendance by 50 people, and our first time in the three hundreds.

Personally I did not realise how many people where there because as normal I was milling about near the back at the start, chatting to a few lovely people and exchanging lots of Happy News Years. When we started and I trundled down the start straight I did think "Hmm, seems quite busy" as I looked up... and then I saw the stream, no river of people who had already taken the first left at the boating lake, and I realised that the place was heaving. So thank you everyone who came: of course all the tourists, with lots of people doing the double, and as always the people taking their first steps into the world of parkrunning. It was great to see people arriving already caked in mud from their first parkrun of the day (probably I am guessing from Wanstead Flats) so massive congrats to you all, and I understand there were people who did Wanstead Flats and then rode their bicycles to Valentines to complete the second parkrun of the day. Great effort all round. [Editor's note: some people also ran between the two parkruns!]

Today was quite nice, actually. The rain held off which was nice of course. Maybe the people from Wanstead Flats and other muddy parkruns may have liked a rain shower to loosen the mud from their legs and shoes! :-)

There were lots of PBs (Personal Bests) today, which are expected as some runners may come to Valentines as tourist for a previous New Year's Day run and may not have been here again for a while, but still good to see how much some have improved over a longer period of time.

We will start as always with a round of applause for our wonderful volunteers who are all amazing as always. I would like to say a special thank you for the lady with blonde hair and navy blue bobble hat who was handing out the tokens, as she seemed to smile at everyone I saw finish... and trust me, I was near the back, and to still be smiling by the time I arrived was epic!!

The hi-viz legends are listed below; please if you can always say thank you to these great people.

Once again this week we only had one milestone unless I have got it all wrong :-) the wonderful person who joined the number club this week is...
Katherine WITHYMAN who joins the 50 club

Well done Katherine, like always if you know the person listed please make sure you say well done or pat them on the back, as next week it will be 51 and no-one will care. ;-) Just kidding of course. :-)

I really think these people are heroes as it takes a lot to join in to something new no matter how many people tell you it's really friendly, so well done to the following peeps, and really hope to see you again soon.
Antoinette DAVIS

parkrun "veterans"
As it’s the first run report of the year, and as I was looking through the results it dawned on me there were quite a few runners today who have got to the 250 run mark and gone beyond, and considering they will not hit another milestone until 500!!! I thought a small mention would not hurt at all.
Adam SHAIKH 270
Jeremy TOWNSEND 256
Rowland LYONS 265
James HARRISON 283
Rakesh SANDHU 256
Sharon DAUGHTERS 252
These 7 lovely people have amounted to 1834 park runs between them which is 9,170 km... so only another 375,230 km more and they would reach the moon. But a mere 11,000 km short of running to Sydney, Australia (well flying a little as there are seas to cross). :-)

Personal bests at Valentines
As mentioned earlier in this report, a large number of PBs today, so well done everyone and give yourself a pat on the back.
Mo JAMMY 44:38 197 seconds improvement on PB
Mai AN 42:19 54 seconds improvement
Saima LONE 38:24 65 seconds improvement
Lisa YANG 38:00 91 seconds improvement
Frances WELLING 36:01 11 seconds improvement
Joanne PERRY-SPINKS32:50 57 seconds improvement
Philip FREEMAN 32:18 204 seconds improvement
Rosalind HALL 32:10 56 seconds improvement
Vitor MARTINS 30:49 104 seconds improvement
Peter GARGIULO 30:13 2 seconds improvement
Louisa PARSONS 29:16 45 seconds improvement
Michelle LONG 28:32 11 seconds improvement
Alexandra RUTISHAUSER-PERERA 27:36 30 seconds improvement
Heather IMPEY 27:02 255 seconds improvement
Bilkis ACHHA 26:10 7 seconds improvement
Anna CRAWLEY 25:44 377 seconds improvement
Janet BYWATER 25:39 543 seconds improvement
Selina VERNAL 25:16 1 second improvement
Samuel BURDETT 25:05 66 seconds improvement
John FLYNN 25:02 5 seconds improvement
Janine DURRANT 24:06 172 seconds improvement
Mahbub KHAN 23:55 10 seconds improvement
Jakub CZECZÓTKA 23:13 104 seconds improvement
Munim ALI 22:58 91 seconds improvement
Lewis TULLETT 22:49 5 seconds improvement
Mick BROWN 22:45 67 seconds improvement
Sean REED 22:43 103 seconds improvement
Paul WILLIAMS 22:15 15 seconds improvement
Clive STEPHENSON 21:58 27 seconds improvement
Arthur ANSELL 21:09 56 seconds improvement
Damien MCHUGH 19:46 20 seconds improvement
Kevin WRIGHT 19:21 656 seconds improvement
Alex PICKERING 19:17 15 seconds improvement
James NICHOLS 19:09 15 seconds improvement
Alex DAY 18:21 11 seconds improvement
Philip ELLUL 18:14 183 seconds improvement

I have to point out that one of the runners achieved the dreaded double today. Not a double parkrun but a double PB. So she does deserve a separate note:
Sheila SINCLAIR 31:53 0 second improvement

Rather unlucky for Sheila as she set exactly the same time last week!!!!!! So Shelia unlucky, but heck you’re consistent, and what a great way to start the year off!

Fastest 3 men
David MILLS 17:48
Philip ELLUL 18:14
Alex DAY 18:21
Well done all three. David is a first timer at Valentines so I’m guessing he liked the course, Philip and Alex both beat their previous PB at Valentines.

Fastest 3 women
Kelly CLARK 20:47
Rachel MORISON 21:12
Louise GILBERT 21:33
These three women were at Valentines for the first time, so I am hoping they liked the course; although maybe at their speeds they did not notice it so much. Well done all three.

First-time "tourists" at Valentines
Thank you everyone who attended today, we really hope you liked Valentines and we hope to see many of you again.
Margaret BYERS, Jaroslava COLLYER, Elizabeth O'DONNELL, Alex PATEL, Krisztina MAROTI, Lili MAROTI, Karen VARNEY, Antony SHINE, Kevin RYAN, Paul DEARMAN, Anna MAN, Margaret BAINBRIDGE, Alison HAWKES, Lorraine MOOR, Carmel MEEKING, Steve PEACOCK, John KNAPMAN, Corinne MOUHOT, Lynsey MANN, Trish GROVES, Jo BRETT-WAKELING, Claire COOK, Eleanor WILLIAMS, Camilla HAWKINS, Danuta GROSZ-SIKORSKA, Sue PARKINSON, Julie BLAKEBROUGH, Annette CIPA, Jude MCCAUGHREN, Zsolt MAROTI, Emma O'SHEA, Amelia MILLS, Jean-Clement YAOHIROU, Bernadett KALMAR, Jayne BROWNE, Andrew HARRIS, Caroline MOORE, Han CHERRY, Rachel LE ROUX, Viktor F SZABADI, Richard ROCKLIFFE, Kerry MAVRIS, Vee BEBE, Rebecca MARSHALL, Maud HODSON, Christopher REID, Mandy RENSHAW, Jane PANNELL, Emdad RAHMAN, Simon WAN, Kat MASKELL, Sarah BURNS, Andy SMITH, Paul SCHRODER, Lee PARKER, Andrew KITSON, Daniel GREEN, David VERNON, Charlotte GAREY, Ethan GEORGESON, Fiona ELWIN, Jason SEARLES, Michael BARRON, Maxwell BARNISH, Jeremy TOWNSEND, Jeremy BENSON, Kasia STACHOWIAK, Dylan WILLIAMS, Chris WEBSTER, Aneirin GLYN, Paul STARES, Duncan ANDERSON, Marco JOHNSTON, Robert NEWTON, Peter CRAIK, Mark GILBERT, Jane RUKIN-WHITE, Michael GARDEN, Robert SOMMERVILLE, Antony SMITH, Louise GILBERT, Henry ANSELL, Graham WHITE, Richard RUFFELL, Rachel MORISON, Stephen TAYLOR, Christopher DURCAN, Nathaniel DYE, Ralph AMBROSE, Kelly CLARK, Harry GLYN, Carl MARSTON, Edouard GUIDON, Alun EVANS, Justin PARTIS, Louis LE ROUX, Neil TURNEY, Adam HEWITT, David MILLS.

And finally...
Thank you everyone once again, and I'd like to add special thanks to the volunteers. We had a lovely photographer (Jean Marshall) today who has uploaded some great shots which can be seen via the Valentines parkrun Facebook page. Can you spot yourself? Oh by the way, there are even pictures of me... but who am I? :-)

See you all on the 6th.

Bye for now,

The Valentines Reporter.

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