For the second time this year, an incident has been reported that involved one of our runners and a member of the public.

Please remember that we do not have exclusive use of Valentines Park. Each one of our participants is an ambassador for Valentines parkrun, and how you behave reflects on the event as a whole. It shouldn't be necessary for us to say this, but other people are entitled to use the park without:

  • having sharp words being directed at them;
  • being sworn at;
  • being forced off the paths;
  • being shoved or pushed past;
  • or being made to feel unwelcome or threatened in any other way.

Any further incidents of this sort risk the suspension of our event.

To try and improve things for everyone, from tomorrow (21st April) we will require more marshals out on the course. This means we need more volunteers to help out each week, so if you haven't volunteered before (or haven't done so in a while), please consider doing so. Your results e-mail has a link to opt-in to receive the e-mails we send out to our volunteers.

Thank you.

Andrew Gwilliam
Event Director



Event number 377

14th April 2018

Oh yes are finally back huge apologies for the lack of reports over the last month, actually since that awful terrible day back in March when we all just stood around kicking our heels with rather long faces when Valentines along with a huge amount of other parkrun events had to be cancelled due to the terrible weather :(
But wait it is now April the 14th there seems to be this very strange object in the sky at around 9.00am over our lovely Valentines Park. Oh yesssss our wonderful bunch of participants, the sun was out and it was warm, has to be time to tear up the tarmac!!!
I noticed from my reporters birds eye lookout tower that the jackets were gone the head gear was a thing of the past I even looked in the mirror myself and did not recognise this tanned god/goddess (ok that last part is a small …no huge lie). I am not that tanned :)

So welcome parkrun fans to run report #377 from the glorious Valentines Park.
This week 262 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.


Joe WATTS 18:44
Ronaldo DRIZA 19:16

So this week’s top 3 guys all under 20 minutes so congratulations there but more so on a personal level each of the top 3 beat their own Personal bests at Valentines which in my eyes is always the best achviment. Top effort to Joe, Rodney and Ronaldo.


Linda DAY 21:39
Sameena AHMED 22:18
Carol BROOME 23:00

This week’s Fastest there ladies of course we have the wonderful Sameena and Carol who if not winning are always at the top amazing effort as always. Looks though today we had a visitor Linda Day who looking at her stats normally runs at Raphael’s park in Romford but today took a wrong turning and came down the A12 to Ilford and came out on top… Great effort Linda well done. Hope to see you again very soon.



Massive as always rounds of applause for our great and ever so humble volunteers we all applaud you all thank you thank you thank you..


Julie HORSINGTON, Alan WELCH, Francilia JOSEPH, Jitesh RADIA, Asma BEGUM, Ciaran KAVANAGH, Rogent BALA, Ramesh DEPAIAH, Geraldine KENNEDY, Marie DUFFY, Yusuf ALI, Deepak DAMANIA

So today we had 12 first timers to the parkrun fun, good choice to pick today as the weather was great. Hope to keep seeing you all especially in mid-November when this run will be a distant memory same as the sunshine.
Well done all hope you enjoyed.


Linda DAY, Ingrid DIAS, Michael BATEMAN, Douglas KNIGHT, Aaron WELCH, Daniel TURNER, Katherine HAWES, Jacob EVERINGHAM, James COUGHLAN,
Thank you to the above for making a trip to Valentines, trust you enjoyed our course did you stop at the café?


Rohit MISTRY 29:26
Sanjay JESHRAM 24:22
Seamus O'CONNELL 35:10
John FLYNN 24:03
Noorjahan BEGUM 35:38
Richard GATEHOUSE 24:53
Philip ASTON 24:53
Gurpreet Singh GREWAL 23:45
Sachin KALIA 30:46
Krissy MODI 36:05
Ed HOOKE 23:36
Ariharan PONNIAH 23:25
Yvette REDPATH 23:20
Tasnia CHOUDHURY 30:16
Hardeep KAUR 23:13
Hardeep RAI 29:59
Peter MCINTYRE 23:01
Caroline WILKINSON 39:49
Mohammed KHANJI 22:59
Ronaldo DRIZA 19:16
Nicholas VOO 21:56
Rosemarie CUA 26:07
Jaya APPIAH 44:17
Ray Sparra EVERINGHAM 28:35
Philip ZALOUM 21:40
George David REED 21:38
Saheb YOUSEFI 21:26
Katherine YOUSEFI 26:46
Beverley TURNER 46:32
Tony WICKETT 28:00
Kashan ARSHAD 27:49
Georgia NODEN 48:10
Abdirashid ALI 27:45
Sukcharan Singh RAI 27:48
Louise POLLOCK 27:09
Anna BOWYER 27:15
Thomas COUGHLAN 27:19
Tony WHITE 27:25
Ashley FARIA 19:50
Joe WATTS 18:44

The sun comes out and the times start to tumble 42 new PB oh my that’s a lot, absolutely top effort from all above.
Some random mentions as always nice to see people who are there each week rain or shine get a PB.

Ashley FARIA 19:50 Almost a year since last PB but always quick, this week at Valentines whoop whoop well done.
Ray Sparra EVERINGHAM 28:35 knocking a few seconds off previous time shows that effort and practice does pay off well done.
Caroline WILKINSON 39:49 Starting back in February at around the 43 minute mark 8 runs later solid sub 40 runner well done be very proud of yourself
Amy LECKERMAN 31:04 3 PB in a row top stuff Amy can see the sub 30 coming very soon.

Now as this is the name in lights section may I just suggest while at home or work just scroll perfectly to your name in the Personal best section above and then walk away from PC but of course leaving screen open may I even suggest turning the brightness up? Just in case someone walks past your PC and can read about your total awesomeness!!!!!!!


Sonya VEERASAMY Hits the headlines for completing the ton up 100 runs whoop whoop!!
A perfect time to complete the milestones as no one else has a milestone this week, so the glory and adulation is all heaped upon Sonya! Great effort well done superb fantastic.. oh soak it up as next week 101 no one will care :)

While I was away writing Chinese fortune cookie messages (the bills need to be paid) we had one of our regulars reach the 250 benchmark and I think she deserves a small mention so very very very well done too.
Verna Marilyn GRANT who is now at 252 runs.. Well done.

That’s another report done and dusted we do hope to be more consistent with these now and hopefully get them up on the website ASAP after the run.
Please if you have any input comments feel free to post them to our Facebook page even if you just want to thank me for writing these ever so fantastic reports that’s fine with me  Just kidding on a serious note please enjoy parkrun as that’s what we all turn up. Oh and make sure you thank the volunteers without those hi Vis legends we could not cope.

Yours as always

Valentines reporter.


Run report for 24th February 2018 (#371)

As we feared that the parkrun scheduled for this morning (3rd March) would have to be cancelled, which indeed it was, we deliberately held back publishing last weekend's run report so that our parkrunners could still get a bit of their weekly parkrun fix!

With thanks as always to our mysterious cloaked reporter in the field:

Hola everyone!!!!!

Your local newshound Valentines reporter here, I have been lying low as the Ilford Recorder wrote a great article about our birthday bash last week and I was jealous. Why should the Ilford Recorder get all the glory when they clearly used my words in their write up!!!! Grrrr... :-P

Heheeh, just kidding, it was a great article, and well done to our volunteer photographer for the day (Louis Du Plessis) for getting his pictures in the paper.

Well knock me down with a feather, blinking cold today wasn’t it? 9.00am Valentines park sure was brrrrrrrrrrr! Lots of headscarves, people keeping jackets firmly on for the run; of course there are always a few like myself, wearing shorts and a T-shirt. (I'm trying to say it isn’t cold through chattering teeth!)

The numbers were down a little but nevertheless 218 hardy souls braved the elements, and stomped around our great park. Added to that, an amazing oh yes amazing 14 even braver souls picked up their tokens, their scanners, their amazing attitudes, and did the volunteer stint, which when it's real cold is a huge undertaking. We also had 30 first-timers (including tourists of course), and 22 ice men/women set new personal bests. More of those terrific feats later.

I really do hope the people listed below didn't take too long to warm up again afterwards, as wow it was chilly; so a massive huge thank you from everyone to the wonderful hi viz legends:
Katherine HARRIS • Pathrose LOUIS • Sathanandasundaram ALAGANANDASUNDARAM • Rakesh SANDHU • Sheila SINCLAIR • Qasim SHEIKH • Asha SANDHU • Ed HOOKE • Mark DURRANT • Emil C. • Dennis BRIGGS • Kavi JESHRAM • Nikki LOVETT • Uzayer MAQSOOD

Ciaran CANAVAN 18:40
Jason SYRETT 19:29
Tom JOY 19:34

Last week we had a great bunch of younger runners come along and really do very well. This week it seems the more mature gentlemen have come out of the woods, and smashed it out the park to dominate the front of the pack. Tom Joy's first time at Valentines (hope you liked it), Ciaran was only 4 seconds from his own personal best at Valentines, with Jason splitting the 2. Great running everyone.

Sameena AHMED 22:07
Carol BROOME 22:48
Laurelle BRANT 23:29

So once again Sameena and Carol take the first 2 places, with both in the 22-minute bracket. Such great consistent running from both. Laurelle came home in third, which is another great run as she has been 2nd or 3rd woman to finish in all her attempts at Valentines.

Great effort by the people listed here: 11 in total, who took today (and yes it was cold, did I mention that?) to enter the world of parkrun for the first time. Really great stuff, please return next week [i.e. 10th March]. We cannot guarantee it will be warmer, but the smiles will be just as big.
Ronaldo DRIZA, Aditya PATIL, Claire ENNIS, Govin MATHU, Max BELCASTRO WICKETT, Kashan ARSHAD, Nahida HUSSAIN, Karam MATHU, Katie ENNIS, Rabia BUTT, Palvinder MATHU,

Wow what a great bunch of first-time tourists we had today. All 19 of you, thank you so much for coming to visit, really hope you enjoyed, and really hope to see you all again very soon.


Bilkis ACHHA 100 CLUB
Roberta MIH 250 CLUB
Charlotte NIELSEN 250 CLUB
3000 km between them, that equates to 1864 miles. Manama in Bahrain is only 74 km further from London than these 3 legends have ran!!!!

Huge congratulations, and we cannot wait to see the T-shirts!

Wendy WILLIAMS 41:30 - Looking at Wendy’s stats it seems she last hit a PB in August 2017 then there seems to be a gap, maybe injury? Then 4 regular runs this year, and bang! a brand new PB. Amazing stuff.
Louis DU PLESSIS 37:08 - So it seems Louis isn’t just a great photographer, he has some speed in those legs too; great PB.
Caroline WARD 35:30 - Caroline hits 2 personal bests in a row, great running
Imran MIRZA 35:18 - Just like Caroline above, 2 personal best in a row
Damo O'C 35:10 - Great stuff as now 3 personal bests in a row!
Ryan LOWE 32:32 - Knocking almost 20 seconds from previous PB, awesome
Ava BAILEY 31:41 - Another who has 3 personal bests in a row!
Nagarajan AYYADURAI 31:34 - Over 180 seconds wiped from his PB, amazing!
Chinua JOHNSON 31:03 - Top effort as now 4 personal bests in a row
Barry TAVENER 29:58 - Barry is on fire with 2 personal bests in a row!
Scott SUMMERS 29:16 - Scott knocks over 120 seconds from his PB for Valentines
Tony WICKETT 29:01 - Over 80 seconds wiped from his personal best
Nancy PALUMBO 24:00 - Wow over 180 seconds quicker than ever before!
Ed HOOKE 23:51 - 2 personal bests in a month, Ed is on fire!
Michael SUTTON 22:41 - 120 seconds faster than his previous PB!
Rodney MARTINS 22:38 - Another star who recorded 2 PBs in February
Emran HUSSAIN 21:51 - Another who has achieved 2 PBs in a row!
Saheb YOUSEFI 21:43 - A great PB, beating a time set in 2015!
Emmet FITZGIBBON 21:30 - Breaking into the 21-minute band at Valentines!!
John O'SULLIVAN 21:25 - Yet another 10 seconds wiped from his PB!
Paul David MITCHELL 20:27 - Smashes a PB set way back in 2012 on our original course at Valentines.

Well done all listed above, really great stuff! But can you better it again next time? :-)

Huge thank you to all from the running clubs and other groups listed here, who were all represented by their runners/walkers/joggers today [and also amongst the volunteers, although our results page doesn't show that]:
Barking Road Runners, Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, Cambridge and Coleridge AC, Cambridge Harriers, Chigwell and Epping Forest Orienteering Club, Dagenham 88 Runners, Defence Sports & Recreation, Didsbury Runners, Drax All-Stars, East London Runners, Hydrographic Harriers, Ilford AC, Medway Runners Wolfpack, Sikhs In The City, Stone Master Marathoners, Thurrock Harriers AC, Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC, West 4 Harriers, Women Running at E14, Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies, and Zombies, Run!

7 runners today had ran over or on 250 runs, with James Harrison being most at 291.
Also a mention for one of our visiting tourists, Tracey GRIGOLEIT who at 249 is so close to that next milestone; good luck for your 250!!!
Dave BEARD (48:09) also deserves a mention today as he enters into the VM70-75 category, I do not know Dave personally, only by sight, but have to say week in week out it's always great to see him, as no matter what the weather/conditions are, he is always smiling. Inspirational to all!!!! Keep it up Dave, you have a big fan here!!

Happy parkrunning, everybody!

The Valentines Reporter!



A final decision will be made around midday tomorrow whether Saturday morning's event will go ahead as planned.


Unacceptable conduct

This is a reminder to all our participants to be considerate towards other park users, who have just as much right to be there as ourselves. Rude or inconsiderate behaviour potentially threatens the continued existence of our event.

Also, it is not acceptable to be abusive, threatening, or rude towards our volunteers.

We know that the vast majority of you would be shocked that anyone might behave in this way at our event. However, we have had a couple of such instances reported to us today. Anyone who is unable to behave appropriately will be dealt with as necessary, and is not welcome at our event.

Thank you.

Andrew Gwilliam
Event Director
on behalf of the Valentines parkrun team

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