No additional parkrun New Year’s Day 2018 so Tour and do the double!

As there is no additional parkrun New Year's Day 2018 you will be free to Tour and do the double


Run report 19th August

Well it was all happening at Wakefield Thornes parkrun today! We had 285 participants including 35 first timers and 44 new PBs. Deb Nicholls was our Run Director, ably assisted by 24 hi-vis heroes including Emily Freeman, former Olympic athlete who, along with Phoebe Vercelli, was our tail walker today.

Ross Penny was first finisher followed by Peter Badger and John Mason. Annabel Mason was first lady over the line followed by Ruth Draisey and Rosie Boughton.

Claire Wright ran her 50th parkrun today as did Phil Gibson. Phil was instrumental in the set up of Wakefield Thornes parkrun and has, to date, volunteered at 142 of the 146 runs that have taken place!

But without minimising anyone else's accomplishments today undoubtedly belonged to Kirsty Shepherd. Most of you will know Kirsty. If not you've probably heard her (sorry, couldn't resist). Kirsty did her first Run Directing at Wakefield Thornes last October. She wrote a blog for parkrun UK at the time about how volunteering at parkrun was helping with her recovery from Lyme Disease which had left her in a wheelchair. She is now part of the core team and one of the Run Directors at the newly established Rothwell parkrun. Today, Kirsty returned to Wakefield Thornes to complete her first parkrun since her legs went to sleep on her back in March 2016. Kirsty is an inspiration to a lot of people and I think I speak for us all when I say how proud I am of her and everything that she has done and continues to do. And that ladies and gentleman is what parkrun is all about #loveparkrun

See you all next week for more of the same

Annabelle on behalf of the Wakefield Thornes parkrun team x


Run Report- 12th August 2017

Wakefield Thornes parkrun 12th August 2017:

This week's RD was Deb Nicholls, assisted by 26 volunteers in what proved to be slightly trying circumstances!

We had 240 participants today and were pleased to welcome 24 first timers. 51 people recorded new PBs including Adam Peers, first finisher, who completely annihilated his own course record by 26 seconds to finish in an incredible 15:37! This is the 8th fastest time recorded for parkrun in the UK (13:23 being the fastest- no pressure Adam!)

Second over the line was Stew Knowles followed by Benjamin Khan. Katie McHale was first lady followed by Felicity Smith and Caroline Lloyd.

No milestones today but we have a few coming up over the next few weeks so let us know beforehand and we'll give you a shout out in the pre-run briefing.

Next week's RD will be Deb Nicholls- hopefully see you all then!


Run Report- 10th June 2017

This week's Run Report comes to you courtesy of Liz from York parkrun:

The Tourist Guide to the Wet and Wonderful Wakefield Thornes parkrun on June 10th 2017

What an amazing experience to finish off at work and travel to Wakefield for parkrun!

The run commenced with an exceptional ‘New Runner’s Briefing’ which was detailed, informative and included a warning against hurdling over the pets of passing dog walkers en route to the finish. We were also told that we would be starting at the top of the hill and the rest of the run would be downhill all the way. Information which some of us were naive enough to believe.

The wet and friendly bunch, including a runner from dry and warm Spain, then gathered around the start line and..... we were off!

To one accustomed to the 1 and 2/3 laps of York Knavesmire parkrun, the route was a delight. Scenic, wet and undulating, it provided a route encompassing football pitches, skate parks, a children’s play area (but no time to test it out), tracks through woody areas, a rhubarb triangle (sadly this is not an item of confectionary) and a lake with flocks of interested wildfowl. The bedraggled geese, ducks, swans and vagrant moorhens, however, were markedly drier than us.

I have always considered that running with your dog would give you an unfair advantage time wise. I now know that this is NOT SO! I also now realise that Huskies should come with a government health warning: ‘These dogs may seriously damage your PB’ after watching a lively, wet, alert and elegant creature become adventurously friendly with other dogs, attempt to circumnavigate trees in the opposite direction from its owner and then surprise his attached, wet runner with unexpected emergency stops!

I would like to thank all of you at Wakefield Thornes parkrun - both runners and volunteers for an amazingly nice run in the wet. I will be back!

Liz from York

This week we had 242 runners and 50 PBs.
Massive thanks as always to the 24 volunteers.
1st over the line was Adam Peers, followed by Andrew Thompson and Ross Penny. 1st lady was Julie Greenwood, followed by Shirley Jones and Ruth Draisey.

Congratulations to Mary Crowcroft on reaching her 25th volunteer milestone!

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