Run Repot, Event 250, 21st April 2018.

Yuki Kawauchi.

A name which I doubt many of you have heard of until now. 

Last Monday Yuki won the Boston Marathon in brutal weather conditions. In recent times he has developed something of a cult following within running circles, for good reason.

Last month, to warm up for Boston, he ran a half marathon in his hometown in Japan, dressed as a panda, in a time of 1:10:03.

He also holds the world record for the most marathons under 2:20:00. He has done this an incredible 79 times. On top of this he has run 25 marathons faster than 2:12:00. Since 2012 he has won 34 marathons.

What makes his achievements all the more remarkable is that he works full time as a government clerk in Saitama. He trains in his spare time, and because of his job, isn’t allowed to accept any sponsorship money.

He was expected back at work on Wednesday. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is hope for us all. 

Indeed it’s fair to say that all 282 (!) of you channeled your inner Kawauchi this morning. 

30 of you chose this morning to join us for the first time. A shrewd decision indeed. If only the sun shone like that every week. 

On top of that we had four people reaching their 50th milestones this morning. Well done to Niall Wallace, Jonathan Edwards, Jack Netherton and Euan Cummings. 

Jack and Euan did their first ever park runs together, and today reached their 50th milestone together. Well done young men!

Junior runner, Conor Ward, reached his 10th run milestone this morning too. Well done Conor. Next stop 50!

We had an enormous 59 new personal bests recorded this morning. 59! All that Vitamin D must have spurred you all on. Either that or the abundance of cake which you knew was at the finish. In the PB corner this week we have,

Wallace stalwart, Colin Campbell, who ran his fastest time since last September, knocking 9 seconds off his time in the process for a new PB of 24:26.

Ella Rollock-Graham smashed through the 30 minute barrier for the first time taking a whole minute off her PB. A new PB of 29:49. Well done Ella!

Heather Berryman ran her fastest time since April 2014, going under 28 minutes for the first time, with a new PB of 27:43.

Liam O’Hare ran his 10th PB in 15 runs with us at Wallace, with a great time of 21:40.

Nathan Lindsay crept closer to the sub-19 club with two PBs in two weeks. A super swift 19:17 today. 

Kerstin Marshall secured her first PB since last November with a 10 second improvement on her previous best. New best time of 35:44 for Kerstin!

Susan Boyd smashed it this morning too, as she knocked a 90 seconds off her previous PB for a new best time of 28:08. Well done Susan!

Finally for today, Norman Belshaw ran his 7th PB in 9 runs with an impressive 24:26. A minute faster than his previous best time. 

Needless to say, well done to everybody who crossed the finish line today. 

Now while parkrun is obviously nothing without our runners, joggers and walkers, equally there is no parkrun without our volunteers who give up their time to make sure we happen every week. 

With the inimitable John Torrans as our Run Director today, we can thank the following folk for our parkrun this morning:

Timekeepers: Derek Bunting and Jim Pow.

Finish Token hander-outer: Eamon McCaighy.

Funnel manager: Beverly Reid. 

Barcode Scanners: Brenda Harris, Gillian Alister and Jonathan Davis. 

Marshals: Allan Lindsay and Laura Johnston.

Tea/Coffee: Marie Therese Fegan  and Sharron Milner. 

Results processor: Jonathan Davis. 

Pre-event setup: Thomas Harris.  

Photographer: Michael Harris. 

Tail walkers: Julie Ann and Sophie Collins. 

Next week is our final event of the month which obviously means it is pacer week. If you’d like to offer your services that would be wonderful We already have pacers for 23, 25, 28, 29 and 30 minutes. Help us fill in the blanks. 

We also know that several of you will be running the 26.2 miles around London tomorrow morning. Embrace it and enjoy. Just aim for the next water station, and just keep putting one leg in front of the other. 

We hope you’re outside and topping up those tans. It would be rude not to.

Until next week, be good.



Run Report, Event 249, 14th April 2018.

Today in 1912 a little known boat, RMS Titanic, sadly met its Waterloo after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic. You may be familiar with the story…

However, there was certainly no rearranging of the deckchairs this morning as we had 240 finishers, a gargantuan 29 first timers and a ‘titanic’ 45 new personal bests! 

Nor was there any need for ice warnings this morning as we enjoyed tropical conditions, as predicted. We don’t mess around when it comes to weather predictions. 

Admittedly, there are only a certain amount of Titanic/iceberg references one can get into a run report. We’ll leave the Jack/Rose film ending debate up to you. 

Anyway, we had two milestones of note this morning.

Firstly, our Laura Johnston, esteemed member of the core team, today volunteered for the 50th time. There is no job which Laura hasn’t done. She only informed us it was her 50th time after we had finished today too. Modest and brilliant. Well done Laura!

Secondly, well done to junior runner Orla Rice who achieved her 10th milestone finish. All 10 of those runs with us at Wallace, and a very decent PB time of 29:08. Well done Orla!

To the 29 first timers, including those of you visiting from other parkruns, we hope your trips to the duck pond were enjoyable, the coffee was satisfying and the biscuits tasty. 

To you PB hunters this morning, well done! There was a multitude of you this morning. Hanging on our PB wall of fame this week is:

The man, the myth, the legend, Curtis Berryman, secured his first PB since last April as he and his team flew around the course, knocking nearly 30 seconds off his PB. Super work!

Seamus McCollum, fresh from a 10k PB last weekend, dipped further under the 23 minute barrier with a new PB time of 22:49!

Veronica Powell who knocked 5 whole seconds off her previous best time from last July. A very swift 21:40. Well done to her!

Lydia Finnegan, who decimated her previous best time by almost exactly a minute. Super running from young Lydia. Her fifth PB in seven runs. 

Sandra Champness, ran her tenth PB in 21 runs. Almost a PB every other run. Sandra dipped under the 36 minute barrier for the first time. 

Finally, Ben Curry bagged back-to-back PBs with his second consecutive run under 22 minutes, for a new best time of 21:44.

Also, our female course record lives to fight another day, just about. Lauren Wilson a mere 15 seconds off it this morning. Only one of 12 women to go sub-20 at Wallace. Well done to her. 

Results in the usual spot:

As for our volunteers, thanks to everybody who offered their services this week. You don’t need to be reminded that we cease to exist without you. Don’t hesitate to put your hand up in future weeks. We have a job for everybody. 

With Beverly Reid as our Run Director today, it was all hands on deck and we can thank:

Timekeepers: Laura Johnston and Gillian Alister.

Finish Token hander-outer: Eamon McCaighy.

Barcode Scanners: Brenda Harris, Colin Ramsden, Fiona Dickson and Rebekah Andrews. 

Marshals: Stan Scott, Norman Colhoun, Susan Boyd and Daniel Mulholland.

Tea/Coffee: Cath Colhoun and Katie McAuley.

Results processor: Jonathan Davis. 

Pre-event setup: Michael Harris.  

Tail walkers: Katie and Sophie Collins. 

Next week sees us celebrate our 250th event. Yes, we are a quarter of a way to 1000 events. Madness. We hope you can join us for that next week.

We’re sure you all have much better things to be doing than reading a run report on such a beautiful evening. 

Whatever that may be, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

See you next week.



Run Report, Event 248, 7th April 2018.

The Commonwealth Games started this week on the glorious Gold Coast in Australia. 

Their motto this year is “Share The Dream.” We all shared the parkrun dream this morning, in conditions which could easily have been mistaken for Queensland, more or less. 

We think it is safe to assume however that we didn’t have any finishers from Vanuatu, Kiribati, Nauru or Saint Helena with us today. Feel free to correct us. 

We did have one visitor declare themselves this morning all the way from lovely Bristol. To the 20 first timers and any other visitors, it was a pleasure to have you with us this morning. 

To all 182 of you who joined us, well done for getting out of your beds and starting the weekend the proper way.

Our first milestone of the day belongs to a very familiar face at Wallace parkrun. Yes, well done to Paul “the PB” Blackstock who today finished his 50th parkrun. All 50 of those runs with us at Wallace. On top of it all he ran today against all advice from his physio. Some things in life are just too important! Paul has also volunteered on 17 occasions. Well done Paul!

Our second milestone today belongs to junior runner, Finn Markwell, who this morning completed his 10th parkrun. Well done Finn!

Our third milestone is of the birthday variety. Team member Laura celebrated her birthday today. A parkrun veteran at such a young age. Happy birthday our Laura!

One age-category was toppled today, by the omnipotent Heather Patterson. She ran a new PB and record breaking time of 29:36. She also helped us set up and tidy up after. Not all heroes wear capes. Well done Heather.

31 more of you can also claim new personal best times today.

People like you, Daniel Mulholland. Great running from young Daniel as he knocked 20 seconds off his parkrun PB with a time of 36:35. 

Debbie McLorinan clearly had her Weetabix (other brands are available) this morning as she knocked 14 seconds off her PB for a new fastest time of 26:04. Just seconds off the sub-26 club. Well done Debbie. 

Nathan Lindsay knocked a precious 9 seconds off his time, for a new PB of 19:31. Great running from Nathan. Every second counts!

Clare O’Reilly was on fine form today and recorded her first PB since December 2016, taking 20 odd seconds off her time in the process. Her first sub 27 minute time (26:46). Well done Clare. 

Oliver Lewis chipped away a bit more of his PB, taking 6 seconds off his time for a new fastest time of 22:31. Great work Oliver. 

Sarah Ogle crossed the line today for her 4th PB in six runs. 32 minutes on the button. Well played Sarah. 

Finally today, well done to another junior athlete, Archie Moore. Today was Archie’s third PB in four weeks. He is just 8 seconds off the sub-21 club now too. Keep going Archie!

All results are in the usual spot:

You will have noticed that we didn’t send out a volunteer request this week, which is wonderful! Thanks to all of you who stepped up and made our job very easy this week. Some of our core team got to run this week, and hope to do the same over the next while. Let’s fill up the roster for next week and beyond! Just get in touch, and we’ll have a job for you. Don’t be shy. 

With Brenda Harris as our Run Director today, you can thank the following upstanding citizens for our parkrun today:

Timekeepers: Jim Pow and Michael Harris.

Finish Tokens: Eamon McCaighy.

Barcode Scanners: Gillian Alister, Laura Johnston and Jonathan Davis. 

Marshals: Martina Rydout, Anita Rydout, Brendan Whittle, Anna Whittle, James Whittle, Molly Whittle, Euan Cummings and Tracy McCullough.

Tea/Coffee: Marie Therese Fegan and Katie McAuley.

Results processor: Jonathan Davis. 

Pre-event setup: Heather Patterson. 

Post-event close down: Colin Mooney, Heather Patterson and Karen Wilton. 

Tail walker: Team Collins. 

To those of you taking on the Titanic 10k tomorrow, we hope you have a good race. Run strong! 

We hope the rest of your weekend is full of fun and games, wherever you end up.

We’ll be in the park again next week. You best be there too.



Run Report, Event 247, 31st March 2018.

In the week that Facebook have been exposed as a bunch of scallywags, parkrun Global Head of Communications, Russ Jeffreys, made a good point.

He said, “There's still one social network established in 2004, built on the idea of connecting friends and creating communities that you can trust.” 

Of course, that is parkrun.

Nonetheless, Russ Jeffreys is right. We at parkrun are a social network in the truest sense of the words.

Indeed today was a fine example of our social network at its best as we had our highest turnout since last June, and our 8th highest ever, as 252 of you crossed our finish line. 25 of you chose this morning to join us for the first time, and we are glad you did. We hoped you enjoyed your morning with us. 

Whether you ran, jogged or walked, well done. No better way to start your Saturday. Fact. 

Our first milestone today is not strictly parkrun related, but it is our Beverly Reid’s birthday today. Bev has been here all the way from Event 1, and she is the embodiment of everything good about Wallace parkrun. Happy birthday Bev! 

In parkrun-related milestones, Christopher Duffy celebrated his century of runs this morning, in this his 45th finish at Wallace. Well done to Christopher!

We also had no less than three people celebrating their 50th parkrun this morning. Well done to Raymond Fullerton, Kerry Woods and Stuart Bennett. 

Another milestone of sorts worth noting, was the sight of the “most capped” parkrunner (235 runs) this morning. John McConnell laced up a pair of running shoes in anger at parkrun for the first time since September, as he makes his way back from injury. 

John has helped many, many people around our course to a PB in the past, and/or offered kind words of encouragement on the course. No doubt he’ll be zooming around the course very quickly again soon. Keep ‘er lit John. 

A special mention too for young Jamie Wallace who today graduated from his 37 junior parkrun finishes, and completed his first ever 5k parkrun with a very impressive 36:55. Well done young man!

In fact, well done to all 35 of our junior finishers today. Great to see so many of them.

Now, frankly, you couldn’t move for people getting new PBs today. 43 of you ran your fastest ever times at Wallace. Well done to you all. 

Alan Black took an impressive 80 seconds or so off his previous fastest time at Wallace. No hanging around from Alan. Well done!

Alana Meeke took a huge 4 minutes and 20 seconds off her previous time. That justifies some guilt free Easter egg eating if you ask us. Well done to her.

Anna Whittle, powered around the course with freshly inflated tyres on her chair. Her first PB since September, and her first sub-30 minute run with a time of 29:57. Well done Anna (and Brendan)!

Andrew Harris recorded his third PB in a row, knocking 7 seconds off his best, with a time of 27:29. Well done Andrew!

Kathleen Stewart was also flying today and set her first PB since last November. She knocked a sizeable 12 seconds off her best with a time of 36:22. Well done to her!

Finally for today, Liam O’Hare recorded his 4th PB in succession and his 9th PB in 13 runs at Wallace. It was also his first time sub-22 at Wallace, with a time of 21:54. Well played Liam!

As for our volunteers, we all know by now that we would be lost without you. A huge thanks to all of you who put your hands up this week. You’re all superstars. We make no apology for reminding you that without volunteers we cease to be a viable entity. Don’t be intimidated by it, all jobs are easy, and we’ll break you in gently if you’re a first timer. We’d encourage you to give it a go! 

With that in mind, and with Mr Dependable, Michael Harris, as our Run Director today, we can thank the following good folk for our parkrun today: 

Timekeepers: Jim Pow and Gillian Alister.

Finish Tokens: Eamon McCaighy.

Funnel manager: Laura Johnston.

Barcode Scanners: Brenda Harris, Angela Steele and Jack Glass.

Marshals: Martina Rydout, Anita Rydout, Katie Collins, Sophie Collins and Diane Rogan. 

Tea/Coffee: Heather Patterson, Katie McAuley and Dawn McClure.

Birthday girl: Beverly Reid. 

Pre-event setup: Julie Jameson. 

Tail walker: Gareth Connolly. 

Today we obviously also had the services of our pacers and we thank them all for making a difficult task look very easy indeed. Frankly, it was a pacing masterclass out there this morning. Super work from them all.

If they dragged you around to a new PB, or just humoured you with good banter, you can thank Stuart Bennett (22 minutes), Jeff Glass (23), Andrew Willis (24), Jonathan Davis (25), Derek Bunting (26), Seamus McCollum (27), Fiona Dickson (28) and Peter Collins (30). 

Right, that’s plenty for you to be getting on with for now. We hope you all have a very happy Easter weekend whatever you’re doing, and wherever you may be. 

Enjoy your Easter eggs; life is too short not to.

See you next week.



Run Report, Event 246, 24th March 2018.

“Spring is just nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party.’” 

Robin Williams said that once, and I imagine he had days like today in mind. If the weather in Lisburn was anything like the weather in Larne (for those of you at the half marathon) then it was positively party perfect running conditions. 

Last week it was frostbite, this week it was sunburn. Northern Irish weather, ever the enigma. 

The weather certainly seemed to spring you all from your beds this morning as we had our highest turnout since November with 207 of you crossing the famous Wallace parkrun finish line.

21 of you decided to make today the first time you joined us, and we are very glad you did. We hope your trips up the hill weren’t too taxing. 

Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between the weather conditions and the PB count. Judging by the fact we had 33 new PBs today, we can say that the weather clearly agreed with you. 

Well done to Jacqueline Wallace who knocked nearly 30 seconds off her previous best. Her 5th PB in 11 runs. Super work. 

Young Jack Netherton flew around the course taking a 3 second chunk out of his previous best. The second time he has gone sub-19. Well done Jack. 

Another young man doing great things was Archie Moore who recorded back to back PBs with a super fast time of 21:14. 

Jenny Wong recorded her 2nd PB in 4 runs, as she edged closer to sub 34 minutes. Just 7 seconds away. Well done Jenny. 

Finally today, another junior runner performing heroics was Amy Warke who knocked nearly 30 seconds off her previous best time. 

We also had two new age category course records today. Well done to Rebecca Moore (21:10) and Jo Stewart (24:20) who captured their respective age records at Wallace. Well done to them!

All the results are here:

Our thanks to our volunteers today who enjoyed positively tropical weather compared to last weekend. Hopefully spring has well and truly sprung and we can look forward to more hospitable volunteering conditions. 

We were looking a bit thin on the ground volunteer wise during the week, but the show must go on. Please do consider volunteering. We hammer here every week, but volunteers keep our wheels turning.

With our Laura Johnston as the Run Director today, a huge thanks to:

Timekeepers: John Torrans and Raymond McCullough.

Finish Tokens: Eamon McCaighy.

Funnel manager: Beverly Reid.

Barcode Scanners: Donna McCullough, Louise Cummings and Clare Carson.

Marshals: Katie and Sophie Collins, Louise and Victoria McGregor, Katie McAuley. 

Tea/Coffee: Marie Therese Fegan and Therese Stewart. 

Tail walker: Julie Jameson.

Pre-event setup: Brenda Harris, Michael Harris and Jonathan Davis. 

Next week is our monthly pacer event. We already have pacers for 24, 25 and 26 minutes. Help us fill in the blanks. Let’s cater for as many times as possible. It has been requested that we try to have more pacers for 30+ minutes. If you want to give that a go, just let us know.

Finally, well done to everybody who was running at Larne Half Marathon today. We couldn’t go far without seeing a familiar face from parkrun. We hope you didn’t suffer too much on the hill. Sure, we know all about that at Wallace parkrun anyway.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully see you all again next for more of the same. 

Be good.


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