Run Report, Event 269, 6th October 2018.

In the week that Theresa May danced her way on to stage, we’re pleased to say that 224 of you adopted an equally carefree attitude to life as you joined us yesterday morning in the autumnal wonderland that was Wallace Park. A very fitting setting for International parkrun Day.

The spectacular golden leaves that greeted us all were not the only things of note in Wallace Park yesterday. Milestones were also high on the agenda too. We had no less than 4 folk reaching milestones of note.

Firstly two parkrun veterans, Jon Kay and Colin “the toaster grill” Mooney (don’t ask), both joined the ranks of the very illustrious 25 volunteer club. Not many volunteers roles these guys haven’t fulfilled. Well done gents. Wear the purple with pride.

On the running milestone front, well done to both Alison Warwick (in a new PB time too) and Robyn Hampton who both reached their 50th runs. Big congratulations to both of them. Thanks for supplying with more cake than we knew what to do with. First world problems eh.

27 of you also decided to see the glorious autumn colours for yourself and joined us for the first time ever at Wallace parkrun. We hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Whatever was in the air yesterday also particularly agreed with many of you as we had a mammoth 55 new PBs. On the Wallace parkrun PB mantlepiece of fame this week is:

Katy Dunn, a parkrun veteran and still a junior runner, recorded back to back PBs as she went sub 25 for the second time in two weeks. Well done Katy. 

Tim Haslett went out hard and it worked out well as he recorded his fastest run since January 2017. High risk, high reward. Well done Tim.

Rachael Sloan, knocked one whole second off her previous best for her 4th PB in six runs. Well done Rachael.

Gareth Connolly really has his wife to thank for his new PB. Apparently he had to be home in good time for her to get to the hairdressers. Surely it is no coincidence that Gareth ran his fastest time in a year…

Shauneen Simpson was also on fine form as she ran her 3rd PB in 4 weeks. Getting closer to her 50th run too. 

Stephen Patterson had a very productive morning, going under 21 minutes for the first time at Wallace. Well done Stephen!

Finally for today, Eithne Burrell recorded her 4th consecutive PB and went under 32 minutes for the first time. Well done Eithne!

Obviously, needless to say, well done to all our finishers. All the results are in the usual place:

Now, our thanks to all of you who answered our call for volunteers during the week in a super fast time. Many much larger events struggle every week to fill their rosters. We rarely do and we thank you for that. You are a perpetual necessity in Wallace Park if you want our parkrun to exist. No volunteers, no parkrun. 

We had several folk donning the hi-vis for the first time yesterday. Our thanks to them We can also thank the following good folk for our parkrun yesterday. They were:

Run Director: John Torrans.

Timekeepers: Jim Pow and Paul Blackstock.

Finish Token hander-outer: Colin Mooney.

Barcode Scanners: Laura Johnston, Joshua Lindsay and Jonathan Davis.

Marshals: Gillian Alister, Katie Collins, Sophie Collins, Jon Kay, Gareth Moore, Alan Parker, Ian Wilson and Karen Wilton.

Tea/Coffee: Rachel Wilson and Debbie McLorinan. 

Pre-event set up: Fiona Dickson and Heather Patterson.

Photographer: Michael Harris.

Tail walker: Nuala McMorrow.

Plenty of space on the volunteer roster for next week too btw, nudge nudge. Seriously though, we love to have you on h-vis. Just let us know!

We hope you all enjoyed your time with us this weekend. 

We get to do it all again in just a matter of days. We hope you’ll be joining us.




International parkrun Day, 6th October 2018.

We're sure you are all looking forward to celebrating International parkrun Day with us tomorrow morning!

If you're lucky enough to own a milestone or apricot t-shirt may we encourage you to wear it.

Thanks also to everybody who helped us fill up the volunteer roster very quickly indeed this week.

See you all tomorrow. Don't forget your barcode!


Run report, Event 267, 15th September 2018.

In the week that the Russian Government added a new chapter to the book of “worst possible excuses ever”, we’re glad to report that 216 of you found a very good excuse to join us in Wallace Park.  Unfortunately we don’t know the height of the spire on Lisburn Cathedral. I’m sure somebody can enlighten us.

Of that 216, 17 decided to join us for the first time ever and despite your modesty during the briefing we know there were plenty of parkrun tourists with us too. We hope you were made to feel welcome. 

On the milestone front, there was a triumvirate of milestoners. The first of those was David Reid who crossed a parkrun finish line for the 100th time, 45 of those with us in Wallace Park. Well done David!

Reaching their half centuries today also were Sinead Hamill and Keith Shields. Many thanks to Sinead for some of the finest cake we have seen in weeks. Keith and David managed to avoid our photographer this week, but well done to all three new members of the milestone clubs. 

On the PB front, whatever you all had for breakfast this morning clearly paid off as a mammoth 52 of you ran your fastest ever time at Wallace parkrun. In the PB hall of fame this week, we have:

Fiona Mooney, who got to the ring the PB bell for the first time in over a year. A sizeable 7 seconds knocked off in the process. A mention in the run report at long last. Well done Fiona. 

Ian Wilson who ran his second PB in the space of a few weeks, on his 15th run at Wallace. Well done Ian.

Archie Moore, fresh from his 50 milestone a few week ago, ran back to back PBs knocking 10 seconds off his PB. Within touching distance of sub-20. Keep ‘er lit Archie. 

Hugh McCaughey ran his 7th PB since March at Wallace taking 11 seconds off in the process. Well done Hugh. 

Jacqueline Wallace knocked no less than a massive 90 seconds off her PB. Her second PB at Wallace the year.

Kirsty Ferris ran her 6th PB of 2018, knocking nearly 50 seconds off too. Well done Kirsty. 

Finally for today, well done to Stephen McCullough who got out of his bed on time for once, and ran sub-20 for the first time. Well done to him!

Needless to say, well done to all our finishers. All the results are in the usual place:

As ever our parkrun did not just happen by pure fluke. You know we need your help every week, and we’re all very grateful to those of you who donned the hi-vis today. Thank you. 

This week, we can thank:

Run Director: Beverly Reid.

Timekeepers: Colin Mooney and Paul Blackstock.

Finish Token hander-outer: Gillian Alister.

Barcode Scanners: Laura Johnston, Clare Carson and Jonathan Davis.

Marshals: Paul Alister, Martina Rydout, Anita Rydout, Claire Hamill, Nathan Howe, Barry Marshall and Jill Dunn. 

Tea/Coffee: Rebekah Andrews, Louise Cummings and Fiona Dickson. 

Pre-event set up: Brenda & Michael Harris, David Wright, Eamon McCaighy, Heather Patterson. 

Tail walker: Cath Colhoun and Clark Robb-Colhoun.

It was another very fine morning in Wallace Park. We hope you were all suitably satisfied. 

We’ll be there again next week. We hope you are too. 




Run Report, Event 265, 1st September 2018.

Yesterday evening a couple of thousand folk set off from the French town of Chamonix as they began the UTMB, ‘Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc’. One of the toughest running races in the world.

As we all slept last night they made their way along the 166km route which includes over 9600 metres of climbing. The race takes in France, Italy and Switzerland. As you read this most of them are still out on the course. The winner, Xavier Thevenard, just finished this lunchtime in 20 hours and 44 minutes. 

For the rest of us mortals just getting out of bed on a Saturday morning and hauling ourselves up to the duck pond three times may have been your own Mt Blanc. Well done to you all, every single person who crossed our line today. parkrun is there for us all, and always will be. Officially the best way to start the weekend. 

In the UTMB there are over 200 nations represented, and it felt a bit like that in Wallace Park today too. We had a whole host of far-flung visitors from South Africa, Dundee, Aberdeen, France, Germany and Wales. In all we had 32 people with us for the first ever time. We hope you all enjoyed your morning with us. We enjoyed hosting you. 

Indeed as if it were planned, the clouds parted for us, the drizzle stopped right in time, and what a great morning it was for all 256 who crossed our finish line. 

Some of you were lucky to record new personal bests too on a morning made for running. To the 30 of you did just that, well done! We know lots of you like your achievements highlighted each week, so well done to you:

Grace Bennett. Your first time under the 26 minute mark. Nearly 50 seconds off her previous best. Great stuff from the junior runner. 

Claudia Jones ran her 4th consecutive PB, knocking three and a half minutes off her last PB. Well done Claudia!

Matthew Sunerton ran his 2nd PB of 2018, and also crept under the 22 minute barrier for the first time at Wallace. Well done Matthew!

James Cinnamond was also on fine form as he knocked nearly a minute off his previous best. Under the 29 minute mark for James!

Well done to our first finishers too, namely Oliver Cook and Alex Speers. 

All the results in the usual spot:

Now, for our volunteers. Many of you came up to us at the finish and commented on how enthusiastic our marshals and volunteers were today. We’re glad to hear it. 

As you all know by now, we cease to exist without your help. We make no apology for going on about this, but we are nothing without you. Thanks to all of you who answered our appeal during the week, and donned the hi-vis today. We thank you. So, your parkrun was made possible today by:

 Run Director: Jonathan Davis.

Timekeepers: Jim Pow and Colin Mooney.

Finish Token hander-outer: Patrick ‘PK’ Kerr.

Barcode Scanners: Laura Johnston, Fiona Mooney, Fiona Dickson and Jonathan Davis. 

Marshals: Ciaran Crossey, Tracy Mac, Paul Alister, Jess Alister, John Torrans, Stephen Lindsay, Claire Hamill, Peter Collins and Rebekah Andrews. 

Tea/Coffee: Julia Simpson and Heather Patterson.

Pre-event set up: Colin and Lynne Campbell, Eamon McCaighy and David Wright. 

Tail walker: Cath Colhoun. 

Our usual photographer is currently dragging himself around Florence Court at Last One Standing (pray for Michael). In future weeks if anybody wants to share the photography role then that would be most welcome. We know you all love to see the photos. The photographer role is up fo grabs every week! Just let us know.

Anyway, we know lots of you are running at Laganside tomorrow so we wish you luck with that. Kudos if any of you can beat Paula Radcliffe. Something to add to your running CV.

On that note, we’re over and out for this week.

See you next week to do it all over again.




Run Report, Event 263, 19th August 2018.

They say good things come to those who wait. Let’s be honest, the jury is out on that one though, but fear not the run report and photos are here. 

To all 227 of you who decided to join us yesterday morning, you are clearly all very shrewd decision makers. If there is a better way to start the weekend then we are all ears. 

We know for a fact that 30 of you were joining us for the first time ever. Admittedly I have forgotten where all our visitors were joining us from. I am human it would appear. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed our hospitality; it comes as standard. 

Now, as we all also well know, parkrun each week has countless stories, victories and achievements (spoken and unspoken).  

Yesterday Master Jack Glass, achieved something pretty fantastic. First he ran himself a brand new PB (with a time many adults would be jealous of), then he decided to volunteer by scanning AND it was also his 10th milestone run. A more productive Saturday morning it would be hard to find. Well done Jack!

Of course he was not the only person to help themselves to a new PB.

Jill Kyle, from the wonderfully named club “The Prestwich Plodders” ran her fastest ever time on her 5th visit to Wallace Park. 26:13 for Jill. 

Ashton Cusick, fresh from his 10th milestone run last week, ran his 4th PB this year. A very quick 22:12 for him.

It was back-to-back PBs for Rachael Sloan, as she creeps ever closer to the 30 minute mark. Well done Rachael!

Shauneen Simpson, ably assisted by Curtis Berryman and Eamon McCaighy, flew around the the course to her first PB since last November. Well done Shauneen!

Sam Baird, with one of the finest fishes Wallace parkrun has ever seen, ran is 4th PB in succession. Well done Sam!

Finally, Liam Doyle ran his fastest time in nearly four years yesterday. Great stuff from the great man. 

Well done to our first finishers Stuart Bennett and Karen Topping.

The full results can be found in the usual spot:

Again, you don’t need us to remind you that without our volunteers we cease to exist. You all responded generously to our appeal during the week which was wonderful. Long may it last. 

With Laura Johnston as the general in charge of proceedings yesterday it’s no coincidence that it was another flawless parkrun. We can thank Laura and the following good souls for our parkrun yesterday:

Timekeepers: Jim Pow and Jon Kay.

Finish Token hander-outer: Fiona Mooney. 

Funnel manager: Beverly Reid. 

Barcode Scanners: Brenda Harris, Colin Mooney, Jeff Glass and Jack Glass.

Marshals: Jake McAleenan, Paul Alister, Gillian Alister, John Torrans and Seamus McCollum. 

Photographer: Michael Harris.

Tea/Coffee: Julia Simpson and Rebekah Andrews. 

Pre-event set up: Louise McGregor and Heather Patterson.

Tail walker: Julie Jameson and Aimee Rankin.

Results processor: Jonathan Davis.

Next week a lot of our regular volunteers are away, so if you want to put your hand up now for next week just let us know. It would be most welcome.

Next week of course if also pacer week so if you wish to provide your skills for that it would also be very welcome indeed. All paces are up for grabs and you get to wear the fancy new pacer vests. 

Finally, you will all have seen the camera around the course. Photos will appear in good time. 

Until next week, be good. 



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