Run Report, Event 283, 12th January 2019.

It emerged in the last couple of weeks that the government had recently awarded a ferry contract to a company which in fact did not own any ferries, and which had also copied its terms and conditions from a takeaway restaurant. 

Some fairly poor decision making there. 

At the other end of the decision making spectrum, we’re pleased to say you all made spectacularly good decisions to join us for what has become, officially (according to us), the best way to start the weekend.

We had 274 cross the famous Wallace parkrun finish line. Our 8th highest turnout ever.

20 of you were doing your first ever parkrun. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We guarantee you that the hill gets smaller each time you do it. That may or may not be strictly true. A further 19 of you were visiting from other parkruns. We hope you enjoyed our hospitality. 

A special mention for our friends visiting from Essex, Craigavon and beyond!

We did indeed have one other milestone today, of the running variety. Well done to Ruth Potter who today completed her 50th parkrun. Super work from the junior runner. Next stop 100! 

35 of you also stormed past the duck pond to record yourselves new personal best times. You know who you are!

The full list of results are in the usual spot, here:

As we are very week, we are again indebted to our willing band of volunteers without whom parkrun would come to a juddering halt. Keeping the machine well oiled today was:

Run Director: Jonathan Davis.

Timekeepers: Nathan Howe and Jack Netherton.

Finish Token hander-outer: Tim Haslett.

Funnel manager: Beverly Reid.  

Barcode Scanners: Brenda Harris, Emma Bamford, Colin Mooney, Fiona Mooney and Gillian Alister.

Marshals: Michael Berryman, Ian Dyer, Louise McGregor, Gareth Connolly, Sophie Connolly, Thomas Connolly, Paul Alister, John Torrans and Liz Murphy. 

Tea/Coffee: Michael Harris, Rebekah Andrews and Liz Murphy.

Photographer: Michael Harris. 

Pre-event setup: Heather Patterson and Raymond McCullough.

Cup washer-uppers: Team Campbell and Team McGregor.

Tail walker: Ian Wilson.

The volunteer roster for the next few weeks has plenty of room on it. We encourage you to give it a go, even once a year. You never know, you might just enjoy it!

Anyway, the good news is we get to reconvene and do it all again next Saturday morning. 

We hope that you will be joining us for more trips to the duck pond. 



Run Report, Event 282, 5th January 2019.

Last week London Zoo started their annual animal stocktake. There are more than 19,000 animals, and 700 different species to count. It is the very definition of organised chaos, as you can imagine. Quite literally herding cats. 

At the other end of the spectrum, today, we were the vey definition of organised tranquility. It was a marvellous morning to kick things off for 2019. 

Well done to all 292 finishers, 31 first timers/visitors and 23 volunteers. We hope you all enjoyed your time with us. 

We had two milestone finishers today, both with sizeable entourages. Well done to Michael Snoddy and Liz Palmer who both ran their 100th parkrun this morning. The famed black t-shirt will be in the post soon.

We also had one milestone volunteer as Paul “the PB” Blackstock joined the ranks of the purple t-shirt club. Well done Paul, and thank you for all your volunteering!

One age-grade course record also found itself a new home today as Karen Wilton. 19:18 and a new PB for her. Well done Karen!

Elsewhere on the PB front it was a profitable morning for 47 as you ran your fastest time at Wallace parkrun. In the PB hall of fame for this week is:

The happy, clappy, chappie himself, Alastair Dickson. 22 seconds knocked off his previous best today. Well done Mr Dickson.

Aoife Quinn cracked the 23 minute mark for the first time at parkrun, and with 9 whole seconds to spare. Never in doubt.

Thom Kimber, a 35 time parkrun veteran and still a junior runner, recorded his second PB in two weeks, slicing one precious second off his time. Well done Thom! 

Clare O’Reilly ran her 5th new PB since September going under 24 minutes for the second time today. Well done Clare. 

Chris Benson today ran his first PB since July 2017, on his 126th parkrun finish. His first time under 23 minutes. Well done Chris.

Finally today, well done to Mary-Anne Jess. She ran her 5th PB in 9 appearances at Wallace parkrun. 

Of course well done to all our finishers. The full list of results are in the usual spot, here:

Our thanks to all our volunteers who made the magic happen for the first time this year. Once again we filled the roster very quickly indeed. There is always plenty of room on the roster. We encourage you to give it a go. This week we can thank:

Run Director: Beverly Reid.

Timekeepers: Nathan Howe and Paul Blackstock.

Finish Token hander-outer: Laura Johnston.

Funnel manager: Brendan Whittle.  

Barcode Scanners: Laura McCullough, Martin Oakman and Brenda Harris.

Marshals: Michael Berryman, Pat Green, John Torrans, Paul Alister, Rebekah Andrews and Jack Netherton. 

Tea/Coffee: Marie Therese Fegan and Julia Simpson.

Photographer: Michael Harris. 

Pre-event setup: Nuala McMorrow and Heather Patterson. 

Post-event close down: Tim Haslett.

Results processor: Jonathan Davis.

Tail walker: Cath Colhoun and Clark Robb-Colhoun.

The show goes on next Saturday morning. We hope you will be joining for more laps of the park. Officially the best way to start the weekend.

Over and out.



New Year’s Day 2019.

New Year's Day is the one day of the year that you can do two parkruns in one day.

A reminder that there is NO Wallace parkrun tomorrow morning.

There are however an abundance of other parkruns for you to enjoy.

• Belfast Victoria
• Stormont
• Valley
• Portrush

• Citypark

• Castlewellan

• Ormeau
• Orangefield
• Waterworks
• Antrim

See you all somewhere!


Wallace parkrun almanac 2018.

Wallace parkrun almanac 2018.

Here it is. Our year in review. We have done our best to try and neatly condense 2018 into a few paragraphs. Tried…

This year saw us host 45 events, with 2298 different people crossing our finish line, running 9736 runs between us all. Just superb.  

Let’s put that into some perspective then shall we. 

Collectively we visited the duck pond over 29,000 times! Just quakcers. Other duck related jokes are available. 

Altogether we ran 30,181 miles this year. The equator measures 24,901 miles. Yes, we’ve run around the world with 5000 miles to spare. 

We are also renowned for that slight incline we have to go up each week three times. For the sake of argument each Wallace parkrun includes at least 250ft of elevation. Some basic mathematics later and it works out that we have collectively run up Mt Everest 83 times this year. No need for oxygen or crampons in Wallace Park. Some oxygen wouldn’t go amiss to be fair. 

Another way of looking at that is this. Our collective elevation gain has been 460 miles. If anybody invents a space ladder any time soon, we would have run ourselves right to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. We’d be dodging the International Space Station instead of ice-cream vans. 

Our fastest finishes this year belonged to William D Simpson and Lauren Wilson with times of 16:36 and 18:37 respectively. Well done to them! Our course records live to fight another year. 

This year also saw our highest ever turnout, in June, as 367 folk ran, jogged or walked with us. Some of us remember when anything over 150 was a good turnout. How times change!

There were of course also countless PBs, cakes, dogs petted, cups of tea and coffee served and buns eaten. In fairness Heather Patterson could probably tell you how many cups of tea were served. She’s that good. 

Some other things are of course not quantifiable. Friendships made, physical and mental health benefits and, most importantly, a sense of community. That’s what it’s all about really. A run, jog or walk around Wallace Park each week just happens to be a by-product of what we’ve all created. 

parkrun doesn’t happen by pure chance every week, as we often remind you. Volunteering is an equally integral part of parkrun. 205 of you donned the glamorous, one-size-fits-all, hi-vis this year performing over 1000 volunteer roles. Without their help there would be no Wallace parkrun. 

We’re in the fortunate position to have such a willing pool of people happy to give up their Saturday to ensure we happen every Saturday. We can’t thank them enough. If you didn’t get around to volunteering this year, may we encourage you to give it a go next year. You really don’t know what you’re missing. 

One crazy statistic is this. Each week we cart all our kit over from the pavilion to the bandstand. All that added up over this year it equates to 15 miles of kit carrying. Madness. In 2019 if you want to help set up pre-event, your help would certainly be appreciated!

Paul Sinton-Hewitt neatly summed up what we do each week in his most recent email. He told us that parkrun is, “now widely viewed as an innovative health intervention with an impact that reaches far beyond our parks and open spaces on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”

It’s hard to disagree with that. 

We’re in no doubt that 2019 will be equally as great as 2018 has been. We look forward to sharing more fun with you. 

Happy New Year.



One more piece of Christmas cheer.

So we have one more piece of Christmas good news to bring you.

As many of you will know, several weeks ago, we had a finisher take seriously ill at the finish. He was treated immediately in the park and then taken to hospital, where he has remained since.

However, today we received a message from his daughter. She told us that after 6 weeks in the Royal he has been moved to the Lagan Valley. He is making a good recovery and they are hoping he can go home next week. It will be a while before any more parkruns though!

To those of you who attended to him all those weeks ago, you know who you are. Proper heroes.

It’s a merry Christmas indeed.

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