Event # 428 – 29/12/2018

Run report event 428 # 29/12/2018

We welcomed 207 runners and walkers on this beautiful December morning to our final Waterworks parkrun of 2018.

Today we had visitors from London among our 13 first timers. You are very welcome to come back to Waterworks when you are next in Belfast. We also had 5 people embarking on their first ever parkrun. What a great way to end the year!

Congrats to the 14 individuals who achieved a PB today, great work.

Well done also to today's first finishers Dominic McAllister 17:49, Simon Reeve 18:46 and John McGuigan 18:54.
Claireanne McAree led the ladies home in 24:12, followed by Laura Doherty 24:37 and Maeve Kennedy 25:27.

Our milestone runners today were Elizabeth Maxwell and Ciarán Clarke who both joined the 50 club. Fantastic dedication!

Just a reminder that you don't have to wait til next Saturday to get your parkrun fix. On New year's day there is the opportunity to do a double parkrun with events at Stormont, Victoria and Valley to choose from at 9:30 before Waterworks kicks off at 11:00.

Finally a word of thanks to our wonderful volunteers, not just today but all year round. We have a brilliant, free event week in week out but it wouldn't exist without them. If you are stuck for ideas for a new year's resolution then here is an easy one: make sure you don the hi-vis vest in 2019!

By Michelle McLoughlin


Run Reports event # 425

Today saw Event #425 take place at Waterworks and only the brave of heart or the totally foolish (perhaps slightly insane) turned up to face the extremely adverse weather conditions. The torrential rain and biting cold however did not deter the more hardy runners from braving the elements. Hence the numbers were low at mere 112 runners today but what a bunch of stalwarts they were.
Undeterred Clive Graham romped home in an astounding 19:38 which to be fair was an amazing time for a first run at Waterworks. He was followed home by our own inimitable Matt Shields who was tailed in by Simon Boyle a close third. Not that these results matter as it’s not a race, ‘IT’S WATERWORKS PARKRUN.’
Our runners splashed, dripped and plodded their way around the course which saw biting winds and whipping rain cut across both lakes. Leaving hands blue and sometimes words a little bluer. Still others survived to cough and splutter next week no doubt. Nonetheless all of our 112 runners finished the job they set out to do. There were a few visitors from County Kildare who received the usual warm Waterworks welcome despite the cold. All runners who took part to day had the hearts of Lions and were very courageous.
Two runners Paul Brennan and Gary McHugh were running their 250th parkrun. What a day to being doing it. Congratulations Paul and Gary. Another amazing statistic 499 of those 500 runs were at Waterworks.
The now infamous parkrun Jim (Jim Clinton) was completing his 400th at Falls road park run today and Damian are parkrun director for the day and fulltime bollardcam cameraman extended a huge congratulations to Jim for being the first runner to complete his 400th in Ireland.

Please note everyone we will have extra events at 9:30am Christmas day and 11:00am New Years Day.


We are also having an extra run on New Years Day at 11am. please note the later than usual start time to allow runners the once yearly opportunity to do a double parkrun at one of the other local events



People of Waterworks Margaret Treanor

My name is Margaret Treanor, I did my first parkrun (or strictly speaking park walk) in November 2016, the welcome and encouragement for walkers was great and very quickly I started volunteering as a tail walker, might as well I thought as we were always near the end anyway.   I enjoyed my walk and my sister in-law and I chatted to all sorts of people, all walking for a variety of reasons mostly to improve physical or mental health or during recovery from an illness.

It was around this time I start to get concerned about my own health, I occasionally had a tremor in my left-hand, my fine motor skills were not good and whilst walking at parkrun I found my left arm did not swing automatically and my left leg got very heavy like I was carrying a wooden leg.  I kept walking and always admired all the runners, some I knew were much older than me, but I thought good for them, but I am content with walking, too late for me to start running I thought.

In August 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease, no great shock I had suspected for a long time and having read so much on google I was just glad it was not something worse. On the advice of my Consultant I carried on walking as much as possible and was grateful for the parkrun because you didn’t need to rely on anyone you could just go along and always feel welcome.

All my research into Parkinsons told me that there was strong evidence to suggest that vigorous exercise slowed the progress of Parkinsons, I needed to do something more, I was only 58 and wanted a few more healthy years. My daughter had done Jog Belfast in 2016 and encouraged me to give it a go, reassuring me I would not be the oldest or the slowest. I joined Jog Belfast at the Girls Model on 23 April 2018, what an experience I amazed my self each week with my progress, I had a few aches and pains in the early days but was sensible and always heeded the advice from the wonderful coaches from the North Belfast Harriers.  To supplement my 2 nights at Jog Belfast I used a couch to 5k app on my now parkrun/walk.  I graduated at the parkrun on 23 June 2018, it was a tremendous feeling that I could run for 3.1 miles (5k) (sorry I still think in miles).  I completed my 50th recorded Parkrun on 29th September albeit I walked the first 35 but I still get my free t-shirt lol.

I am running 2-3 times per week now, have improved my time but I’m never going to be the fastest 59-year-old runner.  I am just happy to keep doing what I am doing and accepting that I will have good runs and bad runs depending on my condition. Despite my condition I am fitter than I have ever been and it’s all thanks to the parkrun, Jog Belfast and the volunteers from North Belfast Harriers. Give the parkrun ago you never know how far you might go.

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