Wepre parkrun #89 20th January 2018

We were out on the course early this morning, we had checked the course on Friday but we were worried that if it froze overnight it could be tricky. But it was OK, a bit of frost on the exposed sections but nothing to worry about.

It was not the most exciting morning for weather, cold (2 degrees approx), overcast  with a bit of breeze. And at 8.45 the rain started and kept going throughout the run! So it was very impressive that 136 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

We had 18 volunteers there. They deserved a huge thank you for today, it was cold out there, but they kept themselves warm by clapping and cheering when they could.

We are looking forward to next weekend already. By next week in excess of 11,000 parkruns will have been completed at Wepre! That’s 55,000 Km, nearly seven time round Wales!

See you next week.



Wepre parkrun #86 1st January 2018

What a fantastic start to the new year.

We had 260 finishers for our New Year’s Day extra parkrun! (previous highest was 195). We had 96 first-timers including a huge number of people who had done “Doubles” having completed Chester parkrun at 9.00 and made it to Wepre for 10.30. We had lots of tourists in from all over the country including Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cambridge and Surrey (that we know of!) We had 25 volunteers who cheered and supported and made it all possible.

The weather was fine, but ground conditions were quite challenging following a very wet month. Parts of the course were very slippery and many finishers were showing clear signs of the famous “Wepre tan” as they came through the finish. But everyone seemed  to enjoy themselves. We had some wonderful feedback on the social media! Thank you.

A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially the volunteers on the finish funnel who coped efficiently and effectively with the big increase in numbers coming through and enabled us to publish the results quickly.

And of course, thanks to the staff in the cafe for looking after us and providing very welcome food and hot drinks

Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Rob and The Run Director Team



That’s 2017 Done and Dusted!

Today was our 85th parkrun at Wepre. It was much warmer today than the last few weeks, and although some short parts of the course are very muddy and slippery the rest of it is good,

The 131 finishers today brings the number of finishers at Wepre parkrun to 10,225. The 31 first-timers means that 2,466 people have completed Wepre parkrun! We had 22 volunteers today to make the event possible.

We are looking forward to 2018. A few landmarks; our 100th event should be sometime in April, and our 2nd birthday will be in May. We are working with rangers at the park to improve the surfaces on parts of the course during the summer.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has worked hard and helped make Wepre parkrun so successful; runners, joggers, walkers, volunteers and supporters who come along and cheer. A special thanks must go to the rangers in the park for their fantastic support for parkrun, and to the staff in the cafe.

Wepre parkrun is a tough one. 6 people got new PBs today, that is brilliant considering how slippery it was. We have had 2,525 PBs in the 85 events. Each PB is a major achievement and part of somebody’s journey. We are looking forward to seeing those journeys continue in 2018 with lots more personal milestones passed and more PBs.

The journey starts on Monday with our extra event on New Year’s Day at 10.30. Order your bacon batch before 1015 for a well-deserved treat as you finish!

Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Rob and The Run Director Team



#83 – It had to happen sometime!

Unfortunately due to the weather we had to cancel our run this morning. An inspection at 7.30 showed that parts of the course were just too slippery to run on. The main culprit was path down towards the waterfall with a film of snow/ice covering most of the surface. And that was before it started snowing again just after 8.00. And again just after 9.00 when everyone would have been running.
Sorry we couldn't make the decision until the morning but at the end of Friday there was no reason to cancel. It was the snow that fell during the night and early morning that became the problem.
Big thanks to the volunteers who were ready to turn out, and in particular to the run director team who were out on the course at first light and working at home to make sure that the message got out through the social media.
See you all next week. Hopefully in some better weather than we have had for the last few weeks
Rob (Event Director)


New Years Day at Wepre parkrun

The perfect way to welcome the New Year! And to kick-start those resolutions! A 5Km run/jog/walk round Wepre park followed by bacon batch and a hot drink!

We are planning to stage an additional parkrun at Wepre on New Year's Day at 10.30. All normal facilities will be available. The cafe is opening especially for our event! Bacon Batch and Tea or Coffee will be available for bargain price of £3.50 but must be pre-ordered before you run.


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