Run report: event #71 The one that was thanks to Sparkles

In an effort to try and get a parkrun off vaguely on time today, I did somewhat rattle through the briefing, and forgot the most important thank you of all.  To Sparkles... the cat of two of your mini volunteers today.  I had diligently set the alarm with a second louder alarm 5 minutes later, but failed to actually turn it on.  Having stayed up past midnight to pinch, punch Paul THRELFALL, I was grateful that Sparkles decided to wake me up at 6:45am precisely and event #71 was only of minutes late rather than a hour or so.  Whoops.

Anyway, today marked a brand new season,  No, not advent, well yes, but just as importantly, cross country season!!  With mud and hills (sorry undulations), it is definitely trail or even XC shoes for the foreseeable future.  We did have one faller today, but they were relatively unscathed, and all 43 parkrunners made it round and collected half the course on the back of their legs for their efforts.

First home was Jamie HIGGS, much to the delight of fellow Liverpool fan, Jake THRELFALL, who was one of the barcode scanners.  First lady was Harriet KEALY, who will be reminded it is always worth sprinting for the finish line, and she finished a fabulous third overall.  Helen MUNT even scored this week’s only PB; awesome work.

barkrun was particularly closely contested this week, with Harry REDDITT edging out Norman PAGE, closely followed home by Stanley GARDNER.  Good luck to your parents washing out the course later... photos are welcome!

We welcomed tourists from Newbury and Peterborough today.  Both of which are flat courses.  Hopefully you have been able to appreciate the merits of reverse flats.  If not, we have a nice post run restaurant.  And toilets.  I seemed to want to tell everyone about the loos today... probably stuck in mum mode!

Special mention must go to Stephen SHEPHERD who completed his first ever parkrun having recently graduated from Ware Joggers’ beginners course.  Congratulations, we hope you get the bug, or at least a pair of trail shoes.

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, with special mention to Mike STOCK, who this week won the third place trophy in the HSP community awards for his volunteering at Westmill.  If you feel inspired, please get in touch to help out as we cannot do it without you.

Now, I need to dry out!  Have a great week, and see you soon.

RD Sharon

This week 43 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 1 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Carla BELL • Terry NICHOLS • Jan STOCK • Mike STOCK • Sharon THRELFALL • Robert O'HARA • Isla THRELFALL • Peter KEATS • Peter OFFORD • Elvaaron TYLER • Sarah DOE • Charles BELL • Jake THRELFALL • Acer THRELFALL • Paul THRELFALL • Bailey DOE • Stephen JOHNSON • Max PHILLIPS • Mario HAMM • Ellie BURT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Westmill parkrun Results Page.


Run report: event #68 The one with Pudsey Bear

Remember, remember, the TENTH of November! This week’s run report was full of numbers as FIFTY SIX parkrunners enjoyed our spectacular course on a crisp autumnal morning. A Very Important Bear, Pudsey, cheered on our runners as they crossed the line and helped us to raise money for Children In Need. It was a day of numbers:

FIRST finisher was went to Oscar BELL, with a new Personal Best to boot. We also welcomed Julie CARSLAKE to her FIRST ever parkrun, and hope to see her back with us again soon.

SECOND place went to one of our TEN tourists today: Chris TURP of Ellenbrook parkrun. Other important SECONDS went to Phil MONTAGUE, Alex MUNT and Nina VILLA who all scored PBs on their “difficult” SECOND parkrun.

THIRD place went to Nick SIRS from the spiritual home of parkrun, Bushy, scoring the highest age grading of the day at 74.63% on his FIRST visit to Westmill. He and David WOODCOCK (another FIRST visitor from Guildford) were visiting us to complete their Compass Challenge – congratulations both!

FOURTH place went to our FIRST female finisher today, Harriet KEALY of Ware Joggers.

FIVE parkrunners scored new Personal Bests today.

SEVENTEEN hi-viz heroes made sure today’s run happened: one of them also joined the Volunteer TWENTY-FIVE club today, Gary SHERIN who was our fabulous photographer.

TWENTY FIVE women and THIRTY ONE men ran, walked and jogged our course today. FIFTY SEVEN humans crossed the finish line as Matthew SQUIRRELL walked the course with a passenger – a baby in a sling. We also salute our many well-behaved barkrunners.

FIFTY parkruns, or 250km, have been clocked up by Caroline TUTTY who was the proud wearer of the 50th parkrun bib today. One of our regular parkrunners is on FORTY NINE finishes… will we see his celebrations next week? We also have TWO junior parkrunners on NINE runs after today, just 5km from their white milestone TEN shirt.

Representatives of Wimpole Estate, Billericay, Wanstead Flatts, Guildford, Ellenbrook Fields, Bushy, Canterbury, Letchworth, Nottingham and Castle Park parkruns joined us at Westmill today. Between them, our known finishers have completed 2909 parkruns which is equivalent to 14545km of walking, jogging and running. We had ONE unknown finisher – #DFYB!

This week 56 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 1 was a first timer and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.


Run report: event #67 The one with the awesome volunteers

Volunteers.  They’re awesome.  While apparently I am ‘Queen Marshal’ (thanks, I think... William NEAL), our weekly event cannot take part without our volunteers.  First timer and first finisher Paul GUY complimented the signage (well done EARL) and marshals, after he stormed round to a time of 19:31.  Isla THRELFALL won the finish area sweepstake predicting a time of 19:30.

There were several volunteer milestones today: core team member Peter KEATS qualified for his purple t-shirt with his 25th volunteering day, while voluntourists Grace CADZOW and Gareth SMITH were at the tree stump for their flake (99th) and cherry pop (1st) volunteer stint respectively,

We even welcomed a couple of injured runners, in Tom PORTER and Matt BROWN from local club Ware Joggers, while the founder and life president Terry NICHOLS handed out your finish tokens with Jake THRELFALL.  This all lends itself to a real community feel, no better celebrated than by the birthday sing song for regular marshal and all round lovely chap, Stephen JOHNSON.  As a birthday treat, I even gave him the nearest marshal spot, swapping the workshop for the washblock.

Poor Elvaaron TYLER probably didn’t appreciate that volunteering not only included the pressure to get your times recorded today, but the ‘experience’ of escorting Acer & Jake THRELFALL back up to the entrance to reclaim the Pokemon gym having been knocked out with only one coin,  Apparently.  The key is to nod and smile while you are bombarded by twin gym tactics...  Mind you, Elle got off lighter than marshal Chantal GEALL who was treated to a sleep over with your first timer briefer Isla THRELFALL.  I suspect Chantal, enjoyed the peace of field...

Marshals don’t just point the way... Andrew SIMS found Eric COX’s car key, which appeared to be the only victim of the return to steep hill.  Unfortunately, Eric had locked his phone in his car, so I had no way of letting him know... thankfully Abby COX gratefully accepted the key and set off to find Eric... Oh to be a fly.

The return to steep hill didn’t see any PBs amongst our 50 parkrunners this week, but no one ended up in the hedge either.  barkrun was particularly well contested this week, with Stanley, Mollie and Norman taking the podium positions.  We also welcomed tourists from Panshanger, Castle Park, St Albans and Whitstable, and hope you will come back soon.

So it just leaves me to thank everyone involved today.  Perhaps it has inspired some of our Westmillers to vol_nteer.  All that’s missing is... U.

RD Sharon

The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:
Terry NICHOLS • Andrew SIMS • Mike STOCK • Sharon THRELFALL • Grace CADZOW • Robert O'HARA • Clare FARRANT • Richard EARL • Isla THRELFALL • Peter KEATS • Simon JOYCE • Peter OFFORD • Matt BROWN • Elvaaron TYLER • Jake THRELFALL • Acer THRELFALL • Tom PORTER • Stephen JOHNSON • Gareth SMITH • Chantal GEALL • Sarah TAHSIN • Sophie MELIS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Westmill parkrun Results Page.


Run report: event #66 The one with frozen fingers and a red hot run

The clocks might go back tomorrow, but I think all our Westmillers were left in no doubt this morning that the end of British Summer Time is nigh! It was a cold one today, and that was clearly on our first finisher's mind.  First timer Annabel GUMMOW didn't keep the volunteers hanging around today, finishing first in a new female course record of 18:04, and setting the overall age grade record of 81.92%.  Annabel is only our second female first finisher and took a second shy of 2 minutes off the old record.  Fantastic!

Annabel was one of several first timers, including birthday girl Kym ANDREW who got to wear the birthday tabard and tourist Matthew William John BENNETT who joined us all the way from Guildford this morning.  He got up so early, he was still in his pyjamas.  Matthew also kindly "volunteered" to write this week's run report.  So with thanks to all our 23 volunteers, I shall hand over to Matthew and see you next week to do it all again.

RD Sharon

Run Report by Matthew Bennett
Sharon THRELFALL honoured me by appointing me as Run Report Writer, but I’m from Guildford!  Well I was going to bag my West for the parkrun Compass Challenge so I suppose it’s only fair to give something back to all you ‘Westerners’ – so that’s a deal then Sharon.

I’d seen a Facebook post to say that the temperature at Guildford parkrun would be only 2⁰, so I thought I’d better check yours – hotter 3⁰!  Oh yes Sharon had bullied me into wearing pyjamas (I prefer the term "encouraged" - S)! Well I don’t have any, so I wore an Arabic djelaba! Congratulations to all the other runners wearing scary suits of skeletons, pyjamas and even a dressing gown (My husband... running late - S)! These costumes certainly enhanced the appearance of the runners, but perhaps not their running performance. Elle (Elvaaron TYLER), the photographer, had a field day.

You always get the diehard pros in shorts and short sleeves and they shot off first around this very scenic, undulating course. It’s called the Three Lakes Campsite and you certainly run around two of the picturesque lakes although taking even a glimpse can be hazardous over the dips and rough ground.. (Course change means we are back to three next week - S)

The Three Lakes Restaurant at the end – well a first for me – waitress service – although the usual parkrun fare for me of bacon buttie and hot chocolate. The facilities at this event are certainly up to scratch with ample free parking (marshalled on this occasion), clean toilets, beautiful café – restaurant even - all within a few strides. Of course in addition I must mention the ambience because as usual this parkrun comes up trumps on friendliness (We aim to please, just ask Danny NORMAN - S).

Finally how does today’s chilly Westmill compare with the other compass points, all completed in 2018:
Northala Fields (April) - hot and sunny - around pyramids created with spoil from Wembley Stadium.
Southwark (March/May - second time to celebrate World Asthma Day with other parkrunners living with asthma – tarmac path in a London park.
East Grinstead (February) – lovely parkland setting, but absolutely sodden underfoot with water and mud over the trainers.

Matthew William John BENNETT
(Tourist/Guildford/250 Club/25 Volunteers and all round good egg)

This week 64 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:
Matthew William John BENNETT • Carla BELL • Julia BOOKER • Jan STOCK • Mike STOCK • Sharon THRELFALL • Robert O'HARA • Maria-Louise PAGE • Peter KEATS • Elvaaron TYLER • Jake THRELFALL • Acer THRELFALL • Paul THRELFALL • Megan BLACKER • Nick KENYON-MUIR • Stephen JOHNSON • Chantal GEALL • James WARNER • Lewis AMBLER • Clare WARREN • Karl TUNSTALL • Katie GRIFFIN • Tim WARNER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Westmill parkrun Results Page.


Car parking update

Car parking change!

As the weather has changed, it is not practical to continue using our car park within sight of the finish. Please use the overflow car park which is on the right as you enter the site, and walk down. Make sure you allow sufficient time to get to the start.

A car park marshal will be in place from approximately 8:15am

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