Christmas and New Years Day – Announcement


Our first Christmas Day parkrun at Whiteley was such a fun event last year your core team have decided to do it all over again. We would love to see you on Christmas Day for a 9am run, jog walk or stumble! Fancy dress optional! Go on be daring!


You'll also be pleased to know that at 9am on New Years Day we will be offering you the chance to do the DOUBLE! Choose Whiteley at 9am for your first parkrun and then pop along to Lee-on-Solent and do it all over again at 10.30am.

We do hope you can join us!

From your core team, Jack, Scott, Richard, Danielle, Geoff and Martin




What is the Big Collection? – A message from Amanda

We are so lucky to have some lovely runners and regular volunteers at Whiteley parkrun who are members of the Salvation Army. Andrea STILL you'll probably know and their friend Amanda SHORT who dropped us a line to ask if we would publicise their lovely event The Big Collection.

Salvation Army Runners

On Sunday 30th September 7 people from their church will be running a relay race in aid of the Salvation Army's Big Collection. Six of these runners are Whiteley parkrun runners and they will be starting at Eastleigh Salvation Army and will run past all of the 12 Salvation Army corps/centres between there and Portsmouth Citadel. In total they will be covering approximately 36 miles. So what is the Big Collection?

This September, Salvation Army members, friends, and volunteers will be collecting in their communities to raise money for the annual Big Collection. Every penny donated will be used to support people who are vulnerable or marginalised across the UK.

For more information please visit -

Thank you from all of us! - Amanda SHORT

We send you our best wishes from Whiteley parkrun and if you want to know more we can put you in touch with Amanda.
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Whiteley Parkrun #75 – Stubbington Green Runners takeover

Whiteley Parkrun is a local event that takes place every Saturday morning at 9.00am where people can run, jog or walk round a 5km course. On Saturday 15th September, the Green Army, also known as Stubbington Green Running club, took over Whiteley parkrun, organising all the volunteers, marshals, pacers, set up and most importantly, the choice of cakes at the end.

With the organisation from Simon GIBBON and Run Director for the week, Richard JACKS, the Stubbington Green Runners (SGR) assembled on Meadowside field ready to be given their instructions of where to marshal, what pacer number they were wearing, laying out cakes and ensuring Whiteley parkrun was set up ready for all the runners.

SGR takeover

We even managed to organise sunshine, ready for the start of the run.

With all marshals in position and pacers wearing their high-vis jackets, the new runners briefing took place, welcoming new runners to parkrun and a few tourists too. More people started to gather ready to run then Richard then started the main briefing, introducing the club to other runners before going through the safety aspects particular to Whiteley parkrun.

SGR takeover

We were ready to begin. TImekeepers - ready. Pacers - ready. Runners - ready. 321 go!! Watches started and runners were off.

SGR takeover

Throughout the parkrun, cheers and claps from the friendly Stubbington Green volunteers could be heard, encouraging people on and helping them get to their end of the 5k run. Pacers were pushing people on to achieve a personal best and the reward of cake at the end.

SGR takeover

The atmosphere was buzzing throughout, with so many of the runners thanking the volunteers at the end for their support and encouragement. By the time the runners had gone home, there were not many cakes left! Once the tail walker was through, it was time to close down parkrun for another week.

Join us at Whiteley Parkrun every Saturday at 9.00 by Meadowside Leisure Centre.

If you would like to know more about Stubbington Green Running Club, please find us on the Internet or the Facebook group 'Stubbington Green Running Club'.

SGR takeover

Run Report by Helen Benson, Stubbington Green Runner.

There were an amazing 60 SGR members at Whiteley on Saturday either volunteering, running or both. Thank you to everyone!

More photos taken by Chris Stapleford here
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Our fun with Meridian ITV – The Daily Mile


It was both a pleasure and a surprise to receive an e mail from Sarah HILL a producer at ITV and a parkrunner asking if we could help Meridian publicise their Daily Mile news feature and of course we could not turn the offer down. Very exciting!

So what exactly is The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is simple and free and gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes every day to run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom. If you want to know more head over to the website

Sarah and I bounced a few emails back and forth and decided to mark a 1 mile course starting at the Meridian ITV office and finishing in the centre of the Solent Business Park. Planning the course was simple and in no time at all a route was planned. Easy!

All we need now is the landowners permission to use the route and that's where the fun starts. Just try to find out who to speak to!? That bit was left to Sarah to resolve but we did find a phone number of a contact who might be able to help her and we heard nothing more until 11am on the day.

Then a phone call! NO PERMISSION! What? No way???

Then a discussion, shall we walk up Leafy Lane and through the adjoining path? We better go take a look, like NOW!

Luckily that morning the finish sign, finish funnel and the arrows were all safely packing in my car and I was ready to go on the spur of the moment. So a quick update on Facebook to let everyone know about the change and then another phone call.....

STOP! They have said YES, we can film by the lake. Phew! Relax! This tv is a bit last minute it seems.

So it's hop in the car pop over to ITV and meet Sarah and the team and get moving with the cones, arrows, balloons, bananas, water and all sorts of bits and bobs. Who would have thought a mile walk could require so much equipment and planning.

At noon people started to appear, Keith WHITTAKER, Robert SPENCER, Hollie and Matt SMITH and Jacqueline HEALY from Whiteley parkrun along with others from ITV and the local offices. Fred and Sangeeta were going to lead off and interview a few along the way and joined us just before 11.30.

The weather was perfect, Fred was asked to slow down as the cameraman was walking backwards and 'it was a walk not a race' (where have you heard that before?)
and the sun was shining. What a perfect lunchtime jaunt.

As you'll all know from parkrun these things are a chatty, friendly and enjoyable thing to do and this was no exception. Cameras appeared in strange places in the distance, stop, go back, do it again made the mile seem a bit longer but it was so much fun!

A few interviews later, all safely at the finish line there was a big cheer for the telly and we had done it. CUT! That's a wrap! (Nobody said that; what a shame! hehe!)

But we did get a huge thank you, a few photos with Fred and Sangeeta, some fruit, some water and a lovely ITV mug.


And that was it time for me to head back to work, after the course clear up and to wait for the 6 o'clock news.

If you didn't catch it, here is the link, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and ITV said a huge thank you to everyone that came and a special thanks to Whiteley parkrun.


Martin de Wied - Event Director (Looking younger every day!)
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Whiteley parkrun event number 74 – 8th September 2018 – Run report by Nikki Yeo

The first week back into a routine for many of the runners today after the long summer break. It was great to see so many families out on the course enjoying the September sunshine. There were 231 runners today all sent off on their way around the course by RD Scott and his team of high viz heroes, without whom the run would not be able to go ahead, so thank you guys.

Meadowside was full of runners and footballers and families using the park which is exactly how it should be and as the runners stretched out along the paths you got the real sense of a community that is quite unique to Whiteley. Lots of people out and about encouraging the parkrunners along the way.

The first lap can be fairly busy but the paths cope and once you reach the turn around point the runners have spread out and you can find your pace and it flows really nicely. The slight undulation as you approach the beginning of the next lap/s always seems like more of a slog than it should but then there are the timekeepers and funnel volunteers cheering you onto your next lap and it is soon forgotten.

Amongst the runners today were 35 First Timers to Whiteley parkrun and 9 of these were doing their very first parkrun - well done, it really is a great way to start the weekend and can become addictive. There were also 9 runners doing that all important 2nd run and they all got pbs which is fantastic. 3 of todays runners were “unknown” which means they didn't have their barcode so sadly no time can be registered to the individual - no barcode, no result, no exceptions! So don't forget your barcode!

Turning to milestone runs there were two juniors completing their 10th run and their first milestone - well done to Kelly WILLIAMS and Billy LAIDLAW.

Myself and Martin de Wied ran our 250th parkrun today! We started our parkrun journey 6 years ago when I persuaded Martin to join me at Eastleigh parkun. There were 96 runners that day and we were immediately hooked, helping to clear the course with Dave CLOTHIER and we returned the following week and a habit was formed! We then encouraged friends and family to join in and all of them have continued to parkrun too. We then began travelling around visiting other parkruns in the area - Netley, Southampton and Havant were the only ones then. Since then we visited all of the Hampshire parkrun events and a few others too. I have gone on to run 50 different events and love to see how the ethos of parkrun is essentially the same wherever you go and how welcome you are made. Martin is the Event Director of Whiteley parkrun which is pretty impressive.



250 parkruns equates to just over 750 miles all of which have been great, even the hilly, muddy ones! I love that parkrun can be whatever you want it to be: the furthest you have run without stopping; a chatty one with friends; a run in the middle of a longer run; a faster than you would normally run run; a run in a new place; a run where all you can think about is the tea after the run, it really is brilliant. We have both clocked up many many varied volunteering roles too, which give just as much of a buzz as the run and it gives something back to the run too.

Well done to each and every runner today and thank you to all of the team too.


Nikki Yeo A363772 250 runs done!
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