Hot in Oct!


Now listen up....!
What a fabulous start to the weekend in Whitstable with unseasonably warm weather for October. 328 runners attended event number 422 with Simon Jones from Canterbury Harriers taking first position. Shout outs were given to Gemma Macey and Natalie Sharp for reaching their 50 milestones. There was an influx of new runners with tourists from far away Greece to nearby Sittingbourne.


Jemma on her 50th and pacing at 40mins.

Volunteers did a superb job with clear and concise radio messages. We welcomed Daisy O'connor, our fifth Duke of Edinburgh Award student.  You'll be seeing her and the others around the course of the next three months.


Jean and Daisy 

A reminder was given about our 8th birthday celebrations on 3rd November (Saturday)  to be held in the Umbrella Centre in Whitstable High Street. It takes place from 6.30 to 10.30pm and by ticket only.  Please collect a ticket from the desk on Saturday morning, pay at the entrance on the night (£2). Only 100 available. Great fun, games, presentations. Bring a raffle prize, food to share and your own drinks. 27th is Ashford's 5th anniversary for the tourists among you. Take care and have a good week everyone.

Best Wishes
Sue Yoxall


International parkrun day

A slightly foggy day didn’t deter the 311 parkrunners and 42 volunteers today for a very special parkrun day.

Today we celebrated International parkrun day as it’s been 14 years since parkrun started with just 13 runners and 5 volunteers at Bushy Park. The parkrun phenomenon has grown exponentially with now 250,000 participants at 1,650 parkruns in 20 counties each week – a truly awesome global event. We shouldn’t forget that this cannot be achieved without the help of all the amazing volunteers. Coincidently this week the 5 millionth parkrunner registered on-line for their barcode.

Back to Whitstable - We had 12 first timers and 19 tourist (Stoke-on-Trent, Sittingbourne. Stafford, Milton Keynes and Birmingham) along with a number of milestones today including Sarah Holliday on 100 runs and Lianne Midson on 150 parkruns so well done! Furthermore we helped celebrate a birthday with a zero, Happy Birthday Sue Yoxall one of our regular RD’s and all round fabulous person. Well done to the junior Small brothers who were the quickest today from Thanet RR.

We also welcomed two Duke of Edinburgh Award students today, Aeron Wraight and Will Goodman.  Look out for them as you will be seeing them at parkrun for the next three months.

A plethora of pacers today included Gavin Harvey, Darren Parris, Brin Yare, Paul Strange, Andy Gaskin, Claire Pluckrose, Bill Wright, Tina Jones, Gemma Macey, and Sarah McLachlan.

The event ran incident free with 56 PB’s! (18%) with as always the help of our amazing volunteers who without them we wouldn’t have a parkrun, so a gentle reminder to anyone who hasn’t volunteered for a while, why not put on a Hi-Viz and help out, its easy and great fun.

As a final footnote parkrun has had such a positive impact to so many people across the globe both physically and mentally as well as bringing local communities together it really is an amazing inspirational event which is reaching out across the globe, so well done to everyone taking part running or volunteering and being part of this phenomena.

On that note I wish everyone an amazing week ahead!

Take care
David S



I'd love to say they all come to Whitstable, but todays tourists seem to go everywhere Joanna & John (the ones in the multi coloured Tee shirts) are super parkrun tourists they have notched up 235 different parkruns each, and they loved our venue "or so they said" just like everyone else they are welcome back anytime.
The weather this morning was as close to perfect as you can get, not to hot, no wind, wall to wall sunshine, For all our tourists ( it's like that every week here at Whitstable).
Is it me getting old or are our first finishers getting younger and younger? on the rare occasion I get to see the leaders finish I am always encourage to see all the youngsters running, I know it's not a race but Grace Gibbons is taking the p.b thing a bit far five on the trot. Come on give the rest of us a chance. Well done Grace and everyone else fast or slow.
Great turnout again this morning, hope to see you all again next week for more of the same, don't forget if you haven't volunteered yet next week it's time to give it a try.
Happy running


Run Directors report 22/09/18

Whitstable run 419 with 301 runners
Two Lapper

Today was a very smooth operation with no reported problems, the team were superb as always and the parkrun was all done and dusted, packed away before 10:15. Its great having those reliable Marshall’s to assist so well. Many of the originals there that work like clockwork. The weather was kind to us, however the temp had dropped quite a bit.


Maggie did a great job with the new runners and we were ready to get things under way.
The briefing started on time and the usual points were made. Today we had to take care along Marine Parade grass as there was another event. This was the Ragnar relay. Teams of ten runners with two support vans start at Maidstone and run the coasts all the way to Brighton. There is an over night stay for some. One to think about.


Milestones were announced 50, 100, and 250. Some runners wonder why they are not mentioned. Unless you ran at Whitstable the week before, then it’s hard to track when you will complete your milestone, however, you can email us in advance.

We had a great selection of visitors and first time runners. A total of 39 runners, being a mix of new and visitors.
48 PB’s were logged.

We had great feedback from many new runners, those experienced with parkrun, complimented the entire team for the easy way things went and support, new runners were looking very happy and promised to come back.

There is a tourist  mini-bus organised for 13th October to West Malling parkrun. If anybody is interested please email

On a slightly negative note. BARCODES. If you don’t have it, you wont get a time. You may still run if you wish but once through the finish funnel please hand your position token to one of the barcode scanners or the funnel manager. Otherwise it plays havoc with the results. Be warned, it’s really not difficult and there are many ways you can display a code. More robust barcodes can be obtained, reasonably, from

Once again, a great big thank you to the team supporting me last Saturday.

Phil Hadler. RD


Results and a big fan

What a day for a run in the park, and where better than Whitstable sea front, put the two together make it 9am on a Saturday and what have you got? Whitstable parkrun.

Another great turnout this morning, great volunteers as usual, Brian at the helm in true Brian style, and three hundred and thirty odd enthusiastic athletes what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing I hear you say, Well of course nothing did go wrong unless you were Tim and his team of intrepid results processors, then the proverbial stuff really did hit the fan, so thank you Tim and team you really did save the day with the results from hell to deal with this morning and make it look so, well almost like results.

Cannot leave this page without mentioning Louis Small, who was first over the line. Not only was it his first senior parkrun, only having done juniors before, but 30s clear of second over the line! Well done Louis.

Thank you all for turning up this morning and helping with the fun
See you all next week

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