Run Report 20th Jan 2018 #386

A rare rainy day for Whitstable parkrun still managed to bring out an impressive 232 runners for the wet and muddy lollipop route. A fabulous band of park bench to parkrunners continue to embrace Kim Carters amazing group that are doing so brilliantly! It's wonderful to see such enthusiasm even in the rain so well done to all these participants, added to which the gang of volunteers did an amazing job in the cold and rain.

2018 so far has seen Whitstable parkrun make a brilliant start with the average topping 300 runners to date so well done. Looking at the trend since Whitstable parkrun started shows a constant increase of both parkrunners and the wonderful volunteers.

Graph Nov 10-18

Today's numbers were 232 parkrunners (14 first time ever parkrunners). Rupert Speeding reached 50 runs and Graham Terry 200, so well done.

The amazing Tina Jones achieved the highest age % overall today being 85.19%.

Well done all the pacers, in particular, Dan Coughlan Dave Parry and Graham Terry and those helping with Kim's parkrun bench to parkrun and tail pacer Louise

Finally a special thanks to the 38 volunteers who braved the wet and cold all of whom deserve a special mention for making the whole event happen.

Anyone who hasn't volunteered before or for some time and would like to, then please

Wishing everyone who is running the Canterbury 10 mile all the best, enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week ahead and looking forward to seeing everyone next week.



Saturday 3rd Febuary, in memory of Alex

The Holliday's family have made a very kind donation to parkrun in memory of Alex. We will be officially unveiling our new time piece on Saturday 3rd February, there will be a few words before parkrun and time to reflect. So please come along and help make this a special occasion for everyone who knew Alex.


Week 3, park bench to parkrun

Everybody smashed the target last week. Some of you looked so comfortable on the way round last Saturday that I threatened to skip a stage this week! Don’t worry – we’re staying slow and steady, but I’m so pleased with the progress we’re all making that I can’t wait to see what Saturday brings! Let’s meet by the bench at 8.45 as usual to go over the plan


week 3 2018


Crabs on the slopes

Before I start on this mornings proceedings I would just like to say something about last Saturdays parkrun.
As some of you may have noticed I was marshaling at the start/finish of the lollipop, and a little bird had told me that Kim was really nervous about the park bench to parkrun, and I was keen to give them all some encouragement as they came through, well as it turned out Myra who by the way won "my favorite volunteer 2017 award" has given up her volunteering roll for the next few weeks to take on the challenge of park bench to parkrun, As I'm the perfect gentleman I couldn't possibly mention her age, buy I will say she's Kim's mum so we can guess she is on the mature side of 50. (Sorry I seem to be over groveling) Myra came out of the lollipop last week running with the enthusiasm of the juniors and a mighty long way behind came our intrepid group of pb to pr athletes being encouraged by a very enthusiastic and very proud and emotional Kim. If your taking up the challenge and are finding it difficult don't be put off by Myra,s super human powers, although most of us will never reach those heights,If we don't set ourselves challenges we will never know how far we we can go, and if we do sky's the limit.
Sorry to go on, Right Today's parkrun.
What an unusual pre run warm up we had today, we were invaded by hundreds of crabs, so the braver runners collected them up and repatriated them. I wonder how they got up the slopes and across the grass? It seems that even the shore life wants to get involved in parkrun, It's good to see some of our regular juniors moving up to Saturdays run, Cameron ( son of the famous Russell Evans ) ran his first senior parkrun this morning, Cameron ran most of the course with his dad, but I did take over on the slope at the finish, so technically he did finish the run with a responsible adult. When Tim was processing the results this morning, I learnt something a little strange, I have always known what a diverse bunch our parkrunners were, I was vaguely aware that we had a cross channel swimming family in our midst, but I never knew that not only do we have people wanting to swim to France, but not happy trying to drown themselves in the busiest waterway in the world, they also ride bikes with wheels missing, Strange people indeed!
Well if your a uni cyclist or just a keep kit runner have a great week
Whitstable parkrun
Event number 385
13th January 2018
This week 317 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:

Jacky MACDONALD • Peter YARLETT • Marilyn YARLETT • Brian FORBES TURNER • Terry BRIGHTWELL • Julie MAVER • Bob PULLEN • Andrew THORNS • Lucy CLARKE • Hugh Paul GOSTELOW • David OLIVER • Philip HADLER • Fraser JAMES • Nancy MCDONALD • Paul MOORE • Carole NORRIS • Karen EARL • Kim CARTER • Adam CORKE • Rick CARTER • Dennis GILL • Linda Anne WHITE • David RALFE • David SIBLEY • James CAYGILL • Dan COUGHLAN • Lorraine GIBBENS • Fiona ROBINSON • Timothy B ROBINSON • Debby DARBY • Andrew GASKIN • Lesley LITTLE • Charles DARBY • David HADLOW • Dave PARRY • Chrissie MIENES • Lance WHITE • Elizabeth SMITH
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whitstable parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Paul MOLYNEUX who recorded a time of 15:48 on 25th December 2015 (event number 272).
The female record is held by Charlotte MASON who recorded a time of 18:06 on 11th June 2016 (event number 298).
The Age Grade course record is held by Tina JONES who recorded 89.36% (24:55) on 10th June 2017 (event number 352).
Whitstable parkrun started on 6th November 2010. Since then 6,857 participants have completed 63,358 parkruns covering a total distance of 316,790 km, including 9,609 new Personal Bests.
See you all next saturday


Smooth as Silk

Thanks Phil for the run report this week

Whitstable Parkrun January 6th 2018-11

A chilly start for this weeks parkrun. A great turnout with many new runners and those joining Kim for her new session of parkbench to parkrun. This will take place for the next 10 weeks in total, a great idea and good to see people giving it a go, I hope they keep it going to the end.

There were no reported issues and once all marshals were in place, the brief and safety instructions issued, parkrun ran itself. At the start a few little changes were made to give cover where marshals were not attending. We hope Mac is better now. His position was filled by Dennis Gill. He drove to Plough lane to fill a gap. A really slick team of helpers as always. Rick gets my award for radio procedure of the week.

The breakdown at the end was fast and everyone pitched in leaving Brian to give our storeroom a final make over, he really takes pride in that, leaving it perfect for the next day junior event.

Milestones were Sam West 50
David Hadlow, Ellie Robinson 100
Hugh Gostelow joining the green shirt gang of 250.

That’s it! See you all again next week.

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