On your marks get set Lola….

Unless your lucky enough to have traveled abroad the majority of you wont remember the order of the universe, contrary to popular belief the world doesn't actually revolve around our children, it revolves round the sun. The Sun is a mystical star some ninety three million miles away, Now if you have never seen it before and was wondering why the sky looked a more vibrant colour than usual this morning, that would be because the sun put in a very rare appearance, Yes the sun came out!
Enough of that. The slopes were full of puddles and far to wet to run on safely so it was back to the lollipop for muddy fun this morning. We had a great turnout of 277 enthusiastic runners with a wide range of abilities from Steve Hobbs first to cross the line in an impressive personal best to Justin bringing up the rear as today's tail walker, we had a number of new runners and a few tourists today, and if you're going on tour to Whitstable when better than when the sun is out. I do hope you all enjoyed your start to the weekend and hope you all come back next week for more Whitstable parkrun fun, If the weather forecast is correct we may just be back on the grass next week, Oh before I go what did you think of our Starter this morning?
Thank you Lola (age 7)
Thanks to all the helpers as usual, and don't forget if you haven't volunteered yet, click on the volunteer link on the website.
You all know how it goes No Volunteers No parkrun: So don't leave it to others, it's great fun.
See you all next week
Dave Ralfe

Journalist report is now available for Whitstable parkrun, Event number 396
You can find the journalist report for Whitstable parkrun, event 396 on 2018-04-14 here. Please note that this service only displays the journalist report for your most recent run - so if you want to save a copy make sure you do so before your next run.
The Whitstable parkrun team whitstableoffice@parkrun.com




Lollipop Route this Saturday

We are on the lollipop this week, as the slopes are still very wet and slippery.
See you all Saturday


Slippery slope

As you will have seen we had a faller at the bottom of kiosk hill this morning.
The runner in question was Ian stokes, you will be glad to hear that after a drop of glue at Estuary view, he is well on the way to recovery, he told me this afternoon that he still intends to run the Brighton marathon next weekend.
Thank you to everyone who helped out and thank you to everyone that stopped to offer assistance.
Dave Ralfe


Be careful on the Slippery slopes!

Another rainy Whitstable parkrun managed to bring out an impressive 261 runners for the two lapper, some of which had braved an overnight cycle ride from London and still managed the 5K so well done!

2018 so far has seen Whitstable parkrun make a great start with the average of just over 290 runners to date so well done. Looking at the trend since Whitstable parkrun started shows a constant increase of both parkrunners and the wonderful volunteers.

Today’s numbers were 261 parkrunners (9 first time ever parkrunners).

Well done today to the 37 the volunteers, with particular special thanks to volunteers and runners who stopped and helped when one of our runners slipped and fell at the bottom of the slope. This is a reminder that this part of the course can be tricky and extra care should be taken even for seasoned runners who can come unstuck. It should also be noted that the parkrun procedures for these type of incidents worked well so once again thanks to everyone that assisted.

Anyone who hasn’t volunteered before or for some time and would like to, then please contact whitstablehelpers@parkrun.com

On that note wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead and hope to see everyone next week




Spring like

Run Director report from Phil Hadler
Whitstable park 394 31/3/2018

Yet another super parkrun day at Whitstable. The weather could not have been better, bright sunshine, a slight chill in the air, the coast of Essex on full display, or is it France?
All volunteers turned out in style and in place before the run started. Lollipop was the chosen route today as the top of Tankerton slopes was very wet. Both circuits were tested on Thursday evening, it was damp to say the least.

We had a range of visitors , I hope they left names in our visitor book. I think our chief, David Ralfe will report on that.

Lucy Clarke gave the new runners an idea what they were in for. She always makes it fun and relaxing for those worrying.
Shortly after, we started the RD's intro. Not so much to report this week as things had been quite quiet. Well done to those who completed the Folkestone 10 miler in dreadful weather conditions.
The new Couch to 5k starts next Saturday. The venue is Reculver. starting at the visitor center. Be there for 0900 and tell your friends who may wish to start running and to be eased in gently.

Took our hats of to Niki Burns with a big thank you for the lovely Easter biscuits. How did you manage that with a broken arm in a sling?

Milestones were reported, but often, those runners are not always available. However. I was pleased to mention my wife Jane on her 200th run. She managed a PB too. Looking at the results there were some good new times. One other to mention is Gemma Macey, a lady of 72, who has been running for less than a year at parkrun and got PB number twelve today. Well done Gemma.
There were no reported problems today, all went like clockwork once again.
We are always eager to get new people to help out, many jobs available, out on the course, RD, timers and funnel mangers. Its good to give something back. The old team are always there to assist and advise. Do have a go and learn the ropes of parkrun.

Thanks to all marshals and others around the course today. Have a great Easter break and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Phil Hadler RD.

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