Saturday parkrun

Don't forget this coming Saturday 21st July, the oyster festival will be on, so we will be running a slightly different course, could we all gather at the Shelter on the slopes about 200 metres along from the normal meeting spot, heading in the Tankerton direction, please arrive by 8.45 in time for the safety brief.
Thanks folks
PS if you know anyone that may not be able to pick up this message could you let them know about the meeting place.


Shiny, Happy Kim

Shiny, Happy People! A 'glowing' report (do you see where I'm going with this?)for this week's run out on the steamy slopes of Tankerton. For once I was glad to be standing on the sidelines shouting encouragement as one after another sweaty hero stumbled through the finish funnel. An astonishing 17 of you managed a PB today, including little Tia Wiggins, with dad Chaii running at her side reminding her to "Breathe!" Good call Chaii! Somehow James Pullen avoided my attention this morning - Well done on your 100th run James. A fantastic achievement.

The warm weather created a challenge for the scanners this morning; it turns out that paper + sweat = soggy barcodes. A range of barcodes are available from the parkrun website, which we would definitely encourage you to invest in. Alternatively your paper barcode can be laminated if you have access to a laminator.

We had plenty of new faces and visitors this morning including runners from Gillingham, St Neots - and Greece! Welcome one and all and we hope to see you again very soon.

What a sterling job our team of pacers did this morning, inspiring some fantastic performances. If you feel that this is something you would like to have a go at, please don't hesitate to email the volunteer desk and offer your services. In addition we are on the lookout for Run Directors, Results Processors and of course Marshals - get involved!

Meanwhile in Russia - 2-0 England! Get in!

Have a great week
Kim x


Summer fun

Another super morning for Whitstable parkrun 407. Just on 300 runners attended and the new runner and visitors brief took place. The super Brian FT took the helm for the visitors and new runners.
As soon as that was over I started my run director safety and news briefing.
From the start I wanted to highlight some of our special regulars, those being the Robinsons from Herne Bay, Dad, Tim and daughters Lucy and Ellie along with good friend Ann Bodimead. This team had wanted to fulfil a dream of swimming the English Channel. Well, in the week they did it taking 18 hours and 38 minutes. A great effort indeed making the Whitstable home runners feel more than proud of them. You can read more online.
Next it was the turn of the milestone runners, this week we had a few.
Andrew Dickers 50, not sure he was there. 200 milestones, Marco Kier and Adam Cowper Smith. Julia Marshal completed her 250th taking her to the Green t-shirt club. Another milestone was Jane’s and my wedding anniversary but we won’t get a t-shirt for that!
Next was the turn of the pacers. Always fun to see them out front. 24,25,26,27,30, 31, and 33 and with tail walker Christine bringing in some of the new walkers too.
We had visitors from Great Lines and Basingstoke. Regular visitors from Tonbridge were welcomed as well. Keeley and James Hoad. We area always pleased to see them. They just love Whitstable.
The visitors complimented us on a slick operation, so thanks to the core team and marshals on the day. We still need more to have a go and help the parkrun go well. There are a couple of Run Director places as well if you fancy it.
I had to remind people that NO BARCODE means no time. It’s parkrun policy which we have in the past been very lenient about but now after the list has got so long it’s no longer practical to search and add all the names. If you find you are without your barcode, please come and enjoy the run but hand your position token to a barcode scanner. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT HOME.
Thank you everybody who came, took part and enjoyed Whitstable parkrun this week.
Phil Hadler RD.


Hot on the slopes with Brian at the helm

It was another beautiful sunny day at Whitstable today, with over 300 runners taking part. I made a point this morning of taking photos five minutes apart from 8.30 onwards, to show how the area starts with just a few volunteers but gradually fills up with runners.
There were plenty for the new runners' brief, including a group of around 20 Couch to 5k runners from Faversham, so well done and welcome to them. Then the main briefing, ably handled by Brian, and then the walk down to the start for the event itself.
We don't have exclusive use of the slopes, and this morning we were sharing them with a group of triathlon athletes (triathletes?), but as they were set up the other side of the kiosk there was no problem at all - although we were very impressed by the cyclist who went past riding a penny farthing!
I was taking photographs as well as running today, so enjoyed myself at a more relaxed pace - so if you're usually at the front, take a look at the photo set to see how different the view is from the back of the pack!
The front runner overtook the tail just after the sailing club, which was impressive, and I'm told he turned in the second-fastest time on the course - a visitor from Australia, apparently, or maybe Spain, or some combination of both!
There were several people today without barcodes - please remember that volunteers give up their time to run this event, and have lots to remember and do, while you only have to remember your barcode!
Also please note that they can't be scanned from your phone, you do need to have a printed copy on you.
Well done to all the runners, thank you to all the volunteers, and a special mention to all those who manage to do both (sometimes simultaneously). If you haven't volunteered yet, why not give it a go? Whether it's marshalling or scanning because you've got a race or are injured, or grabbing a pacer jacket to help others achieve a time goal while running yourself, we've got a job that will suit you. Full training given, and you get the same payment as the regular team - the feeling of a job well done and the thanks from all the runners.
Lin White


Fabulous #405 Whitstable parkrun

Fabulous running by all the 308 parkrunners and lots of magnificent cheering and encouragement by the 38 volunteers’ made Whitstable #405 parkrun another great start to the weekend and incident free, with the exception of the flies attracted to the volunteers’ Hi-Viz yellow tops!

Notable milestones today included Mary Hedges, David Best and Chris Lewis on 50 runs, Steve Hobbs on his 100th and Steve Lund and Linda White both on 200 runs, so well done to you all.

Each week Whitstable parkrun welcomes new runners to its community and this week was no exception with 13 first timers making their debut run, so well done to them, and trust that this will be the first of many more Saturday morning parkruns.

Like many, parkrun is ingrained in my weekly schedule, what would we all do without our weekly fix of parkrun and post run chat and coffee? It’s not an understatement to say parkrun is life changing for many - It has been for myself.

As always parkrun is only made possible by the fabulous volunteers, so many thanks to all the volunteers’, particularly to the founders of Whitstable parkrun that have made this such a special part of many people’s lives. Anyone who fancies a stint at any of the duties, let the office know. Its easy (training given) and great fun.

Wishing everyone who is taking part in the Saxon Shore Half tomorrow all the best and well done to those who participated in the Saxon Shore relays today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a top week, see you all again next week.

Take care

David S

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