Problems with results, 16 June 2018

Massive apologies, but there appear to have been problems in scanning for a small number of parkrunners who were scanned on the iPhone app by an event director unfamiliar with the system, but who should have known better! If you were scanned and your result hasn't appeared, please email with what you think your finishing position was and a rough idea of your time, and I'll add them in.

Apologies again.

Peter Collins

Event director


Wimbledon Common parkrun number 605, June 9 2018


A couple of birthdays, kilts, volunteers from Korea, a 550th run and, sorry, a bit of a polemic on finish funnels, dogs and wooden spoons


This week’s parkrun had a lot of subplots: a first birthday for Eddie McKay and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday; 70th birthday wishes for the NHS; a man from Inverness running in a kilt; and the very welcome annual volunteering stint by some friendly Koreans from the Shinhan Bank.

20180609 Wimbledon Parkrun (11)

Happy birthday to Eddie McKay and the NHS

20180609 Wimbledon Parkrun (234)'Yes, this IS the traditional parkrun tartan'

We begin this week’s report, though, with a milestone by an absent friend. In Paris to see the tennis finals last week, Colin Harris notched up his 550th parkrun, running ‘with an independent air’ on the Bois de Boulogne with just 28 other like-minded folk. That stat is astonishing: he’s one of just 20 runners to go past 500 parkruns and he’s the seventh most prolific parkrunner in the world so far. A round of applause please.

In the more crowded environs of Wimbledon Common, we played host to a total of 509 finishers. A turnout of more than 500, in fact, is becoming something of a norm: we’ve exceeded that huge number at six of the last ten outings. Coping with that many runners is a bit of a learning experience for us all, whether organisers, volunteers or runners, so I would urge a bit of common sense on various levels. For example, please ensure you move as fast as you can through the finish funnel, and don’t stop on the line to check your time, search for your friend or rival behind you or ask the timer what time you notched up! If you’re tardy, a queue will build up on the finish line, frustrating us all.

20180609 Wimbledon Parkrun (204) Nicola gets the wooden spoon

Equally, please make it easier for the wonderful funnel team on the day by NOT WALKING OFF WITH THE WOODEN SPOONS. At least three had to be repatriated from runners who perhaps thought they were some sort of memento. The idea is that, given the large number of finishers and the sheer length of the funnel, the numbered spoons allow us to work out whether the timer and the finish token people are still in synch. Anything that disrupts that – and it is very easy to get out of synch when groups of 10, 20 or 30 are finishing at once – can lead to mayhem at the finish. Please note that if you think the number you heard from the timer doesn’t correlate with the finish token, please take a token anyway – we can sort things out after the event, even if it means you might get a time a couple of seconds out from your own watch. We do, of course, try to ensure that there are no problems at all, but they do creep in, so please don’t blame the volunteers, who are doing the best they can.

20180609 Wimbledon Parkrun (122)

Fido keeps his human well under control

While we’re getting big turnouts, it’s more vital than ever that those people who are running with dogs keep them on SHORT leads. We mean this. I was told after last week’s even that someone was running with a dog on two leads joined together. This is neither allowed, nor is it common sense. People can easily be tripped up by long leads, so please do the decent thing and keep them short.

Well, that turned into a polemic. On a more positive note, 9 June was also the day parkrun said ‘happy 70th birthday’ to that wonderful institution the NHS. The link between the health service and taking exercise is obvious, so I think there’s little more to say than a huge thank you to those who keep the NHS running against the odds.

On a warm and muggy morning on the common, first over the line was Matthew Glitz (SM30-34) in a PB of 17:44. He was followed closely by Hercules Wimbledon’s Adam Harwood (SM30-34) in 17:49, with Wimbledon Windmiler Volker Vogler (VM50-54) next in 18:07. The first woman across the flour was Thames Hare and Hounds’ Denise Barnett (VW45-49) in 20:30. She was followed by the aptly named Paris Williams (SW25-29) in 21:16 and Sophie Mackay (VW35-39) in 21:20.

Top age grade for the day was the aforementioned Volker Vogler, with 82.7%, and he was followed by Lisa Thomas (VW50-54), with 81.51% for her 21:22 and Simon Danciger (VM55-59), with 81.02% for his 18:58.

Among the milestones reached were Finbarr Hutcheson, Senan Doohan and Thomas Cheetham, all notching up 150 parkruns, Graeme Parkin, who got into three figures with 100, and Richard Hackforth-Jones and Chris Rowland, both of whom will now be entitled to wear the red 50 t-shirt.

There were 28 first-timers to parkrun as a whole, and 22 others doing Wimbledon Common parkrun for the first time. You’re all welcome to come back of course.

20180609 Wimbledon Parkrun (267)

Our lovely volunteers from the Shinhan Bank limber up before donning the hi-vis

Thanks as ever to our wonderful volunteers, and if you want to volunteer please don't hesitate to do so.

Peter AF Collins


Wimbledon Common parkrun report: event 604 June 2 2018


It’s the go wild issue!

DSCF2023While the skylarks were doing what skylarks do at this time of the year, 500-odd runners (tempting to leave the hyphen out) red in tooth and claw stampeded into the wild wonderland that is Wimbledon Common. A mere 18 minutes and seven seconds later, a happy Matthew Glitz crossed the flour first recording a new PB. Perhaps even happier were Julie and Raynor Quaife who completed their first ever parkrun at the other end of the field in 46:32 and 46:31. Rounding up a family outing, further up the timeline, were Matthew and Marta Quaife, also finishing their first parkrun. Happiness is a parkrun, whether you’re a gazelle or enjoy your run at a more sedate pace. DSCF2220 Happiness is a parkrun


Welcome visitors came from the Isle of Wight, Winchester, Brighton and Scotland, and the Adonis-like Andrew Fickling made it all the way from Fulham. In all, there were 52 parkrunning on the Common for the first time.

Wild about running

Congratulations to four runners who eeked out every ounce of energy to record impressive 80+ age grade percentages: Lucy Woolhouse 86.12%, Sandy Pfeifer 83.42%, Volker Vogler 80.63% and Sofia Heikkila 80.16%. While the percentage game usually favours the more mature runners (first three all in the 50-54 or 55-59 age categories), Sofia’s JW11-14 and recorded an excellent PB time of 20:45 on only her second parkrun. A target for Sofia will be to run 46 seconds faster and join the elite group of only 120 women to have run sub-20 times since Wimbledon Common parkrun started back in 2007.
While we’re on the subject of impressive younger runners, an excellent performance also came from HWRC’s Hector Revill (JM11-14) who was fourth over the line to record a PB time of 18:12 on his 83rd parkrun. Sandwiched between first-man Matthew and Hector was Adam Harwood, also HWRC, in 18:08. The top ladies were Sarah Gurney, one of our visitors from Winchester, in 20:34, Julia Donovan, upholding Wimbledon Windmiler’ honours in 20:43, and Sofia.
There were 54 PBs this week and plenty of milestones. Well-earned 10 T-shirts for Kezia Monk and Cecilia Fent; red 50s for Matthew Rockwell Wolf, Michael Darcy, Annalien Steyn and Louise Shaljean; no shirt, but 150 runs for Matthew McDadd and the 200 Collins Cup was handed over from Graham White to Joe Busa. Congratulations to one and all.

The cup runneth over to Joe Busa

Take a walk on the wild side

The Bio Blitz Wimbledon Common Weekend of Nature is from June 22 to 24. Ever been small-mammal trapping? Me neither, but you can. Or a butterfly and dragonfly walk, or a bat walk (go on, you know you want to)? Reptiles, birds, you name it, it’s all happening on the Common during that upcoming weekend. Full details at DSCF2028

30 Days Wild

If a wild weekend isn’t enough, you can have a whole month’s worth. The London Wildlife Trust is taking a detailed look at every imaginable form of wildlife for the whole of June. If you want to get involved go to

Happy Birthday Pete

Regular Wimbledon Common parkrunners will know the inimitable Pete Mulholland who, for many years, handed out finish tokens, encouragement and witty quips in equal measure. Pete celebrated his 79th birthday on Saturday.

Cafe wildlife

While cakes and refreshments were being enthusiastically consumed, a lively debate was going on about modern etiquette. Examples included, is it right to proposition someone you’ve only just met (jury’s out) and is it acceptable to pinch a piece of someone else’s cake (absolutely not!). I am indebted to Rebecca Collins (8) for this splendid joke: What do you call a chicken in a shell suit? An egg.
Report by John Carter. Photographs by Louise Robinson


Wimbledon Common parkrun – #603 – 26th May 2018

Event 603 CS(8)

see the runners at
wimbledon common parkrun
many feet make tracks


series of left turns
past the small pond, and the big
then encore, two laps


short lead for one dog
youth are kept within arms reach
adults must keep up!


round the muddy bits?
shoes clean for onward journey
direct route faster!


volunteers ready
tokens handed out and scanned
could be you next time!


not a race a run
times still keenly awaited
quicker than last week?


Enough of that - here are the stats...


Charlie Rogers joins the White 10 club, whilst junior Sophie Jones enters the Red 50 Club, with an impressively loyal full-house at Wimbledon Common. We also unofficially mark Jasper Lloyd’s 150 runs and John Sabourin’s 350.

The showers in the week paled into insignificance against the thunderstorms witnessed on Saturday evening, resulting in a predominantly dry and springy track. This resulted in lots of PBs, notably for Connie Baxter who ducked under 24 minutes on her 68th Wimbledon parkrun, and also Alan Baxter who shaved a few seconds off to record his best time for a year on his 27th Wimbledon parkrun.

There are always some tourists keen to see our Windmill, with thefurthest this week hailing from Cape Town.

This week 428 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 70 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.



Parkrun is committed to remaining free and relies on the hard work of a group of volunteers to keep going. Thanks to this week’s 24 volunteers: Adam Fenton, Ahmed Ali, Andrew Rice, Briarna Clifford, Charlie Snow, Clive Scammell, Colin Harris, Dominic Ostrowski, Ella Heger, Francesca Carter, Gilmar Wendt, Helen Beeby, Jane Scoon, Jasmine Paradinas, Katie Driver, Nick George, Peter Alasdair Fergus Collins, Pierre Devitt, Richard Crowley, Robbie Searle, Robin Ailes, Sandy Pfeifer, Sophie Lavin and Tara Ryan.


First Finishers

Adam Harwood of Hercules Wimbledon AC was first over the line in 17:46. Matt Gallagher of Wimbledon Windmilers finished second in 17:59 and Matthew Glitz was third in 18:14.

Alex Binley of Hercules Wimbledon AC was first lady in 19:25 (10th overall). Junior Lulu Weisz also of Hercules Wimbledon AC finished second in 20:30 (20th overall) and Denise Barnett of Thames Hare & Hounds was third in 20:47 (25th overall).


Age Gradings

This week’s best Age Grading was attained by Sandy Pfeifer with 81.69% for his time of 19:18.



Wimbledon Common parkrun started on 6th January 2007. Since then 19,789 participants have completed 153,195 parkruns covering a total distance of 765,975 km, including 24,323 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Justina Heslop who recorded a time of 16:33 on 17th March 2012 (event number 271).
The male record is held by Chris Parr who recorded a time of 15:04 on 23rd April 2011 (event number 224).

The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Davies who recorded 92.99% (21:24) on 29th January 2011 (event number 212).

This week’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun Results Page.

Your parkrun reporter - Andy Rice


Wimbledon Common parkrun event 602, 19th May 2018



Paul Sinton-Hewitt Fell In Love With A parkrun Concept  And “We All Showed Up."


Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see!  We couldn’t have asked for sunnier conditions on Saturday thanks to the welcome return of a most longed for spot of British Summer weather and how timely with so many exciting events afoot. Maybe like me, you love a wedding, any wedding really, so a Royal wedding with all its promise of watching the “Great and the Good” or more aptly the  “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know” from the comfort of your sofa (if you weren’t lucky enough to take a pew) is too good an opportunity to pass up.


There were of course lots of other thrilling spectacles to be witnessed at the weekend, a bit of football was in the offing I gather but as that’s not my thing you're stuck with a Harry and Meghan vibe, sorry. Please don’t be put off because there will also be a little bit of all important parkrunning news so read on reader.

The Congregation

19 may 2018 title


The Most Rev Michael Curry aka Norman Urquia our Run Director. Unlike the Rev, Norman refrained from a 14 minute sermon, didn't mention the power of love once and did the righteous thing by forewarning everyone about a low hanging branch on the course. Very well done indeed Norman, you're preaching to the converted although Colin's Mum may take a little convincing!


No wedding would be complete without the bride and groom of course and our parkrun Meghan and Harry were played by Francesca Carter and John Krause ( apologies to J.C and Nihara). Francesca completed her 350th parkrun while John completed his 300th just before popping up to Liverpool to complete his 150th marathon, respect!
DSCF1626  And lastly, we all know that most weddings include a Pippa Middleton style show stealer and our parkrun was no exception. This lovely lady shows us all just how to work the camera.DSCF1791
The Stats: First male to finish was Jonny Earl in a PB time of 16.13, second male was David Grima in 17.17 closely followed by Henry Silverstein in 17.18. This was a clean sweep for Hercules Wimbledon AC.
First female was Gina Galbraith in another PB time of 19.06, second was Lucy Woolhouse in 20.35 and in third was Lauren Armitage in another PB time of 21.04. Both Gina and Lauren were also flying the flag for Hercules Wimbledon AC. Lucy Woolhouse scooped the top of the age grading prize (yet again) with 87.94%.
Other notable PBs were recorded by Christopher Cull on his 148th run at Wimbledon, James Little (106), Nina van Gessel (59), Gabriel Durrand (58), Finn Snow (55), Chris Harper (45), James Ferguson (44) and Finn Fallowfield (43).
Stats For Geeks… There were 507 finishers, 58 were unknown.  Of the remaining 449, 37 were first timers and 92 recorded PBs so 129 runners were either first timers or ran a PB which equates to an amazing 28.73% of the known field.

Wedding Day Reporter: Annie Tosh

Wedding Day Photographer: Louise Robinson

Wedding Day Flour Arranger: Phil Tosh


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