Wimbledon Common parkrun, event 530, 14 January 2017

Baby it’s cold outside!

EVENT 530 CS(15)

It was a day to wrap up warm and bring lots of layers. Severe weather had been sweeping across the country during the week and the media had been warning us about a dramatic event known as ‘thundersnow’. In the end, that never happened (nor a frost quake or a firenado) but temperatures on Saturday morning were barely above freezing all the same.



EVENT 530 CS(16)



Back to reality

Being the second week of the year, it was a return to business as usual after all the excitement of the parkruns over Christmas, New Year and the 10th anniversary celebrations last week (how come I never get those ones to write about?) But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 461 (not far off last week's record turn out of 494) runners who turned up, including a couple of visitors from France.

EVENT 530 CS(158)Il faut être deux pour danser le tango...




It was his 100th run for Wimbledon Windmiler Guy Surtees but, despite his local connections, only his third at Wimbledon Common. Senan Doohan of Lauriston RRC also celebrated his century and his 48th run at Wimbledon. James Little and Emma Toumi both reached the big 50, while John Krause, who kindly hosted the parkrun party at his house last week, will hit 250 at his next event.


EVENT 530 CS(13)

Dogged determination



Funnel business

Quite a few runners found themselves having to queue to get over the finish line and into the funnel this week – not an event I can remember happening before. This led to some discussions about whether we need a second funnel for busy weeks, as at Bushy Park (although it's unclear how this would work with the finish tokens) or whether (more likely) the current funnel should be extended.

EVENT 530 CS(151)


Good Laird!

Blair Laird (SM25-29) of Moray Road Runners, didn’t have to queue however. He was first over the line in 18:02, his first time in four appearances. Matt Gallagher (VM35-39) of Wimbledon Windmilers, was second over the line in 18:28 and has been first to finish on eight previous occasions. James Goymour (SM30-34) of Belgrave Harriers, was third over the line in 18:54.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition: it's early days but after winning the Good Egg award last week, Phil Tosh (Wimbledon Windmilers) is a strong contender with 600 pts. Matt Bray (Wimbledon Windmilers) and Gary Forde (Hercules Wimbledon AC) also have 600 pts.


As for the ladies...

Lucy Woolhouse (VW55-59) (Unattached) was first (30th overall) over the line in 21:22, her  31st time in 242 appearances. Amelia Ashton-Jones (VW40-44) of Wimbledon Windmilers, was second (47th overall) over the line in 22:12 and was first to finish once before. Sarah Green (SW30-34) of Witney Road Runners, was third (48th overall) over the line in 22:15 and was also first to finish once before.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition: Lucy Woolhouse (Unattached) 599 pts. Sarah Green (Witney Road Runners) 596 pts. Amelia Ashton-Jones (Wimbledon Windmilers) 595 pts.



EVENT 530 CS(97)

Travelling in style


The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores: Lucy Woolhouse was graded 83.62% for the time 21:22 (30th overall). Richard Evans (VM55-59) was graded 78.80% for the time 19:30 (7th overall). Volker Vogler (VM50-54) was graded 77.23% for the time 19:06 (5th overall).

This week there were 69 first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different athletics clubs took part. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun Results Page.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and to Clive Scammell for the photos. See you soon.

Caroline Helder


EVENT 530 CS(14)


Wimbledon Common parkrun Event number 529 7th January 2017



Happy 10th Birthday Wimbledon Common parkrun


2017-01-07 WC Parkrun


When Ian Higgins took to the bench as the Run Director on Saturday morning for our 10 Year Anniversary event we knew we were in safe hands, this is after all, a role that he has played many many times before.  We don’t ever need to worry about him, he handles any hecklers with all of the assurance of any good stand up comedian, he covers all the salient points about the run and as a rule, he cracks on with things in order to get us all off and running without delay…


 Let The Stats Begin 108 Words Into My Report


Saturday morning was going to be different for Ian.  With many awards to cover and accolades to be bestowed, this talented middle-distance athlete was about to test his endurance skills. By my calculations, Ian took to the bench for 17 minutes – one whole second longer than his parkrun pb of 16.59.  The run usually starts at about 9.12 but started at its latest ever time of 9.24 this week.


This Year’s Award Winners


Men's Points Winner: Nick McKay Women's Points Winner: Liz Ostrowski Junior Boys Points Winner: Robbie Searle Junior Girls Points Winner: Jessica Searle Married Couple Points Winners: Hugh and Lucy Woolhouse Good Egg Award: Phil Tosh Hall of Fame: Sandy Pfeifer Volunteer of the Year: Christopher Cull Photographer: Guy Gibbons


The Top Point Scorers Nick & Liz (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-172017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-18

Top Point Scorers (Juniors) Robbie & Jessica & Top Point Scorers (Married Couple) Lucy & Hugh (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-232017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-25

The Good Egg Phil & The New Hall Of Fame Member Sandy (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-272017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-29

The "Inspirational" Volunteer Of The Year Christopher & Photographer Of The Year Guy (below). Guy was presented with his trophy after much cajoling by photography stalwart Peter Brunnen.

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-34<2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-36/a>

The Wonderful, Generous, Sally Jones Receives The Lawrie Cup For 200 Runs (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-37



10 Years Gone by Led Zeppelin … And Just Look What We Have Achieved


The first Wimbledon Common parkrun took place on 6th January 2007 and we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jim Desmond for having the foresight to set up only the 2nd parkrun in existence in good old SW19.  Of the runners who took part that day, 6 were in attendance on Saturday to share their memories. They were Paul Tibbs, Carol McCormack, Colin Price, Yuzo Saito, Geoff Fisher and Ian Higgins. Other regulars who couldn’t be there on Saturday but who took part at the start were Pete Mulholland and Dennis Williams. The field was slightly smaller that day with 51 runners in total.  We broke all our previous attendance records on Saturday with a jaw dropping 494 people completing the run, nearly ten times as many as on that first run.


In The Beginning There Was Colin, Yuzo, Paul, Carol, Geoff & Ian (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun A-14


We have had two cracking long term event directors over the years at Wimbledon, they have been Ian Higgins and Charles Lawrie.  There have also been two very committed volunteer coordinators who have flown solo, they are Clare Sylvester and Charles Hampden-Smith although Charles has been greatly assisted over the last couple of years by Kylie Corso who has shared the increasing work load.  All of these individuals have demonstrated great generosity both in terms of their time, good will and community spirit.  Incidentally, we have had four prime ministers over the same period of time, I will leave it for you to decide how they should be viewed and what their legacies have been!

There have been 529 events over the ten years and only once has our run been cancelled. This was on 28th July 2012 when the Olympic bike race went through Richmond Park, due to congestion in the area we were advised to cancel. Even the Hornets and a pop-up earthen Everest on our finish line were overcome!

Colin Harris holds the title for most runs at Wimbledon with a magnificent 435 while Nicola El Kadiri (she of Nicola’s corner fame) takes the title of most Wimbledon runs for the ladies’ – she has run all of her awesome 390 runs on our hallowed course.

The speed demons who hold the course records are Justina Heslop with a time of 16.33 set on 17/03/12 for the ladies and Chris Parr with a time of 15.04 set on 23/04/11 for the men. Jane Davies holds the highest age grading of 92.99% which she attained on 29/01/11.


And There’s More…


At Wimbledon parkrun over the last 10 years 15,896 runners have taken part, collectively we have totalled 121,732 runs which have taken 6 years, 12 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes and 4 seconds to complete. In that time, we have covered a distance of 608,660km which is roughly the equivalent of running/swimming 15 laps of the earth if you ran/swam around the equator. If you are planning to try this it is worth noting that it is 15 laps, yes that’s 15 laps, there would be no left-hand turns, you would need to be mindful of other earth users, they have as much right to be there as you, there would be no markings with a series of white dots and arrows and no halfway timer out on the course. However on the upside it seems likely that Pete Mulholland would probably be there to greet you at the end with a finishing token and a measured word or two of congratulations!


Huge congratulations to our parkrun on reaching this impressive milestone and in the words of Neil Young and Stephen Stills, Long May You Run…


And Us... (below)

2017-01-07 WC Parkrun4


Report Writer Annie Tosh

Photographer Stephen Willerton


Latest Stats

Male placings: Nick McKay, was first over the line in 17:55, second was Thomas Greenwood in 18:05 and in third place was Adam Harwood in 18:14.

Female placings: Rose Penfold won in a time of 20:06, in second place was Lucy Woolhouse in 21:17 and Sarah Green came third in a time of 22:23.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores: Lucy Woolhouse (VW55-59) was graded 83.95% for the time 21:17 (29th overall). Sandy Pfeifer (VM55-59) was graded 83.41% for the time 18:35 (4th overall). Richard Evans (VM55-59) was graded 79.83% for the time 19:15 (7th overall).

This week there were 494 runners, of whom 35 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different athletics clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun Results Page.



Wimbledon Common parkrun events 527 and 528, 31 December 2016 and 1 January 2017


Two days that shaped the world


New year, that ‘bloodless cut that severs soul from bone; a long aching quiet in which we will hear nothing but the clean crack of our promises breaking’


parkrun 527-182I guess we have to call it the SirMobot now

There were 13 parkrun first-timers on new year’s eve (not including unknown runners, of course) and another eight on the first day of 2017. Whether their attendance was the result of hastily made resolutions or not, let’s hope they keep the running up one way or another. It’s interesting to look back at your own first run to see who was there that you now know quite well, and to see how many haven’t finished a parkrun since. When your writer first turned up and slogged round back in 2009, among the 23 other first-timers five have not done another parkrun anywhere since. That’s a retention rate to be envied by marketers and charity fundraisers the world over, of course, but I do wonder why those five never came back.

For the second time in a week it was a two-parkruns-in-two-days marathon, and for those of us who went off to do it again somewhere else on new year’s day it was particularly tiresome and cold. I know there were plenty at Fulham Palace for the 10.30 start, for a forest of hands went up at the pre-match briefing when the run director asked who’d already completed Wimbledon Common. Other potential second parkruns were available, and well done to all who completed two that day. Well done, in fact, to anyone who managed to get up early enough to do one!


Day one: Mac's back and Phoebe fights for first

parkrun 527-36Keith leads Nick through the mist

But back to new year’s eve. A warning and an apology: there was a problem with scanning/timing, hence a large number of ‘unknown runners’, so if you do know your time on 31 December email the office. With that proviso, the male one-two-three over the proverbial whitewash was as follows: Keith Macintosh (VM40-44, Wimbledon Windmilers) in 17:19 (11 first places in 125 appearances on the common’s fair pastures); Adam Harwood (SM30-34, Hercules Wimbledon) in 17:42; Nick McKay (VM35-39, Wimbledon Windmilers) in 17:52.

parkrun 527-45 Phoebe flies

For the women: Phoebe Anderson (JW11-14, Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC) in a remarkable 19:27; Lisa Trollope (SW25-29, unattached) in a new PB of 20:36; Sue Bickerdike (VW35-49, a very welcome tourist from Ilkley Harriers) in 20:45. There were 341 runners getting their exercise in before the excesses of the yearly changeover, 25 of them first timers. On the PB front, Lynn Cox set a new best with 34:21 on her 46th run and young Harry Chappell (JM11-14) secured 20:02 on his 31st – sub-20 beckons. There was a double-best in the Gessell family, with Carmen and Douglas posting 28:54 and 22:19 respectively. It might have been a triple, because Nina Van Gessel posted a new best of 27:41, or is the similarity of the names just a coincidence?


Day two: It's Rick from Nick and Lin leads the ladies


First run director of 2017, John Carter: 'It were this big, honest...'

Two hundred and forty-four hardy souls stepped hesitantly and wanly onto the start line at 9am the next day, and god only knows it was torture for some. Again for the men: Richard Gregory (VM35-39, Ranelagh Harriers) in 17:47, his fourth first in seven appearances; Nick McKay (VM35-39, Wimbledon Windmilers) in 18:11; Sandy Pfeifer (VM55-59, Wimbledon Windmilers) in 18:19.


Richard surges on to... well, we're not allowed to say 'victory', so, um, er...

Nick’s outstanding performances dragged him eventually to first place in the annual points competition with 13,873 points, and he’s a worthy winner. Screaming and screaming until he’s sick in second place is Peter Alasdair Fergus Collins (Wimbledon Windmilers) with 13,829. And completing the podium is Charles Hampden-Smith (Hercules Wimbledon) on 12,270.


Left foot leads for Lin

On the day, Lin Lascelles (VW50-54, Maiden Newton Runners), was the first lady (21st overall) in 20:24 – the first time for Lin in two appearances. Next was Alice Riddell-Webster (VW45-49, Fulham RC, 24th overall in 20:51. And Lisa Margaret Thomas (VW50-54, Hercules Wimbledon AC, 26th overall) was third lady in 20:54. The women's annual points competition wasn’t as close as the men’s version, with Liz Ostrowski (unattached) sailing serenely over the line with 14,163 points, ahead of Natalie Fell (unattached) on 12,078 and Jasmine Paradinas (unattached) on 11,604.

The best age grades were: Sandy Pfeifer, 84.62% for the time 18:19; Lin Lascelles, 84.23% for the time 20:24; and the almost certainly related Martin Lascelles, 82.71% for the time 19:34.

Nick Fulford celebrated his 200th parkrun with a Wimbledon Common best of 27:50, though it has to be said he's done only three with us. Adam Sherriff has done even fewer here, two, but completed his 150th parkrun on Sunday. And it had to happen sometime I suppose: Steve Wimbledon ran his first Wimbledon Common parkrun, his 99th in total. Surely he'll be back to do his 100th on our sacred soil. Watch this space.

Representatives of 31 different athletics clubs took part. Wimbledon Common parkrun started on 6 January 2007, and since then 15,861 different runners, including participants from 683 athletics clubs, have completed 121,238 runs covering a total distance of 606,190km. There have been 20,468 new personal bests. The female record is held by Justina Heslop, who ran in a time of 16:33 on 17 March 2012 (event number 271). The male record is held by Chris Parr, who ran in a time of 15:04 on 23 April 2011 (event number 224). The age grade course record is held by Jane Davies, who recorded 92.99% for the time 21:24 on 29 January 2011 (event number 212).The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun results page.

Thanks to our volunteers on both days, too numerous to mention

Your author: Peter AF Collins, who would like to apologise profusely to all and sundry, but particularly to John Carter, for having a complete and utter brainstorm and, through a mixture of crossed wires and befuddlement, writing a report for the wrong week, which went live briefly. John's fine words for the Christmas period were, of course, far better than the drivel that poured from my fingers.


Wimbledon Common parkrun report: events 525 and 526 December 24 and 25 2016


Milestones and Mistletoe


There were milestones aplenty and Christmas spirit abounded as a happy band of regulars, plus a good sprinkling of family and friends, gathered for what was only the second Christmas back-to-back parkruns on the Common. Santas, Elves and visitors from as far afield as Strasbourg and Tooting brought the total up to 617 over the two days. It was all very jolly.


With our 10th anniversary coming up, milestones are coming thick and fast. Francesca Carter was running her 300th and there were so many to announce on Christmas Eve it took Run Director Jo some time to read them all out. Those earning a round of applause were Emily Cahir and James Rowland 10, David Grindrod and Katrina Murie hitting 50, and notching up 100 were Thomas Cheetham, Jasper Lloyd, Richard Young and Natalie Fell. Duncan Watkins ran his 150th and Katherine Laidler 200 - as well as Hector Revill running his 50th on Christmas Day. Of those running over Christmas, nine runners have now clocked up over 300: Francesca Carter 301, Phil Tosh 319, Peter AF Collins 354, Nick McKay 366, Charles Hampden-Smith 386, Neil Davis 386, Nicola El Kadiri 387, Charles Lawrie 418 and Colin Harris, who with 469 under his belt, will likely hit the exclusive 500 Club in 2017.
parkrun 525-16
On the  300th day of parkrun my true love said to me…

parkrun 526-2//
Andy and Bernadette under the mistletoe

You could be forgiven for thinking it’s a new parkrun picture quiz, ‘spot the mistletoe’, but it really was there! You can just see the lower leaves in the top left of the picture. It was all very merry and, while running on Saturday, I had a delightful group of ladies behind me in fine voice singing The Twelve Days of Christmas as they ran along Parkside.   Meanwhile there was some quick running up at the sharp end. Congratulations to Hercules Wimbledon AC who fielded all Three Wise Men on Christmas Eve: Frederick Slemeck 17:04, David Grima 17:30, Zachary Purnell 17.31. The following day looked similar but a lone Windmiler in third spot put a halt to a yellow whitewash. The Three Kings were: Joe Toomey 17:05, Robert Tuer 17:46, Nick McKay 18:11. The Christmas Angels were: Lucy Woolhouse 21:02, Lisa Thomas 21:07, Emily Foy 21:45 and Lisa Thomas 20:56, Ruth Goodhind 22:29, Bernadette Maher Allen 22:49.

Family, Friends, Elves, Santas

parkrun 526-256parkrun 525-1parkrun 526-3parkrun 526-4parkrun 526-12parkrun 525-9
Full turnout and fine performances from the Woolhouses


Ring out the old, ring in the new

There are parkruns on the Common at 09.00 on Saturday, New Year’s Eve and Sunday, New Year’s Day.


Report John Carter, Photography Bob Walsh


Results and stats

Christmas Eve Male placings Frederick Slemeck (SM25-29) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first over the line in 17:04 - third time in 4 appearances. David Grima (VM35-39) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was second over the line in 17:30 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions. Zachary Purnell (JM15-17) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was third over the line in 17:31. Men's annual points competition Peter Alasdair Fergus Collins (Wimbledon Windmilers) 13012, Nick McKay (Wimbledon Windmilers) 12978, Charles Hampden-Smith (Hercules Wimbledon AC) 11739. Female placings Lucy Woolhouse (VW55-59) (Unattached) was first (49th overall) over the line in 21:02 - 30th time in 239 appearances, Lisa Margaret Thomas (VW50-54) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was second (51st overall) over the line in 21:07 - has been first to finish on 47 previous occasions, Emily Foy (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (62nd overall) over the line in 21:45. Women's annual points competition Liz Ostrowski (Unattached) 13323, Natalie Fell (Unattached) 11582, Jasmine Paradinas (Unattached) 11341. Best Age Grade scores Lucy Woolhouse 84.94%, Lisa Margaret Thomas 80.35%, Zachary Purnell 79.45%. There were 395 runners, of whom 55 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different athletics clubs took part.


Christmas Day Male placings Joe Toomey (SM20-24) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first over the line in 17:05 - 9th time in 29 appearances, Robert Tuer (SM30-34) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was second over the line in 17:46, Nick McKay (VM35-39) of Wimbledon Windmilers, was third over the line in 18:11 - has been first to finish on 7 previous occasions. Men's annual points competition Peter Alasdair Fergus COLLINS (Wimbledon Windmilers) 13288, Nick McKay (Wimbledon Windmilers) 13276, Stephen JOHNSON (Unattached) 11961. Female placings Lisa Margaret Thomas (VW50-54) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first (25th overall) over the line in 20:56 - 48th time in 225 appearances, Ruth Goodhind (VW40-44) (Unattached) was second (50th overall) over the line in 22:29, Bernadette Maher Allan (VW35-39) of Wimbledon Windmilers, was third (55th overall) over the line in 22:49. Women's annual points competition Liz Ostrowski (Unattached) 13607, Natalie Fell (Unattached) 11582, Jasmine Paradinas (Unattached) 11341. Best Age Grade scores Lisa Margaret Thomas 81.05%, Jonathan Bateman 78.35%, Peter COLLINS 77.70%. There were 222 runners, of whom 39 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different athletics clubs took part.

Wimbledon Common parkrun started on 6th January 2007, and since then 15,782 different runners, including participants from 677 athletics clubs, have completed 120,653 runs covering a total distance of 603,265 km, and there have been 20,418 new Personal Bests. The female record is held by Justina Heslop who ran in a time of 00:16:33 on 17th March 2012 (event number 271). The male record is held by Chris Parr who ran in a time of 00:15:04 on 23rd April 2011 (event number 224). The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded a 92.99% run (21:24) on 29th January 2011 (event number 212).

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun Results Page




Wimbledon Common parkrun Weekly Report – Event No. 524 – 17th December 2016


So This is Christmas, And What Have we Done?


Between us, this year, we've run 83305 km in Wimbledon Common. We've also raised over £1900 for local charity, Stem4 in our annual Santa run. "A massive thank you" goes to all those who took part and contributed.


Many have asked if there is to be another opportunity to add to the tally. Yes, there will be buckets at both the Christmas Eve and Christmas day parkruns. Let's get them over the $2000 mark.


So This is Christmas, I Hope You Have Fun


A typo, a trick of the light? No, no, you did read it just right. There will be parkruns on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What better way could there be to have fun this weekend? So bring along that visiting family member. All of them should come, "the near and the dear one, the old and the young".


The start time will be the usual 9:00am for both Saturday and Sunday. Don't forget to bring along a little something to pop in to the Stem4 bucket.


So See You This is Christmas, and again for New Year. They'll certainly be good ones, so leave behind your fear.


A Birthday Riddle

Happy Birthday Christopher Cull.


The next birthday of Christopher's to fall on a parkrun day will be in 2022. That's a six year gap.

Now say Pamela Parkrunner had a birthday on the 13th December, then her last parkrun birthday would have been in 2014. And her next will be in 2025. That's an eleven year gap and seems a long way away. Mind the windmill when you land your car, Pam.

So why does Christopher have six years between parkrun birthdays and poor Pamela eleven? That seems awfully unlucky.


Over the Line (But Not in John's Lines)

Well done to Paul Willatts and Andre Preston-Morley for completing their 150th parkrun and Richard Jureidini, Clare Sylvester and Freya Bernard for completing their 50th.

Male Results

1 Joe Toomey, 16:32
2 Richard McDowell, 16:52
3 Keith MacIntosh, 17:59.

Female Results

1 Phoebe Anderson, 19:19
2 Gina Galbraith, 19:33
3 Tola Pearse, 19:46

Top Age Grade Scores

1. Lucy Woolhouse, 85.55%
2. Sandy Pfeifer, 84.01%
3. Richard Evans, 81.81%

Male Annual Points Standings

1. Peter Alasdair Fergus Collins, 12759 pts.
2. Nick McKay, 12681 pts.
3. harles Hampden-Smith, 11478 pts.

Female Annual Points Standings

1. Liz Ostrowski, 13060 pts.
2. Natalie Fell, 11352 pts.
3. Jasmine Paradinas, 11088 pts.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimbledon Common parkrun Results Page.



Many thanks to following volunteers: Alan Greene, Charles Lawrie, Christopher Cull, Dominic Ostrowski, Elizabeth Willatts, Gary Forde, Graham White, Guy Gibbons, Jane Scoon, Karen Walsh, Kylie Corso, Lisa Margaret Thomas, Matthias Heger, Nick Hudson, Niki Khanezai, Pete Mulholland, Peter Metcalf, Sandy Pfeifer, Sarah Ahsan, Simon Cheetham, Sue Rothwell and Zara Qadir

Pictures: Guy Gibbons
Words: Peter Metcalf.


Final Word from the Authors

The company I work for, refers to the annual office party as a "holiday party". Political correctness? To avoid giving offence? I don't actually know. However, this lead me to question whether it was acceptable to use the word "Christmas" in a parkrun report. After extensive trawling through the parkrun report rules (well, rule), I deduced that it was okay to use the word, given that Christmas is not a race.

Apologies to anyone who has found themselves humming yet another Christmas song. It's that time of year.

The other author says "give peace a change".


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