Wimpole Estate parkrun: Event number 255 – 10th February 2018

Firstly, a huge thank you to you all with supporting Wimpole whilst the car parks are out of action. I know this is very much appreciated by the Estate. However, what a wonderful, cold, crisp parkrun this was! Simply beautiful out on the course this week and I hope the 256 people who were out there enjoyed it too. 26 of you were first timers, so it would be wonderful to see you back next week and 46 recorded new Personal Bests. I think a few of you are getting carried away with having no hill at the moment!
The event was made possible by 26 volunteers: THANK YOU - especially to Chris Norfolk who was a very able VC for the first time!
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimpole Estate parkrun Results Page. However the headlines were that Brian O Conor was quick to reclaim his leading title bringing the men home in 17:19 whilst Emma Bailely had to settle for second place this week bringing the ladies home in a time of 17:59. Our fastest youngster this week was Harry O Hatton (15-17) who crossed the finish line in 11th place with a time of 20:44; which was also a new PB for him!
We had several significant runs this week: Marion Barber and Nick Mobin both celebrated their 100th; Andrew Halley completed his 50th and Martha Salam-Browne and Rory Jones both bagged 10 runs for the juniors. Congratulations to all of you!
Wimpole Estate parkrun started on 12th January 2013. Since then 9,069 participants have completed 63,587 parkruns covering a total distance of 317,935 km, including 10,442 new Personal Bests.
Until next week ...

Wimpole Estate parkrun Event number 254 – 3rd February 2018

Well it was good to be back in the game this weekend, and wonderful to have 252 of you out running, walking or crawling your way around the course. A huge warm welcome to the 19 of you who were first timers and congratulations to the 40 of you who achieved a pb. Watch out though, our temporary winter course is faster than our usual one due to the lack of ascent, so any pb you set on this, you may have a hard job matching once we are back on our normal route! I have been asked whether we can record different records for different courses, but unfortunately the answer is no.
Our congratulations have to go to Emma Bailey though, who set a new fastest time for the women and led the field of runners home in 17:17, but she was able assisted by her lovely hound, so her time remains in place but the course record of 17:58 still stands with Charlotte Murphy. (The men's record remains with Ian Kimpton with a time of 15:45.)
Our fastest gentleman this week was Brian O Conor who crossed the line in second place overall with a time of 18:28 and our fastest junior (15-17) this week was Oliver Warburton who finished in 22:11.
We had 2 significant runs with Jason White and Lee Roberts both achieving their 100. No doubt they'll be sporting their black shirts shortly.
Of course, we couldn't do any of this without our volunteers, so thank you to the 29 of you who made Saturday's run possible.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimpole Estate parkrun Results Page.
Wimpole Estate parkrun started on 12th January 2013. Since then 9,043 participants have completed 63,331 parkruns covering a total distance of 316,655 km, including 10,396 new Personal Bests.
Happy park running everyone, and if you ever fancy a spot of tourism, I can recommend Whinlatter just outside Keswick. I promise you'll never complain about our hill again!
Until next week ... Debs

CANCELLATION 27 January 2018

Sorry, but the winter course and car park areas have had more rain soaking the ground and not enough wind to dry it out. We have been asked by the Estate to cancel again to protect the parkland. Look at other parkrun websites and Facebook pages for their updates before heading out on tourist runs. Hope to see you all again soon.


Wimpole Estate parkrun, Event number 253, 20th January 2018 – Our 5th Birthday!!!

Happy 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday

This week 256 people who ran, jogged or walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers, 22 recorded new Personal Bests and I'm reliably informed about 13 who were present at our inaugural run 5 years ago! (Carla Brown, Chris Norfolk, Diana Braverman, Harry Druif, Martin Yeadon, Martyn Fisher, Paul Makowski, Phillip Orme, Mark Crook, Andy Smith, Trevor Lunnan, Paul Evans and Sarah Chamberlain - apologies if I've missed anyone!) Many thanks to Beth Hart and co for baking up a storm to celebrate! To those 27 first timers, I'm afraid the mountains of free cake don't quite happen every week ...
We had some outstanding pbs this week, but most notable were Millie Denyer, running with us again after a bit of a gap but taking 8 minutes off her time and also Rachel Parish, who managed to improve by 7 mins too. Fantastic efforts ladies!
The event was made possible by 25 volunteers, two of whom also volunteered on our very first run (thank you Sue Brenthall and Richard Lyle!)
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wimpole Estate parkrun Results Page.
But onto our headlines today which are that Brian O'Connor brought the field home in a time of 17:55. Our fastest female runner was Carla Brown who crossed the line in 21:17. Our fastest junior (jn15-17) this week was William Howling who finished in 6th place overall in a time of 19:56.
We had a few significant runs this week namely: Geoff Harvey; Colin Newman; Joanna Muncey; Mark Whitehead and Dean Reilly who all achieved their 50th run! We also had Melissa Phillips who achieved her 10th parkrun. Congratulations to all.
Wimpole Estate parkrun started on 12th January 2013. Since then 9,024 participants have completed 63,079 parkruns covering a total distance of 315,395 km, including 10,356 new Personal Bests. Here's to the next 5 years!
Happy parkrunning and please do check the website and social media before heading to Wimpole next week - just to double check that we are on.

Additional Information for 20th January

Good morning Wimpolians....
and I'm delighted to say that park runners are go, go, go! (but with a few provisos, that we will need everyone's support with.)
The first is parking. All of the overflow car parks remain closed and we cannot use them. We are also unable to allow any parking on the main drive way or on the verges on the road at the bottom of the drive. Please do help by not parking in those places.
The main carpark will be open for us to use but part of it will be blocked off for a wedding that Wimpole are hosting later in the morning. We cannot use those spaces either, so please, please car share wherever possible, cycle wherever possible, allow plenty of time to arrive to park, follow the directions of the marshals carefully and park as considerately as possible. We are very lucky to be going head - so please do help.
With parking being so limited, the Trust have very politely asked that anyone who is just coming to run, and not visiting any other part of the Estate, leaves promptly this week. This is purely due to the pressure on parking and being able to free up spaces for their other visitors later in the morning. If you fit into this category this week, please do support the trust with this too.
We will be on our new course! Our starting place is now very similar to the summer route, as is our briefing point. Again, please help by following the directions of the marshals and moving into the field and not hanging around near the stable block. Our new start is down towards the main drive in front of the house.
We do need a prompt start this week, so I will do my best to get the run underway at 9.00am. This means that the main briefing will start at 8.50am and the first timers at 8:45am. Please be on time; we won't have time to wait for stragglers from the carpark.
I'm delighted to say that dogs are welcome on our new winter course (whoop, whoop!). You will need to hear the briefing this week so all dogs, and their owners, need to be at the dog start by 8:50am at the latest too please.
A few sections of the course are still water logged. Due to this, some short sections of the course will be coned off and you will need to run in the long grass along side these areas. They will be very clear. Please abide by all of these sections, as I've promised the Trust that you will all behave yourselves and help protect our beloved Wimpole Estate!
To those of you who are still reading - thanks for getting this far; we will celebrate our 5th Birthday and there will be cake!
Happy park running and #DFYB ......
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