Cancellation – 25 February 2017


Doris has done a fair amount of damage on the Estate and there are at least three trees down on the course. There is not enough time for the forester and his colleagues to clear the course before tomorrow's run so we therefore have to cancel our event.

Thanks to all our volunteers who had been prepared to get out of bed just that little bit earlier in order to allow us to run. Huge thanks go to the estate staff and volunteers who give us our glorious venue in which to play.

If you're going to get your parkrun fix elsewhere this week, then please check the website to make sure that your chosen run is going ahead. We hope that we will be back next week and we'll keep you up to date here, on Facebook and on Twitter.




Sorry, but 4th Feb 2017 parkrun at Wimpole Estate is cancelled due to risk associated with high winds causing tree damage Friday night and saturated ground from the heavy rain associated with the same storm


Wot, no hill?

New Year, New course; true for about eight weeks anyway while we rest the Wimpole parkland during the wettest parts of winter.

On 7th January we switch to our winter course back at the Victoria Drive end of the Wimpole Estate. Look out for the new route map which should show on here in a few days.

Please arrive early; the last few weeks has been a bit testing in terms of getting everyone parked up. The start is further away from the parking than normal ( and back toward the entrance gate, not near the stables) so allow more time to get to the start and please walk through the fields as directed and not on the entrance road.
Of course with no hill the new course may be faster, but caution please as it is an out and back, so we need runners to stay to the right to allow for those on the return leg to pass safely. Also, to avoid any trip risk from dog leads we cannot unfortunately allow dogs to run while on this course.
Any PB you get on this course stays with you, we cannot separate them from the main course, so perhaps think about it before you smash your pb here and then can never equal or better it on the main course.

This week is also our 4th anniversary celebration ( a few days early to avoid a National trust event next week) and we have our own volunteer recruitment day running in the restaurant this week - drop into thee side room with your coffee and we will demystify timing, scanning and any other role you wondered about. We run the event entirely on volunteers so do come and see how easy and rewarding it is.
See you Saturday


New Co-Event Director, winter route news, 4th anniversary and volunteer recruitment day

As we get ever close to Christmas time for an exciting announcement for Wimpole Estate parkrun

Debs White, one of our regular Run Directors has joined me as a Co-Event Director.

You might be wondering what the Event Director role is about since it is rarely mentioned.

The Event director is responsible for all that goes on in the background to your weekly run.

So for us that means all of the following:- we
• Lead the core volunteer team
• Engage directly with the Wimpole NT Estate in terms of routes, event clashes, safety, parking, other estate users and any estate related issue.
• Mark out, measure and get approval for route changes ( don’t forget winter route starts 7 January)
• Manage/ replace any equipment as required
• manage the risk assessments
• welfare
• communications( email/Twitter/Facebook and website), dealing and IT security
• Dealing with the media
• fund raising – we hope shortly to commence a fundraising campaign to help us to buy a defibrillator for permanent placement at Wimpole Estate..
• Support Duke of Edinburgh volunteers through their award process
• Recruitment – we are always looking for new core team members, particularly those who are willing to try out Run Director of Volunteer Co-ordinator roles.
• Training –provision of training and instruction for any volunteers we have.
• parkrun led campaigns/ updates on any national issues

Please give Debs your support as we continue to grow year on year. I am very glad of the help.

Four other things to note:-

I said above about the winter route; we will be back across on Victoria drive from 7 January for about 8 weeks to allow the main course to rest during the winter months. Allow extra time to get to us and to the start for this course. Unfortunately dogs cannot be accommodated on the winter route as it is an out and back and there is an increased risk of trips with dog leads.

We are almost 4 years old! We will be celebrating our anniversary on 7 January, which is a few days early but there is a National Trust Volunteer recruitment day on 15 January so we need to give them space that week.

On 7th January, to coincide with our anniversary and with the temptation of cake, we are holding our own volunteer recruitment day. If you have ever thought about helping but feared the scanners, timers or what is involved it is a great time to drop in , meet the core team and we can show you just how easy and rewarding it is to be part of the team that makes this happen week in week out. We will have a side room off the restaurant that week so do drop in.

Finally, I am nearing my 100th parkrun and with a Christmas day run at Huntingdon should get to my 100th for New Year’s Eve. No doubt I’ll be dressed up a tad.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Christmas and New Year parkrun choices

Now that I've started my shopping and a certain store, never knowingly undersold, has released its long awaited advert (Really!!) I think it is okay to say the Christmas word.

There, it's out. Said, no retraction possible...Christmas.

At Wimpole the estate is closed Christmas day and so we will not be holding a parkrun on the 25th December; we are also not running on New years Day.
However we will be there Wimpole Estate Christmas Eve and New Years Eve parkruns (both Saturdays), subject of course to having enough volunteers.

Please, please, if you can volunteer sign up early as I really don't want our great volunteer co-ordinators to be speeding the holiday fretting about whether we can or cannot run safely.

For those in need of a parkrun fix on Christmas day or New years day there are options.

Look at the compendium below or details

Please note start timings - on Christmas day and new Years day individual parkruns can start at different times to normal and (bonus) you can potentially run two ( and get two credits). Do drive safely if heading straight from one to another.

On Christmas day locally there is a choice of Huntingdon, Bedford, Panshanger or Peterborough (9:00) or if you need a lie-in Harlow (10:00)

On New Years day you could choose Huntingdon or Bedford (9.00) and/ or Cambridge or Panshanger(10:30)

If you want a fix, but can't run on those days Please do consider volunteering at those runs - it is an extraordinary effort to put runs on for Christmas and New Years day and we thank all those that do.


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