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Worcester parkrun # 167 - 23/08/2014

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   AgeAge Gender  Tot
1Ben JONES16:52SM20-2476.48 %M1Worcester ACPB stays at 00:16:4668
2Chris GARRATT18:32VM35-3972.57 %M2New PB!101
3Richard WALSH18:39SM30-3469.35 %M3Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:17:4731
4Christopher BLAKE18:59SM25-2967.95 %M4Stourbridge RCFirst Timer!11
5Ian WILD19:01VM35-3970.73 %M5Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:18:2827
6David PRICE19:03SM25-2967.72 %M6New PB!15
7Richard KNIGHTON19:13SM25-2967.13 %M7PB stays at 00:19:0918
8Paul BROWNE19:24VM50-5477.23 %M8PB stays at 00:19:1417
9Jez OLDFIELD19:28SM30-3467.04 %M9New PB!75
10Edward SMITH19:35SM30-3466.64 %M10New PB!3
11Tony FARNSWORTH19:42SM25-2965.57 %M11PB stays at 00:18:5714
12Molly BROWNE19:45SW20-2474.94 %F1Worcester ACPB stays at 00:19:3320
13Clive GRIFFITHS19:47VM55-5977.67 %M12Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:19:1868
14Adam POLLOCK19:56SM20-2465.38 %M13Worcester ACNew PB!29
15Roy FOX20:04VM40-4470.10 %M14New PB!5
16James WHITTAKER20:07SM25-2964.13 %M15New PB!7
17Nick HOOPER20:11VM45-4972.50 %M16Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:17:5851
18Grant ATTWOOD20:14JM15-1766.72 %M17PB stays at 00:20:003
19Jonathan Paul GREEN20:16VM50-5474.59 %M18PB stays at 00:19:3928
20James HITCHCOCK20:18SM30-3464.29 %M19PB stays at 00:19:158
21Joff WRIGHT20:21VM40-4469.12 %M20Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:18:3345
22Nigel TILLOTT20:22VM50-5473.00 %M21Tewkesbury ACPB stays at 00:19:3649
23James PEARSON20:25SM25-2963.18 %M22New PB!13
24Douglas WARD20:26VM35-3966.31 %M23Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:20:0816
25Gareth WYNNE20:28VM35-3966.21 %M24New PB!12
26Cameron PALMER20:31JM11-1472.46 %M25PB stays at 00:19:497
27Leonardo TAGGIO20:33VM45-4970.64 %M26Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:18:3158
28Paul EVANS20:39SM30-3462.79 %M27Black Pear JoggersNew PB!56
29Ally RICHARDSON20:44SM18-1964.31 %M28PB stays at 00:20:2923
30Graham CRAMP20:45VM45-4969.96 %M29Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:20:0325
31Michael HARTE20:49VM40-4465.57 %M30Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:19:3833
32Barry BEAKHOUSE20:55VM50-5472.27 %M31New PB!3
34Sophie TOTHILL21:05JW15-1773.52 %F2Worcester ACPB stays at 00:19:0324
35Phil SHERBORNE21:07VM40-4465.11 %M33Southville Running Club First Timer!10
36Peter DARWEN21:08VM50-5469.79 %M34Black Pear JoggersNew PB!31
37Dave GRAHAM-KEVAN21:13VM45-4966.85 %M35PB stays at 00:19:5319
38Katherine SMITH21:14VW35-3970.41 %F3PB stays at 00:20:3878
39David POUND21:25VM45-4968.33 %M36PB stays at 00:21:2056
40Simon-Peter EDWARDS21:30VM35-3962.56 %M37Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:21:245
41Graham GUNTER21:30VM45-4965.97 %M38PB stays at 00:21:262
42Vikky YOUNG21:31SW25-2968.78 %F4New PB!12
43George DIBBLE21:33SM20-2459.86 %M39First Timer!4
44Phil SHUARD21:34VM45-4966.23 %M40British Military FitnessPB stays at 00:21:2237
45Ben OLIVER21:36JM11-1468.83 %M41New PB!2
46Paul STRATFORD21:38VM55-5971.65 %M42PB stays at 00:21:2533
47Riley CARPENTER21:40JM1072.85 %M43PB stays at 00:21:1637
49Simon CARPENTER21:43VM35-3961.47 %M45PB stays at 00:19:3931
50John R DREW21:45VM40-4464.67 %M46PB stays at 00:20:54113
51Tom ROCK21:45SM20-2459.31 %M47Pershore Plum PloddersNew PB!10
52Gwyn WILLIAMS21:49VM40-4462.57 %M48Shropshire ShufflersPB stays at 00:19:599
53Kieran DEEGAN21:52SM30-3459.15 %M49First Timer!1
54Tim DURANT21:52VM45-4966.39 %M50Gosport Road RunnersFirst Timer!29
55Stuart DAY21:55VM40-4464.18 %M51Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:21:1419
56Ryan GASKIN21:59JM15-1763.31 %M52First Timer!1
57Nathan COOPER22:04VM35-3961.40 %M53Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:21:599
58Paul DAVIES22:08VM40-4463.55 %M54Worcester Tri ClubNew PB!41
59Pete ROBINSON22:12VM40-4463.36 %M55PB stays at 00:21:1917
60Richard BEETLESTONE22:15VM35-3959.63 %M56UKnetrunnerPB stays at 00:21:11123
61Ian WALWYN22:18VM60-6473.17 %M57Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:21:5688
62Mark WALKER22:21VM55-5968.75 %M58New PB!29
63Jeremy JONES22:22VM35-3959.31 %M59Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:20:2221
64Becky HARDIE22:23SW25-2966.12 %F5Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:1111
65Ewelina SKOLIMOWSKA22:25SW25-2966.02 %F6Black Pear JoggersNew PB!34
66Richard BRADLEY22:26VM50-5466.79 %M60New PB!15
67Geoff NEWMAN22:28VM65-6975.37 %M61Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:21:2552
68Jonathan SAGE22:32VM50-5467.09 %M62First Timer!2
69Charlie WILLIAMS22:36VM40-4461.80 %M63WDBRCRRCNew PB!2
70Matt JACKSON22:41SM25-2956.87 %M64Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:249
71David RYDER22:44VM45-4963.34 %M65PB stays at 00:21:22155
72Mike GALE22:48VM35-3958.55 %M66PB stays at 00:21:0827
73Gerald SANDERS22:49VM55-5967.93 %M67Amazing Feet RCPB stays at 00:21:2959
74Ned MEREDITH22:52JM1069.02 %M68Evesham Vale Triathletes - JuniorsPB stays at 00:22:4211
75Mark HAYES22:52VM35-3958.02 %M69PB stays at 00:19:4168
76Neil LANGLEY22:57VM40-4460.86 %M70First Timer!90
77Alister BROWN22:57SM20-2456.21 %M71Dudley Kingswinford RCPB stays at 00:18:2666
78Richard KITLEY22:59VM35-3958.96 %M72Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:3830
79Andrew JEAVONS23:01JM1071.04 %M73Worcester ACPB stays at 00:22:0827
80Andy FULCHER23:02SM30-3456.15 %M74New PB!10
81Andrew Brian Christopher HUGHES23:02VM40-4461.07 %M75PB stays at 00:22:5526
82George SCOTT23:03SM18-1957.19 %M76PB stays at 00:21:5559
83Oliver SMITH23:04SM20-2456.50 %M77PB stays at 00:21:3827
84Katie DOWNING23:04SW30-3464.60 %F7Black Pear JoggersNew PB!33
85Jay ATTWOOD23:05JM15-1760.29 %M78New PB!3
86Peter LITTLE23:11VM40-4459.31 %M79PB stays at 00:22:3124
87Harrriette DREW23:13SW18-1964.47 %F8PB stays at 00:21:3376
88Andrew SALKELD23:13JM11-1461.09 %M80New PB!6
89Lee BRIGHTON23:14VM40-4459.61 %M81Black Pear JoggersNew PB!77
90Keith LAWRENCE23:17VM50-5463.35 %M82New PB!21
91Sam GINIFER23:20VM35-3957.21 %M83New PB!25
92Mark Jon GINGELL23:24VM45-4962.04 %M84Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:22:556
93John BRYAN23:25SM30-3455.73 %M85Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:22:0077
94John POWELL23:28VM45-4962.36 %M86Pershore Plum PloddersNew PB!77
95Royston YOUNG23:43SM30-3455.31 %M87North Shields Polytechnic ACNew PB!62
96Dave SMITH23:50VM40-4459.02 %M88PB stays at 00:22:5423
97Dom BROWN23:56SM20-2454.46 %M89WDBRCRRCFirst Timer!1
98Mark WITHEY24:00VM35-3956.46 %M90New PB!4
99Philip DARBYSHIRE24:00JM11-1463.75 %M91PB stays at 00:21:1712
100Lucie WHITE24:02VW35-3962.21 %F9Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:23:1524
101Debbie PARKER24:03VW40-4464.93 %F10Malvern JoggersNew PB!26
102David SHACKLOCK24:06VM35-3954.70 %M92Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:0222
103Steve BAILEY24:08VM45-4960.15 %M93New PB!4
104Marc WILLIAMS24:09SM25-2953.42 %M94New PB!36
105James PENLINGTON24:11VM45-4959.55 %M95Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:23:5414
106Dunstan POWER24:13VM40-4458.09 %M96PB stays at 00:22:026
107Beth O'BRIEN24:14SW20-2461.07 %F11PB stays at 00:23:3053
108Daniel WALKER24:15SM20-2453.20 %M97New PB!4
109Noel WONFOR24:19VM60-6466.55 %M98Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:23:3044
110Louise BICKLEY24:20VW35-3962.47 %F12Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:24:0822
111Christopher BERRY24:22VM45-4959.10 %M99PB stays at 00:22:2724
112David LITTLE24:25VM45-4959.93 %M100PB stays at 00:24:1133
113Mark John COX24:27VM40-4456.24 %M101New PB!6
114Hugo SIMMONDS24:27JM11-1460.80 %M102New PB!4
115Ian DANBY24:30VM50-5460.20 %M103New PB!33
116Clare FOWLER24:32VW35-3960.94 %F13First Timer!6
117Gerry RUDOLF24:34VM60-6467.03 %M104PB stays at 00:24:1095
118Christopher HUNT24:35JM1066.51 %M105Bourton RoadrunnersNew PB!22
119Susan HUNT24:35VW45-4967.39 %F14Bourton RoadrunnersNew PB!26
120Darren CALLAGHAN24:36VM40-4455.89 %M106First Timer!103
121Caz KIBBLE24:37VW45-4965.81 %F15Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:24:3638
122Hannah NOLAN24:39JW15-1762.88 %F16Worcester ACPB stays at 00:23:164
123Kristy WONDERS24:40SW30-3460.27 %F17North Shields Polytechnic ACNew PB!52
124Joanne BRACEWELL24:44VW40-4463.14 %F18Pershore Plum PloddersNew PB!5
125Jon HUGGETT24:45VM40-4455.56 %M107PB stays at 00:23:2934
126John OLIVER24:48VM45-4957.59 %M108New PB!2
127Daniel SCOLARI24:48SM25-2952.08 %M109PB stays at 00:23:0121
128Sarah MORRIS24:51SW25-2959.56 %F19Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:24:5110
129Nicki ALLEN24:52VW40-4462.80 %F20Black Pear JoggersNew PB!20
130Mark ELLIS24:52VM50-5460.25 %M110First Timer!1
131Lance TURNER24:53VM50-5461.22 %M111Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:23:149
132Jon SALKELD24:54VM45-4958.30 %M112PB stays at 00:24:3625
133Julie CARTER24:56VW40-4462.17 %F21PB stays at 00:24:3527
134Linda Kim HILES24:59VW55-5972.45 %F22Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:23:0321
135Jonathan HEROD25:00VM35-3953.40 %M113Vegetarian Cycling and ACNew PB!10
136Mark GITTUS25:04VM45-4957.45 %M114New PB!7
137Ross COLEY25:08VM40-4455.11 %M115TaylormadefitnessPB stays at 00:24:417
138Glyn DAVIES25:14VM40-4454.10 %M116Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:24:3311
139Helene GICQUEL25:18VW40-4460.80 %F23Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:24:0325
140Stephen DARBYSHIRE25:23VM45-4957.65 %M117PB stays at 00:22:2236
142Richard RALPHS25:29VM45-4955.66 %M119Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:18:0372
143Rob PLUMPTON25:30VM45-4957.39 %M120PB stays at 00:25:1646
144Neil ALLEN25:32VM40-4454.70 %M121New PB!8
145Chris BOAZ25:37SM30-3450.94 %M122New PB!4
146Russell WEST25:41SM30-3450.49 %M123PB stays at 00:22:2918
147Mick CORLETT25:42VM55-5960.31 %M124PB stays at 00:24:0526
148Emma ATTWOOD25:43VW35-3958.85 %F24New PB!4
149Jonathan DAVIES25:44VM40-4454.66 %M125PB stays at 00:25:0722
150Emily MORRALL25:49SW30-3457.39 %F25Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:22:4511
151Darren FULCHER25:51VM35-3951.64 %M126Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:19:3887
152Julie CHURCHILL25:56VW45-4961.25 %F26New PB!6
153Ray HARTE26:00VM65-6966.35 %M127WDBRCRRCNew PB!19
154Lauren HOLLIDAY26:01SW25-2956.89 %F27New PB!8
155Lara MEREDITH26:02JW1069.59 %F28New PB!8
156Julian MEREDITH26:02VM40-4453.20 %M128PB stays at 00:22:4912
157Karen COOPER26:03VW45-4963.60 %F29Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:24:0192
158Stuart MUNDAY26:07VM55-5960.88 %M129Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:25:2128
159Mark Roy LOVELOCK26:09VM60-6461.31 %M130PB stays at 00:23:5588
160Jon OLDHAM26:11VM35-3951.75 %M131PB stays at 00:24:3518
161Jonathan A SUGDEN26:12VM50-5458.14 %M132PB stays at 00:25:1764
162Lorraine GRIFFITHS26:13VW45-4960.58 %F30Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:5568
163John DRUMMOND26:14VM35-3950.89 %M133Law and District AACPB stays at 00:24:5861
164Andrew Jonathan BANHAM26:16VM55-5958.50 %M134Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:22:5786
165Sergio TAGGIO26:17VM45-4953.96 %M135PB stays at 00:26:038
166Sheena JONES26:22VW50-5464.35 %F31PB stays at 00:25:5840
167Nicholas SMITH26:25VM40-4451.67 %M136PB stays at 00:26:0160
168Oliver SANDERS26:28SM30-3448.99 %M137First Timer!1
169George BESSANT26:31JM11-1457.70 %M138Evesham Vale Triathletes - JuniorsPB stays at 00:23:1982
170Natalie DELLAR26:32VW35-3956.72 %F32Stourbridge RCFirst Timer!71
171Peter RHODES26:37VM60-6460.24 %M139Evesham Vale Running ClubFirst Timer!1
172Richard WITHERALL26:38VM40-4452.00 %M140New PB!2
173Mike WILSON26:48VM50-5456.84 %M141Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:26:0626
174Helen CARLISLE26:52VW35-3956.33 %F33Pershore Plum PloddersNew PB!9
175Daniel ADAMS26:53JM15-1750.96 %M142PB stays at 00:23:5811
176Jayne ACKROYD26:54VW45-4960.84 %F34Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:23:2761
177Carl JONES26:56VM40-4451.05 %M143Black Pear JoggersNew PB!5
178Steve ROODE26:59VM50-5454.66 %M144Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:22:2492
179Cathryn Elinor LANGLEY26:59SW25-2954.85 %F35PB stays at 00:24:565
180Gerald ALLEN27:02VM40-4452.03 %M145PB stays at 00:24:434
181Jamie ALLEN27:02JM1058.38 %M146New PB!3
182Annie LAMBETH-MANSELL27:03VW35-3955.64 %F36PB stays at 00:21:2214
183Katy SWATTON27:04SW30-3454.93 %F37PB stays at 00:25:0216
184Phil COLEMAN27:07SM30-3448.37 %M147New PB!6
185Jenny MORETON27:10VW35-3955.95 %F38New PB!4
187Avril MUNDAY27:11VW55-5969.41 %F39Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:26:0814
188Julia HERON27:13VW40-4456.52 %F40PB stays at 00:26:3740
189Matthew GEORGIOU27:14VM35-3949.39 %M149Wimbledon WindmilersPB stays at 00:25:507
190Colin BAKER27:14VM45-4953.30 %M150PB stays at 00:25:343
191Vanessa Jane GUNTER27:15VW40-4457.31 %F41PB stays at 00:25:393
192Benjamin DILLON27:15SM20-2447.83 %M151Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:19:5929
193Mark DILLON27:17VM50-5454.06 %M152Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:27:1022
194Emma PICKERING27:21SW25-2954.11 %F42Black Pear JoggersNew PB!11
195Steve MCNELIS27:22SM30-3447.50 %M153Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:21:4048
197Teresa SYMONS27:32VW40-4456.72 %F43Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:25:3625
198Natalie Anne RUSHTON27:42SW30-3453.43 %F44Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:25:2512
199Jim GASKIN27:44VM55-5955.89 %M155New PB!2
200Kirsty LAWRENCE27:45SW25-2953.33 %F45New PB!2
201Denise MORRISON27:45VW45-4958.38 %F46PB stays at 00:27:0672
202Laura BESSANT27:48JW11-1458.57 %F47Evesham Vale Triathletes - JuniorsPB stays at 00:27:0471
203Christopher BARKER27:49VM60-6459.20 %M156Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:23:3326
204Steven WADLEY28:00VM35-3947.08 %M157PB stays at 00:24:4216
205Lisa SMITH28:04VW35-3953.27 %F48New PB!26
206Ann OLDFIELD28:05VW60-6472.17 %F49New PB!32
207Laurence OLDFIELD28:09VM70-7462.64 %M158Worcester ACPB stays at 00:23:4522
208Rachel OVERFIELD28:10VW50-5459.53 %F50New PB!6
209Wendy COLE28:11VW45-4956.36 %F51Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:26:3060
210Julie Mary HERBERT28:12SW30-3452.72 %F52Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:24:4051
211Cathy DICKSON28:12VW35-3953.90 %F53New PB!33
212Charles SCOTT28:18VM50-5452.94 %M159PB stays at 00:28:0456
213Anthony JONES28:19VM40-4448.91 %M160Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:21:1865
214Mark SALKELD28:21JM11-1452.44 %M161PB stays at 00:26:3713
215Judd DOUGHTY28:24SM30-3445.95 %M162First Timer!1
216Bethan STIMSON28:26SW30-3452.05 %F54Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:23:2594
217Jon SHACKLOCK28:27VM35-3947.63 %M163Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:1065
218Jo PENNICK28:29SW30-3452.31 %F55PB stays at 00:28:102
219Paula HORTON28:35VW45-4956.09 %F56Droitwich ACNew PB!2
220Joshua TOON28:35JM1055.22 %M164PB stays at 00:28:037
221John PRICE28:35SM30-3445.89 %M165New PB!6
222Benjamin TOON28:36VM35-3946.10 %M166Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:21:218
223Ann GRAY28:40VW70-7478.95 %F57Midland Masters ACPB stays at 00:27:24124
224Paul GILDER28:42VM45-4950.58 %M167Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:24:2635
225Harriet BROWN28:48SW20-2451.39 %F58New PB!11
226Chris REED28:50VM35-3946.01 %M168First Timer!1
227Sam CHARLWOOD28:51VW35-3951.99 %F59PB stays at 00:28:083
228Angie RIDGE28:58VW35-3951.96 %F60PB stays at 00:28:0621
229Zoe HUMPHRIES29:02SW25-2950.98 %F61PB stays at 00:28:424
230Nigel WALMSLEY29:05VM60-6456.10 %M169PB stays at 00:28:2467
231Thomas RUSHTON29:06JM1064.26 %M170New PB!6
232Paul RUSHTON29:06VM40-4448.34 %M171New PB!6
233Andrea HARDING29:07VW50-5460.56 %F62Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:28:4019
234Danny EVANS29:08SM30-3445.02 %M172PB stays at 00:28:2918
236Nigel LEIGH29:18VM55-5953.81 %M174WDBRCRRCPB stays at 00:27:4838
237John BOWDEN29:22VM55-5954.14 %M175Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:28:153
238Sharon COLLINS29:23VW50-5457.06 %F63Black Pear JoggersNew PB!8
239Gerry TAGGART29:24VM70-7462.41 %M176Muscat Road RunnersPB stays at 00:29:0337
240Hannah BURTON29:25SW25-2950.31 %F64PB stays at 00:24:4913
241Sophie JENNINGS29:26SW18-1950.45 %F65Aldridge RCFirst Timer!1
242Emily SEYLER29:32VW35-3950.79 %F66Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:26:555
243Haydon DIB29:35JM11-1451.72 %M177New PB!2
244Joshua TAYLOR29:36JM11-1451.69 %M178First Timer!1
245Rachel LAURENSON29:37SW30-3450.08 %F67PB stays at 00:29:1628
246David MCGEE29:51VM45-4949.02 %M179New PB!16
247Jenny GAGE29:57VW35-3950.25 %F68PB stays at 00:23:3327
248Louise BEARD30:01SW30-3449.53 %F69First Timer!1
249Ross ROBINSON30:08SM30-3443.14 %M180PB stays at 00:28:1274
250Laura COMPTON30:10SW18-1949.23 %F70New PB!3
251Colin Graham STANFORD30:11VM50-5450.08 %M181Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:29:0830
252Michelle BRIGHTON30:12VW40-4450.94 %F71Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:27:23128
253David DARBYSHIRE30:18JM1052.09 %M182PB stays at 00:25:3011
254Keeley HAWKES30:19VW35-3949.92 %F72Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:26:0427
255Jane REES30:20SW18-1948.96 %F73PB stays at 00:27:358
256Steve REES30:21VM50-5449.37 %M183PB stays at 00:26:0664
257Arthur LOCKYEAR30:22VM35-3943.69 %M184Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:23:0227
258Susan ASH30:23VW55-5958.80 %F74Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:29:3542
259Anne GEORGIOU30:26SW30-3448.96 %F75Wimbledon WindmilersPB stays at 00:29:448
260Elliot REES30:30SM20-2442.46 %M185First Timer!1
261Gail Michelle BERRY30:34VW40-4450.71 %F76PB stays at 00:29:0257
262Susan JOHN30:34VW65-6967.34 %F77WDBRCRRCPB stays at 00:30:2123
263Russell JOHN30:36VM65-6955.83 %M186WDBRCRRCPB stays at 00:30:2122
264Lorraine BUNN30:38VW45-4951.85 %F78Malvern JoggersPB stays at 00:27:2044
265Jo KEYTE30:43VW50-5455.94 %F79PB stays at 00:30:0622
266Dan BARKER30:46VM45-4947.18 %M187Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:28:2132
267Clare HASTE30:47VW35-3949.38 %F80Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:29:219
268Trevor CLARK30:49VM50-5448.62 %M188Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:20:01128
269Isabel JEAVONS30:49JW11-1451.81 %F81Worcester ACPB stays at 00:24:279
270Mike JEAVONS30:57VM40-4444.10 %M189Worcester ACPB stays at 00:21:2131
271Edward CROSS31:01VM40-4445.35 %M190PB stays at 00:27:3821
272Kim TOWNSEND31:06VW40-4449.20 %F82Black Pear JoggersNew PB!9
273Stacey REDPATH31:06SW30-3447.91 %F83Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:28:1821
274Heather ROOK31:07VW40-4450.56 %F84Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:30:0911
275Leah RIDGE31:08JW1062.74 %F85PB stays at 00:30:0525
276Derek RIDGE31:10VM35-3943.16 %M191PB stays at 00:20:4219
277Anne CAVE31:11VW55-5960.50 %F86PB stays at 00:29:2732
278Michael CONNOR31:13VM60-6451.84 %M192UKnetrunnerPB stays at 00:23:30117
279Liz JARMAN31:29VW50-5453.26 %F87WDBRCRRCFirst Timer!1
280Carole RUDOLF31:33VW55-5959.80 %F88New PB!9
281Cally REES31:36VW45-4952.43 %F89PB stays at 00:30:1316
282Sarah WILLIAMS-HUBBARD31:38VW35-3947.26 %F90WDBRCRRCNew PB!17
283Max BLANCHARD31:51JM1049.56 %M193New PB!5
284Mike BLANCHARD31:53VM40-4442.81 %M194PB stays at 00:23:187
285Nathaniel TOON31:54JM1049.48 %M195PB stays at 00:29:427
286Ruth MINORS31:55VW35-3947.62 %F91Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:26:5040
287Sarah MCRAE31:56SW30-3446.56 %F92PB stays at 00:27:2714
288David BESSANT31:57VM45-4945.07 %M196Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:21:34113
289Julie NUNN32:00VW50-5453.02 %F93New PB!2
290Lisa EATON32:05VW45-4949.97 %F94New PB!8
291Stephen BROWN32:07VM55-5949.51 %M197WDBRCRRCNew PB!3
292Catherine POWER32:09VW40-4448.21 %F95PB stays at 00:31:085
293Joyce MORRISON32:13VW65-6965.86 %F96PB stays at 00:29:31127
294Nakita MISTRY32:14JW15-1748.09 %F97TaylormadefitnessPB stays at 00:28:496
295Shona TOON32:15SW30-3445.99 %F98New PB!6
297Liz HOWELL32:16VW40-4447.68 %F99New PB!5
298Gary TOMKINSON32:19VM55-5948.38 %M199Black Pear JoggersNew PB!3
299Vanessa STERNKOPF32:21VW50-5451.83 %F100PB stays at 00:29:0736
300John HARRISON32:25VM50-5445.50 %M200PB stays at 00:25:539
301Stephanie THOMPSON32:26VW50-5452.31 %F101PB stays at 00:27:5518
302Steve LONGLEY32:27VM45-4944.02 %M201PB stays at 00:25:4524
303Carl STRAND32:33SM25-2939.68 %M202PB stays at 00:23:5716
304Yvonne RALPHS32:34VW40-4448.31 %F102PB stays at 00:27:4197
305Janet KITCHENER32:36VW60-6459.51 %F103Malvern JoggersFirst Timer!1
306Leah UNWIN32:41VW35-3946.30 %F104PB stays at 00:32:2119
307Jane TIBBITTS32:49VW55-5955.15 %F105Stourbridge RCFirst Timer!15
308Charlotte PASSINGHAM32:54VW35-3945.44 %F106First Timer!54
309Chloe BRACEWELL32:55JW11-1450.53 %F107PB stays at 00:29:494
310David GEORGIOU33:01SM25-2939.07 %M203New PB!7
311Theresa HAYES33:02SW30-3445.11 %F108Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:32:2059
312Mollie BRACEWELL33:03JW11-1447.55 %F109PB stays at 00:32:493
313Theresa FREER-WARD33:09VW40-4446.76 %F110Droitwich ACNew PB!5
314Andrew John FODEN33:11VM45-4943.04 %M204Droitwich ACPB stays at 00:21:2150
315Terri BOOTH33:12VW40-4447.39 %F111PB stays at 00:32:258
316Allan MAUND33:13VM65-6950.48 %M205PB stays at 00:30:2413
317Niamh MCCLAREY33:16JW1052.76 %F112First Timer!1
318Greg MCCLAREY33:17VM45-4943.26 %M206First Timer!1
319Philippa JAINE33:17VW35-3944.92 %F113PB stays at 00:31:153
320Mark WHITEHOUSE33:18VM50-5444.64 %M207New PB!6
321Nick SIMMONS33:23VM55-5946.43 %M208PB stays at 00:29:2932
322Charm WHITEHOUSE33:24VW45-4948.00 %F114Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:28:4324
323Nicky RHEAD33:26VW40-4446.71 %F115New PB!4
324William HOAEN33:29JM11-1442.36 %M209PB stays at 00:31:184
325Kaye BOTTOMLEY33:38SW25-2944.00 %F116Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:32:2436
326Helen POTTER33:40VW45-4948.61 %F117Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:33:123
327Martin SMITH33:42VM65-6951.19 %M210Droitwich ACNew PB!3
328Claire TURNER-SMITH33:43SW30-3444.19 %F118PB stays at 00:28:303
329Sophie ANDERSON33:54SW25-2943.66 %F119First Timer!1
330Adam LAWRRENCE33:56JM1050.15 %M211PB stays at 00:30:0514
331Hannah SHARP33:57SW25-2943.59 %F120Kings Heath Running ClubPB stays at 00:33:4812
332Chloe WILSON33:59VW35-3943.99 %F121PB stays at 00:33:045
333Jill TURNER-SMITH34:01VW35-3943.95 %F122Kidderminster & Stourport ACPB stays at 00:24:559
334Dominica GUIDA-JONES34:01JW11-1446.20 %F123First Timer!1
335Sue LAWRENCE34:02VW45-4946.67 %F124PB stays at 00:30:0321
336David WATSON34:03JM11-1443.66 %M212PB stays at 00:30:2614
337Karen HINKS34:08VW50-5449.71 %F125Pershore Plum PloddersPB stays at 00:26:2647
338Clare HINKS34:14JW15-1744.69 %F126PB stays at 00:32:107
340Charlotte TURNER34:16JW1059.58 %F127New PB!8
341William TURNER34:17VM50-5443.02 %M214Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:22:3628
342James HOWELL34:18JM11-1444.61 %M215PB stays at 00:33:593
343Louise HAMILTON34:31VW35-3943.31 %F128First Timer!1
344Gail POLLOCK34:32VW40-4444.55 %F129New PB!6
345Samantha MCCLORY34:35VW40-4444.24 %F130Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:24:2027
346Joanne PURSER34:42SW20-2442.65 %F131First Timer!1
348Amy HOWELL34:46JW1050.48 %F132PB stays at 00:34:013
349Simon HOWELL34:47VM40-4439.53 %M217PB stays at 00:23:2814
350Jake LONGLEY34:48JM11-1442.72 %M218PB stays at 00:30:4632
351Carol HARDIE34:53VW50-5450.55 %F133First Timer!1
352Andrea LONGLEY35:01VW45-4945.79 %F134PB stays at 00:31:4136
353Frances WILLIAMS35:09SW30-3442.29 %F135New PB!2
354Rachel DUDMAN35:12VW40-4444.03 %F136PB stays at 00:31:0615
355Rebekah DIB35:30VW35-3942.39 %F137Black Pear JoggersNew PB!8
356Jacky POWELL36:01VW50-5447.11 %F138First Timer!1
357Susanne HINTON36:02VW45-4944.50 %F139Droitwich ACNew PB!3
358Lesley Ann CALDICOTT36:31VW55-5948.93 %F140New PB!4
359Anne BRADSHAW37:19VW60-6453.51 %F141PB stays at 00:33:0543
360Sarah COMPTON37:25VW45-4942.45 %F142First Timer!1
361Alison TOMKINSON37:27VW50-5447.09 %F143New PB!2
362Claire WOOLLEY37:31VW40-4441.63 %F144Droitwich ACNew PB!2
363Deana TOMKOTOWICZ37:44VW45-4943.37 %F145PB stays at 00:24:074
364Hazel SHERRINGTON38:25VW50-5444.73 %F146Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:32:147
365Harry CHEVASSUT38:26JM1042.54 %M219New PB!2
366Jason CHEVASSUT38:27VM40-4436.32 %M220PB stays at 00:27:186
367Kay HAWKESWOOD38:27VW40-4439.79 %F147First Timer!1
368Vicci STRAIN38:41SW30-3438.52 %F148Pershore Plum PloddersNew PB!4
369Luke BAILEY38:43JM1043.95 %M221New PB!2
370Joanne BAILEY39:08VW40-4439.91 %F149Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:33:243
371Alison DARBYSHIRE39:08VW40-4440.20 %F150PB stays at 00:37:1816
372Natasha ADAMS39:10VW35-3938.64 %F151TaylormadefitnessPB stays at 00:38:2912
373Carole MAVROIDI39:11VW40-4439.86 %F152PB stays at 00:34:3928
374James HIGNETT39:36VM35-3933.50 %M222First Timer!1
375Kelly JONES40:11SW30-3436.83 %F153First Timer!1
376Amy HARTE40:11JW15-1737.62 %F154First Timer!1
378Lisa MOORE44:01SW25-2933.62 %F155PB stays at 00:26:273
379Fiona RHODES44:28VW55-5941.27 %F156First Timer!1
380Sarah SOCKETT45:21SW30-3432.86 %F157PB stays at 00:31:3715
381Sophie MORRIS45:35SW25-2932.47 %F158First Timer!1
382Leanne DEAN45:37SW30-3432.66 %F159WDBRCRRCPB stays at 00:44:5526
383Paul MARSTON45:37VM55-5933.69 %M224Black Pear JoggersPB stays at 00:23:5199
384Sophie GEORGIOU45:38SW20-2432.43 %F160First Timer!1

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Michael CONNOR, Claire CONSTANDUROS, Richard DREWETT, Russell EATON, Darren FLETCHER, Eddie FREEMANTLE, James GOLDBY, David GRAY, Sally GUILLAUME, Derek HOBBY, Robin JASINSKI, Tracy KENNISH, James KING, Elaine MARSTON, Madeleine PAUL, Steve POTTER, Anne RALPHS, Richard RALPHS, Nichola Clair ROBINSON, Niki ROSE, Carole RUDOLF, Darren SALISBURY, Margaret WILKES

Why not get involved and volunteer?

What is this table?

This table shows the complete results for the specified week at this event. It is automatically shown when you navigate to the results page, but can also be reached by clicking on Latest Results, or by picking a specific week from the Event History table. If you bookmark the Latest Results page in your browser, the bookmark will always take you to the most up to date results table. If you bookmark a results page reached via the Event History table, the bookmark will then always take you to that specific week's results.

The columns

  • Pos - the runner's overall position in the run.
  • parkrunner - is the registered name of the athlete; clicking on the name takes you to that athlete's results page for this event.
  • Time - is the runner's recorded time - we record the overall time between the run director's start instruction and the runner crossing the finish line.
  • Age Cat - represents the age category of the runner on the day of the run; the first letter represents the major age categories (J)unior, (S)enior and (Veteran); the second letter represents gender (M)en and (W)omen; the remainder of the category represents a more specific age range. There are two further caterories for wheel chair users; WWC and MWC represent Women and Men respectively. Clicking on the result category takes you to that age categories' historical record for this event.
  • Age Grade
  • - Gives an indication of how well the runner has done relative to their age and gender see the FAQ article for more information.
  • Gender - (M)ale or (F)emale).
  • Gender Pos - Gender finish positions.
  • Club - Running club if registered.
  • Note - Comments about PBs (Personal Bests).
  • Tot Runs - Total number of runs across all parkruns, and indicator of membership of 10, 50, 100 or 250 clubs.

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