Wotton parkrun #106 – 8th December 2018

The mud is definitely back - it's trail shoes (or wellies) from now until spring 2019 !!


This week we had 72 brilliant parkrunners with visitors from Cornwall, Thornbury and Kingsway, 8 were first timers to Wotton with one person doing their first ever parkrun. Despite the muddy conditions we still had 6 people recording new Personal Bests.


Congratulations to John O'Dwyer who has run Wotton parkrun 45 times and this week was the first finisher for the 20th time.


Tel Cother and his some of his fellow Dursley Running Club runners ran over the hill to join us in celebrating his 50th parkrun - congratulations Tel, a great achievement.


The event was made possible by 18 volunteers who donned the hi viz and cheered on the runners enthusiastically.


Thank you - Rachel BROWN • Kevin BROCKWAY • Eileen HIERON • John HIERON • Claire SEARLE • Ann FITZJOHN • David FITZJOHN • Julie GOWING • Alice LEWIS • Julie JENNER • Sarah WATT • Pauline DRAISEY • Sue SMITH • Carl JENNER • Clair NORMAN • Dave DRAISEY • Christine GORDON • Fr Chris KINCH

We look forward to seeing you'll again on Saturday. If you would like to volunteer please contact us at wottonhelpers@parkrun.com

Don't forget we are holding a Christmas Day parkrun - seasonal fancy dress is optional and there will most likely be some Christmas Fare on offer!!



Wotton parkrun #105 – 1st December 2018

Jingle bells, Jingle bells
It's parkrun Saturday
Oh what fun it is to run
and splash through the puddle today, hey


Jingle bells, jingle bells
parkrun PB today
Oh what fun it is to run
On a gloomy Saturday.


Slipping through the mud
On a wet December day
Through the fields we trudge
Laughing all the way, ha, ha, ha..

Bells for PB's ring
Making spirits bright
Oh what fun it is to run
And finish with cake in sight


Jingle bells, jing-jingle bells
It's parkrun Saturday
Oh what fun it is to run
Always slipin' and slidin' away

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Ring that PB bell today,
Oh what fun it is to run,
at Wotton every Saturday.

Dashing through the puddle
Trying to avoid the spray,
Through the fields we go
Laughing all the way, ha, ha, ha.....



If you enjoy parkrun,

Don't forget to join us on Christmas day! Usual time, usual place!!

Congratulations to our milestones, 50 runs for Ellis, 25 volunteering occasions for Julie Jaffa and finally well done to our Couch Conquerors who did their graduation 5k!



Wotton parkrun #104 – 24th November 2018

The puddle had dried up again this week, so no splashing up to the finish funnel!!

DSC_0014We had 77 dry-footed parkrunners with tourists from Brighton, Newbury, Gloucester, Plymouth and 8 people new to Wotton - two doing their first ever parkrun. We also had 7 new Personal Best times. DSC_0026

David Anderson ran his 50th parkrun in a great time of 24 minutes 12 secs - congratulations David, we hope to see you back again soon.

DSC_0082It was fantastic to see 13 runners this week who were under 14, including two in the top four places - thats amazing! DSC_0051

Our parkrun would not exist without the help we get from all our fantastic volunteers. If you feel that you can give a couple of hours of your time on a Saturday morning we would love to hear from you.

This week we would like to thank - Andrew PRICE, Andy KIRKUP, Ann FITZJOHN, Dave DRAISEY, David FITZJOHN, Helen LENNOX, Jeremy HULL, Jo TURKSEN, Jonathan ISAACS, Lisa CROPPER, Patrick COMER, Pauline DRAISEY, Pip MARROW, Rebecca FLINT, Sarah CROMARTY, Sarah WATT, Sue SMITHDSC_0010


See you all on Saturday - please remember we will be parking on the Car Boot site this week (New Road entrance).


Wotton parkrun #103 – 17th November 2018

Breaking News!

Ripples of disquiet have been voiced at Wotton parkrun this week as the finish straight puddle refills for the winter. Puddlexiteers have caused a splash by campaigning to drain the puddle!DSC_0029

A backlash from opposition group, the No-Drainers who are determined to keep the puddle, has muddied the waters somewhat. They say that it’s a vital part of Wotton parkrun and an efficient way to clean one’s muddy trainers on the home straight.

DSC_0024 (1)

The No-Drainers claim that, with the recent course lengthening to bring it in line with other parkrun courses, removing the puddle will further diminish the individuality of Wotton parkrun and that it is better off doing its own thing, puddle and all.


The Core Cabinet Team have produced a compromise Puddlexit plan, written on the backs of 585 finish tokens. Upon reading it, the Puddlexiteers said it was only good for chucking in the puddle to provide stepping stones for runners.

DSC_0033  When asked by the No-Drainers to supply some kind of water retention device for the puddle, the WCSF said that they couldn’t give a dam… but would give the matter a think.

The thorniest issue is proving to be whether to have a hard or soft border with the blackberry hedge that runs alongside the puddle.DSC_0044 (1)

Beleagured pM (parkrun Manager), Ann and her Puddlexit Secretary Dave continue to resiliently organise parkrun despite their Core Cabinet Team being a little bit hopeless (cough, Run Directors who forget their barcodes, cough). Luckily, the marvelous Civil Volunteer Service were on hand to keep runners moving in the general direction of forwards - Lee MASTERS • Rose STEPHENSON • Rachel BROWN • Kevin BROCKWAY • Kate WOODROW • John HIERON • Sarah CROMARTY • Ann FITZJOHN • David FITZJOHN • Julie GOWING • Imogen TESTA • Julie JENNER • Pauline DRAISEY • Michael BROWN • Lucy BIRKINSHAW • Thomas PEDDER • Carl JENNER • Dave DRAISEY • Helen LENNOX • Jonathan HUNT • Jon MORGANWotton parkrun #103 17/11/18Several No-Drainers are considering sending the Core Cabinet Team letters of no confluence (bit of fluvial geography joke there).


As the debate rages, new MPs (Members of parkrun) have been making their maiden speeches in parkliament. These included Chris Thornton, Andrew Dinnage, Caroline Dinnage, Rob Garlicki, Lily Philpott and Karen Wicks. They were warmly welcomed into the Wotton parkrun community.


Wotton parkrunners keenly await the resolution of Puddlexit. Until then, the puddle will continue to do a splashing job of soaking runners on the home straight.

The puddle has yet to comment. DSC_0041


Wotton parkrun #102 – 10th November 2018

We often say it doesn't rain on a Saturday morning at Wotton parkrun and yet again we managed to dodge the rain.


84 runners joined us for another great morning. The new course was amended slightly to take account of the car parking arrangements in place. We are back to normal again now so please go back to parking in the KLB car park. Thank you to those volunteers who were able to help move the barriers during the week.

DSC_0053 (1)

Just six PB's this week, probably not helped by the slightly damp course, though in general the course is holding up well.
DSC_0024 (1)


We had three people doing their first parkrun and we are looking forward to seeing them back next week.

With the course in more wintery condition the water crossing is starting to grow in size, much to the delight of some of our runners!


Don't forget we rely on volunteers to keep parkrun running, it's great fun and anyone can help. If you'd like to volunteer drop us an email or speak to the Run Director on the day.

See you next week!

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