Wotton parkrun #60 – 6th January 2018

Our 60th parkrun and the first one of 2018 saw our numbers swelled on account of a couple of local cancellations. Despite the recent rainfall and the freezing temperatures our event went ahead as usual and twice as many runners turned up this as week as did for the final run of 2017.

DSC_0012Nineteen people were running at Wotton for the first time including four complete newcomers to the joys of parkrun. We laid on all the mud and ice we could find, plus a frozen puddle the size of a decent bedroom, but it wasn't enough to deter everyone from having a great time. Ten runners even clocked up their fastest ever completions at Wotton. DSC_0120

One of the great successes of parkrun is its ability to bring together such a diverse collection of participants. This week we had two DofE volunteers doing the scanning (thank you Chris and Charlotte), an under-10, Safia completing her first parkrun and 81 year-old John HIERON marshalling up on turn 2, which he had festooned with birthday banners to welcome David FITZJOHN, one of our regular Run Directors and great stalwart, into a new age category!!

DSC_0001We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers despite the conditions so a huge thank-you to all of them for making this event possible. They were: Terry COTHER, Jadie COTTERELL, Charlotte DOVER, Pauline DRAISEY, Dave DRAISEY, Pete DUNN, Ann FITZJOHN, David FITZJOHN, Graeme FITZJOHN, Rachael GOATMAN, Diana GORE, John HIERON, Julie JENNER, Carl JENNER, Fr Chris KINCH, Andy KIRKUP, Oliver NORRIS, Christopher SLUMAN, Garry STRICKLAND, Tracey STRICKLAND, Scott THOMAS, Neil TRUELOVE, Jonathan TUDOR, Jennifer WILKINS DSC_0017

We look forward to welcoming you all to Wotton Community Parc again next week.




Wotton parkrun #59 – 30th December 2017

It was only the brave few that battled gale force winds, rain, mud and the calf-deep water jump to successfully negotiate Wotton parkrun this week. New Year's Resolutions were strong in the minds of these runners and they were motivated in their gallant efforts by the cheers of the marshals and the thoughts of second breakfast.... and it was all worth it for the finish line smiiles!


DSC_0111Some found it a little tough after Christmas and had to have a helping hand from their running partner: DSC_0103

And some were still celebrating Christmas itself!

DSC_0062Thank you to all of our marvellous volunteers for braving the elements and making parkrun happen this week: Aaron MCTEAR • Andy KIRKUP • Ann FITZJOHN • Barnaby BEERE • Charlotte DOVER • Dave DRAISEY • David FITZJOHN • Julie JENNER • Kerry WHITTON • Mike BIENEMANN • Oliver BEERE • Pauline DRAISEY • Ritchie JACKMAN • Rose STEPHENSON • Sarah WATT • Tom BEASLEY • Zosia YOUNG DSC_0002


Wotton parkrun #58 – 25th December 2017

Christmas Day

Our first Christmas Day parkrun was attended by 150 fantastic enthusiastic fancy-dressed parkrunners plus 19 volunteers and a fair number of spectators and supporters. Conditions were muddy and the water-splash was full to the brim. There was a buzz of Christmas excitement around the Community Parc before the run director set everyone off with a ‘ho, ho, go’!!


This was a special parkrun for Wotton as we had tourists from Brighton, Surrey, Cornwall, Nottingham, Birmingham, Peterborough, Stockport, Inverness, Norfolk, Gloucester, Melbourne (Australia), Oxford, Forest of Dean, Dulwich, Bushy, Bath and Southampton as well as from all our nearest neighbours. We were also privileged to have Gregory Bailey running at his 221st different parkrun and Paul Fielding completing his 394th parkrun (of which 370 have been at a different parkrun!!), wow, what amazing stats those are!


Forty nine people were visiting Wotton for the first time and six were doing their fabulous first ever parkrun - at Wotton - on Christmas Day!! Amazingly there were also representatives from 34 different running clubs - including 11 from Dursley Running Club and 10 from Bristol and West AC. Charley Palmer had chosen Christmas Day to run her 100th parkrun - congratulations Charley!


We are extremely grateful to the 19 volunteers who gave up their cosy Christmas morning at home in order for this event to take place - those marvellous people were - Jennifer ANTHONY, Charlie BEERE, Sallie-Anne BEERE, Michael BROWN, Patrick COMER, Simon DAKIN, Giles DAKIN, Dave DRAISEY, Pauline DRAISEY, David FITZJOHN, Ann FITZJOHN, Yvonne HULL, Jeremy HULL, Carl JENNER, Julie JENNER, Laura JENNER, Andy KIRKUP, Steve MORGAN, Rose STEPHENSON

If you would like to volunteer in the future please email wottonhelpers@parkrun.com - don't worry if you haven't done it before - we are a friendly team and we're sure you'll love it!


Wotton parkrun #57 – 23rd December 2017

Another fun event at Wotton, with a good turnout of 86 runners. The weather was warmer this week. The frost had gone, and some of the corners got a little bit bit churned up, for that full off-road experience. Unfortunately it was also windy enough to flip over our much-loved gazebo, so repairs will be required. Anyone know a welder?


The first finishers were the same pair as last week, John O'Dwyer and Millie Porter. Close behind were tourists Anthony Whelan and Victoria Haslam from Bushy (where the first ever parkrun was held in 2004). Most people had slower times due to the conditions, but there were 4 PBs, 7 newbies and 10 first-time visitors.

DSC_0010 DSC_0120

We had lots of amazing costumes for both runners and volunteers.



This week's terrific volunteers were Ann Fitzjohn, Cathryn Brown, Charlotte Dover, Dave Draisey, David Fitzjohn, Jackie Pennington, Jeremy Hull, John Hieron, Julie Jenner, Katie Jenner, Laura Jenner, Pauline Draisey, Peter Chaffer, Pip Marrow, Stella Laing, Steve Morgan, Sue Smith and Yvonne Hull.


We have just achieved our 1000th volunteering credit this month. A big thank you to all who have contributed and a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join in



Wotton parkrun #56 – 16th December 2017

Wotton Community Parc was looking beautiful in the early morning sun. Once again we were greeted with freezing conditions and we had to alter the start of the course slightly to avoid a couple of icy puddles.DSC_0013

Many thanks to these volunteers who helped to prepare a safe course by 9am - Michael BROWN, Cathryn BROWN, Dave DRAISEY, Pauline DRAISEY, Pete DUNN, Paul ELDRIDGE, Ann FITZJOHN, David FITZJOHN, Ruth GIBSON, Carly HEATH, Carl JENNER, Nicola LEWTON, Steve MORGAN, Andy SYMANOWSKI, Neil TRUELOVE, Kerry WHITTON. DSC_0005 This week we said congratulations to Ali who ran her 50th parkrun and we welcomed two tourists, Paul and Maggie from Lancashire. DSC_0033

We had 4 runners visiting us for the first time and 7 new PBs - one of which was achieved by Denise who has now taken almost 10 minutes off of her time since starting at Wotton parkrun back in October.

Next week we have our usual parkrun at 9am on Saturday and a bonus run at 9am CHRISTMAS DAY! Festive fancy dress is optional at both events - we can't wait to see you...

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