Wycombe Rye junior parkrun # 98 – 10/02/2019

After the cancellation of last week’s junior parkrun due to icy conditions, the relatively mild 5 degrees and only a touch of rain was a pleasantly enjoyable condition for this week’s run.


I was delighted that so many of you responded to our request for volunteers on Saturday – the roster was looking a little thin on the ground until everyone responded to our appeal; I even had a complete roster (including photographer with shiny new camera) and had to turn down offers for assistance. THANK YOU to you all: Tazneem ANWAR, Hamza ANWAR, Asif ANWAR, Kris CHAPLIN, Linda CURLEY, Grant CURLEY, Andy FOGDEN, Douglas GORDON, Sam KETLEY, Paul PRENTICE, Elizabeth ROGERS, Cheryl SAYER, Helen SHARP, Paul SZEFER, Sarah TALLACK, Brie TUSTIN, Juno WILLCOX, Tor WILLCOX, Rachel WILLCOX, and Stephanie WILLIAMS


A week without a junior parkrun produced some cases of significant enthusiasm:

• Lots of loud cheering during our briefing and warm-up;
• Mia MUNZO for sprinting up to collect her ½ Marathon Wristband, having completed 11 junior parkruns;
• An almost false start, as some of our more enthusiastic runners couldn’t quite wait for the whistle; and
• I was delighted to give one girl a big hi-five who came to thank me for the enthusiasm shown during the briefing which made her enjoy junior parkrun even more than normal and made her run that little bit faster!


We had 76 runners complete our course, with five first timers and one Tourist. Despite the ground being wet and somewhat slippery, 9 of you managed to gain New PBs! Well done: Evelina, William, Rosie, Bonnie, Nethru, Freddie, Kiara, Ismail and Isla.


Our fastest runners were Hugo MUNDY, Joel HORROCKS and Joseph COCKROFT for the boys and Lucy FOGDEN, Evelina WALKER and Bonnie HOPKINS for the girls.

Today’s run was Number 98 at Wycombe Rye junior parkrun and we are looking at how we will celebrate our 100th junior parkrun after just over 2 years of running the event – so watch this space and for announcements on Facebook as to how we will make that a special event.


Apologies to those of you who got caught out by the results processing errors that occurred. We had a problem with some of the underlying data, which needed to be corrected – usually something as anomalous as this would produce some red flags to indicate things had gone wrong, but in this instance the data was an initially plausible data set, so didn’t set off alarm bells until a few people wrote in by email and Facebook to suggest that things weren’t quite right. Hopefully those who were initially confused by their times & positions will be less so with the republished results.

I will leave you in the capable hands of Kate RODGERS as RD for next week.

Have a great week and hope you will have as much fun (if not more) next Sunday.

Douglas Gordon
Run Director



Wycombe Rye junior parkrun #97- 27/01/2019

This snow free Sunday saw 87 runners completing the course. It was very cold, I should have worn more layers, so I was glad for the warm up :)


We had 9 first timers and 12 PBs. Amelie KETLEY was awarded an Ultramarathon wristband and Oliver SLATER was awarded a Half Marathon wristband. If you have completed 11, 21 or 50 junior parkruns don’t forget to contact us via email or the Facebook page. We can present your milestone wristband next time you join us or let the Run Director know before the warm-up.

WycRyeJPR9847_19_01_27 crop

Our top 3 male finishers were Harry CHARLES in 7:42, Thomas REYNOLDS in 8:04 and William SLATER in 8:16.

Our top 3 female finishers were Ellie FAULKNER in 8:52, Lucy FOGDEN in 9:11 and Evelina WALKER in 9:51


We have 2 missing finish tokens. Please remember to hand these back to the volunteer who is scanning the tokens.

We must have a minimum of 10-12 volunteers each week to ensure that we can provide a safe and fully timed event. Please consider volunteering and contact us via email, Facebook or approach the Volunteer Co-ordinator at our next event to put your name down. All of the volunteer roles are easy and can be explained in a matter of a few minutes.

Thank you to the volunteers who made this event happen: Asif ANWAR, Yahya ANWAR, Hamza ANWAR, Zakariya ANWAR, Caroline BISHOP, Martin CARIVEN, Sarah EVANS, Simon EVANS, Andy FOGDEN, Patricia KALIU, Sam KETLEY, Paul PRENTICE, Chris REED, Iain ROBERTSON, Elizabeth ROGERS, Julia SPARKS and Brie TUSTIN.

It always lovely to see so many smiling faces. Your Run Director next week is Natalie.

See you then

Run Director


Wycombe Rye junior parkrun # 95 – 13/01/2019

This week I want to start by once again thanking all of our wonderful volunteers, without you we couldn’t hold the event. Honestly, it’s really easy and we can explain any roles and provide assistance, you still get to watch your children take part and it is a very rewarding experience.

Thank you to the 136 fantastic junior parkrunners who joined us, along with their parents and guardians to take part in run number 95.

We had 19 first timers, welcome to you all, hopefully you will be back. Unfortunately, we had 8 unknowns so please do register so you can be allocated your times. You achieved 32 new personal best times (PB), congratulations, that’s really amazing.

A special mention to Daisy, Amber and Orla, who all received a blue wristband for having completed 11 parkruns (half marathon distance). Please make sure you let us know when you reach the targets (11/21/50)

Thank you all for listening to the briefing at the start to remind you of the few important things you need to remember, the most important one is it’s a run not a race, have fun and be considerate of other runners and users of the park.

First male finisher (1st place) was Thomas REYNOLDS in a time of 07:51, second male (2nd place) was Charlie QUANTRILL in 08:00, and third male (3rd place) was Max ROUGHTON in 08:16, Congratulations to all.

First female finisher was Ellie FAULKNER (6th place) in 08:31 a new PB congratulations. Second female (14th place) was Lucy FOGDEN, in 08:55, and third female (21st place) was Daisy ACKRELL in 09:19. Fantastic running.

Thank you to my awesome team of Hi-Viz wearing, foam hand wearing, high fiving volunteer super stars: We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Emilu BLAKE, Simon EVANS, Sarah EVANS, Andy FOGDEN, James HAYWARD, Sue HERMSEN, Matt HOLMES, Lyndsay MARKHAM, Jonathan MURRIN, Anne-Marie PILKINGTON, Kate ROGERS, Elizabeth ROGERS, Yaton TANG, Brie TUSTIN, Gaius WYNCOLL and Katie WYNCOLL.

We rely on volunteers to ensure that the event can go ahead and all of the positions are quite straight forward and assistance given if needed, please email wycomberye-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com if you can help in the future. Junior parkruns count towards the coveted purple 25 volunteer t-shirt.

Next week you will be looked after by Claire and her team of volunteers

Thank you everyone for enjoying today with us and see you next time (#DFYB).

John O’Keeffe – Run Director.


Wycombe Rye junior parkrun # 94 – 06/01/2019

Sunday saw 108 runners complete the course, with 8 First Timers, welcome and we hope to see you back soon. There were 23 PB’s and the following wristbands were awarded;
Lily DELL was awarded her Marathon wristband, Christopher HACKETT, Henry PHILLIPS, Luke PHILLIPS, Toby REYNOLDS & Charlie THOMAS were all awarded their HM wristbands.

Remember to contact us by email or Facebook, or speak to the Run Director before the briefing if you have achieved a new wristband.

The first three male finishers were William SLATER in 7:40, followed by Thomas REYNOLDS in 7:51 and Max ROUGHTON in 8:19
Felicity MOLONY was the first female in 9:40, with Emma READMAN 2nd in 9:46, closely followed by Sophie WHITE in 9:48.

There were 2 unknown runners, do check you have your paper copy of your barcode with you, or a parkrun wristband or keyfob, otherwise you will be unknown.

Thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers this week:
Irfan AKRAM, Martin CARIVEN, Sarah EVANS, Samuel EVANS, Simon EVANS, Julie FAULKNER, Marni GROVE, Matt HOLMES, Jonathan MURRIN, Anne-Marie PILKINGTON, Abby ROGERS, Paul SZEFER, Yaton TANG, Brie TUSTIN
The event needs at least 12 volunteers each week to run, so take a look at your diary and see if you could fill a slot, speak to the Run Director or Volunteer Coordinator if you would like any more details.

See you on Sunday when your Run Director is John O’KEEFFE

Kate Rogers
Run Director


Wycombe Rye junior parkrun # 93 – 30/12/2018

It was the last junior parkrun of 2018 and what a year it has been. We have had a total of 4,389 runners complete the course supported by 858 volunteers across 48 events. Our largest events were in June & July with attendances of 134 (not quite breaking our record attendance of 170) although we did manage, on a very wet day to cater for our smallest attendance of 24 runners back in October. 2018 also saw our fastest ever runners with Harry CHARLES completing the course, back in October, in the impressive time of 6.56 and Isabella HAINES-GRAY, back in June, in a time of 7.29 – WOW to both! We also gained some new Run Directors, Kate, Natalie, Tazneem as well as thanking Sue and Simon for their help – both of whom joined us right at the beginning. We have also had the pleasure of Elizabeth, one of our Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteers take a stint as RD too.

Our last junior parkrun of 2018 started a little slow. Everyone found getting out of bed a little bit of a struggle. Your RD was starting to become a little worried as by 8.30 I had one volunteer. Thankfully the volunteers and runners then started to appear. We even managed a completely full volunteer roster, with a couple of last-minute volunteers helping as Barcode Scanner and Number Checker. If you look at the roster (click here) you can see where we need volunteers, we are always happy to hear by Facebook or email if you can help us.


68 runners came to enjoy junior parkrun, with 8 of you joining us for your first ever junior parkruns.

Thankfully, no one seemed to mind that we started our briefing a little late (we were still setting out the course) – we kept it brief, warmed-up and sprinted to the start line [I always thought it was supposed to be a sprint to the finish line].


12 of you managed to collect New PBs! around our course and only 5 runners forgot their barcodes, so were recorded as Unknown.


For the boys, the first three finishers were: Thomas REYNOLDS 7.57, Joel ARMSTRONG 8.18 (New PB!) and Thomas MCDERMOTT 8.23 (New PB!).


For the girls, the first three finishers were: Lucy SPENCER 8.11 (New PB! & returning Tourist), Annabelle Rose COMPTON 8.27 and Ellie FAULKNER 8.57.


Dylan STUART 10 also had the noticeable achievement of being the only runner to clock a time that was perfectly on the minute (10 mins 00 seconds).

So with that, we say farewell to 2018 and wish you a very Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2019, and enjoy many junior parkruns during the year. Kate will be welcoming you to Wcombe Rye junior parkrun for the first of 2019.

Douglas Gordon
Run Director

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