Wythenshawe parkrun no.379  23rd February 2019 – Last Orders At The Cafe

In our usual day to day activities we always like a sense of familiarity, this may be parking in the same spot at work, or paying at the same till when we buy our weekly groceries. At parkrun, nothing is different and for me  seeing Sam at the first corner or Jane scanning the barcodes brings this sense of familiarity, however this week we said goodbye to one of the Wythenshawe parkrun constants.

The Cafe at Wythenshawe has been helpful in a number of ways in terms of assisting our parkrun, from storing some of our equipment, to letting parkrunners use the toilet facilities, to providing a Christmas Breakfast Special and every week being the base for our core team to use their wifi in order to process the results.

So from all of us who have used the Cafe’s facilities, a big THANK YOU from Wythenshawe parkrun. As we do not know when the new Cafe will be open this means that we have no toilet facilities at the moment so please be aware of this on Saturday morning before you make your way to our event.

In terms of this week’s event, we had 299 parkrunners who enjoyed the unseasonably warm February morning and ran/jogged/walked their way around the park. And 52 of you enjoyed the warm weather so much, you ran Personal Bests, based on the number of times that they have run at Wythenshawe, I would like to highlight Victoria Cordingley, Claire Smith & Gillian Edmundson for their PB’s this week, but congratulations to you all.

We also had 29 First Timers to our parkrun this week, with 18 of you making their parkrun debut. Along with a tourist from Belfast, we welcome you all and hope to see you soon.

One thing that the newcomers will have noticed is that at parkrun we like to celebrate achievements and the best way to celebrate is with plenty of Cake and Sweets. So congratulations to Thomas Pavey on running his 100th parkrun, and to Zack Hocking, Rick Jones, Peter Daly, Ben Crouch & Nikki Reed who all celebrated their 50th parkrun.

We are always grateful to the volunteers who make parkrun possible and this week led by Alan Lamb, they included Norma Burgess, Jonathan Butcher, Ron Carter, Ben Crouch, Edward Cundick, Joe Oliver Evans, Jane Gavin, Joshua Horsman, Graham Horsman, Ann John, Jaya Limbachia, Jennifer Lutton, Paul Maybury, Morris Mcgill, Sidney Mcgill, Lucy Mcgill, Nayana Moore, Michael Moore, Bruce Partington, Richard Pavey, Thomas Pavey, Andrew Ratcliffe, Jane Warnock  & David Wathey.


So onto next week, and as I mentioned previously  we may not have toilet facilities available. Although the weather has been excellent for this time of the year, remember the Beast from the East was this week last year, the overflow car park may not be available again. So please car share or cycle or use public transport if you can. If the car park is full, please park responsibly on a local side street.


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Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 377
9th February 2019

Thank you.  It's the small things that do it for me but the combination of you all listening to the brief (yes I know you've heard it all before but it is important); behaving in the funnel and handing in all the tokens meant I left the park on Saturday almost beside myself with joy.

220 people ran, jogged and walked the course which was surprisingly close to my estimate in the important game of 'Guess the number of runners' which is part of the excitement the volunteers at the finish get to enjoy while you lot are getting sweaty and battling into the wind across the football pitches.  We welcomed 26 first timers among those 220 and you were treated to much drier ground than any of us had anticipated given the rain in the preceding days.  I'm sorry if you had been expecting us to be running the Sandcastle & Flag course but as the conditions were good and there were only two of us there to set up we decided to stick with the normal course.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers who made my job as Run Director relatively straightfoward.  They were:

Paul BARBER • Katherine Victoria REECE • Andy BAGULEY • Alan LAMB • Nayana MOORE • Kate HOLLOWAY • Edward CUNDICK • Sue STRICKLAND • Sam MCGRATH • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Kathryn DEAKIN • Robert FORDYCE • Oliver LEGERTON and our thanks to them all.

It looked a bit like Bake Off week with fantastic homemade offerings to mark milestones from Graham Horsman (100th run at Wythenshawe) and Sheila Parker who was doing her 50th run many years after her first. I wonder if there are any more milestones coming up in the next few weeks?

The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page.

We're still in winter mode and so you can assume that the field car park is out of action and so I'll repeat my plea to you to car share where you can or come by bike or on foot and try to park away from the park.  Thanks



The Snow Must Go On

So when the Snow started falling heavily on Wednesday, I am guessing a lot of us thought that our favourite run of the week at Wythenshawe would be cancelled.

However, whilst a number of local parkruns were called off, our event managed to go ahead, & on behalf of the 279 parkrunners who ran, jogged, walked and in spots splashed their way around the fields a massive thank you to the team who came up with "The Snow Must go on" Course at a late stage.

So thank you Dan Martell and this week's team of exceptional volunteers who stood around in the cold making sure we could run. They included Aidan Smith, Amanda Navin, Andy Holloway, Bruce Partington, Charlotte Dean, Chris Snow, Edward Cundick, Jan Williams, Kate Holloway, Kathryn Deakin, Libby Day, Nick Hamlin, Norma Burgess(100th Time Volunteering!) , Oliver Legerton, Paul Shelley, Peter Smith, Robert Fordyce, Ron Carter, Sam Mcgrath, Sam Streeter, Sam Wilson, Sarah Collinge, Vincent Shelley & Yoko Shellley

By my reckoning this is at least the 5th course we have used ranging from the original course, our usual course (not counting the time we ran this in reverse) , plus the bowtie & sandcastle course that we have used in winter conditions.However veterans may be able to add in additional courses I can not remember running.

With a number of local events called off we welcomed 47 first timers to our event, with 7 of those braving parkrun for the first ever time. We welcome you all, and hope that the warm welcome you received helped to make up for the chilly conditions. From a quick perusal, I can see that we had tourists from Brighton, Durham, Huddersfield & the wonderful sounding Hilly Fields parkrun.

Some of our regulars will have noticed that as well as the gazebo being in a different place, we also had a brand new bigger table in order to accommodate 2 of the most important parts of parkrun, the token box and cake.

In terms of celebrations, we had a number this week to fill our table, and they included Steve Thurston who brought some home made flapjacks on his 100th run, plus Tristan Pollock (200th run) and Phil Keeley (60th Birthday). Thank you to all of you and well done on your achievements.

In terms of tokens, again please can you remember to place them back in the box after they have been scanned, they are not a souvenir to keep hold of!

The final batch of thanks and celebrations must go to the runners who followed the advice of parking sensibly and also being careful around the course. Looking ahead at the forecast it appears that we will not have the cold weather, however it will be wet, so the over flow car park may well be unusable again. If this is the case then please car share, cycle or if you have to drive, please park in a responsible manner.

See you Saturday,




Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 374
19th January 2019

Well it looks like lots of you are sticking to those New Year's resolutions as we had another big turnout for our sociable run, jog, walk around Wythenshawe park on a very chilly Saturday morning.  The total number of runners topped 300 for the third consecutive week which is the first time in a January for us. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will keeping coming back regularly even when winter does kick in and the course takes on a browner (muddier) complexion.  A special welcome to the 37 people who were sampling Wythenshawe for the first time and hats off to the 38 who recorded new Personal Bests.

If you are relatively new to Wythenshawe then I should point out that we love to celebrate milestones of any description and there were several this week. Junior Peter Jesson had done his 10th run (not a milestone for adults), it was 50th run for Katie Zakis, Alison James, Alexander Roy, Andrew Roberts (bonus PB as well) and Linda Edmondson.  Nick Singleton was doing his 100th, and last but not least Margaret Carleton was celebrating an apparently significant birthday.  We particularly applaud those who brought cakes!

As you well know the whole proceedings are run by volunteers and this week's heroes who made my job as run director relatively easy were:

Katherine Victoria REECE • Alistair TANNER • Kate HOLLOWAY • Edward CUNDICK • Anthony HARRISON • Luke KELLY • Ron CARTER • Sam MCGRATH • Jane GAVIN • Bruce PARTINGTON • Norma BURGESS • Sam WILSON • Libby DAY • Kathryn DEAKIN • Oliver LEGERTON

Thanks to them all and if you would like to help one week then please sign up on the board on the table where you return your finish tokens or drop us an email at wythenshawehelpers@parkrun.com.

One of the tasks our finish area volunteers perform is setting of the funnel while you are out doing your two laps.  You may not have noticed the artistry involved on Saturday but the result ensured none of you stepped on the area of grass which was looking quite worn from previous weeks' funnels and until the weather gets a lot better then we could well need to slightly change the funnel each week to ensure we're not doing any damage to the park.  Bear this in mind when you turn the final corner and start your sprint finish.

If you want to peruse the full results and a complete event history then the following link has it all Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page.

Remember you won't be able to park in the field this week and so the main car park is likely to be full by 8:45 so please car share or come by bike or on foot or park outside the park in the many side roads and have a short jog as a warm up.

See you on Saturday.  Don't forget your barcode.



Wythenshawe parkrun no.373  12th January 2019 – New Year's Resolutions Again

Last week I thought it was an excellent effort to have 38 new timers to parkrun however this week we surpassed that with 42 first timers to parkrun at Wythenshawe. Out of this number 26 had their first ever experience of parkrun and we welcome you all to Wythenshawe parkrun and look forwards to seeing you again soon.

There were also a number of parkrun tourists who decided to swap the Sunny South Coast Charms of Brighton for the wind and rain of Wythenshawe. So we hope that Claire Hooley, George Tester-Allen and Sonia Tester-Allen all enjoyed the Wythenshawe experience with congratulations to Sonia on running her 50th parkrun.

Although the conditions were wet and windy this week and running across the football fields seemed to be even harder work than usual, 27 of you still managed to achieve Personal Bests. A quick perusal of these results shows that the highlight has to be Claire Smith who on her 44th run at Wythenshawe and 50th run in total managed to knock 15 seconds off her previous best, well done Claire and congratulations on 50 runs as well.

Cakes were aplenty at the finishing line and for this we thank Michael Eakin who was running his 200th parkrun. Congratulations on this achievement and I would also say well done on having a wonderfully atheistically pleasing PB of 24.24.

As we are now well into the Winter months, please can you remember to say thank you to the volunteers who are standing in the wet & cold for long periods of time in order for our event to go ahead. This week our volunteers were led  by Alan Lamb & included Norma Burgess, Ron Carter, Edward Cundick, Libby Day, Kathryn Deakin, Beth Evens, Robert Fordyce, Jane Gavin, Andy Holloway, Luke Kelly, Oliver Legerton, Jennifer Lutton, Paul Maybury, Sam Mcgrath, Bruce Partington, Linda Roy, Claire May Spence, Alistair Tanner & Sam Wilson.

And a couple of housekeeping points to end this report run on, the first is regarding the pre-run briefing. Please can you ensure that everybody is in a position to hear this, this is the only opportunity for the run director to inform ourselves of any new hazards or events that will require our attention so a couple of minutes of silence is required.

In this week's briefing Alan mentioned that if we get any more rain we will not have access to the Overflow Car Park in the front field. Therefore, please can you plan on car sharing, cycling or use Public Transport if you can. Quite rightly the Council do not want any parking on the verges so once the main Car Park is full, you will have to use adjacent side streets, but please ensure that you do not block any drives. 

Finally, please can we ensure that we follow the funnel discipline that was mentioned, especially relating to tokens, once they are scanned, please can they be placed immediately in the token box on the main table. Please do not take them home!!!!

See you all on Saturday #dfyb


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