A Red, White, Black, Green, Apricot & Purple celebration but sadly no Blue

Wythenshawe parkrun no.339 19th May 2018

So 300 of us were out on a beautiful pre Royal Wedding Saturday morning in a mood to celebrate the parkrun experience. The colours in the title pertain to the various parkrun colours that I saw whilst running around the park from the white junior parkrun milestone of 10 to the green milestone of 250 for some of our slightly more experienced runners. We do not have any blue t shirts yet which are for those who have run 500 times but in time I am sure we will start to see some of these.

And talking of t shirts and milestones I spotted a number of you looking resplendent in your new milestone t shirts you have received this week. They look very smart and we will hopefully soon see Steve Dunne and Jessica Hill in these t shirts as they were celebrating their 100th and 10th run respectively. Thank you for bringing in cake; this was very much appreciated by all.

Another 71 of you will be celebrating as this was the number of you who recorded personal bests today. Using the milestone of more than 40 runs at Wythenshawe well done Richard Evans on his 194th run at Wythenshawe, Evan Roberts, Stuart Gordon, Edyta Burgess (2nd time in 3 weeks), Yoko Shelley (3rd time in 5 weeks)and Jaya Limbachia. Not forgetting Stefan Bradley, Clive Briscoe, Paul Shelley & Sarah Hooks who ran PB's for the 2nd week running, well done to you all.

However there would be no celebrations possible without the assistance of our volunteers led by Dan Martell and his helpers Amanda NAVIN, Amelie MONK, Andy HOLLOWAY, Angela HOWARTH, Annie Helen WOOLLEY, Dianne LAWLOR, Graham HORSMAN, Holly HARRISON,Joanna GREAVES, Joanne HILL, Jonathan LAY, Kate HOLLOWAY, Kathryn DEAKIN,  Lee BARNARD, Lisa BEATTIE, Margaret TUNNEY, Mark JONES, Nick BURKE, Norma BURGESS, Owen ALLWRIGHT, Ron CARTER, Sarah LUDLAM, Sarah NEWTON,  Sheila PARKER  & Thomas PAVEY.

We also had 31 newcomers to our event with 15 of you running your first parkrun. There were tourists from a number of places including Huddersfield, Perth (Scotland), and from a couple of parkruns over the Liverpool area. To our Liverpool friends who joined us this weekend, there was no need to be shy about this, parkrun is a friendly Community & we hope to see you all again soon.

Whilst parkrun does not have too many rules, is it possible to ask for a moment or two of silence for the run briefing? I know a lot of us will have heard briefings before, however we run over different types of surfaces (Tarmac/Grass/Gravel/Mud/Metal) and the hazards do change from week to week The briefing is designed for the event to run as safely as possible. We don't want you to get injured!!

I started talking about t shirts and will finish on t shirts as we will hopefully see a number of you in t shirts from the Manchester 10K/Half Marathon from the weekend. You will have earned those t shirts running in the sun, so wear them with pride.

See you next Saturday, Jonathan

PS don't forget your barcode, 21 of you did and were classified as Unknown
PPS we are short of volunteers over the next couple of weeks, any assistance would be appreciated


Timing is everything

Wythenshawe parkrun no. 338
12th May 2018

Many, many years ago when I was at school one of my teachers would say that in life timing is everything. This lesson came back to me on Saturday just after 9, when Jenn started talking about the impeccable timing of our former Run Director Ralph Gilchrist.

For those of who may not have heard about them, on Saturday he managed to combine his 100th time running along with his 100th time volunteering. His quest for perfect timing was also born out by his finishing position of 259 being the combined total of his 100 parkruns + 100 times volunteering + 59 parkruns at Wythenshawe

When you also factor in that he managed to combine his 50th time volunteering and 50th run on the same event as well, with Jenn being the Race Director on both of these occasions you can understand why we say Excellent timing Sir and we salute you.

To mark this occasion, Ralph very generously brought some amazing cupcakes which I can testify were delicious. Also celebrating was Ian Mcgeough who ran his 50th parkrun, again well done Ian.

In terms of tourists, as well as a number of local migrants returning to Wythenshawe for the summer, we welcomed visitors from Wooton Bassett, Sewerby, Penrhyn, Finsbury and also from Canada. There were also 20 first timers to our event as well with 11 of you running at a parkrun for the first time. We hope you enjoyed our event and hope to see you all again soon.

Last week 20% of you managed Personal Bests, this week it increased to an amazing 26% of you who enjoyed a PB, 72 out of the 279 parkrunners. If the weather stays this dry, then we shall have to rename muddy passage. Any ideas for a new name? As it is seen that people early in their parkrun lives are more likely to get a PB, I can not name all 72 of you, but the following have all run more than 40 times at Wythenshawe so well done Phil Jackson, Jason Wood, Graham Horsman, Sarah Hooks, Stefan Bradley, Paul Shelley, Clive Briscoe and Gary Law.

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our volunteers, led by Jennifer Lutton, this week they were Victoria BIRRANE, Norma BURGESS, Ralph GILCHRIST, Holly HARRISON, Lucy MCGILL, Morris MCGILL, Sam MCGRATH, Amelie MONK, Colm MULHERN, Cary O'DONNELL, Richard PAVEY, Rachel ROSS, Ben SEATON, Margaret TUNNEY, Kieron WALSH, Stuart WHITTLE

Next weekend sees a number of important events, if like me your invite for the Royal Wedding has been lost in the post we look forwards to seeing you at 9am. The Manchester 10k & half marathon are also taking place on Sunday and if you have entered, GOOD LUCK!! Running the final stretch in front of cheering crowds is amazing and makes all the training you have done worthwhile.

If you are running on Sunday and want to save your legs, but can not bear the thought of missing a parkrun event, then why not volunteer? It is very enjoyable and helps to keep our event going.

At the end of the reports you will often see dfyb which is the acronym for Don't Forget Your Barcode, when you forget it, we can not add you in and you end up as an unknown runner. This week 18 of you ended up as unknown runners with at least 3 others nipping home to get their barcodes, please check you have it before you leave home, or have a spare in your car/saddle bag etc!!!

#dfyb <<<<<<< J


Summer is here at last!!! (Hopefully) Wythenshawe parkrun no. 337


5th May 2018

After spending so many Saturday mornings running through snow, wind, rain and frost, wasn't it nice to get up and see beautiful blue skies and to feel the warm sun on your back?

Well 323 of you agreed with me, as we all ran,jogged,walked our way around Wythenshawe Park this morning.

And what is better than running around a glorious park? Well for me running around and then having some cake/biscuits and for this we have to say thank you to Mark Jones and Chelsea Morgan for bringing in these treats to celebrate their 50th parkruns, well done from everybody at Wythenshawe.

There were an amazing 36 first timers to Wythenshawe today, with 15 of you experiencing your first ever parkrun. Tourists came from Huddersfield, Congleton, Stamford Park, Durham, Harrow Lodge & Woodhouse Moor and we are glad that you have seen our course in its glory.

We sometimes give the impression that there can occasionally be a bit of mud on the course, however  muddy passage was as dry as I can remember and taking advantage of these conditions were 64 of you who all recorded PB's, a whopping 20% of all runners. Sadly there are too many to name check, however it is right to highlight those who have run more than 20 times at Wythenshawe, so congratulations Emily Roberts, Jill Yates, Sam Moore, Sarah Hawkins, Edyta Burgess, Shelley Lynton, Joshua Colquhoun-Lynn, Yoko Shelley, and the aforementioned Mark Jones who made it a double celebration.

All of these events however would not have occurred without the efforts of the volunteers, led by today's RD Alan Lamb,  Amelie MONK  •  Andy HOLLOWAY  •  Ben SEATON  •  Frank CORDINGLEY  •  Graham HORSMAN  •  Holly HARRISON  •  Ian MCGEOUGH  •  Jackie CORDINGLEY  •  Jane GAVIN  •  Jennifer LUTTON  •  John GAVIN  •  Jonathan BUTCHER  •  Jonathan LAY  •  Joshua HORSMAN  •  Kieron WALSH  •  Nick HAMLIN  •  Norma BURGESS  •  Richard KENNAUGH  •  Ron CARTER  •  Sam MCGRATH  •  Samantha Jayne FOLLOWS

For those you interested our fastest 3 Women and Men are below.  Of course parkrun is about so much more than this, and so congratulations to all of you who ran

Women parkrunner Time   Men parkrunner Time
1 Lisa Murphy 21:55   1 Matthew Gawne 17:42
2 Alison Drasdo 22:03   2 Jack Spark 18:29
3 Zoe Marshall 22:15   3 Gary Rowlinson 18:33

However my lasting impression of today's parkrun was the number of younger folk walking and running around today so well done to the 38 under 14s today, including 17 under 11s. I hope you all enjoyed the run today and hope to see you again next Saturday.




Could summer be on its way?

Wythenshawe parkrun event #335

21st April 2018

The headline news from this week's run is that it was sunny and warm. Yep it was unusual and as I write this I can clearly see that normal service rainwise has been resumed. Ah well, it's a good job we like mud.

Anyway 296 people ran, jogged and walked the course in the lovely conditions and 46 of them managed to go faster than they have before. I'm afraid I can't list all of you PBers but I will call out a few. It is generally seen that people early in their parkrun lives are more likely to get a PB and so the following get a mention because they have run more tham 40 times at Wythenshawe: Sean Jesson, Yoko Shelley, Ian McGeough and Gary Law. However PB of the week goes to Richard Evans who sneaked under 19 minutes in his 190th appearance at Wythenshawe.

30 of our runners were first timers at our park and 12 of those were running their first parkrun anywhere. Welcome to you all, some of whom had come from a long way away including California and South Africa.

We don't often mention them as they don't occur too often but we had two age category records with Amber Peirsol setting a new record of 18:48 in the SW20-24 category in finishing as first lady, and Peter McBride took 3 minutes off his own record in the VM85-89 group in his second run. We will use Peter as an example when anyone claims they are too old to take part in parkrun.

As important as all the above is that there was cake. Thanks to Sarah Cook who was running her 50th and also to Alan Lamb was marking his 250th. He is one of the Wythenshawe pioneers who ran in the first event in August 2011 and he has been one of our run directors since 2012. As well as running 250 times (208 at Wythenshawe) he has been a volunteer on numerous occasions and is a key part of the behind-the-scenes crew which help to keep our parkrun ticking along.

The event was made possible by the volunteers, who this week were: Paul CLIFFORD • Tristan POCOCK • Jackie CORDINGLEY • Victoria CORDINGLEY • Ken BURGESS • Alan LAMB • Karen HARRISON • Kate HOLLOWAY • Charlotte DEAN • Dan CROCKER • John GAVIN • Richard KENNAUGH • Holly HARRISON • Ben SEATON • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Ben CROUCH • James WOODS

As they all did such a good job my role as RD boiled down to eating cake and making sure the results were processed.

As the weather improves we tend to see slightly increased numbers and so we do ask that you arrive early, park considerately and be prepared to park in the local roads. Even better come by bike, by bus or tram or on foot.

As ever I'll remind you not to forget your barcode. By this I mean your parkrun barcode; we had someone this week who managed to scan a Tesco clubcard or something similar and so they didn't get a result.

See you on Saturday



Mud, glorious mud!

Wythenshawe parkrun #334 - 14th April 2018

Finally, a more spring-like morning at Wythenshawe park – the sun even made an appearance! Underfoot was a different matter (just ask Andy Wright, who lost his shoe in the mud on the first loop, and faced a barrage of runners heading in the opposite direction when he tried to retrieve it) – a consideration for those of you who use ‘elastic lock laces’ – beware in muddy conditions!

This week’s most notable milestone was Jasmine Hallett’s 10th run (as a junior). Another worthy mention is Peter McBride’s debut parkrun in a respectable time of 52 mins and 27 secs – Peter is in the 85-89 category!! – well done Peter (I hope that you’ll be back soon). John Robson (18:55) was first to cross the finish line (in his 346th run!), holding off Stefan Bradley (18:59) and Nick Hamlin (19:12) in third. First female was Bea Cordingley in 23:32 and first junior was Thomas Egan in 19:58. Ten runners made their parkrun debuts and 21 were first-timers at Wythenshawe; there were also 12 PBs (remarkable considering the mud!) There were two birthdays – young Holly Harrison (who celebrated by taking on the role of back-up timer) and (not quite so) young Sid (thanks for the doughnut mate!)

Many thanks to the following for ensuring the event ran so smoothly:


See you all soon (and if you’re driving on Saturday then please ARRIVE EARLY or consider parking on the street – the car park was full by about 8.45 am this week).


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