Wet wet wet

Wythenshawe parkrun: Event number 305

9th September 2017

I have somehow got a reputation for presiding over damp parkruns as Run Director. I would like to dispute this. Some of the less quick runners on Saturday might even have had a glimpse of sunshine before they finished. Unfortunately, this brief respite was preceded by intermittent torrential downpours, contributing to a pudding of a course. Not really a day for starting your parkrun career you might think (although 24 runners decided to make their debut at waterlogged Wythenshawe). Not really a PB day either (although 15 hardy runners achieved this feat). There were milestones too – Margaret Carleton and Suzanne Cundick both ran their 100th parkruns (and brought cakes, biscuits and chocolates); Anthony Houghton and Neil Edwards ran their 50th parkruns (apologies for failing to announce these). Apart from a spattering of mud, most runners got round the course unscathed. Andy Holloway was not so lucky (coming a cropper on far bridge – I’ve heard it can get quite slippery in the rain). Fortunately he received plenty of sympathy from other run directors!

In terms of the finishing order: 1st over the line was Nick Hamlin in 18.26; 1st female finisher was Jackie Cordingley in 22.15 and 1st Under 14 was George Noble in a very impressive 21.17 (not bad for his ‘senior’ parkrun debut!)

Well done to everyone who got out of bed on a wet Saturday morning (I'm not sure I would have done if it hadn't been for parkrun), especially the amazing volunteers:

Alex MOLLARD  •  Alice LAMB  •  Andy HOLLOWAY  •  Bea HOLLOWAY  •  Bruce PARTINGTON  •  Claire May SPENCE  •  Claire WILLIAMS  •  Dan HART  •  Jan WILLIAMS  •  Joshua COLQUHOUN-LYNN  •  Kate HOLLOWAY  •  Nathan MAYBURY  •  Norma BURGESS  •  Paul Thomas MULDOON  •  Philomena HESKETH  •  Richard PAVEY  •  Ron CARTER  •  Sam MCGRATH  •  Sheila PARKER  •  Thomas PAVEY  •  Tristan POCOCK  •  Vincent SHELLEY

I should also give a mention to everyone in the café afterwards who helped a fraught motorist by trying to push his car out of the mud (unfortunately to no avail, but apparently it was fun).

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday (and let’s hope for better weather!)



Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 304
2nd September 2017

It is often said that parkrun is so much more than a run in the park and Saturday was yet another day when that was demonstrated in spades. A facebook request earlier in the week for people to become running buddies for Owen had provoked a brilliant response from the Wythenshawe parkrun community and it was fantastic to see everyone being introduced and making their plans for the coming weeks. Thank you all for enabling Owen to continue enjoying his running.

And when you look around before the start and see the warmth and friendship as people greet each other and then take in the sheer diversity of the several hundred all coming together as equals just to run 5k you realise that parkrun is a pretty special thing and lives are being changed as a result.

This week 289 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 recorded new Personal Bests. I won't mention them all but I can't let the breaking of 22 minutes by Alan Lamb, in his 190th run at Wythenshawe, pass without a nod. In case you don't know him Alan is in everyone's top six when naming their favourite run directors.

There were 31 first timers and we hope you all enjoyed the glorious summer version of Wythenshawe parkrun. Please keep coming back to see the changing seasons and conditions although a PB might be a little bit harder to achieve when the course is at its wettest.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers some of whom ran as well:
Alice LAMB • Kate HOLLOWAY • David SINNOTT • Paul BATTERSBY • John GOODSTADT • Daniel RACLE • Mark SYDDALL • Margaret TUNNEY • Nathan MAYBURY • Ron and Zoe CARTER • Emily ACOMB • John and Jane GAVIN • Sam MCGRATH • Graham HORSMAN • Claire WILLIAMS • Andrea RUSSELL • Bruce PARTINGTON • Norma BURGESS • Francesca MILLER • Holly FOULKES • Dan HART • Annie WOOLLEY.
Thanks to them all.

In the completely unimportant running part Andy Pickford was first male across the line and Bev Jackson was towed around by her dog to finish as first female.

See you Saturday for a run in the park and so much more.



‘Is this thing on?’

Well, despite my inability to use the loud speaker and needing to be pretty much lifted onto the 'podium', my first time as RD of Wythenshawe parkrun went surprisingly well. (I won't mention the fact that the front runners were nearly having to vault over the closed gate as they entered their second lap!)
The amazing volunteers who made it so easy for me and essentially ran the whole show (pun intended) were
Nick BURKE • Philomena HESKETH • Karen HARRISON • Jan WILLIAMS • Kate HOLLOWAY • Martha WHITEHEAD • Daniel RACLE • Sue STRICKLAND • Margaret TUNNEY • Ralph GILCHRIST • Amanda MORGAN • Erin MORGAN • Ron CARTER • Emily ACOMB • John GAVIN • Zoe P CARTER • Jane GAVIN • Claire WILLIAMS • Andrea RUSSELL • Bruce PARTINGTON • Norma BURGESS • Dan HART • Annie Helen WOOLLEY • Alex MOLLARD
Onto the running side of things,
The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page. It was exciting to have a tourist from South Africa, which was a little further than the other mentioned Bolton. Everyone is welcome though no matter how far they have travelled.
Male placings:
Callum ROWLINSON (SM20-24) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was first over the line in 16:34 - second time in 2 appearances.
An unknown runner was second.
Craig BRADBURY (VM40-44) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was third over the line in 18:51 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.
Female placings:
Alison LAVENDER (SW25-29) of Oswestry Olympians, was first (4th overall) over the line in 18:58 - third time in 3 appearances.
Sarah DOUGLAS (SW30-34) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was second (8th overall) over the line in 19:31 - has been first to finish on 11 previous occasions.
Katie MAUDE (SW25-29) of Winston Runners, was third (33rd overall) over the line in 21:32 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.
The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Michael CURLEY (VM65-69) – 85.49% for the time 19:59 (15th overall).
David EDMUNDSON (VM60-64) – 80.37% for the time 19:57 (13th overall).
Alison LAVENDER (SW25-29) – 78.03% for the time 18:58 (4th overall).
I think I must have beginners luck as there were 50 recorded new Personal Bests, and in the interest of enjoyable numbers, I note that John MOUNSEY achieved his PB on his 50th parkrun and all 50 of those were run at Wythenshawe.
Other landmark runs include John GOODSTADT gaining his 50 T-shirt and Andrew Nobbs running his 100th run. This also meant that there was plenty of cake. I see there are quite of few of you approaching landmark runs in the next few months so I'm expecting lots of cake (hint hint.)
I must mention some sad news. Derek Walton, one of our early participants, who has run 112 of his parkruns with us at Wythenshawe has passed away this week. Derek was very well known within the wider running community and he will be sadly missed.
In nicer news, Martha Whitehead has recently been collecting old trainers to send to Zimbabwe. Thanks to parkrunners she collected 58 pairs of trainers. Well done Martha and thank you everyone, that's incredible.

See you all next week,


Not entirely humdrum

19th August 2017

After 301 events, there are quite a few happenings that seem entirely normal to us here at Wythenshawe parkrun.

It’s unsurprising that 285 of you still turned up to run in THAT rain for our 302nd. I can only recall similar conditions twice before. If you were around 6th August 2011, you may remember a similar deluge during our first event. And those that were there will always remember the sleety blizzard a couple of winters ago when Andy reminded us in the run briefing that we probably were the only users of the park for a change!

The fact that 39 new Personal Bests were recorded can almost be considered typical given how dedicated you all are. I believe about 37 of them were people just desperate to get home. PB of the week goes to Laura PRZYLIPIAK in her 51st Wythenshawe run- she has knocked nearly 4 minutes off her 5k time so far this year.

Even the presence of 25 first timers (12 anywhere) in such grim conditions failed to shock us.

We weren’t  especially taken aback by the enthusiasm and perseverance of these 32 volunteers:

Nick BURKE • Matthew GAWNE •  Jennifer LUTTON • Karen HARRISON • Andrew NOBBS • Jan WILLIAMS • Richard PAVEY • Martha WHITEHEAD • Dan MARTELL • Mark J HUNTER • Steph THOMPSON • Martin STRATTON • Daniel RACLE • Amanda NAVIN • Margaret TUNNEY • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • David WALTON • Zoe P CARTER • Franciska DE VRIES and bump • Duncan DICKINSON • Matthew STRATTON • David VAUGHAN • Nick BUGLER • Jane GAVIN • Claire WILLIAMS • Andrea RUSSELL • Norma BURGESS • Amy MOLLARD • Holly FOULKES • Dan HART • Alex MOLLARD

Or that some of them swarmed round the park in red and yellow vests waving flags (it was the Altrincham and District AC pacing event if you are wondering)

At the front end of the field, were mostly familiar names;

Male placings:

Oliver PATRICK (SM25-29) (Unattached) was first over the line in 19:15 - first time in 10 appearances.

James WALSH (SM25-29) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was second over the line in 19:34 - has been first to finish on 7 previous occasions.

Lawrence HOPKINS (SM18-19) (Unattached) was third over the line in 19:39.

Female placings:

Sarah DOUGLAS (SW30-34) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was first (9th overall) over the line in 20:15 - 11th time in 16 appearances.

Her Majesty Jackie CORDINGLEY (VW55-59) of Sale Harriers Manchester, was second (26th overall) over the line in 21:58 - has been first to finish on 45 previous occasions.

Fiona COSGROVE (VW50-54) of Altrincham and District AC, was third (41st overall) over the line in 22:53 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.


And the highest age grade was (once again) recorded by:

Jackie CORDINGLEY (VW55-59) – 84.67% for the time 21:58 (26th overall).

Followed by Sarah DOUGLAS (SW30-34) – 73.42% for the time 20:15 (9th overall) and Fiona COSGROVE (VW50-54) – 73.27% for the time 22:53 (41st overall).

Even the sight of dozens of pairs of trainers (seemingly mostly from Nigel Dean!) being donated for Martha to send to Zimbabwe flabbergasted nobody. She’s back again on Saturday if you wish to donate any more unwanted footwear.

The most unsurprising part of the morning? That would be the incoherent ramblings of the bloke standing on the bollard at 9am.

What really astonished us was the presence of Paul Muldoon and John Halliwell looking so fresh in their 39th (or was it 40th ?) parkrun of the week. Everyone was in awe of their efforts in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, and after getting a proper soaking at Wythenshawe they carried on to complete the target of 50 at Heaton Park by Sunday evening. Well done both- it’s an amazing achievement for a very worthy cause.



DFYUT (don’t forget your used trainers)

Pacing, used trainers and multiple parkruns

After a slightly delayed start... (must work on my public speaking!) 234 people ran, jogged and walked their way around the course on a lovely ‘summer’ morning in the park.

As ever I was ably assisted by 24 volunteers enabling operations to run smoothly, thanks:

Nick BURKE • Lynda CLIFFORD • Bernadette RUDMAN • Philomena HESKETH • Brad JOHNSON • Andy HOLLOWAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Dan MARTELL • Daniel RACLE • Charlotte DEAN • Amanda NAVIN • Margaret TUNNEY • John GAVIN • Sam MCGRATH • Franciska DE VRIES • Jane GAVIN • Claire WILLIAMS • Amy MOLLARD • Paul SHELLEY • Vincent SHELLEY • Ben CROUCH • Alex MOLLARD • Christine NAVIN • Rob NAVIN

First home this week was a Rowlinson followed by a Rowlinson for the men although disappointingly a Cordingley did not follow a Cordingley for the ladies ... Maybe one day.

This week we had representatives from 18 different clubs, one of which (some may say the best although I may be slightly biased) are returning en-masse this week to provide pacers. It is hoped to have a range of times covered so if you're are looking for that ‘summer’ PB come along and follow the yellow vests of Altrincham & District Athletics Club.

Also this coming Saturday (and the following week) Martha Whitehead will be collecting any old trainers that you no longer use. A friend of Martha's is in contact with 2 stone carvers/sculptors from Zimbabwe who are working in UK through the ‘summer’. They work using stone from a Zimbabwean quarry where workers travel to and work bare foot. They would like to take back any second hand trainers that people can spare.

A mention also has to go to Paul Muldoon who as I type this has just completed his 27th parkrun since Monday morning. You can keep up with his progress and sponsor him at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/luckylegsruns. For those interested in joining Paul (& John) he will be running at Stretford parkun at 17:20 on Friday and also at Wythenshawe on Saturday.

So anyway it turns out this report is even longer than my run briefing...



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