Wythenshawe parkrun no.362 27th October 2018

At 10am on Friday Morning I looked out at the monsoon conditions in the car park at work & 2 thoughts ran through my head, the first was why did I decide to cycle to work and the second was would this be the week that the mud finally returned. However it was not the rain that was the talking point, instead it was the cold that we had to contend with.

And so 249 of us dug deep into wardrobes looking for hats and gloves that were last used in March/April as we all walked, jogged or ran around the park on Saturday Morning.

And if you were cold making your way around the park, then please join me in saying a special thanks to our volunteers who this week were led by Jennifer Lutton, with her helpers Katherine Victoria REECE, Linda EDMONDSON, Ken BURGESS, Andy HOLLOWAY, Alistair TANNER, Michael EAKIN, Mark SYDDALL, Lucy MCGILL, Jonathan BUTCHER, Andrew RATCLIFFE , Sam MCGRATH, Lisa BEATTIE, Benjamin MATHESON, Carole PARTINGTON, Ruth ANDE, Bruce PARTINGTON, Norma BURGESS, Joanna GREAVES, Libby DAY, James BAGLEY, Michael Burke KING'S CHURCH WYTHENSHAWE, Akin ANDE, Tosin ANDE & Dara ANDE

We also had 35 first timers this week to our event with 11 making their first ever parkrun. A special welcome to you and we look forwards to seeing you all again soon.

We also had a number of tourists as well, ranging from Macclesfield, Bramhall, Oldham and Stretford making a short trip to those from Cuerden Valley & Porthcawl who travelled further distances.

There were also a couple of dedicated parkrun tourists visiting us this week, with the Gray family who often run at Roundshaw Downs in London, By  my reckoning they have run a combined 724 parkruns plus 82 junior parkruns at 295 different venues and have volunteered an amazing 367 times. I hope that Tim, Matthew, Marie and Sue all enjoyed our event and all at Wythenshawe want to wish Sue good luck on her next run when she will join the 250 club.

They were not the only tourists as we also had Steve Milne who has run 177 parkruns at 127 different venues with Killerton being his most frequent event.

Whilst there were no milestones this week, you will have noticed there was chocolates at the finish line, for this we must thank the volunteers from Kings Church Wythenshawe.

Another 30 of you will be celebrating Personal Bests this week, I am sorry I cannot list you all but special mention must go to Charlotte Lord who ran a PB on her 65thtime at Wythenshawe.

Please can you keep an eye out on social media this week as we are not sure which course we will be running due to the Fireworks display in the park.

See you on Saturday.


PS don't forget your barcode, 16 of you did and were classified as Unknown 


Wet but not yet muddy….

Wythenshawe parkrun no.361 20th October 2018

As I was making my way down the driveway into the park at 8.45am the various Autumnal colours of the trees that lined the path made me realise how lucky we are to have such a beautiful park at the heart of our community event.

And 309 of you agreed with me as we all walked, jogged or ran around the park on Saturday Morning.

Of course, no one would be able to run walk or jog around the park unless we had our volunteers who this week were led by Alan Lamb and his helpers were Tristan POCOCK, Linda EDMONDSON, Ken BURGESS, Andy HOLLOWAY, Kate HOLLOWAY, Richard PAVEY, Dan MARTELL, Jonathan BUTCHER, John GAVIN, Thomas PAVEY, Sam MCGRATH, Ansie MULLER, Jane GAVIN, Bruce PARTINGTON, Norma BURGESS , John RYAN, Maggi GMEREK & Robert FORDYCE with a special thanks must go to those faster runners who stayed behind and helped to scan our barcodes.

Alan mentioned in his run briefing that we are short of volunteers at the moment, and if you have not yet volunteered, please try it as it is good fun. If you cannot bear the thought of missing out on a run then why not volunteer for one of the many roles such as pre event set up or car park marshal when you can volunteer and still run.

We also had 42 first timers this week to our event with 15 making their first ever parkrun. A special welcome to you and we look forwards to seeing you all again soon. We also had a number of tourists as well, ranging from St. Helens and Oldham to Lancaster and this week's winner for the furthest distance travelled being Ansie Muller from Pretoria. Ansie also volunteered as well, so thank you Ansie and we hope you enjoyed your day in our wonderful park.

There were a number of milestones today with Martin Lyndsay bringing chocolates & Hannah Bentele, who normally runs up and down the hills at Lancaster parkrun also celebrating her 50th parkrun. You may also have noticed some excellent Brownies as well on the table, these were provided by Sue and Martin Banfield, there was no milestone runs by them they just decided that we always need cake, so thank you Sue and Martin. Another couple of milestones included Frank Cordingley joining Jackie in becoming a member of the 250 club, plus Nicola Lord running her 100th parkrun.

Another 50 of you will be celebrating Personal Bests this week, I am sorry I cannot list you all, however a special mention must go to Ava Thompson (JW10)  on her 59th parkrun at Wythenshawe recording a PB.

See you next Saturday, Jonathan

PS don't forget your barcode, 14 of you did and were classified as Unknown



Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 354
1st September 2018

Well that had a new twist. It's not every week that we get to throw a cherry picker and a lorry into the mix but all was well in the end even if the lorry wasn't completely out of the way by the time some of you had finished your first lap. (You shouldn't have run so fast!)

At the final count 349 people managed to avoid large vehicles as they ran, jogged and walked the 5km around the park, which was looking as lovely as ever in its late summer state. It will look even better in a few months when we've had some decent rain and the muddy bits are restored to their winter condition.

Of those 349 45 were running at Wythenshawe for the first time and of those 16 were taking their first steps on their parkrun journey. The lack of mud does mean that the course is still on the quick side and it was great to see that 46 people recorded Personal Bests. Much as I would have loved to have checked every single one I'm afraid real life has been getting in the way slightly and so you'll have to hold that glow of satisfaction from a PB without a name check here. Sorry. And well done.

We do like the celebration of milestones and particularly the accompanying treats and so hats off to Geoff Fenton on running his 100th, and Jack Edmundson (8) and Sarah Cook (slightly more than 8) who were celebrating birthdays.

Having scanned the results I was delighted to see that so many of you had deliberately run pleasing times for me. I always like to see a palindrome and so have to award Pleasing Time Of The Week to Cecilia Fenerty and Lucy Spark, whose 30:03 just pips Luke Foster's 32:23 and Mary Clyne's 25:52 because of the bonus line of symmetry. And yes I did spot the rotational symmetry of Mary's time when using calculator-type numbers.

Of course all of the above wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful volunteers who this week were numerous which is great and helps to ensure everything goes smoothly, even with cherry pickers on the loose. The many this week were who deserve everyone's thanks were:
Nick HAMLIN • Alan LAMB • Alistair TANNER • Jan WILLIAMS • Kate HOLLOWAY • Bea HOLLOWAY • Reece BRIGGS • Amanda MORGAN • Geoff LEWIS • Peter SMITH • Sam MCGRATH • Jane GAVIN • Bruce PARTINGTON • Holly HILL • Norma BURGESS • Alex HIRST • Gill HIGHAM • Sophie MORGAN • Nuala ROWLAND • Michelle ROWLAND while I just swanned around and tried to look like I knew what was supposed to be happening.

We had announced in the week that we would be having taekwondo star Mahama Cho with us as part of the teamparkrun celebration. Unfortunately he couldn't make it but we have been informed by UK Sport that he will be there this weekend, and we hope many of you will get to speak to him and show him what parkrun is all about.

The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Alison LAVENDER who recorded a time of 17:39 on 1st November 2014 (event number 160).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:56 on 17th June 2017 (event number 293).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 95.15% (21:38) on 30th June 2018 (event number 345).

Wythenshawe parkrun started on 6th August 2011. Since then 8,828 participants have completed 65,559 parkruns covering a total distance of 327,795 km, including 11,096 new Personal Bests.

See you all on Saturday. There is a strong possibility of cake.



The birthday parkrun of course there was cake

The birthday parkrun

What another great parkrun morning last week and what better way to celebrate our birthday by sharing it with 261 of you lovely people who ran, jogged and walked the course.

26 people we welcomed to the parkrun family and to our fabulous community at wythenshawe parkrun.

Our first event was on the 6th August 2011 and you have Paul Muldoon to thank for getting our fabulous parkrun up and running since that day and including our birthday event 8,691 runners, joggers and walkers have joined us

49 of you celebrated our birthday in style with a pb which brings our total pbs as a community to 10,922

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Jeanette BARBER • Paul BARBER • Alan LAMB • Jennifer LUTTON • Samantha Jayne FOLLOWS • Chris SNOW • Matt PAGE • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Sam MCGRATH • Victor VAN VELZEN • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Vincent SHELLEY • J Alban OBIANYOR • Luke FOSTER

As mentioned in the run brief our stalwart volunteers are Norma, Sam, Ron, Jane, John, Andy, Kate and Margaret

We have now run a combined total of 3yrs 191 days 15 hours 27 mins and 14 seconds, there have been 64,382 runs and we have covered a distance of 321,910km

As I mentioned this distance takes us 8 times round the world ( I’m too lazy to work out where we are on the 9th loop of the world currently) but on Saturday pre run depending on which way you want to go we were as far as Dingle in Ireland, Dunbeath in Scotland, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris

We are now 62,490km from the moon so at some point in the next year we will reach the moon so the question is which one of you fabulous runners will be the one that lands us on the moon!

I was asked how much cake have we eaten ...... as we love a good celebration which for some reason always involves cake I’m going to say a lot and one of the things I love most about our parkrun is celebrating any milestone you can dream up with cake

Just in case the above is not quite enough stats for you, the female record is held by Alison LAVENDER who recorded a time of 17:39 on 1st November 2014 (event number 160).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:56 on 17th June 2017 (event number 293).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 95.15% (21:38) on 30th June 2018 (event number 345).

A massive thank you to everyone who has run or volunteered which has made our parkrun as fabulous as it is see you in the morning for my favourite part of the week


Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 347
14th July 2018

For the umpteenth week on the trot conditions were perfect and the sun shone as 247 people ran or walked (or even did both) around our beautiful course. I'm sure the rain will return sometime soon but in the mean time I hope you are enjoying the feeling of clean legs and trainers.

21 of our runners this week were first timers including 7 who were doing their first parkrun anywhere and 35 people managed to take advantage of the fast conditions to record personal bests.

In cakewatch the table was resplendent thanks to Peter Jones who was celebrating his 50th run and Annie Woolley who I don't believe was celebrating anything but still produced some very popular gluten-free bakewell tarts.

I know I didn't mention it in the run briefing but that doesn't mean that it's OK to take the finish tokens home with you. Three went missing this week and it really does create extra work for us. If you find one in the pocket of your shorts or wherever please can we have it back?.

As you know, the run can't take place without volunteers. Technically we could stage it with just 6 volunteers (a run director, a tailwalker and the 4 minimum marshalling positions for safety needs) but you wouldn't be timed or get a result.

If we add one volunteer to hand out tokens and one to scan barcodes then you would be recorded as having run but you would get a time of 59:59. However there would be queues in the finish funnel and a long queue for scanning.

A ninth volunteer means we could have a timekeeper, but it wouldn't change the queues and we would have no means of reconciling errors in the results.

But you don't want to queue and you want your results to be accurate don't you? And we achieve that by having a second person on finish tokens; having someone operating the back up timer, which takes a picture and records the time of those crossing the line, and having another person doing barcode scanning.

So our realistic minimum is 10-11 and ideally we would have 12 or more. We're lucky in that we have a number of regulars who help most weeks without running (John, Jane, Norma, Sam) plus some D of E youngsters which is fantastic but it still means that we need you.

If each person volunteered 3 times per year then we would be comfortably covered without the group of run directors getting to Friday evening and fretting whether we'll have enough to go ahead safely. It's been sad to read of so many of the local parkruns recently putting out desperate appeals on facebook on Thursdays and Fridays, especially when it's clear that the number of people doing parkrun is increasing steadily.

What's more, you're not missing out on a run, you're doing a good thing in helping others to have a run. It isn't difficult, it gives you a very different perspective of the whole event and it can be rewarding and fun. Just three times a year is all we ask (but not everyone on the same week!)

Our wonderful volunteers this week who made my job as RD relatively easy were:

Alan LAMB • Jennifer LUTTON • Kate HOLLOWAY • Richard PAVEY • Cary O'DONNELL • Dan MARTELL • Kieron WALSH • Chris SNOW • Mark SYDDALL • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Thomas PAVEY • Duane GAUNT • Sam MCGRATH • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Amelie MONK • Gill HIGHAM

A big thanks to them all.

If you're interested to see all the results and a complete event history take a look on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page.

A reminder to keep an eye out for news about our run on 28th July as we might need to amend our course as the Wythenshawe Games will be taking place.

Wythenshawe parkrun started on 6th August 2011. Since then 8,600 participants have completed 63,560 parkruns covering a total distance of 317,800 km, including 10,795 new Personal Bests.

See you on Saturday.  Don't forget your barcode. Or suncream.


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