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Roll Up Roll Up to the Biggest Show in Town!!! - Wythenshawe parkrun Number 333

Well I don't know about you but for me the biggest and best show in town happens every Saturday morning at 9am. Forget the Fun Fair, the social and community feel of our event is without doubt a highlight of the week.

And with the Commonwealth Games starting, we had our own version with tourists from Ottawa in Canada, I hoped you enjoyed our run today. Continuing the Commonwealth theme, we also had tourists from Troon (Scotland) and Ormeau (N. Ireland ) plus runners from Evesham, Maidenhead, Leigh On Sea, Daventry & Worcester, we hoped you enjoyed the delights of the Wythenshawe mud.

If you are a cricketer then 333 would be considered unlucky as it is a triple nelson, however for 26 of you, it was lucky as you recorded personal bests. There are too many to individually name however we must highlight Julia Reynolds, Duane Guant, Gordon Nicoll and Cyanne Holt who have all run more than 20 times at Wythenshawe and recorded PB's today. Well Done a Great Effort !!!

Our top 3 Males today were

  1. Matthew Beacock        17:19 First Timer at Wythenshawe
  2. Tom Jessop                        18.06 First Timer at Wythenshawe
  3. Tim Stephens                    18:23

And Top 3 Females were

  1. Beatrice Cordingley     22:50 20th First Time Finish
  2. Jackie Cordingley             22:58
  3. Julia Reynolds                    23:01

And an amazing 28 of you were first timers to Wythenshawe with 8 of you running your first ever parkrun, you are all welcome and Saturday morning's will no longer be the same. At the other end of the spectrum we also congratulate Richard Evans for his 200th run, and Paul Shelley, Mark Ward and Richard Kennaugh on their 50th runs.

Dan Martell was your Run Director today and he was ably assisted by the following volunteers Amanda NAVIN  •  Andy HOLLOWAY  •  Ben CROUCH  •  Carole PARTINGTON   •  Ellie HOLLOWAY  •  Jeffrey Mark CRITCHLEY  •  Jonathan BUTCHER  •  Kate HOLLOWAY  •  Martin BANFIELD  •  Norma BURGESS  •  Sam MCGRATH  •  Thomas PAVEY.

You will often hear in the pre run briefing a request for volunteers and I can highly recommend this for a number of reasons. Firstly it is great to put something back into the event, we all enjoy running so by volunteering we are all ensuring that the event will continue. Another great reason is that when you run you may only see the same 10 or 20 runners who you are close to in terms of times, by volunteering you will see everybody who makes the event, and it is impossible not to smile after receiving a high 5 or thank you from any one of our runners.

Lastly, I am writing this on Saturday afternoon whilst cooking a large bowl of pasta, as I am one of today's volunteers running the Manchester Marathon, so depending on when this report is sent, I want to say good luck/well done to the other runners. Also a big thank you to Andy and those who have volunteered to help at the marathon tomorrow. You may not be aware but by volunteering at the marathon, our parkrun receives a donation per volunteer, and this helps to fund the PA system, gazebo, signs, hi viz jackets etc.

See you all next Saturday, don't forget your barcode !!!



Egg-cellent parkrun

Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 332
31st March 2018

It was back to the original course this week so I hope you all had an egg-cellent time.
This weeks hi-vis heroes who made my job very easy were:
Sheila PARKER • Katherine Victoria REECE • Linda EDMONDSON • Margaret CARLETON • Ken BURGESS • Jennifer LUTTON • Katharine LAY • Jonathan LAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Katie MCPARTLAND • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Thomas PAVEY • Sam MCGRATH • Zoe P CARTER • Holly HARRISON • Isaac PAGE • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Holly FOULKES • Ben CROUCH • Charlotte TYMON

We had 26 first timers and we hope you enjoyed your run at wythenshawe and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Well done if you were one of the 33 people who managed to bag yourselves a PB brilliant stuff.

Thanks to Martha for the remainder of the report which is fab.

The one with a Cook (175) but no cake- Not quite a Page(10)(V) Turner (89)

This weeks senic Wythenshawe parkrun had 2 Hills (182 ) (188) ,woods (12) and a Dean (137) ,Burrows(43) and Holloways a plenty (131) (4) (116) (V) with 3 Beaver(162) (220) (221) and a Lambs(96) (161) to be seen.

Mulhern (210) (260) followed Muldoon(70), Felton (173) followed Fenton (168) .. Before the big fight we had Wright (53) Hooks() and you could spot a Sheriff(248) following a Hunt (129) after 2 Crooks (35) (47).
You could see Derby (183) , Preston (151), Eccles (217), Lewis (101) and Abernethy(104) whilst motoring along were Austin (157) and Morris(150) (152).
A Butcher (39), 2 Barbers(247) (29),a Miller (94) and 2 Farmers(214) (212),a Fletcher (174) ,2 Carters (262 V) (172 V) and 3 Smiths (15) (108) (139) were Allright (208).
We didn’t Tarry (100) with Roy(205)(196) (110)(193) Rogers(194)in our midst though there was a Penney (27) and Raffles (121)(26) on the course.
I’ve Whittle(ed ) (229) this down and now I’m Dunn (111), Till(65) next week.

See you all next week


Ps if anyone ever does fancy writing the run report please do let us know


Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 329
10th March 2018

After we were bitten by the Beast from the East and forced to cancel the run on the 3rd March it was back to normal last Saturday. By 'normal' I mean that it was soaking wet and there was lots of mud, but that didn't deter 160 of you who ran or walked our Sandcastle and Flag course.

We welcomed 18 first timers including a cheerful bunch of Couch To 5k graduates from Winston Runners. There were also a few tourists including some from Somerset and a couple from Beeston who were running with us before heading to Manchester airport to fly off somewhere slightly more exotic than Wythenshawe Park (surely not possible). We hope you all enjoyed our lovely combination of tarmac, grass and mud.

The all important cake contribution came from Sue Banfield who was doing her 100th run.

For the first time in a while we had to put out a late appeal for a couple more marshals which is unusual, however the call was answered and we were able to go ahead. Please keep an eye on the roster and consider volunttering when you see we are a little short. If everyone volunteered 3 times a year then we would comfortably cover all requirements. It is fun and you get to see parkrun from a completely different perspective.

This week's hi-vis heroes who again made my role as RD relatively easy were:

Linda EDMONDSON • Katharine LAY • Sue BANFIELD • Karen HARRISON • Jonathan LAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Richard PAVEY • Dan MARTELL • Colm MULHERN • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Thomas PAVEY • Sam MCGRATH • Holly HARRISON • Jane GAVIN • Ben CROUCH

and we are suitably grateful to them all.

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page, where you can trawl over all sorts of stats.

The Beast from the East's little cousin is apparently heading our way this weekend and we all hope it doesn't force us to make alternative arrangements. Keep an eye on our facebook page where we'll indicate if we need to cancel.

See you on Saturday



Wet and Wild at Wythenshawe – 10th Feb #326

It was one of those Saturday mornings where most people peer out from underneath their duvets, glimpse the dark, miserable sky and then roll over and go back to sleep. Fortunately, this didn’t include the 19 dedicated volunteers and 129 hardy runners who marshalled and took on the ‘Bow-tie’ course. Incredibly, there were 9 first-timers, another 15 Wythenshawe parkrun debutants, and there were 4 PBs (despite the cold wind and rain). The most notable milestone was Gayle Waddell’s 100th run (96 of which were completed at Wythenshawe) – she was also first female finisher in a time of 25.52 - congratulations Gayle!
There was a close finish at the front of the field, with Jason Lau surprising old-timer Richard Evans virtually on the finish line, in a time of 20.42. First junior was Louie Delahoyde in 26.22. Well done to everyone who dragged themselves out of bed on such a miserable morning, especially the following for ensuring the event ran so smoothly:


See you all soon.


Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 324
27th January 2018

OK, let's start with an apology. To those of you who turned up expecting us to get going at 9 a.m. I can only say sorry. In my defence I can only offer the excuse that it was a pretty significant milestone week with Jackie 'Her Majesty' Cordingley and Jenn 'The Chat' Lutton both celebrating their 250th runs. I said enough nice things about them on Saturday and so I'm not going to delay proceedings a second time by repeating them all but in essence they are both big parts of the Wythenshawe parkrun community. In keeping with our normal shoddy journalistic standards we didn't even capture any nice photos of all the cake (especially the lemon ones brought by former RD and exiled-Scot-currently-living-in-Yorkshire, Ralph). In among the celebrations you may have missed that Rebecca Ince and Bea Cordingley were doing their 100th runs.

Amyway, we should be back to a start time somehwat closer to 9 this week. Who knows but one of these weeks we might completely surpise you by starting at 9 on the dot.

212 people joined Jackie and Jenn to splash their way around the course which is really reaching new heights, or rather depths, of winter wetness. Thank you all for being good and heeding the request to not run across the corner of the football pitches. It all helps to ensure that we don't cause any problems for any of the other park users.

There were 15 personal bests which is a surprise considering conditions were not so good and so well done to all who managed one.

We welcomed many tourists from far and wide and 5 people who were doing their first parkrun anywhere. As ever we hope you all enjoyed it

Of course we must thank the 24 volunteers who contributed so fully to helping the run to proceed safely. They were:

Ken BURGESS • Alan LAMB • Jennifer LUTTON • Alice LAMB • Alyson LAMB • Kate HOLLOWAY • Martha WHITEHEAD • Barbara WRIGHT • Andy WRIGHT • Claire May SPENCE • Charlotte DEAN • Chris SNOW • Lynsey BURRELL • Ron CARTER • Emily ACOMB • John GAVIN • Sam MCGRATH • Ben SEATON • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Ben CROUCH • Dan HART • Alex MOLLARD

There was the added excitement for the finish area volunteers of spending the time between the run starting and the first runners finishing desperately trying to tether the gazebo which was being relentlessly battered by the wind and was threateneing to fly away in a huff. It's amazing what you can achieve with a couple of bikes, a plastic stake and about 100 yards of parkrun tape.

Talking of volunteers, we need them every week and so please keep an eye on the roster and when you see we have gaps please consider stepping forward and helping.

Also please remember that at this time of year it is important to keep an eye on the weather and our facebook page as cancellations are always a possibility. We will notify as early as possible if we do have to cancel but this could still be as late as 8.30 on a Saturday

See you all on Saturday. DFYB.


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