Wythenshawe parkrun #321 6th January 2018

The first parkrun at Wythenshawe of 2018 brought some winter sunshine, and 261 hardy runners turned out to enjoy it. We resorted to the bow-tie course, to give the Cromwell loop a chance to recover and to protect the football pitches. There were 21 first-timers (some New Year’s resolutions perhaps?), 37 making their Wythenshawe parkrun debuts and there were 6 PBs (despite the boggy conditions). Notable milestones included Lucy McGill (100th run) and Jonathan Till celebrating a rare double (his 50th run on his 55th birthday!) Bea Cordingley celebrated her birthday (and 1st run in a new category – I’m not saying which!) Congratulations to them, and thanks for all the yummy cakes (which all somehow managed to get eaten).

In terms of the finishing order: 1st over the line was Sean Connon in 18.24; 1st female finisher was Fay Mari Walsh from Aberystwyth in 22.47 (on her Wythenshawe debut) and first junior was William Lord in 21.28. Well done to all of the runners this week, and special thanks to the following for ensuring the event ran so smoothly:

Alan LAMB  •  Alex MOLLARD  •  Alice LAMB  •  Andy MOTTERSHEAD  •  Beth EVENS  •  Bruce PARTINGTON  •  Dan HART  •  Diana EVANS  •  Jane GAVIN  •  Jasmine HALLETT  •  Joe Oliver EVANS  •  John GAVIN  •  Katherine Victoria REECE  •  Norma BURGESS  •  Paul BARBER  •  Richard EVANS  •  Ron CARTER  •  Sam MCGRATH  •  Tristan POCOCK  •  Victoria BIRRANE

Special mention to Jenn, Andy and the Evans's who stayed to the “bitter” end to help sort the tokens – with the café closed, this was no mean feat.

See you all soon.



Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 320
30th December 2017

It all feels rather a long time ago now as many of you have run one or two other parkruns since our humble offering last Saturday. We had employed a few more water features for our last parkrun of 2017 and I hope you enjoyed the efforts we had put in to make the puddles that big and I'm sorry that we hadn't quite managed to heat them up as much as we had hoped.

168 people ran, swam or waded the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 3 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 fantastic volunteers who deserve our thanks:

Paul Thomas MULDOON • Nick HAMLIN • Zoe GMEREK • Ellie HOLLOWAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Kieron WALSH • Charlotte DEAN • Mark SYDDALL • Margaret TUNNEY • Lucy MCGILL • Jane DAMERUM • Nathan MAYBURY • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Sam MCGRATH • Zoe P CARTER • David SEATON • Ben SEATON • Jane GAVIN • Holly FOULKES • Dan HART • Maggi GMEREK

And of these we have to make a special shout out of thanks to Jane Gavin who was volunteering with us for the 50th time (and brought some cakes).

There was a milestone run for Holly Hill who was doing her 50th and she too donated cake to mark the occasion.

Just a reminder of a couple of things:

Firstly, at this time of year there is always a risk that we will have to cancel so please keep an eye on the weather forecast and also our facebook page. We'll notify as soon as we know but this might not be until we have inspected the course.

Secondly, the café is closed for a couple of weeks for refurbishment and so please plan your toilet needs accordingly.

If you're struggling for a new year's resolution how about making it your mission to encourage one person who doesn't run to join you regularly on a Saturday?

We'll see you on Saturday. Don't forget your barcode.


Wythenshawe parkrun
Event number 317
2nd December 2017

Well thank you. All 161 of you who ran, jogged or walked the course on Saturday made my weekend by returning your finish token at the end. Yes, I am that easy to please.

There were 12 first timers 5 of who were taking their barcodes out for a run for the first time, while our tourists appeared to be from local events Woodbank (nice course with a bit of a hill to do twice) and Lyme Park (very picturesque with a brute of a hill in the first half mile).

As we're in winter conditions the personal bests are thin on the ground and this week only 11 managed to go faster than they had before. Well done all and for the others just that you are building your strength ready to fly when the conditions turn a bit faster for a few weeks in the summer.

Talking of course conditions please remember that there is an increased risk of cancellation or resorting to our original course due to bad weather so please keep an eye on our facebook page (or in touch with someone else who is keeping an eye on our facebook page). We will notify as soon as we know we have to cancel but bear in mind that this might not be until shortly before 9 o'clock.

This week's all important cake offering came from Sam Follows (or rather from Alice her daughter) who was celebrating her 100th parkrun.

The event was made possible by 24 wonderful volunteers who ably made my role as run director relatively easy. They were:

Sheila PARKER • Linda EDMONDSON • Steve BURGESS • Alice LAMB • Alyson LAMB • Andy HOLLOWAY • Kate HOLLOWAY • Richard PAVEY • Kieron WALSH • Charlotte DEAN • Margaret MORRIS • Mark SYDDALL • Robert GREENHALGH • Margaret TUNNEY • Nathan MAYBURY • Ron CARTER • John GAVIN • Thomas PAVEY • Sam MCGRATH • Zoe P CARTER • Jane GAVIN • Norma BURGESS • Dan HART • Alex MOLLARD • Roger WHITEHEAD
For those interested a number of photos have been posted by Roger (this is my favourite of a very happy-looking tail).  Just click on the picture and scroll left to see the others

Wythenshawe park run 02/12/2017

Just a reminder that 23rd December will be our Christmas run – fancy dress welcome and also bacon or sausage sandwich and hot drink in the café afterwards. Tickets will be on sale this Saturday and next as the café need to have an idea about numbers.

See you on Saturday (weather permitting). DFYB



Sirens and cake

Wythenshawe parkrun Event number 315 18th November 2017

This week 218 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 33 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

For my 3rd go at this RD business the sun was surprisingly out, and there was lots of cake courtesy of Margaret Morris’s birthday and Zoe Gmerek’s delayed offering from her Wythenshawe 100th run last week (216th overall!) I sometimes (let’s be honest here, often) think the best bit about Run Directing is being close to all the cake the whole morning.

I could not have run the show without my lovely volunteers of which there were 18 this week. Special thanks to our tail walker for managing the surprise police appearance as they drove their van over our course! I was of course completely aware of this occurrence as every fully observant RD should be. (Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it was a total surprise to me when I was informed of it after the closing of proceedings -I blame my cake infatuation-oops!)

Listed below are my team.


In the unimportant matters of placings, the 1st male across the line is Unknown, which always baffles me (DFYB). Second to cross was Simon Bareford with a new PB, and 3rd Sean Phillips.

Our leading lady was the above-mentioned Zoe Gmerek, close behind her was Helen Armitage, and following her Tessa Madden.

33 of you got PB’s, which is amazing for this time of year. Those who have run more than a handful of times at Wythenshawe include Jana Julinkova breaking under 30 minutes for the first time, Jonathan Till shaving almost a minute off his previous PB (possibly aided by trying to stay ahead of Dan Martell and his ‘around 25 minutes-ish’ pacer flag!), Mark Jones flew under 26 mins for the first time, and rather impressively one of our juniors Thomas Pavey achieved his first PB since 2015! Well done all of you. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wythenshawe parkrun Results Page.

Wythenshawe parkrun started on 6th August 2011. Since then 7,727 participants have completed 55,660 parkruns covering a total distance of 278,300 km, including 9,780 new Personal Bests.

So, this is me signing off for another week. You have the right to remain barcodeless but it will harm your results should you chose to do so!

See you Saturday





R v Wythenshawe parkrun

Wythenshawe parkrun appears before you having pleaded guilty to the offence of drenching the socks of 239 runners the particulars of which are that on the 4th November at Wythenshawe the parkrun team actively encouraged the runners to run twice over ground that was sodden, swampy and boggy.

Before passing sentence I ask you to consider the following mitigation. Of the 239 runners 224 had run at Wythenshawe before and though this does not excuse the abuse of their footwear they may have been less surprised by the drenching. Wythenshawe parkrun refutes the suggestion that the waterlogged course was chosen to soak the tourist from hard paved South Manchester evicted from their home by bonfire preparations. Further I suggest that running can not be said to have been greatly impeded when 15 runners were able to achieve PB’s

It is accepted that clapping and cheering volunteers at every turn urged runners into ever wetter conditions but I suggest that they did also preside over an event largely without rain and plentifully supplied with cake. Credit for this last act of generosity goes to Colin Lord who ran his 100th last week, Jan Williams running his 200th, and Michael Moore (one of the Wythenshawe parkrun pioneers) running his 250th.

The volunteers aiding and abetting this crime were Norma Burgess, Zoe P Carter, Ron Carter, Nick Hamlin, Dan Hart, Andy Holloway, Kate Holloway, Alyson Lamb, Ashley Lindsey, Jennifer Lutton, Nathan Maybury, Sam Mcgrath, Alex Mollard, Laura Przylipiak, Mark Syddall, Margaret Tunney and Jan Williamas.

Wythenshawe parkrun submits that this event could not happen without them.

First round the course was Robert West ,down from the hills of Heaton Park, followed by Kian Lindsey and Matthew Tatton. Amanda Navin was first female (possible with first dog) in advance of Jackie Cordingley and Fiona Cosgrove.

Lastly when deciding upon the punishment for this offence I urge you to allow Wythenshawe parkrun to remain at large in the community. I suggest that should be sentenced to carry out the service of providing a free timed run every week with the promise of one dry run a year.

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