York parkrun is cancelled on 28 July 2018: horse racing on the course

York parkrun #294 – “it’s a bit of a blur” (To the tune of Parklife by Blur) by Maddy Vernon

Running is a preference for the Saturday morning attendees of what is known as
And hangovers can be avoided if you take a route straight through what is known as
John's on couch to 5k he's not intimidated by the front runners, they always cheer for him
Who's that gut lord marching, you should cut down on your porklife mate, come and join us!

All the people
So many people
And they all go round-and-round
Round-and-round through their parkrun

Know what I mean?

I get up when I want except on Saturdays when I'm up bright and early in time for
I put my trainers on, have a cup of tea and I think about leaving the house
I finish with a coffee, I sometimes have flapjack too
It gives me a sense of enormous well-being
And then I'm happy for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to it

All the people
So many people
And they all go round-and-round
Round-and-round through their parkrun

It's got nothing to do with racing, but no barcode no time, you know?
it's all about you joggers who go round and round and round

All the people
Laura on her hen do*,
And they they all go round-and-round
Round-and-round through their parkrun

All the people
So many milestones **
And they all go round-and-round
Round-and-round through their parkrun

*Laura Housden visited us to start her parkrun off in style with many 'Ashleys' alongside her!!

Laura Housden Hen-do Photo

** Special mention to Damien Parkinson on his 200th parkrun, Ian Smallwood on his 150th parkrun, Mark Senior, Adrian Davies, Patrick Hickey, Steve Starling on their 100th parkrun's and James Howard, Sean Withill, Mark Howard, Angela Wray, Eve Grewer, Nicholas Grewer and David Barrett on their 50th parkrun's.

This week 471 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 85 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 49 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Ian SMALLWOOD • Alex BEDINGHAM • Chris POULTON • Robert WARD • Michael MCGRATH • Ste ROBSON • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • Stefan DURKIN • Madeleine VERNON-SMITH • Andy HEPPELL • David CHRYSSIDES • Barbara GRIFFIN • Pauline REEVELL • Laura BENNETT • Claire ANTROBUS • Aoife BURKE • Alan WILKINSON • Tristan WATSON • Robert MCDERMOTT • Catherine LAING • Paul FOSTER • Allen ECCLES • Yvonne ORTON • Delia ELLIS • Eoin JAMES KILBANE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190).
The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 92.75% (22:32) on 2nd July 2016 (event number 202).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 15,567 participants have completed 101,480 parkruns covering a total distance of 507,400 km, including 17,761 new Personal Bests.


York parkrun #293

Dave Piper, serial tourist

As we kick off this week's race report, before we get onto the results, the volunteers, and VITAL news about horses next week, there is a vital mystery that needs our attention.

Now whether you're a York parkrun veteran, or a tourist like myself, you'll know about the Knavesmire Puddle. It is, after all, what York parkrun is known for. As far afield as Harrogate, if not the ends of the Earth! Many a running shoe has come to a chilly end in the Puddle. There have been suggestions it could count as triathlon practice. And some say Nessie is alive and well and holidaying in the Knavesmire Puddle.

But here's were the plot thickens. This Saturday morning, with the sun high in the deep blue sky, word went out. As the tarmac pounded to the beat of runners from across York, Essex and Vancouver, a rumour started. It spread from megaphone to ear. The Knavesmire Puddle... was GONE!

And the rumour was true! The world-renowned Puddle was no more. Dried up and destroyed by the Heatwave of 2018. Any ideas for a suitable commemoration will be gladly welcomed...

Now, on with the race report! And firstly, the horses. Apparently our 4-legged friends are being let out for a canter on the grass on the 14th July – as they're too shy to go through their paces in front of professional, experienced parkrunners, there will be no parkrun at the Knavesmire on the 14th. However, a little bird tells me Heslington and New Earswick have very friendly parkrunners that would be happy to welcome you for the day!

I'd like to move a vote of thanks to all the volunteers who help make York parkrun happen week in, week out – including, this week:
Neil LAWSON • Jane LAWSON • Ed MEZZETTI • Chris POULTON • Abigail MACE • Michael PICKERING • Jane Victoria MARSHALL • Robert WARD • Catherine
WARD • Michael MCGRATH • Ste ROBSON • John REEVELL • Laura SCHOFIELD • Ruth ROBSON • David CHRYSSIDES • Mike SMITH • Liz PIPER • Nicholas STAFFORD • Linda GREWER • Joseph ROBSON • Pauline REEVELL • John BILLINGSBY • Mervyn LEWIS • Paul FOSTER • Yvonne ORTON • Lindsay ILLINGWORTH • Gill TAYLOR • Jennifer GIBBARD

And now – drum roll please – THE RESULTS!
(Well, the first 3 men and women anyway – for all the rest, check out the York parkrun Results Page. It's well worth a browse – much better than sudoku or the crossword!)

Male Placings:

Stuart Grange romped home in 1st place, in 16:34 – doing York Knavesmire Harriers proud. Rob Daly, on loan from London Frontrunners for the day, gave him a close run for his money, coming in 2nd in 16:59. And Richard Purser was hot on his tale, bringing York Knavesmire Harriers a useful 3rd place, with a new personal PB of 17:05.

Female Placings:

Jerri Ryder pounded out a new PB, grabbing 1st in a thoroughly creditable 21:07. Monika Smutek was just behind, finishing 2nd in 21:13. And first-timer Louise Cox came in 3rd, with a time of 22:18.

This week 446 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 66 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 45 different clubs took part.Shout out to Robert Ward, for completing his 250th parkrun (and thanks for the cake!). Well done everyone, whether you placed, got a PB, or were chuffed to get round at all in the heat! It was a hot one, and you did us all proud! Please come back next time; which will be the 21st July, as apparently there are horses on the course on the 14th July... Heslington or New Earswick, anyone? They're friendly to tourists, I understand!


York parkrun #292 – Saturday 23rd June 2018 by Liz Piper

Saturday 23rd June 2018

And what a lovely day for the 292nd Knavesmire parkrun!  Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and bird song greeted the 349 enthusiasts who gathered at the Knavesmire to run, jog, walk and talk their way around the course.  A bit of a change this week.  Last week only horses were running, but this week saw the annual bike event at the same venue, so parkrun (ever adaptable and flexible) reverted to Plan B - a 3½ lap course on grass at the bottom end of the Knavesmire.

A brief introduction to the course was followed by congratulations to those who had achieved milestones and an inspiring message from the family of a runner who has overcome serious health problems and was making his first run back on the course (congratulations!  I won’t name you - but you are an inspiration to all of us!) and then we were off.

David Lancaster has also written a few words as he celebrates his 150th parkrun.  He not only provided strawberries but also white chocolate mice  :-) .

"I would like to the opportunity to give some feedback on this week's parkrun. I promise I won't dwell on my achievements; just think it’s the most suitable venue to complete my milestone even though I have done quite a few other venues in the past.  A bit behind Chris Poulton's epic number but I had work to contend with being a nurse and ran quite a few after cycling home after a nightshift from the Forensic hospital at Stockton Hall Hospital .

The events I've had to live through like everyone else whilst running parkrun have been many unfortunate highs and lows. I've lost both my parents during this time and recently retirement has given me more time to volunteer to contribute to keeping these Saturday morning events going....thinking of picking a few strawberries for my fellow runners to enjoy, I hope they enjoy my celebratory treat on a day which my sister's daughter gets married in nearby Easingwold.....time moves on relentlessly but I still enjoy the challenge and friendly interactions, hopefully I can continue to stagger round to reach 500!!!!


Dave Lancaster (York Acorn)"

Many thanks to the bevy of volunteers without whom the run could not take place!

They included this week:

Clare Moffatt, Emily Poulton, Chris Poulton, Robert Ward, Catherine Ward, Ste Robson, John Reevell, Adrian Stipetic, Mark Halliday, Ewan Cochrane, Andy Heppell, David Lancaster, Fiona Sefton, Adam Sefton, Caitlin Rushby, Michael Grewer, Rachel McMahon, Pauline Reevell, Paul Foster, Andrew Clark, Linda Ethell, Noah Stipetic, Joshua Cochrane, Jacob Cochrane, Natalie Taylor, John Bourton, Yvonne Orton, and Matthew Brown.

The results are as follows:

Male Placings:

William Strangeway a first timer from Lincoln Wellington AC came in first in 16mins 15, Sam Robin from Chappel Allerton Runners (another first timer) came in second place in 16mins 57 and David Limmer (another first timer) from Portobello RC was in third place in a time of 17mins 29.


Monika Smutek was first female back in a time of 21mins 31 followed by Shirley Griffiths from Wakefield District Harriers in 21mins 37 and Helen Coutie from Horsforth Harriers who achieved a new PB in 22mins 27.

Congratulations to all of you and also to Elliott who, at seven years old, was the youngest first timer to run this week!

We had runners from 29 different running clubs 67, first timers and 34 people managed a new personal best time.  Full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

Next week the Knavesmire parkrun is cancelled as the horses are again running in York, why not look on the website and find another local parkrun and then rejoin us on July 7th.


York parkrun #290 – A milestone to celebrate

By Dave Lancaster

Chris Poulton celebrated today by not only achieving an impressive 250 parkruns he also led the massive field home in 16 min 58s!!! I should like to mention he also takes the time to volunteer to make the event run smoothly. Looking at Chris's portfolio of other parkruns he has run in this amounts to 22 other locations including one in Paris Du Bois de Boulogne - Ooh la la!!

The only thing missing was a cake for him i think this should be compulsory for such an achievement in future .

A big thank you to all the rest of the volunteers today also for making it happen. I must admit I used to have a selfish attitude to parkrun and just turn up ...run and disappear. I have now made it my goal to contribute in some way because even if you run you can help out afterwards or beforehand.

Whilst on the subject of completing 250 parkruns three other men have passed that milestone and were running today .Erwin Dorland of (York Acorn A.C.) has the top accolade having reached 281runs to date , with visitor Alan Purchase of (Striders of Croydon A.C.) in 2nd place with 272 under in his belt and finally a charismatic chap named Darren Baker (York Postal) with 266 runs completed - well done to all you guys !

The first lady today was Aoife Burke in a P.B.of 19m 15 s and the youngest participant ( J10) was a young lady Anya Smith who ran an awesome 27m .02 !

The oldest 3 gentleman today were in the 75-79 category. Graeme Adams ran a superb 30m 32s followed by Don Gunn in 37 m 32s a former R.A.F.4m 11s miler - Wow! And finally Roger Mockridge in a fine time of 44m 53s, well done .

The ladies in this 75-79 group were Winifred Lawn in 32m 18 s and i take it Rogers wife Dorothy Mockridge in an excellent 52m 36s,terrific performances by both of you!!!

Finally I must mention Kathryn Dickenson ( Sale Harriers ) who achieved the highest age grading today of 83 .07 running 23m 02 in the 60-64 cat just surpassing my old adversary in the 0/ 60 cat Trevor Clough of Leeds City 19 m 19 s who was recorded at 83 per cent - congratulations to both of you. All I can say to Trevor after racing back from injury " I' ll be Back " bye for now Dave Lancaster York Acorn A.C.

This week 474 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 62 were first timers and 83 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 47 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers:

Clare MOFFATT • Ed MEZZETTI • Chris POULTON • Jane Victoria MARSHALL • Robert WARD • Catherine WARD • Janet CORDINGLEY • Michael MCGRATH • David LEESE • David LANCASTER • Kirsty HENDERSON • Jane ANSPACH-SYKES • Camilla GRAYLEY • Liz PIPER • Sean WITHILL • Michael GREWER • Jeannie E. SNELLING • Peter GRAYLEY • Alan WILKINSON • Tristan WATSON • Millie ANDERSON • Linda ETHELL • Graham D PALMER • Yvonne ORTON • Matthew BROWN • Simon MOFFATT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page


York parkrun, 12th May 2018

By Evie and Annie Chaplin

It was a sunny day at York Parkrun with perfect parkrun conditions. There were 574 runners, 67 first timers and 107 fantastic runners achieving a personal best.

Without the 34 strong high vis heroes event 288 would not have taken place, you all rock.

Evie’s View

It was a lovely sunny day in York.

I met some lovely people during my first adult parkrun, who gave me lots of power to carry on. My lovely friends Anya, Maddie and Adi came back to meet me and ran the home straight with me.

I crossed the finish line with a big smile on my face.

Mummy’s View

I have run a few park runs and it’s the friendly atmosphere that makes me come back each week. This was the first week I ran with my 5 year old daughter Evie, and everyone was amazing. Yes she had her ups and down but we completed the 5km, the words of encouragement that we received were amazing and this gave us the strength to carry on. We met two very determined ladies, both pushing themselves to achieve new goals. Not only was this amazing but showed my daughter that you just need to believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

parkrun is not just a community it is one large family who help each other to achieve their goals.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

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