York parkrun 285 – when the Sun came back

What a glorous morning for the 651 who ran, jogged and walked the course. We wecolmed back some familiar faces who have now made their home at Heslington and vistors from as far afield as Arizona and Australia.  

The milder and drier conditions favoured many with 121 runners recording PBs and the first finisher coming in under 16 miniutes and the first 3 ladies under 19 minutes.

There were representatives from 67 different clubs - including a contingent from Ikley Harriers  - they did not quite manage a 1,2,3 .Ethan Goodridge from Barnsley taking the third place finsihers slot to spoil the stats.

Congratulations to Helen Southwell, Mark Bradshaw and Patrick Mason who joined the 100 club. Patrick started the day having completed all the (old) Yorkshire parkruns  but with the start of the New Earswick parkrun he'll be on his travels again.

Joining the 50 club were Vaness Veysey and Bom Gurung.

Congratulations too if you were one of the 47 people running your first ever parkrun - as you can see it can be addictive! Hope to see you again next Saturday

Finally thank you to the 33 volunteers who made it all possible

Neil LAWSON • Jane LAWSON • Clare MOFFATT • Jerry BARNES • Alaistair MACLEOD • Jane Victoria MARSHALL • Mark HARNEY • David BANNISTER • John REEVELL • Martin DEVINE • Vicky TODD • Geoff MARCHMENT • David CHRYSSIDES • Barbara GRIFFIN • Linda GREWER • Melissa PARTRIDGE • Debbie PENDLE • Michael GREWER • Pauline REEVELL • Michael LEADBETTER • Janet TODD • Alan WILKINSON • Ellie PAGE • Gez PEGRAM • Peter NORTON • Kim HEYES • Matthew WATKINS • Yvonne ORTON • Evie LEES • Lindsay ILLINGWORTH • Matthew BROWN • Nikoo KENNEDY • Angelica FERNANDEZ


York (b)parkrun – 284

My second parkrun, I’m well on my way to being a parkrun fanatic and a tourist too and I’m only 10 weeks old! The Knavesmire is such a big open space, and you can see all the other runners the whole way round. This is my other local parkrun, good practice for my touring when I’m a bit more grown up.

Jane Lawson was the RD (boss) today and my Mummy has told me I have to talk about some special people she announced at the start and their parkrun milestones; Anita Wilson completed her 50th parkrun. Anita is a proper parkrun keenbean, she’s also the RD for York junior parkrun, what a hero!! It was also her daughter Poppy’s 8th birthday, so a true family celebration. She was accompanied by a huge crowd of friends and family including Martin Perry who also ran his 50th! It’s been a tough time for Anita, and this is a massive achievement. She wore a really cool crown, and was definitely the Queen of parkrun! 

Michael Hemsworth, Joan Brown and Dwaine Wilda ran their 100th and Joseph Murphy his 10th (like me he has started parkrun young)!

I started at the back with Mummy and we walked around with amazing Anita and “Team Wilson”. There were loads of balloons, I think I like balloons although I didn’t manage to catch any. They were all really lovely and everyone kept saying hello to me and patting my head. I met lots of mini humans too who were very friendly.

It was quite a long way until we got near the finish line. I had walked way further than I’ve ever walked before, so Mummy let me wait with Uncle Nick. I had so much fun with Uncle Nick, he seemed very popular with a long queue of people and other doggies waiting to say hi to him and let him scan their funny bits of paper and card. I got to meet lots more people and meet some new doggie friends too. I tried especially hard to play with Uncle Rob’s doggie Sheena, but I’m not sure she likes me very much….. I’ll win her over though, especially as my Mummy brings cheese and sausage to parkrun!!

The fastest runner was Richard Gibbs in 16:51, followed by Joe Woodley in 17:02 and Jarrod Gritt in 17:20. There was 27 people who came in their spare time to cheer everyone and make sure they got their time correctly, aren’t they so kind!! A busy day for them as there were 606 people running, what a crowd! 71 people came for the first time, and 68 people ran their fastest time ever.

It was such a fun morning, the people were giving each other biscuits and cheering each other on loads. Everyone is very lovely and I’m so happy to be a parkrun_pointer!! Now I’m fast asleep, having a massive nap as it was all just so so exciting.

Written by Lizzie Kershaw on behalf of Digby Kermeron, the parkrun pointer


York parkrun #283 – from Poole to York

Hi York parkrun, I'm Sara. A late-30s mum of 2 little girls who loves her weekly parkrun fix. Sometimes its more jog than run and sometimes more slog than jog but thats the beauty of parkrun - it welcomes all! I hail from Poole down in sunny Dorset and was up in York for my sister-in-law's 30th celebrations. I couldn't miss the chance to parkrun tourist!.....and at the racecourse too. I was very excited. I approached the core team to see if they needed a report writer, they said yes and were interested to hear my views on which course is flatter - York....or Poole. Both known for being fast and flat. So here I am. Post run, putting down the mush of musings that went through my head on the slow, tired saunter back across the quagmire in the centre of the racecourse at the end of the run.

So Saturday morning arrived and luckily my hotel was a stone's throw from the start line (prospective visitors, the Holiday Inn is super close and does a great post-run breakfast!). What struck me first was the vastness of the racecourse. It was so open....open to the elements but hey, the sun was shining. There was a steady stream of runners making their way from the other side of the course and I saw the cluster of high vis jackets at what was the finish area. Hmmmm, thats a big old lap and a half! The first time runner's briefing was conducted by a very confident, very articulate young man. Big clap for him. (thats another thing I love about parkrun - all ages getting involved!)

Off we went! A few puddles here and there but mainly dry throughout. It was pretty cool running along side the racecourse (another thing I love - what amazing locations parkrun can take you to!). My immediate thought was I wonder if anyone has ever run it with a hobby horse.....or in a horse costume?? And then I thought that may well have been asked a fair few times. Undulation noted at the bottom stretch of the course. I tried to gauge an idea of my pace but I was aiming for a 27/28 min run so didn't want to see the 30 min pacer and the 26 min pacer was nowhere to be seen ahead of me ;) Through the finish line for the first time so then I focused to getting back round the start line...then I'd have an idea of what was left to run. Coming up the east side, the stables seemed a lot closer the first time. Around the 90 degree turns and there was the finish line in all it's glory as it has teased me on the 1st lap. The funnel was managed really well and I was greeted by lovely volunteers full of smiles and well dones. I ran a 27.30 so I was pleased with that and headed back for a guilt-free attack on the breakfast buffet.

So it is safe to say that York is definitely flatter than Poole (I since checked online too. According to one running website York has an elevation of 8ft whereas Poole has an elevation of 20ft). York is a quick course with few bends. It is so open too. I thought about what it must be like under the summer sun...or when it blows a hooley....or in thick fog! Poole bends a bit more. There are funnel areas, swan poo, geese crossing the course and some puddles to rival York's! And as for hills...yes it is relatively flat there but the undulations tend to angle in the favour of runners who like downhills.

Like York and the hundreds of parkrun courses, Poole is unique. It has it's own pros and cons but what I have found, as I slowly make my way to more new courses, is that where ever you go the same friendly parkrun welcome, encouragement and helpfulness can be found. I encourage everyone to try a new course every now and then. It is great fun. I can highly recommend York parkrun and York runners, maybe venture down to Poole sometime.....but watch out for the swans and don't fall in the lake!

A final massive thanks to all the volunteers and race crew. Here are the stats!.....

This week 423 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 61 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part.

  • Fastest male was Chris Poulton with an impressive finish time of 16.52
  • Fastest female was Claire Jones who ran the course in a fantastic 19.43

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Chris POULTON • Alaistair MACLEOD • Mark HARNEY • David BANNISTER • Ste ROBSON • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • Deirdre SOUCH • Martin DEVINE • Mark HALLIDAY • Ali SOUCH • Ruth ROBSON • David CHRYSSIDES • James TARGETT • Liz PIPER • Tim GIBSON • Myles SMITH • Fiona SEFTON • Joseph ROBSON • Adam SEFTON • Sara JOHNSON • Michael GREWER • Rachel MCMAHON • Pauline REEVELL • John BILLINGSBY • David WATSON • Anna PATTERSON • Kevin ARMSTRONG • Yvonne ORTON • Ashley SMITH • Matthew BROWN


York parkrun #282 – A tourist’s tale

As this is my fourth run report on the parkrun tourist trail, I thought I’d better refresh my memory of previous exploits before putting pen to paper. There’s been swans, tigers, llamas, uniformed police officers, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk … and a large bunch of Santa Clauses amongst others.

As far as I could see, York didn’t provide any such oddities today … although to be fair, when I’m starting and finishing close to the back of a 400-strong field, there could be pretty much anything amongst the sea of fabulous creatures in front of me and I wouldn’t notice. What I couldn’t help noticing about York parkrun though, was the MUD … and the PUDDLES!! And I’m really not a mud and puddles kinda girl.

My own parkrun journey started just over a year ago when a fellow football fan happened to mention to me that he liked to do parkrun in conjunction with away trips to football matches. Little did he realise that he’d accidentally sparked a flame and an obsession was born. Thank you everyone for making me welcome in York … I was here for football although it wasn’t my team and it wasn’t in York … it’s complicated! I’ve loved my first visit to this beautiful city and I’ll certainly be back if the opportunity arises.

The weirdest thing about my York parkrun experience was that the first person I spoke to as I was arriving, turned out to be from my home town of Brighton, although not from my home parkrun. Small world!

The stats …

We had 16 people doing their very first parkrun. Congratulations to you all, here’s your very first parkrun name-check, hopefully your first of many … Harry SNELL, Douglas BLACKWOOD, Luca HOW, Steve WRIGHT, Kate WENT, Ian ELLIS, Rhianna EDWARDS, Nick LANGAN, Madeleine RISINGHAM, Michael CHAMBERLAIN, Tracey HODGSON, Amy NEWTON, Julie HEMINGWAY, David WOOLDRIDGE, Ruth STAFFORD, and Alison MATHESON.

Despite the soggy conditions we saw 26 shiny new PBs. Congrats everyone!

We also had 61 runners visiting York for the first time, including our first male finisher and two of our new 100 club members.

Today’s (official and unofficial) milestones …

  • Celebrating his 350th parkrun, Neil LAWSON
  • Joining the 250club, Ste ROBSON
  • Hitting the 150 mark we had Alex LEWRY
  • And our newest members of the 100 club, Jenny MULHEARN, Paul WALSH, Tom DOWNING and Matthew CARLING

Finishing at the front this week …

  • Tim STRATTON (SM20-24), 17:03 and enjoying his first visit to York parkrun
  • Alastair PICKBURN (VM35-39), in a new PB of 17:11, his second visit to York
  • John SCOTT (VM35-39), 17:38, his second parkrun

And for the women …

  • Charlotte JORDAN (SW25-29), 20:53 in 45th place overall and her second parkrun
  • Evie HIGTON (SW18-19), 21:50, 68th overall
  • Corrie PERCIVAL (VW40-44), 22:21, 78th overall

To complete the statistical round-up …

This week 414 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 77 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 44 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Clare MOFFATT • Jane Victoria MARSHALL • Flora BANNISTER • David BANNISTER • John REEVELL • David LEESE • Mark HALLIDAY • Madeleine VERNON-SMITH • Holly LEESE • Barbara GRIFFIN • Liz PIPER • Linda GREWER • Melissa PARTRIDGE • Debbie PENDLE • Pauline REEVELL • Ewan KIRK • Elliot THURLAND • Isobel CARPENTER • Jane TEW • Yvonne ORTON • Marcella PROUD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the York parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Laura WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 16:12 on 12th March 2016 (event number 190).
The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:37 on 19th August 2017 (event number 253).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 92.75% (22:32) on 2nd July 2016 (event number 202).

York parkrun started on 14th January 2012. Since then 14,716 participants have completed 95,468 parkruns covering a total distance of 477,340 km, including 16,792 new Personal Bests.


York parkrun #281 – 24th March 2018

Hi everyone, this week's run report has been written by one of our visiting parkrunners Kirk Shepherd, thank you Kirk!


I'll start this report with two excuses,

I'm not from round here! 

This is my second attempt at a run report!   

For those of you interested in the sharp end of things, Philip Taylor was first over the line with a time of 16:32, First Lady was Danielle Booth 19:41. 

61 of you gained a new personal best, which must be a great feeling after all the winter weather we've been having recently! 

There were 18 new parkrunners including John who I met at 4km and tried to explain to him parkrun tourism and the milestone shirts! 

Talking of tourists 48 of us ran your run for the first time!

Finally I must thank the volunteers, who make it all happen, if you don't already sign up for the volunteer email update, you can find the link on your results email.

This weeks heroes were; Chris POULTON • Clare ROWNTREE • Flora BANNISTER • David BANNISTER • Nick GRIFFIN • John REEVELL • Stefan DURKIN • David LEESE • Mark HALLIDAY • Graham TODD • Karl HUMPHREYS • Lucy BUYKX • Stuart LESLIE • Camilla GRAYLEY • Linda GREWER • Melissa PARTRIDGE • Graham WALTON • Pauline REEVELL • Edward HOOPER • Jane MORBY • Dave BYGRAVE • Michael HEMSWORTH • Steve DONHOWE • Jess GREEN • Marianna WILDE • Lynette BANKS • Alex LEWRY • Jennifer ROBERTS • Kirk SHEPHERD • Annie CHAPLIN • Sarah LEE • Yvonne ORTON • Helen METCALFE • Matthew HOGARTH.


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